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Thread: "IDGAF" with Dua Lipa

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    fanfiction "IDGAF" with Dua Lipa

    With Dua Lipa
    Written by TPG
    MF, cheating, handjob, blowjob, spanking, creampie
    This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: IDGAF = I Don't Give A Fuck, by Dua Lipa

    From the very first moment I laid eyes on her, I knew Dua Lipa going to be a world of trouble. There was just something about the way she looked at you, the way she undressed you with her eyes.

    It was the middle of the afternoon as I lay in front of the TV playing video games when I felt someone kick the sole of my foot, looked over to see it was her.

    "What are you doing, loser?" she teased, while scantily clad in her workout attire.

    It was a bold move considering her boyfriend was right outside by the pool, making plans with his sisters over the big family dinner they were throwing in honor of Anwar bringing Dua home to meet his family and friends.

    I had been neighbours with the Hadid's for well over a decade, living in a privately gated community as we did, I had a tendency to spend more time at their place then I did my own.

    Of course, this probably had a lot to do with the fact that Anwar had two very attractive older sisters in the form of Bella and Gigi Hadid.

    In any event, I returned my attention back to the TV which I'm sure peeved Dua off as I suspect she was used to having guys fawn all over her.

    Now, it wasn't that I didn't find her attractive. In fact the opposite was true. I thought she was one of the hottest pieces of ass I had ever met, but considering my friendship with Anwar, I knew I couldn't afford to flirt with her.

    To tell you the truth, I just didn't trust myself to be alone with her.

    "What are you doing inside," I said without taking my eyes off the screen.

    "oh, I need to take a shower, fix my hair, before the guys take me out to dinner tonight."

    Her excitement was both infectious, and annoying.

    "Sounds good, have fun." I quipped.

    There was a long awkward silence before she walked over and without warning, playfully lay down on my back!

    "DUA!!" I exclaimed. "What the fuck?"

    "Come on. Surely you can hold up my weight with those strong arms."

    The cunning little minx was in a flirty mood, and now testing my strength.

    "Seriously? You're crushing me."

    "Are you calling me fat?"

    I rolled my eyes.

    The singer wasn't fat by any stretch of the imagination, but standing at 5'8 (barefoot) the leggy starlet certainly had some mass to her.

    "GOD DAMN IT!!" I finally snapped, as her selfish antics had me crash out of the online tournament.

    Dua snickered, "It's not my fault you suck at video games."

    Without warning I flipped over, sending her hurtling across the floor.

    I reached out to grab her, to pin her down the same way she had done to me, but she sprang to her feet and bolted across the room laughing manically as she ran upstairs, towards the only room with a door that locked.

    I took off right after her and almost caught her on the second floor, until the bathroom door was slammed shut in my face! This was followed by the sound of her laughing hysterically from inside.

    "Not fast enough, babe. You gotta keep up."

    I was furious.

    "Hey, I can wait out here all day long." I told her.

    "Not if I call Anwar," she boasted. "Just wait until he finds out that you chased me up here. He's going to kick your ass!"

    I laughed at the premise, as Anwar was a lot of things, but a fighter wasn't one of them. In fact the dude did just about anything he could to avoid conflict, and usually used his wallet in lieu of his fists.

    I walked back to the stairs to see if I could trick her into opening the door, but when I heard the shower start I figured I might as well go back to my video game, since she was probably going to be a while.

    In fact five minutes later I had almost forgotten about the entire incident when I heard her voice from the top of the stairs.


    I didn't respond.



    "ROBBIE!!!" she shouted.


    "Can you do me a favor and see if there is any shampoo in the bathroom downstairs?"

    "Get it yourself!"

    "I can't. I'm naked."


    "Robbie, please!" she pleaded.

    I got up from the floor and went to get her the god damn shampoo bottle, then brought it up the stairs and knocked on the bathroom door.

    "Here you go, your highness," I teased. "Is this the one?"

    The door opened a fraction and she poked her head through the gap.

    "Yes, that's it!" she said as she reached her hand out to grab it, but I pulled back.

    "Robbie!" she protested.

    Now it was MY turn to be annoying.

    "Here you go, oops." I said while pulling back again. "Nah. I'm only kidding. Go ahead. Grab it ...oops!"

    "Stop it!"

    Each time she reached for the bottle, I made sure to back up a little more.

