I Dream of Katie
With Katie McGrath
By Harbinger
Tags: Fantasy, blowjob, riding, cream pie.
Disclaimer: this story's fictional. Never happened. I'm not making money off this, I'm just horny. You know the drill.

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I remember walking home from work one warm, sunny day. I was just about to get onto the lift bridge when a speeding Volkswagen came barreling at me. I would be DAMNED before I allowed myself to get killed by half a car. So I did what any grown, self-respecting man would do; I dodged out of the way. But I didn't look where I was diving. I tackled a lamp post head first and knocked myself the hell out.

The next thing I knew, I was being shaken awake. "Hey, hey? Hello?" I heard a fuzzy but sweet, gentle Irish accent. "Hey, wake up. Please?" she begged and I slowly opened my eyes.

My head was ringing and it took a bit for my vision to come back. When it did, I was looking into the most worried eyes I had ever seen, but she had a relieved smile on her pink lips. And God, were her eyes green!

"I'm sorry, I'm in your way, aren't I?" I slurred, the pole having obviously done a number on me.

"No, no," she said, a lot more calm now. I realized she was cradling my head, and that I was bleeding. "Don't move. An ambulance is on the way," she told me.

"You're pretty," I told her, raising a shaky hand towards her face. She just laughed and rolled her beautiful emerald eyes.

"How about we just start with introductions? I'm Katie."

"Dean," I said, my eyes starting to flutter again.

"Dean, no. Stay with me!" I heard the sirens and knew my ride was almost there. I couldn't keep my eyes open, though.

The next time I woke up, I was in a hospital bed, the lights were dim, and the only one there was Katie, sitting on the foot of my bed. She was watching me, curling long, straight brunette hair around a finger. "Oh, you're back with the living," she said with a warm smile, flashing perfect white teeth.

"Yeah. It's good to be back," I said, looking with shifty eyes to blinking machinery. "Why are you still here, Katie? You don't owe me anything. And I'm sure I'll be fine. It's probably just a concussion."

"I can't just leave. I'm your guardian angel, silly," she said with a cute laugh.

"The only part of that that makes sense is that you look like an angel. And fuck this concussion for making me say dumb shit out loud!" I grunted, my head hurting from mental effort.

"You don't believe that I'm a real angel?" she asked, a challenging smile on her face. She stood up from the bed and walked to the door, her short heels click-clacking on the linoleum.

She opened the door to my room and, as I laid there watching out of curiosity, she pulled her white blouse right over her head. She was wearing a beautiful, lacy white bra that invitingly pushed up on her ample, firm tits. She wore white like I would expect an angel to.

As I wondered what she was trying to prove, the doctor walked in, right past her! No acknowledgement or anything... like she wasn't actually there....

"Good evening, Mr. Reynolds. How are feeling?" The doctor asked as he checked out my charts.

"My head hurts. And what happened to the woman that came here with me?" I asked, still staring straight at Katie, the mystery girl who still clutched her white shirt and looked back at me with a shit eating grin.

"No one came here with you, Dean. You were alone when the EMTs got you."

"Bullshit. There wasn't a woman? Creamy skin, green eyes, long brunette hair?" I described Katie, and the doctor kept shaking his head. "We could ask the EMT who brought you in if he's seen her. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Did Katie put you up to this?" I was starting to get indignant. "She's right there!" I pointed at the door. "You walked right past her."

"Dean, I think we're going to keep you over night to monitor your condition. We might want to run some scans to make sure your head is okay."

"Not going your way, hm?" Katie asked, looking smug as she put her shirt back on. The doctor made no sign of hearing Katie. I just sighed deeply and started accepting the idea that I was hallucinating.

After the doctor left, I was alone with Katie, the mystery phantom. "I told you I'm your guardian angel. Nobody but you can hear or see me. Unless I want them to," she said, coming back to the foot of the bed.

"What did I do to myself? And why is my guardian angel hot?"

"Well, you tackled a light post like you were playing rugby and then hit your head on the sidewalk. And I'm Katie McGrath because that's who you want me to be," she explained. "I'm your dream girl."

I ran a hand through my hair, and noticed part of it was wrapped up. "You did save my life. But if you're a hallucination, how did you...."

Katie leaned in and kissed me. It wasn't anything hot or passionate, but I felt her warm, soft lips. She felt real. "You can't physically feel hallucinations, Dean."

"Dean?" the doctor knocked on my door again and came in. "Anything we can get you? A TV or something?"

"I'm not going to make you, but I wouldn't complain," I shrugged, and Katie smiled at my answer.

A nurse came in a short time later with a roll-in TV, a remote, and got me a glass of water I didn't ask for, but I drank it all the same. Once she left, I flicked on the TV and saw that the CW was on, an episode of "Super Girl" filled the screen.

"Hey, it's me. Kind of," Katie said, pointing at Lena Luther. I looked at the TV, then to Katie, then to the TV.

