Running With a Goddess Ch. 4
With Alexa Bliss
By Harbinger
Tags: M/F, BJ, oral, anal.
Disclaimer: This story is fictional, earns me no money, and just pays the rent Alexa constantly has in my head.

Like most mornings, I woke up with Lexi's alarm clock ringing on the nightstand. I lifted my arm up enough to grab her phone and silence the ringing. I tried to get up, but a pair of athletic arms wrapping around my torso didn't let me do that.

I sighed to my pleasurable fate and slid back down to the soft sheets below, and into the arms of the warm body beside me. Lexi hummed happily and nestled her face into my side.

I wrapped an arm around her, and she snuggled closer. "I don't know why we set that alarm so early. We don't have to be at the center until, like, 3:00," Lexi said, holding me close.

"Do we want to watch TV, or do we just want to enjoy some quiet?" I asked, taking in the scent of her hair.

She hummed and hawed for a bit but never answered, her hand just rubbing my stomach. I'm gonna get some tea, I'll bring you some coffee, and we'll watch TV in bed?" she offered and I couldn't say no.

I stayed under the covers as Lexi got up, and she snuck out of the room, quiet as a mouse. I realized after some time, that she should have been back by now.

I got my ass out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans. I grabbed my Ruger out of the nightstand drawer and tip-toed out of the room. I got to the kitchen and realized how paranoid taking care of Alexa Bliss had made me. She was there at the sink, washing dishes and waiting for the water to boil on the stove.

I chuckled to myself and stuck my revolver into my waistband, behind my back. I couldn't find words, though, because of what the Goddess of the WWE was wearing. She was in a knit sweater dress with and leather boots running up to just below her knees. I could barely breathe.

"Hi, Wayne," she said without turning to me, and I could hear the smile I knew was on her face. "Come here," she beckoned, and my feet pulled me forward.

Alexa turned around and hit me with that gorgeous smile. Even without makeup, this girl was a jaw dropper.

When I was in arm's length, Lexi reached out and pulled me to her by the waistband. "You're shy this morning," she said and hugged me to her. She sighed and I felt her relax into me a little.

"Lexi, are you okay?" I asked, rubbing her back.

"Yeah, it's just... I feel like I'm taking advantage of you."

I pushed her away just a little, enough that I could look into her eyes. "What do you mean?"

"I'm leading you on, Wayne. And you don't deserve this. I hired you, and you're the world's best bodyguard, but... I've all but made you my boyfriend in everything but title," she explained.

"Lexi, it's okay," I assured her, hugging her close again.

"Wayne... I'd like you to be my boyfriend, but I'm afraid of the media storm that would create for you, and you're not that kind of guy."

I sighed and kissed the top of her head, which was easy for me to do with her being a whopping 5'1". "It's okay, Lexi. I get it. I understand. And if you asked, or if you wanted me to ask you, properly, I would. I'd put up with the media bullshit just for you."

"Would you?" Alexa asked, pulling back to look at me again, her eyes searching mine, a smile slowly growing on her lips.

"Lexi, would you go out with me?" I asked her, and she broke into giggles. Instead of verbally answering me, she pulled me close and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth, which no straight man would protest.

I kissed Lexi back, wholeheartedly, but I gasped when she cupped me in her hand running up and down, hardening me quickly.

"Good morning to you, too," she joked when she broke our kiss for a breath.

Lexi undid my jeans, and was smart enough to grab my gun and put it on the counter. She was used to it by now.

She dropped to her knees with a smile as she released me from my boxer briefs. "I could go for some breakfast. This is close enough to a banana, right?" Lexi licked her lips, spit on both of her hands, and wrapped them around my fully standing shaft.

Lexi worked me good, and entered whatever her hands didn't cover, into her hot, wet mouth.

I dug my hands into her lush mane and held on as Lexi took me deeper, her tongue working the underside of my cock, and one of her hands lovingly fondling my balls now.

"Shit, Lex, I'll never get over your mouth," I groaned, as I just held on and let Lexi run the show for now.

After a slow minute, Lexi has most of me down her skilled throat, and just controlled the base of me with her thumb and two fingers.

Began to rock my hips, and Lexi started to gag ever so slightly. Her icy blues had been watching me, but they now screwed closed as my swollen head hit the back of her throat.

"Oh my God, Lexi," I nearly begged for release, and by the way she started focusing on sucking me rather than moving along my shaft with her mouth, I knew we were on the same page.

I was down right pulling her blonde hair now, controlling her speed. Lexi was holding on for dear life to my thighs, her nails digging deep into my flesh.

I held as cock deep in her, and wish a couple more moments of the hardest suction Lexi could give me, I came harder than I ever did before.

I let go of Lexi's hair and I let her drive as she sucked me dry, taking every little bit if hot cream I could give her.

When Lexi slid me out of her mouth, her face was flushed, her lips wet and her chin running with spit, but she had swallowed every bit of cum.

"A delicious and nutritious part of a balanced breakfast," she joked as she wiped her mouth in her sleeve.

I took her hands and helped her to her feet before I ordered her to turn around, her back to me. "What are you gonna do, Wayne?" she teased as I pressed on her back.

"This sweater dress is teasing the hell out of me, Lex," I growl as I cup both of her glorious ass cheeks.

