Sweet Ass Revenge
With Miley Cyrus
Written by TPG
Codes: MF, S&M, spank, toys, anal, voy
WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

To say I was pissed would be the understatement of the century. I just couldn't believe the little whore had cheated on me.

It all started a few hours earlier when the boss was gracious enough to give us the rest of the day off, and with a few hours to kill I decided to surprise Miley with a little impromptu visit, knowing that it was the middle of the afternoon and she usually had the entire house to herself.

I guess you could say that it had been a while since I had done anything as impulsive or spontaneous, and the gesture alone caused me to smirk to myself as I sped towards her parent's home in Toluca Lake and noticed that the driveway was empty.

This was the sign I had been hoping for as it meant that her family were still out and about and running errands, leaving her all alone in the huge mansion.

Feeling bold, I parked my car down the street and carefully climbed over the side fence and slipped around the back of the house, like I had done many times before. There I quietly opened the back sliding door and entered the large home through the kitchen, before I immediately detected her voice from the end of the hallway.

"Hmm. You're home." I thought to myself. "I knew it. Time to spring my surprise."

Holding my breath, I carefully tiptoed down the hallway and assumed that she was either on the phone or watching TV, but instead I simply glared in muted horror as peered around the corner and found Miley on the sofa with some guy I had never seen before, both of them butt-ass naked and having sex.

To chagrin, the teen starlet was completely naked and straddling her mystery lover. For his part, he happily squeezed and groped her pert young breasts as she keenly wiggled her hips and rode him like a bucking bronco.

"Ugh. Oh. Yeah." she grunted aloud as she flung her head back enthusiastically. "Fuck Yes. I love riding you're cock, baby."

For a moment I thought I was going to be sick, as I watched her bend forward and kiss her partner on the lips, all the while as her hips continued to grind back and forth over his manhood.

I fought the impulse to just rush over and beat the guy to a pulp and instead staggered back into the kitchen and returned to my car outside. Dumbfounded, I sat there for quite some time thinking what to do before I finally drove to a nearby bar and downed a couple of shots of whiskey while trying to comprehend what I had just witnessed.

I just couldn't believe the little slut and cheated on me, especially after all the trouble we had endured to keep our relationship a secret.

It was bad enough that Miley and I had hooked up during her last sell out concert tour, but even worse still that I was close friends with her father and was almost twice her age.

As I wallowed in my misery a plan of revenge suddenly began to form in my mind, which was now fueled by alcohol. The guy of course could not be blamed, I decided.

The poor bastard was just some clueless "dick" who most probably had no idea that she was attached. She had after all announced on her Twitter page that she was currently single, and proclaimed (and even boasted) that she was still a virgin no less.

No, my revenge was going to be directed solely upon her. I checked my watch and figured her "guest" would most probably still be there.

Pulling out my cell phone I decided to call her number and see what she would say, see if she would sound different or peculiar. I called the house and had to bite my tongue as Miley finally answered the phone after several rings, and was clearly out of breath.

"Err. Hello?" she answered excitedly, stifling a giggle.

"Hey sweetheart," I remarked, forcing my voice to sound normal. "Did I catch you at a bad time?"

"Huh? No, not at all." she stuttered, as I heard panicked whispers in the background.

"Are you okay?" I inquired. "You sound a little out of breath there. What were you doing?"

"Oh. I was just talking to Selena." she lied. "And I forgot where I put the house phone. I had to run around to find it."

I again had to hold my tongue as I listened to her stammered lies.

"Listen, what are you doing later tonight?" I posed. "I was hoping we could get together?"

"Oh. Really. That would be great." she exclaimed. "My folks are for the weekend, so I have the entire house to myself till tomorrow."

"You never told me that." I replied.

"Oh. Um. It must have slipped my mind."

While she tried to think of an excuse, I gripped the receiver and mouthed insults at her, called her every name under the sun. Naturally, she didn't hear a word and assumed she was in the clear.

"Hmm. Well in any event why don't you put on something sexy for me."

"Err. Okay?" she giggled nervously.

