Running With a Goddess Ch. 3
With Alexa Bliss
By Harbinger
Tags: M/F, shower, oral, fingering
Disclaimer: As usual, Alexa Bliss inspired this story, but was not factually involved in these fictional events. I make no money on these.

After last night's storm, and my efforts to calm Alexa, we both slept fairly well and were ready for her to get back to work at the performance center/Thunder Dome.

I tossed on my WWE security shirt that I had to wear as a WWE employee, and subcontracted to Alexa.

Alexa wore a simple black tank top, leather jacket, and black leggings. She was definitely a simple dresser, but she could make a burlap sack look sexy.

"Ready to go?" Alexa asked as she hoisted her gym bag onto her shoulder.

"Sure am," I said as I popped a piece of gum into my mouth. She held out her hand with a winning smile on her face, and I had to give her a stick as well.

"So this is why your kisses are so minty fresh," Alexa said and we both laughed.

I checked my jacket pocket and felt my speed loader for my revolver, and I felt better. I don't always carry if I'm on my own, but I want Alexa to be as protected as I can possibly offer.


After a short drive, I parked exactly where I had the first night I met Alexa. This was just a training day and not a house show, so staying with Alexa was my one job.

I walked through the guts of the building with her and waited patiently by the door while Alexa changed.

Not far in after Alexa, was Becky Lynch behind us.

"Who are you, eh?" Becky asked in her thick, Irish accent. Hearing her speak now told me that her accent was indeed real, but also turned up on the camera.

"My name's Wayne. I'm a new security guard," I answered simply.

"Yeah? Which star did you get assigned to? Reigns? Orton?" Lynch guessed.

"Alexa Bliss," I stated plainly, staying completely neutral, trying not to tip any inkling Becky might be entertaining.

She studied my face, gauging for anything I might slip. She then leaned in, damn close. "If you hurt me friend, I'll kill ya meself, yeah?"

"I'm here to protect her. That's it," I said, confidently meeting her gaze.

"Good. Keep an eye on her. Lexi's special to us, ya hear?"

"Yes ma'am," I said, nodding. Though threatened, quite literally, I was happy to know Alexa had friends who were so protective of her.

Alexa came out in her ring gear not too long after. "Hey there," she said with a smile. "Care to walk me to the ring?" she asked, grin on her face.

I stuffed my hands in my pockets without really thinking about it. "Should we? I think we should keep it professional here, don't you?"

Alexa chewed her lip a moment and sighed. "I guess you're right. You'll still walk down with me, though, right? Even if we don't lock arms or go hand-in-hand?"

"Well of course," I said, leading the way. "I'm still here to protect you."

When we got to the ramp, I saw a lone Finn Balor shadow boxing in the ring. He stopped and waved when he heard Alexa and I coming down.

"Morning, Ms. Bliss," Finn said with a smile, holding up the top rope and pressing a foot on the bottom. "Who's the meat?" he asked, sharp eyes trained on me.

"Morning, Finn. This is our new security guy, Wayne. I've tapped him as my bodyguard, you know with the way things are with the string of stalkings."

"Yeah? How have you been with all that?" Finn asked as he and Alexa squared up. Finn almost a foot on her, but they were professionals who were easily able to engage in light contact boxing.

Finn was obviously going easy on her, but Bliss was obviously putting in effort.

It wasn't long before Becky Lynch joined the ring, and that allowed Alexa and Lynch to pair up.

"Eh, Wayne," Finn said, grabbing my attention. "You wouldn't mind stepping in, would you?"

"I guess not. As long as you take it easy on me," I said, only half joking.

"You'll be fine," Balor assured me as I stepped between the ropes. "I'm a showman, but you're a killer," he said, eying my shoulder rig as I took off my jacket and hung it over a turnbuckle.

"I've never actually killed anyone," I said as we touched knuckles. "Thank God for that, too," I chuckled and Finn said amen.

