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Thread: "Bonding with Lily" with Lily Chee

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    fanfiction "Bonding with Lily" with Lily Chee

    Bonding with Lily
    With Lily Chee
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc, shower, tease, voyeur, handjob, blowjob
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: Figured I'd do a little story with my girl of the month and introduce her to the boards

    I was right in the middle of my shower when the bathroom door opened and in marched my teenage niece Lily Chee.

    "Oops." she exclaimed, when she realized it was occupied.

    Being caught naked by her didn't really perturb me, as we'd always been rather lax about our bodies around the house, particularly with Lily, who spent most of her time wandering around in skimpy little two piece bikinis. However I was somewhat surprised when she shut the door behind her, and casually sat down on the porcelain throne and proceeded to pee in front of me.

    "Err, do you have to do that right now?" I asked.

    "Obviously," the teenage tearaway quipped, before her eyes drifted to my exposed cock.

    "Where's your mother?" I quizzed.

    "She said she'll be back in a few minutes."

    It seemed my sister (Lily's mom) was still busy running errands, while I suddenly felt nervous about being home alone with my flirtatious niece. There was a long silence as we both just watched each other, before Lily finally spoke.

    "Are you going to take long, I really need to shower." she stated. "My friends are on their way to pick me up."

    "You're going out, on a weekday?" I replied, still washing myself as we conversed. "Does your mother know?"

    I could tell from the look on her face that she didn't, and that Lily was planning to slip away while her mom was preoccupied.

    "Err, yep she knows." Lily lied.

    "Which friends?" I asked, as her eyes darted between my face and cock, which had started to grow.

    Bringing her eyes back up to my face, she stammered, " don't know them."

    "Are there boys?" I countered, seeing her face had grown slightly red with shame.

    "No. Just Addison and a few friends."

    "Addison Rae?" I grinned. "oh I know her. She's sweet."

    The grin on Lily's face spoke volumes, informing me that Addison was far from sweet or the way the media portrayed her to be.

    "Well I guess you should probably wait until your mother gets back before you leave."

    "Why!" she suddenly argued. "You can give me permission to go out, can't you uncle Mike?"

    "I dunno. I could get in a lot of trouble."

    "Yeah, but...I'm worth it." she winked playfully.

    Once again her eyes darted towards my semi-erect prick.

    "Look, I'll cover for you but only if you agree to come home on time." I insisted. "Home before midnight, and not a minute late. Agreed?"

    "Really?" she replied, sounding a little disappointed. "Fine. Have it your way."

    Once agreed, I half expected her to leave the bathroom and give me a minute to finish up, but instead she just sat there watching as I bathed my body.

    "So what are your plans for tonight, uncle Mike?" she asked, once more darting her eyes towards my cock.

    I had to admit that it gave me a little thrill exposing myself to her like that, particularly since I knew Lily had most probably never seen a cock of that size before.

    "Not a whole lot, really." I answered. "Probably stay home tonight and watch TV."

    "Might as well watch porn," she giggled. "That's what I do whenever I'm bored at home."

    Meanwhile as the two of us chit-chatted back and forth, all of her attention was firmly fixed on my erection, and I couldn't stop the smile that appeared on my face. That being said, I started to put on a little show for her, and began to wash my prick with my soapy hand while Lily watched with fixed attention. She was no longer pretending not to stare, but instead gawked openly at it. I slowly stroked myself in front of her, knowing as I did, that what I was doing was both morally and legally wrong, but judging from the look on her face she certainly wasn't going to complain. In fact she just sat there glaring at my pumping fist for a minute before she finally seemed to snap out of her day dream and stood up and flushed the toilet.

    "So...are you done?" she insisted. "I really need the shower before my friends get here."

    "Yes well, I'm probably going to be a while longer." I said. "But if you're in that much of a hurry, just hop in and make it quick."

    I stepped back against the wall to illustrate that there was plenty of room for us to share, and could see her contemplate the offer for a moment before she finally agreed.

    "Fine. Whatever."

    "Just make sure your mom doesn't catch you in here like this," I added.

    The thought of sharing a shower with Lily literally made my cock twitch, which wasn't lost on her. However, while I half expected her to just step into the shower in her current bikini, I was taken aback to see her untie the top portion of the swimsuit and reveal a smallish pair of natural tits, before peeling her thong bottoms down her long legs to leave her standing there completely naked.

    I let my eyes take in every inch of her bare flesh, and noted the way she had average sized areola's with little button sized nipples that grew as she stood there on display. The leggy teen blushed as she stepped into the shower to join her uncle, then reached up to turn the nozzle towards herself and started to douse her body in water.

    She was acting as though I wasn't even there, totally naked with a very noticeable erection in my hand. After a couple of seconds, she reached around me to grab the shampoo and I felt one of her breasts brush against my chest. It sent a shot of adrenaline up my spine, and I decided then and there I was going to take matters into my own hands, so to speak.

    "Here. Let me help you since you're in such a rush." I offered.

    She half turned so I could wash her back and hips, and I felt her body shiver to my touch as I washed her neck and shoulders with soap. Her nipples now jutted out from her chest like two pencil erasers. There was no doubt about it, she was just as aroused by it all as I was.

    "How does that feel?"

    "Mm...really nice." she replied shyly, her young horny body betraying her.

    I lathered my hands and slipped them around her sexy hips, then skimmed them further still to caress and cup the twin cheeks of her teenage ass, with both hands. Her lack of objection only spurred me on, and soon I found myself focusing on the lower portion on her long, lean figure. I gently massaged the soft cheeks of her butt with my fingers, and slowly worked my way towards the crack of her ass.

