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Thread: "Breaking Boundaries" with Emma Watson

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    fanfiction "Breaking Boundaries" with Emma Watson

    Breaking Boundaries
    With Emma Watson
    Written by festus91
    CODES: MF, MFF, Voy, oral
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    The LA weather is unbeatable most days of the year, from what I'd heard.
    Today was no different, as I slowed to a walk and slowed my breathing down from my run. I ducked into the front entrance of the building, giving a quick nod to the doorman slash security guy as I moved to the elevators. He had gotten to know me, no doubt thanks to my girlfriend making sure I wasn't going to be tackled at the door and hauled away by the cops in front of the occasional papparazzo that camped out in front.

    Emma Watson and I had met while on holiday in Cuba a while back. We'd started out awkwardly enough, but had quickly gotten close and ended up spending the best part of a week together, in and out of bed. Parting had been awful at the end of our time there, but I had managed to get some time to come and see her in LA, and we had picked up right where we left off. I am still boggled how I managed to be someone she wants to spend time with, but I'm definitely not complaining - Emma Watson as my girlfriend?! I'm the luckiest guy on the planet, no lie.

    Emma didn't have anything planned for the morning, so I had let her sleep when I slipped out earlier. We had spent the night in our spooning positions, which had become kind of our thing at night. Emma curled up with her back to me, one of my arms under her head and the other pulled over her and my hand cupping one of her perfect round B sized tits... She would always wiggle her ass back against me, and depending whether we'd fucked right before bed or not, my cock was either trapped between her ass cheeks pointing up between us, or tucked under her ass laid along her sweet little pussy lips as it settled down from the action.

    As I had gently disengaged from her this morning, I had leaned over and kissed her face, pulling her crazy hair out of the way to reach some skin... "Going for a run, sweetheart, see you in a bit." She had just stretched a bit, mumbled something incoherent, and rolled over to absorb the heat from where I had lain. Everyone knows she's beautiful, but I am fortunate to see her in moments like this, her hair all over, her mouth open slightly as she snores quietly. Splash of freckles across her nose and down her chest, Her arms and long legs either wrapped tight around me or all akimbo. Did I mention how lucky I am?? I pulled the sheet up to cover her and she snuggled down, and away I went.

    The sun was a little higher as I let myself back in, and I was halfway through peeling my shirt off when I realized I wasn't alone in the living room of the flat...
    "Uh, whoops, sorry about that.." I said as I pulled it back down. The petite blonde seated on the couch was watching me with near-panic as she tried to decide if I was some whacko breaking in, or if I was supposed to be there.

    She was very pretty... Long, straight blonde hair hung nearly to her waist. She was all of five feet tall, very slim, but with an appreciable figure. She was dressed very casually, as I expect she always was on Emma's days "off". Blue jeans fit very nicely over her hips and butt. A tshirt covered what I guessed to be B cups boobs like her boss, maybe a little smaller in measurement, but still a very attractive package. Her blue eyes were wide as she watched me approach.

    "You have to be Sarah", I started.
    "I'm Jay, pleased to finally meet you. Emma calls you her right hand. I appreciate all that you do for her". I moved over with my hand stuck out as she finally snapped out of it, closed her mouth and rose from her seat.
    "Oh, um, right, I'm Sarah, you're right. Nice to meet you. Emma has told me all about you". Sarah blushed quickly and dropped her eyes as she got the unintended double meaning there, but shook my hand firmly. I chuckled, never one to let a bit of teasing go by.
    "Oh?? What kind of stuff has she said about me?"

    Sarah's eyes flew to mine, and she did the goldfish thing again for a second before getting out "Oh, you know, how you guys have lots of things in common, and she loves spending time with you, how you're not a Hollywood weirdo, stuff like that..."
    "Oh, good. I had the impression she had been talking about our sex life or something..." I smiled down at the now shocked face of Emma's PA. I laughed and moved past her towards the bedroom hallway.
    "I'm just messing with you, kid, I have nothing to hide!"
    Sarah followed me up the hallway, so that I looked back at her.
    "What's up? Emma told me she had today for herself."
    "Oh, yes, she does... I just have a couple scripts for her that she asked me to bring over. She's doing more reading next week, and wanted a head start."
    "That's my girl, working hard. I'll just pop in and see if she's awake yet." I winked at Sarah, making her blush yet again.

    As I cracked open the door, we were met with quiet but very clear moaning... We looked at each other in surprise. I knew exactly what I was hearing, and I think Sarah figured it out pretty quickly.
    "Uh, maybe I better go by myself from here?" I suggested as I held the door almost closed.
    "Yeah, good plan", she said, and turned to head back to the living room.

    Emma and I had learned a lot about each other in the short time we had been together. Sure, she was a big movie star and public advocate for a bunch of different causes. But her private life hadn't been so distinguished . Her sexual history wasn't what either of us referred to as extensive. She'd had the usual asshole boyfriends, the cum and go type that didn't really get into her satisfaction. In fact, that was how she'd ended up in Cuba to begin with, taking a breather from the public suppositions about her last jerk boyfriend who had actually cheated on her. In going over our histories, and through our own explorations, I had learned that Emma was not shy about the fact that she masturbates. In fact, it was by "having a wank" as she called it, that she had learned the joys of orgasms. For which I was eternally grateful...

    It sounded like Emma was on her way to a nice one as I eased into the bedroom and pushed the door closed, but not latched, behind me. The sight I encountered had me hard in my running shorts in no time flat...

    Emma was on her back on the bed, feet up and legs spread. She was wearing her headphones, so didn't hear me as I approached. Eyes squeezed shut, she was biting her lip, with her head tilted back, hair all over the place, like usual. Her back was gently arched, which pushed her tasty round tits up in the air, nipples hard as rocks. She was flushed across the chest, which made her freckles stand out even more. Her flat stomach was flexing as she played with herself. The movement of her muscles was mesmerizing. Between her spread thighs, her hands were working furiously on her sweet little pussy. Her left hand was rubbing at her clit vigorously, while she had three fingers of her right hand stroking in and out of her pussy. Emma is wet when she's aroused, and her wetness was very clear now, both visually and audibly as she went to town...

    I stripped off as I watched my woman pleasuring herself. The sight, sound, and smell of her arousal is intoxicating to me, and never fails to get my full attention. Knowing that she would be cumming soon, I quietly brought one of her salon chairs to where I could sit with a clear view of her pussy while I started to stroke my cock slowly.

    Emma was moaning louder now, and her legs were starting to shake from the feelings building in her core. There was never any mistaking Emma in orgasm. She lost all rhythm, and she'd flush from her face to her belly button. Her legs would spasm and she'd gasp for her breath if it was a really good one.
    "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck..." she whispered.
    "So good, I'm gonna cum..." Emma lifted her legs straight up in the air, toes pointed, then bent them at the knees again, bringing her feet back to the bed. Her hands were still working her pussy, and her head was turning side to side, eyes still tightly closed. Her mouth was open now, and her little gasps told me she was very close.

    "MmmmmmohhhahhHHHH!!" Emma's ass was bucking off the bed now to meet her hands, and her legs fell open completely as she arched her back and came, hard... I could see how wet she had become, and her hands were squelching now as she rubbed herself through the orgasm. Her legs shook and her back arched up and down as she rode the waves and slowly came down from the peak.
    "Oh... oh... oooohhh..." she managed as she blew out and took a deep breath. She took her fingers out of her pussy, and raised them to her mouth to suck them off, eyes still closed. Her other hand had slowed now, rubbing lazily around her pussy and over her belly. Her painted toes were clenching and relaxing as she rocked her legs in and out to cool off.

    I, on the other hand, had other ideas for my beautiful girlfriend... Without warning, I moved forward and spread her legs with my hands on her inner thighs, opening her up in a butterfly stretch... Emma gasped loudly, almost screaming, and her eyes flew open to see my smiling face diving down towards her sweet pussy...
    "Holy shit, Jay, you scared the crap out of me!! I didn't expectoooohhhh" her head fell back as I took a long lick from her little asshole all the way up to where her pea sized clit was peeking out from its hood right at the top of her pussy. My lord, she tasted amazing.

    "That was the sexiest thing I have seen in a long time" I smiled up at her from between her thighs. Sure, we both masturbated, but we hadn't been able to keep our hands off whenever it happened in front of the other one. Seeing Emma cum like that was so amazing, and I told her so.
    "I didn't expect that you'd be back so soon" she said softly, as she pulled off the headphones and propped herself up on her elbows to watch me.
    "You know I can't stay away too long, my sweet", I offered, and she rolled her eyes at me, but bit her lip as I did a lap of her clit with my tongue.

    I got down to business then, not wanting to waste an opportunity to have Emma cum again as soon as possible. While I worked her delicious pussy with my tongue, I smoothed my hands over her legs and up to her waist, passing them over her flat belly which flexed under my fingers as she rocked her hips to press herself into my face. Emma moved her legs so that one lay down flat on the bed and the other was over my shoulder, with her smooth calf curled around me to hold me in place. She laid back down and our hands passed as hers came to hold my head and play with my hair, and mine ventured to her perfect round tits with their hard nipples. She was always good for a gasp as I would squeeze her breats and pass my fingers over their peaks.

    My tongue was making long sweeps bottom to top, alternating between her lips and her liquid center. I was sucking up as much of her juices as I could, but she didn't take long to soak my face. She was starting to moan again, a good sign, as I moved one hand down to use my fingers and stroke in and out of her pussy, turning my hand so that they rubbed along the front wall of her tunnel, where I knew her to be so sensitive. Emma was grasping at my hair now.
    "Oh, Jay, that's soooo good. You know my pussy so well, you can always do this to me"... I dipped my face down and ran my tongue around her taint and tried to reach her little rosebud, making her sigh.
    "Ohhh, fuck yes. You want my ass, don't you?"

