Contest Winner
With: Addison Rae
Written: griffent67
Codes: MF, Oral, Dirty Talk, Spank
Disclaimer: This is purely FICTIONAL and only fantasy

"Win a chance to spend the day with Addison Rae! Just send in your name, address, and number, and 1 lucky person will win a day with Addison!"

I need to win this, I thought. You see, my name is Brad and I'm 24. Since Covid-19 came to America my life has been turned upside down. I'm a recent graduate in L.A. who hasn't been able to get a job because of Covid. Due to the lack of a job, I also couldn't afford a decent house to rent. For these reasons my girlfriend ultimately left me. So the chance to win a local contest made me hope my luck would turnaround. Never mind the fact that winning the contest would mean spending a day with my celebrity crush Addison Rae, or the fact that this was probably just a way for Addison to gain some fame and followers in an easy way…. I needed to win this to prove to myself things were turning around.

After wondering if setting myself up to lose this contest would actually help me or not, I decided what the hell? I filled in the required information, and sent the text filling hopeful at the small chance of winning, and dreadful at the overwhelming idea of losing.

After 2 weeks of feeling hopeful and dreadful at the same time, I received a call from a number I did not recognize. After picking up, I was told I won the contest! The agent told me Addison would pick me up at 9:30a.m. the following Saturday from my house to begin our day together. After hanging up, I sat down and realized that I would be spending an entire day together with my celebrity crush.

I spent the next three days deciding what to wear and how to style my hair in hopes of impressing Addison.

Once Saturday came, I woke up early and got ready for when Addison arrived to pick me up. However, 9:30 arrived and left without a knock at the door. So did 10, 11, and 12. After receiving no text or call, and no knock at the door, I began thinking the contest was just a scam that was never actually going to happen. After another few hours of waiting, I finally heard a knock at the door at 2:30.

"Hey, are you Brad?" I couldn't believe it. Addison Rae was actually standing in front of me, talking to me. After answering yes, she told me to come on in a rude manner.

"Wasn't today supposed to start at 9:30? What happened, I've been waiting for hours?" I said before moving. While I was star struck by her beauty, I was still pissed about waiting for hours.

Shrugging, Addison said, "I got caught up in traffic" and kept walking back to her car.

Watching her walk away made me realize I never noticed what she was wearing. Addison was dressed in a tight white and brown dress that barely covered her ass. While I was still pissed at waiting for hours and how rude she had been, I couldn't help but shut my door and follow her to her car, mesmerized by her thick, round butt.

After we were both in her car, she told me we were going to her favorite local pizza restaurant and began driving. While I tried to make conversation on the way to the restaurant, Addison would only give short answers or head nods. Although I was curious how the rest of the day would go if Addison's attitude remained the same, I was determined to make the day better.

After arriving and walking into the restaurant, we walked to the counter to order and I insisted on paying. We then grabbed our food and walked to a table where I pulled Addison's chair out for her. This action caused Addison's eyes to grow and her look confused before sitting down. She remained quiet and only looked down at her food for 2-3 mins, but felt like an hour before looking up and saying sorry.

"For what?" I asked, however I thought I knew what the answer might be.

"For everything today. For showing up late, barely talking to you at your house and in the car…. Honestly barely acknowledging you at all when today is supposed to be all about you" she replied.

After asking what had happened for her to be this way today, she told me about her boyfriend Bryce and his prank leading up to Valentine's Day.
Addison explained that Bryce wanted to prank the media into thinking he was cheating on her and how it had worked, "but it's made me feel like he doesn't take me or our relationship seriously. I thought we were good together, but this prank has made me realize he looks at us as just another relationship."

She told me that she has been debating breaking up with him, which has been making her cry and resulted in her being late to pick me up and have a rude attitude with me.

"Can I be honest with you Addison?" I asked.

After she nodded yes, I said, "You are out of his league. Any man would be lucky to be with you as beautiful as you are. You shouldn't be with someone who doesn't treat you seriously and wants to pull a prank by pretending to cheat on you. If I were dating you, I would never be able to look away from you, or your body."

I said the last sentence before thinking.

It had only been an hour into the day together and I already screwed it up. I felt like she would feel revolted that I was looking at her body and would want to end the day at that moment.

However, she actually gave me a cute smile, before smirking and teasing me that she already knew I stared at her butt when leaving my house. After growing red in the face and apologizing, she simply started laughing and said it was ok, that it happens all the time.

After she opened up about Bryce, and I stuck my foot in my mouth with the body comment, her attitude picked up and we were able to enjoy lunch. We both talked about our quarantine's, our failed relationships, and about living in L.A. in our mid 20s.

"I can't believe your girlfriend left you! People go through hard times, but it's not often you find a good looking gentleman like you." Addison said.

I simply laughed it off, thinking she was only saying this due to how the day had started between us.

Apparently realizing I didn't believe it, Addison told me how I had already treated her better than Bryce ever did.

After this comment, Addison added a sexy smirk and said, "Before we continue on for the rest of the day, can we stop at my house for a minute? I need to grab something."

"Of course not." I said.

