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Thread: "Our Reunion" with Emma Watson

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    fanfiction "Our Reunion" with Emma Watson

    Our Reunion
    With Emma Watson
    Written by festus91
    CODES: MF, oral, ass play
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    Emma Watson came through the door to her flat in LA just as I pulled the pasta off the boil...

    "Oh my god, you're here!! I was so worried about the flights getting screwed up, and David would have to leave, and..." I interrupted her by gathering her up in a tight hug and planting a firm kiss on her lips...
    "I made it just fine. And I couldn't miss Dave with his sign that said "Yason". Very clever, by the way." Emma giggled and beamed at me, arms thrown around my neck. We had met and I fell into her orbit during a trip to Cuba a few short weeks ago. The pronunciation of my name by the native Spanish speakers was a point of great and continued amusement for her. But to see her laughing and happy, I happily played along. We had spent what turned out to be a beautiful week together, learning about each other's minds and bodies, and growing as close as two people could in a short time.

    The goodbyes at the end of the week had been terrible, teary, and painful to endure. I headed back to Canada, and Emma made her way back to LA, where her team of handlers were freaking out about how she had up and run off to avoid paparrazzi speculation and harassment about her old British beau, who she had actually tossed to the curb a few weeks earlier due to his infidelity.

    But now all was right with the world again. She was in my arms, holding her body against me, kissing me like she needed me to breathe... I could almost smell sunscreen on her body, as vivid as the memories from the island were. But her light perfume was much more appealing.

    And we did need to breathe. She pulled back a bit and raised an eyebrow.
    "Did you... cook?" She asked, almost suspiciously.
    "You did tell me to make myself at home. It's just a little bolognese, something to fill the belly. Did you know that you have an amazing little bodega about two blocks over? They had everything, since you had nothing here" I chided her. "How and what do you eat, for the love of calories?!"
    "It smells fantastic, and I haven't eaten since breakfast" Emma said, as she tried to look around me to the kitchen. I made it harder for her, because I'm me, by spinning her around in a poor facsimile of a waltz step.
    "Well, then, case closed..." I poked at her ribs, and she yelped and danced away.
    "You pour the wine, that I might also have found down the street, and get us set up, I will dish the good stuff". Emma stuck her tongue out at me and pranced away to find glasses.

    The food was ready very quickly, and I admit I was getting hungry too. Emma watched as I dished it out, and we made our way to the small dining table, where I had already lit the candles and laid out the settings.
    "Dear boy, if this is how you're going to spoil me, I think you might have to stay... Oh, bloody hell, this is brilliant... We'll send for your daughter and burn down your house, and I'll just keep you prisoner here for good..."
    About half of this was spoken around a mouth full of pasta and sauce. I raised my glass in tribute and watched her enjoy it. I took the time to look at her as it had been a few weeks. Face time and texting were handy, but definitely not the same.
    I maintain that I am the luckiest man on the planet. I was sitting with Emma Watson, in her flat, watching her slurp noodles and drink wine while we bantered back and forth about my flight, her day at work reading scripts, and what we had planned for the next week that I would be spending with her.

    Emma is a true beauty. Her sun lightened hair had grown out more since Cuba, and she had it swept back from her face and pinned at the crown. Her face was still richly tanned, with a splash of freckles across her nose to complement her beautiful brown eyes. Light lipstick and her usual earrings and bars highlighted her face perfectly. She was very casual tonight, with a tshirt from one of her many supported groups, blue jeans, and her now bare feet. She could make a potato sack look exquisite.

    "Jay, honestly, that was amazing" she gushed, as she sat back and smiled her incredible smile at me.
    "It was my absolute pleasure, sweetheart. You have no idea how long I've been waiting to be in the same room with you again. I have missed you terribly..."
    "Oh, but I think I do, really..." We raised our glasses. "To special and splendid reunions, then", she grinned at me. We sipped, and she leaned in to kiss me, which I returned passionately. Our tongues wrestled for position for a few seconds, and we reluctantly pulled away, the table getting in our way.