    Emma had never played with her butt at all before we got together, so we had begun to explore together, much to our mutual pleasure. She wasn't ready to take a cock yet, but I had launched her into an orgasm or two with a finger in her perfect round ass.

    I wasn't going to need to finger her ass this time. I knew she was building quickly to another good cum, and I was going to make sure she got there. I began to focus on her clit, while continuing to stroke my fingers in and out of her. Em's belly was starting to flex again as her back was arching involuntarily. Her moans had become deeper and longer, and her eyes were closed again as she enjoyed the sensations. Her other leg came up and wrapped around my shoulders, linking with the first one at the ankles so there was no way to escape, even if I wanted to. She had a handful of my hair with one hand, but I was able to see that her other had snuck back up to her own chest, where she was rubbing her tits and tweaking her nipples, with the predictable result.

    Her hips were losing their thrusting rhythm now, and her breath was coming in little gasps. Emma suddenly clutched at my shoulder and squeezed me with her legs. Her back arched and she let out a long groan, very loud (as we would discover later). Her legs were in full spasm, and she was shaking as she came against my mouth and fingers.

    Emma's not a squirter, but her juices are amazing when she cums. I licked and sucked up as much as I could as I tortured her clit while she rode my face. It was over far too soon, as she finally let go of my shoulder, where I was sure she had left marks, and released her viselike grip of my head with her legs...

    I took a few more mouthfuls of her essence and made long licks of her pussy until she started to sit up. And I made my move for the next part of my dastardly plan...

    I moved up between her legs and over her body, meeting her as she sat up. Our kiss was electric, as our tongues battled for supremacy. I was happy to share her taste with her, as she sucked on my tongue. I held her with one hand around her shoulders, as my other hand went to the nape of her neck. I gathered up a handful of her hair into a makeshift ponytail and pulled her head to one side so I could attack her neck. This earned me more moans, and a quiet "fuck, Jay". We had discovered that Emma enjoyed having her hair pulled. And I was keen to oblige on occasion.

    "Exactly what I had in mind, my dear" I said as I lined up my dick and slid home in her wet and insanely hot pussy. It was like I had shocked her. She shrieked and threw her head back.
    "Oh my fuck, YES" she yelled as I started a rhythm in and out. I pulled her back down to the bed by her hair, and then dropped my mouth to her tits. I tried to make her nipples even harder as she held my head by my own hair.

    Emma wasn't able to contribute to the rhythm at all. She was gasping and moaning loudly, but she managed to get her legs up to wrap them around my ass as I drove into her.
    "Oh... my... god... Jay... I'm gonna... cum again... AhhhhahahaHHHHHHHH!" Emma started to shake all over, and her legs fell off my hips. We were making loud wet slapping sounds as my balls would meet her taint, as deep as I could get in this position. It was working for me too, and I told Emma
    "Honey, I'm going to cum with you, I want to fill up your pretty little pussy..."
    "Yes, cum in me, fill my cunt, I want to feel you cum with me!!"
    As Emma was riding the wave, my own release hit me hard... I pushed into her as far as I could go, and held my cock there as what seemed like a years' worth of jizz flooded into her.
    "Ohhhh, Jay, I can feel that. Holy fuck, it feels so amazing..."
    As my balls finally emptied, I collapsed onto Emma's body and laid my head over her shoulder in her hair, which was well and truly fucked up now... Emma wrapped her arms around me and held on, bringing her legs up to hold us together as well.

    Slowly, we got our breathing under control and I rolled off Emma to lay beside her on the bed. We were both soaked with sweat, from the absolute best workout in the world. Emma curled into my side and I wrapped arm around her to hold her close. We kissed gently and she put her head on my shoulder, watching my chest rise and fall as I settled down.

    A slight movement caught my eye, and I looked over to the door. The door had definitely just been pulled closed...
    "Um, honey, don't freak out, but I think we had an audience just now..."
    "What?! What do you mean?" Emma lifted her head and started to get up, eyes wide.
    "Nah, easy, easy..." I said, pulling her back down to me. I explained how I had met Sarah in the living room, and that we had started to come in together, expecting Emma to be up and dressed, when we had heard what was going on.
    "It's on me for not closing the door all the way on my way to ravage my girlfriend. And I don't think we were, um, discreet, exactly..."
    Emma bit my shoulder gently and slapped my chest.
    "Very careless, I agree. But after all that, you're forgiven." She grinned at me wickedly.
    "So now I just have to decide if you're turning into a raving exhibitionist, or if you just wanted to answer all of Sarah's questions all at once OOF!!!"
    Emma had rolled over to straddle my hips and sat up, before whacking me smartly in the head with a pillow...
    "Jackass!" she couldn't help but laugh. Which turned into shrieks and squirming as I quickly reached and caught her in the ribs with my fingers... Emma Watson, ticklish like you wouldn't believe...

    She finally bounced up and away from me, and said "I have to use the loo. And we both need a shower. Me first!!"
    "Ah, you'll be looking for my professional shower assistance services, then?" I offered with a grin and a wink.
    "Not this time, pervy boy! Sarah is waiting for us, and I am pretty sure we've already convinced her that all we do is shag, so..."
    "Fair enough" I laughed, "But save me some hot water, would you?" I laid back as Emma strutted away on her toes, blowing me a kiss and wiggling her butt as she headed for the bathroom.

    I must have closed my eyes for a minute, as the next thing I knew, I was getting clobbered with another pillow.
    "Hey!" I protested, looking up at my beautiful woman, all freshly scrubbed and dressed for company... She had jeans and a T shirt on, her hair still a bit damp. But she'd managed to wrangle it into a quick braid which fell down to her shoulders in the back. Her face was still flushed, but her smile was beaming as she leaned over to kiss me. "Your turn, loverboy, make it quick!"
    "Yes ma'am!" I said, as I dodged her swat at my ass, bouncing into the bathroom.
    Ten minutes later, I was in my own jeans and golf shirt, strolling out to the living room where I could hear the girls giggling. Ominous silence descended as I entered the room and made my way to the fridge to get some juice.
    "Uh-oh. That's never a good sign for a guy. When the women stop talking as he arrives, that can only mean one of two things - they were talking about him, or they were talking about something he isn't meant to know."

    Emma giggled again and said "We were just discussing the show that you put on." I raised my eyebrows and looked at Emma, then at Sarah. Who was as red as I think a fair skinned woman can get without being completely sunburnt. Okay, I can play along...
    "The show that I put on? Me? I was merely a bit player in the whole thing" I laughed, with Emma joining me. Sarah chuckled nervously.
    "Hey kid, the circumstances just worked out that way. You work with Emma on set, and I'm sure you've seen her naked before. As for me, well, I'm not the type to be shy, so it doesn't bother me a bit. Don't worry about it, okay?"
    "It was silly, really... I just, um, heard her kind of yell after you went in, and um, I just met you and didn't know what you were doing, so um, I went to check that she was okay, and um..." Emma smiled at her and reached over to pat her hand.
    "That's my PA, always looking out for me! So sweet."
    "Like I said, no biggie. Turns out you found out exactly what was going on, huh?"
    I didn't think she could blush any darker, but she tried hard. Sarah looked quickly at Emma and said quietly "Um, yes, I did."
    I smiled and winked at her, and she dropped her eyes shyly. Emma saved her from me by suggesting they get a look at the scripts Sarah brought over. I made myself busy in the kitchen while the girls moved to the couch and got to work.

    Emma is truly a pro. She dove into the work and blasted through the first script, a scifi thing from what little I overheard as I moved around the apartment. Sarah took a ton of notes, and the girls went back and forth easily sorting out what Emma thought and wanted to feed back to the scriptwriter and director. Finally they sat back and sighed, Emma with her bare feet up on the low coffee table, Sarah tucked into one corner of the couch with her legs folded under her.
    "Okay, ladies, I think maybe you can both use some food after all that alien blasting and exploring. Whattya think?"
    "Brilliant! I am starving!" Emma groaned as she stretched her arms up over her head, tightening her t shirt across her chest and causing me to have heart palpitations...
    I had stocked up the day prior when Emma was at the studio. Her flat was on the top floor of a fairly nondescript building, if you didn't count the private valet parking and doorman/security guy in the lobby. The neighborhood was very diverse, and I had quickly found the little family bodega a couple blocks over. They had everything I needed to keep myself and my woman fed with some style. Fresh fruit and veg, even a little deli counter in back, where I had found the makings of the sandwiches I now presented to the ravenous women.

    I broke out some wine glasses and a nice red I had found in the same shop, and proceeded to pour for everyone. Emma got up and stretched again, arms flung out, with that weird "I'm stretching and look really goofy" look on her face, then flipped me the bird when I chuckled at her expression. Sarah watched while trying to look like she wasn't watching, and hid her smile as she took a bite and kept typing her notes into her laptop.

    Emma came to get her wine, stopping to grace me with a big hug and a sweet kiss first.
    "I think someone's in lust" she said in my ear quietly. I looked down at her as I pulled her in closer, our bodies pressed together.
    "Well, yes, I thought we established that way back on day one..." I said as I kissed her nose and grabbed her ass at the same time, one round cheek in each hand. Emma rolled her eyes and squirmed in my grasp.
    "Not us, you clown. Sarah's been stealing glances at you the whole time we've been working."
    "Oh, stop... she saw a show she wasn't expecting to see this morning. I'm sure it's just shock".
    "Mm hmm", she said as she grabbed her glass and one for Sarah and shook her butt at me while looking over her shoulder.
    "By the way, about working", I began...
    "I know, I know, I'm sorry... I had planned to have today off, but I needed to get a head start on these. I will make it up to you, I promise!!" She waggled her eyebrows at me and I couldn't help but laugh.
    "Okay, okay... If I'm to be a kept man, I should probably get used to it. But yes, my dear girl, you will be working for my forgiveness later!!" I pronounced with a shit eating grin.
    "Ooooo, you have a deal!" She returned, with a look that nearly had me hard in my pants on the spot. Sarah had been watching, with a half smile, but quickly dropped her widened eyes when I looked at her and gave a wink.

