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Thread: "Cruel Summer Nights" with Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction "Cruel Summer Nights" with Olivia Holt

    Cruel Summer Nights
    With Olivia Holt
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc, shower, oral, anal, squirting
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    It was just after midnight as Olivia Holt opened the door to her hotel suite, and without so much of a word, took Cade by the hand and led him into the bathroom. It was only when she untied her fluffy white bathrobe that her brother realised that Liv was in fact completely naked underneath.

    "Go ahead and strip," she insisted as she leaned over to adjusted the shower faucets, allowing him to admire her naked form.

    "Sis, I don't think this is a good idea." he told her. "I shouldn't even be up here. What if someone finds out?"

    "Don't be such a baby." she quipped.

    Cade took this opportunity to glance down and admire his sisters bare ass, and had to admit that she really did have an amazing body. Olivia smirked and looked over her shoulder to catch him staring.

    "Are you just going to stand there and check me out?" she grinned. "Or are you going to do something about it?"


    "I didn't invite you over to just WATCH me shower, Cade."

    As it turned out, Olivia and her cast mates had arrived to The Beverly Hilton hotel where it had been arranged for them to have a "COVID safe" screening, which consisted of them spending the day in their own private hotel rooms, where they could enjoy the premiere from the comfort of their own balconies.

    The CRUEL SUMMER star had been held up there for most of the afternoon, until she finally grew bored of teasing various people via text and hit up her brother and asked him to sneak over. Naturally, Cade was somewhat sceptical about the seeing her as she didn't want to get her in any trouble, but Olivia quickly changed his mind when she proceeded to send him a series of naked pictures of herself (without revealing her face of course) and it was enough to spur him into action.

    "You better get your ass over here," she wrote in one of the texts. "My fingers are getting a real work out today. I need you here now!"

    Cade took a deep breath as he stripped down in record time and joined his naked sister in the shower, where he did as requested and caressed her nude body, while she got up on the tips of her toes to thank him with a sweet kiss on the lips.

    "Don't forget to do my back," she teased, giggling to herself.

    Noting how tense he was she began to berate me.

    "Cade, will you relax. What the hell is wrong with you today?"

    "We've never done this at a hotel before." I reminded her.

    Olivia turned to face me.

    "It's fine. No one knows you're up here. They think I'm alone."

    "But what if someone comes to check up on you?"

    "They won't, and besides you can just hide for a few minutes." she answered. "It'll just be like old times, remember?"

    As Olivia spoke, her brother continued to lather her body regardless. Fact was that despite all the risks, Cade just couldn't keep his hands off her even if I wanted to. It was something Olivia knew all too well, and something she was counting on.

    "Just relax, babe." she said before kissing him again. "You know I'd never let anything happen to you."

    Cade shrugged.

    "Beside, you're here now so we might as well make the most of it."

    "Is that why you invited me here?" he replied. "To stand here and wash your back and be your slave?"

    The actress smiled as she reached down to grip his thick cock with her soapy hand, giving it a firm tug.

    "Yes, and other reasons."

    Her brief but intentional actions made him moan audibly.

    "Now get back to work," she quipped. "I need your hands on me."

    Cade picked up a bottle of scented shower gel and began to lather every inch of her exquisite figure. He made large, slow circles around her perky breasts—always approaching, but never quite touching her delectably hard nipples.

    Frustrated, Olivia pushed out her chest hoping her stiff peaks might get at least a glancing touch, however Cade had other ideas and was intent on pampering a different part of her body.

    Each time he completed a circle around her breasts, he'd stop to let his hands drift down the front of her torso and allow his fingers to travel an inch lower towards her pussy, until he ultimately cupped and fondled her. Olivia gasped to this action, and pulled him into a deep kiss—shoving her wet tongue into his mouth.

    They kissed some more as Cade ultimately dragged his lips across her neck and breasts, then down her hips and belly before he finally knelt down in front of her in the shower. With his sister watching on intently, he started at her feet and worked his tongue along her ultra smooth thighs, driving her stir crazy.

