A Blonde, a Brunette, and a Redhead Live in a House...
Starring Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Madelaine Petsch
Codes: MF, MFF, MFFF, FFF, Anal, Oral,
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fictional and it is nothing but pure fantasy

Josh walked down the hall of the large Vancouver house. The tall, handsome writer was glad to be out of LA and back in Vancouver where he worked on the show Riverdale. He had thought about leaving the show in the middle of last season, in part because he thought the show had jumped the shark and had become pretty ridiculous, but then COVID happened. After the whole entertainment industry pretty much shut down for months, he was now just thankful to be back at work and having a steady paycheck coming in. Of course another reason why he was hesitant to leave the job back in February should be obvious to most men. What 30-year-old straight man would pass up a chance to occasionally hang around Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Vanessa Morgan, and Madelaine Petsch on a semi-regular basis? Being around those women of the last two-week after spending months alone had been an absolute delight.

Dressed in just a t-shirt and boxers and walked down the stairs to get himself a cup of morning coffee. When he entered the kitchen he got himself an eyeful of a beautiful woman standing in front of the open refrigerator in just a pair of black boy shorts panties and a tight heather gray tank top. Part of him wanted to sneak up on her and give her shapely booty a tap. He decided against it, though she probably would not have minded too much. Instead, he simply said, “Good morning, Cami.”

“Morning Josh,” Camila Mendes replied as she turned her head and saw him passing behind her on his way to the coffee maker.

“Do you know where Madelaine went to? I woke up this morning and she was gone.”

“I think she went out on a run,” Camila replied as she closed the fridge and turned to him. “So, you two have fun last night?” she asked cheekily.

“I think you know the answer to that. Though I think she needs to get new cuffs. My wrists feel kind of chaffed a bit after last night,” he said as he rubbed his wrists.

“You actually let her strap you down?”

“Just my wrist. She was strapped most of the time, but when I asked her to be on top, she said she’d only do it if I let her cuff me.”

“Was it worth it?”

“Pretty sure you know the answer to that question as well,” he told her. Camila gave him a slight smile and then turned and walked away. Josh sipped his coffee as his eyes were locked onto her legs and ass until she was no longer in view. His mind then thought back to last winter and the good times he had with Camila after she broke up with her boyfriend and co-star, Charles Melton. They’d only had sex twice, but they had gone down on one another a handful of other times. It was that fuck buddy relationship that landed him in his current situation. Camila, Madelaine, and Lili all had gotten a house together for this season of Riverdale, and after quarantining together, they were anxious to have some fun. Camila had a new boyfriend and was trying to be good, but Madelaine and Lili were both single. Thanks to Cami’s recommendation, it was Josh’s good fortune that he had become the go-to booty call for Madelaine and Lili, and on one occasion both of them together.

It was Madelaine last night who texted him to come over. She was a wild one into some bondage stuff. While he normally was not into that kind of stuff, one thing that was wilder than some of her sexual tastes where the irresistible curves Madelaine’s body had. After he finished his coffee he went back upstairs with the intention of waiting for the redhead to come back home. It was an off day for everyone, so he had nowhere he needed to be. Once at the top of the stairs, he thought he might do a bit of snooping before going to bed. Walking down the hall he stopped in front of Camila’s closed bedroom door. Josh could hear a faint sound inside, and when he put his ear to her door he could more clearly a faint buzzing sound and some muffled moans. He stood at her door for a minute, listening to the Veronica Lodge actress obviously playing with herself behind the door. For a moment he thought of opening her door, but Camila had said she wanted to be good while away from her new boyfriend, and though he doubted she’d stay true, he was not going to pressure her.

He then continued down the hallway and stuck his head into Lili’s slightly opened door. He’d stuck his head in when he made his way downstairs and she was still in bed asleep. Now he saw a deserted bed and Lili nowhere in sight. Just as he was about to move back down to Madeleine's bedroom, he heard her shower startup behind her closed bathroom door.

