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Thread: "Thunder Rolls II" with Olivia Holt and Yvonne Strahovski

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    fanfiction "Thunder Rolls II" with Olivia Holt and Yvonne Strahovski

    Thunder Rolls II
    With Olivia Holt and Yvonne Strahovski
    By Harbinger
    Disclaimer: this story is 100% fiction and is for fun, not profit.
    Tags: M/FF, massage, shower, hj, bj, oral, deepthroat, toys, anal, facial
    A/N: Link for part one:

    d10efc91a541ca1e5578aa4c924081fe.jpg 16fb816ad5d8846f3de68e68b424a4ea.jpg

    It was the worst storm I'd ever seen hit this small sea side town. I've lived here my entire life. We'd seen some storms, but this was advanced. Like a bomb from Mother Nature.

    I, among with many others, wandered through cracked and busted up streets like we were zombies.

    Trees, power lines, retaining walls all knocked down. Houses and businesses flooded and washed out. It was as if Poseidon himself had declared an end to our town.

    I had been away at a business meeting a few towns over where our regional publisher was located. The storm there was immense, but I didn't expect this at home.

    As I snapped my photos, did my interviews, I tried not to think about my own home.

    Eventually, though, I had to.

    Upon reaching what used to be my home... it was all but good. The front door had been broken from the hinges. My belongings were soggy and water logged, scattered around my front yard. The inside of my house was a mess. My furnace was floating up at me in my basement. Windows were shattered and my porch caved in after some of the supports had cracked.

    I didn't know what to do. I was homeless, or at least without a bed.

    I took my shell of a body and got back into my car. I headed up the hill towards the cabin suites, the highest point of the town, hoping to get some good aerial shots.

    Work was all I had left. Literally.

    Once I had made the climb to the top, I saw that some of the cabins had washed out, some had minor damage, but the one at the top stood proudly, defiant above the rest of the town.

    I got out and started to look around and do my job. I got some great picks, interviewed the owner of the Bluff, and headed back to my car.

    Once back to my spot, it would have been hard to miss the pair of blondes by my Jeep, looking over the edge where the town used to be.

    "You two picked an interesting time to get lost," I announced my presence, and only half joked.

    "Hey your pardon?" The taller of the two turned to face me, a gorgeous Australian accent taking me by surprise.

    I recovered quickly and continued my approach. "You just happen to have the misfortune of coming to this little place when it gets the worst storm in its history," I explained.

    "Yeah, we really didn't see that coming," said the pint-sized blonde with a notably American accent. "I guess we just don't deserve anything nice," she said with a shrug and a pout.

    "I wouldn't say that," I said, now a single arm's length away. "What brings an Australian and an out-of-towners to our little sea-side escape, anyway?"

    "An out of the blue vacation, actually," the tall Aussie explained.

    "We both wanted to go somewhere tiny, out of the public eye. We just happened to bounce into each other here," the shorter, but still leggy blonde said.

    "Oh, pardon my manners," I said, feeling foolish. "My name is Vince. I'm a reporter." I extended a hand.

    "Yvonne," the Aussie said with a winning smile, taking my hand.

    "Olivia," the shorter one said, cute as a button but absolutely stunning like her friend.

    "You're obviously a man in the loop. Is there anything we can do right now?" Yvonne asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

    "I'm going back into town for a bit. I'm going to touch base with the office and then check out our surrounding areas. The paper covers a few smaller towns, too, so I need to check on them."

    "Is it okay if we tag along, Vince? I promise we won't get in the way." Olivia said, crossing her arms and pouting again like I had already told her no.

    "Right now I'm just surveying and getting pictures, so I don't see any harm in it," I said with a shrug.

    Yvonne was in black leggings and a firm fitting grey sporty vest, so she looked ready to go. Olivia, though, had more of an elaborate looking, almost feathery, dark blue top. If we were a disaster relief team, I'd tell her to change.

    So anyway, we all hopped in my Jeep and headed back down the mountain.

    We drove around all day, three of us snapping photos and occasionally stopping long enough for me to talk to so-and-so about this or that.