    The next script went a bit faster, and I managed to participate a bit. It was for a Rom Com, so I jumped in there as one of the protagonists and made a hash of some of the lines, just to mess with Emma. She gave as good as she got though, and we were all in stitches more than once. Finally we got through it all, and I left the girls to go and order some pizza for supper. I'm house broken, but let's not get too carried away, right? Emma had retrieved the wine bottle somewhere during the second reading, and the girls were feeling no pain. I caught Emma's eyes and waggled the second bottle I had pulled from hiding with an inquiring look. She nodded with a big smile, and finished what was left in her glass.

    One of the many things I had learned about Emma in our time together is that she isn't much of a boozer... Granted, she had been eating along the way, but I could tell she was feeling fine... Rosy cheeks, a little pause every time she stood up, just to make sure her gyros were still working... And she gets very lovey dovey, which I will never EVER complain about.

    By now I was seated on the opposite end of the couch from Sarah, who was bashing away at her keyboard furiously, trying to get her notes in and trying VERY had to not look at Emma and I. Probably because Emma was seated firmly in my lap, arms around my neck, nuzzling my ear and shifting her butt around. We'll just say my pants were starting to feel a bit tight.

    It looked like Sarah had finished up, and she started tidying up her notes and putting stuff away, still without looking at us directly.
    "Well, um, I guess I should go for tonight. I'm glad we got all that done, but um, I didn't mean to use up your whole day..."
    "Ridiculous, dear girl!" Emma said with a smile.
    "You are keeping me from being fired, which I value VERY much, and I am sure you're as hungry again as I am. The pizza will be here right away. Stay and eat with us, would you?"
    "Absolutely, please join us", I added.
    "I said this morning I appreciate all that you do for Em, and I meant it. Hang out with us for a bit, and take off the work face... Kick back and relax, yeah?"
    "We'll get David to take you home later. I worry about you wandering around the city on your own!"
    "Well, I don't WANDER, really... but um, yeah, okay. Thanks. I am kind of hungry. Pizza sounds good."
    "And some more wine!! Garcon??" Emma directed this at me.
    "Yes mum, of course, mum" I said with a chuckle. And unceremoniously dumped Emma on the couch between Sarah and I. She shrieked and both girls laughed as I got up to retrieve the bottle once more. I poured for both of them, and found a beer for myself in the fridge.

    The pizza made it, finally, and we all settled around the kitchen island to eat. Nothing formal for us - get what you want, and if you're not fast enough, well, you lose! The three of us made small talk and continued to drink. I could see now that Sarah was feeling no pain, the same as Emma. I excused myself and made for the bathroom, as I had hit my bladder full light a beer and a half ago.

    As I finished up and washed my hands, I was nearly mowed down by Emma, who burst through the door and dropped her pants to sit on the toilet... That's how you measure your level of comfort with your partner... If they can pee in front of you, they're a keeper. She sighed with relief and smiled up at me sweetly.
    "I think you should fuck her", she said completely out of the blue.
    "What the fuck?" I said in reply, leaning back on the sink and raising my eyebrows in authentic shock.
    "Em, I know you've had a few drinks, but that's crazy talk. What are you on about? That's not funny..."
    "Oh, come on... she's hot, and clearly hasn't had a good pounding lately... Shit, I don't even know if she has a boyfriend. I know you could make her feel good, just like you do to me!"
    "Emma, seriously", I began, as she wiped and flushed, then moved next to me to wash her hands.
    "I'm with you, honey. I don't do that." My brain was spinning. Was my girlfriend really telling me she wanted me to fuck another woman? I had seriously underestimated how drunk she was, clearly.
    Emma dried her hands and wrapped her arms around me, looking up at me seriously now.
    "I know you're with me, Jay. And I'm with you. This wouldn't change any of that. She seems so lonely, and she's always so work focused. She needs a dick! Besides, we've done this before, right?"

    I had to think about that.

    "What? Before... Oh, Cuba?? You mean Teresa and Camila? Honey, we fucked WITH them, but we didn't fuck THEM them... This would be totally different. I'm not sure that's a good idea..."
    Teresa and Camila were our discreetly lesbian friends from the resort in Cuba. We had shared a day on a quiet private beach with them, playing in the nude in the sunshine. It was Emma's first bout of nudist beach time, and she had taken to it quickly. We had happened on the girls having sex, and in a burst of still-new lust, had joined in with them to satisfy our own urges. It had been very exciting, but neither of us had fucked either of them. We just all happened to have had sex at the same time in the same few square feet of beach...

    "Well it's not like I wouldn't be there too. I just know you'd treat her right and make her happy, the same way you make me happy. I want that for her!"
    "Emma..." I started.
    "I trust you, Jay, and I'm with you. This is my idea, but I won't pressure you to do it."
    "Thanks, honey. I just really don't want to take advantage of either of you. You're both pretty tipsy, and I'm not far behind you. I don't want any regrets from anyone tomorrow."
    "Okay, let's put the idea on hold. Maybe we can talk more about it later. Come on, she'll be thinking we're shagging in here again!"

    We made our way back out to the living room, where Sarah was going through Emma's music collection, reading the backs of some of her original vinyl albums...
    "Okay, ladies, last bottle of wine, if you're willing..?" I was half hoping they'd say no, considering how drunk Emma seemed to be, but both of them took a full glass. We made a bunch more small talk, mostly going over studio gossip, and talking about some of Emma's actor friends and what projects everyone was working on these days. Emma promised me that she'd introduce me and arrange for some time to hang out with some of them, as well as some autographs for my daughter, who was a big fan of everyone at her age.

    With the music quiet in the background, we had made it back to the couch, with Emma and I next to each other, and Sarah again at the far end.
    "Sarah, I don't usually pry into your private life, but, do you have a boyfriend? Or girlfriend?" It could easily go either way these days, and the Hollywood crowd really didn't worry about the subtleties like they did in say, Cuba, for example. Sarah sighed, and looked at her glass.
    "Um, no. Not for a while now. We broke up around the same time that you and... Oh!" She looked up at us, panicky.
    "It's cool kid, I know Emma's history, right up to when we met" I smiled at her, and Emma kissed my cheek sweetly.
    "I have ruined her for other men, but that is a burden I will have to bear" I continued, getting an elbow in the ribs and a scowl for my troubles.
    "Twat" Emma mumbled, almost under her breath.
    Shockingly, Sarah actually giggled.
    "Yes, I saw that earlier..." she said, then her eyes went wide, as she realized that she used her outside voice.
    "I mean..."
    Emma burst out laughing, and I chuckled. The blonde was beet red now, and stammered out "I'm so sorry..!" Emma reached over and grabbed her hand.
    "It's okay sweetie, we already talked about it, don't get all worked up again!"

    I managed to disengage myself and got up to stretch.
    Emma saw this and said "Hey, why don't we head up to the hot tub? I know I could use a good soak!"
    I nodded "good idea, honey. And if you play your cards right, I might just give you a rub later, too!" Sarah gaped at that, but Emma made it worse.
    "Oooo, sounds good, and then if you give me a good enough rub, I could give you a rub and tug!!"
    I laughed and shook my head.
    "Perv" I offered.
    "Doofus" Emma fired back with a grin. Sarah just sat and goggled at us both, mouth open.

    "You guys are awesome!" she finally blurted out. "I'm drunk, for sure, but you guys are the sweetest, and the sexiest, and did I mention that I am really drunk?"
    We all laughed and left our glasses on the island as we headed to the back room and the stairs up to the roof. Emma and Sarah had linked arms and were trying to sing together. I don't even know what song it was, but it was terrible. Because of my grimace, Emma dug her fingers into my ribs as they passed me where I held the door open for them. I took a half hearted swing at her butt, missing by a mile as the girls both shrieked and jumped out of range.

    One of the best things about Emma's top floor flat was that there was a small swimmer's pool, the kind with a current built in, and a hot tub on the roof. The hot tub was built for 4, not huge, but then, we usually only had 2 in it.

    Without really thinking about it, I started to undress, and slid into the hot water after dropping my drawers on the deck. I looked out at the girls, suddenly aware of what I had just done. Emma had a big grin on her face, and Sarah looked like she'd just been hit with lightning...
    "Uhhh, yeah. Whoops. Sorry. Didn't even think about it. Remember when I said I'm not shy?" I offered as an apology, shrugging and sinking lower into the water.

    Emma started to take off her tshirt, and reality hit for Sarah.
    "Um, aren't we going to wear suits?" Emma stopped, suddenly concerned.
    "Oh, sweetie, I didn't think... Do you want to go back in and get one? We don't usually bother up here. Nobody can see us, and it just feel so good without..." Off came her shirt then, and her proud B cup tits stood out gloriously, nipples stiffening in the cool night air. Sarah watched, eyes wide, and Emma slid her jeans off and then whipped her panties off to add to the pile of clothes I started.
    "Come on, Sarah, I have to get in, the breeze is chilly!" She climbed in and sat next to me on the molded seat, grabbing my hand under the water.