Back in the third bedroom, he pulled off his clothes and got on her bed. He thought he’d just lay back and be ready for when she got back from her run. As he waited he pictured Camila in her bedroom laying naked as she used her vibrator on herself. While he pictured her, he began to stroke himself. Not in an effort to get off, but just playing with himself and getting himself nice and hard. As he continued to stroke himself, his mind began to wander from Camila to Lili. He was picturing her naked wet body, lathering up under the shower. The more he thought about Lili, the more he thought about how easy it would be to just walk down the hall, head into her bedroom, and join her in the shower. A few minutes later he found himself no longer thinking about joining her in the shower, he was now standing in her bathroom looking at her silhouette through the frosted glass of the shower.

“Oh my god, Josh!” Lili screamed and covered herself as the shower door opened and Josh stepped inside. “What are you doing?”

“I got bored waiting on Madelaine to come back from a run, so I thought I might take a shower,”

“Okay, but why are you in the shower with me?” she asked as she lowered her hands and exposed her body to him.

“I didn’t want to waste the water and didn’t think you would mind.” He then took the loofa that was in her hand, and poured some more soap onto it, and began washing her back. When he was done soaping up her back, he reached around and began to run the loofa over her stomach.

“I would have thought Madelaine would have worn you out last night,” the blonde Riverdale actress said as he washed her and she could feel his hard manhood poking her in the back.

“That is what sleep is for. We had sex until we tired out, then we fell asleep, and now I’m awake and ready to go whenever the opportunity arises,” he spoke softly into her ear. He was scrubbing between her legs when he suddenly dropped the loofah. He then pushed two of his fingers between her folds. Lili gasped as she found herself suddenly getting fingered in the shower. She could not hide her reaction to how good he was making her feel.

“You really seem to be enjoying this,” he said into her ear. He then pulled his fingers from her lovely snatch and held them up in front of her. “I don’t think my fingers are just wet from shower water, do you?” he asked. He then brought his fingers closer to her lips, she did a slight look over her shoulder before turning back and opening her mouth to envelop his fingers and suck them clean. After sucking them for a few seconds he pulled them from her mouth and stuck them right back into her wanting pussy. This time he moved his fingers faster inside her, not longer simply teasing her. She was truly enjoying the work his fingers were doing to her pussy, but he was now fully pressing his body against her and her mind could not ignore the feeling of his throbbing member pushing against.

“Fuck me,” she said in a whisper.

“What was that?”

“Fuck me,” she said louder, “I need you to fuck me.” She felt him withdraw his fingers and then move his body back from her a bit. She felt him drag his cock down from poking her in back, to the ass, and the start to slide between her legs. “No, not here. On the bed,” she told him.

He quickly agreed and they turned off the shower. They did a quick toweling off, just enough to get some of the excess water off their bodies, before making a quick dash to her bed. Lili laid down on her bed and Josh got down on top of her. He toyed with her for a moment. Licking her dark reddish colored nipples and teasing her clit with the tip of his cock. Lili let out a loud pleasurable gasp as she felt him thrust into her. The blonde beauty wrapped her legs around him and held him close to her. She moaned loudly as she got fucked on the bed. She had not been that horney when Josh had first entered the shower with her, but now her arousal was at a 10.

“Keep going! Yes! Fuck Me!” she yelled out, encouraging Josh to keep going. It was not much longer until Lili’s pussy clamped down as she let out a loud “Oh Gawd,” as she came. Her nails dug into his back as she tightened up. Josh stopped moving as she rode out her climax. He then pulled out and moved down her body. He moved his head between her legs and began lapping up some of her excess juices. Licking from the bottom of her lovely lips up to her blonde landing strip. Once he was satisfied, he moved back up the bed and had Lili roll onto her side before he inserted himself inside her once again and started fucking once again.

“CAMI, WHAT THE HELL!” Lili yelled. She had closed her eyes to let the feeling of Josh reenter her and start pumping into her, and when Lili opened her eyes as she saw her close friend standing in the doorway. Camila was watching them fuck in the spoon position with Josh holding one of the blonde actress’ legs in the air, giving the brunette actress a perfect unobstructed view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Josh stopped what he was doing when he heard Lili scream, and moved his head from behind her to see Camila standing, hands-on-hips, completely naked. Just like the last time he saw her several months ago, the bronze-skinned vision was completely hairless from the neck down. She was also holding something in hand.