    My heart sank later in the evening, because when the sun started to set, clouds started to roll in again and thunder sounded in the far, grey distance.

    "I need to stop by what's left of my house. I need to see if something I need survived the storm," I said vaguely.

    "What's left of your house?" Yvonne asked, making sure she heard me right. "Vince, what do you mean?"

    "I'll show you. It's not far," I said cryptically, but they both knew what my previous statement meant.

    After the 20 minute drive, we sat in front of my washed out house. I just sat there for a good minute, staring at it until Yvonne put a hand on my shoulder, bringing me back.

    I held her hand for a brief moment, and then let go. We three got out of the car, and I explained we were looking for a mini safe. The mini safe had all of my important and personal info.

    It was wet, dirty work, but after the longest 45 minutes of our lives, we found it. I took the whole safe with me.

    By the time we were done, Olivia had twisted her ankle on some debris hidden under the water, and Yvonne had strained her back a little helping me get to the safe. I was bit by a non-poisonous snake. It felt like Jumanji.

    While sitting in my Jeep, both hands on the steering wheel, I quietly wondered what was I supposed to do now.

    "Vince, please come back to the cabin with us," Olivia offered from the back seat. She sounded sad for me, but also in pain from her injury.

    "Yes, please do. We could put you up for the night. It's the least we can do after what you've been through today," Yvonne confirmed.

    "Only if you both promise you're okay and this isn't a charity obligation thing." They both swore they wanted to, not because it was just the right thing to do. "I really don't want to f..."

    "Vince, I will drive the three of us up there if you don't," Olivia said, putting her good foot down. "We might need you to help take care of us," she added.

    "Okay," I gave in and started up the Jeep. "But you guys better let me actually help you out."

    yvonne-yvonne-strahovski-731085_1024_576.jpg hqdefault.jpg

    We got back up the mountain just as thunder started to roll in again. I scooped Olivia in my arms and headed for the little cabin. Yvonne got the door for me and closed it behind us. The lightning was far off, but it was definitely coming back.

    I gently set Olivia down on the sofa in the front room and set a stack of pillows under her foot to elevate it, hoping to lower the swelling that had started.

    Yvonne stood at the foot of the couch and tried to stretch her back. "I'm going to take as shower. See if hot water will help this back," she groaned.

    "Sounds good," I said as I handed Olivia the TV remote. "I hope I don't come off as to forward here, Ms., by if you need, I can try to work in your back a bit."

    "Yeah?" she said with a gleam in her eye and a playful smirk.

    Once Yvonne had disappeared to shower, I was left alone with Olivia Holt, who I knew of from my little cousin who was obsessed with her since her days on Disney's Kickin' It.

    "How you doing, Champ?" Olivia asked, holding out her hand for me to hold. I took the unexpected offering and she squeezed it.

    "I don't really know, Liv. I'm still trying to digest. My house is gone. Entire roads are flooded, parts of the town are under water." Thunder cracked outside and Liv jumped a little. "And it doesn't sound like it's over yet."

    "I'm sorry, Vince. This is so much for you to have to deal with," Liv said, sounding genuinely concerned for me. "If there's anything Yvonne or I can do, please let me know." She squeezed my hand again. I squeezed hers.

    It wasn't much longer of comfortable silence when Yvonne came back, her hair up and in a pair of yoga pants and a sporty top.

    "How are you feeling?" I asked Yvonne as she took her spot back on the atm rest.

    "Like a tiny truck hit me in the small of my back," she told me, discomfort plain in her gorgeous face. "Still offering that rub down?" she asked, trying not to sound too hopeful.

    "Of course," I said, standing up and following her to the bedroom, not too far away.

    "Alright, see ya," Liv said in a mopey voice. "Guess I'll just be here. By myself."

    I rolled my eyes and went back for her. She grinned and reached out her arms like a little girl who wanted her dad to carry her to bed.

    I obliged and laid her on the bed next to where Yvonne was laying on her belly.

    I moved to stay next to the bed by Yvonne. I rubbed my hands together and looked at Yvonne's fit, curved back. I could see the shape of her firm muscles the way they were pulled with her hands under her angelic chin.

