With Emma Watson
Written by festus91
CODES: MF, MFF, assplay, oral
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

The harsh LA sunshine blasting through my eyelids caused me to come alive at first... After that, it was the heat of the little body half thrown across mine that brought me around... I was fully awake pretty quickly after that, noticing that my morning wood was awkwardly trapped by the thigh of our new friend Sarah...

Well, MY new friend. Sarah had been working for Emma Watson as her PA for a few months, and while they were friends, the things we had all done together last night had advanced that friendship by leaps and bounds...

Yep, I'm the lucky bastard that has been dating Emma Watson since we met up unexpectedly in Cuba a few months back. We had connected very quickly, and ended up spending a lot of time getting to know each other intimately. I mean intimacy beyond sex, which has been fucking amazing, it's true. Emma's a true beauty, as anyone who has ever laid eyes on her would agree. Our connection has grown deeper, and we are completely open and honest with each other on the "married for 80 years" kind of scale...

So then, how did I come to be laying under the tiny but shapely frame of her PA?? That is a long story... Let's just say there was wine involved. And a hot tub. And a whole lot of boundary breaking. Emma wasn't a virgin by any means when we met, but her sex life had been very routine and frankly, not very inspiring. Not what I had expected, really, from a movie star with access to so many eligible men. Or women. Our openness with each other had enabled her to come out of her shell a bit at a time. To say that I was enjoying her blossoming is the understatement of the century...

The bed moved a bit as my beautiful partner rose from the other side of Sarah, hair as crazy as ever... Her bed head is comical, but only serves to amplify her beauty in my eyes. She didn't disappoint this morning. It was truly epic...

"Owww..." she started to groan, then dropped it to a whisper as she saw that Sarah was still asleep, blonde hair carpeted around her face and over my chest. Emma saw that I was awake and smiled sweetly, running one hand over her head to try and get her hair under control. Mostly unsuccessfully. She gently got up and started to pad around the foot of the bed to my side. As she came, she stretched her arms over her head, rising on her toes and scrunching up her face in what passed for her morning stretch. Her sweet B cup tits rose with her, the nipples starting to crinkle in the morning air. Her smooth tummy flexed as she walked, and her little landing strip over her delicious pussy swayed back and forth as she moved around the bed.

Emma leaned over and kissed me sweetly, hand on my cheek.
"Good morning, stud..." she whispered. "How do you feel this morning?"
"Hi sweetheart..." I replied quietly, after sharing our dragon breath left over from wine, beer, and sleep... I didn't care. It's Emma Watson, y'all.
"I am a little stiff, and I really need to pee, but I feel awesome. How about my beautiful daredevil?"
Emma slid onto the bed and laid her head on my shoulder, molding her body to my side.
"I think my head might explode at any moment, really. How much wine did you pour down my completely innocent and uncooperative throat last night?"
I chuckled and shook my head. "Yeah, lightweight, you two went through two full bottles that I remember, maybe more. All red, too. You've earned whatever you're feeling right now!" Emma winced in rememberance.

Emma ran a hand over my chest and looked over at our guest.
"So we really did that, huh?"
"Yes, we really did... How do you feel about it this morning? Any regrets?"
"Fuck no. That was the craziest, sexiest, horniest thing I have ever done. And I want more..." Emma looked me in the eyes as she said this, blushing slightly. "Do you hate me for essentially forcing you into it?"
"Oh, Em, you didn't force me into anything. I'm all grown up. I was worried at first, because I didn't, and don't, want you to get into any trouble professionally..." I pulled her closer to me with my free arm.
"You know I am all in to help you experience everything you want to. I think we have long ago established that if it is exciting for you, it is equally exciting for me. I'm glad I could be involved in another first for you..."

She put her head back on my shoulder. "Love you..."
"I love you too, pervy"...
That got me Emma's fingers in my ribs, which made me jump. Which woke Sarah... We were about to find out if we were all still cool or not...

Sarah lifted her head from my arm, hair draped over one half-lidded eye... She licked her lips and blinked up at Emma and I as we smiled down at her...
"Oh my god, I had the craziest dream that I had slept with my boss and her boyfriend..." she mumbled. "Ow, who hit me with a truck?"
Emma giggled and I smiled as Sarah levered herself upright, grimacing as her gyros stabilised. Where Emma's hair was uncontrollable, Sarah's was the hair that hung long and straight, and went where she put it, for the most part. She swept it back from her face and over her ears, and smiled up at us...
"I need coffee. And a bathroom..."

