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Thread: Ms. Justice with Victoria Justice

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    fanfiction Ms. Justice with Victoria Justice

    Ms. Justice
    With Victoria Justice
    Written by Harbinger
    CODES: M/F, seduced, blowjob, fingering, cumshot, spanking
    DISCLAIMER: This story is for entertainment purposes only, and is 100% fiction

    I woke up feeling cold, damp, and stiff. My back and all of my joints ached, and my dirty clothes stuck to my skin.

    I slowly rolled my neck and tried to sit up on the park bench I had fallen asleep on the night before. I had no real reason to get up from the bench I was holding down. Nobody else would want to sit on it because it was a cold foggy morning and everything was still soaked from last night’s rain and this morning’s dew. Or was it frost?

    I laid on my bench shamelessly as squirrels ran around, birds sang in trees, and as the occasional jogger went by with or without a dog. Nobody paid me any mind, and I was frankly okay with that. I could go without their stares varying from disdainful to sympathetic.

    As the morning burned on, the sun burned off the fog and I watched as moisture was slowly wisping from my clothes, and my joints began to creak and unlock. If the day got beautiful, I didn’t know what I’d do with it.

    As I slowly started to sit up for real, a jogger actually caught my eye. She stole my breath with her deep brown eyes, dark brown hair that was nearly black in the morning light. Her eyes were intelligent and curious, flitting this way and that along the jogging path instead of staring straight ahead as if she wore horse blinders.

    Because she was taking in her surroundings, she noticed that I was part of her surroundings. She slowed her pace as she got closer to me, and a movie star caliber smile graced her pink lips.

    “Good morning,” she said with a warm, sweet voice.”

    “Good morning,” I said back, flashing a half-real smile.

    The woman stopped her run all together as she came to the bench. “I’ve been running for a while. Do you mind if I share your bench?” she asked, her smile still not faltering.

    “Uh… sure,” I said and sat all the way up, scooting to the arm to give her plenty of space.

    “Thank you,” she said, and somehow managed to turn up the watts her smile emitted. As she sat, she took off a tiny runner’s backpack and set it on the wet grass by our feet.

    I casually watched everything but this nice girl as she rummaged through the tiny bag, producing an apple, a banana, two Cliff bars, and a bottle of water.

    “Are you hungry?” she asked, holding out a chocolate chip Cliff bar.

    I looked at the bar, held in her soft hand with perfectly manicured and painted nails, and then I looked at my much bigger, rougher, dirty hands.

    “No, it’s okay,” I said quietly. I wanted to take it. I was starving. But this girl was only being polite, and I didn’t want to be a charity case. I didn’t see her phone on her, so I didn’t think she would take a picture or video of her “helping out a poor homeless guy” just for views and a pat on the back.

    “Are you sure? I have two of them,” she said, holding up an oatmeal raisin bar in her other hand.

    “Okay, if you insist,” I said weekly, and took her small offering.

    “Apple or banana?” she asked, holding one in each hand.

    “Mmm… apple, I guess.” She smiled again and handed me the red-skinned fruit. “Thank you,” I said as I slowly unwrapped the bar.

    “Thank you for having breakfast with me,” she said plainly as she peeled her banana. “It’s a bit chilly this morning. I’m not used to running in long sleeves.”

    “It is chilly,” I concurred, pulling at the cuff of my sweatshirt sleeve with my free hand. “I think it might rain later again today, too,” I warned her. I was rarely wrong with my weather predictions.

    “I wasn’t sure, so I wore my hat,” she said, tipping the brim of her black baseball cap before taking a little bite of her long yellow fruit. She even ate like a lady.

    “So what made you stop by?” I asked her as I took the first bite of my apple.

    She shrugged. “It looked like a good place to stop, there was a bench, and I had extra food because I didn’t eat breakfast yesterday,” she explained. “I just so happened to find someone to share it with,” she said, nudging my knee with hers.

    “Well thank you,” I said again, taking another bite.

    “I might be feeling a smoothie after this, too,” she said, giving the cutest little pout.