The girls worked out tumbles while Finn and I worked basic strikes.

The time came to an end, and we all had worked up a considerable sweat.

"Wayne, you can step into this ring with me anytime you want. Your showmanship is non-existent, but you're a real fighter."

"That means a lot coming from you," I said, wiping my face with a towel. Alexa was next to me, ready for me to escort her back.

"What are you guys doing later?" Finn asked as he and Lynch toweled off the excess sweat from the workout.

I turned to Alexa, because it was now my job to do what she did.

"Uh, nothing I can think of. Why? What's up?" Alexa asked back, shrugging at me.

"Finn and I are grabbing supper and a drink later. Care to join us?" Becky asked, leaning on the rope.

"I think we can do that. Wayne's invited too, right?" Alexa asked for me.

"Of course he is," Becky confirmed. "He's one of us now, yeah?"

--- Dinner with three WWE superstars was wild. Finn and I were perfect gentlemen, and kept a close eye on the girls, who drank just a touch too much, bit nothing scandalous.

Once the night came to an end, Finn and Becky took off together, and I escorted Alexa to her hotel, where she was living for the time.

"Are you coming up?" she asked, barely slurring, but just enough for me to notice. Her blue eyes were still eagle sharp, though.

"I would, boss, but I don't have any clean clothes with me. With felt like an animal, going to dinner with you guys while I was in the same clothes I trained in," I explained.

"Well, let's go get a night bag for me, and then we'll crash at your place." Alexa's solution made it clear to me that she still didn't feel safe on her own yet. She was definitely still shaken, and I wondered how much of her current show plot was messing with her.


"Well, it might not be much, but it's my place," I told the Goddess as I unlocked the door to my apartment.

I stepped in, turned the lights on, and welcomed Alexa in. She looked around and smiled.

"I think it's nice. It's cleaner than I expected, not gonna lie," she told me as she set down her gym bag.

"The door's locked. Are you going to be okay if I go shower?" I asked, motioning to my still-gross clothes.

"Yeah. I'll make myself comfortable." Alexa smiled and skipped off to my room. I was right behind her because I needed clean clothes, anyway.

Once I grabbed what I needed, I headed off to the shower.

I had just gotten my hair soaped up when I heard the door open. I froze, and looked around. I didn't know where Alexa was, and I had zero weapons in here.

The curtain pulled back, and I had my hands up, ready to fight. But it wasn't a threat. It was Alexa Bliss, standing there in completely nude glory.

"I wanted to join you, but I'll give you a fight if that's what you want," she said with a laugh.

I lowered my arms, laughed back, and made room. She took my hand and stepped into my small shower.

"You already showered today," I pointed out, and she shrugged.

"I did, but why would I pass up a chance to get under the hot water with you?" she asked, and I had no rebuttal.

"I won't kick you out," I said as I rinsed out my hair.

"I showered with Becky," Alexa said as she took the shower scrubby and lathered it.

"Oh yeah?" I didn't know if she was offering details, and if she was, I wanted them.

"Oh yeah," she said with a smirk. My ass is better, but I do love Becky's natural tits." Alexa had a look of firm appreciation and remembrance.

Alexa took it upon herself to wash my arms and chest. She looked down and saw my manhood standing at full attention, the head at level with my belly button.

She looked up at me through her long eyelashes and bit her lip. She looked as if she had something she wanted to say.

I put my hand on the small of Alexa's back and pulled her close to my, my length now pressed between us.

She took in a deep breath, and I stole it back by with a hot kiss. I grabbed her perfect butt with both hands. She dig one hand into my hair and wrapped other around my cock.

Our kiss stayed hot and heavy, but stayed slow and sensual as well. My massaging of her ass and her pulling on my prick matched our languid kissing pace.

Once I had my fill of her luscious lips, I kissed down her chin, and nipped down her neck. I lavished at Alexa's collar bones, and her hand started to work me a little faster.

