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Thread: "Getting Some Release" with Dove Cameron

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    fanfiction "Getting Some Release" with Dove Cameron

    Getting Some Release
    Starring Dove Cameron
    Codes: MF, Oral,
    Written by MiamiLyfe
    Disclaimer: The following story is not real. It is completely fictional and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

    The stay at home order had finally been lifted in Los Angeles and just like everybody around me, I was at my first real party since the beginning of March. I was walking around my friend's extremely large southern California house checking out the rest of the guests there, being reminded of how fortunate I am. Being a Disney employee who grew up in Hollywood has had its perks, like frequently getting invited to some exclusive parties and becoming friends with the former Disney & Nickelodeon stars along with a number of other singers and actresses. They, like me, were all happy to be able to see each other in person, and also just generally excited to be out of their homes. However, there was another feeling that seemed palpable throughout the house and that was extreme sexual frustration & tension. I'd been months of some of the most beautiful people on the planet being cooped up in their homes alone with no way to get any sexual relief other than with self-care. Now that people were out of the house, you could cut the feeling of sexual desire in the air with a knife.

    Even some who were lucky enough to be locked up with someone also seemed to be in the mood for a different experience tonight. I'd seen Anber Frank multiple times post an Instagram story with herself in bed with sheets over her obviously nude body after she just had sex with her boyfriend, and yet over in the corner of the room I could see her being extra flirty with one of her guy friends who she'd been known to hook up with from time to time.

    I was no different than anyone else at the party. After months of masturbating as though I were a 16-year-old who just discovered how good jacking off can feel, I was also feeling extremely horny as I made my way around the party. As I circulated around the room I talked with a number of friends like Katherine McNamara, Madison Beer, Peyton List, and Victoria Justice. I did my best to act natural but my eyes seemed to keep wandering and checking each of them out as we spoke. Even as I just scanned around the room I found my eyes lingering on women who'd I've seen scores of times. I watched Kira Kosarin move her body as she danced to some music that played. My eyes roamed over Stella Hudgens as she walked around asking people if they had seen her sister Vanessa, who I saw disappear up the stairs with a guy several minutes ago. As I talked with people and entertained myself, there was one woman who my eyes kept looking back towards. I actually surprised myself by who kept catching my attention. With all the gorgeous women there, my eyes seemed to be trained on Dove Cameron specifically tonight.

    On a normal night, I would probably walk over to the group of Kelli Berglund, Paris Berelc, and Olivia who were speaking together. I really liked Kelli and Paris and had a crush on Olivia, but something about Dove was really turning me on. The other three were all beautiful and sexy on their own, but Dove looked like a sex doll that had been brought to life. If they ever did a remake of Weird Science, Dove would be a great pick to take over Kelly LeBrock's role as Lisa.

    I know Dove had spent the lockdown time with her boyfriend Tomas Doherty, who was not here tonight, but that did not deter me from walking towards her with hopes of hooking up. Her ex-fiance was not wrong that Dove had "cheated" while they were together. She'd given a good number of lucky men, including myself, a blowjob while they were together and she might have slept with another guy or two, but he too was having sex with other women. I, like many others, were extremely pissed at him for calling out Dove for cheating on social media in January, both because he was a hypocrite and because we all knew the real reason they split and he should count himself lucky that that reason is not publicly known. Even though Dove now had a new man, she was still very much the same person. Which is what I was counting on as I approached her.

    We spoke for a while about what we each did during isolation, how we entertained ourselves. As we spoke I tried to keep eye contact with her, but my eyes tended to drift down to her body. She was dressed in light blue jeans and a shirt that really hugged tightly to her breasts. On more than one occasion she caught me looking and only smirked in reaction. If nothing else, she did not seem to be the least bit bothered by some of my leering. I could feel my cock swell a bit in my pants as at one point she dragged her tongue over her plump lips.

    "Do you want another," I asked, referencing her drink that she had finished.