    “That does sound good. I haven’t had a smoothie in a long time,” I lamented without really thinking.

    “Wanna come with? I know a great protein smoothie place nearby,” she offered, pointing a thumb over her shoulder in the direction she came from.

    “Oh my God, that did sound like I was trying to invite myself, didn’t it?” I backpedalled immediately. “I’m sorry.”

    “Oh no, don’t apologize. My friends are all busy today so I don’t mind a bit of company. “And my name is Victoria, by the way,” she told me, holding out her hand.

    “I looked at hers and then I looked back to my hand again. I faltered, and she caught it.

    “It’s nude not to shake hands, and it’s also rude not to give me your name,” she teased.

    Victoria didn’t seem to care that my hand was filthy, and so I shook her hand, and she smiled. “I’m Nick. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Victoria,” I said with a nod of my head.

    “Such manners!” she said with another beaming smile. “I like you, Nick. I would be happy if you joined me for a smoothie,” she pushed the envelope again.

    “That’s really kind, but I think I have to decline. I have no cash,” I explained without much detail, but I did turn out my pockets to prove it.

    “Don’t worry about it. I got you,” she said and stood up, offering me her hand. “What’s your favorite flavor?” she asked as I took her offered hand and she pretended to help pull me up. I was thinning out due to my circumstances, but I still had roughly 50 pounds on the girl. She did have a firm handshake, though.

    “I think I have to say pineapple,” I said, happy to keep this fluid conversation going. Victoria was so easy to talk to, so light hearted and seemingly genuine.

    “Oooooh, that’s a good one,” she said, smiling fondly. “I think I have to say peach or mango. You’ll love this place, I promise.”

    The smoothie place was nearby, as she had said, and we passed the walk in mostly silence, but it was still comfortable. We did get some very questioning glances, because she looked like she was out of a Nike magazine and I looked like I was out of a shelter.

    Someone shot me a disbelieving look, like ‘what was I doing with a girl like Victoria?’ and I thought it was a great unspoken question. Victoria didn’t, though, because she took my hand and tucked herself into my side like it was cold and she needed my body heat.

    When we got to the smoothie place, it turned out to not be a place, per se, but a smoothie truck. She also kept a hold of my hand.

    ‘Hi!” she said with a smile and a contagious giddiness. “Can I get a medium pineapple smoothie and a small… mango?” she decided.

    “I can do the pineapple, but we’re out of mango, I’m afraid,” the guy said and sounded sincerely sorry about the missing ingredient.

    “Do you still have peach?” Victoria asked hopefully.

    “I do!” the guy said, and turned to make her order.

    While his back was turned to do his work, Victoria quickly dug through her bag, pulled out a little clip with a card and an unseeable amount of cash. She pulled out a $20 and tried to hand it to me.

    “What are you doing?” I asked, not instantly taking the cash.

    “Letting you pay,” she said, and tried to push it into my hand.

    “No, it’s okay. It’s your money, you can pay.”

    “Are you sure?” she asked, biting her bottom lip.

    “Yeah, it’s fine,” I assured her. “It’s all you.”

    She flashed me a quick smile and turned back to pay the man while his blenders were going. He quickly got her change, she tipped, and then just like that the man was getting our orders cupped up and good to go.

    “So what now?” Victoria asked me as she took a long sip from her smoothie.

    “I have no idea,” I said. “You’ve kind of been directing my morning since I woke up,” I chuckled. I turned my head and cracked my neck, and Victoria winced. I turned and cracked my back, and got a full grimace for that one.

    “Are you okay, Nick?” she asked, somewhere between impressed and disgusted.

    “Yeah. I’m just tense from sleeping rough,” I explained. Instead of a grimace or a wince, she hit me with the first full frown I had seen from her. It didn’t take her disposition long to go back to what I assumed was her normal chipper.

    “Do you ever do yoga?”

    “Um… not really,” I admitted. I quickly glanced over Victoria, and though she wore a shirt that was a size too big, I could tell she was no slouch and probably knew her way around a yoga mat.

    “You’re coming with me,” she said and took my hand again.

    “Where are we going?” I asked as she took the lead.