    "Alright, you get clearing up this mess, I will get the dessert sorted, yeah?" Em smiled at me and danced away from the table, heading to the back rooms... I started dutifully clearing dishes and wine glasses, and managed to package up the leftovers in some plastic bins I found.

    "Hey, Em, do you want to freeze the holy fucking christ!"

    Emma was back in the kitchen, and dessert was definitely served. Her hair was down, and that was all she wore from the top of her head down to her black high heel shoes...
    "I was starting to wonder if you had saved any appetite or not... Think you can handle some of me?"
    I could only stare, mouth agape. Remember that I had seen plenty of this beautiful body in our time together in Cuba. But it had been a while... She stood there leaning one hip on the counter, chewing her bottom lip, looking at me lustily...
    Her tan had started to fade a bit, I guess, but I still didn't see any real tan lines, and the sun-spurred freckles splashed across her chest matching those across the bridge of her nose... Her gorgeous round B cup tits stood proud , nipples tight in the cooled air. I could see her breathing harder than usual, and watched her muscles move down across her flat stomach to where her hips flared out... She had started to grow a little landing strip above her sweet pussy, just pale short hairs so far, pointing down to paradise. And those legs, my god... Long dancer's legs swept down to the floor, stretched and shaped by her black heels. Emma knows I'm a leg man, and we had discussed why I love what heels do to a woman's legs, accenting the calves and curving the muscles all the way back up to her ass... Anyway, in a word, she was stunning.

    With the shoes, Emma was pretty much the same height as me, and I moved in to kiss her once more. She slowly wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her body to mine. I could feel her heat through my clothes, and I am sure she could feel what she was doing to me. My arms went around her, one hand on her back to keep her close to me, the other slowly sliding down to cup and caress her amazing firm ass... It fits into my hands as if they were made for each other. And I had taken advantage of the match as much as I could when we were together before.

    I felt bad pulling away from her, but I had no intention of throwing her on the kitchen table to fuck. At least not on our first night together in so long. I took her hand and led her into the living room to the couch. Her heels clicked across the kitchen floor and then were muted by the rug in the living room.
    "I think I have some room left, since the dessert looks so appealing" I teased. "But I'm going to have to look closer, I think."

    I gave her a quick peck on the lips, then turned her to face the couch. With one hand I swept up her hair from the nape of her neck until I had a good handful, and pulled her head back so that she had to step back a half step to lean on my body... Emma gasped and moaned softly, and her hand came up to rest on mine. We had established that she enjoyed the sensation of having her hair pulled, and that it seemed to send little electric shocks straight to her pussy. My other hand went around her just above her waist. I cupped and gently kneaded first one breast and then the other, and ran my finger tips over her tight little nipples, which got even harder under my attention. Emma's other hand went between us, and she started to stroke my now hard cock through my pants. I used my hand in her hair to tip her head to one side so that I could feast on her beautiful neck and strong shoulders. Her breathing was audible now, and I heard the occasional quiet "yesss..." as I inhaled her scent and moved my free hand down across her flat stomach. I could feel her muscles move as she pressed her ass back against her own hand, and my still hidden cock.

    I played with her little growth of hair, smiling into her neck.
    "This is new..."
    "mmhmm... I thought it looked so cute on Teresa, so I wanted to try it and see if it fit on me..." My mind flashed back to our brief but very hot playdate with Teresa and Camila, our newest Cuban friends, on their secret private beach. "Do you like it?"
    "Sweetheart, I would be happy if you were fur covered from head to toe, or shaved bare all over... It's all you, and that's what I crave."
    Emma giggled, "oh, you romantic you... such a guyyyyohhh!" I finally slid my fingers down between her pussy lips, spreading her wetness around her vulva and back up over her little pea sized clit, which I knew would be peeking from its hood at the top of her delicious pussy. Emma's juices are truly delicious, and I could never have enough. Luckily, she produces nectar continuously when she's horny, much to my satisfaction. I ran my fingers between her lips once more, and dipped the tips just into her far enough that she shifted her legs to open them for me. And then I pulled them away and brought them to my mouth to lick them and clean them of her juices. Emma moaned with frustration.

