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Thread: "Tag Team Tween 2" with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato

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    fanfiction "Tag Team Tween 2" with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato

    Tag Team Tween 2
    With Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato
    Written by TPG
    CODES: FFM, blowjob, voy, rim, anal
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    I rushed to get home, my head spinning with recent events. How would my step-daughter, Selena Gomez react if she ever found out that I had just had sex with her? What would my fiance think? Could it possibly happen again? I shook my head.

    "No, no. Stop thinking that way." I berated myself. "She's your fucking step-daughter for god sake."

    I tried to calm myself down but my mind retaliated by replying the events in great detail, flashing back to the vision and sensation of Selena's hot young teen cunt sliding up and down my rigid cock, gripping it, clasping it tightly.

    God she was tight, and so wet. I could almost taste her. I'm not sure how many stop signs or traffic lights I flipped off during the ride home, but I finally flashed back to reality when I pulled into the garage.

    There, thankfully no one was home as I shut off the engine and climbed out only to realize that I now had a visible tent in my pants. Had I been hard the entire way home? Inside I tried to busy myself by grabbing a beer and taking a seat on the recliner, in front of the TV.

    "What the hell is wrong with me?" I thought to myself. "How could I have taken advantage of her like that?"

    Still, I tried to convince myself that as long as she didn't find out that it was me she had just fucked in the adult store then everything would be okay. I just had to play it cool around her, and act natural and like nothing had happened.

    Just then, the phone rang and it was Selena's mother calling to tell me that she would be out at the office party for a few extra hours. Truth be told I don't really remember how I responded, only that I told her that I loved her and hoped she had a great time before hanging up.

    With that said, I then cracked opened another beer and swigged that one down just as quickly as I had the first. Having the entire place to myself was just what the doctor ordered. I fixed myself a snack, and with the remote in hand, settled in front of the idiot box to busy my mind.

    Fortunately for me my nerves began to settle and the events of that evening were slowly pushed to the back of my mind. But as the Larry King program came on, I heard the sound of car doors outside.

    "Shit. They're home."

    A few moments later Selena and Miley wandered into the house with a few shopping bags in tow, and to my surprise were accompanied by a friend.

    "Yeah daddy, are you still up?"

    "So how was the mall?" I asked from my seat, trying my best to act natural.

    "Great!" Selena replied nonchalantly, as I suddenly found that I could barely look her in the eyes.

    My cock immediately twitched in my pants as I looked her over. I still couldn't believe I had fucked her, and how.

    "Hey daddy, you remember Demi don't you?" she said, snapping me out of my reverie.


    "Hi." Demi Lovato answered meekly.

    Like Selena, Demi was a gorgeous young Latina teen, but unlike Miley she was painfully shy, soft spoken, and sweet.

    "Where's mom, is she back yet?" Selena questioned.

    "Actually she just called to say that she should be home later tonight." I explained. "So we've got the house to ourselves."

    "We're going up to my room to put this stuff away." said Selena before she and the girls headed down the hall.

    "Call me if you need help with dinner, okay?" she graciously offered.

    With that said I settled in to the recliner, and gave them a few minutes before I called out to them to find out what they wanted on their pizza. Having put away their shopping bags, they returned to the living room to sit on the floor and eat with me while we watched TV.

    There my sanity was tested once again as I had to try and avoid gawking at the girls since they had changed into their sleepwear, which mainly consisted of long knee length tee's and panties, and nothing else.

    "God help me." I thought as they sat on the floor in front of me and shared the pizza. "I'm going to hell. I just know it."

    While Selena and Demi managed to cover their legs with their long shirts, Miley on the other hand casually exposed her legs.

    "Miley!" Demi exclaimed.


    She then nodded her head in my direction, as though hinting to the singer to cover up in front of me. Cyrus simply rolled her eyes and giggled.

    "Ugh. Don't be such a prude, Dee. I'm sure Brian has seen legs before." she sneered. "Besides, I'm wearing boy shorts under here."

    "Yeah, but aren't they see-thru?" Selena contended.

    With that I swallowed hard as we all watched Miley casually lift up her shirt to reveal her flawless mid section and sexy lace boy shorts. It was there that I noted that she wasn't wearing a bra either as the underside of her soft small breasts were briefly exposed for a few moments.

    "They're not see-thru, they're just lacy." Miley declared, while running her fingers over the intricate material.