    “We’re going to go to my place. We’re going to go do some yoga, loosen you up, and then I need a shower before we do anything else.”

    I stopped in my tracks, and it almost made Victoria trip. “You okay, Nick?” she asked, her eyebrows creasing together.

    “What’s going on here, Victoria?”

    She opened her mouth to speak, and then she stopped, watched me for a moment, and then said, “I don’t know.”

    I stayed where I was and waited for her to say more.

    “I didn’t mean to run into you today. I didn’t know that me sharing a bench for a breather would lead to me thinking sharing a breakfast was the right thing to do. I had no idea I would so instantly warm up to you like I’ve known you forever. Smoothies just happened because I was trying to be nice. And now… I don’t know. I just want to keep hanging out with you.”

    I stood there, just blinking. “We don’t… we don’t even know each other,” I pointed out. “You know literally nothing about me other than my name is Nick and that I like pineapple.”

    Victoria didn’t immediately speak, and I could tell she was trying to choose her words carefully.

    “I want to know you, Nick. You’re nice, I think you’re kind of funny. You’re scruffy in the most adorable way possible. You have no idea who I am, and that’s one of the reasons I like you. You treat me like I’m a normal girl, and I want to treat you like a normal guy, not for your situation.

    “I run this path every morning. I pass you on that bench before you wake up. I lied to you just a minute ago, okay? I took my run late this morning because I wanted to have breakfast with you. I hated the idea of not knowing when the last time you ate was, I hated not knowing when the last time someone talked to you like a respectable human was.

    So let’s have the day together, okay? I don’t have to be famous, and you don’t have to be homeless today. I can just be Vicky, you can just be Nick. How’s that sound?”

    I was left completely speechless. I had no idea what to say to any of that. “Holy shit,” I said, and took a seat on the grass right there in the park. Victoria sat down right next to me.

    “I’m sorry that came all out at once, but I wanted to get it all out there,” she said. “Are we… are we okay?”

    I swallowed deeply and looked at the grass around my falling apart shoes. “We are the most polar opposite people there could be, Victoria. You’re right, I am homeless. And you’re famous I guess? Who are you?”

    “I’m Victoria Justice, but please do not fucking google me because then that ruins this dream for me. I don’t want to be treated like the golden pretty girl I am, okay? I want you to treat me the way you have so far this morning, is that okay?”

    I heard the urgency in her voice, the pleading. She hated the idea that I would find out who she was, just like everyone else that knew her, and the spell would be broken. I wasn’t going to do that to her. It also explained some of the looks people were giving the two of us.

    “I won’t. I promise,” I said, and Victoria held up her hand, her pinky jutting out. I rolled my eyes, and I pinky swore to her that I wouldn’t do any digging on her.

    “Thank you, Nick,” she said and leaned in, and kissed my cheek. “But anyway, wanna come over and do some yoga? You’ll feel a lot better, and then you can take a nice hot shower, really loosen up those muscles.”

    “Only if you’re comfortable with it. I’m a guy you’re just inviting into your home,” I pointed out.

    “I’ve taken a lot of self-defense courses, and my house is rigged up with a lot of sweet security shit, including cameras,” she informed me and I nodded. “So even if I didn’t trust you so far, I trust my cloud storage security footage.”

    “That’s fair. Let’s go then,” I agreed. She hit me with another billion dollar smile and she was already up on her feet.

    We got to Victoria's house around 10 a.m., and the place was huge.

    It's a very nice townhouse with a decent front yard and an even bigger back. My first thought was that the view during a thunderstorm would be amazing.

    "What do you think?" Victoria asked as she unlocked the door and invited me in.

    "It's gorgeous, Vick. You have a lovely home," I said, and we took off our shoes so we didn't mess up her pristine hardwood floors.

    Victoria took off her cap and let her long dark hair loose, and I tried not to stare, but she caught me looking and she just smiled.

    "Hi," she said, holding her smile, and I breathlessly returned it, the hi and the smile. She was having an effect on me no girl ever had just by being gorgeous.

    "You're cute, too," she said, before leading me deeper into her house. "C'mon, over here."

