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Thread: "I Showed Her" with Camila Mendes & Madelaine Petsch

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    fanfiction "I Showed Her" with Camila Mendes & Madelaine Petsch

    I Showed Her
    Starring Camila Mendes & Madelaine Petsch
    Codes: MF, Voyeur, Public, Oral, Fingering
    Written by MiamiLyfe
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fictional and it is nothing but pure fantasy

    Working as a crew member for the television show Riverdale has been a fun job. Not only does it bring in a good steady paycheck, and the show contains some hot actresses, but also since I am 28 and have been working on the show since Season 1, I’ve become friends with the main cast. I have hung out with them somewhat regularly after a long day or night of filming. One of the downsides of it is that there are a lot of night shoots which means you’re not finishing the day until most people are just arriving at their jobs in the morning. But it also means the few chances you get to live normal hours you make the most of them. That is what happened on this night.

    The show had rented a big cabin in the forest just outside of Vancouver for the week to shoot part of an episode. The first four days were long night shoots, but the fifth day was just a few pickup shots and a reshoot. With the next two days off for the cast before finishing up filming on a soundstage, it meant that since we were done pretty early we had some time to hang out and have fun. Rather than going out and doing something, people decided to make the most of the beautiful large cabin we were at and have a house party. A few cast members made a beer run and ordered some food, while a bunch of us crew members finished packing up the gear. Once everything was packed up, a lot of older people who had families and real responsibilities went home. I, along with some of the other crew members, stayed to party with the cast members who were already enjoying themselves.

    You might think that a house party with a bunch of famous actors and actresses might be different in some way from a house party with a group of everyday people in their twenties, but it’s not. People drank, people grouped together to talk, people laughed, music blared, and some people danced. Though when Madelaine Petsch, Camila Mendes, and Lili Reinhart were all dancing together, the rest of the party seemed to pause a bit as every guy in the room seemed to watch the trio of beauties. It’s funny, having been on the crew since the start, the number of times the game ‘Fuck, Marry, Kill,” had been played with those three among the crew had been countless. While most seemed to stick with their same choice for ‘Marry’ lots of guys’ selections for ‘Fuck’ and ‘Kill’ seemed to fluctuate on any given day.

    After a few hours, things died down as some people started to leave, and other people started to separate from the larger group. I had had a few beers, so I needed to use the bathroom. With the ones downstairs having either a line or being currently in use, I went upstairs. I passed Lili, Camila, Charles Melton, and Drew Ray Tanner in the hallway as they all were laughing about something. After taking a super long piss in the master bathroom, I went to rejoin the party, but on my way I ran back into Camila, Drew, and Lili in the hallway. They were all being quiet and seemed to be listening in on what was happening on the other side of a door.

    “What are you all doing?” I asked, and Lili quickly shushed me.

    “Mads and Mike are banging in there,” Drew told me in a whisper. As if on cue I suddenly heard a loud moan from Madelaine.

    “Harder! Fucking fuck me harder,” We could all hear Madelaine calling out from inside the bedroom. Lili had her phone out and was recording the sounds from behind the door. We all tried to be quiet, but we all could not help but giggle a bit now and then. We stayed listening for a few minutes.

    “50 dollars says they never closed the curtains,” I announced in a quiet voice. All three heads turned to me.

    “What?” Lili asked.

    “I bet when they went in there they never closed the blinds or drapes or whatever,” I repeated.

    “So what?” Lili asked, still not knowing what I was getting at.

    “Did you not notice the large wrap-around balcony the second floor has.”

    “Oh my go, I’ll take that bet,” Camila said with real excitement. “How do we get out there?”

    “I’m pretty sure there is a door in the master bedroom,” I answered. Camila headed towards the bedroom as soon as the words were out of my mouth. “You two coming?” I asked Lili and Drew.

    “I don’t think we should,” Lili said. “Listening is one thing but watching through a window is something else.” I then looked to Drew. I could tell he wanted to come with me, but when Lili looked at him for his answer he decided to stay with her and told me to go ahead. So I went chasing after Camila. From the master bedroom, we went out onto the large second-floor balcony. Neither of us knew how many windows down the bedroom Madelaine was in, but we didn’t need to. The bright lights shining from inside the windows made it pretty obvious.

    “So I guess you owe me $50,” I told Camila as we slowly approached the window.

    “You’re doing this for the money?”

    “No. I still was going to come out here regardless to find out if Miss Cheryl Blossom is a natural redhead or not. But I was right, so I want my money.”