    Sarah looked at me, unsure of what to do.
    "Hey kid, no need to be uncomfortable. I'll close my eyes, or turn around. Or if you want a suit, they're in Em's closet". I turned away to let her consider her choice.
    After a minute, I heard Emma say "there's my mate, well done!"
    There was a small splash and a sigh a few seconds after that as Sarah climbed in and sat opposite us.
    "What the hell. When in Rome, right? And I'm drunk, so I'll blame it on that."
    "The Romans would be bloody lucky to see that body, my girl!" Emma giggled. "So lovely!"
    "Well, I'm no Emma Watson, but thanks..." Sarah replied softly, blushing for the hundredth time that day.
    "Oh, pssshh!" Emma said. We all chuckled and settled down into the hot water. Sarah flinched a bit as three pairs of legs tried to find a path to stretch out and bumped each other, but we got it sorted and sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes.

    "Now THIS was a good idea, honey. I could stay here and prune up for the night, no problem".
    "Mm hmm, feels so nice..." Emma replied.
    "You guys do this all the time?" Sarah asked shyly. She was sunk down as far as she could get, but her long hair was floating around her shoulders which were still visible above the waterline. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, neck resting on the tub edge. Emma nudged me and looked at Sarah pointedly. I just smiled and shook my head.
    "You're impossible." I said, and gave her a smooch, which she returned with gusto. Her hand released mine and moved to my cock. I shot her a warning glance and grabbed her hand with mine again.

    Emma stuck her tongue out at me and said "The only down side to doing this is that it makes me horny as hell". My mouth dropped open and Sarah's head snapped up as Emma smiled at her and slid onto my lap.
    "We don't usually end up spending very long in here, as there's not much room for sex". Emma's tits were out in the open now as she put an arm around my shoulders and shuffled her butt against my cock, which was starting to pay attention. Sarah surprised me again and started to giggle finally.
    "Oh Emma, you're so bad. I wish I was as adventurous as you are."
    "Well, mate, I wasn't always. This fella here really managed to bring me out of my shell." She kissed me again, thrusting her tongue into my mouth to find my own. Sarah watched quietly but attentively.

    "I am happy to be of service" I finally managed as Emma sat back against me and smiled at her PA.
    "I think I might be needing some of that service, Jay. What do you think, Sarah, should Jay demonstrate how well he looks after me?"
    Sarah just looked on without saying anything...
    "I do have to say, in my defense, that I was merely a catalyst for Emma's daring nature... She found her way to everything we have done on her own!"
    "Oh stop, you. I would never have thought about being naked on the beach, or having sex with the girls there, or playing with my ass. You brought me to all of that!" Sarah's eyes were saucers now, but she wasn't going anywhere, either.
    "What do you mean, having sex with the girls there? You've had sex with other people watching?!"
    "Oh yes, it was soooo hot!" Emma was grinding on my lap now, not hiding any of what was happening.
    "And, um, your... Your ass? You've had anal sex?"
    "Well, no, not yet. I really want to try it, but I need to work up to Jay's cock... We've done fingers so far, and I love it. It makes me cum every time!"
    In the limited confines of the tub, it was pretty hard to be discreet with what Emma was doing to me. I reached around her and took hold of one of her tits, cupping it in my hand and running a finger over the nipple, which was already rock hard. Sarah watched closely, not saying anything else.
    "Oh shit Jay, that's nice. Play with my tits, please?"
    "Sarah, you're not saying anything, are you okay? Are we making you uncomfortable?"

    I wanted to make sure Emma wasn't going to end up with an HR complaint and a load of trouble just for being horny... But I was still going to play with her tits...
    Sarah looked at me then, and her features kind of shifted. And then she shifted in her seat, and I felt one of her legs come up and rest alongside my thigh. Her shoulders hunched a bit, and it became suddenly clear that she was touching herself while she watched the show Emma was putting on.

    "I'm... I'm okay. In for a penny, in for a pound. That's what they say in England, right Emma?"
    "Too right, love, too right" Emma gasped. She suddenly leaned forward and pressed her lips to Sarah's, surprising both of us. Sarah hesitated for a second, and then slowly started to kiss her back.
    "See what I mean?" Emma started after they broke apart again.
    "This is the kind of thing Jay inspires me to do - explore my boundaries..."
    Sarah licked her lips and shifted in her seat, adjusting herself.

    I slid a hand up along Emma's back, feeling her muscles move as she ground herself on my lap. She knew what was coming as my fingers traced up the nape of her neck and into her hair, which was already starting to go crazy from the steam and the cool air in contrast. The moan she gave as I clenched my fingers closed on her braid and pulled her head back so I could nuzzle her neck was animalistic.
    " I DO see what you mean... I love having my hair pulled too" Sarah said quietly as she watched us.
    Emma grinned and let out a quiet "Yeessss" as I looked at Sarah with surprise.
    "Oh, hello, who are you and what did you do with Sarah?!"
    "Be quiet", she said, and smiled shyly.
    "You guys are so sexy, I can't help it." Her shoulders were rolling in a gentle rhythm now.

    "Sarah, are you touching yourself?" I asked with a smile.
    She nodded silently as she watched Emma looking at her.
    "Oh, Sarah, I think you need this, love. You're always so serious! You need to have some fun with people that won't judge you!"
    "With what you're doing to my dick, my dear, I think Sarah is going to be judging us very soon, because I'm going to need to fuck you before you rub the skin off me!" That actually got a little gasp from Sarah as Emma looked back at me and kissed me.
    "I think you'd better, we don't want any injuries, right?"

    I put my hands on her waist and helped her stand up, and then I stood up and turned us both so that Emma was kneeling on the seat next to Sarah, who moved her legs to make room. Now that I was higher up out of the water, I could see through the surface and Sarah's body was almost fully exposed to me. She wasn't a tall girl, but her legs were long in proportion to her body. They were up on the seat next to her, and her hands were busy in her lap. Her tits were suspended just under the surface, but I could see her hard pink nipples. Her long hair was still spread out around her on the surface. And her attention was fully on what we were doing.

    Emma leaned forward, lowering her head toward the edge of the tub, and raising her ass up a bit higher, where I was getting in position behind her. The top of her ass and her back were just at the level of the water now. I held her hips with one hand while moving the other to her seriously slick pussy. Emma has an amazing pussy, that is always wet and hot when she's horny. The water wasn't even starting to take away her natural lubrication, and I took advantage, slowly rubbing the head of my cock up and down her pussy lips. She gasped, pushing back against me.
    "Ohhhh, shit. Sarah, he's rubbing my pussy with his cock. It feels so fucking good."

    Sarah switched between looking at me, at where our hips were meeting, and at Emma's face. She shifted again, sitting up and sliding over so that her shoulder was against Emma's arm. Her little tits just broke the surface of the water, but she didn't notice, as focused as she was on Emma right then.
    Emma looked over at her and leaned in to kiss her again. Sarah met her half way, closing her eyes and raising a hand to Emma's face. That was my cue to slide my full length into Emma's pussy in one long stroke...
    Emma broke the kiss to moan, my mouth dropped open with the sensation that kills me every time, and Sarah's eyes snapped to where Emma's ass was pressed back against my hips.
    "Ohhhhhh, FUCK" Emma exclaimed, as I started a slow in and out rhythm.
    "Oh my god, Jay, I love feeling your cock slide into my cunt. It feels SO amazing!"
    "I think it was made to be there, sweetheart. It feels so good on that first stroke, every time..."

    "Oh, wow. That looks so hot. Just like a porn movie..." Sarah began, then snapped her mouth shut, looking at Emma and then me quickly.
    "Aha!! I knew Sarah had it in her!! You like porn, kid?" Emma just looked at her and smiled, trying to keep up with my rhythm.
    "Well, yeah, um, sometimes, I guess. If I don't have a boyfriend, it can help me release some tension..."
    "Atta girl, you keep watching that shit. It's good for you! Emma has a good stash here, actually..."
    "Hey!!" Emma protested, weakly, as I kept stroking in and out.
    "It's okay, baby, everyone does it, and I have definitely benefited from your use of it to wank to... Sarah, you've seen Emma cum, right?? Want to see it right here?? Masturbation has helped Emma learn the art of the orgasm, and I thank the stars that she has!!"

    Emma was panting now, a good sign.
    "Oh, shit. Yes... I... want... to... cum... Please Jay?" Sarah was watching Emma's face, her own hands working under the water.

    "Yes, please. I want to see Emma cum..."
    I had kept up a fast pace, and Emma was starting to lose the rhythm, which was a definite clue that she was close.
    "Sarah, watch Em's face, watch as the colour spreads across her face. You can see it on her chest too, as she gets close".

    Sarah surprised us both then and scooted over, ducking her head under Emma's arm so that she was right in front of her. She leaned up and kissed Emma, looking in her eyes the whole time. Emma moaned through the kiss, eyes closed tightly as she started to peak.
    "Her nipples... Sarah, rub her nipples, throw her over the edge..."
    Sarah's eyes met mine and she raised a hand out of the water to tentatively touch Emma's tits. Emma was losing it now, eyes on Sarah, trying to keep her breath as she slammed her hips back into mine. Her legs were trembling, and a moan built up in her throat as she finally started to cum.
    Sarah watched her face, eyes wide and mouth open slightly as she finally used both hands to rub and squeeze Emma's breasts, running fingers over the hard points.

    "Ohh, fuck! Oh fuck, oh fuck!! I'm cummmminnnnngggg AHhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHH!" Even in the water of the hot tub, Emma flooded her pussy and my cock with her juices... She had a hard time holding herself up, and Sarah sat up to wrap her arms around her, putting Emma's head on her shoulder as she locked eyes with me.
    I fucked Emma through her orgasm until she could barely keep up any movement at all, finally letting my cock slip from her core as she collapsed onto the seat next to Sarah.

    "Wow." Sarah said quietly, looking at me and smoothing Emma's hair with one hand while Emma rested her head on her shoulder, trying to catch her breath.
    I sat back down opposite the girls, watching with affection as Emma got herself together, mumbled a quiet "Thanks, mate" and gave Sarah a kiss.