    I gently disengaged my fingers from Emma's hair, and guided her so that she was leaned over at the waist, over the seat, her arms supporting her with her hands on the back of the couch. She looked back at me over her shoulder as I ran my hands down her smooth, strong back, dipping my thumbs into the dimples just above her ass, where her hips flared out as the natural spot to rest my hands. I used a foot to separate hers, saying "spread 'em" and hearing her giggle in response. Another fond memory...
    As Emma spread her legs she pushed her ass back at me, lowering her torso so that she made a straight line from her hips up her body and out her arms to the back of the couch.
    I stepped forward and pressed my hard dick against her ass, which made her immediately groan softly.
    "Oh, is this what you're looking for? You want my cock, Emma?"
    "Fuck, yes... You know I do. I've been waiting so long for you to fuck me... Please, Jay..."
    "Don't worry, beautiful, you'll get it soon enough. But first I need you to cum for me..."
    Emma moaned, because she knows that I take her orgasms very seriously. If I say that's what I'm after, she knows it will happen.

    Despite her fame, or maybe because of it, Emma hadn't experienced much variety in her sex life before we met. She had the usual cum and go asshole boyfriends, and she had basically accepted routine 10 minute sex as the norm. Thankfully, she had embraced masturbation and had learned the joys of orgasm along the way. Which definitely helped in our explorations and adventures since that first night together hiding out from the paparazzi. Since then, I had made it my mission to make sure she came at least as many times as I did, and more if we had the opportunity...

    I ran my hands over and around her amazing ass. I could seriously sit and just admire this view of her forever. Her clearly wet pussy lips peeking through between her legs just made the view that much more appealing. I took a step back and admired the inverted V made with her long tight legs, running from that wondrous ass down to her curved calves and further to where her ankles were bent to keep her high heels planted.
    "Damn, Em, I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go!" She grinned at me again over her shoulder and wiggled her hips at me.
    "I've never thought my butt was very good, but I do enjoy that you enj - Ow!!" She yelped and jumped as I landed a swat to her right cheek... I chuckled and rubbed a gentle circle to ease the red hand print I'd left... And then immediately slapped the left cheek SMACK! "Ouch! Fuck, Jay!"
    "Oh, I don't think you mind that as much as you let on, Emma... You've always got your ass right back in position ready for another whack." I leaned over and kissed each cheek now, still rubbing the sting away.
    "Well I have to admit you do have a wonderful way of soothing the pain afterwards" she said, head down now, paying attention to the feelings.
    I could smell Emma's arousal now, her musk so sweet and promising. I knelt down behind her, looking at my prize much closer. My hands moved to Emma's thighs as I leaned in to kiss along her legs up to and around her ass cheeks as they grew from the top of her legs. Emma was quieter now, though I could hear her breathing steadily, and a bit faster than normal. I could better see her pussy lips parted slightly as they always did when she was aroused. Her moisture glistened on them, and I leaned in as far as I could and touched the tip of my tongue to her core. Her gasp was instantaneous, and she tilted her hips down to expose more of her pussy for my mouth.
    "Oh, my god, yes... Eat me, Jay... I love when you lick my cunt."
    Well, from there it was just me diving in. I made long strokes with my tongue, and sucked her pussy lips into my mouth, drinking up her juices as fast as she could produce them. I held Emma by her ass cheeks, clutching at her and kneading firmly. I knew she must be getting tired, as she was still standing and simply leaning over, but I wasn't going to stop yet. Besides, I still had a special treat in mind for her.