    “Trust me she is,” Camila said matter of factly,


    “Her carpet for sure matches her drapes.”

    “Wait,” I said as I had us stoop just two feet from the windows, “When have you seen her naked?” I had to ask.

    “Of Course. Hell, I have pictures of her naked on my phone.” I looked at her stunned, “The three of us sometimes send nude pics to each other before sending them to guys. Just to get approval that they look good.” My mind was blown at this confession. “What does it matter anyway, you’re about to see her fire crotch in a minute,” Camila said before she crept to the side of the window and peered in. I saw her eyes go wide and her mouth open in excitement as she looked through the glass. I was still stuck in my tracks thinking about what Cami had just told me when she looked back at me and waved me over. I moved closer, and thanks to our height difference (her 5’2” and me 5’10”) I was able to look through the window over her head Scooby-Doo style.

    Looking into the bedroom we both had a clear view of Madelaine naked on the bed getting railed from behind by a crew member named Mike. The sounds of their fucking were much more muffled through the thick glass window than it was through the door, but who needs audio when you have the visual. I was shocked as I looked at Madalaine while she was on the bed.

    “Where did they get handcuffs?” I blurted out. From the window, they could see a side profile. Mads was on the bed on her knees, bent over with her ass in the air, and her hands bound behind her back in a pair of handcuffs.

    “She probably had them with her. The girl is a freak. She’s shown me and Lils her collections of whips and stuff before. I’m surprised neither one is tied down.” We continued to watch a bit more and saw Mike reach down to her ass cheeks.

    “Jesus, I hope she didn’t keep that in her purse,” I said as we watched Mike twist around and then pull out a butt plug that was currently lodged inside of her.

    “No, that she must have had in her already,” Camila replied as we watched it get reinserted into her.

    “Any other secrets about her you care to share?”

    “She knows what she’s doing when it comes to eating pussy.”

    “Really?” I asked, taking a step back to look at Camila. “Do you know that from experience?”

    Camila turned her head and looked at me. “Maybe,” she said teasing me, “Or maybe I’m trying to get you so turned on you jizz your pants.” After that, she went back to watching the free sex show. As I stepped back behind her to watch as well Camila said, "Too bad from this angle you can't see her red bush as you wanted."

    "Yeah, too bad. But, I'm not complaining about what we can see." I said. The two of us just stood at the window and watched them fuck. Camila twitched and swayed a bit as she watched and I adjusted the pulsating erection I had going down my pants leg several times. At one point Mike grabbed the center of the handcuffs and pulled them up, causing her to sit up a bit. It gave us a great view of Madeleine's large pale breast swing and shake as she kept being rammed from behind. As he reached around to grab her tit, she swung her hair to the side so she could look over her shoulder. She looked over the shoulder closest to the window and there was a chance she might have seen me and Camila watching her in the window.

    "Should we move?" I asked when it seemed like she might have seen us.

    "No, it's fine. Knowing her if she did she'll just get off on the idea of us watching." So we just continued to watch. Mike released his grip on the cuffs and Madelaine went right back to bending over at the waist.

    "I can't believe she has such a thick ass," I said as I watched her getting spanked so hard it was leaving a red-shaped handprint on her otherwise porcelain white skin.

    "She's not the only one with a nice ass, you know," Camila retorted.

    "Yeah, but she's just a stacked redhead. You got that Brazilian blood in you," I then took my first real risk with her. "I am pretty sure an ass like this just comes with that," I said as I reached down and grabbed ahold of her ass. The Veronica Lodge actress just let out a little laugh and moan as I started pawing at her ass.

    She started pressing her ass back into my ass and after a little bit, I got a little braver. "You know being Brazilian also usually means…" I trailed off as I worked my hand around the outside of her thigh and toward her crotch only to discover her pants were bulging a bit. Sliding my hand up further I found the reason for the bulge. "How long have you been fingering yourself?"

    "A couple of minutes. I can't believe it took you this long to figure that out."

    "That's not fair," I said as I took hold of her forearm and pulled her hand out of her pants. I then brought her hand up to my mouth and wrapped my mouth around her wet fingers, sucking them clean of delicious pussy juices. As Camila started to slip her fingers from my mouth, I slipped my hand under her pants before she could beat me to it.