    As hard as I tried I just couldn't tear my eyes away from her incredible body, and to my delight the others then followed suit and began to expose and compare bodies, focusing on who had the tightest abdomen.

    I was surprised to learn that Demi had recently started to work out on a regular basis and was beginning to show signs of a six pack.

    Meanwhile both Selena and Demi wanted to imitate Miley as she was the first in the group to get a belly-ring. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, as one body was sexier than the next.

    "What do you think, Brian?" Miley teased. "Are these see-thru or just lace?"

    While the others glanced over to me for my reaction, Miley cheekily winked and rolled her tongue over her front teeth. She really was a Grade-A cock tease, and seemed to love to torment me even in front of others.

    "I err, I think they're fine." I finally stammered. "Besides, you girls wear much less when you go out swimming, right?"

    "That's true. I guess." Selena remarked.

    "Not really." Demi interjected.

    "What? Bullshit!" Miley insisted.

    "What about that thong bikini you and Selena bought last week, remember? You two are such liars."

    "Oh. You bitch!"

    Thong bikini? I thought. Wow. This conversation was getting interesting.

    A moment later the girls began yelling and arguing loudly at each other before they playfully threw a few pillows at back and forth and we ultimately returned our attention back to the TV and discussed the chaotic life that was Britney Spears and the paparazzi.

    "I hope I never get that famous." Selena said.

    "Are you kidding me?" Miley exclaimed. "I would do anything to be like her. She's so cool."

    "Yeah, but she's such a whore." Demi chimed in.

    The girls and I laughed before they then sat debating who they liked and what they wanted from their own budding careers. Time passed quickly, and after a while the phone rang and I picked it up to hear Selena's mom again.

    Mandy called to tell me that she was feeling a little drunk and didn't feel safe driving home, so the family had offered to give her a place to spend the night. I had to bite my tongue to hide my excitement.

    In the meanwhile Demi, Miley, and Selena started to clean up the mess in the living room and headed back up to her bedroom, not before Miley flashed me a very sexy and seductive grin by the stairs.

    "Call me if you want any more snacks." I shouted while placing my hand over the phone and matching Miley's gaze.

    "We will!"

    I waited all of an hour before I finally went upstairs to take a shower, and checked up on the girls.

    There I found the door to Selena's room slightly ajar so I peered inside and tried not to gasp out loud as I discovered that they had apparently taken off their long shirts and now pranced about in the relative safety of her bedroom topless and scantily clad in nothing but panties.

    It was a glorious spectacle.

    "Holy shit," I thought, as I watched Miley and Selena lazily sit around half naked and apply nail polish to each other's feet.

    "Brian!" Selena suddenly protested as she noticed me leering through the door and quickly jumped up to cover her ample breasts with her hands.

    "Sorry sweetheart." I stuttered. "I was just... wait a minute, where is your other friend, Demi?"

    "She's taking a shower." Miley explained.

    "Well. I just wanted to let you know that your mother called again and she said that she would be spending the night at your aunt's place."

    "That's fine." Selena huffed. "Anything else?"

    "Well, it's kind of getting late so I think I'll be heading to bed." I said.

    "Stay up as long as you like but just try to keep the noise down okay sweetie?"

    "Okay daddy." Selena exclaimed before she got up from the bed and kissed me sweetly on the cheek, all the while still clutching her bare chest with her hands.

    "No problem, Brian." grinned Miley from the bed. "We'll be sure to keep it down. Sweet dreams."

    Like I said, Miley was a grade-A flirt. With that said, I returned to my bedroom and got ready for bed, with Miley's mischievous grin and comments playing on my mind. As expected I couldn't go to sleep so I grabbed a book to read. After a while I decided to try sleeping and shut off the light, laying there in the dark.

    It didn't take long before I heard footsteps in the hall approaching my door. I lay there quietly trying to appear as though I was asleep. They obviously had something planned if they were checking up to see if I was napping.

    I was intrigued to find out what they were up to. I waited till they had retreated back to Selena's room before I quietly climbed out of bed and tip toed down the hall. It was there I heard the shower running again, and I started to wonder who was inside this time.

    I glanced at the clock and saw it was almost 2am, and noted that Selena's door was closed but the light was still on. I crept to the door to listen but didn't hear anything. It was then as I leaned closer to the door that it opened slightly. Selena must not have closed it completely.