    I started to make long strokes with my tongue from the front of her pussy to the back, and then to just touch her taint. Emma was groaning constantly now, her head twisting back and forth. A couple times our eyes met as she dropped her head to watch me underneath her body and upside down. I gently rubbed two fingers along her pussy, soaking them in her juices, and rubbing up to her now hard and very sensitive clit, then back between her lips to her opening. Emma was rocking her hips up and back now to the rhythm of my fingers, which I finally slipped inside her as she gasped and dropped her head, mouth open in concentration. I had to turn my hand over to let me stroke the front wall of her pussy, which we both knew would get her closer to the orgasm we both wanted. Emma was starting to lose the rhythm now, another good sign. Her eyes were closed, and she was biting her lip.

    My tongue was making full strokes now across her pink taint to the edge of her little rosebud between her cheeks. With my dry hand, I was squeezing and rubbing her ass, dipping my fingers in between to rub across her puckered bud as well. Em was fairly throwing her hips back at me now, getting close to her peak. Her breath was coming in little gasps, mixed in with the moans matched to my stroking fingers. Her breath caught as I finally ran my tongue directly over and around her asshole.
    "Oh, fuck yes, lick my ass..." she groaned. Emma's legs were starting to shake now, her knees starting to bend slightly, and I was thinking it was now or never, if she collapsed we'd lose her orgasm...
    I poked my tongue directly into her ass and swirled it around, making her little bud as wet as I could. My fingers in her pussy were drenched, and each stroke of my thumb over her clit brought a little squeak from her open mouth.
    "Oh Jay, yes, oh please, oh, yes, yes YES ohahhhhhaugh!!" Emma threw her head back and fairly screamed as I rubbed her clit furiously with one hand and pushed the index finger of the other past her sphincter into her lightly lubed ass. Her hips were bucking against my hands, her asshole grasping at my finger as her pussy sucked at my other hand while releasing still more juice. I tried, partially successfully, to get my face far enough between her legs to lap up her cum, but soon had to retreat as her thighs started to clamp around my hand and her legs finally gave out. I managed to make my face quite wet, which was reward for me, as I love the taste of her.

    Emma fell forward onto her knees on the seat of the couch, Her chest against the back. That forced my finger out of her ass, and she groaned as it came free. My other hand was still trapped between her thighs, soaking in her juices. Her legs were spasming, and her breath was coming in ragged little gasps.
    Her eyes were squeezed shut as she wheezed "Holy god, Jay, that was... I just need to... fuckingg hell..."
    I finally worked my hands free, and licked and sucked her delicious cum from my fingers.
    "That was so beautiful, Emma... I think I'm addicted to the way you cum..."
    "YOU'RE addicted?!" she half laughed, as she twisted her body to look at me, brushing her very reactive hair out of her face. Emma has the sexiest bed head I've ever seen. And she seems to get bed head from all sex, whether in bed or not...

    I sat next to her and pulled her over so she was cradled in my lap, her arms around my neck, face buried in my shoulder. I pulled her legs up so she was curled up atop me and just held her while she recovered her wits. We kissed softly, my tongue still tasting of her, while I gently stroked her skin with my fingers. She shuddered and shivered under my touch.

    "So, my little sex fiend, we talked about exploring your ass in Cuba, but we never seemed to get back around to actually doing anything with it..." I gently stroked down her flank and around the curve of her hip to her thigh, and back up again. As Emma and I were getting to know each other on that first night, I had happened to play with her ass and tease her asshole a bit. Her reaction had been electric. Very encouraging in expanding her sexual horizons, but we hadn't revisited the idea until tonight.
    "If you recall, we were quite busy enough breaking my personal records for other activities that week... Anyway, I don't know what it is, but it feels incredible, and maybe a bit taboo? That might be why I react to it like that?"
    "Well, whatever it is, gorgeous, I definitely enjoy the reaction", I smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "Is it maybe time to step up the exploration a notch?" I raised an eyebrow. Em's eyes went wide...
    "Oh, no, there's no way we're getting your dick in there. Just your finger feels like I'm stuffed! Especially if my pussy is full too..."

    "all right, we can work on it and see if you want to go further with it. I would not do anything you don't want to, you know that."
    "I know, you're too good to me as it is. The way you make me feel..."
    "It's as much my pleasure as it is yours, my dear..."