    "Just like I thought, completely smooth," I said as I felt around her crotch. Feeling every contour of her pussy, before finally slipping a finger inside. At first, we both just enjoyed the feeling of my finger working her pussy, but eventually, we did return our attention to what was happening back inside the bedroom. The redhead actress still had her hands behind, but she was now on her back with her head hanging off the side and her long hair dangling to the floor as Mike fucked her mouth. Once again though, my view of her muff was blocked, this time because she had her knee up as she laid back.

    "I never would have guessed Mike was packing all that," Camila said as we now had our first clean look at his entire dick.

    "He's not that big," I told her.

    "You're crazy, that's a nice dick."

    "I didn't say it's not nice, I just said it's not that big."

    "Whatever. Just rub my clit. Yeah...yeah, just like that," she moaned as I did exactly as she asked. I worked her pussy with my fingers and just felt my hand getting wetter and wetter, and I could hear Camila’s breath getting heavier and heavier. Through the window, we saw Mike had pulled his cock out of Madelaine and let her out of her handcuffs so that now he could let her ride him as he laid down on the bed. We both watched Mads sink down on his pole, Camila abruptly said, “We’re not going to fuck.”

    “What?” I questioned her, wondering why she just blurted that out.

    “I just, don’t want you to assume that just because we’re doing this that I’m going to let you fuck me.”

    “Camila, if I had assumed that, your pants would be down at your ankles and my dick would be out. Now, shut up and enjoy this. I want you to cum so hard that you squirt so much people are going to think you peed your pants,” I told her as I pushed a second finger into her. Now I had two fingers rubbing the inside of the pussy, and I had the palm of my hand resting right against her sensitive pearl. Using my other hand I undid her belt and the fly of her jeans, making it easier for me to move my hand inside of them.

    Keeping one eye on the redhead and her bouncing tits inside, I began kissing and sucking on the neck of the black-haired actress in front of me. I made sure when sucking on her neck, not to do it too much to leave any noticeable marks that might need to be covered up by the makeup team, but I was going right up to that edge. As I moved my body closer to her, Camila moved back twords me. She now had her ass pressed up against my thigh. She was close, I could tell from her moans and her breathing, plus my hand was just drenched in her sticky goodness.

    I finally stopped working her neck when we saw a bunch of movement on the bed. Madelaine had climbed off of him and gotten on her knees, while Mike stood up and began stroking his dick.

    “I can’t believe you don’t think he’s got a big dick,” Camila moaned as she watched him beat his cock in front of her friend’s face.

    “I know it’s not that big,” I told her.

    “And how’s that?” she asked.

    “Because I’m bigger,” I whispered into her ear as I shifted my weight around so that the outline of my hard cock ran right down the middle of her jeans encased asscheeks, while she rubbed it against me. I then went all the way knuckle deep on her with my index and middle finger. Camila covered her mouth with both hands to stop herself from screaming as she finally came. As Camila’s pussy was squirting all over my hand outside, Mile’s dick was blasting cum right into Madelaine’s face. She just sat there on her knees with her eyes closed and a closed smile on her face as jizz just continuously slashed against her face. Watching what was happening inside, I almost failed to react as Camila’s legs buckled and I barely caught her before she tumbled to the ground.

    True to her word, Camila did not let me fuck her that night. As soon as she stopped cumming she left me hanging, walking away on a pair of shaky legs. I was left using my tongue to clean my hand as I watched Mads and Mike finished up. I was glad I stayed because after Mike got off the bed, Madelaine got off the bed by turning towards the window. She had a big smile on her face as she scooped some cum off her chin and sucked her fingers clean. Once off the bed, she stood facing the window for a bit. I’m not sure if she could see me or not, but that may have been because I was distracted by finally being given a full-frontal view of her naked body, including the bushy proof that she was, in fact, a true red-head.

    After they both got dressed and left the bedroom, I made my way back inside, and soon after I headed home. It was around 3am when my phone went off with a text message. I was not close to falling asleep, so I picked up my phone and saw it was a message from Camila. Opening the text, she said “I feel bad about leaving you like that. Hope these help you out.” Then came three more texts, each was a picture. Each was a picture of a naked woman. While you could not see the face, it was clear from what I had seen that evening that each was a naked selfie taken by Madelaine. As I studied each picture, another bubble with three dots appeared, and then another text message from Camila, “And Lili got a pretty sexy body too.” That too was followed by a picture of a woman laying down showing off her naked body from mid-thigh to her chin. From her leaks, I recognized the nipples in the picture immediately as belonging to Lili Reinhart. I asked if Cami had any pictures of herself she’d like to share, but she never replied.