    "Mm.. stop teasing me." she whimpered from above.

    "What's wrong?" he teased back, turning the tables on his domineering sister. "What do you want sis?"

    "You know what I want."

    "Tell me."

    Olivia grinned, knowing how he always got a kick out of hearing her talk dirty.

    "Asshole." she retort. "You're going to make me say it aren't you."

    "Yep." he nodded, while reaching up between her wet legs to gently play with her pussy. "Say it. Tell me what you want me to do, sis."

    "Mmm, do it. Eat me." she whispered hotly. "Eat my pussy, Cade. Please."

    With that, Cade raised one of her legs onto his shoulder and dove right in, taking her breath away. She groaned while running her fingers through his hair, grinding his mouth harder against her, as his tongue explored every bit of her sweet little cunt.

    "ugh yes..!!" she panted, shutting her eyes. "Right there. Don't stop."

    To their surprise, Olivia was already surging towards an orgasm as he reached up to roll one of her erect nipples between his fingers.

    "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck," she gasped loudly. "You're gunna make me cum in your mouth..!"

    Within seconds, her entire body shook violently as she came.

    "OH FUCKK...!!"

    As the orgasm surged through her, Cade continued to eat and slurp at his sisters cream-filled taco like a man possessed. In fact he gulped down her flowing juices enthusiastically, her fluids now dribbling down his chin.

    While Olivia stood there trembling on her feet, trying to compose herself, he suddenly stood up and kissing her on lips, forcing her to taste herself, before taking her by the hand and pulling her out of the shower and towards the bed.

    The siblings were still naked and dripping wet from the shower they had shared, when Olivia suddenly took charge and pushed her naked brother onto the large king-sized bed. There, she sauntered around the bed and climbed up to sit directly on her brothers face, placing them into a sixty-nine position.

    The actress moaned as his tongue immediately lapped at her honey pot, flicking up and down in long strokes while she lent forward to take his long cock into her mouth, working her way down his shaft, deep-throating him until he hardened in her mouth.

    Cade freed an arm from beneath her, to reach up and spread her ass cheeks wide above his face, and sucked on her rubbery pink lips. The two siblings made quite the scene, both wet and naked on the bed, both moaning and panting while locked in a sixty nine.

    It was only when he pressed the tip of a thumb against her backdoor, that Liv gasped out loud.

    "Hey, don't even think about it pal." she spluttered, with a mouth full of cock.

    However, Cade was determined to make his late night visit worthwhile. in his mind, if they were going to take the risk of getting caught having sex in a hotel room during a screening, then why not make it a memorable night.

    At first, Olivia giggled at his persistence and wiggled her hips to try to persuade him from playing and fingering her ass.

    "Cade, quit it!" she hissed, spitting his cock out of her mouth to rebuke him.

    But her brother wasn't taking no for an answer, and continually returned his attention to her butthole.

    "You don't know how much I want to fuck your ass right now, sis." he admitted.

    Olivia giggled.

    "Stop, don't say that." she told him. "You know I don't do that."

    "I know but..."

    Noting this, Olivia took his cock out of her mouth with a satisfying pop and rolled off her brother to lay on her back beside him, her legs spread wide open.

    "Wow, you're really obsessed with it huh?" she said, while laying there openly playing with her pussy.

    Cade nodded.

    "Well..." she paused as if to contemplate something. "I don't see anyone stopping you?"

    Her brother quickly shuffled around and moved to position himself between her spread legs, only to hear his sister rebuke him.

    "Ah-ah, but before we do that. You have to do something for me first."

    He then watched as his sexy sister reached over to guide his cock against her warm, slippery pussy and rubbed the helmet up and down the length of her pink pussy.

    "Hmm.. you're really wet right now."


    "I think it turns you on." he smirked. "I bet the idea of getting fucked in the ass, really turns you on sis. Just admit it."

