Hackney Hustle
With Francesca "Frankie" Sandford
Written by TPG
CODES: MF, affair, blowjob, public, creampie
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
A/N: Got inspired by some pics of her in that brown dress, hope you like it

I was having a rather ordinary day. In fact it was so awful I actually considered knocking off early from work and going home, but that all changed the moment I was tasked with picking up my next fare, who turned out to be Frankie Sandford and her husband Wayne Bridge.

Right from the jump I could sense there was a uneasy tension in the air, despite their best efforts to act like nothing was wrong. And while Wayne seemed annoyed and preoccupied himself with his phone, Frankie was only too happy to have a friendly chat with me as I drove them to their destination in London.

At first I was a little surprised by just how playful Frankie appeared to be, and unsure of how her husband would react to seeing his famous wife flirt so openly with a complete stranger. But judging from the coy smile on her face, I suspect Frankie knew precisely what she was doing, knowing exactly how to get under his skin.

As expected this didn't go down well with Wayne as Frankie and I continued to laugh and chat, and as it turned out, we discovered that we went to the same high school in East London, and even had the same circle of friends.

"No way, you know Jackie and her brother?" she laughed. "That's amazing. What are the odds?"

"You should drop in to the old neighborhood some time, not much has changed."

"I'd love that. It's been forever since I saw everybody."

Amusingly enough this conversation only infuriated Wayne further, particularly when Frankie insisted that she and I should exchange phone numbers so we could keep in touch and meet up with some mutual friends over coffee. Suffice to say, this quickly set off a huge argument in the backseat.

While I did my best to mind my own business and stay out of it, it was Wayne who began to whine about how disrespectful she was being, and how this all stemmed back to their bedroom activities, and how they had discussed how much of a selfish lover she was, as she only enjoyed receiving oral sex but refused to perform the act in kind.

"I don't want to talk about it, at least not here."

"I don't get you Francesca. When we first got together that's all you ever wanted to do. Heck, I couldn't get you OFF my dick if I wanted to, but now I can't remember the last time you even offered to give me head."

"Wayne!" the singer blushed, ashamed at the fact that I was in earshot of their entire conversation.

But as it turned out, Wayne couldn't have cared less and seemed determined to speak his mind and get some things off his chest. I could see Frankie blushing throughout the entire ordeal as her husband not only unloaded on her, but continued to chastise her for their lackluster sex life.

"Err, I'm really sorry about this." she directed at me at one point, while trying to save face. "We're not usually like this. Just ignore us. Wayne's just tired, he doesn't know what he's saying."

"Is that so?" he interjected, before unloading even more juicy tidbits about their relationship, and how a recent threesome between friends had failed.

"What's the bloody difference anyway," Wayne argued. "The entire neighborhood already knows you prefer watching porn and using your vibrator over spending quality time with me."

"What, that's not true!" she snapped back. "Besides, at least my vibe doesn't disappear on me for hours on end."

By the time we arrived to our destination, I don't know who was more relieved, only that I barely pulled up to the curb before Wayne hopped out of the moving vehicle and marched into the restaurant without even saying a word or looking back at his wife.

"Asshole!" Frankie said, while pausing for a moment to calm down.

"Are you going to be okay?"

Despite the drama, Frankie put on a brave face and claimed Wayne was just letting off a little steam as tonight was their first date night in several months, and they were both feeling anxious about it.

"Thanks for the ride, and for putting up with us." she smiled. "Sorry you had to witness that."

It was only when she got out of the vehicle that I got a good look at her and that incredible outfit, which clung tightly to that hard-body figure.

"So I guess it'd probably be in poor taste to ask you for that phone number?" I said through my window.

I felt my pants tighten as the singer leaned over towards the window and inadvertently flashed me some ample cleavage, including some very prominent pokies. The fact that she wasn't wearing a bra drove me stir crazy. I couldn't remember being so utterly attracted to someone in my life.

"Tell you what," she said close enough for me to inhale her expensive perfume. "If you're still out here later tonight, I'll consider giving you my number then, agreed?"

"Deal." I answered.

That said, I then watched as she striking MILF turned and walked off towards the party and almost seemed to put an extra swing in her step—knowing full well that I was staring at her ass.

FOUR HOURS LATER and true to her word Frankie emerged from the party, but to my surprise she wasn't accompanied by her husband. In fact that wasn't the only thing I immediately noticed, as she also appeared to be a little drunk too. With no time to waste, I moved my vehicle into position and once seated comfortably in the backseat, I expected to see Wayne appear from the party at any moment, only to hear Frankie suggest that he had made other arrangements and wasn't coming home.


"Just drive."

"Are you sure?"

The singer nodded, "Screw him! He can catch his own ride home, or go to his mates flat and mess around with even more girls for all I care, let's go!"