    I followed Ms. Justice up a set of stairs and back through the second floor of her house to an enclosed outer balcony with a great view of her green backyard.

    “Does this work for you? Do you think you can focus here?” she asked as she pulled her oversized grey shirt off.

    My mouth went dry and I couldn’t speak if I wanted to as I drank in her slim arms and toned abs, her perfectly sized, firm looking breasts that were perfectly showcased in a form-fitting black sports bra.

    She smiled again, like she couldn’t get enough of me ogling her. “You like?” she asked, doing a quick little turn, showing me her tight ass encased in black leggings I didn’t have a great view of because it was partially covered by her overshirt.

    “Wow,” is all I was able to say. My palms felt unexplainably sweaty.

    “Thanks,” she smiled again, and I was losing count of how many times that pearly white smile took my breath away. “You’re going to want to ditch your sweater, Nick,” Victoria told me as she started laying out a pair of yoga mats for us.

    “Uh… I’m not wearing a t-shirt under this,” I warned her.

    “That’s okay, you’re fine,” I absentmindedly waved off.

    I shed my sweatshirt and tossed it into the corner of the balcony/sunroom. I stood there awkwardly, not being used to standing bare-chested in front of model-perfect girls.

    “You’re pretty fit yourself,” Victoria said with her own appraising glance.

    “Thank you,” I said and tried not to shrug. “I ran track in college before I had to leave. But I don’t want to talk about it too much. I’m not homeless and you’re not famous today, remember?”

    “That’s right,” she smiled and took a seat on her mat.

    For the next hour, Victoria and I did yoga together and lightly chatted about this, that, and the other thing. We also snuck in as many glances of each other as we could, and we would happily smile at one another when we knew one of us had been caught looking. A lot of the caught glances were because the other was looking at the same time.

    “I think that’ll do it for this session. How do you feel, Nick?” Victoria asked as we finished with the butterfly pose.

    “You were definitely right. I feel like I didn’t even sleep on a park bench last night.” We both frowned because I had accidentally broken part of the day’s magic.

    Victoria shook it off and stood up with a satisfied smile. I followed suit, we rolled the mats up and tucked them away. “Okay, now you go shower. Get some hot water on your back and really soak your neck, okay?”

    “Are you sure you don’t mind me using your shower?” I double checked.

    “No, please do. Go ahead and enjoy. Take your time.” I still couldn’t believe how gracious and how genuine of a person this Victoria Justice lady was. “Oh, and leave your dirty clothes outside the door. I have a load of laundry to run anyway, so I’ll toss yours in with mine,” she offered, and I couldn’t say no.

    I gathered the spare set I had in my backpack, and neatly piled them outside the bathroom door where I placed the clothes I had just been wearing as well.

    I adjusted the shower and stepped inside the roomy glass cubicle. I audibly gasped as the strong, hot water pelted down onto my skin. I felt like I could feel my flesh start to loosen on my frame. I let my entire body go limp, and let my shoulders sag as the water massaged me with thousands of little fingers.

    After I was good and scrubbed, as clean and as relaxed as I could be, I called time and turned off the water. I stepped out and toweled off with the plushiest towel I had ever felt in my life. I also chuckled a little because it was monogrammed with a little “VJ.”

    I cautiously opened the door and poked my head out of the bathroom and looked down. My clothes were still gone, so I wrapped my towel around my waist and headed out to find my glorious host.

    “Victoria?” called, and heard a “Down here!” in response. I tip-toed my way down the spiral stairs and found Victoria sitting on the couch, on her phone.

    “Hey there,” she said, looking up at me with her signature smile. “Your clothes still have a while to go, so I hope you don’t mind slumming in a towel for a while.”

    “I’m okay as long as you’re comfortable.”

    “Yeah, I’m fine,” she said, and scooted over on her wrap around couch. “Come take a seat,” she offered, patting the cushy looking material.

    I sat down next to her and immediately knew that I wanted a memory foam couch like this when I got back on my feet.