    "Hmm, yes, my personal perv... And speaking of, isn't this getting uncomfortable?" Emma wiggled her butt, which was planted atop my still semi-hard cock.
    "Well, if you insist... I wouldn't want to hog all the dessert..." I grinned at her and waggled my eyebrows.
    "Doofus" she said, and rolled her eyes, and then giggled before kissing me deeply. Emma got up shakily and stretched in front of me, raising her arms straight up over her head and groaning. I looked on admiringly as she lifted up on her toes in those shoes, which had survived so far without being knocked off. I will admit, they made her legs look fucking amazing. My eyes tracked up her body over her hips, her tummy now stretched taut, over the subtle outline of her ribs to her fantastic tits, lifted up and tipped with her perpetually hard nipples. Em's eyes were closed, her face scrunched up with the stretch.

    I can't keep my hands off her at the best of times, and we had just spent too long apart. My hands went her hips and I pulled her towards me. Emma's hands came down to my shoulders, and she looked down at me with an affectionate smile as I leaned forward and kissed her belly, just above her newly growing pubes. She shivered and giggled, running one hand through my hair as I trailed little kisses up her midline to her belly button, where I made her squeal and jump when I poked my tongue in. Going for broke, I quickly slid my hands up to her ribs and flexed my fingers. Emma shrieked and danced away, swatting at my hands while I laughed at her jumping around.

    I stood up and shucked my duds in record time, while Emma stood and watched, biting her lip as my cock finally made an appearance...
    "Oh, that's so much better... I wondered when your cock was going to come out to play... Actually I half expected to find you waiting naked for me when I came home tonight." Emma chewed on a fingernail as she watched my semi bounce with every movement I was making.

    "What do you mean? I am a gentleman, Emma Watson, and I would never have presumed to..."
    I was receiving one of her "right, tell me another one" looks now, and she cocked a hip and crossed her arms under her tits, making them jiggle appealingly.
    I laughed and moved toward her to take her in my arms... "Okay, fine. I considered it. But then I thought what if you brought someone else home with you? What if your PA happened to stop in... What is her name again? I didn't want to traumatize anyone unnecessarily..."
    "Yes, of course, you're such a considerate pervert..." Emma rolled her eyes but couldn't help but smile as she threw her arms around my neck and molded her body to mine.
    "Her name is Sarah. And I did not tell you this, and I will deny it if you EVER repeat it. But she has asked me about what you're packing that keeps me smiling all the time these days." Emma reached down to stroke my cock directly now, slowly running her fingers around my balls and gliding her fingertips up and down my shaft. The effect was electric, as always.
    "Oh, is that so? And what, pray tell, have you told her? Maybe it wouldn't have been such a surprise then?"
    "Please, I am a lady. And there's no way she or anyone else is getting a piece of this before I do this week..." She grasped my dick in her hand and squeezed gently, looking at me seriously with her deep brown eyes and leaning in for a kiss.
    "You told her everything, didn't you?" I started to chuckle. Emma tried hard to keep a straight face, but cracked into a smile and then a giggle as she blushed prettily.
    "Fine, I might have let slip a few minor details..."
    "Alright then, so I won't expect that my first meeting with Sarah will be at all awkward, right??" I poked her in the ribs again, making her jump back, while I laughed. I took her by the hands and walked her with me back to the couch where I sat down. My cock was at full mast now, and ready to be inside my amazing girlfriend. Girlfriend... Who the fuck would ever believe that my girlfriend was Emma fucking Watson?? I still didn't believe it myself, most days.