"Yeah? What are you gonna do about it?" she challenged, but didn't move other than wriggling her hips temptingly.

I growled and leaned over her to nip her exposed shoulder as I pulled the bottom of the sweater dress over her rump.

I licked my fingers and put them between her thick, athletic legs. My fingers immediately hit unhampered wetness. "Fuck, Lex. No panties?" I asked, even though I obviously had my answer.

"Not at all," Lexi growled, leaning back so I could lick the column of her neck.

I ran my fingers over her slick pussy, and she mewled lowly as I slowly worked one finger I to her tight chasm. "Oh fuck, Wayne," Lexi panted, bending a little and pushing her ass out towards me.

I took the invite and removed my finger from her, though I had barely started. "Wayne, please!" Alexa groaned, almost begged. "I need to get off. It's been," Alexa tried to explain her lust, but she gasped and grabbed the sink tighter.

She gasped because I had sat on my haunches and put my mouth over as much of her taint as I could, my tongue lapping and digging into her delicious slit as much as it could.

I massaged her ass with both hands and pulled her against my face as much as possible. I couldn't help but to groan aloud, deep in my throat as I ate my tasty breakfast like she had.

I pressed my thumb against her tiny asshole, but didn't penetrate her. She jumped a little at the pressure, but made no sign of hating it.

"What are you doing back there, Wayne?" Lexi asked Knowingly. "Thinking about this juicy, tight ass, aren't you?" she teased.

I growled in response and bit the inside of her thigh, making her yip. I immediately tongued the offended skin and went back to my vaginal probing.

"Do it, I dare you. Get in there. You won't be the first one ever in there, but you'd be the first guy," she teased, and I took the bate.

I sucked on my finger, spit on her rosebud, and slowly dug in. I felt Lexi's whole body tense, so I took my time, making sure I didn't invade too fast.

"How's that?" I asked, making sure she was okay even though she was asking for it dirty.

"So good, Wayne," she breathed, slowly rocking her hips, moving her stretching hole along my finger. "So, so good. And thanks for asking," she added.

"Of course," I responded, kissing her round ass cheek before slowly burying myself between her legs again, my tongue easily nestling between her sleek folds again. "God you taste so good," I muttered, and she breathlessly laughed above me.

"I'm so glad you approve," she said as she kept grinding, meeting me half way.

After plenty of time, I withdrew my finger from her widening hole and sucked on a second finger before patiently working them both into her.

"Oh... oh my... God," Lexi gasped, her forehead resting on the cool counter top. "Oh fuck, Wayne, don't stop, please," she begged as she came into my mouth, her velvet cunt walls strangling and fluttering around my tongue, and her asshole clenching and releasing sporadically as her whole body shook with her orgasm.

"Wayne... I want you to fuck me. Please. I know we haven't because we aren't... weren't dating but please, I need you. I don't want just any cock. I need yours," she pleaded.

"Lexi, believe me," I began, "I want to, but I don't have any protection."

Lexi stood up, pressing her beautiful ass against my crotch and wrapped an arm around me, her hand in my hair. She raised a meaty leg and put her foot on the counter. "Just use my ass. Please."

I spit on my hand, rubbed my good, even though I was as hard as the first time Lexi sucked me off. I grabbed her thigh with one hand, just under where she was holding on, and rubbed my throbbing, almost burning cock against her folds to collect her own juices as a lube.

Finally, I positioned my swollen head at her ass. I took myself in hand again, and started to slowly work my spearhead into her tight hole, her powerful sphincter pressing against me ever millimeter of the way.

"Wayne, oh my God you're huge. You're so fucking huge. Christ!" Lexi growled her nails digging into her own leg as I tunneled deeper.

"Do you want me to st..."

"NO!" Lexi damn near roared. "Don't... don't you dare!" she groaned as I edged a bit deeper in. "FUCK!" she actually screamed as I bottomed out, finally making it all the way in. "Holy shit, it's like you're going to pop out my naval piercing."

"Jesus Christ, Lex," I said as I slowly started pulling out, just to fill her again, making her gasp. I could see our reflection in the kitchen window, and I loved it.

I started to really move my hips, pressing my thighs against her perfect ass as much as I could, trying to get every single bit of her I could.

"Jesus fuck, Wayne. Destroy me!" Alexa begged, her leg still outstretched and he head on the counter, showing me just how flexible she was. "Take me hard!"

I did as ordered, focusing on the feel of her vise-like shitter around me, and the sweat on my forehead, which I could see in the reflection that was almost acting like a mirror.

Every time I pulled back and slammed in, our flesh cracked together, and Alexa yelped out. With my balls building, it was about friction and speed until I was maxed out, and I felt my gut about to unload into hers.

I pulled out and shot cum all over her reddened ass, every rope decorating her blemish-free skin.

"Holy fuck," I breathed, taking in what I just did to my brand new girlfriend. "I'm sorry. Did... did I hurt you?"

"Only a little," Lexi said, still holding onto the sink, trying to breath. "Bit it's exactly what I needed."

I had collected myself, and tucked back into my jeans. I picked Alexa and walked he to the bathroom so we could take our morning shower together, which we only did once before, bu was going to become a norm.

"I just don't know how I'll function at work tonight," she said, only half joking.