"Fuck," I said, with nothing else to add. "So now that I'm saved, what happens to you?" I asked, watching her curiously as she curled herself into a ball at my side.

With a simple blink of an eye, she wasn't wearing any street clothes, but a long, silky purple and blue dress. Her hair was done flawlessly and she wore a light headdress somewhat resembling a pearl and diamond tiara.

"I'm not entirely sure. I'm not supposed to reveal myself to you, but now that I have, I don't have a reason to cloak myself from you anymore."

"So you're going to still be here? It's not a one and done kinda thing?" I asked, absentmindedly wrapping an arm around her frame. I couldn't help but rub her back, loving the feeling of her rich, luxurious dress.

"Guardian angels don't just disappear, Dean. We're assigned to you for life. I'm not a genie, though. I'm not here to fulfill your every wish. Your safety is my command. My wishes are my command, as well."

I thought to myself how much more complicated the rules were than I expected.

"Most people are shocked to find we nearly have a rule book. Yes, I can read your thoughts. I'm celestial, fool," I had to laugh at her delivery.

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If she could read my thoughts, I'd have to make sure I mentally stayed in my pants. But she could hear me trying not to think about it....

Katie just laughed. "Relax, Dean. It's human to have impure thoughts," she said into my ear, he soft hand finding my package easily.

"Katie, what are you doing?" I asked putting my hand on hers. This girl was stunning, but I was still thrown off by her being... an angel. And Katie McGrath. I was having a terribly hard time keeping my damaged head straight.

"As long as I keep you safe, I can do anything I want. I'm not bound by a moral leash like other angels. What is it you people would call us? Ah, yes. Freaks."

With that, she slipped her dainty hand up under my gown and more properly fondled my balls. I inhaled deeply at the feeling of her soft touch.

"You never thought you'd be getting a hand job from Katie McGrath in a hospital bed, hm?" This Katie challenged before pressing her lips to mine.

I hummed as I let my tongue leave my lips. Immediately, Katie opened hers and let me inside her warm cavern. She tasted like lavender and honey, just like she smelled.

We passionately made out like that for minutes as Katie palmed and traced my goods, getting me good and hard.

"Katie, should we be doing this here?" I asked, my eyes shifting to the door. "What if we... what if I get caught?"

"Trust me. I'm Katie, your guardian angel, remember?" I took her word, and with a literal snap of her fingers, she took off my underwear. "There it is," she whispered as she ran her fingertips up and down my length.

"Do you know how many times I've watched you shower? How many times I've watched you get dressed, or fuck another girl? It's torture, being a guardian angel who is attracted to her charge," Katie whispered hotly in my ear. "But now I can have you."

Katie started really pumping my dick now as she kicked the side of my neck. My own hands weren't absent. I busied myself tugging at the cords at the back of Katie's elaborate dress, exposing the air to her soft back.

She continued to play with my cock and balls as I finally got the back of her dress open, and I could touch the full expanse of her smooth skin, from the base of her neck to the top of her perfect ass.

Katie kissed me soundly one more time before letting my cock go. She stood up, and I trusted her. I put my hands behind my head and watched as she disrobed herself of her dress, leaving her perfect, silky smooth hair up.

Her body was perfect. Alabaster creamy skin, beautiful brown nipples, light areolas, legs for days, and reading dark landing strip on her mound that might as well be directing me where to go. Her hips were wonderfully curved.

All of this was on display for me as Katie McGrath ran her hands along her body, highlighting each magnificent feature as she went down to cup her hot sex.

"I have touched myself watching you, Dean. I have screamed your name SO many times," Katie told me as she sauntered her way to the foot of the bed. "How many times I've thought about touching you while you slept, taking your cock in my little mouth. Now I can," Katie said as she kissed her way up my feet, my calves and my thighs.

"All you had to do was ask, Katie. I'm yours," breathed back as she had made it to my balls. How could I deny you?" I placed my hands on my thighs as Katie's soft lips touched my nuts.

She gently pecked each one and licked the sensitive skin between them. "I want to taste all of you, Dean." Katie wrapped her full lips around a ball and slowly tongued it before silently letting it go. "Your entire life, I've watched you grow," she repeated her treatment to my other nut. "I've laughed with you, cried with you."

I swallowed deeply as she suckled my jewels with complete admiration, those emerald eyes on me the whole time. "Holy fuck, Katie," I groaned, loving her soft voice, and the way she torturously worshipped me, giving me just a taste of what she had been going through.

"Guardians aren't supposed to fall for their charges, but I have. I've fallen for you deeply." I was speechless from her words and equally her touch as she made it to straining penis.

"I want you, Dean," she said as she kissed the bottom of my shaft where it met my scrotum. "I don't only want to protect you, but to make you feel good," Katie told me between sensual kisses and sucks and she slowly made her way up my pole, nearly to the tip.