"Because tonight I want to have some fun." I added.

While Miley giggled, she also seemed to be distracted by something.

"You know I was thinking about you a lot today." I told her.

"Um. Me too." she replied half-heartedly.

God only knew what her "friend" was doing to her as we conversed. Truth be told I didn't want to think about it as it would drive me absolutely insane with rage.

"I really need to see you tonight." I insisted. "I haven't seen you in a few days, and I want to do something special tonight."


"Tonight, I want to eat your ass Miley." I grinned. "I want to lick that pretty little butt until you beg for mercy."

Miley giggled sweetly and suddenly seemed preoccupied, as though she really needed to get off the phone.

"Uh, okay. Um. I better go." she remarked. "I can't wait."

"I love you," I said, just as she hung up the phone in my face.

I was absolutely enraged.

After I hung up, I had one more drink before I paid my tab and walked over to the nearest adult store.

Taking my time, I made a few purchases before I went back in the direction of the house and waited outside in the car, going over the scenario playing out in my head.

For some added confidence I helped myself to a little bump and cleared my nose of any powder before I slipped over the fence again and was happy to discover that the backdoor to the kitchen was still unlocked from earlier.

Inside, I stopped to listen for any tell-tale signs of her presents, and immediately heard the quick clicking sound of high heeled shoes which told me that the teenage hussy was aware of my presents and was rushing to pose for me.

My heart sank at how happy that sound would have normally made me feel. Instead I felt incredibly angered, as I started to wonder just why she had cheated on me and ruined everything.

As turned to check the kitchen door, I almost fell over when I looked back and found myself face to face with the sexy harlot, who was scantily clad in nothing but six inch heels and a tight black mesh body stocking.

"Whoa." I gasped, at the sight of her incredible ensemble.

The outfit itself was completely sheer and see-thru, and was strategically cut at the navel which fully revealed the curvature of her breasts.

Underneath she appeared to be completely naked, while her feet were adorned with dangerously high stilettos aka stripper shoes. They appeared matched the color of her glossy red lipstick, making her lips seem even more luscious than usual.

Leaning back against the wall with her hips jutting out, her red tipped acrylic nails gently caressed her pert breasts.

"Did you miss me?" she purred, as I stopped for a moment to take in her phenomenal outfit.

Miley really seemed to be pulling out all the stops to impress me, which was surprising considering her late afternoon romp.

I assume it had more to do with guilt than anything else. Noting my stunned reaction, she simply smiled and stepped away from the wall and bent forwards, pinching her already erect nipples while keeping her smoky-blue eyes locked on mine.

"Well?" she teased. "See anything you like?"

"Holy. Shit." I replied as she slowly turned around to show me the back of her outfit.

"All this for me?" I remarked through gritted teeth.

"Of course, baby." she replied. "You know how much I like to dressing up for you."

Her hips swayed sensuously as my eyes were riveted to the movements of her tight round butt. Miley bent at the waist and slowly pulled the thong down her thighs, revealing the moist pinkness of her fully shaved pussy.

"Guess what. I have a surprise for you." she claimed. "I shaved for you today. Because I know how much you like it when it's totally bald down there."

The songstress briefly bent over for me, exposing her teenage sex before her hands went back to her chest, playing with her nipples.

"You're such a cock-tease, Miley." I smirked. "You always have been."

"I know, right." she agreed while rolling her tongue over her top lip. "But admit it. You love it."

I moved towards her and stared into her eyes, hoping she couldn't detect the coldness in my heart.

Tipping her head back, she swung her arms around my neck and offered me a kiss, but I could only feel revulsion at the thought. I didn't want to think about where those very lips had been just a few minutes earlier.

Instead I bent down and suddenly swooped her up off her feet, and carried her through the large family home and up the stairs towards her bedroom. There, I bypassed her bedroom and slipped into her parents room instead which featured a very large and expensive Californian-styled bed.

While Miley squealed with delight I could tell that she really had reservations about screwing around on her folks mattress.