    When I peered inside I got a huge surprise. It seemed Selena was the one in the shower as both Demi and Miley were alone, lying on Selena's bed topless, and making out with each other passionately. I assumed they had waited till I went to sleep so they could fool with each other.

    I stood transfixed as I watched Miley slowly caressed and cup Demi's young pert breast, fondling and kneading them gently. This seemed to really rile Demi up and she let out a muffled moan as they continued to kiss, before Miley then worked her way down Demi's neck, working her way toward her breasts.

    Once there, Miley flicked her long wet tongue across her erect nipple and smeared a generous amount of saliva there. After a few more licks she gently suckled one of her puffy nipples into her mouth while her hand snaked further down Demi's body and between her plump legs.

    There the singer insistently pushed her legs apart with her hands and began to rub her slit through her cotton panties as she spent a few extra moments working over Demi's chest, licking and sucking both of her nipples into her mouth.

    For her part Lovato seemed to just lay there dazed, her eyes shut while cooing softly, as her friend had her sordid way with her. Just watching them together, it became abundantly clear to me that Miley was the seductress and instigator in the group, and now here on the bed was in total charge of the entire situation.

    The teen songstress licked her way between Demi's mounds and seductively snaked her long tongue down her firm tummy leaving a long wet trail down to her belly button.

    "Go on, say it." Miley cooed in her sexy raspy tone. "I want to hear you say it."

    Demi blushed before she finally conceded.

    "Eat my pussy."

    "What? I didn't hear you?"

    Demi blushed.

    "Miley," Demi whined. "You know I hate to say it."

    Despite her discomfort, Miley insisted that she do as she was told.

    "Hey, you know how much that turns me on don't you?"

    "Yes, but."

    "Well? Don't you want to make me happy?"

    "I do, but."

    "But nothing." Miley affirmed. "The least you can do is tell me what I want to hear."

    Resigned to her fate, Demi relented.

    "Please eat my pussy, Miley. Please."

    The blonde harlot smirked smugly to herself as she directed Demi to slide off her panties and spread her legs far apart on the bed, leaving her totally and utterly exposed.

    There she settled between them and softly kissed Demi's inner thighs causing the gorgeous Latina to squirm and whimper.

    "Geez, relax." Miley teased. "You're so sensitive."

    "I can't help it. You know how ticklish I get."

    "Did you do what I asked? Did you shave it all off for me?"

    Lovato simply blushed as she slid her hand down between her own legs to illustrate the fact that she was now totally shaved clean, not a single hair on her vagina, just as Miley has requested.

    "Mm. That's so fucking hot." Miley confessed. "I love it when you and Selena go hairless down there."

    "Wait. What?" I gasped inwardly. "Did I just hear that right? Selena is shaved too?"

    Watching them wriggle about half naked on Selena's bed had given me an unbelievable erection. In fact my boxers were hiding little as my cock obscenely strained against the slit in the front.

    Without thinking, I instinctively began to stroke my cock to the private show and watched as Miley leisurely kissed her way closer to Demi's gleaming sex.

    Even from my vantage point at the door I could see just how utterly wet the teen Latina in fact was, which clearly delighted Miley. Wasting little time, the blonde seductress buried her face into her friend's snatch and almost devoured her immediately.

    "Oh." Lovato sighed as her hands gripped the sheets. "Oh. Miley."

    "Mm. God I love eating your pussy, Demi." Cyrus cooed between slurps. "You taste so good."

    Demi could only moan in response, arching her back while cupping her own breasts with both hands. By the tortured expression on her face I could see she was trying desperately hard not to make a sound, but it was pointless.

    As difficult as it was, I assumed Miley was giving her a good tongue lashing as it didn't take long before Demi stiffened, and violently grasped Miley's head between her soft pale legs, almost smothering her. She was fighting a losing battle to stay quiet as her body spasmed wildly and tiny gasps and moans escaped her lips.

    After a few minutes she finally relaxed as the intensity of her orgasm subsided. With that said, Miley wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and whispered something into Demi's ear, before she gave a tentative nod of agreement and the girls shifted positions.

    I then watched as the "Hannah Montana" star directed Demi to scoot lower on the bed while she moved up toward her shoulders and in one quick motion turned and climbed up to straddle her face.

    It was there that I spied Miley's pussy for the very first time, and to no surprise I was delight to see that she in fact was totally shaved clean as well.