    I began on her upper back and took my time working down, because it wasn't often... okay, it was never, that I got to touch a goddess like this. And Olivia Holt hungrily watched the whole thing, though she spoke not a word.

    Finally, I got to Ms. Strahovski's lower back. I'd watched "Chuck" a few times through, as well as being caught up on the "Handmaid's Tale." I also had her new limited series, "Stateless," on my watch list. I was well aware who I was sharing a cabin with as the storm got worse outside.

    My hands wandered down to Yvonne's lower back, where she had expressed the most discomfort was coming from. She lifted her mid-section enough to roll her tank top up, bringing it to the bottom of her breasts.

    I wandered the expanse of her exposed flesh, taking my chance. My breath hitched a moment when she pulled the waist of her leggings just to the rise of her ass.

    "Don't be shy now, Vince," Olivia teased. She reached over, picked up my hand and placed it on Yvonne's extreme lower back.

    As I worked Yvonne's creamy smooth back, I was a little shocked to watch Olivia gently roll over, being careful of her ankle, and make direct eye contact with me as she started palming Yvonne's butt.

    "Oh, that's nice," Yvonne murmured as Olivia played with her ass. I tilted my head a little, but continued my work as Olivia just grinned at me.

    Olivia moved the game a little further. She slid her hand down into Yvonne's leggings. She smirked victoriously, but I felt Yvonne tense up a bit.

    "Liv... you might as well just peal these off, yeah?" I was utterly shocked now. I had no idea my offer to give a harmless back rub was going to earn me seeing Yvonne Strahovski in just her panties.

    As Ms. Holt started removing Yvonne's leggings, it didn't take me long to realize she wasn't wearing panties. Inch by inch, Yvonne's bare ass was left exposed at a teasing rate.

    Yvonne even giggled at Olivia making a show of it. "Oh for fuck's sake, Liv," Yvonne said, reaching back and pulling them down to mid thigh. Olivia shucked them off the rest of the way from there.

    There laid Yvonne, face down on a queen bed without a stitch of clothing on. She was gorgeous and angelic, her eyes closed and a content smile on her face as I worked her back and Olivia massaged her legs.

    ec90dd632bc4dc3b01e952016a2b5ff5.jpg a2a72710ead0e9a092bfb0ae592e7549.jpg

    "You guys, this is exactly what I needed," Yvonne murmured, sinking deeper into the mattress.

    "We know, sweetheart. You're in great hands," Olivia assured Yvonne, squeezing her glutes again before removing her hands.

    I kept massaging, but I watched Olivia curiously. She smiled and winked before taking her shirt off. I didn't pause because I didn't want Yvonne to think something was up.

    Olivia kept going, though. She unclasped her bra and gently set it down. She kept smiling at me as she fondled her young, pert breasts.

    She quietly got off the bed and I shifted my weight to hide the sound of her getting up.

    I started working Yvonne's lovely legs, paying attention to her silky thighs. Yvonne turned her head, her sharp blue eyes finding Olivia, and the younger blonde smiled sheepishly as she was caught red-handed, stepping out of her pants and panties.

    "You got a shower, but I didn't," Liv pouted. "And neither did Vince."

    "Ah Liv! You should have said something," Yvonne said, like a caring mother scolding a young girl. "Do you want some help in there? With your ankle and all.

    "Yeah, that'd be great," Liv said, taking one of my hands and one of Yvonne's. We helped the poor girl hop to the bathroom.

    "Vince, you can't help Olivia in the shower if your still dressed," Yvonne pointed out, reaching for the hem of my shirt. I didn't even get time to protest before she was pulling it over me.

    At the same time, I felt Olivia's hands undoing my pants and pushing them down my legs, along with my underwear. I had little say in the matter.

    Obviously, I was already hard, and both girls were staring straight at my length as I stepped fully out of my pants.

    "Oh my God," Liv said with a smile, wrapping a hand around me without even asking. There was nothing bashful about this little lioness.