"Dibs!" I exclaimed, and rolled over my surprised girlfriend away from Sarah, my semi bouncing across Emma's belly as I did so... I danced out of the room to the bathroom and took care of the morning's business. I figured the girls could fight over the powder room out front.

By the time I made it out to the kitchen, the girls were drinking coffee and munching on toast and jam. Emma had thrown on one of my tshirts, and provided one for Sarah as well. I had considered just walking out in the nude, but figured I should play it cool for a bit and see what was going to develop. So my boxers were getting a little tight at the view of two beautiful women with half-exposed asses, long bare legs and feet, and shoulders poking through the tshirts. Did I mention how fucking lucky I am?

I walked around behind Sarah and put a hand on her shoulder, leaning over to see the piece of toast I was about to steal. She turned her head and kissed me sweetly on the cheek.
"I never said good morning" she said shyly...
"Good morning, blondie," I said as I took a bite of the toast and moved further along the counter to where Emma was watching with a smile. Emma grabbed the toast and took her own bite, smirking at me triumphantly.

"Sooo, at the risk of turning everything really serious while using a cliche line... About last night..." I started...

"Okay, hero, simmer down. Since you take so long in the bathroom in the morning, Sarah and I have been discussing it already, haven't we mate?"
Sarah smiled and nodded in agreement. That was a good sign...

"It's as simple as this. We all did something that we wanted to do. I for one want to do it again. I have told Sarah that her participation is entirely up to her.."
"Naturally", I interjected.
"... And she knows that we both enjoyed it very much and would be thrilled if she wanted to do it again also."
"And, I have to be honest. I NEVER expected to be part of anything like what we did last night. It all happened very quickly, and it was SO exciting..." Sarah began, smiling and looking at both of us.
"I want to make sure that if we continue to do stuff like that, it has to be entirely separate from my job, which I take very seriously. I know it'll be so hard to draw those boundaries, but I have to be able to try. I really love my job, and I love working for Emma, which is just such a dream scenario for me..."

Emma nodded along with every word. "Mate, you have nothing to worry about where your job is concerned, I swear. You are SUCH a good PA, and manager, and girl friday, and confidante, and friend... I'd be completely mad to suggest that your job was in jeopardy. I'd never find someone else half as good as you. I don't want to lose you over sex."

Sarah beamed and moved to Emma and gave her a huge hug. "I'm so glad to hear that... Because I want to keep having fun with you two as well... so if it comes to a point where our having fun is getting in the way of my work, I am going to have to choose my work. I hope you understand?"

"Absolutely, love. I'm so happy to have you here. And HERE!" Emma gushed, hugging Sarah again, getting a squeak from her in return. Emma broke the hug, grabbed Sarah's face in both hands, and planted a big smooch on her lips. Sarah giggled through it and wrapped her arms around Emma, kissing her back.

"Ok, so, that's settled... My girlfriend has a girlfriend, and I get to watch! Woohoo!" I raised my hands in the air like I just scored a goal, and hopped up and down...

The girls looked over at me with amused smiles...
"Jay is kind of strange, isn't he?" Sarah asked...
"Well, he's Canadian, so I try not to pick on him too much" Emma offered in reply, making Sarah giggle.
"Oh, come on, you like how I know exactly how to keep you warm, right??" I protested weakly. As I swiped Emma's last bit of toast from her unattended plate.

"Oi! That's mine!" she growled, and started a slow pursuit around the kitchen island while Sarah moved to intercept me from the other direction. But not before I grabbed her last bit of toast too...
They caught me, but it didn't work out the way they might have expected...
It ended up with Emma calling a truce as I chased HER around the island with a wiggling five foot tall blonde over one shoulder shrieking and laughing. I had made contact with Emma's ribs a couple times, and the moves she was making to avoid my fingers would have made any break dancer proud... Emma Watson - ticklish as anything... Just one more reason to adore her.

Reality came back to us, as the girls figured they needed to actually do some work that day... Sarah needed to get around to a couple of producer's offices, drop off the scripts she had brought around yesterday, and take care of Emma's schedule for the week. There was some red carpet thing later on to look after, too. Emma had to drop in to one of the big studios to do a short bit of reshoots that were scheduled for a flick opening next year. I would pretend I understood the whole process, but I admit that a year of post production seemed odd to me.