I kissed my way to the top of her chest, and I had to bend at the knees to properly lick and suck her glorious, fake, and lovely tits. They felt real, and it was her skin after all. I was more than happy to work her areolas with tongue, to flick her risen nipples with my tongue and listen to her moans that she loosed into my hair.

I spent quite a bit of time on her chest, loving every inch of silky smooth, flawless skin, and my hand found its way to her juicy, hot gash.

I rubbed her clit and folds as I worked my way down her taut belly with my tongue and lips, worshipping every bit of smooth skin.

"Oh my God, Wayne. You spoil me," Alexa moaned as I kissed her pubis, my fingers working just past her nether lips. "What are you going to do?" she asks with a most innocent voice.

I look up at her with a wolfish grin. With a finger shallowly in her, I used my other hand to lift her sexy, meaty leg over my shoulder. "Ms. Bliss, it's rude to talk while eating."

Alexa grabbed a handful of my hair and bit her nails as I moved my head in. For the first time, I tasted Alexa's sweet pussy on my tongue.

I started out nice and slow, teasing her soft lips, grazing over her little bundle of nerves at the top of her opening.

"Oh Wayne, that feels so, so good," Alexa panted as I got more and more comfortable exploring her little pink space.

The presses of my tongue against her were getting more pressured, and the flicks faster and more daring, all the while I had managed to work two fingers into her core, which I would soon assault with my mouth.

Alexa pressed her side to the shower wall, letting it and myself hold her up during my onslaught.

I slid my fingers out of her, and quickly replaced it with my tongue.

"Oh! Oh shit!" Alexa shouted as she pulled my hair and humped into my mouth, my tongue working the depth, the walls of her pocket.

My mouth had the situation at the front door well under way, so I snaked my arms under her thighs, allowing me to play with her ass with both hands.

As I ate out Alexa, I was more than happy to massage her glutes, which indeed were fitting of a goddess.

"Yeah, play with my ass," Alexa encouraged. "Just like that," she said as I spread her juicy globes all the way apart and shook them. "Fuck, I love that," she panted as I kept playing and feasting.

"You taste so fucking good, Lex," I had to tell her as I stopped to take a deep breath before plunging right back in.

"Yeah? You like the taste of my hot, pink pussy? I love having you down there, Wayne. Ah!" I coaxed a jolt and a shout out of her. "God, that's so good! Ah! Ah!"

Alexa started to lose control as I coaxed her closer and closer to the edge.

"Wayne, Wayne! Fuck!" She cried, fully leaning on the shower wall, pounding her fist against it as she built up and up, closer to unraveling.

I took my shot and pressed a finger against her rosebud. I prodded gently, adding just a tiny bit of pressure each time until I slipped the digit in.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God," Alexa changed as I slowly worked my finger deeper, than out, then in again.

I continued to munch her sweet, I toxicating muff, and I felt her tight, muscled walls clamping and squeezing my tongue like it was trying to push me out.

"Wayne, I'm gonna, I'm gonna,"

"You're gonna what?" I said as I kept probing her, front and back.

"I'm gonna cum. You're gonna make me cum so fucking bad!" she cried, her face pressed to the shower wall, her tits heaving with every breath.

"Wayne! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" Alexa shouted over and over until she finally did.

An entire wave of ecstacy cascaded out of her and right into my opening mouth.

All of Alexa's 5 foot frame shook and convulsed as she squealed, her thick, hot girl cum running into my mouth, which I happily drank all of.

Once I thought she was out, I let her thigh off of my shoulder and I stood to full height.

She fell right into my frame, her nails digging into my skin as I continued to gently probe her anus, working her senses until she came all the way down.

"Oh my fuck, that was good," Alexa said and laughed as the water ran cold down my back.

"I hope so," I laughed. "I'll carry you out. It's cold in here."

"I can warm you back up," Alexa offered, sucking on my neck.