We got up and left the restaurant and drove the 30 minutes to her house. This drive, however, we were openly flirting with each other and enjoying each other.

After arriving to her house, we walk in and Addison said what she needed to grab was in her room and began to walk off. Almost on instinct I turned to watch her hips sway away, staring at her ass again. After her being ok with me looking at her body and openly flirting with me, I was hopeful my luck would continue and this day would lead to something.

What I didn't predict, was at that very moment Addison called out, "Brad come here" only for me to walk into her room with Addison standing there in front of me with only a matching purple lingerie set on!

Upon seeing this, my dick throbbed and quickly began getting hard.

She apparently noticed, as she giggled, walked towards me and pulled me into her room and shut the door behind me.

"Like what you see?" Addison asked.

All I could do was nod yes before getting the strength to ask, "What about your family? And what about Bryce?"

Addison replied, "My family is all out visiting family for the night and won't be back till tomorrow morning. And Bryce and I are done after his prank. All I'm thinking about is fulfilling the contest you won, and that is making today all about you."

After these last words, Addison spun on the spot showing me her ass in a purple thong. Seeing this I let out a small moan at the sight. She then raised her right hand and spanked herself, leaving me to see her butt giggle before she asked, "Did you like that? Do you want to spank me?"

Again amazed at how my luck had turned around, I gave a soft, "Yes."

She then giggled again, before turning around and slowly walking to me, before whispering in a low sexy voice in my ear, "Is that all you want to do? I was told to give you the day you wanted, so your wish is my command. Do you want to bend me over and take me from behind? Or do you want me to ride your dick? Or do you want me down on my knees gagging on your big dick looking up at you?" She emphasized this last part by grabbing the bulge in my pants.

I had never expected to be in this position, and had never had experience being dominant in the bedroom. However, having Addison Rae in a thong offering to do whatever I said began to give me confidence.

"Bend over your bed and stick your ass out" I told Addison, to which she gave me a smirk and said "Yes sir."

After bending over, I walked over to her and gave her a hard spank which made her moan before getting on my knees and pulling her thong down. After her thong was off, I stuffed it in my pocket as a way to remember the most incredible night of my life before looking at her pussy.

I used two fingers trailing up her leg until they reached her pussy, and began playing with her clit.

As Addison started moaning, she began begging me, "Please Brad, please!"

"Please what?" I replied.

"Please finger me! I want your fingers in me, I'm so wet for you."

After hearing this, I took both fingers away from her clit and jammed them into her dripping pussy.

"Oh Brad! Ohhh shit that feels so good!"

I then used my other hand to spank her over and over until her ass began turning red.

"Ohhh shit! Ughhhhhh shit that feels good" said Addison everytime my hand came down on her.

After a few minutes, Addison screamed out, "Ohhhhh I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

With this, her pussy flooded my fingers with her juices before I pulled them out and licked her pussy for the first time tasting her.

I then stood up and turned her around and brought my fingers up to her mouth. Almost instinctively knowing what to do, Addison looked up at me, dropped her mouth over my fingers, and began swirling her tongue over my fingers and sucking all of her juices up whiling looking me in the eyes.

After swallowing her own juices, I told Addison, "Stand up and take my clothes off and take your bra off."

In no time she had my shirt and jeans off and was working on taking my boxers off when my dick sprang from them and slapped her in the face.

"Fuck! I wasn't lying when I said I was going to gag on your dick."

But before she could get on her knees to put me in her mouth, I told her to get on her hands and knees on her bed.

She willingly obeyed and before she could turn her head I thrust my dick in her.
"Oh shittttt you're so big!"

With every thrust Addison began screaming out my name. Her pussy felt so good that I never wanted to stop fucking this girl.

With her screaming louder and louder, I began to worry her neighbors would hear and call her parents so I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her head into the mattress, causing her moans to be muffled, but also causing her ass to stick out more.

This turned me on even more and caused me to begin thrusting even harder.

"mfghfmghmfghfmgh" was all I could hear come out from Addison with her head pushed into her mattress

I then got an idea and grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back to which Addison moaned to.

"Who are you?"

"Addison Rae"

"Wrong!" and I slapped her ass hard again. "Who are you?!"

"Addison Rae! Your fuck toy! Your slut!"

"Good girl, and what do you want?!"

"Your dick! I want you to fuck me till I can't walk tomorrow! I want to suck all your cum down my throat"

And with that, I pulled out, pulled Addison onto her knees and pushed my dick into her mouth

"Is this what you want?"

Addison moaned and nodded yes with a mouthful of dick

"How does your pussy taste on me?"

"mfhgmfhg" she began moaning and nodding her head yes again

I felt my climax coming and put my hands on her head and began face fucking her until I deposited all of my cum into her mouth. After I was done, I let go of her head and she swallowed and opened her mouth to show me it was all gone.

I laid down next to Addison trying to believe today was real, that I had just fucked Addison Rae.

While still thinking about the day, Addison cuddled next to me and said, "Since I'm about to be single, I expect to see you a lot more. And just so you know…. next time I'm going to be the one in control giving orders."

With that, I redressed with her number and thong in my pocket and left knowing my luck had officially turned around.

The end