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Thread: "Conquering Dove" with Dove Cameron

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    fanfiction "Conquering Dove" with Dove Cameron

    Conquering Dove
    With Dove Cameron and appearances by Isabela Moner and Olivia Holt
    Written by Jacetms
    CODES: MF, Sub/Dom, anal, grudge fuck
    DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Written for entertainment purposes only

    Cade woke up and took a look around the room. It was going to take time for him to adjust to his new surroundings. Last weekend he had not only fucked his older sister Olivia, but he made her submit to him entirely. He could feel her naked body pressed to his as she slept soundly. Still worn out from last night. Yesterday is when he officially moved in with her. When their parents found out Cade was moving in with her they were relieved. They knew Cade wanted to start his own life away from the nest and thought moving in Olivia would be a good step between living at home and living on his own. Little did they know. As he laid in bed he thought about the night that made this all possible.

    It was the night of Isabela Moner's 18th birthday party. Cade was excited and nervous when he walked into the party and saw all the people. Getting Isabella alone may prove to be an issue. You see two years before Cade and Isabela had been each other's first. It also happened to be one of his biggest regrets. Like everyone's first time it was awkward and didn't last long. Tonight he wanted to show her what he was really capable of. Then he heard a voice call his name one that made his blood boil.

    "Cade" said a soft female voice.

    Dove Cameron stood behind him. What Cade didn't know is just how much she had changed and regretted her past actions. She had always been one of Olivia's best friends. But she was also something of a bully in her past, especially to Cade. She had teased him to no end when he was growing up. And when she found out about the awkward and short sex with Isabela it just gave her more ammo. But the last two years had been eye opener for her. She really wanted to make things right. Starting with the person she picked on the most.

    Cade turned and faced her looking her over. She clearly just got out of the pool she was still dripping wet and in a very skimpy bikini.

    "Hey Dove I see you are here too." His tone kind of flat with her.

    Yeah besides his sister Dover has probably the hottest blonde he knew. But she was a vile person in his mind. One that only bad things could come from being around too much. Then she said something that caught him off guard.

    "You look good today Cade. Can we go talk somewhere I need to talk to you." He didn't expect a compliment let alone her to do more than tease him.
    "Sure where to?" he said as Dove took his hand and led him outside to the pool house.

    When they got inside Cade looked her over.

    "So what do you need to talk about?" He said his tone was short and Dove knew he must really dislike her. She looked up at him half defeated.

    "I just wanted to say I am sorry for being mean to you before. I was a bitch and I know it. I guess I was just insecure and took it out on you and a few other people who couldn't do anything about it."

    Cade listened and nodded. "You know if it had just been the teasing I could get past it. But you did something that can never be undone."

    She looked up at him confused. "What's that?" Wondering how much damage she did to this poor boy in front of her.

    "You told all your friends about my first time with Isabela. How I was a minute man that time. Since then I have had no chance with a girl of her caliber and been stuck with randoms from my school who only like me so they can meet Olivia. You ruined my chances with Isabela going forward as well."

    Dove smiled a bit. "I can fix that. I will just everyone we hooked up and you were amazing in bed. And they all know I am really hard to please so it will mean a lot coming from me."

    Cade was taken aback but then he saw a chance. "I don't want you to lie for me Dove. I want you to tell them that. But I want it to be the truth."

    It took a second for it to click in her head what he meant. She didn't even really have to think about it. She knew she was going to say yes. "Okay but not here. It will be too rushed and I hate quickies. I will take you to my place as the party winds down."

    Cade wanted some assurance she wasn't just teasing him again and pulled his phone. "When I turn on the camera say something sexy and flash me so I know you are being real."

    She blushed but did as he asked. Once the camera was on she pulled her bikini top aside letting him film her perfect tits. "I can't wait to feel your big cock in me later tonight Cade." She said in a husky tone. He turned off the camera and she got redressed before they left the pool house.

    Cade remembered going back inside and mingling for a while. But the whole time he couldn't get his mind off of Dove. That was until he finally saw Isabela alone taking breather from the craziness. He walked over to her with a smile. He had known today wasn't the day he would get another chance. But he wanted to be in her mind after Dove told everyone how much better he had gotten.

    "Hey." He said to her in a cheerful tone. He saw her face light up when she saw him.

    "Oh My god Cade you made it!" He gave him a big hug and smiled. "Thanks for coming to my party. Sorry I have been so crazy busy. But do you think maybe sometime in next couple weeks we can get together. I miss having my friend." She said playfully.

    "Of course I have missed you too. And I get it's your party you have to be a good host and greet everyone not just me. I just wanted to say hi." He said and thought to himself he wanted to do some not very friendly things to her.

    She laughed a bit. "Yeah plus my parents are here so I have to be on my best behavior." She rolled her eyes. "But it was good seeing you let exchange numbers real quick."

    They exchanged numbers and went their separate ways. The night had gone fairly uneventful until he caught back up with Dove.

    "Hey let's get out of here it is dying down." He had told her his tone had been more stern. Something in him was starting to change as it got closer to the time. Whatever dark side he had kept hidden in the past, he had known that night would come for her.