“I wanted to see if I could join you two.”

“I thought you were busy pleasuring yourself,” Josh said.

“I was until I heard you two. And unfortunately, nothing beats a real dick when you are in the mood for anal,” she said as she played with what Josh could not see was a bottle of lube in her hands.

“Couldn’t until after...UGGHHHHh,” she was cut off by a moan as Josh began to start thrusting into her once again.

“So that Madelaine can come in and finish off whatever is left with him? No thanks.”

“Camila, come here,” Josh spoke up as a dirty idea came to mind, “I’m going to cum in Lili, then you’re going to eat my load out of her while I fuck your ass.”

“Ummm, that sounds like a plan,” Camila happily said as she got on the bed and climbed on all fours over to Lili. While Lili was the only one of the group to be out publicly as bi, it was no secret that Madelaine, Camila, and even Vanessa at times, had all more than dabbled in some girl-on-girl fun with one another. It was one of the ways Cami, Mads, and Lili helped pass the time during their initial 14-day quarantine together when they arrived in Vancouver. Madelaine had told him a few of the stories earlier in the week. So he was not surprised when Camila did not give even the slightest hesitation as she gave Lili a kiss.

As they kissed Josh continued thrusting into Lili. After a couple of minutes, Cami went to lay on her back and Lill rolled over on top of her, while Josh got up behind her on his knees and started doing her doggie style. At first, he could not help but look on as the two co-stars played with one another, but over time he lost track of what they were doing and concentrated on his own movements and the thick white ass in front of him

“Oh Gawd. Oh my god,” Lili began to call out. At first, Josh thought she was just reacting to him, but he soon found out another reason why Lili was experiencing even more bliss.

“Jesus!” Josh yelled as he felt a wet tongue play with his balls as he slammed into Lili. Looking down he would see that Cami had flipped around and was now using her extremely talented tongue to tease his balls. “God damn Camila that feels amazing,” he said as he felt her tongue swirling around his balls. Camila went back and forth between Josh’s balls and Lili’s clit.

“Fuck, Cami. I forgot how amazing your tongue is,” he said on the brink of cumming. The feeling of Lili’s pussy clamping down on his cock as she came for the second time got his ball churning, and now with the brunette actress focusing her attention on suck and licking his balls while he continued to rail Lili from behind, there was no pausing his imminent eruption.

“Shit, here it cums,” Josh yelled as he gave one final hard thrust and shot his load deep into Betty Cooper’s pussy. Lili moaned as she felt him fire shot after shot into her, filling her womb. When he was finished cumming he started to unsheathe his manhood from Lili, but it was not uncovered for long. As soon as his dick was free, Camila gobbled it up into her mouth and began sucking him. She came to the bedroom to have sex as was not going to give Josh a chance at going soft on her. Josh just sat back on his knees and let Camila do her work, deepthroating his dick for a few minutes upside down as she laid on her back. Lili had since moved out of the way so that she could rest a bit and watch the action.

“Alright, that’s good,” Camila said after pulling her mouth off his dick.

“You sure? You could keep going if you want,” Josh told her with a smile on his face.

“Nuh-uh, I need that dick,” she told him with a smile.

“Well, you know what you gotta do.” He told her as he spun around to pick up the bottle of lube that Camila had brought with her. When he turned around he saw Lili on her back and Camila moving between her legs. He had told Camila that he wanted her to eat his load out of Lili if he is going to fuck her ass, and she was making good on that. As she lowered her face to Lili’s cum filled snatch, Josh moved in behind the actress. Rather than going ahead and smearing lube on her, he instead pushed his cock into her pussy. Camila let out a moan into Lili’s twat as she felt herself being pierced by his hard rod. Josh slowly rocked his hips, giving him and Camila just a bit of pleasure as he began lubing her ass. He even slid his thumb into her ass as he slowly fucked her.

When he was ready and felt that she was good and warmed up, but pulled his dick from her pussy, and aimed his cockhead at her tight rosebud. Taking a firm grip on her hips, he gave a hard push of his dick. Camila let out a grunt as the tip of his dick entered her. He then slowly moved the rest of his dick inside her using short slow thrust pushing just a bit more of his dick into her with each thrust.