    "okay, okay. Here you go, TAKE IT!"

    "I can't! I'm naked."

    I shrugged, "Guess you don't want it after all."

    "UGHHH!" Dua growled as she slammed the door shut. "You're such an asshole!!"

    With my task completed, I assumed she had given up and was going back to finish her shower, until the door suddenly opened and she burst out wearing nothing but a towel wrapped loosely around her body.

    "Give me the bottle!" she yelled while lunging at me.

    Dua held the towel with one hand while she reached for the shampoo with the other, as I shuffled backwards into a bedroom until my feet struck the corner of a bed.

    "Stop being a pain in the ass!" she hissed. "Just give me what I want!"

    It didn't even occur to me that the room we now occupied belonged to Gigi, who would have killed us both if she knew.

    "Robbie, stop." Dua pleaded in that sexy, posh accent.

    I stopped to hear her out and took a moment to admire her beauty, standing there half naked and dripping wet, while barely covered in a towel. Her hair was damp and messy while her body glistened from the shower.

    She'd never looked sexier.

    "Don't make me call my boyfriend," she threatened.

    I rolled my eyes.

    "That's all you ever do now, use his name to get out of trouble."

    Dua smirked sarcastically before she suddenly lunged at me again, causing the towel to slip from her hand while shoving me onto Gigi's bed.

    In an instant, the two of us landed on the mattress together, with her butt-ass naked!

    I couldn't stop laughing as the singer panicked and fumbled to cover herself up, but it was too late. The damage has been done. I had seen her naked.

    While I half expected her to throw a hissy fit and march downstairs and get me in trouble, she instead she just stood there blushing and seething at me.

    "You are so dead!" she growled. "Do you think that was funny? You're going to regret that."

    "I dunno about that," I laughed. "Fully shaved Dua? Now that's hot."

    The look on her face was priceless. For once in her life the singer actually seemed lost for words. However, her response to this was to reach out to grab the shampoo again, and we immediately began to tussle for supremacy.

    At this point, neither one of us was willing to back down, and it didn't take long until we ended up right back on Gigi's bed, only this time I made sure to find myself on top.

    I now jammed my hard on against her flailing legs, as her puffy areolas popped in and out of view during the struggle. It was only due to the shorts I was wearing, and my excited state, that my boner pointed straight out. It was hard to miss.

    "You fucking sicko," she snickered at me. "I can't believe you've got a hard on right now."

    "Don't worry, it's not because of you or your body." I lied. "What a letdown!"


    We struggled some more before I used my weight to keep her pinned down to the mattress, and whether it was intentional or not, rubbed my cock against her some more.

    Dua kicked up a fuss, and for a moment I thought I had crossed the line, but instead of pushing me off her, she thrashed around and spread her knees enough to allow me to firmly supplant myself right against her bare crotch!

    "Ugh. You pervert!" she said while putting up a lackluster fight.

    We both knew she could have put a stop to it all at any moment, but despite her 'objections' she was just as turned on as I was. At least, that was the impression I got from the appearance of her rock hard nipples.

    "Dua, are you going to stop?" I said firmly, referring to her temper tantrum. "Stop. Dua? Stop!"

    "Never. I never give up."

    I responded to this by grinding my hard cock into her again, causing her to sigh and bite her bottom lip.

    "ugh, you jerk!"

    "You can't win." I told her. "You've met your match. You might as well surrender."

    There was probably a dozen reasons why we should have stopped what we were doing, particularly as we were grinding on each other on Gigi's bed, but we didn't.

    The stubborn singer then watched as the towel shifted enough to reveal both of her perky breasts. Her tits were now completely exposed and looked absolutely succulent.

    I dare say they were one of her best feature.

    "Stop staring at them," she blushed. "Shut your eyes."

    "Yeah right, princess." I smirked. "Why are your nipples hard, Dua?"

    She couldn't answer, but it didn't matter. We both knew why.

    "All I have to do is scream," she pointed out. "And everyone will be up here in a flash."

    "Go ahead, scream." I challenged. "I'd love to see you try and explain how we ended up here."

    "Explain what? I haven't done anything wrong."

    "Babe. You do realise you're naked right now?"

    Dua smiled.

    "That's the first time you've called me that."

    I knew I had her right where I wanted, and before either one of us could talk us out of it, my mouth latched onto one of her nipples which I hungrily devoured.