    “Are you okay with it if I touch you?” I gave her a look and she rushed to clarify. “I think a good shoulder and back rub down would really help out your muscles,” she explained.

    “Oh, well sure, if you want to,” I shrugged, and she got up on her knees, and I sat pretzel style so she could work my shoulders easier.

    Her soft, feminine hands touched my shoulders, and I immediately closed my eyes to the sensation of Victoria’s touch.

    “Oh man, you are tense. Holy shit,” she laughed and tried to dig in.

    I don’t know how long Victoria worked her magic on my upper back and shoulders, but after a while she leaned in and whispered, “I want you to lay down on your chest, okay?”

    I looked over my shoulder at her and she encouragingly nodded, so I did as I was told. “I’m going to give you a good, full rub down. Your entire back is a full knotwork my dude.

    I wasn’t going to argue, and I know she wouldn’t have heard it anyway, so I just laid there and enjoyed her handiwork. There were a couple times I audibly groaned or moaned, and every time I did, I heard her giggle or give a satisfied hum back.

    After another long time, I felt Victoria pause and lift her hands from my back.

    “Oh my God Vee, I feel a million times better.”

    “We’re not done,” she giggled. “Roll over.”

    I swallowed deeply and held tight to my towel’s knot as I continued to follow orders. Thank God for that towel, because I was supporting a massive erection. I would challenge anyone not to be in that situation.

    Victoria started at my hands, kneading my palms and even gently working my knuckles before rubbing down to my shoulder, and then switching arms.

    She worked down my traps and kneaded my chest with her fingertips, grazing her hand through my dark chest hair, and I tried to pretend I didn’t feel a jolt through my dick when her nails grazed my nipples. She leaned over me, and her breasts still in the sports bra hung tantalizingly over my head.

    Her fingers teased my abs and traced my light treasure trail, and I could barely breathe.

    “Nick, can I remove your towel?” Victoria asked, and I was completely speechless. Victoria even had a seemingly hard time working up the guts to ask.

    I wordlessly nodded, and her deft fingers undid the knot, allowing her to slowly pull it aside to drape over the edge of the couch.

    “Oh my God,” she whispered as she leaned back and took in my long, hard length. I watched her face, and I shuddered when she licked her lips. “Can I touch you, Nick?”

    I nodded and placed my hand over her much smaller one and guided it to my waiting shaft. I was enamored by this movie star pretty woman who asked for my consent before touching me, and she touched me so delicately, like she was afraid my dick would snap off in her hand because it was as hard as a post.

    After I led her to the initial touch, she needed no further guidance when it turned to a hand job. She worked me with the perfect pressure, the perfect speed. She knew exactly when to change up on her grip, exactly when to twist her wrist and when to swipe her thumb over my tip to distribute my slippery precum to make her job easier.

    “Can I… can I taste you? You look delicious,” she whispered and licked her lips again.

    “Oh yes, oh God please, yes,” I almost begged, my voice straining.

    She shifted around me and tucked herself between my bent knees, her hand never leaving my length. “I swear Victoria, you are the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen, and I’m not just saying that.”

    “With the way you’ve been looking at me all day, I believe it,” she whispered, her soft lips brushing my cock with every word.

    She kissed my pole slowly with her eyes closed. She trailed her lips over me from top of my tip to right where my scrotum met the base. She worked her way back up and then I almost came right there as her luscious lips encased the top of my bell with a breeze’s touch.

    I thanked every deity that had ever been dreamed of, because I was watching this girl make sweet, sensious love to my meat, tying her hair up as I looked on.

    “I can’t wait to take all of you into my mouth, Nick. I want to feel your head in the back of my throat. I want you to make me gag and choke,” she said between sloppy kisses on my tightly hard weapon. “You might believe me when I tell you that I’m not a slut.”

    “No no, I do believe you,” I told her quickly, her chin cupped in my hand and my thumb rubbing her impossibly soft cheek.

    “I want to be a slut for you today, though, okay?”

    I nodded vigorously and led her head back to my Cock. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to feel her hot wet mouth around as much of me as she could fit in.