“Stop messing around and fuck me already,” Camila demanded.

“I was just trying to be nice, some girls have a hard time taking it in the ass.”

“Well I’m not most girls and I’m no anal amateur.”

“No you’re not,” he said as he gave her ass a hard slap and then took hold of her hip. “You want me to pound your asshole, fine by me.” He then stopped holding back and really started jackhammering her backside with his cock. Her ass shook as he slammed into her. She could literally feel his balls slapping against her each time he thrust forward.

“Ahhh Yes! Just like that!” she cried. Camila had stopped eating out Lili at this point, she’d already cleaned her pussy of any cum. Cami now just sat head down ass up on the bed between Lili’s legs. Her hands held tightly onto the bed as she let out a series of pleasurable cries. She told Josh how hard and fast she wanted it, but in general, he was doing a good job. Some women have a hard time orgasming from anal sex, that was not the case for Camila. It was only a matter of time before she burst, and Josh could sense it.

“Lili,” Josh got the attention of the 24-year-old actress who was currently fingering herself with one hand and playing with her breast with the other as she watched the scene in front of her. “Why don’t you get down under Camila and repay what she did for you,” Josh suggested. Lili didn’t need to be asked twice as she had Cami sit up so that she could slide under her. The two women not in the 69 position as Josh continued to hammer Veronica Lodge in the ass. Camila was too distracted to attend to Lili’s slit even though it was in front of her face. The job that Josh’s cock was doing to her ass and now the job Lili’s tongue was doing to her pussy was proving to just be too much. After a couple of minutes of the two of them tag-teaming her, Camila screamed out in pleasure as her pussy gushed over her friend’s face.

“Alright Cami, I got you off. How about you get on top and return the favor?”

Camila looked over her shoulder and asked “What do you want me to do?”

“You know I love to watch you twerk your ass,” he told her and she smiled in response. Everyone rearranged themselves on the bed. Josh got on his back and propped his head up upon the pillows. Camila climbed up on top of Josh and dropped her ass right back down on his dick. She rode his cock in reverse cowgirl. Looking over her shoulder, she wanted to see his reaction as she began shaking her ass with his pole stuck up inside her. Lili moved in front of Camila. She began sucking and playing with the other woman’s breast until she turned her head back to her and then they began making out.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck!” Josh yelled as Camila continued to twerk on his cock while Lili gave his ball sack an occasional lick. It was getting to be too much.

“What the fuck is this?” Madelaine yelled. Standing in the doorway in her Fabletics sports bra and leggings, she looked on the bed so see the threesome happening between her booty call and her two co-stars.

“Ugghhhh…” Josh groaned as he pulled Camila all the way down on his rod as he came deep into her bowels. Madelaine’s appearance was a surprise to all of them but he was already too far gone and there was nothing that could stop him from busting his nut. When he was done he turned his head and focused back on Madelaine who was not looking at him with her arms folded.

“Did you just seriously cum in her ass just now?” she questioned Josh.

“Yeah he did,” Camila laughed, “and you can be mad about it or you can join us.” Madelaine looked at her co-star and then back to the man on the bed as she thought for a moment.

“Oh what the hell,” Madelaine said as she made quick work of removing her sports bra as she approached the bed. “You all had your fun, I might as well get mine.”

Josh drew his softening dick from Cami’s ass as he watched Mads remove the rest of his clothing. “I’d be happy to keep going, but I just need a break for a minute or so,” he said to everyone but mainly Madelaine.

“Then move out of the way and save your strength, I’m sure they will help me get ready for you. Right, ladies?” Madelaine asked as she stepped out of her leggings and got onto the bed.

“Absolutely,” Camila said as she helped pull Madelaine onto the bed. The redhead got onto the bed and laid down on her back in the middle of it. Her blonde and brunette friend eagerly began to feel up their friend as they laid down on either side of her. Camila moved a hand down to Madeleine's fiery red bush and leaned in to kiss her, while Lili leaned over her friend’s nice chest. Lili took each of her breasts into her hands and then brought her tips down to one of her tits.