    In the meanwhile Cyrus slowly lowered herself onto her friends waiting mouth and I watched in awe as Lovato's thick long tongue eagerly speared out and flicked across Miley's clit before disappearing inside her hot bald cunt.

    The blonde songstress lolled her head back and began rocking her hips back and forth, rubbing her cunt all over her friends face and smearing her juices all over her mouth and chin.

    "Oh. Yes. That feels so good." Miley groaned. "Don't stop. I love your mouth. Right there."

    With that said, Miley then leaned forward placing the girls in a more traditional 69 position and gently spread Demi's legs wide apart at the knees. She then tapped her fingers at her exposed sex before she proceeded to tease and toy with her clit and probed her hairless slot with two fingers, causing the both of them to grunt aloud.

    "Ugh. Shit." Demi hissed. "Mmppphhff."

    "Oh. You're so fucking wet for me." Miley purred as she flicked her head and hair to one side and admired the tight pink teenage pussy in front of her.

    At this point my cock was so hard I thought I was going to pass out, and then heard myself gasp with surprise as I watched Miley carefully rake her finger along the length of her friends gleaming pussy and gently jab and pierce Demi Lovato's backdoor.

    I could hear muffled moans from the both of them as Miley's finger gently eased its way into her friends puckered bunghole.

    "Holy shit." I grunted inwardly, astounded by the hardcore union.

    Demi continued to lick and suck at Miley's cunt, using her mouth to gently slurp and pull on Miley's labia, as she in turn began to finger-fuck Demi's tight anus with her middle finger.

    "Ah yes. You like that?" the singer growled. "You like that finger in your ass? Huh?"

    "Yes." Demi hissed beneath her, her mouth gleaming in Miley's pussy juice.

    "Oh yes. Stick your tongue deep inside me, Demi." Miley groaned. "Right there. Yeah. Stick your tongue in my ass. Oh. Fuck yes. I like that."

    The bed shook violently as the girls both began to moan and grunt audibly between each other's legs. It was the most extraordinary thing I had ever seen. The room quickly filled with the strong scent of pungent teen pussy, as they continued to tease and explore each other's bodies.

    Unfortunately for me my view was partially obstructed, but judging from the sounds and statements emanating from Miley's filthy mouth it was clear she was alternating between licking and chewing on her friends clit, and occasionally rimming her.

    Ultimately, Miley grew frustrated from this onslaught and reluctantly climbed off Demi's face and reached over to the side of the bed to retrieve Selena's vibrator, the very same toy I had first seen earlier that day.

    Without wasting any time, she rubbed it up and down Demi's glistening slot for several moments before see finally impaled her with it, filling her completely in one go.

    "Ugh." Demi grunted, her eyes going wide. "So deep."

    "Mm. I know how hot it makes you knowing this was inside Selena all day." Cyrus remarked, as she pumped the slick toy in and out of her friends sex.

    As the girls lay there playing with the toy, I jerked my cock furiously and could feel the familiar tightening in my balls which told me I was close to climaxing. And yet I still increased the pace of my stroking and a moment later I closed my eyes as I shot my wad right against the door in front of me.

    Unfortunately for me, I must have made a noise because when I opened them again, Selena's door was wide open and there before me stood Miley and the gleaming sex toy still in her hand.

    I was absolutely mortified, and shocked into silence. So shocked I could barely move. I had just been caught red handed spying and jerking off to my daughters teenage friends. This was no going to end well.

    "Having a good look, pervert?" Miley accused.

    "I err, I just um, I heard something." I stammered as I tried to cover my now ragging erection.

    While I now stood there trying to find the right words to say, Miley suddenly grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into the bedroom and shut the door behind us.

    "I guess curiosity got the better of me." I tried to explain.

    "Well you know what they say," Miley smirked. "Curiosity killed the cat."

    "Does Selena know about you two?" was the only thing I could think to say next.

    "Why don't you stick around and ask her yourself when she gets back from the shower."

    Meanwhile as I stood there trying to rationalize everything, I couldn't help but openly gawk at the magnificence that was Demi Lovato. She really was a gorgeous young creature.

    "What's wrong, Brian?" Miley teased. "Cat got your tongue?"

    It was then without warning that she reached out and grasped my aching cock with her hand.

    "Miley! What are you doing?" Demi exclaimed. "That's Selena's dad."

    "Relax Dee." Miley grinned. "Don't think of him as her dad. Just think of him as another fan. He obviously likes to watch."