    To her credit she didn't say a word, even when I pressed on the small of her back and invited her to lean forward so I could gain further access to that delectable butt. As soon as my fingers dipped between her cheeks and brushed across her tiny backdoor, she groaned softly and arched her back to the contact, inviting me to do it again. I gently teased her little hole with my fingertip, bringing forth more groans of pleasure, and judging from the reaction it caused I suspect none of her teenage boyfriends had ever played with her bunghole before. Feeling bold, I ultimately slipped my fingers down until it met the soft wet flesh between her outer lips, and gently brushed my digits along its moistness.

    I rubbed my fingers over her petal like lips, then planted the tip of my index finger at the wet entrance to her pussy and began to push my way up inside of her. She closed her eyes and opened her stance, allowing my thick fingers to ease slowly up inside of her sex. I began to explore and finger-bang her, knowing that we didn't have much time until her mom got back from where ever she had gone. I brought my free hand around to the front of her body and started to caress her aroused breasts, tweaking and pinching those inch long nipples, and bringing forth even louder groans from her. It only took a few seconds before her entire body shuddered to the duel manipulation, and she climaxed on my fingers, which were firmly planted inside of her gushing teen box.

    "oh...fuck." she cried out as her orgasm ripped through her body.

    It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. She'd never looked sexier in her entire life. Lily nearly collapsed against me as she started to come down from her orgasm, but instead of stopping, I continued my assault and massaged her sensitive clit with my fingers, bringing louder moans from her throat as she started building towards her second orgasm of the morning.

    "ohmigod..." she panted. "Uncle Mike...!"

    "Let it out sweetheart," I told her. "Let out the poison."


    However this time, before she could actually climax again, I cruelly stopped rubbing her pussy and stood back as she groaned in disappointment. I'd worked her up into a frenzy, but had stopped because now it was her turn to pleasure me. Fortunately, I didn't have to say a word as Lily appeared intuitive enough to know what I wanted, and she wrapped her hand around my cock, while flashing me a devious grin.

    "I know what you want," she whispered while jacking me off.

    I used this moment to reach up and slip my thumb into her mouth, watching her twirl her tongue around it before sucking it enthusiastically.

    "Good girl, keep doing that." I instructed, as she jacked me off with her prominent hand.

    "It's so fucking big," she hissed, before I felt myself inhale sharply as she took a step forward and pressed the head of my cock against her slippery teen sex, eager to prove just how excited she was.

    "Jesus," I groaned at the sensation of her tight, wet, hot pussy.

    I could tell from the experienced grip she held that she had done this on more than one occasion, but before I could entertain the idea, I found myself lost in pleasure when she suddenly dropped to her knees in front of me, and replaced the hand around my cock with the warmth of her mouth. I moaned again as my breathing increased, and opened my eyes to look down at my gorgeous niece now bobbing her head over my cock. I don't mind admitting that my sister's, sweet little angel appeared to be a natural born cock sucker, her sweet soft lips working their way up and down my shaft.

    "Sweetie. Look up at me with those eyes while you suck that big cock." I told her, and she complied.

    She'd never looked sexier than she did in that moment, and while my mind began to fantasize about all the deviant things I was going to do to her, we were suddenly startled back into reality when we heard the automatic garage door outside, indicating that not only had her mom returned home, but we only had moments to spare.

    At first I assumed that Lily would naturally panic and hop out of the shower, but instead the precocious teen suddenly wrapped her hand firmly around my shaft and sucked me in rapid succession, like her life depended on it. My hand fell to the back of her head as she sucked me like a god damn Hoover, her mouth making lewd slurping sounds, as she urge me to pop.

    "Fuck, I'm going to cum!" I announced, as my body tensed up.

    Lily raised her head momentarily while jacking me off. "-do you want to cum in my mouth?!"

    Just the sweet tone in her voice was enough to set me off, much less the fact that it was said as more of a suggestion than a question. The mere idea that my precious little niece wanted me to bust my nut inside her mouth was more than I could take, and I agreed wholeheartedly. She quickly resumed her speedy sucking of my now throbbing tool, before my body finally tensed and my balls went rigid. When we heard the car door slam shut downstairs, I curled my toes, grabbed a fist-full of her dark hair, and prepared to bust.

    But what was intended as a moan of release came out as a low roar, as a surprisingly large wad of spunk exploded from the tip of my cock, catching Lily by surprise. I held her head in place as I shot her directly across the bridge of her nose, then lathered the social media darling in her young face in several spurts of jism, before she reached up to grasp hold of disfunctioning hose, and slipped it back into her hot mouth, moaning around my tool as she swallowed me whole.

    I literally had to steady myself with the wall behind her as I blasted the last of my wad down her eager little throat, and leaned back and closed my eyes, panting out of breath. By the time I opened them again, she had already grabbed a towel and slipped out the door to rush back to her bedroom.

    I suddenly felt a pang of guilt as I realized our relationship would never be the same again. However, I also knew that Lily was mature enough to appreciate that this was nothing more than some harmless fun, and it made me wonder just how interesting things would get around the house while I was staying there for the weekend. As I cleaned myself up, I heard her argue with her mom outside before she marched out onto the driveway to meet her friends, and yelled that she'd be back before midnight.

    I grinned evilly to myself and decided right then and there that I'd wait up for her to get home later that evening, and see just how this new development between us would pan out. Maybe she'd arrive home with a boyfriend, or if I was really lucky, a little drunk? No doubt about it, things were about to get a whole lot interesting.

    to be continued...?

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    Amazing work, TPG! Had no idea who she was before this, but now I’m hooked!

    Really hoping for a part 2!
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