    Olivia refused to answer him or admit it, but the smile on her face spoke volumes and told him all he needed to know. In any event, Cade slowly buried his wick inside her and proceeded to fuck her with deep, slow thrusts.. just the way she liked it.

    "Mm.. Mm.. so, what if it does?" she finally said between pumps. "That doesn't make me a slut."

    "Of course not," he assured her. "Rub your clit, while I fuck you sis."

    The actress obliged as her brother leaned over to kiss her on the lips while slowly and methodically fucking her on her back. When he began to pick up the pace and saw his hips back and forth, his nuts slapped firmly against her ass sending jolts of electricity up her spine.

    "ugh. Yeah, fuck yeah." she grunted. "Just like that. Deeper. Yeah. Fuck me!"

    Cade gradually picked up the tempo, changing depth and pressure whilst watching those perfect little titties jiggle with each thrust. He then felt Liv wrap her ankles around his hips to pull him in closer, harder until she had his entire shaft inside her pussy, his heavy nuts now smacking even louder against her butthole.

    At this point she was being pushed along the bed with each thrust, and soon her head was dangling off the end of the mattress—bit they dare not stop now. She rubbed her clit vehemently as he began to jack-hammer her on that cot, her eyes never leaving his. Her eyes constantly pleading, begging him to fuck her harder, faster, deeper still.

    "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!" was all she could muster, as her baby brother railed into her sweet little cunt.

    Everything was perfect until, Cade decided to take things to the next level and without warning, grabbed her by the arm and flipped her over and onto all fours on the bed. At first Olivia gasped and giggled, and actually seemed confused, annoyed, and somewhat irritated.

    But at that point Cade was determined to get the most out of their sex session, so he forced her into position and pulled her back towards him so he could take her from behind, doggy style. Olivia was initially slow to respond, until he suddenly gave her ass a good, sharp swat!

    "Ouch!" she yelped at the sting, before cooperating.

    Without missing a beat, Cade grabbed hold of his sisters flared hips and entered her like a hot knife through butter, SLAMMING himself home in her. This swift and brutal entry caused her to grunt out loud, but before she could think of anything to do or say, he immediately began to pound into her like a man possessed. Olivia reached beneath herself to rub at her clit, and looked back at her domineering brother with a mixture of lust and despair in her eyes.

    Even though they both knew that she despised getting taken in such a submissive position, Liv couldn't help but marvel and swoon over her little brothers sudden enthusiasm to fuck the shit out of her—and she liked it.

    After a few more hard thrusts in the doggy style position, he grabbed her neck and pulled up her into a vertical, more upright position so they could kiss each other on the mouth, over her shoulder.

    Her brother wordlessly instructed Liv to arch her back sharply while he fucked her, and was soon rewarded with her moaning into his mouth and actively pushing back against him, spurring him on.

    In fact, Olivia seemed to enjoy this position so much that her moans intensified and they sensed she was nearing climax. That's when he did the unthinkable, and reached down and grabbed her arm—the one play with herself at the same time, and moved it away from her clit to stop her from reaching orgasm.

    "UGH—NO! Fuck... why?" she panted helplessly, looking back at him. "Why did you stop me..? I was so close..!"

    Cade simply grinned at her anguish and pushed her forward onto the bed, leaving her to lay there face down-ass up. He then grabbed hold of her hips again, and proceeded to pound her sweet little cunt into next week, with a fierce passion.

    The pint-sized actress cried out with glee, allowing him to dictate how they were going to fuck, and when he was going to LET HER cum. In all the encounters Olivia had shared with her brother, this was the first time she'd seen this side to him and it both thrilled and frightened her.

    That's when he decided to do something unexpected, and he pulled out and pressed his bell-end against her tiny shit-pipe!

    The entire ordeal happened to fast that Olivia barely had time to respond to it, much less say anything. Instead her brain was still trying to catch up from the pounding she was receiving, only to now feel that same wonderful cock pushing its way into her pristine ass.