    Emma knelt on the seat of the couch, straddling my legs. She walked her knees in until her still soaking pussy was pressing my cock between us. Her arms went to my shoulders again, and she played with my hair while she pulled my head to her chest. There was suddenly less chitchat as I took first one nipple, then the other in my mouth and rolled my tongue over them. They were hard as rock, and Emma gasped slightly with the sensation. I kissed and licked around her gorgeous tits, feeling their firmness against my face as I switched between them and nuzzled my face in the valley between, where her freckles captured my attention. I looked up at her and saw she had her eyes closed, mouth slightly open. Her breath was quiet but quickened once more.
    My hands had fallen naturally to her amazing ass, and I brought them to her hips so that I could help her slide her pussy along the length of my cock, making it ready for what we had both been anticipating for the last weeks. Her movements were automatic, and I could feel her wetness coating both of us with warm slick sensation.
    "Emma, I've waited so long. I want to fuck you so badly..."
    Her eyes snapped open and locked on mine as she raised her hips clear of my lap and positioned herself over my cock. She reached down with one hand and grasped my dick, standing it up under her pussy, just touching her lips.
    I inhaled sharply as she slowly sank down onto my cock, which parted her lips and slid completely into her hot wet pussy like it was coming home. She kept her gaze on me, but her eyes were hooded, and she moaned softly through her open mouth as she sat down all the way on me. I felt her shudder a bit as I ran my hands up her taut back and back down to her hips, where I held her still as we both enjoyed the sensation of that first stroke. Emma's head fell back as her eyes closed.
    "Ohhhh, FUCK, Jay... I have missed this feeling so bloody much..."

    We started off with a slow rocking rhythm, with Emma moving her hips forward and back while raising her ass slightly and then sitting down fully again with each stroke. The feeling was incredible. I closed my eyes and let my hands glide down her thighs as they parted slightly with every forward stroke to let her get closer and feel me deeper. My fingers dropped to her calves, still tight and sensually curved from the heels she was still wearing... I had to lean forward and reach a bit because of her long legs, but my hands finally found the arch of each foot, in front of the heels of her shoes. I grasped them and pulled her into me, which brought her forward against me an extra couple inches. My reward was a moan that I knew so well...
    I wanted to let Emma set the pace as we fucked almost tenderly. The position was good for me for some endurance, and I knew I was getting deep in her pussy and that she was feeling every movement and pulsation, no matter how tiny.
    Emma started to breath in tiny gasps again, and I knew she was lost in the sensations. I reached up and licked across her nipples again, getting a small gasp for each one. She was starting to pick up the pace, rocking her hips up and back more abruptly. Our pubic bones were grinding together, and her wetness was starting to squelch as we fucked. I matched her breathing, and ran my hands up and down her strong back, which was flexing and bending with every stroke.

    Emma's tell for an orgasm getting close has always been a progressive loss of rhythm, along with short moans and gasping breaths. We were well into that territory now, and she was fairly slamming her hips against me. Her hands were gripping my shoulders, fingers making impressions in my back as she rode me like a rented mule... I could feel her legs starting to shake as she was working so close to her peak. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and she licked her lips quickly, then let her mouth fall open again to breath in short gasps. She was moaning softly.

    "I know you're close Emma. I want you to cum for me. Soak my cock as it strokes in and out of you... Squeeze me with your pussy, let me feel it as you cum... Do it!"
    "Ohhhh, fuck, Jay, I am trying to... hold off... this feels so... fucking amazing... I want to keep...your cock in me... forever... OhhhhhhAAHHHHHHHFUUUUUUUCKKKKK!!!"
    She threw her upper body back, still holding to my shoulders. Her chest was flushed bright red, like her face, which was pointed at the ceiling, mouth open, puffing breaths in and out... Her nipples looked ready to pop off her tits, and her stomach muscles were in spasm... The absolute best kind of workout ever...
    Emma is always wet when we fuck, but I could feel the difference when she came and released more juices from deep inside... I could feel them as they soaked down over my balls while she tried and failed to keep a rhythm. Em's legs were spasming now, and she collapsed against me, driving us both back against the back of the couch. I wrapped my arms around her as she slowed to a stop, with my cock deep inside her. I could feel her pussy still squeezing me with a tempo of its own...
    As usual, her hair had exploded in all directions, and I smoothed it away from her face as I planted tender kisses all over... She was puffing as if she'd run a marathon, but finally looked at me with a lazy smile...
    "Well, THAT was worth waiting for... Off you go, then, back home for another two weeks so I can recover..." I chuckled and pulled her in to kiss her. Our tongues battled for position briefly, then she pulled back to look at me... "Seriously, Jay, that was fucking brilliant..."
    "I know honey, I watched every second of it, and I'm still transfixed..." She leaned in to kiss me again, and started to raise her hips off of me...