As I tossed her body onto the sheets, she immediately attempted to get up to run off to her own room but I quickly grasped her by the wrist and pulled her back to me, and invited her to suck my dick.

The actress-turned-singer immediately proceeded to perform oral sex on me, and spreading her knees wide she dropped her hand between her legs and offered to give me a show.

"Hmm. You're in a playful mood today." I quipped.

"You want to watch me play with myself?" she offered, as she knelt back on her elbows on the bed and leisurely caressed her gleaming slit.

I had to admit that for a moment I was almost tempted to abandon my initial plans and just take her then and there. She was a hard woman to ignore, especially when she looked as good as she did.

"Nah, roll over onto your stomach." I insisted, forcing my lips into a smile. "Let me see that tight, teen ass baby."

"But I thought you wanted to eat me?" she purred, rubbing her pussy through her body stocking. "I'm really horny today, babe."

"No I will, I promise." I replied. "Just roll over first. I want to see that butt. I've been thinking about it all day."

Miley happily obliged as I took the opportunity to swiftly straddle her legs.

"Do you trust me, sweetie?" I asked.

"Of course," she answered, still giggling. "Why?"

With that said I then produced a set of leather handcuffs from the bag I carried, and I quickly bound her wrists behind her back.

"Hey!" she pouted, tugging against her restraints. "Not fair."

"Just relax." I whispered into her ear as she squirmed her butt beneath me.

"Hmm. Kinky." she grinned.

Without wasting another moment I jerked her hips high into the air and swiftly peeled her sticking up over her ass, leaving her lying there in a very vulnerable position.

"Don't move." I ordered, as I admired the scene before me.

Miley Cyrus now lay there naked from the waist down, situated in the doggy-style position with her hands cuffed behind her back and her face pressed firmly against the mattress.

"Err. What are you doing back there?" she whined from the mattress.

"You look so fucking good right now." I muttered, staring at her tiny little butthole.

She indeed was absolutely hairless, and possessed an exquisite body.

"Deacon, please." she whimpered while trying to struggle against her restraints. "I don't know if I like this."

Ignoring her pleas, I knelt down between her thighs and gently spread my hands over her buttocks, caressing her tender flesh.

Suddenly, images of her riding her lover earlier flooded my mind and my hand rose up and fell sharply across her bare butt, causing her to shriek with surprise and cry out in pain.

"Ouch! Hey." she snapped as I spanked her again. "Deacon. What the fuck are you doing?"

I stared at the red palm print on her pale skin.

"What's it look like I'm doing. I'm spanking you." I explained, slapping her butt twice more.

"Ouch! Stop it. Please." she began to sob. "I don't like it."

"But don't you think bad girls should be punished?" I teased, slapping her reddened ass again.

"OUCH!! What are you talking about?" she sniveled, genuinely confused.

"You've been a bad girl, Miley." I sneered down at her. "And you deserve to be punished, you little slut."

I punctuated my statement with more slaps before I continued.

"You're a dirty little fucking whore, Miley." I told her. "Who deserves to have her butt punished."

Miley initially giggled at my words, but then froze with fear as she realized I was serious. Her breathing suddenly quickened.

"What do you mean?" she stammered huskily.

"I dropped by the house earlier today, and saw you entertaining your new friend."

Suddenly aware of how vulnerable she was, fear seemed to grip the young starlet.

"Don't you think you deserve to be punished for that?" I asked her, my voice dangerously low.

"Deacon, please. This is crazy." she tried to explain. "Can't we talk about this?"

"Talk? First of all you need to admit that I caught you red handed. And then you need to admit to me that you're a lying, cheating, little slut."

"What? OUCH!!"

"Say it. I want to hear you say it, Miley." I demanded. "Tell me you're a dirty little whore."


"Say it! "

Miley resisted for a moment before she finally relented.

"Err. I'm a... No." she stated defiantly.


"OUCH!! I'm... I'm a dirty little whore."


"I'M A DIRTY FUCKING WHORE!!" she yelled in her rasping tone.

"Good girl." I smirked.