    "No, I'm fine," She said before leaning in close and quietly saying, "I was actually thinking we might go somewhere more private." I quickly agreed and we casually walked away from the rest of the people at the party.

    Once out of the view of most, we quickly went up the stairs and after passing one occupied bedroom, we did find an empty one. Dove went in first and I second, closing the door behind me. My eyes were not off of the former Liv and Maddie star for more than 15 seconds, and yet when I spun back to her shirt was already off and her bra soon followed. That is one of the best parts of getting a blowjob from Dove, even if she only was going to suck you off, she still usually stripped completely nude to do it. As I undid my shorts and removed them, Dove wiggled out of her jeans until she stood completely nude before me. Her breasts were a firm perky c-cup with nice hard pale pink nipples and she was totally clean with pussy lips that looked like they were just starting to moisten. Just seeing her standing there was enough to make me completely hard. In a flash, Dove was down on her knees before me. Her legs spread just far enough apart so that while she held my shaft with one hand, her other hand worked on her pussy.

    "Fuck, you're good at that," I complimented Dove as she licked up and down the sides of my shaft before circling her tongue around the around my cockhead.

    "When was the last time you got your dick sucked," she asked as she stroked my shaft.

    "I can barely remember. Seems like forever ago."

    "Then I better make this extra special," she said as she wrapped her soft lips around my knob.

    "Trust me, you're doing an outstanding job as is," I told her as she took more and more of my tool into her mouth. Dove worked my dick with her mouth and hand much to my enjoyment, and it seemed to her enjoyment as well. Looking down at her between her face and her breasts, I could not really see her other hand working her clit, but the fragrance from her excitement was starting to fill the room. Between the look she had in her green eyes as she looked up at me and the way she seemed to be getting herself off, there was little doubt that she truly does enjoy giving head.

    She was once again working my shaft with her tongue when I felt the pressure inside me starting to really rise. When I told her that I was going to cum soon, she acted quickly. Wrapping her lips around the tip of my cock while she went double fisted on my shaft. Her hands pumped my rod like a shake weight while her mouth eagerly awaited to be filled. She didn't have to wait long before my dick erupted. She dropped one of her hands from my dick back down to her cooch after she felt my jizz splash up against the back of her throat. As usual, Dove took it all in her mouth. Sucking my cock hard, making sure she got any remaining cum before letting my dick slip from her mouth and swallowing.

    "That was fun," Dove said when she was done. She used her thumb to scoop up a little extra cum that had escaped the corner of her mouth and scooped it back in.

    "Thank you," I said gratefully. "You have no idea how badly I needed that."

    "Oh, I have some idea. That was quite the load," she joked as she got back to her feet. She started to turn away when my eyes saw the fingers that she had been playing with herself with glistening in wetness.

    "Here let me help you with that," I said as I took her hand and brought those fingers up to my mouth to suck clean. I'm not what caused me to do what I did next. Maybe it was just because I had never tasted Dove before, maybe because she was the first naked woman I'd been in the same room with in months, maybe it was something else. But when I was done with her fingers I grabbed the blonde Disney star by the waist and tossed her onto the bed.

    "Oh my god! What are you doing?" she cried as her body bounced on the mattress.

    "Repaying the favor for once, so just lie there and enjoy it," I told her. Usually, Dove never asked or wanted guys to go down on her afterward. She was more than happy to blow a guy and then rejoin the party. I'd offered to go down on her a number of times before, but she never accepted. This time though, I was not going to give her the chance to decline.