    Yvonne observed with her arms crossed over her bountiful breasts, a hand on her chin. "You know, Liv, we could have really used him last night."

    What happened last night?" I had to ask. To answer my question, Yvonne turned Liv's head towards her, leaned down, and kissed the considerably shorter girl hot on the lips.

    Yvonne grabbed Holt's ass with both hands as Holt sighed into her mouth.

    Olivia started twisting and pulling on me in earnest with one hand, as she held onto my shoulder with her other to keep her balanced, still on one foot.

    Yvonne let go of our feisty little friend and set the water running. Once it was to a temp she liked, she stepped in and held Olivia's hand while she gingerly stepped in. I kept my hands on her hips and lower back for support in case she needed it.

    As soon as they were both under the spray, Yvonne fucked her head and claimed Olivia's mouth again. Olivia wrapped her leg around Yvonne's hip and held onto the older woman for dear life as they swapped spit.

    Yvonne pinned Olivia's wrists above her head as they kissed, and I took my chance. I got into the roomy shower beside them and was able to squeeze both my hands between them.

    As the girls passionately made out, I was more than happy to start playing with both of them, a hit, wet cunt for each hand.

    I slipped inside both of them, my fingers being hugged and squeezed by warm walls. They helped support each other on the shower wall as I started to feel out both of their love pockets with one finger, and then two.

    It wasn't long before they were both moaning and fighting for breath as I finger fucked both of them, both of my arms working hard and fast. I loved the sounds of their deep, labored breaths and the delicious sucking sounds coming from both of their cores.

    Olivia came first on my fingers. She shook in Yvonne's arms, Yvonne cradling the small girl in her arms and shushing her as I rubbed her through the powerful orgasm.

    Once her quivering stopped, I withdrew my fingers and roughly shoved them in Yvonne's unexpecting mouth.

    Yvonne immediately sucked Holt's juice from my fingers, hungrily wrapping her fingers around my digits and licking them clean.

    Olivia quickly recovered and latched her mouth to one of Yvonne's waiting breasts. Olivia's pearly teeth playfully nipped Yvonne's breast flesh, and her pink tongue circled and flicked Yvonne's hardened pink nipples.

    Olivia dropped a hand down and cupped Yvonne's bald, slick slit and effortlessly pushed two fingers into the warm pocket as she attached her lips to Yvonne's slender neck.

    Yvonne grabbed both of the young girl's shoulders, her head falling back against the shower wall and her jaw dropped as Olivia fingered the hell out of her.

    I uselessly stood aside and watched these beauties, my own long cock in my hand.

    It wasn't long until Olivia's hand was nearly a blur and Yvonne's fit hips were bucking uncontrollably.

    Yvonne was able to contain herself to quiet, bit back whimpers of pleasure while Olivia had her way with her, but when Olivia slipped her pinky into Yvonne's back door, all bets were off.

    Olivia attacked Yvonne's holes like an animal, a mile-wide grin on her face. Finally, why I was an idiot dawned on me.

    I slipped myself between them, on my knees, and hiked Olivia's leg over my shoulder, putting her sweet young pussy right in my face.

    Without warning, I clamped my mouth over her hole peach and started sucking like I was trying to extract a golf ball from her tasty finger pouch.

    I was immediately addicted to Olivia Holt's snatch. It was soft, slick, and sweet and tangy all at once. I loved lapping the entire length of her gash and getting as much of her taste into my mouth as I could.

    Olivia gasped and shook as I ate her, and Yvonne was just crashing into a cataclysmic orgasm of her own at the hand of the younger actress.

    As soon as I had dug my tongue into Liv's tight vault, she lost herself and dug her hands in my hair, humping my face. Olivia was far less shy about the volume, and freely let cries and gasps be torn from her throat as I plundered her sweet entrance with my tongue.

    Finally, she came and a jet of warm, viscous spray shot out and flooded my mouth. I didn't expect Olivia Holt to be a squirter, but based on the way Yvonne was laughing, she saw it coming. I had little time to react because my tongue was still as deep as I could get it into Olivia, her tight muscles walls spasming around it before the tiny flood hit.