With her permission, I set off from the curb only to see Wayne in the lobby of the restaurant surrounded by friends and girls, totally unaware that his own hot wife was now alone and drunk in the back of my taxi.

"Fuck you, loser!" she hissed while flipping him off behind the safety of the tinted windows.

While logic dictated that I drive Frankie straight home, the cunning smirk on her face told me she had other ideas and asked if we could just drive around the city for a few minutes. Naturally I agreed, only to have her lean forward yet again – and while helping herself to some beverages – continued to chat me up.

"You know, you're really not a bad looking bloke," she slurred.

"Err, thanks. I think?"

"I bet you do well with the ladies. I've got some hot friends I could hook you up with, I'm almost positive you'd like my friend Mollie. She's a blonde, but don't let that fool you. You guys would make a great looking couple."

"Err, I'm not really looking for a relationship right now." I told her.

"Why not?" she replied. "Don't you like having sex?"

I laughed at her logic. I mean, as sexy as Frankie was there was just something so pure and sweet about her, almost naive and innocent.

"It's been eight-three days," she mused. "Since I last got laid!"

"Jesus, how do you cope?"

"Thankfully I've got a very active imagination." she boasted.

"Yeah, so I heard. You apparently like toys?"

"Like?" she smiled. "No, I fucking LOVE my toys. What about you, what do you like? What gets you off?"

However, before I could even respond to her comments Frankie proceeded to bombard me with several more questions, back to back.

"I bet you're one of those guys that fantasizes about having sex with a passenger. Amirite? Have you ever thought about it? I bet you have. I would, if I was in your position. I bet you know some really cool placed to park and mess around with."

I could tell she was nervous as hell as she rattled on.

"Do you always talk this much before sex?" I chuckled, throwing out the notion.

To my surprise, not only did my joke not land but it went right over her head.

"No. Not really, I'm only this talkative when I'm really anxious." she admitted. "Or when I'm really, really horny."

"So which is it? Are you anxious or horny right now?" I quizzed. "And HOW horny?"

"Why, are you going to take me to some secluded spot and fuck the shit out of me?"

Up until that point the notion (or mere possibility of hooking up with her) never even occurred to me, but now that she had mentioned it I couldn't get it out of my mind.

"Well the thought had crossed my mind," I lied, just to see her reaction.

"This is probably a dream come true for someone like you," she claimed. "Getting me all drunk and alone in the back of your cab like this. All alone with another man's wife."

Having laid all our cards on the table, I knew it was now or never and I responded accordingly.

"So tell me, is it true what Wayne said earlier, that you hate giving head?"

"No, not at all. I love sucking dick." she answered bluntly. "I just don't like sucking HIS dick."

"Well, how about I find us a spot to park and we can find out once and for all." I snickered, which once again she didn't laugh making me believe that she was open to the idea.

We drove around for a few minutes until I finally found an empty parking lot that was next to a wall and a few spots away from the nearest truck. Having switched off the engine, I got out of the black cab and climbed into the rear of the vehicle with my sexy passenger, where I took a seat right beside her.

"Well isn't this romantic," she quipped sarcastically. "I can't believe I'm actually doing this right now."

As Frankie spoke, she slid off the seat and knelt down between my legs, leaving little doubt as to what was about to happen. She then paused for a moment to take off her heels, so as to make herself more comfortable on the floor of the cabin.

I took this opportunity to slide my jogging shorts down my legs, to reveal a very angry looking erection which caused her eyes to go wide. I could tell from her reaction that Frankie was not only surprised by my package, but somewhat pleased.

"Do you have any spare Trojans lying around?" she inquired.

"Not a chance," I answered. "Besides, a blowjob feels way better without a condom."

Frankie smiled and shrugged, "Fine. Suit yourself."

With that, she then positioned both of her hands on the top of my thighs, and was about to proceed with the deed only to have me stop her in her tracks. The look on her face was one of confusion until I reached over to slowly peel one of the shoulder straps to her dress and reveal her tits.

I was mesmerized by the sight of her beautiful golden globes, topped with chocolate tipped nipples. My mouth watered with anticipation, desperate for a taste. I reached out with both hands, cupping a breast in each palm. Frankie pushed out her chest and inhaled sharply as I flicked my thumbs up across her nipples. I started to gently knead her full mounds of flesh. Firm, but still oh so soft.

I leaned over to suck lightly on each nipple, imagining that they were candy kisses. Instead of melting in my mouth, they got rock hard!

"Go ahead, you're turn." I challenged a minute later. "Show me what you can do."

The songbird started at the tip, where she tentatively kissed and licked around the crown of my head, then the entire length of my shaft in a slow and methodical way, making sure to keep constant eye contact the entire time. This went on for a few more minutes, and while I relished the image of her pretty mouth worshiping my sword, it was also making me increasingly frustrated.