With that said, I reached over and withdrew a leather strap from the bag, and without warning landed a sharp strike across her bare buttocks. The singer gasped out loud at the pain and then cried out hoarsely as the next blow struck her again.

"UGH! Please."

Despite her pleas, I found a nice rhythm swinging the strap across her derriere and soon her ass was covered in bright red welts. It seemed that in the process of punishing her I had inadvertently whipped her pretty little pussy a few times as well, causing her to sob and now beg for mercy. Taking pity on her for just a moment, I paused to catch my breath and laughed down at her.

"Are you sorry for what you did?"

"Yes! Yes. God yes." she sobbed. "I'm sorry, Deacon. So sorry. Please."

"No you're not. You're just sorry you got caught." I accused before I slapped her ass one final time, causing her to scream out in pain.

"PLEASE!! Untie me, Deacon. I'm begging you." she said more defiantly. "I don't like this game. It really hurts."

"Game?" I repeated. "Are you fucking kidding me. You think this is a game?"

Feeling bold, I then mocked her about the entire ordeal.

"I know. Why don't you go online and twitter about this to all your fans." I scoffed. "Since you do about every other little fucking thing in your life."

"Why are you being so mean?" she whimpered.

Laughing cruelly, I pulled another item from the bag as Miley again felt fear grip her body and she felt the cold sensation of fresh lube being squirted across her reddened buttocks and bunghole.

It was no secret that I had always wanted to take her ass, but for whatever reason she had almost always refused, apparently claiming that it was something she would only offer to her husband.

"Ohmigod. No, Deacon. Please." she implored, apparently sensing what I had in mind.

"Shut the fuck up." I growled, before I rubbed a single digit against her puckered anus and felt her quiver with anticipation.

"Lie still." I told her. "I know what I'm doing."

To my surprise the mischievous little pop-tart did not oppose my probing finger, and in fact let out a soft moan as I slipped it past her anal ring.

In fact I quickly discovered just how exceptionally tight the Hannah Montana star was back there, so much so that it required me to add a considerable amount of pressure with my hand.

"Ugh. Fuck." she finally grimaced. "You bastard."

"Hmm. You like that don't you, my little slut."

"I hate you!" she hissed back, before her protests were interrupted by several moans.

"Hmm. Yeah, you like it."

"Oh. Deacon." she let out involuntarily.

With no time to waste, I was soon spearing my index finger in and out of her tiny little starfish and marveled at the way her body now responded to the anal probing. Hearing her moan, I soon found myself caught up in the moment and without thinking proceeded to add a second digit to the first, and now fucked her teen ass with two fingers.

"UGH! Fuck." she grunted erotically. "Deacon. My ass."

"Where are my fingers right now, Miley?"

"Oh. God. They're in my butt."

"Do you promise to be a good little girl from now on?" I teased.

"Yes. Oh. Yes. I swear."

I wordlessly responded to this by adding a third digit, once again stretching her shit pipe and forcing an additional finger inside her tiny bunghole.

"UGH! FUCK!!" she grunted aloud, as her body thrashed against her restraints and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

"You like that don't you?" I sneered, as I proceeded to glide my fingers in and out of her gapping-hole.

"Oh. Please."

"I can tell you like it baby," I chuckled evilly. "Cause your teenage butthole is gaping open at me right now. I wish you could see it."

Squirting some lube, I then gently eased my fingers back inside her ass for a few minutes and ultimately felt her rectal muscle loosen slightly to the assault.

"Mm. Look at you." I snickered. "You can't get enough of this."

I was referring to the fact that while she may have objected initially, her hips now seemed to move on their own accord and almost encouraged me. She was now instinctively swiveling her hips and grinding her ass against my probing digits.

It was one of the sexiest displays I had ever seen. Suddenly, I withdrew my fingers and reached into my "bag of tricks" and produced a butt plug I had purchased earlier that evening.

I then watched with fascination as her twitching rectum eagerly swallowed it all up in one go, and finally clasp around the narrow base, holding it in place.

"Oh. You fucker." she gasped against the mattress as her ass held the toy firmly in her butt. "What are you doing to my ass. What are you sticking in my butt?"