    Three days later we were all back to work on a soundstage. When I saw Mike early in the day, I gave him a fist bump and told him that I had heard about him and Madelaine. He told me as long as I paid for the rounds of beer, he’d tell me everything that happened after work. Even though I had seen most of what happened with my own two eyes, he didn’t seem to know that, so I agreed. In part because it would have been odd if I had said I was going to pass, and in part to hear what he had to say the experience was like. I saw Camila not long after that, but neither of us had time to talk. We just exchanged greetings and moved on. It was not until late in the afternoon that Camila and I had a chance to talk.

    It was purely by coincidence the two of us just happened to find ourselves walking down an empty back hallway together. She had just come back from lunch and looked amazing in her street clothes. It was nothing special. Just jeans, sneakers, a short white tank top, and a blue trench. Pretty simple, but she was wearing the heck out of it.

    “I guess I should thank you for those pictures,” I told her.

    “I hope they came in handy,” she said with a laugh.

    “I had kind of already taken care of the original situation, but they did come in handy after you sent them to me. And again the next day,” I told her, which made her laugh. “But you still owe me fifty dollars,” I reminded her.

    “Really? Those pictures alone are worth more than that.”

    “True, but a bet is a bet,” I informed her.

    “Fine,” She said. She started digging around in her purse for the cash. “All I have are three ones, a twenty, and three one hundred dollar bills.”

    “Yeah, I usually don’t carry cash.” She rolled her eyes at that answer. We continued walking a few more feet.

    “What if we go double or nothing?” she asked.

    “Okay. What’s the bet?”

    She stopped walking, so I stopped after another few steps and turned around to face her. “Well, you seemed so cocky the other day about how you were bigger than Mike, prove it.”

    “You serious?”

    “Yup. Whip it out and prove it. I know he’s not here to do a side-by-side comparison, but…”

    “That won’t be necessary,” I told her as I started undoing my pants. From what I saw through the window, Mike was about seven and a half inches long and of average thickness. I was about as thick as him and seven inches long, flaccid. So I was feeling really confident as I reached into my pants and drew out my flaccid dick in the middle of that hallway. Camila’s mouth dropped, both in astonishment that I had exposed myself to her and that it turned out that I had not been lying to her.

    “Wow...I guess you won the bet,” she said with her eyes never leaving my dangling phallus.

    “Not yet I haven’t,” I told her. She looked at me like what was I talking about. I then informed her, “Mike’s was technically bigger than this, so you can’t know until I’m hard if I actually won the bet or not.” She just stood there looking at me, or rather looking at my dick for a few seconds before a small smile appeared on her face as she seemed to make a decision.

    “Come with me,” she said as she led the way. I thought about putting my dick away as we walked, thinking we were heading to her trailer. Instead, she turned and opened the door to the one-person unisex bathroom at the end of the hallway. I followed her in and locked the door behind me as she lowered the lid and sat down on the toilet. “Alright, now let me see that cock,” She said.

    I walked over and stood right in front of her. My crotch is almost right at eye level. She snatched my dick in both of her hands and started to play with it.

    “I can feel you getting fatter and hard in my hands,” she said. One of her hands started to stroke my shaft as her other hand went into my pants and pulled my balls out over the top of my boxer briefs. “Even your balls are big,” she said as she manipulated them in her hands. “They’re like a pair of golf balls.”

    When I was fully hard, there was no question that I was both longer and thicker than Mike, and Camila conceded the bet, yet that did not stop her from continuing to play with both my cock and ball. She was not trying to get me off with a handjob, she was just simply playing with it. That was until she lifted my shaft so it pointed at the ceiling tiles, and with her eyes focused on mine, she leaned forward, stuck out her tongue, and started licking my sack. “Gotta appreciate a guy who makes the effort to both clean and shave his ball,” she said before sucking one of my testicles into her mouth.

    “I do what I can,” I replied, which drew a light giggle from her and sent pleasurable vibrations through my sack. She played and sucked on my balls for a bit before giving the underside of my dick a nice, hard, slow lick, and wrapping her lips around the head of my dick. As she started blowing me, her hands began feeling around inside of her purse, until she found what she was looking for. She released my cock from her mouth and raised her phone.

    “Woah! What are you doing?” I questioned her.

    “What does it look like,” she answered as she looked at her phone and pointed it at my throbbing member. “I showed you a pic of Mads and Lils, only fair they get to see one of you.” She looked up to see I was a little uneasy with this. “You can’t tell me you don’t want those two hotties knowing what a monster you have hiding under your pants.” Once she said it that way, I let her proceed. She had one hand holding my dick while she snapped a few pictures with the other.

