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Thread: "Birthday Wish 2" with Madison Beer

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    fanfiction "Birthday Wish 2" with Madison Beer

    Birthday Wish 2
    With: Madison Beer
    Written: griffent67
    Codes: MF, Finger, Oral, Spank, Anal
    Disclaimer: This is entirely FICTIONAL and is only fantasy

    While Madison fixed herself to be presentable again to her birthday guests and left the bathroom, I stuck around for a few minutes. Part of the reason was I didn't want to leave at the same time as her and risk someone seeing us leaving a bathroom together and cause Madison questions. The other reason (and the biggest reason) was I needed time to process what had just happened, and what was to come the rest of the night.

    I just had Madison Beer in a locked bathroom, with her tits out, bent over a sink, begging me to pound her into next week and give her my biggest load. And on top of this, she wanted me to take her home, fill all three of her holes, and be hers for the night. While I had never been the submissive type (nor the dominant type before tonight) I was strangely turned on by the idea. The thought of Madison being dominant and telling me what to do made me excited for what was to come.

    After a few minutes of calming down and giving Madison time to get back upstairs, I decided it was safe to walk out. As I walked through the doors I scanned the venue to find Madison talking with a group of people with her back turned. I couldn't help but smirk as I looked down and saw some of my cum leaking down her leg.

    I decided to grab a drink and talk with some of the other guests at the party until it was time to leave. It didn't take long to find some people to talk to, however I kept an eye on Madison because I couldn't keep my eyes off her body, and because I couldn't wait to go back to her place and strip her naked.

    It didn't take long for the party to start dying down as I didn't realise how long we had spent in the bathroom and how it was starting to get later into the night. About this time I saw Madison begin walking over to me and asked, "Are you ready to give me my birthday wish?"

    With my dick giving a quick throb, I smiled and said, "I'm ready to do anything you ask."

    After Madison gave her final thanks and goodbyes, we headed through the back entrance to my car to avoid the paparazzi outside.

    With us both in the car, I asked Madison for the address for her house. She felt it easier to just put the address in my phone to allow the GPS to guide us. However, something seemed off about where we were going and the time it would take to get there.

    "Hey, I think you may have put the long way to your house in the GPS. It's showing it'll take a lot longer than it should" I pointed out to Madison.

    However, Madison knew what she was doing. "No that's right. I want to take the long route. And I think you will want this drive to be as long as possible too." She emphasized this last sentence by running her hand over my crotch before moving it back to her lap.

    Knowing I was going to be enjoying her mouth at some point driving back, I quickly started my car and left the parking lot.

    After only a few minutes into the drive back, Madison asked "So what was your favorite part from tonight?"

    I wasn't sure whether to get straight to my favorite part, or build up to it, so I decided to simply say, "I was glad to see you have so much fun tonight. And it was even better to see you having so much fun dressed as sexy as you are."

    Madison simply smirked and then responded, "Oh so your favorite part was just seeing my sexy little outfit?" She then moved her hand to my right knee and slowly began moving it up as she moved her head in close to my ear and said in a sexy low whisper, "It wasn't having me bent over a sink? Or me telling you I was your little slut? Or telling you all the things you would be doing to me tonight?"

    With these last words Madison's hand had reached my crotch again. "Is this my dick tonight?" Madison asked with an added kiss on my neck.

    I could only nod my head yes with my concentration trying to stay on the road and all of the blood in my body rushing to my cock.

    "Good boy. Now why don't you help me and unzip and pull these jeans down." Madison said, knowing she had me in the palm of her hand. I quickly did as she asked and had never had my jeans and boxers down quicker in all of my life.

    She acknowledged my quickness with a brief giggle before saying, "Already so big and hard for me. I think I want to put this big cock down my little throat now. What do you think of that?"

    Again trying to keep my concentration on the road with what felt like every ounce of blood in my body in my dick, I simply shook my head yes again.

    Madison, who kept teasing, replied to this with, "Oh you must not want my mouth? I couldn't hear anything."

    "Please Madison, I want it" I began begging simply just wanting to feel her mouth on me.

    "That's better, but what do you want?" Madison continued teasing.

    "Please go down and stick my dick in your little throat. Please lick my dick like a lollipop until you gag and swallow all of my cum" I said, not knowing how much more teasing I could bear.

    "That's better…. Oh and I should let you know that I don't have a gag reflex" and with that Madison gave one last kiss on my neck before unbuckling and crawling on her knees in my seat.