    We all sat quietly for a minute. Emma came over to me and gave me a long slow kiss.
    "Thank you, sweetie, that was fucking amazing, as usual. But you didn't cum! I can't leave you like this!" She reached down and gently took my cock in one of her hands, stroking slowly.
    "Don't worry, honey, we aren't close to finished yet" I said.
    "Oh good, I was hoping you'd say that," Emma said with a wicked grin on her face.
    "A bit of edging won't hurt me. Might even make the happy ending that much happier!" I laughed, Emma giggled. Sarah smiled at us uncertainly.

    We were sort of back to where we had started in the tub. But there had definitely been some revelations!

    "Okay, Sarah, I think we made a breakthrough of sorts there... What do you think so far?"
    "I think you guys are made for each other, really! It's obvious that neither of you can do without the other..."
    "Too true, love" Emma said, as she moved over to sit next to Sarah, taking her hand.
    "Sooo, there was another first for me just there... I've kissed a girl before, but never while I was being fucked. Your lips are super soft, by the way. I will definitely have to do that some more." Emma looked at me, beaming.
    "Noted", I said with a smirk.

    "What about you, Sarah? Any firsts for you?"
    "Uh, wow, where do I start? I've never been naked in front of anyone except my boyfriend..."
    "And you're stunning, from what I can tell, but to be fair, we haven't really seen much of you - we were pretty busy"
    "Oh, I saw her get into the tub Jay. Believe me, she's gorgeous!" Emma gushed, leaning over to give her a kiss on the cheek.
    "There's that, too... I've never kissed another woman." She looked at Em and smiled shyly.
    "I really liked it, Emma..."
    "Me too, sweetie!" They smiled at each other.
    "Um, I never watched anyone else have sex, except in movies, um, like I sort of said."
    "Yeah, the porn stuff? Everyone does it. It's not some big secret. There wouldn't be a whole industry around it if people weren't doing it..." I offered, as I sat down further in the water, arms stretched out either side of me along ther rim.

    "And I've never touched myself in front of anyone. Like, EVER... Basically this whole night has been something new for me."
    "Same deal, kid. Everyone does it. It's good for you. Teaches you what you like. Lucky for me, it taught Emma how to be a wild shebeast that cums all night long!"
    "Oh, stop, you wanker."
    "Exactly" I interjected.
    "Oh, for fuck sake... Very clever, doofus!" I waggled my eyebrows at Emma and the girls giggled at me.
    "We know you've had boyfriends, sweetie, and you're not a virgin. Um, you're not, right?"
    "Oh, no, not since college..."
    "What have your boyfriends been like? Mine were shit, for the most part. Present company excluded..."
    "Thank you miss, I'm feeling the love..."
    "You're going to feel a foot on your bollocks, you..." I laughed as she grinned at me.
    "They were okay, I guess. I never made a connection like you two have, but it was okay at first. Then we'd kind of get in a slump, and they'd leave."
    "What about sex?"
    "Um, well... sex was okay, but... I don't know, it seemed kind of routine?"
    We all nodded... We'd all been there. Emma and I were lucky to find each other. Well, it was me that was lucky. Seriously. Emma fucking Watson? She could have any man she wanted. Or woman, for that matter...

    Even for LA, it was starting to cool off.
    "Ladies, I think we should move inside... Whattya say?"
    Emma and I stood up directly, exposing basically everything to Sarah's widening eyes...

    I sat on the edge of the tub and swung my legs over, standing up again on the outside. The breeze was definitely chilly. I bent down and gathered up all the clothes that had been scattered around.
    "I've got our duds, let's go already!" Sarah was still looking back and forth between Emma and I, trying very hard not to look directly at my dick.
    "Um, could I get my shirt or something?" Sarah offered.
    "Oh, come along, love. You've already seen everything we have to offer, and it's about 3 and half seconds from here to the door, no time to be bashful!" Emma got out of the tub, and reached both hands out to Sarah to help her stand up and get out. And there was NO way I was going to miss that!

    Sarah stood up unsteadily, grasping at Emma's hands to get her balance.
    Now that she was out of the water, I confirmed my suspicions about her little body. Her hair, wet from the tips to about about halfway up, stuck to her back and shoulders, which were smooth and pale. Her tits were perfect B's, like Emma's, but with a little more weight to them. Her nipples were tight in the chill, and as pale a pink as you could get, almost blending in to the flesh on which they perched. She obviously was a gym rat, as her stomach was tighter and smoother than Em's, with a gentle flare to nice hips. She was also a shaver, as there wasn't a lick of hair to be seen on her mound.
    As she maneuvered to get out of the tub with Emma's help, she turned her hips and showed me her tiny little butt, with two sweet dimples just above her cheeks. Her long legs, proportionally, anyway, were smooth and shapely, all the way down to her tiny feet.
    In short (pun intended), she was wrapped up in a very sexy little package.

    Emma wrapped her arms around her and they dashed to the stairs, giggling. I followed along, enjoying the view.
    Once we got inside, Sarah said she needed the bathroom. As soon as she darted in and closed the door, I scooped Emma into my arms and held her close, kissing her firmly.
    "Alright Watson", I started. "You kicked this off, how far are we taking it?"
    "All of it so far has got me VERY fucking horny" She said, griinning wickedly.
    "Really? Hadn't noticed" I said, rolling my eyes. "Seriously, what's the plan?"
    "You're going to fuck me a bunch more, and I am going to offer you to Sarah" she said bluntly, looking me in the eye unblinking.
    "Still on that, huh?"
    "I still think she needs it, yes. Still concerned?"
    "Well, yes. But I will allow that her reaction so far has been positive. I just want to make sure that nobody is doing anything they don't want to do."
    "Agreed. Leave it to me."
    "Okay. I don't know if I should be worried about you saying that, or really motivated?"
    "I don't think motivation will be a problem", Emma said as the bathroom door opened and Sarah came out, visually struggling not to cover up in front of us, or at least, me...

    Emma took her hand and led her into the bedroom, where they climbed onto the king sized bed. Okay, Sarah climbed on, after Emma laughed and ran from the door to dive and bellyflop onto the bed. Sarah laughed at her as they arranged themselves on the matress.

    "Sarah, love, Jay and I want to make sure you're still okay with all this. The tub was fun, and very sexy, and I for one am super excited that you were there. We aren't done, to be blunt, 'coz I'm still fucking horny and want to keep shagging."
    Sarah smiled shyly at this, looking back and forth between Emma and I.
    "We want to include you." This got a widening of the eyes, and Sarah locked on to Emma now.
    "But we don't want to get you into anything you don't want to do. With either me or Jay". And now Sarah looked at me, and I smiled at her, not sure if she was nervous or scared, as her expression had been pretty constant at what she'd seen and heard already this evening.

    "So I guess what I'm saying is that we want you to watch us, or join in if you want, but only because you want to..."
    "Okay, that's fair. I'm not sure what I want to do, honestly, but I'm not going to run away screaming" Sarah said, raising her chin slightly and smiling courageously.
    "That's perfect, mate. Can't ask for more. Get comfy, then, because Jay obviously suffered from the cold outside..."
    "Hey, hold on a minute..!"
    "So I'm going to see if I can warm him up!"
    Sarah giggled and moved up to sit against the headboard, but then said suddenly "Um, is it okay if I kiss you, and kiss Jay?"
    "Fuck yes" Emma laughed, "Come here, you!"
    The girls got on their knees and waddled to the edge where they managed to meet up and embrace in a tight hug, bodies pressed together. Sarah reached up and smoothed Emma's hair back out of her face, and then moved her face closer to meet her lips. Their kiss was tender and sweet. And incredibly arousing for me. I moved closer to the pair of them, standing by the edge of the bed.

    After a few satisfying seconds, the girls disengaged, and Sarah turned to face me, uncertainty on her face. Emma scooted closer as well.
    "Oh I want to watch this. You are in for a treat, Jay, her lips are so soft!"
    "I have no doubt whatsoever, sweetheart. That looked delicious" I said the last part looking in Sarah's eyes, and her face softened a bit.
    Kneeling on the bed, with me standing next to it, our faces were close to level.
    "Come on, kid, gimme a squeeze" I said, holding my arms open wide.
    "That's what SHE said" Emma blurted out just as Sarah moved into my embrace, causing the little blonde to giggle.
    The heat from her tiny body was intense as I folded her into a hug. Her tits pressed against my chest pleasantly, and I could just feel the little points of her nipples. Our bellies and hips pressed together too, with my semi hard cock trapped between us.
    To her credit, Sarah didn't flinch. Her head was turned to rest on my shoulder, her arms tight around me. I resisted the urge to go for her ass, and we shared a nice simple hug. I felt her breathe out, and she pulled her head back to look at me shyly.
    "Um, it's nice to meet you, Jay. I've heard a lot about you. And it's turning out to be all true!"
    "It's definitely my pleasure, beautiful. Thanks for sharing our adventures tonight". This earned me a sweet smile as I leaned forward to kiss her.
    Sarah's eyes closed and she tightened her arms around me as our kiss deepened. I made a single pass with my tongue across her lips, not wanting to get ahead of her, and was surprised when her tongue came straight across in pursuit of mine. A sweet, wet, gentle kiss. It was only a few seconds, but could have gone on much longer.

    "Now THAT was fucking brilliant!" Emma exclaimed, as we untangled our limbs and I held her hand as Sarah shuffled back to the headboard, blushing slightly...
    "I think I could get off just watching that, honestly." Emma had sat back, propping herself up with one arm. Her legs were spread, knees bent and feet on the bed as she slowly stroked at her pussy with her other hand.

    I smiled at Sarah, "Em is right, you have very soft lips!"
    Sarah was locked on Emma, who was still rubbing her pussy as she beamed at us.
    "Um, thanks... I've always really liked kissing." Sarah sat crosslegged with her back against the headboard, unsure once more.