"I'm only giving your ass what it needs." I replied back.

"Ugh. Are you happy now?" she snapped back. "Degrading me like this?"

"Oh, no. You're not getting off that easy." I told her as I leaned forward over her head and pressed the end of my cock against her face.

"Just be glad I don't take out the ball-gag I bought and wrap it around your face."

Miley seemed taken aback by my aggressive tone but no less grinned and complied.

"What are you waiting for?" I hissed. "Suck it. Suck my dick."

As the teen star happily parted her lips and took the head of my cock into her warm mouth, I grasped her firmly by her long dark hair and picked up the pace and began to fuck her mouth for several minutes, while she groaned in approval and squirmed blissfully with a large butt plug in her ass.

"Take it. Take it all you fucking little whore." I chastised her. "Suck that cock and clean it with that tongue. Spit on it. I want you to get it nice and wet."

Miley happily complied.

She coated my cock with saliva, as I reluctantly withdrew from her hot little mouth and stood directly behind her and aimed my sword at her gleaming snatch, her tight little butthole still occupied with a plastic dong.

With a deep breath, I slowly rubbed the end of my bell-end against her tight teenage clam, and gently thrust forward to impale her, filling her up and in the process treating her to some double penetration.

Judging from her response it was the first time she had ever experienced anything like that before, and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. All decorum and modesty flew right out the window.

"UGH. Oh you fuck!" I heard her gasp before she glanced over her shoulder and flashed me a seductive glare.

"Feels good, huh?"

"ohmigod. ohmigod. ohmigod." she chanted erotically. "I can't believe you're fucking both my holes right now."

"Hmm. Who would have thought, Miley Cyrus filled at both ends."

I held that position for just a few extra moments before I took her breath away and I withdrew from her sopping wet pussy and pressed the tip of my cock against her puckered anus.

As I slipped the gleaming butt-plug out of her derriere with a pop, I reached over and stuffed it into her open mouth, shutting her up and causing her to moan at the sheer depravity of it all.

"Just swallow that plug and shut the fuck up." I snickered, as Miley squirmed and twisted within her cuffs.

Despite her efforts, my shiny thick pole slowly entered her backdoor and finally filled her teen ass with meat.

"Mmmpphhff. Fuck." she muttered with a mouth full of rubber dong.

"Shut the fuck up." I blared down at her, my anger rising again. "You fucking little cunt."

Now with just a few inches buried inside her, I gripped her by her thick luscious hips and finally thrust forward, driving my cock deep into her young bowels and causing her head to fling back.

"Nnnghhh. Oh."

Two more hard thrusts and I was buried to the hilt, my balls pressed firmly against Miley's surprisingly sodden wet cunt. Still ignoring her pleas, I eased back just a little and repeated the entire process again, savoring the moment as I filled her tight ass with dick.

"That's one small step for man," I joked between moans. "And another for... Jesus fucking Christ, your ass feels good."

Miley simply lay there panting wildly, her thoughts centered entirely on the pain in her butt (literally and figuratively) and the decrepit taste of the butt plug in her mouth.

To my amusement, she finally seemed to spit the dummy so to speak and now cried out loud as I then proceeded to pick up the pace and rammed my cock into her continually, fucking her sweet, sweet ass.

"Oh. Yeah. You've got such a hot little ass, baby." I grunted, fucking her with long, deep strokes.

I had to admit that I found satisfaction in her cries and whimpers, wanting her to hurt as much as she had hurt me. I slammed my hips harder against her still reddened ass, my thumbs roughly rubbing the tender welts as I went along.

My hands groped and pawed at her hanging breasts, squeezing them roughly while my fingers pinched at her sensitive nubs, rolling them between my thumb and forefingers.

With a quick jerk, I grabbed her upper arms and pulled her upright, causing her to arch her back sharply and in the process plunged my cock even deeper into her searing bunghole. It was there Miley caught her own reflection in the mirror, and she moaned instinctively to this.

"Oh. Deacon." she cried out loud as I literally pwned her sweet ass. "Fuck me. Fuck my ass, baby."