    My cock fell against my belly as her pussy finally released it, though they were still connected by strings of Emma's juices... I am constantly amazed with how wonderfully wet she gets. Emma quickly shifted around and knelt in front of me on the floor. Her hands went right to my cock, and she licked her lips as she leaned in to clean my cock off... We hadn't really done this before, so I watched with fascination as Emma made long strokes with her tongue, collecting her juices and swallowing them down without comment or complaint...
    "Hey now, don't be greedy, I want some of that too..." I said, and pulled her up to meet me with a long wet kiss, our tongues swirling...
    "I love how you taste, Em... Um, you haven't done clean up duty before, what do you think?" Emma shrugged and looked at me with a small smile.
    "I don't mind it, but all I'm doing is getting your cock in my mouth, which is my main goal right now!" I chuckled and shook my head "Well, then, don't let me hold you up!"
    Emma stuck her tongue out at me and pulled a face, then quickly returned to the task at hand. I learned early that Emma wasn't what anyone would consider a world class cocksucker. But what she lacked in skill and experience, she more than made up for in enthusiasm and effort. Emma was fully involved now, sliding her mouth up and down over my cock as she pumped the shaft with one hand. Her other hand was on my knee, keeping her balance. Every few strokes, she would pause and try to go deeper, but her gag reflex betrayed her every time...

    I reached down and gathered her hair together into a ponytail, which I then held away from her face so I could see her pretty lips sliding up and down my shaft... She looked up at me and winked, and I cupped her cheek with the other hand and blew her a kiss...
    "Sweetheart, that feels amazing, but lets get you up off the floor and make you more comfortable..."
    Emma let my cock out of her mouth with a pop, and said "Yeah, lets... My knees are getting burned on this rug..."
    We both stood up and stretched briefly, my dick bobbing in the air with every move. Emma moved around to sit on the couch and I stood in front of her, cock pointed at her face... Emma reached down and finally took off her shoes, releasing her feet and showing off her pretty painted toes... She made little fists in the carpet with them and stretched them out as she reached out and pulled me to her by the cock.
    Emma stretched her tongue out and ran it around the tip of my dick, looking up at me and winking again...
    "I have been waiting for one more thing, Jay, and I want you to give it to me... Do you know what I'm talking about?"
    "Hmm, now, let me think... What could it POSSIBLY be that a cum addict would be hoping for after so long apart??"

    She took my dick out of her mouth and frowned at me, slapping my thigh...
    "Don't be an ass. I want you to cum on my face. You know I love it, and I haven't had it for far too long. I want you to paint me with your jizz." The sight of her, looking up at me very seriously, while stroking my cock and telling me she wanted me to paint her made me chuckle, which naturally caused her to giggle too... She had to go back to licking my cock to stop...
    "I will happily grant your wish, but you need to get sucking now... Suck my cock, Emma. Feel it pulse inside your mouth as you run your lips along it..." Her eyes went wide, but she got to work, looking at me and moaning around her mouthful. I gathered up her hair again and held it over her head.
    "Do you want me to fuck your mouth like I fuck your sweet little pussy, Em?" She nodded and made an affirmative noise as she ran her tongue over the most sensitive part of my cock, just behind the head on the bottom... My dick jumped involuntarily in her mouth, and she moaned again.
    Holding her hair to keep her head still, I started up a slow in and out stroke of her mouth.
    "Put your hands down, Emma. Touch your self. Play with your tits or rub your pussy if you want. I am just going to use your mouth..." She stared up at me, eyes wide. I hadn't taken charge like this before. She seemed unsure how to process it.
    "Don't worry, honey. You are going to get my cum, like you asked. I'm just going to help you get it quicker."
    I started to stroke faster in and out of her mouth, while she tried to keep her tongue moving around to keep everything wet. Before too long, I was pistoning in and out with short strokes... Emma was moaning freely now, watching my face as I fucked hers.
    "I'm getting close, Em. Do you want me to help you try to take me deeper?" Emma nodded as much as she could with me holding her hair... I stopped stroking and said "Open your mouth as wide as you can... tip your head back a bit, to open your throat, there you go... Take a big breath, I'm going to push a bit as you do... If it hurts, tap me... If I hit your gag, tap me..." Emma's eyes were still wide, but her trust was clear... As she took in a big breath around my dick, I pulled her head towards me and pushed my cock into her mouth...