    She started by licking from the base to the tip several times, before I felt her head rise up and then hot breath surround my dick.

    With one action, Madison engulfed my dick in her mouth and entered me into a state of bliss. Girls had blown me before, but nothing compared to the way Madison was sucking. She started slowly going up and down while swirling her tongue over the tip.

    After a few minutes in her mouth, Madison grabbed my right hand and began guiding it over to her side of the car. I was confused until I saw that her kneeling on my seat had caused her skirt to rise and expose her ass and pussy. Knowing what she now wanted, I grabbed her butt and said, "Does someone want to get fingered again?"

    "Mfghmfhgmfh" Madison responded by simply moaning and nodding her head with a mouthful of dick.

    With that I took my hand and began stroking her pussy to find out she was dripping wet. I then took two fingers and instantly plunged them into her once again causing her to start moaning more and sucking my dick at a faster rate.

    True to her word, Madison didn't show any signs of a gag reflex as with every thrust into her pussy caused her to push more of my dick into her mouth. With all of her teasing, her skillful work sucking my cock, and the loud moaning vibrations and slopping wet sound of her pussy, I knew I couldn't last too much longer.

    Without me saying anything, somehow Madison must have known as at that moment, she engulfed my entire dick and moaned in her achievement. With her still swirling her tongue all over my dick and the vibrations from her moaning, it pushed me over the edge and I erupted into her mouth. Madison kept her head still until I had finished and I could feel her begin swallowing it. After she had taken all of my cum down her throat, she licked my dick clean before coming up to my ear and whispering, "Good boy. You've given me such big loads in my pussy and mouth. I just hope you have enough left to do the same in my ass."

    I don't know whether we were already close to her house, or if upon hearing these words I drove that much faster, but we arrived in five minutes time.

    After getting out, I followed her like a hypnotised man watching her swaying hips and butt into her house and up her stairs into her bedroom. Upon entering her room, I wanted to get straight to it and went in for a kiss before she held a finger up, then shoved me on the bed.

    Madison smiled seeing my disappointed face, before slowly undressing in front of me. Even though I had just erupted mere minutes ago, my dick sprang back to life seeing Madison Beer standing in front of me naked in only high heels, having discarded her bra and skirt. She slowly strutted towards me before saying, "Suck them. Suck my breasts like I sucked your cock."

    I didn't need to be told twice and instantly brought my hands and mouth to her round globes and began sucking her tits. Madison let out a long moan to this action and threw her head back.

    Smelling how wet she was, I threw myself into action and brought one of her legs up onto the bed with me. This left Madison to balance herself on one leg, but I don't think she cared after I brought my hand up and inserted two fingers into her pussy again.

    "Oh Dylan! Shit that feels so good!" Madison began moaning out.

    Noticing how easily two fingers were to slip in, I brought a third finger into her pussy and began thrusting as hard and fast into her as I could.

    "Oh myyyy… Dyl… keepppp….. going….. keeppp… fingering….. meeeeee" Madison began incoherently yelling out.

    With my third finger inside of her, it did not take long before Madison began screaming that she was close. Upon hearing this, I abruptly took my fingers out, dropped to my knees, and began eating her out like a man possessed.

    "YES! EAT ME! EAT MY PUSSY OUT DYLAN! MAKE ME CUM!" Madison screamed out before my mouth was flooded with her juices. She had the sweetest pussy and I licked all of her juices up like honey.

    I stood back up when Madison asked, "So how do I taste? I've heard I taste pretty good from the dad's and brothers of my fans at my concerts."

    She must have noticed my reaction as she slightly chuckled and said, "Yea, sometimes I find it hot to bring back a fan after a show, and while they are getting a tour backstage, I'm giving the dad or brother a tour of my mouth or pussy."

    I was amazed at her and the thought of her fucking some random guy backstage when she brought me back to reality by saying, "You know, your tongue and fingers were really good, but now I want something bigger inside of me." She grabbed my dick through my jeans at this last comment. "But you're overdressed for it. Why don't you strip for me and lay back on the bed."

    At her command, I lost all of my clothes and laid down on her bed. Madison then crawled up on her bed with a burning desire on her face before twisting and throwing a leg over me to make me face her back and her ass hover over my dick.

    She then smirked back at me and said, "I remember how much you like staring at my ass." And with that, Madison grabbed my dick and impaled herself.