    Holt immediately tensed up and attempted to object, but barely got in a words out as her brother pushed into her tight little starfish and dominated her ass.

    "UGH, FUCK," she grunted through gritted teeth. "CADE! What the fuck...!!"

    "I'm not finished with you just yet, sis." he told her. "You can cum, but only when I tell you! Understand?"

    "Yes. oh god. Yes." was her reply.

    "Now play with your cunt!" he directed, permitting her to rub herself while he probed her backdoor.

    Her groans quickly increased in volume and soon turned into ear-splitting wails. It was surely enough to alert most of the hotel, much less the other co-stars who were spending the night in nearby suites. However despite her best efforts, Olivia just couldn't make herself shut up and now screamed down the wall of the hotel room.

    "UNNGH FUCKK! YES...!!"

    "Where's my cock, sis?"

    "Fuckk," she whined. "It's in my ass! You're fucking my ass right now!"

    He slapped her butt for good measure.

    "Who's ass does this belong too?"

    "It's yours!" she almost shouted. "It's always been yours. Oh god, my ass belongs to you Cade."

    Cade moistened the fingers of his other hand, then reached underneath her and started rubbing her clit as he continued to ass fuck her. However as it turned out, this duel onslaught was way too much stimulation for her, and without warning Olivia suddenly squirmed free and flipped over, then grabbed him by the neck and pushed him back onto the bed.

    "You little shit..!" she growled while mounting him. "Yeah? You want to take my fucking ass huh? Let's see you do it then!"

    Cade lay back willingly, happy to stop and catch his breath as his famous sister grasped hold of his cock and carefully guided him into her snug backdoor chamber.

    "Holy shit..." he muttered, while completely embedded inside her poop shute.

    "Yeah? Is that what you wanted?" she hissed down at him, while wiggling her hips to accommodate him. "Are you happy now?"

    Having planted her feet on either side of his hips, the onetime gymnast began to gradually ride his hard cock, and ultimately bounced herself above him, slamming herself down with loud grunts.

    They continued in this position for a few short minutes until Olivia's thighs seems to give out, allowing Cade to pull her over to the side of him on the bed without taking his cock out of her ass.

    There, he grabbed hold of her neck and pulled her into a deep kiss, while now fucking her ass sideways on the bed.

    "DON'T STOP POUNDING ME...!!" she implored. "DON'T STOP FUCKING MY ASS...!!"

    Just hearing this tone from her was enough to set him off and his cock soon twitched, swelled and exploded inside his sisters tight confines—jetting his load deep inside her bowels.

    In truth, neither one of them had ever intended to have anal sex or allow Cade to ejaculate inside his sister, so the shocking act itself seemed to push her Olivia over the edge and triggered a multiple climax which actually made her squirt all over him.

    Cade gasped at the revelation, watching spellbound as his sisters pussy actually squirted all over his stomach while he busted a nut deep inside her backdoor. Olivia seemed to scream something raw, primeval and inarticulate as her entire body trembled violently while she came, again and again.

    When he eventually pulled out, the siblings both lay lifeless for a minute still trying to come to terms with what had just happened. However the silence was ultimately broken when Cade snickered at the sight of his seed slowly dribbling out of her freshly fucked ass.

    "Damn sis, that might be the sexiest thing I've ever seen." he said, while running his fingertips up and down her slick body.

    "I can't believe I just let you take my ass like that," she quipped with a grin. "You're so bad. What am I going to do with you?"

    The siblings giggled when all of a sudden they both turned white, at the sound of someone knocking on her door.

    "Hey Olivia, are you okay in there?" a female voice asked.

    Worse still, the woman outside sounded like she wasn't alone.

    "Are you alone in there?" someone said. "Sounds like someone is getting tortured in there."

    Olivia and Cade immediately glared at each other in panic.

    "Shit. Hide!"

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    FUCK!!!! That was hot as fuuuuuuuck. Don't stop this bolt train.

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    Another awesome story, TPG! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK

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    God damn, what a story.
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