Danica Patrick's Obsession (with Maria Sharapova)

It was the evening of Friday, July 2, and race-car driver Danica Patrick and Tennis Champion Maria Sharapova were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Danica's interview had ended and she was backstage heading for the exit when she ran into Maria, who was on her cell phone.

"Hi, Maria," said Danica. "Who were you talking to?"

"Hi, Danica," replied Maria. "I was talking to a friend. We were supposed to head to a huge gathering. Turns out she had car trouble. Can you believe it?"

"Actually, in my line of work, car trouble is an understatement," Danica said jokingly. Maria laughed as well at Danica's comment. "Thanks, Danica," she said, "I needed that laugh, now that my plans are totally shot."

"Say," Danica began, "since neither of us has anything special planned, why you and I go to my place and have our own gathering, just the two of us?"

"I'm up for that," said Maria, as the two ladies went out the door.

They arrived at Danica's hotel room after a moderately long drive. Maria was in awe at her current surroundings. "Wow!" she exclaimed, "this is a really lavish place!"

"Isn't it, though?" said Danica. "Well," she added, "now that we're here, why don't we get the party started?" The 5'2" brunette then proceeded to remove her black dress."

"Danica, what are you doing?" asked Maria.

"Oh, come on!" scoffed Danica. "What did you think I meant by 'our own gathering'?" She then planted a long, sexy kiss on Maria's supple lips.

The gorgeous blonde was then pushed down on Danica's bed by the petite beauty. "Do you know how often I dream about you?" Danica asked. Maria shook her head shyly. "On a daily basis, I dream about having you in my room, on my bed, just like this. I undress you so I can feast my eyes on your tall,sexy, finely toned and tender nude body." And Danica did just that, taking off Maria's yellow dress.

"I see," was the only thing Maria could say.

"And then," Danica said with an evil smirk, "I move closer and kiss your soft, luscious lips." She then proceeded to do exactly as she had described to Maria.

"Oh, really?" said Maria, whose interest was beginning to increase. "And then?"

"Then," Danica said, licking her lips oh so lustily, "I begin licking your beautiful breasts, like this." She kissed and licked both of Maria's luscious tits. Brittany was beginning to like hearing Danica's tale of her erotic fantasies. Danica’s mind started to race as she looked over Maria’s tall body. It was very fit and the sheen of sweat from the drive over made her look even hotter.

"Mmmmmmm," Maria pleasantly purred. "What comes next?"

"Not 'what,' blondie," teased Danica. "It's 'who'."

"Who?" asked Maria looking abit puzzled.

"It's you!" ….."You're the one who comes, after I lick your pussy clean!" Danica said seductively. Moving closer and closer to Maria's tight russian pussy, the raven-haired beauty added, "I promise I won't make you scream too loudly." Danica then placed one hand gently on her inner thigh to make her spread her long toned legs a bit more so she had better access to Maria’s virgin pussy. Danica moved over, getting above Maria, Danica’s face hovering directly over hers. Danica shifted a bit and the tip of her fingers pressed gentally against the entrance of Maria’s pussy. Danica noticed how she flinched at her touch and kissed her lips lovingly before she made the next move. Danica’s left hand trailed from her face over her neck and her shoulder, down to the hard perky pink nipples on her breasts and caressed her until she relaxed again. Danica then slowly slid her fingers over Maria’s clit - sending a spark up the blonde’s spine - and gentally pushed into Maria’s VERY tight virgin pussy. one finger penetrated Maria, wiggling about sparking cries of passion loud enough to be heard from miles away. Danica was surpised Maria responded like this so quicky but continued anyway. Danica gently bit one of Maria’s nipples, then the other, while fingering her faster and faster. Danica continued fingering Maria's luscious pussy, sampling her succulent virgin juices as she did, and making the 6’2” blonde scream nearly loud enough to break the sound barrier. "OOOHHHHH YES! YES! YEEEESSSSS!!!" Maria shouted in undying ecstasy. "FUCK MY PUSSY!!! TAKE MY VIRGINITY…….PLEASE DANICA PLEASE!!!!" Maria moaned loadly with trembling lips as her back arched as if she wanted to dive even deeper into the pleasure as the climax gripped her and flooded through her body. “ This is only the beginning my beautiful piece of ass” …“ I know you’re not bi or even gay but I’m going to break you and I don’t care how long it takes even if it means I have to keep you on your back all night long……I disire you so much” Danica replied seductivly. “ but I’m not that way “ Maria said while trying to catch her breath. “ You will be soon “ Danica replied while slowly probing around Maria’s untouched asshole. “Wait……no….not there ! ” Maria said with urgency. “No!” Danica hissed as she suddenly slid her finger into Maria’s ass. Maria’s ass clinched tight in shock as her eyes bursted open from the double penitration. “AHHHHH…..PlEE….PLEEASEE ST…STOP DANICA !” Maria cried but hearing Maria’s pleads just fueled Danica to DP her even faster. All of a sudden Maria started bursting with multiple orgasms exploding out of her like a hurricane. Maria’s juices coating Danica’s face as the fourth orgasm in a row blasted through Maria’s tight russian pussy hitting Danica in the face in several large bursts. “That’s my girl” Danica said happily as she licked her lips. “You taste so good”. Danica wiped some of Maria’s pussy juice from her face and made Maria taste it. Getting up slowly and looking down at Maria’s exsosted face Danica said sternly “ Now I’m going to ride you harder and faster then any car I’ve ever driven, I know you’re limber and I know you’re a virgin and now I’m going to take you past your finishline and beyond” . Maria was so spent she could’nt move or even respond.
Noticing Maria was dead weight at this point and realising she pushed her to hard to fast Danica disided to lay down next to the exsosted sharapova.
Danica looked at Maria, who was desperately trying to compose herself. She was proud of the erotic act that she performed. "So, Maria,"….."have I pleasured you enough, my love?"

"Ye….Yes…..you certainly….. ha…ve," said Maria with barely any energy or breath.

"Good." said Danica confedently…….”Because tomorrow I’m not only going to test your flexibility but I’m going to pop your cherry as I use my personal dildo in every virgin hole you have and I’m not going to stop untill you agree to publicly date me”. As Danica waited for Maria to respond she noticed that she fell asleep from being ran threw.
Danica covered her with the silk bed sheets and tucked her in tenderly while wispering softly in her ear …” You have no idea how much I truely love you baby” Then kissed her softly on the forehead before turning out the lights and leaving the room.

…….Maria did end up dating Danica but it took allot of effort on Danica’s part to convince to do so and over the course of time they both tought eachother a thing or two about love and really grew to love eachother deeply.

The End