    "Yeah you seem eager. I like that." She gave him a sultry smile as she walked out the door with him. "I am honestly kind of shocked you waited this long to usher me out the door." She quibbed.

    "I was always told that good things come to those who wait. But I am done waiting. How far from here do you live?" He said after they got into her car.

    "Just a few minutes. Hold your horses, I promise I am worth a few more minutes wait." She winked at him as she started to drive.

    They finally reached Dove's place. They walked in and Dove looked over at him. She was about to say something. Before she could Cade was all over her. He kissed her deeply. He ripped off her bikini top and bottoms almost instantly. The aggression of the action had put Dove in a state of shock. She didn't think sweet shy Cade had such an animal inside him.

    For Cade, thought was not an option. He couldn't remember ever really thinking looking back on it. Just acting. For him simply fucking Dove wasn't enough. All those of teasing and bullying had to be repaid. He lifted her in his arms and pressed her back against the wall. With one swift motion he buried his cock all the way inside her.

    "Oh fuck!" Dove let out a moan of pleasure.

    It had all happened so fast. She wasn't prepared but now Cade's big cock was deep inside her. It was stretched and filled in the right ways. In her life Dove had slept with everyone from powerful execs to co-stars down to lucky fans. Few had been either as big or aggressive as Cade. And no one had been both at the same time. She had known she was in for a long and great night.

    For his part all Cade could think to do the time was take every part of her. Dove was a giant slut, and he treated her like one. He was taking as hard as he could. But it wasn't enough. He had completely snapped

    Cade growled into her ear. "Listen here this pussy is mine now. You got it." Putting an exclamation point on it by taking her with very hard thrust.

    Dove was lost in a world of pleasure. She would have said anything he wanted to hear to keep getting fucked like this. "All yours. However you want it." The words had escaped her mouth before she had even thought about what she said.

    Cade looked over and saw the couch and carried Dove to it bending her over the arm of it. This new position freed him to be able to take even more. He was able to fucker harder and deeper. It also freed his hands to be able do things besides hold her up. One hand stayed on her back and held her down in place. The other was then free to roam her body.

    Dove had been used hard before. But never so good. Never had someone just dictate what would happen without even talking to her. Never once did Cade ask if she had like what he was doing. And she had known that he really didn't care. That was his moment. His time. She had loved every second of it though.

    Cade wasn't close to done with her that night. He pulled out of her pussy but kept her held down. Rubbing his cock now against her asshole. He smirked a bit to himself.

    "You want to be a slut you're going to get fucked like one." Was all he said before he slammed hard into her ass. He figured correctly she was no stranger to anal.

    "Yes I am slut. Your slut. Fuck me." Was all Dove could say between moans

    Dove was dying to be fucked like this. And she got her wish. That was moment when Cade was taking her ass without mercy that she knew he could fuck her like this whenever he wanted.
    Cade kept pounding in and out of her ass. His hands roamed her body now. Tweaking her nipples. One moved up her back and grabbed her hair. He pulled back hard. He wanted to completely dominate her and he had. He felt her body shaking with an impending orgasm when he pulled out of her ass.

    "What... why did you stop?" She almost sobbed so close to orgasm yet so far away.

    "Because you don't cum without my permission. Now beg like a slut and I might let you." Cades' tone was stern.

    "Please let me cum Cade. Making me cum and you can take me whenever you want. I will help you get any girl you desire. Just make me cum." Dove begged him. She hadn't cared who she had to sell out. Or how many times she let him take her so long as it was always this good.

    "You can cum." Cade grinned down at her fully planning on making her keep those promises.

    Cade slammed back inside her pussy. His hand moved from tits to clit. He rubbed it fast as he took her with everything he had. Her body was spasming in pleasure all around him. He felt her cum hard . Harder than he had ever felt anyone before that moment. That pushed him over the edge as well as he started to him her with seed.

    Slowly they had both come down. Cade looked over his new prize and wondered if she would keep her word. Dove looked over her shoulder at him and wondered what she had awoken in him. Whatever it was, she loved it.

    "So any girls I desire huh?" He said with a small smile.

    "Any girls you desire. I will get you the chance. But it will be up to you to make the most of it and make it actually happen." She bit her lip and wondered what she had gotten herself into.

    To her credit Dove had kept her word. She had helped him with Paris Berelc, Natalie Lynd, and Olivia. The first two were just fun one night stands. Olivia stirring in bed brought him back to the present. He looks down and sees her in bed with him so peaceful. Only one name remains on his list. Isabela Moner.

    The question Cade wrestles with in his mind is where does she fit in. Dove is great angry sex on demand. Olivia almost worships the ground he walks on. He wants to date Isabela. But what are the odds she will be okay with what he already has. He doesn't want to give up what he has with Olivia and Dove. Maybe with both their help he can have cake and eat it too. It will just take time and planning.
    "Cade, you look lost in thought. Anything I can help with?" Olivia says in a sleepy tone having just woke up.

    "Maybe you can." He smiles down at her. His adoring sister who will do anything to make him happy.

    The end

    A/N: If people want the final chapter where Isabela joins them and he gets everything he wants let me know.

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    I'd say definitely post the final chapter.

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    Like Mac said, definitely post the final chapter.
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