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Thread: "Anything You Ask of Me" with Mikaela Pascal

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    fanfiction "Anything You Ask of Me" with Mikaela Pascal

    Anything You Ask of Me
    With Mikaela Pascal
    Written By Jacetms
    Codes: MF, sub/dom
    Disclaimer: The following is pure fiction and never happened.
    A/N: Was working on another story that I couldn't get right. Turn on some Youtube to take a break. Saw a video and remembered her.

    Mikaela Pascal had spent most of her life working on becoming famous. But fame was secondary to what she really cared about. Which was money. She remembered being a little girl when the crash of 2008 wrecked her family. They lost everything. And it was rebuilt on the back of her becoming somewhat of a youtube star. But about a year back she started to hear rumors of a man who could give her lifetime financial security. She knew just a few things about him. He valued his privacy. He wouldn't even talk to anyone under 18 and he preferred women who were virgins but not prudes.

    So for a year she shunned sex keeping herself just incase she could get a meeting. But she did practice hand and blowjobs with a few lucky cast members. Last month she turned 18 and talked to her friend who supposedly knew him and her to send out feelers. She was just about to lose hope when she was told he wanted to meet her. She was instructed to wear the outfit from a picture of hers he liked. Fishnet stockings, a black leather and cloth top, cut off shorts, boots and a collar. And while her friend knew him she didn't exactly know how it worked. She just knew it wasn't as simple as sex for money. So she got dressed and headed to the address she was given. She pulled up to a mansion and estate bigger than she had ever seen. Whoever this mystery man was, he was filthy rich.

    Adam waited for her to arrive. He was in his early 40s. When he was 18 inherited a little over $100,000. He took that money and used to back several tech startups. Most failed but he always got out before it went bad. Making tons in the process. Some became giants. He turned that money into well over a billion dollars. And he never had to work a day in life. All he did was send the money and get a huge return. He saw the car pull up and looked at the camera's feed from his gate to make sure it was her and she was alone. When he saw she was he let her in and walked to the door to meet her.

    He opened the to see her dressed just like he asked. Yes it was a sexy outfit. But more importantly it gave him good leverage. After all if she was willing to dress as he said before they even worked out a deal he knew she was eager.

    "Please come in. I am Adam, nice to finally meet you Mikaela." He said with a smile as he stepped aside to let her in.

    "Thank you for meeting with me. So I assume we should talk business first?" She tried to sound confident as she walked in. Wondering what all this would entail if it really was more than just selling her virginity.

    "I suppose we should." He led her to a room with a nice table and some drinks prepared. "But my deal I offer is take it or leave it. I don't negotiate with anyone. Would you like to hear my terms?" He replied before taking a seat and motioned her to do the same.

    She sat down and bit her a lip a bit. "Yes. I have heard it isn't a simple one time deal you look for."

    "No, it is much longer term. 5 years to be exact. Each month you will receive 2 million in your account. Over the course of that 5 years you will receive a total of 120 million. I will give access to my tax attorney free of charge for you. That way things remain simple and know everything is done correctly. You will also have a chance at bonuses. I may ask you to set me up with another YouTube star you have a connection to. If you can deliver on that for each one I ask you to then you will receive an additional 5 million per girl. In return for the money I get you. Fully. You always drop anything you are doing when I call. You exist these next 5 years to please me. Clearly we can't sign any kind of contract. Because none of it would be legally binding. So both of us can walk away at any time. And I will walk away if you sleep with someone else without my permission or if you don't have a very good reason to not come when I call. I am not a monster so simply keep me informed if you have major life events and I will be understanding. Do you have any questions?" He laid all the cards on the table for her and could see just how interested she was.

    For Mikaela this was all too good to be true. That was a ton of money. And there wasn't a single friend she had she wouldn't sell out for 5 million. But she did want to know what to expect. "Just a few. One will you be sharing me with other men? Two if I bring you another girl will you make them the same offer? How will I know it isn't just you looking to replace me and walk away from the deal? Lastly you said I am yours fully and while all that sounds well and good I don't want to get pregnant or anything. So that isn't your goal is it?"

    He couldn't help but smile at the second question she was shrewd. "I may share you, I may not. Hard to tell to be honest. Second, why would I do that? If I pay you to get them to sleep with me or maybe both. Giving you 5 million to set them up and get them to sleep with me for free as far they know is much cheaper. And I still will always have you on call. Lastly, right now children are in my plans. They may be one day just as they may be one day for you. That is a bridge we can cross if we get to it. So do we have a deal?"

    She smiled at him. "Yes, how do we start?" She tilted her head a bit. "Also you said help with some of my friends, have any in mind?"