    I could barely respond much less defend myself. A fan? Is that what she wanted me to be? Was this the way the girls treated their many legion of fans behind closed doors?

    "You know you could get in so much trouble right now." Miley taunted me. "Spying on us like that. My dad would kick your ass if he ever found out."

    I was absolutely embarrassed and rendered speechless, but as I stood there expecting to receive a long lecture from her, Miley's demeanor seemed to change and without warning she reached for my hand and guided it between her legs to her slippery cunt.

    Judging from Demi's stunned expression I assumed she too was shocked by this action, as I was.

    "So you like to watch, do you? What about touch? You think you would enjoy touching us, huh?"

    "You know you really are one evil little bitch." I grinned.

    Demi seemed to struggle with the situation for a moment before she evidently agreed with Miley's decision to seduce me.

    "Pretty, isn't she?" Miley said while nodding in the direction of her naked friend on the bed, her soft firm hand wrapped tightly around my shaft like a vice.

    "You really like her don't you?" she teased. "I can tell."

    "No, I mean yes." I stammered. "She's very pretty. You both are."

    Meanwhile as we casually discussed Demi's beauty, my fingers seemed to have a mind of their own and effortlessly slipped between the soft velvet folds of Miley's teenage poon, which to my surprise seemed to have little to no affected on her whatsoever.

    What the hell was wrong with this little whore, I wondered. Was she even human? Was she a fucking robot or something? She was clearly accustomed to being fingered, as I couldn't help but feel a little insulted and now was determined to get some kind of reaction from her.

    "Do you know that she likes older guys?"

    "Miley!" Demi whined.

    "Well it's true. We all do. All three of us."


    "Why don't you go over there and touch her?" Miley suggested. "I know you've wanted to touch her all night."

    Although that wasn't entirely true, I wasn't about to argue. My head was spinning and I was in a trance. I can't really remember what was discussed between us over the next few minutes, only that I ultimately found myself standing over by the side of the bed admiring their bodies.

    There the ladies spread their legs for me and mutually masturbated for my benefit before I finally leaned over and proceeded to lick Miley's cunt. I then reached over and massaged Demi's thighs and let my hand inch higher and higher.

    There I finally reached her pussy with my fingertips and gently twiddled her long labial lips before I slipped a single digit inside.

    After a few moments of this I felt it time to alternate so I slipped a finger into Miley and I moved to utterly devour Demi's pretty little clam.

    I continued to finger-bang the singer as I licked her gorgeous Latina friend from stem to stern and back again. This caused her to jump slightly as I ate her ass, but then I felt her fingers dig into my hair pulling me into her, encouraging me to rim her.

    "Oh. Yes." Demi whimpered. "Eat my ass."

    "Yeah, eat her asshole Brian." Miley purred. "She likes that."

    I continued to finger Miley Cyrus as I proceeded to eat out Demi Lovato's teenage ass, and let my free hand roam to as much of her young body as I possibly could.

    It was then as I continued to lick and slather at the Latina's gleaming cunt that Miley took the opportunity to slide off the bed and crawled beneath me, and impatiently slipped my cock into her hot mouth.

    I was immediately brought back to the adult shop earlier that evening as I felt those familiar lips envelope my cock again.

    The young starlet French kissed the tip before letting it slide between her full lips. She then swallowed it keenly and kept gulping until her nose was pressed into my pubic hair, her tongue fervently working the underside of my cock the entire time.

    Meanwhile, Demi wrapped her legs tightly around my head as her orgasm swiftly approached and overtook her. She had been flicking her clit zealously the entire time I had my tongue buried into her shitter.

    "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. OOHHHHH!" she shrieked aloud as she came for the second time that evening.

    With Lovato temporarily satisfied I turned my attention back to the cock hungry teen beside me.

    "You just love to suck cock, don't you?" I hissed down at her.

    "Fuck yeah." she smugly quipped.

    "You don't know what you've gotten yourself into young lady." I told her. "I'm going to fuck you till you scream."

    "Bring it on big daddy." was her simple response, as I pulled her off my cock and helped her to her knees and motioned for her to bend over by the side of the bed.

    Miley simply grinned as she arched her back and thrust out her tight butt, teasing me again and causing me to groan in approval. In all my years I had never seen a butt like that. It was for lack of a better word, flawless.

    "Fucking tease." I muttered. "Always the tease."