    "Don't get too comfy up there, lovely", Emma said as she scrambled around onto her knees and pulled me onto the bed.
    "I want you to help me make sure Jay's nice and hard before we really get down to business!" Sarah hesitated a bit, but finally took Emma's outstretched hand and moved over to face her over my waist, as I had laid down between them, propping myself on my elbows to see what would happen next.
    "He's got such a wonderful cock, don't you think so? And it feels SO good when it's inside me..."
    Emma took my semi hard dick in her hand and started to stroke it slowly. She was watching Sarah's face as she did so, and encouraged her further.
    "Go on, love, touch him, feel how his cock pulses when you stroke it."
    Sarah looked at me quickly, then turned her attention back to what Emma was doing. She put one small hand on my thigh, and gently wrapped the fingers of her other hand around my shaft, just above Emma's. Emma gave her the lead, moving her hand down to gently cup my balls, putting her other hand on my belly just above my dick.

    "It's really thick" Sarah said quietly, as she watched herself stroke me.
    "I knew from seeing you before that it was pretty big, but I can just barely get my fingers around it..." With that, she brought her other hand from my thigh to join the first, keeping up a slow rythm.
    "To be fair, kid, you have really small hands", I offered, making both of them giggle. And honestly, I'm exceedingly average in the dick department. A little thicker than some, perhaps. I laid down fully, freeing up my hands. One went right to Emma's fantastic ass, which she wiggled appreciatively, looking back at me with a smile. She was definitely enjoying all of this. I decided then that all of our experimenting had created a monster. But I'm okay with that...

    Sarah flinched a little bit when my other hand landed on the small of her back, making small circles. But her attention was recaptured when Emma leaned over and took the tip of my cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip and collecting the precum that was rapidly accumulating from the special attention.
    "Mmmm, got to keep him wet so we don't chafe the skin right off him!" Emma said with a smile as she sat up again, licking her lips. "And he tastes as good as he feels".
    Emma reached in to help with stroking again, as Sarah leaned down and very daintily kissed the head. She didn't stop there though. Her little pink tongue started to make slow tracks up and down my length.
    And I'm sure I heard a little moan somewhere in there. But it might have been me.

    My hand by now hand moved south from Sarah's back to her tiny little butt. I squeezed and rubbed her pale skin while she licked my cock. My other hand was grasping at Emma's round cheeks too, and she was moving her ass under my fingers.
    I gave her ass a quick smack!! and both girls jumped, Emma giving a little "ow!!" but fairly purring as I rubbed the sting away.

    "Stand up Jay, so that we can both get to work without knocking heads" Emma suggested, as Sarah sat up, leaving one hand on my cock, and licking her lips.
    As I struggled to find my feet, Emma said "So love, what do you think, tasty, right?"
    "He certainly leaks a lot, but yes, it tastes really good. And he's getting really hard. Does he always twitch like that?"
    "Ahem!" I said with a chuckle, "HE is right here, blondie!"

    Sarah blushed and looked at me "Sorry, I um, I mean..."
    "It's okay kid, all of that just means you are doing all the right things. It feels really good."
    That made her smile, for real. As I found my balance between them, they got on their knees and held on to me to keep their own balance. Emma leaned in and started to lick and suck my balls, cutting off conversation. Sarah watched for a second, and then leaned in and took the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking gently. Which took my breath away, combined with the visual of two beautiful women attending to my cock.
    I watched for a few seconds as they worked their magic. Sarah took me about halfway in, while Emma moved from my balls to the shaft and ran her tongue up and down what Sarah didn't have in her mouth. The girls had moved closer to reach without leaning over, and I could see Emma's hand on Sarah's waist, and one of Sarah's on Emma's leg.
    "Holy fuck, girls, that feels amazing..." I said as I put a hand on each of their shoulders.

    As usual, Emma's hair was an explosion, completely out of control. Sarah's long straight hair was nearly dry now, and hanging in a sheet down her back. She had tucked it behind her ears to avoid chewing on it as she joined Emma in running her tongue up and down. It was inevitable, but still sexy as hell when they happened to touch their tongues together, and Emma reached up and pulled Sarah to her for a long wet kiss.

    As their tongues wrestled, I reached up to Emma's neck and gathered what was left of her braid into my hand. The groan she gave when I pulled her head back so I could lean down to kiss her made my cock twitch.
    "Mmmm, fuck yes, Jay. Do you like what we're doing to you?"
    "You know I do, Watson... The evidence is in your hands, and your mouths" I said with a smile. Still bent over, I turned my head to kiss Sarah, who responded sweetly with a smile, and immediately thrust her tongue into my mouth. Her little hands were back on my shaft now, stroking smoothly.
    As I broke the kiss, I looked in her eyes and said "you're doing a wonderful job", making her smile.

    And then she got a look on her face and, while keeping eye contact with me, moved to my dick and took the head in her mouth again, moving slowly down the shaft. But she didn't stop. She kept going until her nose was pressed against my belly, while looking at me triumphantly...
    "Hooooolllllyyyy fuuuuuccckkkK!!" I moaned uncontrollably, pulling again on Emma's hair,and squeezing my fingers into Sarah's shoulder.
    Emma's eyes were like saucers.
    "No. Fucking. Way!! Oh my god, that looks so fucking incredible!!"
    "Sarah, you skank, I am SO fucking jealous right now!" Emma gushed as Sarah slid her mouth off my cock slowly, all while looking me in the eyes...
    "We have been trying to get him into my throat, but my fucking gag reflex beats me every time!!"
    Sarah let the head of my cock pop out of her mouth and grinned victoriously at Emma and then up at me, blushing a bit as she licked her lips.
    "A boyfriend taught me how to do it. You just have to go slow, and open your throat, like you're drinking a big glass of water. And take a deep breath first!"
    "Holy shit, girl, mission accomplished!" I offered, as Sarah went back to stroking my cock.
    "I wasn't sure I'd be able to, it's been a while since I've tried. And my last boyfriend wasn't as big as this, so he wasn't really a challenge". She was beaming as Emma goggled at her.
    "Well then, I think you are going to get him ready to shag, then!" Emma said as she turned me to face Sarah and then moved around behind her to watch and direct the action.
    Sarah seemed a little unsure at Emma being so close, until Emma's hands started to roam her body. The sight of my girlfriend fondling the petite blonde was invigorating, to be sure. And the moans Sarah was starting to produce were helping as well.
    "Suck his cock, girl. Show me how you do it. I know he loves it."

    Sarah ran her tongue around the head of my dick some more, and made a couple passes up and down the shaft, and then looked at me again and pulled the head into her mouth, her tongue working the sensitive underside as she took more and more in, all the way to the root, and back to the head. And then all the way in again.
    "Holy fuck, Sarah, that's so good..." I offered, as Emma watched and played with Sarah's tits, squeezing them and running her fingers over their hard pink points.
    Sarah moaned around my cock as she took me in two, three, four more times. Her eyes were closed now as she focused on what she was doing to me. Or perhaps she was focused on Emma's hand, which had made its way to her belly and down to her smooth pale pussy.

    It was a struggle - do I flood Sarah's belly with my cum, or do I encourage the girls to move on to something else and recover a bit? I decided I needed a breather, so as Sarah made her way back off my cock, I used my hand on her shoulder to remove my cock. Which allowed her to breath deeply and gasp at what Emma was obviously doing to her.
    Emma was nuzzling and kissing her neck, one hand wrapped around her to play with a breast, while the other was buried between her thighs, which were clenched together.

    "Sarah, do you like what Emma is doing to you right now? I have never seen her touching another woman like this. It's obvious that she is enjoying it, and that guarantees that I am enjoying it. How about you? Are you wet? Is she getting all the good spots?"

    "Oh, believe it, Jay, she's wet!" Emma said. "And very very hot!"
    Now that my dick was out of the way, Sarah reached up with one hand to hold Emma's head in place as she turned to kiss her. Their tongues intertwined sloppily as Sarah started to rock against Emma's hand. I knelt down in front of her, and bent down further so that I could get to her sweet little B cups. Her nipples were super hard, but still a very pale pink, almost faded into her flesh. But I found them with my tongue and my lips as I worked one side, and then the other. Now she had one hand on my head to keep me there as my woman and I devoured the young beauty. Sarah was starting to breath hard and move against us as we explored and shared her lips and flesh.

    "Oh, my god, I have never had... um, wow, it feels so nice, I've never had two people do this to me..."
    "You have an incredible little body, my dear. Exploring it is fun for us too, right Emma?"
    "Fuck yes, too right!" Emma said with a giant grin as she leaned around Sarah to kiss me hotly. We managed to all get close enough to alternate kisses with each other for a few seconds. Emma's hand was still busy in Sarah's crotch, and Sarah's hands had found my cock again. I had one hand on Emma's waist, and the other on Sarah's chest as we shared oxygen and wet kisses.

    "Alright, I have to know..." I started.
    "What?" the girls looked up, confused.
    "I have to know if your pussy is as sweet as Emma's" I said with a big grin, as I took Sarah by the waist and rolled her down off her knees to lay on her back on the mattress.
    "Oooo, Sarah love, you are in for a treat. He eats pussy SO well..." Emma offered as she stretched out beside Sarah to keep kissing her and fondling her body.
    They made a beautful sight there, laying next to each other, limbs entwined. Sarah was pale against Emma's still tanned skin.