Josh continued to watch as the ladies’ behavior advanced past just some touching and kissing. Camila began moving down Madelaine’s body as Mads and Lili began kissing one another. Soon Camila was down snacking on the redhead’s bush-covered twat, as her and the blonde started fully making out. Things progressed even further as Lili sat down on Madelaine’s face. Josh could not believe what he was watching. This was a sight that only guys jerking off in the bedrooms and perverted guys talking on the internet with one another fantasized about. If they moved around a bit more and Lili started licking Camilia, they would be in a full-on daisy chain.

Watching what was happening rejuvenated his cock, and he sat on a corner of the bed. He was ready to go again, but he decided to sit back and watch the action a bit longer. He did slide over closer to Camila and pushed to fingers into her hairless mound. He swirled them around a few times, causing the gorgeous brunette to moan right into Mads pussy. He then pulled his fingers out of her. He gave his fingers a quick sniff and then sucked them clean. He then went back to fingering her as he watched the other women lick and eat out one another. He thought about sticking his dick into her but he thought he rather let Camila focus on getting Madelaine off. Instead, his eyes focused on Lili and the way her mouth hung open as she moaned from grinding her pussy on Madelaine’s face. He decided to make his move by standing up on the bed and moving up next to Lili. He did not have to say anything as he stood with his rigid pole inches from her face. She just looked up at him into his eyes, before reaching out to take a hold of his dick and wrapped her lips around his mushroom-shaped tip.

Josh enjoyed getting his cock sucked by the Chemical Hearts star, as he bided his time until it would be his turn to give bury his cock in the redhead with the successful YouTube channel. As time went on Camila got Madelaine to climax, though her cries of pleasure were completely muffled by the fact that her mouth was still firmly pressed between Lili’s legs. After she came, Josh knew it was his turn. He pulled his cock from out of Lili’s mouth, and everyone climbed off of one another. He gave Mads the decision on what position she wanted and she told him to sit down on the bed with his legs out in front of him. She then quickly sat on top of his lap. She leaned in and kissed him, and slowly started to rock her hips a bit. Humping against him as they made out. Josh could only take so much of the pale actress grinding up against his cock. Using both his hands he grabbed onto her ass and pulled her up a bit. Madelaine then took hold of his manhood and aimed it, so once Jost let go of her she slid right down on top of his poll.

“Oh Josh, your dick always feels so good,” she moaned as she bottomed out on his cock. Moments after that, the two of them began fucking in the lotus position. Their legs wrapped around one another as they sat up on the bed humping one another. Josh took her breasts in his hands and his lips began moving from her lips down to her chest. With his lips wrapped around one of her nipples, he began to hear moaning that did not belong to Madelaine coming from elsewhere on the bed.

As he switched his lips over from one breast to the other, his eyes looked out to the other side of the bed. It was there he saw Camila and Lili scissoring one another. He watched them rub against one another as he suckled on Madelaine’s breast. He kept one eye on them as he kept the other on the task at had of pleasuring the woman on his lap. He kept it up until Madelaine pushed him backwards onto his back. Moving her knees under her and pinning the man under her by keeping her hands on his shoulder, Madelaine really started to work her hips. In the lotus position, the actress and the writer fucked at a steady pace but now with her in cowgirl, Mads was going hard and fast.

“Almost there, almost there, almost there,” Madelaine said over and over again as hips bucked like crazy as her large breasts swung in Josh’s face. She rode him as hard as she could until she screamed out in orgasmic bliss. Her body shuttered as she came. Even after she came, Madelaine continued to sit on his lap as she recovered from her orgasm. When she removed her hands from off his shoulders, he sat up and kissed Madelaine. She rested his body against him, and he could feel her breasts rise and fall against his chest with each breath she took. While she was calming down and was preparing to continue, Camila’s head appeared over the redhead’s shoulder.

“So Josh, which of us do you like have the sex with the most?” Camila asked

“I’ve cum inside both you and Lili already, and I am balls deep in Madelaine right now, you must think I’m a damn fool if you think I am going to answer that.”