    "Well the Merrell twins come to mind if they are innocent and naive as the come off." He chuckled

    "Oh trust me if anything they are even more so when the cameras are off." She rolled her eyes thinking about all the times she had kept them away from bad men who they dumbly trusted. And now she was going to get paid to deliver them to one.

    He pulled out a business card from his pocket. "This my lawyer, all you have to do is call him and he set up the payment system. But enough business I am ready for some pleasure, how about you?"

    "I thought you would never ask. I belong to you now so you tell me what you want I will do it." She gave him a grin.

    "Up the stairs, the third door on the left is a bedroom. I want you to go there and be waiting for me naked. But leave the collar on." His tone was a bit more stern.

    She took her cue and walked up the room undressing once she was inside of it. Once she was naked she looked around the room. Everything here was so nice. Maybe she would never have enough to afford a place like this. But she would soon be in a place where she would more than enough to do whatever she desired as she laid on the bed and waited for him to arrive.

    Adam gave her a few moments and texted his lawyer telling him she accepted and to be expecting to hear from her soon. Then he walked up to the room to claim his prize. Mikaela was far from the first girl to accept his offer but he felt like she may be the first to last the whole 5 years. Most backed out after 5 or 6 months feeling they made enough. The person who had stayed the longest was Miranda Cosgrove but even she only stayed 18 months. But he had felt something different about Mikaela and he was about to test his theory as he walked in the room and saw her naked in bed waiting for him

    He looked over her naked body and smiled to himself making no effort to hide that he was checking her out. "I want you to degrade yourself the entire time we have sex do you understand? I really want you to lean into the facts of what you are doing so I know you understand you are my personal slut and plaything." He told her as he started taking off his own clothes

    "But I am not a dirty slut yet. I am still virgin until you get over here and change that. Then I belong to you." She didn't even hesitate. She wanted to please him. To be his cum slut.

    As he undressed she noticed everything about him was just above average. He was cute but by no means a heart throb. He was in good shape but not great. Even his cock at 7" was above average but wasn't porn star level. But he was well above average where it mattered most his domineering tone and his bank account.

    He walked over to her and pulled her up and kissed her deeply before pushing her back onto the bed grabbing her legs. He lifted them up and spread them as he slammed deep into her tight virgin cunt. "Now you officially a whore selling yourself for money."

    She never felt anything like that. The ease he moved her body and slammed into her. The pain and pleasure as she let out a loud cry. "Yes I am a whore. I am bought by you to give you all pleasure in the world. My body is yours." She managed between moans and whimpers.

    "I bet if I lined up 100 men you would take all their cocks if I told you to wouldn't you, you little slut." He said as fucked her hard.

    She looked up at him, her face was as serious as it had ever been. "I would film myself seducing my own father and letting that horny bastard fuck me if you asked I will do anything sir." She was able to say before her face became awash with pleasure as the pain stopped.

    Adam kepting thrusting in out of her poor cunt harder and faster as he watched her body twist and contort.

    "Use my body, it belongs to you sir don't hold back. I don't hold back even if it hurts me. My body exists only to please you." She kept degrading herself; she wanted to make sure he never had a reason to look elsewhere for a bought and owned whore.

    Adam was on cloud nine when she talked like. He fucked her like a machine moving in and out of her at pace he knew he couldn't keep up and last long. But what did care she would be his for the next 5 years and he was pretty sure of it. "Tell me you want my cum like good fucking slut!" He ordered her.

    "Please sir give your slut your cum. I want it inside of me. I want to know what it feels like to have a man fill my whore pussy." She begged him. She meant every word of it as well. She was maybe more excited to be his slut then he was to have her as his.

    He couldn't hold out any longer and finally filled her up as he let out a loud groan. "Fuck your pussy is so damn good." before he collapsed on the bed next to her.

    She looked over at the man she now serves. Unsure what she can and can't say yet she decided to keep it like it was. "Thank you for making me your whore. I know you must have your pick of lots of gold digging sluts. I am honored you picked me."

    He looked over and grinned and gave his new toy a kiss. "This was just the start; we have lots more to come. And you may have given me a fun idea."

    "I did what was that?" She thinks back. "Having me seduce my perv of a dad?"

    He grinned a bit. "And recording it. I want to see how serious you are. I am always a bit skeptical when someone agrees to this."

    "I mean it won't be hard, yeah my mom is out of town next weekend. I can do it then." Feeling a bit more bold she leaned over and kissed him. "Anything you ask."

    Note: I have ideas for part two and three but I don't want to rush them. So as they become more clear in my mind you will see them posted.

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    Mikayla from the react channel... nice, not what I was expecting from this morning.
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