    I took hold of Sarah's legs gently, spreading them enough that I could get in between and lie down. Sarah watched me almost nervously, but instinctively bent her knees and brought her feet up.
    "Um, I've never really done this..."
    "Huh?" was all I could say, looking at a perfect little peach of a pussy, shaved clean, pink and perfect.
    "You've got to be shitting me!" Emma blurted out as she raised up on an elbow to stare at her friend.
    "You have never had your pussy eaten?"
    "Well, no, not really, I mean... One boyfriend tried but all he did was kind of lick around, and the others weren't really into it..."
    "Holy crap, girl. You give head like that and they don't eat you out in return?!! That's just criminal!" I said, making Emma laugh and Sarah grin uncertainly.

    "Good news for you then, love... You're about to find out what you've been missing..." Emma said as she sat back and spread her own legs, moving her hands down to play with her soaking wet pussy.
    "Emma, you are really getting off on all this, aren't you? I have never seen you so worked up..." I smiled at my girlfriend, and moved over quickly to give her a kiss before returning to nibble and lick at Sarah's thighs while she squirmed underneath my hands. She was laid back, eyes closed, biting her lip. One hand was grasping at the sheets, and the other was moving over her chest, gliding over her nipples.
    "Jay, this is without a doubt the absolute fucking hottest thing I have ever done, or even dreamed of doing... And I am so glad it's with you. You let me explore and learn, and I am so close to fucking cumming right now..." Her head tipped back as she rubbed at herself.
    "Well, my beuatiful lady, I am in awe of what you have shown me, and how willing you are to try things. I am glad I've been able to participate in some of your cumming!" I smiled at her and blew her a kiss as she stuck her tongue out at me...

    Sarah seemed to be getting impatient, as she used one hand to guide my head back to where I was supposed to be paying attention, fingers in my hair.
    I quickly obliged, and after a few gentle kisses on her inner thighs, I ran my tongue in a long stroke from her ass to the top of her pussy. And she nearly squeezed my head like a grape with her legs.

    "Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmy...!" Sarah gasped as I forced my hands between her legs and opened them enough for me to breath... I continued with gentle licks up each side of her vulva, teasing her lips to make an appearance. Sarah whimpered softly, and her thighs trembled gently while I worked.
    Emma had sat up now, still idly stroking her pussy. She was watching intently, not touching either of us.
    "That's so amazing... I get to see what you look like when you're eating my cunt. It's beautiful, really..."

    I encouraged Sarah to put her legs over my shoulders, and she obliged with little shudders. She had both hands wrapped in my hair now, trying to keep my face against her core. She was definitely wet, no question, but she wasn't streaming like Emma does. She tasted wonderful, and as I licked and sucked at her, running little circles around her hooded clit, her whimpers grew to moans. She started to move her hips against me, and I could feel the muscles in her tight little tummy flexing in time with my tongue strokes.

    Emma moved up to lay alongside Sarah again, and watched her face with a smile.
    "Oh, Jay, you are working your magic, I think she's close. She's starting to go red, and you should see her little nips!" Sarah opened her eyes and looked over at Emma
    "I... Am... So... Close... Just a... Little... BiiiitttttOooohoohhhhhhhhAHHHHHHHHHHH!"
    Sarah's thighs clamped around me and all sound was cut off for a second, until she started thrusting her hips at my face. I held on to her cute little ass with both hands as it raised off the bed. Her hands nearly tore hair out as she held my head against her. I worked her clit hard to keep her going as long as I could. She didn't flood me like Emma does, but her wetness was very satisfying, and I drank down as much as I could.

    "Oh, that is fucking brilliant... So hot!!" Emma said, and sat up to applaud.
    "Woohoo!! So amazing!!"
    Sarah collapsed once more, releasing my head and dropping her legs off my shoulders. Her chest rose and fell as she panted through her recovery, one arm over her eyes, the other flung to the side.
    "That was such an incredible feeling... I haven't cum like that before! I think your tongue on my clit made it completelty different!" She whooshed these words out before uncovering her eyes, blinking at the renewed brightness.

    I held up a finger as I homed in on Emma, who looked at me with wide eyes as I grabbed her braid and pulled her in to kiss me. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and wrestled with hers, sharing the taste of our new friend with her. She relaxed and savoured the taste, pulling me closer and deepening the kiss.
    As I reluctantly broke away, I looked her in the eye.
    "As this was all your idea, I thought you should enjoy the profits too..."
    "She tastes fantastic, doesn't she?" Emma teased, with a wink. "I might have to have a go myself..."
    "Hmm, maybe you should." I countered, which made her raise her brows.
    "Really, Em? Surprised now? Look at what we've been doing, you minx..."

    Sarah was watching us with her shy smile back in place... She hadn't moved from where she lay.
    "Weren't you looking forward to having Jay's cock inside you?"
    Emma and I looked at her with surprise, which made her giggle.
    "What? I'm only going with what you said earlier!"
    "Our blonde friend has a point" I said, nudging Emma with my shoulder...
    "I do believe we are overdue for a shag".
    "Oh, please", Emma said, rolling her eyes and giving me a shove.
    "I am certain that Sarah thinks that's all we do."
    "Well, not after tonight" Sarah offered with a shy smile. "Turns out there's SO much more!"
    That got us all laughing and chuckling as we all maneouvered to kneel on the bed in a group.

    Emma grabbed Sarah and gave her a big bear hug, getting a squeak from the little blonde before she returned the favour, the two of them rocking back and forth, bodies pressed together.
    "I think tonight mate, with it being special circumstances and all, that YOU should shag Jay. We have been keeping him waiting, after all..."
    "What?!" I stuttered
    "Really?!" Sarah mumbled from under Emma's hug.
    "Well, it's true, you and I are ALWAYS fucking" Emma said with a giggle, making me throw her my patented "Oh, yeah?" look.
    "And Sarah hasn't had the distinct privilege of feeling this..." Emma reached down and gently grasped my cock, which was coasting at half mast "...roaming around her insides".
    Sarah was looking at me uncertainly.
    "Um, I think that'd be really amazing... Um, if HE wants to?"

    I looked very pointedly at Emma. This was a line we hadn't crossed before, and despite her earlier assurances, I wanted her to be completely good with it before I even thought about it.
    Emma pulled my head to hers and kissed me deeply and passionately.
    Pulling back, she locked her eyes with mine and said "I want to watch you do to Sarah what you have done so well to me. I want to be the outside observer and see what it looks like when you are fucking her. Besides, I am going to be right here the whole time. There's no way I am going to miss a second of it."

    And with that, she pushed Sarah so she fell back onto the bed, and sat down next to her butt, using her hands to open Sarah's long smooth legs, revealing the prize in between. Sarah propped herself up on her elbows and watched as I moved between her stems and started to rub the head of my now very hard cock against her little pussy. She was breathing a bit harder now, in anticipation, and likely because Emma was using the fingers of one hand to now hold open her pussy lips.
    My cock quickly gathered up some natural lubrication and I moved to press the head against her core. Emma moved her hand to the shaft of my dick, urging me on while licking her lips. Her attention was riveted to where Sarah's body joined mine.

    Sarah tensed a bit and exhaled loudly as I slowly slid into her. This girl was five foot nothing and slim, so to say she was smooth and tight is an understatement. I couldn't help but moan as I stroked fully inside. The first stroke is always amazing. With Sarah, it was mezmerizing.
    Even Emma could feel it, quietly muttering "Oh, fuck yes, look at that..."

    Sarah's head fell back and she dropped to the bed, her arms stretching out to her sides to clutch at the sheets.
    "Oh, my god, that feels so fucking good..."
    "Yes, I agree..." I managed as I slowly started up a rhythm of long in and out strokes.
    Emma was watching Sarah's face as she used one hand to gently rub her belly and down to her pussy, just grazing my cock as she explored Sarah's lips while they glided over my cock, sucking in and out with each stroke.
    Sarah's eyes were closed, and she was biting her lip, head arching back and forth with each thrust as her body shifted on the bed under mine.

    Emma laid down next to Sarah and gently began kissing and licking her sweet round B cups. Sarah reached up and ran her fingers into Emma's hair to hold her head in place.
    I reached down and raised Sarah's little feet to my waist, letting her knees fall outward and give us a different angle on our contact points... She wasn't having any of that, though, and she soon wrapped her long legs around me and pulled me toward her. I ended up leaning over both women, who were now kissing deeply, holding myself up on my arms. That raised Sarah's pussy up so that I was driving down into her from above.
    "Oh, shit, yes, that's the way... You're... rubbing me... just the right way... Oh my god..."
    Sarah's breath was starting to get choppy, and with Emma back to working on her nipples, she was beginning to arch her back and trying to raise her hips to meet each stroke. "Emma... I think... Jay's going to... make me... ohhhh... cum soon..."
    Emma pivoted her head to kiss me.
    "Did you hear that, mister?? Sarah's ready to cum. You'd better oblige her, don't you think?"
    "I think that will be a sight to see. Are you enjoying the show so far, my little voyeur?"
    "Too fucking right I am..."

    Sarah was gasping now, all attempts to speak were finished. Her legs were locked behing my back, and she was bouncing off the bed to meet my hips with every stroke. Her head was thrown back, long hair spread out around her, mouth wide open and eyes squeezed shut.
    "Uh... Ohh... Uh... yeah... fuck me... yeah. almost... ohhh... fuck..." was all she could manage, grunting out with each thrust.

    All of a sudden, it was like she had taken a seizure... Her back arched up way off the bed, leaving her head and ass as the main points of contact on the bed. Her chest was glued to mine, hard little points of her tits pressed into my skin hotly. Her arms were slapping at the bed now, alternating with pulling at the covers. Her legs squeezed tight around me, reflecting the same grasping moves her pussy was making on my cock. She had tightened around me so much I almost couldn't continue to move in and out of her.

    She squeaked shrilly, then gasped out a loud "OOOOOOooooooohhohhhhhhhh!yesyesyesyesyesyes!!!"