    Victoria worked her slowly down my length and worked her hand over what wasn’t inside her cheeks yet. She let out enough spit and precum past her lips that she could easily keep me lubed for quite a messy handjob, and it felt beyond devine.

    The further down me she got, the more she pulled in her knees so that when she was half way down, I could reach tight, athletic and toned ass of hers.

    At first I only palmed her ham, but she moaned “mhmm,” encouragingly, letting me know she was all about butt play.

    So I took that as an invite to smack her gorgeous rump. She moaned around my cock, reverberating all the way to my spine. I rubbed the flesh I had just offended and struck again for the same result.

    Victoria unceremoniously came off my dick, looked me dead in the eye and said, “I love being spanked. I always thought I would, but now I know for sure,” she said with an evil, mischievous glint in her dark eyes. “Do you want to spank me, Nick? Do you want to slap this perfect ass while I suck your fat cock?”

    I smacked her ass while she watched and she moaned lowly. “You are going to be a slut for me today, aren’t you?” I asked with wide eyes.

    “Oh yeah,” she confirmed with a devilish smirk before she went back to smoking my cock.

    She was openly moaning, making deep, loud sucking and slurping sounds around me as she progressively took in more and more of me.

    I leaned forward, which served to push my last inch into her throat and I heard her start to gag. It also let me rub her full ass with both hands. With enough push, I was able to reach her yoga pants clad pussy. I started rubbing her tight snatch as much as I could. And if it was at all possible, I think she started sucking me harder and with more abandon.

    I took a huge risk. I grabbed her leggings with both hands, I ripped them apart as much as I could. The cooler room air hit her soaked lips and she came off of me with a wet pop.

    “Oh my fucking God!” she cried as I drove two fingers deep inside her waiting gash. “Oh my God, Nick! Fuck me with your big rough fingers!” she begged as she sloppily ran her mouth up and down my cock like it was a popsickle. “That feels so fucking good!” she wailed as I sawed in and out of her as deep and fast as I could.

    Both of my hands were busy with fingering her half to death and spanking her, massaging her ass and spanking her again.

    After she took a brief throat reprieve, she was right back on top of me, gagging and choking on me until she came.

    She came fucking hard, her slick hot girl cum running down my hand and down her thighs.

    I was so fucking close that I knew I was going to burst in seconds. I grabbed her ponytail with both hands, ripping my fingers out of her to do so, and I absolutely impaled her on my staff. I rode her hard to the point that her nails were digging into my hips.

    I skull fucked her hard and fast until I was sure she was almost crying, and then I saw stars and colors and galaxies.

    I pulled her off of me just in time. I coated her face, her hair, and her sports bra with the most semen I had ever produced. It was either that, or I super soak the back of her throat so hard it came out of her nose, and I couldn’t do that to my new friend.

    As soon as I was finished, I pulled the soaked girl into my arms and smashed her against my chest. We laid there for the longest time, coming down from our orgasms and catching our breath. Each of us had a hand reached down between us so she was working my cock, keeping it from fully deflating, and I was working her pussy lips just enough to help coax her down.

    “Holy fuck,” Victoria whispered, her voice shaking. “What did we just do?”

    “The thing I’ve ever done in my life?” I offered, and she laughed.

    She lifted her tear-stained, cum and spackled face and kissed my neck. “How about I take a shower, we relax a bit, go out for dinner, and then you can fuck me in my bed like I’m a proper lady?”

    “Victoria, it would be my pleasure to be your dick for hire.”

    “My on-call dick? Any day at any time?” she asked, only half joking.

    “What better job could I ask for?” I answered back, but totally meant it.

    “You’re hired,” she told me and snuggled into my chest.

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    That was awesome, Harbinger.
    I love how you captured VJ so perfectly,
    dirty and yet still so classy.

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    Please do a sequel for this.

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    Damn. What a hot story.

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    Part 2?

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    Such a great story that i got my account back.

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    Truly, a distinct and tender story of human compassion and animal lust all gelled into a worthwhile yearn fitting for Ms. Justice. Thank you Harbinger for crafting a unforgettable and hopefully initial, story of a unique bond with these two unusual lovers.

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