    I put Holt's leg back down gently and stood up. Once I was back on my feet, Yvonne pushed me to wall, forcefully grabbed my cock, and started tonguing my face clean as she stroked me.

    Once I was Holt cum free, Yvonne dropped to her knees and take my head into her mouth. She pulled her own wet hair behind her in a ponytail and engulfed as much of my throbber as she could.

    Yvonne choked and gagged herself on my hard length and my tip hit the back of her throat.

    I pressed my hands to the wall and let her blow my mind as well as my prick all on her own.

    Eventually, Olivia came to, and watched us patiently as Yvonne licked and slobbered up and down my shaft.

    b9ac0567536357db456e7ef94a320480.jpg a7a8dac5d14493bd9ddeaf5ddb27cc2e.jpg

    Olivia stood to her feet on shaky knees with cloudy eyes. She had little time to gain much semblance back before Yvonne had hold of her hand and was patiently pulling her closer.

    Yvonne stood up and pushed Holt to her knees in front of me. She grabbed both sides of Holt's head and slowly pushed forward until her lips were brushing my cock. I stood there, hands on my hips, and decided to let these two play their game.

    "Open," Yvonne said firmly, and Olivia did as ordered, her big brown eyes looking right up at me. Yvonne slowly pushed Olivia's head further and slowly enveloped my cock in wet warmth.

    Yvonne guided Liv's head back and forth, her soft lips wrapped tightly around my straining meat. She was giving Holt much more time to get used to my size than she gave herself.

    So slowly, so gingerly Olivia was guided on my cock, but definitely going a little deeper each time. And I couldn't look away from her eyes that watched every reaction I had.

    I loved the sounds coming from her mouth, I loved feeling her tongue slowly working me, which was obviously her touch and had nothing to do with Yvonne's driving.

    "That's a good girl," Yvonne lovingly couched from the side. Now get ready to swallow."

    I expected to see fear in her bright, expressive eyes. Instead, I swore I saw her smile, and a touch of glee. Her eyes held fast on mine as Yvonne advanced her head, her mouth covering all of me without pulling back.

    Tears filled her eyes as Olivia deep throated every centimeter I had to offer.

    Yvonne slid her Olivia back, and then forward faster than before. She continued this method until Olivia was gagging on me, my pre-cum and saliva running from the corner of her lips.

    Soon, Olivia was being skull fucked on me literally at the hands of her friend. Whenever Yvonne tried to pull Liv back so she could breath a little, I'd slam my hips forward and hit the back of her throat to trigger her gag reflex. She was red in the face, down to her petite chest, and her eyes running.

    Finally, I had to pull out and let her gasp for sweet air because my balls were about to burst.

    Olivia took all the time getting her breathing and eyes under control as Yvonne and I passionately made out and she worked me down below enough to keep me at prime attention.

    "Please... I need... a break," Olivia begged, her hand on her chest. "So much... Hands, fingers, that cock." Olivia definitely had received the most abuse so far, so to even things out, I turned my focus on Strahovski, the 5'9" goddess from Down Under.

    I grabbed her by the arm and placed her in front of me, pressing her tits to the wall of the shower that was surprisingly, still running comfortably warm.

    I threw her leg up as much as I could, I took my stuffy in hand, and rammed myself all the way home.

    "Jesus... fuck!" Yvonne shouted, her eyes screwed shut, her hand slapping the wall.

    I started immediately hammering, taking her tight pussy as much as I could before it could get used to my girth.

    "Fuck, Vince! Fuck!" Yvonne moaned. "Your cock is just as big in me as I thought it was going to be when I was sucking in it! SHIT!"

    Liv just watched, her fingers rubbing up and down her abused slit as I ravaged Yvonne's experienced but perfect hole.

    Liv bit her lip as she gently touched herself, watching me pressing Yvonne to the wall, pulling her hair. The sound of my hips smacking against her ass was louder than the water.

    "Oh my God, Vince. Right there! Right there. Don't you dare fucking stop!" she ordered in her seductive but commanding Aussie accent. "I'm so fucking close. I'm going to cum all over your cock so hard you won't be able to keep it in me!"