    "Holy fuck" was all Emma could say as she looked on with eyes wide. She had sat up again, and she had one hand roaming her own tits, pulling at her always hard nipples, and the other buried deep between her own legs...
    "Oh my god Jay, I think you broke her, that was fucking incredible!"
    Sarah was laid out flat now, not moving, not responding to my much slower, longer strokes in and out of her core. I leaned down and nuzzled her face, kissing her gently on the lips, and her eyes, and around to her jawline and neck.
    Her eyes snapped open and she grabbed my head with her hands and kissed me hard, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. I was caught by surprise enough that I stopped stroking completely and rested with my hard cock fully inside her, our hips joined together.

    "Oh, my fuck, I'm gonna..." Emma mumbled, as she rubbed her pussy frantically, sitting next to us.
    "We've... created a... monster... and it's making... me fucking... ahhhh! Cuuuummmmm!!!" Emma came hard on her fingers, rubbing herself through a short but intense orgasm as she looked at us with hooded eyes. She was beyond horny. This was as excited as I had ever seen her...
    Sarah's hands roamed my chest as we watched Emma slowly get her breath back. I reluctantly withdrew from her hot center, and fell backward onto the bed, arms flopped out to my sides. Sarah giggled and Emma quickly moved up to where she could kiss me hotly.
    "That was fucking amazing, boy. If that's what you look like when you're fucking me, it's no wonder I can't get enough..."
    "Well, I think that it's actually me that's been broken..." I offered, with a weak wave of one hand, eyes closed.
    "Oh, you're so fucking dramatic", Emma said as she grasped my still hard dick with one hand, Sarah's moisture allowing her to stroke me with ease.
    "I want your cum. You know how I like it. And I want it. Do you think you can give me what I need?"

    Sarah had shifted around and now she laid next to me, tucked into my side, watching Emma stroke my cock.
    "I know that when Emma tells me she needs something, she really needs it. I think you should give her what she wants".
    "Oh you do, do you? Well I hope Emma appreciates that she is getting what she wants because of what you have done to me here tonight. I think you should ask her if she'll share with you. I am certain there will be enough to go around..." I pulled Sarah tight against me and kissed her sweaty forehead, as she swept her long hair back over her ears to let her see better.
    Emma simply reached up with her unused hand and grabbed Sarah's, pulling her down to rest beside her, heads at my hips. Emma leaned over to kiss Sarah sweetly, and they giggled.

    "That was an amazing show, love, and I am happy to share Jay's cum with you. You'll have to help me get it out of him. And you've made an excellent start!"
    "A REALLY excellent start, actually... I am not far from blasting off..." I warned.

    "Um, how are we going to share? You're going to fuck him again, right?" Sarah asked tentatively as she started to help Emma with stroking my cock, shoulder to shoulder with her boss turned fuck buddy.
    "Oh, sweetheart, he is going to shoot his cum all over our faces, just the way I love it. It is sooo fucking hot. It might even make me cum again..."
    "On our faces? Um, I've never, I mean..." Sarah was looking between Emma and I again, eyes wide.
    "Okay kid, whoa... You have serious deep throat skills, and you've never taken a facial?! I can't believe that!" I laughed.
    "Well, no, I mean, I always just swallowed when they came... I thought that was what you're supposed to do?!"

    Emma slapped my thigh, making me jump.
    "You see?! I am NOT the only woman to have thought that way! Sarah, mate, I firmly believed that was the only way too. And then Jay showed me a different way, and I was hooked immediately!"
    "She actually almost killed herself the first time"... I said with a big grin, earning another slap to the thigh. "Ouch!"
    "I was just eager to see what it looked like..." Emma said in her defense, and leaned down to take a long lick along the length of my cock...
    "Ohhh, well, do that some more and Sarah will get to see it and tell you all about it!"

    The girls were now stroking in unison, and Sarah was cupping my balls, which were tight and ready to launch under their minstrations. Sarah leaned forward and joined Emma in licking along my length, tongues meeting at the head and then lips meeting as I watched. A quick kiss and they went back to my cock again. I let my head fall back and felt my hips begin to move involuntarily.
    "Soon, girls", I said, as I felt the pressure rising. The girls kept going, stroking firmly and keeping me wet with their tongues.
    After a few more rounds of licking, stroking, and kissing, I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold back.
    "Ok, you two... That's about... all I can... take... Here it... Coooommmmeeeesssssahhhhhhhh!"

    It felt like I was being turned inside out through my dick, but I managed to raise my head enough to see Emma stroking quickly, tongue out, eyes focused firmly on the head of my cock, almost willing my cum out... Sarah's face was next to hers, eyes wide, watching in wonder, mouth slightly open as she matched Emma stroke for stroke.

    The first blast made them both flinch, and Sarah shrieked and pulled back slightly. Emma pulled her forward again, and they shared the first rope as it sprayed across Emma's chin, lips and cheek, and then to Sarah's cheek, nose, and forehead.
    "Oh, FUCK, yes!!" Emma grunted as she licked the underside of the head of my cock.
    The second shot went vertical and hit Emma's nose, splashing onto her cheek and further onto Sarah's. Sarah was watching with eyes wide and mouth open now.

    "Holy shit, that's so cool..." She managed, just to get caught across her lips with the third blast... She licked her lips reflexively, and smacked them as she giggled at my random targeting.
    Emma was using both hands to stroke me now, determined to get every last drop.
    Sarah looked on with a smile as my balls drained themselves across the two beauties.

    I had started seeing stars pretty quick, and my dick was VERY sensitive at the moment. Emma knew this and bacame more gentle with her attention, moving to kiss and lick the tip of my cock, not wanting to miss a drop.
    "Now THAT was fucking epic..." Emma finally said, and Sarah giggled again.
    "That was amazing! I have never actually seen a guy cum before! So cool!"
    "Sarah, love, that was the best cum I've seen from Jay since he's been here. And by the way, it looks fantastic on you..."

    Emma leaned over and gave Sarah a quick peck on the lips, licking her own afterward to collect the string of shared jizz that hung between them.
    "That was so much fun! Thank you both again... I don't know what else to say but thank you..."
    "Blondie, you were brilliant. I think the results speak for themselves." I finally levered myself to my elbows and looked at the girls. They were both liberally drenched in cum, faces soaked, with drips forming and falling from their chins and noses.
    As usual, Emma was working to collect as much as she could and get it into her mouth.
    She gasped and giggled when Sarah actually leaned over to lick up a drop or two that had made it as far as Emma's tits.
    "Oh, okay,it's on!" she laughed, and grabbed her friend in a bear hug, running her tongue up one side of Sarah's face as she screamed and squirmed in Emma's grasp.

    The girls hugged and kissed, which looked more like kittens cleaning each other, as they giggled and wiggled and licked each others' faces to clean off all my cum. I had no energy to do anything else, so I just smiled and laughed, and fell back once more, exhausted...

    After a bit, I had a quick shower and dried off, heading back out into the bedroom again. I wasn't sure what the plan was now, but it was super late, and I just wanted to sleep, honestly. I hadn't been certain what Emma wanted to do, but it was obvious she had convinced Sarah to stay. The sight of the two of them, freshly scrubbed from their own showers and still naked, sitting crosslegged on the bed was arousing, but I knew there'd be no more funny business tonight!
    My dick was saying "Hey, that's hot, they're gorgeous! And naked! And I know they like to fuck! But I'm tired and need to recharge, so forget it, bub".

    "There he is, the hero!" Emma chirped at me with a huge smile. "Once more, my man, you have allowed me to explore and experience things I haven't before. I can't explain how much that means to me. I'm so glad I've been able to do all these crazy things with you."
    "Emma, I will always maintain that I am the luckiest man alive. My girlfriend is a movie star with a hidden freaky side that I get to see and experience, and there's no place I would rather be."
    "Wow, you guys are too sweet... Get a room already!!" Sarah blurted out, making us all laugh. "Thanks again for letting me play along. I'll go and hit the couch and you guys can get some sleep".
    "Oh, bollocks", Emma said. "You're staying right here with us for tonight. I hope you don't mind being a little spoon, because you're going in the middle!"

    I moved into my customary spot on my side, and Emma prodded Sarah to lay down next to me on her back. I leaned over to her as she turned her face to me.
    "Thanks for tonight, Sarah. It was a lot of fun, and I know Emma loved it as much as I did."
    Sarah beamed at me.
    "Oh, Jay, that was the craziest thing I have EVER done. Thanks so much for including me..." She placed one hand on my cheek as she reached up to kiss me sweetly.
    "Alright, you two, make way!!" Emma had gotten off the bed and stood at the foot watching us.

    That body, holy crap... She then shrieked and took a two step run before leaping onto the bed headlong, bouncing into place on the other side of Sarah. We all laughed as we bounced around briefly.
    I gently took hold of Sarah's hip and turned her on her side, facing Emma. I shifted my hips forward and pulled hers back against me. She reached back between us and gently positioned my cock under her ass and between her long legs. My dick twitched at her touch, and she giggled quietly and wiggled her ass against me. Which didn't settle things down at all. I ran my free hand up her flank all the way to where her hair was halfway trapped between us also. I gathered what i could into a ponytail and pulled gently to get it out of my face, and to coincidentally open her neck and ear up for a quick nibble. Sarah sighed and settled further against me as I moved my hand down to circle at her ribs and take it's customary place on a breast. Her nipple got hard against my palm almost immediately, and she sighed again... "Ohhh, this is so nice..."
    Emma had moved in face to face with Sarah, and kissed her lips gently.
    "Sweet dreams, mate..." I could feel their legs entwining as Emma snuggled in. Em's arm came across Sarah's body and landed on my own arm, which she squeezed affectionately. Sarah's arm naturally went around her friend, holding her close.

    "Good night, Beauties, sleep well"... Was the last thing I said as we all quckly drifted off.

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