    "Wait, but...ooohhhhhh my, yes," she said as I dove between Dove's legs. Pulling her to the edge of the bed, I hooked both her legs up onto my shoulders while I went down on one knee on the floor. She was plenty wet even before my tongue got to work licking up her juices. My thump began to work her clit and I began to hear her moaning in pleasure. I'd heard from a friend or two about the sounds she makes while having sex but, as usually the case, hearing those sounds with my own ears was exponentially times better. She must have really had herself really titillated while blowing me because it seemed like in no time I had her hands gripping the comforter on the bed for dear life. I could hear her moans and her quickening shallow breath, so I pulled my face away and pushed a finger inside her. I tried to find her g-spot as my finger pistoned in and out of her tight twat. Once I finally did hit it, her whole body seemed to twitch as her nerve endings fired throughout her. Pushing a second finger in, it did not take much more effort to push her over the edge. She closed her eyes tightly and moaned loudly as her pussy clamped down on my fingers while she climaxed. No doubt if anyone was outside in the hallway they probably heard her go off.

    The two of us stayed in the room a bit after that. Dove thanked me for going down on her before she got dressed and headed to the bathroom to freshen up before rejoining the party downstairs. No one said anything as we filled back into the party, though two of my friends gave me a knowing look and raised their glasses.

    Thankfully that whole escapade happened fairly early in the night, so there was still much more partying to do and more drinks to be had. As the night went on you'd notice people disappear periodically, and in most cases, there was very little doubt what had happened. Whether it be a smile on someone's face, someone's clothes being a little disheveled, or in some specific cases Olivia Holt's hair being rather messy and Vanessa Hudgens having most of her makeup washed off. As the night wore on, it became more apparent that people were out to really enjoy their first night of real freedom. Alcohol was starting to affect people. At the same time, the music was starting to get louder and more people found themselves dancing. I'm usually not much of a dancer but after a handful of shots I was relaxed enough to get out there and dance myself.

    I danced with a number of women. I was currently dancing with Victoria Justice's sister Maddy, but after the last song she ran off saying she had to go to the bathroom. Finding myself alone, I looked around until my eyes locked onto Dove once again. Dove was dancing with Sofia Carson but when she saw me looking at me she signaled for me to come over to her. The Descendants actress and I danced together for several songs. As we danced my arousal began to arise once again. The blowjob earlier might have eased my tension, but it turns out that its effects were only temporary. Her grinding against me was causing my dick to swell. As my erection grew in my pants, I did not try to hide it from Dove. Rather instead, I pushed it into her letting her feel what her body was doing to me. With her body pressed against mine and my arm wrapped around her waist, Dove turned her head and looked at me over her shoulder.

    "Feels like you could use some relief like before," she said with a sultry look in her eye.

    "No, you're wrong," I told her as I slipped my hand down inside her jeans and cupped her mound. "I need more than before."

    Dove did not stop me or try to remove my hand. She kept looking at me as she rubbed her ass against my hard-on, and I rubbed her pussy. I could feel her wetness begin to soak through her underwear. I am sure a number of people saw us since we were in the middle of a room full of people, but neither of us seemed to notice or care. Pure lust seemed to blind us from everyone else in the room.

    "Let's go upstairs," Dove finally said.

    "Are you sure? You know what that means, right?

    "Oh, I'm aware," she told me. Pulling my hand out of her pants, she continued to hold it as she led me away. More people saw her pulling me going towards the stairs, but it made no difference. We were 2/3rds of the way up the stairs when I could no longer contain myself. Spinning Dove around I planted a hard kiss on her lips. After some hesitation, she kissed me back. As we started to make out on the stairs, I wrapped my hands under her ass and lifted her up. She responded by wrapping her arms and legs around me, and I then continued to take us the rest of the way up the stairs. I couldn't see anything as we kissed, but I had been to my friend's house enough times that I could somewhat guide us to where we needed to go. We bumped around against the wall until I found the doorway and pushed us inside. Using my foot, I kicked the door shut and moved us over to the bed where I dropped the actress/singer. Breaking off our kiss, I grabbed the bottom of her shirt, Dove raised her arms and I whipped the shirt off her, tossing it to the side. Dove reached behind her back to unclip her bra as I pulled off her shoes. Now topless, she began undoing the fly on her jeans and I began yanking her pants off. I had her legs straight up in the air as I removed the last bits of clothing. Now nude I kept her legs up, as I bent down and sucked on her pussy making sure she was nice and wet as I undid my pants and pushed them down.