    Me eyes rolled back as I felt my belly tensing. I hated to to do this, but I had to pull out. I wanted to cum deep inside her belly, but I hadn't been inside of Olivia yet.

    I gave three, last hard pushed and then I pulled out. I shoved two fingers in her ass and dropped to my knees, and ate her out again until she came.

    She came in my mouth and around my tongue as I beckoned Olivia nearer.

    Yvonne slid to the bottom of the shower, her back to the wall. She watched, totally spent, with her hand raking through her soaked hair as I picked up Olivia in my arms.

    She wrapped her arms around my neck, knowing she was about to be absolutely destroyed.

    I held onto her, her back against the glass panel of the shower door, one hand on her ass and the other on my cock.

    Her hole was more than ready. I could feel that as I nuzzled my head at her entrance. I effortlessly slid her down my shaft as she tightened her arm and bit my neck as I filled her completely.

    Once Olivia was securely on, I shifted both hands to her unbelievably round, soft and pliant ass. I started to move her up and down me, against the glass.

    She started to help, wrapping her legs around me and digging her good foot into my ass cheek as she worked to give me the deepest thrust.

    "Oh my God, Vince!" Olivia dragged out into labored, deep breaths. Her "oh fuck me" voice was huskier than I expected out of the 5'2" starlet. "I love this cock," she said. "I LOVE IT!" she shouted after a particularly hard thrust.

    We were chest to chest as I fucked her deep, letting my arms and gravity do most of the work for the two of us as her pebbled down nipples dug into my chest.

    I leaned back, creating a bit of distance, allowing me to get a new angle and to watch her young, youthful tits bounce with every thrust. Her ass felt perfect in my hands as I spread her cheeks and pushed them back over and over as I reveled in the feeling of her velvet clamp squeezing me, trying to drain me hard.

    Yvonne had reached over to a shelf on the shower wall and had grabbed a glass dildo I was shocked to have not noticed earlier.

    Olivia didn't see it either. Her eyes her screwed shut and her head against the glass as I fucked her into oblivion.

    "Jesus Christ! What the fuck!" Liv cried and tensed in my arms. I looked down to see that Yvonne had pushed the dildo into Olivia's asshole, allowing us to double penetrate her.

    "You can take it. You're a big girl," Yvonne cooed in her ear as she withdrew it, and slid it back up her shoot. "It feels good once you get used to it," Yvonne whispered on Liv's ear before licking her neck to ear.

    Yvonne's arm matched my frantic thrusts as we continued to work over the helpless little blonde.

    "Goddamn it, guys! I can't take much more! Oh! Oh fuck!" Liv lied, digging her face into my neck as I press her fully against the glass again.

    Olivia tnsed and her pussy fluttered, hitting me with an impossible tightness like it was trying to ring my dick dry and push it out of her at the same time.

    "Oh! Oh my GOD!" Liv screamed at the top of her lungs and convulsed in my arms, her body tightening like a snake as she squirted again.

    She came so hard and so fierce that I had to pull out as she went off like a fire house. I could hear her spray hit the shower floor as she went limp in my arms.

    I gently laid the spent woman down, but Yvonne still slowly worked the glass phallus in her sphincter.

    My cock was impossibly hard and my balls impossibly tight. I had no idea how I still hadn't gone off yet.

    Yvonne looked at my member and up at me in wonder, too. But she was more than happy to take me into her hot mouth one more time and vigorously blow me until I was ready to burst.

    I was just able to turn the shower off, and aim myself right at Olivia Holt's perfect face.

    I shot every little bit of my massive load into her features and onto her heaving chest as Yvonne continued to thrust and twist the glass rod inside of her.

    "Can I have a few moments with Olivia alone, please?" Yvonne asked, getting the toy almost all the way up Olivia's shuttering, almost lifeless body. "There's something she and I have to talk about when she wakes up."

    yvonne-strahovski-nude-33168.jpg 9d8631a5fd23f917bb502419ba702d70.jpg

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    Great story! What a combo!

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