As I pummeled her teenage butt, I reached over to grab a fist full of hair and roughly mashed her face back onto the mattress before I renewed my efforts and fucked her shitter. I now plowed my cock into her mercilessly, not holding back one bit with my sole purpose to literally fuck the ever loving shit out of her.

"NGH! Ugh. Oh. Ugh!" she grunted repeatedly as I watched her stick out her tongue and attempted to slide the discarded butt-plug into her mouth.

Noting this I immediately groaned, "Oh you fucking dirty little bitch. You're getting off in this, huh?"

At this point her cries of pleasure were unfettered and she proceeded to moan out loud like the whore that she was.

"Oh! Don't. Don't stop!" she cried out loud. "Don't fucking stop now. Please!"

"Yeah?" I replied with renewed enthusiasm. "You like that?"

Miley bucked her hips aggressively to encourage me to keep going, and as I leaned back on my heels to catch my second wind, I watched in wonder as she proceeded to push her butt back against me aggressively, impaling herself continually while dictating the pace.

"Oh. Yes." I grunted as I impaled her over and over again. "You fucking love it in your ass, don't you?"

"Yes! Give it to me baby." she cried as I drove into her, hard and deep.

"Fuck my ass, Deacon. Fuck me in my sweet teen ass."

Hearing this language from her only spurred me on and I pummeled her butt for all I was worth. Her orgasm had been building for several minutes and when it finally burst through, it caused her entire body to shake violently.

"OHHH!!" she shuddered as I paused for a moment to watch her cum.

I could feel her ass clench tightly around me as she came, and could no longer hold off myself as my own climax swept through me.

With a roar that should have alerted the neighbors, I came hard and fast and pumped copious amounts of semen deep into Miley's teen bowels, and watched in glee as her clenched her cheeks and squeezed every last morsel drop from my throbbing member.

The entire room reeked of sex, as I slumped back and watched as my load trickle out from her twitching hole.

"Holy shit that looks amazing." I admitted, as I reached over for the butt plug again and playfully slapped it against her thigh.

To my amusement, Miley at this point was absolutely exhausted and could hardly move much less reach respond. This allowed me to have a little more fun at her expense and I casually eased the tip of the toy back into her slippery hole.

"Jesus. Really?" she whined exhaustively, her body tensing up to the added intrusion yet again. "Can't you leave my butt alone for once?"

"Nope, not at all." I replied as I reached for the bag and produced my digital camera and began to take snaps.

"Deacon! Hey, what are you doing!?" she protested as I continued to snap away.

"What am I doing?" I chuckled. "I'm taking some happy snaps for Twitter."

"No, stop! Un-cuff me please." she begged. "Don't do that. I'm so sorry for cheating on you okay?"

I slapped her firm ass one final time and finally removed the handcuffs from behind her back. In an instant the "Hannah Montana" star seemed to find some newfound energy and attempted to wrestle the digital camera away from my grasp.

"Oh no," I scoffed, my heavy cock swinging in the breeze. "This is my insurance policy, baby."

"What? What do you mean?"

"Just so you know. If you ever cheat on me again I'll send these pix all around the globe."


"But nothing." I interrupted. "From now on you're going to treat me with a little more respect, understand?"

"Yeah, whatever." she scoffed while rolling her eyes at me.

"Oh. And before you get any ideas." I added. "You better leave that butt-plug in your ass tonight, or else."

"Or else what?" she challenged.

"Do I really need to explain it to you again?" I replied while waving my camera in her face.

"But. It's too uncomfortable."

"Trust me, I think you'll get used to it." I shrugged. "You can't take it out until I tell you too, understand?"

"But what about that party I was supposed to go to tonight?"

"By all means. Go to it." I insisted. "But you're going to that party with that butt-plug in your ass if you like it or not."

To my surprise Miley simply nodded obediently.

"Yes Sir."

"Hmm, Sir? I like that tone." I grinned. "Who knows. This little fiasco could turn out to be a turning point in our relationship."

"I guess."