    While my initial thought was to simply scoot up behind her and impale her with my rod, I suddenly found myself acting instinctively and leaning over and to give her firm butt a quick appreciative lick, causing her to moan out loud.

    "Oh. Do it." she hissed over her shoulder.

    With her head resting on Demi's leg, I then carefully entered the teen harlot from behind and was astounded at just how wet she in fact was. As expected Miley wasn't as tight as Selena, but was exquisite nonetheless.

    Gripping her hips, I increased the pace as Demi lethargically ran her fingers through her friend's blonde hair, watching and marveling as I fucked her from behind.

    I ran my hands all over Miley's perspiring body and reached under to cup and grope her remarkable breasts, squeezing them firmly with both hands. I then alternated my tempo and pulled out almost all the way before driving my shaft back into the tween-queen.

    "UGHH! Ugh. Fuck Yes." she grunted loudly. "Fuck me. Fuck me you son of a bitch."

    Driving into her from behind, I wasn't sure just how long I could last as I looked into Demi's eyes and watched her masturbate furiously as I pounded her sexy young friend. It was then Demi said something that absolutely blew my mind and took my breath away.

    "Fuck her in the ass, Brian." she suddenly snapped, making both Miley and I snap to and look at her.

    "Yeah? You think she'd like that?"

    "Mm. God yes." Miley growled over her shoulder. "Stick it in my ass, Brian. C'mon. Do it. Fuck my ass, daddy."

    How could I refuse? With that said I reluctantly pulled out of her gleaming hot clam and carefully guided the head of my meat stick against her tight puckered bunghole. To my surprise it wasn't as awkward or uncomfortable as I expected, and I could tell she was more than experienced when it came to anal sex.

    "Ah. Yeah." Miley purred as she griped her friends leg and felt my manhood ease inside her back passage.

    With my cock now nestled firmly inside the teenagers backdoor, I suddenly felt emboldened and forcefully pulled Demi closer to the edge of the bed and insisted that she spread her legs wide open for Miley and allow her to eat her pussy as I fucked her in the butt. I then grabbed a fist full of Miley's long hair, and tugged on her mane as I thrust forward.

    "UGH! Shit! Yes." Miley grunted out loud as I filled her tiny sphincter.

    Just then before she could complain, I mashed her face into her friends gleaming snatch and insisted she eat Demi up.

    "Come on bitch, eat her fucking ass! You like that right? Tell her. Tell her how much you like it."

    "Yes. Yes." Miley muttered with a mouth full of pussy as my huge cock speared in and out of her tight behind.

    As I plundered Miley's teen asshole, I considered moving to Demi and giving her the same treatment but changed my mind as I then watched Miley set off a powerful orgasm in her friend once again.

    "Oh god. Oh Miley. Fuck!" Demi sobbed, her entire body shaking uncontrollably. "Oh fuck. You're gonna make me cum!"

    "Cum in her mouth." I insisted, as I picked up the pace of my hips and now railed into her tight ass.

    "Oh shit. Here it comes. UUNNGHHHH!!"

    I then watched in wonder as Miley hungrily devoured her juicy wet cunt and speared her tongue all the way inside to receive her reward. With her face now utterly coated in girl-sap it wasn't long before Cyrus cried out as her own orgasm took hold.

    Nevertheless, I kept driving into that ass relentlessly until I could no longer hold back, and I finally pulled out as my cock began to spurt out a copious amount of semen all over her gaping wide butthole.

    "Ugh. Yes!" I grunted out loud.

    Demi smiled auspiciously as she watched Miley flip around and take my spent cock back into her hot little mouth, trying to drain my balls of goo.

    After exchanging a promise of secrecy, I collected my boxer-briefs and stumbled back to my room just in time to hear Selena exit the bathroom and tip toe back towards her bedroom. I sighed contently as I climbed back into bed and began to wonder if my time with the girls was my last?

    Something told me it wasn't.

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    AWESOME!!!! Can't wait for Chap 3

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    Fantastic, another good one TPG, can't wait for the next one.

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    awesome lil series you got going man

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    you sure know how to write 'em... can't wait for the next installment.

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    Another masterpiece. Bravo! Bravo!

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    MY GOD!, best thing i have ever read.

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    Damn, I can't wait for more! Best thing ever.

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    Can't wait for the next one!

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    Truly great writing. The "cast" and "plot" are awesome.

    Can't wait for the next one! Soon...?

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    By TPG in forum Selena Gomez Stories
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