“Oh really? I think I have an idea that might entice you.” Camila said slyly. She then whispered something to Madelaine. A smile came across the redhead’s face and she quickly nodded. Mads climbed off of me and the ladies kicked me off of the bed. Camila then whispered to Lili, to fill her in on the plan. All three women moved almost in unison to the edge of the bed, they turned around and bent over. In order Lili, Camila, and Madelaine were on all fours along the edge of the bed and looking over their shoulder back at me.

“What the fuck?” Josh said dumbfounded by the sight in front of him.

“It’s the test, obviously,” Camila replied.

“So, you want me to do all of you?”

“You didn’t seem to have a problem with that a few minutes ago,” said Madelaine.

“Yeah, you could take us one at a time, but you're afraid to try and take us all one,” Camila added.

“No, not afraid,” Josh said, with some trepidation. Looking at the three asses, each with a tasty tight pussy poking underneath, he tried to figure out where to start. In the end, he just figured he’d start with Lili and move left to right down the line. Moving behind the blonde, he reached under her and gave her wet snatch a hard rub before moving his cock into position and lunged forward, piercing her with his cock. He went fast and hard-driving his cock in and out of her before pulling out and stepping over to brunette where he repeated the same thing. And finally repeated the process with the redhead before moving back down to the blonde.

It was a surreal experience having Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Cheryl Blossom a.k.a. Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Madelaine Petsch all naked lined up in front of Josh begging and moaning for him to fuck them. The idea he could have all three at once was mind-blowing, but as he acknowledged and accepted that this was actually happening, he grew more comfortable and confident. He began to use his hands more either with the women his dick was up inside or with one of the others to the side. He began groping their breasts, tweaking their nipples, rubbing their clits, spanking their asses. Meanwhile, the ladies were also periodically feeling each other up and made out with one another.

Josh tried to rotate after about a minute in each woman, but as his desire grew he found himself periodically enjoying himself so much he’d forget to switch until one of the actresses would speak up. He also tried to slow things down occasionally just so that he could hold off from cumming for as long as he could. Unfortunately, all good things do come to an end. Josh was balls deep into Lili when he realized that he was now up against a running clock, as his orgasm was quickly approaching.

“Mads, I hope you’re ready because I’m close and I plan on filling you up completely with my cum,” he told her as he pulled out of Lili and put his dick into Camila, wanting to get one more feel of her tight pussy as he moved down the line.

“Fuck yeah I’m ready. You’ve already cum in these other two, it better be my turn.” Madelaine replied as she shook her backside and moved even closer to the edge. He didn’t last long in Camila. The way she bounced her ass back against his cock, he was afraid that he let her keep going a minute longer, he’d break his word and fill up the Brazilian ancestry actress. Moving to Madelaine, he could still see his red handprint on her milky white ass. Still, he gave her booty another slap before taking her hips and plundered her pussy.

“Fuck me… I can’t, I can’t hold back any longer,” he said a minute later

“Don’t hold back. Give it to me! Give me your cum!” Madelaine demanded.

Wanting to get one more memorable experience into the morning orgy, he decided to give one more surprise. Knowing Madelaine was always a bit more on the freaky side, he decided to give no warning to the redhead about what he was about to do. Instead, he pulled out of her amazing pussy, which caused Madelaine to give a disappointed groan, but then he gripped her hips tighter and Madelaine let out a loud yelp and he slammed his dick into her ass. Just like with Camila, he emptied whatever was left in him deep into Cheryl Blossom's ass. The surprise of the cock in her ass and the feeling of it erupting inside her, also cause Madelaine to have her own strong climax.

After he pulled out, he collapsed onto the bed to the side of Madelaine. He took a couple of deep breaths while looking up at the ceiling. Camila’s face suddenly appeared, looking down at him.

“So, you have an answer for who you like best now?”

“No. We may have to try that several...hundred more times before I have an answer,” he replied with a big smile on his face. Exhaustion took him over not long after that and he started to drift to sleep on Lili’s bed. Just before sleep overtook him, he thought about how season 5 might be his favorite season of Riverdale yet.