"So are you going to suck my dick or just tease and lick it all day?" I taunted, as I placed one of my hands on the back of her head and grasped my shaft with the other.

The look on her face was priceless, as I don't think anyone aside from Wayne had ever spoken to her in such a demeaning way, especially not while performing the act of fellatio.

"Really, you call that a blowjob? No wonder your man is pissed." I growled. "Open your mouth, Frankie."

With that, I tapped the head of my prick against her wet lips, causing a lewd smacking sound to emanate in the cab, which in turn caused her to moan.

"uunnghhh yeaaah..."

"Stick out that tongue," I hissed, before slapping my meat against the flat of her taste organ.

The starlet responded to this by moaning and grinding erotically before she finally dove down on my cock, taking me as deep and for as long as she could into her mouth and throat. She only pulled off long enough to take a breath and then began sucking me wildly with lots of spit and suction, while using her prominent hand to stroke my shaft.

"Ah yeah, good girl." I said as she continued to suck me zealously.

After only a few minutes, I started to warn her that I was approaching my orgasm, which she could tell by my labored breathes and twitching movements. Then, before I could finish my next sentence, my cock suddenly erupted into the back of her throat, startling her.

The first spurt went mostly down her throat, gagging her briefly before the second and subsequent loads filled her mouth and nose with spunk. To her credit, the cunning little minx kept the head of my cock nestled between her lips until my orgasm subsided. Then, after I had relaxed a little, she leaned back and put on a show of swallowed my load.

"Wow, you're really a little exhibitionist aren't you." I remarked. "It really gets you off performing nasty shit like that."

"God damn, that makes me so fucking horny!" she groaned, before she pushed me back into the leather seat.

Even though I was sitting down, and I had just busted a huge nut into the back of Frankie Sandford's throat, my raging hard-on was standing straight up. Noting this, Frankie grinned and got up from the floor and seductively shimmied out of her sexy copper-colored dress, leaving her scantily clad in nothing but a tiny thong.

She took a deep breath and said, "I can't believe I just let you shoot a fucking load into the back of my throat. I've only ever let one guy do that to me before."

She was referring to her husband, Wayne.

"I guess I'm special," I joked, as Francesca then stepped forward and straddled my lap, her knees spread wide.

We shared a hot kiss for the very first time, that on most days would melt anyone's resistance.

"Fuck it, I need you inside me!" she insisted as she reached down between us to guide me into her pussy, while she slowly lowered herself down onto me.

To our delight, we were a perfect fit, my cock just long enough to reach her cervix, and just thick enough to be a tight fit.

"Ugh-fuck, you're so thick." she panted while trying to adjust to my girth.

She kissed me again, and then slowly started to ride me.

"How about we go nice and slow," she suggested. "I really want to enjoy myself this time."

I was certainly agreeable, and figured I owed her one after ejaculating so prematurely just a few minutes earlier. That being said, I didn't want to disappoint her again. No, this time I was determined to give her the fucking of her MILF life. I took this opportunity to reach up and massaged her breasts, occasionally pinching those thick-dark nipples. It seemed to do the trick because every time I pinched or teased them between my thumb and forefinger, she appeared to shudder and climax on my cock.

When I realized I was once again in danger of popping off too early, I scooted up with her holding onto me, and shifted my hips until I could push her onto her back and take full control again. Frankie wrapped those gorgeous dancer legs around me as I gently laid her on the edge of the bench seat. As it turned out it was nice and high, allowing me to strike untapped regions of her pussy.

She laid back with the most enchanting smile on her face, as I raised her legs up to my shoulders and slowly started thrusting in and out of her, going as deep as I could, just touching the bottom of her pussy, then backing out until just the head of my cock nestled between her smooth lips.

After a few minutes of teasing one another, I knew I was about to lose control. I started thrusting harder and faster, and felt her muscles clamp down on my cock while she squeezed her legs around my ass like a python. We were furiously kissing, thrusting, squeezing, moaning and fucking like it might be our last moments on earth.

Francesca was now moaning so loudly she was almost yelling as I proceeded to pound the shit out of her, my balls slamming firmly against her backdoor.

"Ugh, ugh! fuck, fuck, fuck, don't stoppp!" she howled. "You're gonna make me come again!!"

I pushed in as deep as humanly possible, before I fired stream after stream of hot man milk into her womb, treating her to one of the most intense and powerful cream pie's she had ever experienced. In fact it took almost several minutes just for the two of us to catch our breathes and calm down.

"God I needed that!" she exclaimed as a thin sheen of sweat covered her face and body. "Fuck, I need a cigarette."

Truth be told I didn't even know she was a smoker, but then again in the last few hours I was learning all kinds of new things about The Saturdays singer.