    "ohmigod..." Dua sighed, before letting out a quiet squeal.

    I kissed, nibbled, and sucked at her tit, then leaned over to give the other one the same treatment. When I leaned up to steal a quick peck on the lips, Dua grabbed me by the head and pulled me into an even deeper kiss.

    As the singer and I tongued each other zealously, I reached down between her naked legs and effortlessly plunged two fingers into her pussy.

    Lewd, wet, squishy sounds filled Gigi's bedroom as I finger-blasted the UK starlet right there on that bed. This seemed to have the desired effect when she suddenly pushed me onto my back and reached down to grasp hold of my hard cock.

    "You have no idea how horny I am right now," she purred erotically. "Do you like that?"

    All I could do was moan as she lay there naked, casually stroking my cock.

    "How bad do you want to fuck me right now?" she asked rhetorically.

    I barely had time to answer before she slid down my body and impatiently wrapped her sweet lips around the head of my cock! I watched spellbound, as the top of her head bobbed up and down.

    Dua Lipa blew me for a minute or two before I began to pump my hips against her face, causing her to moan and drool all over herself as I fucked her mouth.

    "Fuck it," I snapped. "Get your ass up here."

    The songbird giggled at my horniness, wiped her chin, and moved to straddle me on the mattress. In an instant my hands fell to her soft hips as she reached down between us to carefully impale herself.

    "Mmmm. Yes."

    Her pussy was hot and tight, as she started slowly at first but quickly picked up the pace and whipped her hips back and forth.

    I was surprised to see that the leggy brunette was agile enough to raise her legs into a squatting position, allowing me to place my hands underneath her butt to support her, while I pumped up into her cunt.

    I could tell she was good in bed, as she reached down to gently massage my balls while riding me.

    "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Dua chanted. "Give it to me, fuck me!"

    "Yeah? Take it cock, you little slut!"

    "Nnnghh yes, I'm dirty little slut!"

    Her pussy clamped down on me as she played with her clit and worked towards her first orgasm, before I suddenly flipped the script, pulling her down to the mattress beside me.

    "Bend over and give me that ass," I hissed while squeezing my bell end. "I want you from behind!"

    "Mm.. yeah."

    Dua was only too happy to oblige, eager to have me do all of the work.

    As the "New Rules" star rolled over onto her hands and knees, I made her yelp as I yanked her over to the edge of the bed and was prepping to take her from behind.

    However catching her from this angle, made for an extraordinary sight. Up until that point I'd never realised just how big, round, and glorious her ass was.

    She looked absolutely divine.

    While my initial ambition had been to pound the shit out of her, I instead used my strong hands to pry her cheeks apart, and buried my face in that thick succulent ass.

    "aahh goddd," she cried to the lewd action. "You're such a dirty boy."

    I licked her from top to bottom, and was about to mount her from behind to tax that ass, when we both froze with fear as we heard one of the Hadid sisters enter the kitchen to grab something from the fridge.

    "oh shit, stop!" Dua panicked. "Robbie, please. They're going to catch us!"

    But considering how aroused I was, I slapped her ass for the interruption and made it clear that I wasn't going to stop or take no for an answer.

    "Shut the fuck up, and bend over!" I demanded, while pushing her over.

    "oh god, just hurry!" she hissed over her shoulder. "Hurry up and fuck me Robbie!"

    I spanked her butt for good measure, turning one of her cheeks red, as I simultaneously rammed my cock into her juice box.

    Dua yelped at the rough entry, but I wasn't going to stop for anything or anyone, and grabbed onto her hips and pounded her immediately.

    "oh fuck, fuck, fuckk!" she chanted to the hard thrusts. "Fuck yes baby, p-p-pound me.. yesss!!"

    She sobbed quietly as I pulled her head back into a deep kiss, arching her back sharply, and stared into her dark gypsy eyes as I jack-hammered her drooling fuck-hole so hard that my nuts now smashed loudly into her clit again and again!!

    "AHH AHH JEEESUSS!" she finally exclaimed, shuddering violently as I followed her right over the edge and gushed deep inside her womb.

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    Love it, great work and smooth transition to the bedroom.
    Always holdin' me nutz...

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    Yeah, Due can be a tough gal to crack but TPG always allows my nubile thoughts to take maturation into full blown fantasies that I bookmark always in my heart and mind.

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