    “Maybe you should take one with it next to your face, you know just to give them the perspective of something to compare it to,” I suggested, but it was obvious that not even I believed the words coming out of my mouth.

    “Yeah, sure. For perspective,” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Yet to my surprise, she did it anyway. Getting down on her knees on the tiled floor she took a few selfies with cock in front of her face, next to her face, and some with the tip in her mouth. When she was done she put her phone down and began sucking me off. She attempted to deepthroat me, and to her credit, she got a lot further than most women on her first attempt. It took a few attempts but she did accomplish her goal and put herself in the elite company of women who had successfully been able to actually deep throat my big dick. She kept a hand on my dick as she slurped away on it, her other hand, unsurprisingly had found its way inside her now undone jeans. She kept blowing and deepthroating me for another few minutes until she pulled my cock out of her mouth with a ‘POP’.

    “Remember when I said last time that we weren’t going to fuck?” She asked me.

    “Yeah,” I said as she gave me another long tip to base and back lick.

    “That was a mistake,” she said as she stood up. She looked at her watch, “I need to be in makeup in twenty minutes,” she informed me. She then bent over the sink and I helped her push her pants down to her ankles. Camila tossed off her long jacket and exposed her tight plump ass to me. I gave her butt a nice hard squeeze as I moved behind her and pushed my pants down to my thighs. “So do you actually know how to use that thing?” she asked as she bounced her ass against it.

    “Only one way to find out,” I told her as pushed down and slid my dick back and forth along her wet, hairless, pussy lips. I then positioned my cock and slowly pushed into her. She was tight but felt amazing.

    “Holy fuck!” Camila yelled as her tight box was being stretched out. I’d only done a few strokes and had not even pushed my full length into her, and yet her body already shook with a small orgasm.

    I continued to work slowly, stretching her out until she was fully ready. And she let me know when she was ready. Telling me to fuck her faster and harder, and I obliged. There in the bathroom on the back of a sound stage, I had Camila Mendes bent over holding onto the sink as I rammed her with my cock from behind. We looked at one through the mirror as we fucked hard. I thought that she had a real talent when it came to sucking on a guy’s balls, but her master talent was the way she could twerk and bounce her ass as we fucked. It was incredible. At times I stopped thrusting and just let her twerk on my cock. It felt incredible. We fucked with great intensity for 15 minutes, but I could not keep it up much longer.

    “Where do you want my cum,” I asked her through gritted teeth. I knew she was going to head to makeup right after this and then maybe wardrobe, so I knew I could not come on her face and a big ole’ bit of dried cum on her back might be hard to explain away if she needed to take off her jacket.

    “Fucking cum in me. Let’s see if those big balls of yours are just for show or they have something to them,” she told me, pretty much daring me to dump as big a load as possible into her tight Brazilian-American. snatch.

    “Don’t worry, I got something for you,” I told her before giving her thick booty another hard slap. I gave a few more hard deep thrusts, each time pulling out just to the tip before slamming my whole length back into her. On the final one, I thrust balls deep into her and then let her have it. My balls might have gone from the size of golfballs to grapes with the amount of jizz I emptied inside of her.

    “Oh my god! Oh my god, yes!” she moaned as her own body shook with another earthquaking orgasm ripped through her body. I kept my dick inside her until I was as soft as I was going to get while still very much turned on. Pulling my cock out also brought cum leaking out of her, but she did not seem to mind. Rather than cleaning up, she pulled up her underwear and jeans, ensuring that for the time being, she was going to be walking around the set with a pussy dripping full of my cum.

    “Please tell me we can do this again,” I said as I pulled up my pants.

    “Oh for sure,” she replied as she checked herself in the mirror.

    “Good,” I said. “I am going to want to spend a lot more time exploring that amazing body of yours.”

    “That does sound good. Especially since next time we are going to see if we can squeeze that big fat dick of yours into my tight ass,” she told me and then gave me a memorable kiss. She opened the door to the bathroom and started to walk out before stopping. “Oh wait,” she said and then pulled a hundred-dollar bill from her purse and handed it to me. “I always pay off my debts.”

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    That was hot Miami, awesome.
    Thanks to you I think I'm starting to get into that Madelaine chick in a big way.

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    And yeah there is a lot to like about Madelaine
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