"You're absolutely intoxicating, Katie." She smiled, and with that gorgeous grin, I knew I was her slave as much as she was mine. After her confessions, how could I deny this gorgeous creature who dreamed of nothing more than pleasing me, and having me care for her back?

On her knees and forearms, her plump ass in the air, Katie kissed her way up my shaft and peppered my head in little kisses. I was so transfixed on her lips, on her eyes. I had to fight to keep my eyes open when she stuck out her tongue and licked my piss slit.

She circled my mushroom top with her tongue and laved at the bulbous head until she was satisfied it was nice and wet.

I thought I died when Katie wrapped her lips around my head and kept her tongue in tight circles around me. She took the base of my cock with just her thumb and two fingers, stroking me with just the right amount of pressure.

"Oh my God, Katie," I groaned, my hands on her head now, but not moving her. Katie McGrath was not someone you tried to command. You just thanked God she was sucking you off at all. "Your mouth is divine."

With the first quarter of my cock in her mouth, she still smiled at me, her green eyes bright and proud. She was taking her time to work down my length, and every bit of progress was heaven. Even when smoking dick, this angel was a proper lady. Her hair and ornamentation reminded me of that further.

Katie had made it about half way down and had been sucking me for a good long time when she decided it was time to move on.

She slowly released me, working her way back up my dick and letting me out of her mouth noiselessly. She smiled and wiped her glistening lips on the back of her hand.

"Your cock is wonderful, Dean. I love your size, your width, your balls," she complimented as she kissed her way up my torso. "Your taste is addictive," she purred as she pressed her chest to mine, your seductive eyes boring holes into my heart as she strattled me.

"I love your mouth, Katie," I reciprocated. "The view of your lips around me, your focused eyes... you're to die for. I almost had to die for you," I chuckled as Katie reached between us and started pumping my staff gently in her hand, occasionally giving a light twist.

"Dean, can I put you inside me? Please?" She begged, her breathe hot on my ear.

"I think I will burst if you don't, Katie," I told her as I hotly captured her mouth with mine.

Our tongues danced, swirled around each other as Katie guided my throbbing member to her hot, wet sex.

"Oh... oh..." Katie moaned as she nuzzled my swollen head between her slick lips. She started to slowly move her hips to take me in, and I started matching her to further sheathe myself in her warm wetness. "You feel so good, Dean. I've... I've dreamed about this cock... Urgh... inside me... Oh! For so long!" she pushed out as I got my full length inside of her deep, hot pocket.

Katie wrapped her arms around my head and touched her forehead to mine as she started to slowly ride me, setting a leisurely pace so she could get used to me filling her out.

"Katie, you're so fucking tight," I groaned as my guardian angel fucked me. It felt so weird to say in my head.

"God your big," she said with a wince. I would have thought I was hurting her, had she not started to pick up speed. "Yes! Yes! Oh! Fuck yes!" Katie started to chant. "Fuck me, Dean! Fuck me hard!" Katie shouted. She shot up off of me and placed her hands on my chest for balance.

"You have to be quiet, Katie. They'll..." No. They wouldn't hear her.

Katie smiled, knowing my realization. Katie started through her hips hard and fast, her pussy making a wet sloshing noise with every motion as she got wetter and wetter with each of our movements.

"Oh fuck, Katie! Fuck!" I growled as I reached up and groped her soft, white tits. I played with her nipples and she put her hands over mine, holding me there, begging me to play with her bountiful mounds as we fucked to our hearts' content.

"Oh Dean! God! You're gonna make me cum all over your dick, aren't you, Dean?"

I had to take over. Even in my state, I rolled us over and pinned McGrath, my angel, to the bed. I held her down by both wrists which were on each side of her head.

I mercilessly pounded her, fucking her Irish twat like it might be the last thing I did. Hell, if someone caught me grunge fucking a mattress, it might be the last thing I did out of a straight jacket. Katie could poof out of view, and they'd just see me fucking down a mattress.

Katie brought me back to focus by grabbing my face and kissing me hard as she fucked up into me. "Give me your fucking load, Dean. I can feel it building. Fill up my holy guts!"

At my angel's command, I doubled down and hammered into Katie's love pocket so hard I feared I'd throw my back out.

Finally, my head got heavy, my and tightened up, and I blew my payload. Katie made the hottest o-face I'd ever seen as she received me, and she took all of me.

I kept humping her through my orgasm until I knew we were both spent. I tried to catch my breath, and then my heart almost exploded. There was a knock at the door.

I was sure the doctor was going to catch me. But when he came in, I looked down to see that Katie had vanished, and I was back in my hospital gown, no sign of sweat, fluids, and no smell of sex filled the air.

Katie was sitting in the chair next to me, a beautiful smile in her face and a twinkle in her eye. What a guardian angel I had.

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