    With my cock out in the air, I stood back up tall and placed both her legs together up along my chest. Taking my dick in my hand I placed it at her entrance. I paused and took in the vision of her nude body, still surprised I was actually about to get the chance to fuck her. Taking a deep breath I then pushed forward, enjoying the sensation of her tight vagina enveloping my dick. When I was fully inside her I paused and tried to make sure that I remembered that first feeling of being inside her. Once that was done and I was ready, I let my lust take control of me. I started to fuck her there with her on the edge of the bed as I stood on the side. Her legs still up against me, I grabbed one of them and crossed her legs making her feel even tighter. Another minute later I wrapped an arm tight around her legs and stepped up onto the bed. Now standing on the bed, and holding Dove's back into the air, I pushed her legs towards her and began pounding her into the mattress in the piledriver position. She showed off her incredible flexibility, easily putting her legs up over her head as we went at it on the bed. I looked down at her face where she let out moans and her eyes were wide with excitement. I also saw how her breast shook with each thrust.

    We went at it for a few more minutes but realizing this might be a one-time thing, there was always something very specific I always fantasized about doing with Dove. I told her what I wanted and she quickly agreed. I pulled out of her and before letting her get back out of the bed, I did bury my face between her thighs one more time. Licking her peach for another minute. When I finally let her up she got off the bed and quickly picked her up. Just like on the stairs, she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. Unlike the stairs, however, there were no clothes getting in the way this time. This time as she settled into my hands, she was also pierced with my meat sword. We kissed as I backed us away from the bed until Dove's back was pressed up against the bedroom door.

    With her naked in my arms, I fucked her hard and fast up against the door. I loved the feeling of her pussy on my cock. I loved the feeling of her nipples in my mouth as I sucked on them. I loved the sound of her moans mixed with the rattling of the door each time I thrust into her. I also loved knowing that anyone within even close proximity to the room we were in could clearly hear what we were doing. I'd thought about doing this with her dozens of times in the past, and the reality even surpassed my fantasy. I continued pounding hard and fast up against the door as she gripped me tightly and moaned into my ear.

    "You shouldn't cum inside me," she warned me suddenly, but I immediately picked up the loophole in what she said.

    "I know I shouldn't," I told her between breaths, "but you know I am, just like I know it's what both of us want." She didn't even try to deny it all. She only moaned with her breath becoming more and more shallow as she continued to get railed against the door. "That is what you want, isn't? Tell me."


    "Yes, what?"

    "I want it."

    "Tell me exactly what you want."

    "I want to feel you fill me with your cum," Dove loudly admitted. I didn't think it was possible for me to be turned on anymore, yet hearing her say that drove me wild. I fucked her as if I was trying to break down the door by humping her through it. Dove's moans became louder and louder as I pounded into her. When she finally came, it was enough to put me over the edge as well. I came hard, pouring everything I could into her wonderful pussy.

    "Holy fuck. That was amazing," I said when I finally finished.

    "I know, right," Dove responded in agreement, while I still held her up against the door. I turned and carried her over to the bed. Putting her down, Dove laid on her back, with her legs spread a bit and her knees up. I laid down on my side next to her.

    "I've wanted to do that for a while," I confessed. My eyes found themselves locked onto her hard nipple as her breasts rose and fell with each breath.

    "Yeah I know, you've been pretty obvious," she told me. Her hands moved between her legs and rubbed her pussy that was starting to leak cum. "But that was pretty good." She then moaned as I could not help myself from wrapping my lips around her tit one last time.

    "I'm going to have to really clean up before going home," Dove groaned as she played with some of the cum excess cum. Pulling my mouth away from her tit and sat up.

    "I would say I'm sorry, but that'd be a lie," I said. "Though if that's the case, we might as well make the most of it." Dove thought about what I said for a moment before a devious smile flashed across her face and quickly got on top of me.

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    That was awesome Miami!!

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