    We managed to get a bit deeper before she tapped me and I pulled back... We kept trying, and finally I managed to get my head just past her gag for a few seconds before she couldn't take it and had to tap me again... By now, seeing her working so hard just to please me, I was ready to pop...
    "That was so good, Emma... I'm so proud!" She rolled her eyes at me and sucked hard on my dick. A few more short wet strokes and I pulled my cock away and let go of her hair.
    Emma quickly leaned forward, pulling her hair back out of her face and looked up at me, tongue stuck out expectantly... I was the one moaning now...
    "Oh shit, Emma, you have got me here, your reward is on its way... It feels so fucking good.... Uhhhhnnnnhhhhhh!!!"
    "Fuck yes, give it to me!!" she said, and then jumped and shrieked as the first shot blasted her from her chin, across her nose, to her hairline. This first blast was followed by 6 or 7 more, each one jetting onto her face and splashing up to her forehead.
    "Oh my god, yes!! More! I love it!!"
    My knees went weak and I started to see stars as I finished stroking the last few drops out and shook them onto her eager face... Emma had one hand poised under her chin to catch any drips as she bounced up from the couch and pushed past me to find a mirror...
    "That is SO fucking hot, you have no idea..." she gushed as I followed her unsteadily into the bathroom to find her leaned over the counter looking at her face up close in the mirror... Emma played with my cum with her fingers, pushing it around on her face, and finally scooping it up and licking her fingers clean...
    "Sooooo yummy!" she said and whipped around to throw her arms around me and plant kisses all over my own face, sharing my lotion between us... Which didn't faze her a bit as she then licked up what she had spilled onto my face...

    Finally she settled down, having gotten every little drop left over into her mouth and down her throat...
    "Thank you, Jay. That was fucking incredible. All evening has been incredible. You're incredible..." She wrapped her arms around me again and pulled us together to mold our bodies into one.
    "Emma, it was my pleasure. All of it. WE are incredible. You are at least half responsible for all of the body fluids we've been flinging around..." She smacked me gently, keeping her face tucked into my shoulder and smiling.
    "You are the sexiest woman I have ever known, no lie. I am simply the luckiest man alive." She hugged me tighter, and looked up at me to kiss me.

    The endorphins were starting to wear off, and we made our way back out to the couch, where we flopped down together... 'AWWW!! Shit!! Wet spot!!" Emma shrieked, and I laughed at her as she jumped back up, wiping her ass with both hands...
    "Well, good thing it's leather... Here's a plan. How about you go and get the bed ready for us, and I will do a quick clean up here."
    "My noble boyfriend to the rescue again..." Emma smiled at me. "Deal. We should get to bed anyway, early morning tomorrow... And you get to meet Sarah!" She teased, waggling her eyebrows...
    "Sounds like fun. I wonder how many questions she will have for you after I get to chat with her for a bit... Hmmm..."

    Emma looked worried as she watched me over her shoulder... "You wouldn't dare!!"
    "Aw, it's okay, sweetie, I'm a gentleman, remember?"
    "Mmhmm... Okay, mister noble, come tuck me in to bed..."

    To be continued...

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    And I get the feeling he's going to fuck that ass eventually...

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    Maybe eventually... But she's got some other stuff to cross off her experimentation list first...

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