    It didn't matter what position she was in, any sight of her body was to die for and her pussy was heavenly.

    I grabbed her hips and began slamming my dick into her, to only find that she was bouncing up and down on my cock like her life depended on it. After catching her rhythm, I began matching her thrusts which made Madison begin to scream out.


    While I would have liked to have her boobs bouncing in front of me while she was riding me, I loved seeing her ass jiggle every time it bounced off my dick. I then brought a hand off her hip and spanked her ass hard, leaving a hand print.

    "YEA SPANK ME! SPANK ME FOR BEING A BAD GIRL AND FUCKING ALL THOSE RANDOM GUYS BACKSTAGE!" Madison yelled out, which I responded to with another few swats on her ass.

    With the way she was going, I knew I didn't have too much longer before I erupted again, nor did I want to wait because I was ready to go all night with Madison's body.

    I knew I had one thing I wanted to do before I ejaculated again, and in a swift action pulled Madison off my dick and pushed her forward where she landed on her hands and knees.

    Madison knew what I was thinking and said, "Oh, are you going to fuck my ass? You better do it good, you'll be the first to fuck it. I don't want to be able to walk tomorrow after this!"

    I responded to her words with another hard slap to her ass, causing her to yelp and moan, before diving face first into her ass and jabbing my tongue in and out.

    "Oh fuck! Yo- your – ughh your tongue – your tongue feels so ughh good – in my ass!" Madison yelled out between moans.

    I had never ate ass before, but something took over and made me want to do anything and everything I could to Madison's body.

    I then rose my head up and asked, "You ready for it?" But before she could respond, I pushed forward and slowly began pushing forward into her ass.

    "Ohhhhh shitttttttt!" Madison screamed out.

    "You like this? Bending over and having your ass taken by a stranger?" I asked, beginning to get a rhythm going, only helped by Madison pushing herself back trying to impale herself with more of my dick.

    Madison responded by yelling, "YES! I love it in my ass! I loved your tongue in it, but your cock feels so good!"

    "What views better, my ass in a bikini at the beach, or your dick in my ass? You like watching it walk away, or taking it and owning it?" Madison asked, only making me thrust in even harder.

    I grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back, "Taking you ass is! Making your ass mine is the best view!"

    And with that, we both climaxed at the same time, with me dropping the biggest load of the night in her ass.

    We both dropped on her bed, catching our breath and trying to cool off. That's when I noticed the clock beside her bed showed 1am. I was shocked to see how long we had gone at it, until a thought popped up in my head and made my dick throb.

    While she was still cooling off, I grabbed one of Madison's hands and brought it down to my dick to begin stroking it.

    "Wait, you're here to pleasure me! If anyone is going to use their hands, it's going to be you on my pussy." Madison said, while still stroking me without my hand guiding her.

    I simply smirked and argued against this when she said, "No I want you to go back down on me and use your tongue on my pussy. You can't deny me on my birthday."

    I kept my smirk and pointed at the clock, showing her it was past her birthday. "It's not your birthday anymore baby. You're back to being my little slut and doing whatever I say."

    Madison saw the clock and showed a hint of excitement at my words before her face and voice turned into submission.

    Madison then looked up into my eyes, still stroking my dick, and said, "Yes sir. What do you want your slut to do sir?"

    My cock twitched at these words. "Is your ass mine Madison?"

    She continued looking submissive and said, "Yes sir. My ass is all yours Dylan."

    Knowing she could feel my dick getting harder in her hand, I asked "Do you have any toys in here?"

    Catching a slight smile from her, Madison said, "Yes. Do you want to use toys on your little slut?"

    "I will later, right now I want you to lay back and finger your pussy and taste your ass by sucking my dick."

    Obeying immediately, Madison laid down, brought her fingers down to her pussy, and waited for me to bring my dick to her mouth.

    I couldn't wait to see where the night led us, and what toys I would use on my little slut Madison.

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    Nice job!

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    Please do a part 3.

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    Griffent67, you truly have a knack of exceeding my expectations and improving upon your original stories. Both with Madison, and Kyle Jenner stories, you effectively up the stakes and submit an even a hotter piece of fiction that only solidifies my fantasy but improves upon my imagined scenarios with passionate written realities. Thank you, and I hope you keep bringing Madison, Kylie and other under appreciated hotties a new life here with your simple yet successful style of erotic fiction.

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