Sarah smiled as she slid out the door on her way... Emma reached up and grabbed my face again to pull me down for a kiss.
"I will see YOU later, sexy..." she said as she puckered up and pecked me on the lips. "Stay out of trouble, right?"
"Moi?" I said, innocently, sweeping her into a hug and squeezing her until she squeaked...
"Oui, toi, mon romeo"... I occasionally forgot that Em was born in Paris and has better French skills in her pinkie than I do after years of Canadian school...
And like that, she was gone... The flat was suddenly VERY quiet. But that's cool. I got busy cleaning up from yesterday's fun, and managed to get out for a run before lunchtime as well...

I had gotten used to Emma having very strange hours for her work. Shooting could take place anywhere, any time. So hearing her come through the door at 11pm was nothing new.
"Hey sweetheart, how did it go?" I asked as I went to meet her at the door. A quick peck on the lips as I took her bag and jacket from her to hang up.
"Wow, that was a long day", she sighed. "We had some trouble with getting the set to look the same as the original shots. Which naturally, they didn't see until they did the review while we were on lunch. Had to do it AGAIN this aft."
I smiled at her knowingly. "Life of the superstar, so frustrating..." I said as I put my arm around her shoulders and steered her into the living room.
Emma just shook her head and smirked at me. "Oh, you have NO idea the struggles of a diva like me", she said.
"Hmm. Well, as your valiant rescuer, I can offer a reheated plate for supper? Maybe a hot bath? Or a dose of me for your morale..."
"Those all sound wonderful" Emma said as we flopped onto the couch. She pivoted to put her long dancer's legs across my lap and laid back against the arm of the sofa.
"I think I would just like to sit here quietly with my man and relax for a while before bed".
"Fair enough", I offered as I gently started massaging her feet, earning a soft sigh and murmur in response.
"That feels divine, honey, thank you."

We sat in familiar silence for a few minutes as I worked over Emma's little feet to help her shed the long day. After a while, I noticed that her breathing had become very regular, and a look at her beautiful face showed she had dropped off into a light sleep. I sat and stared for a bit, reminding myself how lucky I am.
Before she could start snoring... I slid out from under her legs and scooped her up in my arms to carry her into the bedroom. She mumbled softly and tucked her head into my shoulder for the entire 25 foot ride to her side of the bed.

I laid her down and pulled a sheet up over her. And then, contendedly, I stripped off and got into bed on my side. Emma was sawing logs now, so I satisfied myself with a quick peck on her cheek, and shut off the light...

I woke to the sensation of suction around the head of my cock, which I soon realised was very hard... Combined with the cold of being completely uncovered, it brought me around pretty quickly...
Looking down to the scene of the wonderful sensations, I found my beautiful girlfriend watching me as she gave my dick some always welcome love... So to picture it better, imagine Emma Watson's face, partially hidden behind her hand and my cock, her tongue sliding up and down the shaft and over the head as she looked at me. Her hair was typically crazy, but I was able to see everything I needed to... Over her head, I could see that she was kneeling between my legs, because the glorious curve of her ass was visible, swaying gently side to side with her movements...

"I thought we had figured out that I sleep in the nude, too?" Emma smiled at me after letting my cock free from her lips with a pop...
"Well, yes, but I had a momentary weak minute of trying to be the gallant boyfriend, instead of the pervy guy that likes to strip his woman bare and ravage her before bed..."
Emma took me into her mouth again, swirling her tongue around lustily.
The first night we had slept together, I had fallen asleep after letting Emma hide in my room from some pesky reporters in Cuba... I had woken up through the night to discover that she had undressed and joined me, naked, under the covers, curled into me as my favorite little spoon. And it was how we usually slept ever since.

Emma released my cock again and giggled... "Well, my hero, consider this to be your reward for letting me sleep, then."
Emma closed her eyes and took my cock as far as she could into her mouth. Bless her, she has the desire to get me into her throat, but we just haven't beaten her gag reflex yet. But believe me when I say I am appreciative of her efforts.
"Fuck, sweetheart, that feels so good... The view of you sucking my cock is amazing..."
I reached down with one hand and started to gather up Emma's hair, sweeping it to the back of her head where I could get a good grip on it. She started to moan immediately. We had discovered that she had a straight circuit between her hair and her pussy, and she never failed to enjoy it when I held and pulled her hair. This time I got a decent ponytail and used it to guide her movements up and down on my cock.
"That's so good, honey, just like that..." I coached, as Emma kept her tongue in constant motion to contrast with her lips sucking up and down my shaft.

I was about as hard as I could get when I lifted her head off of me by the hair and pulled her up my body so that she was laying on top of me. I felt her nipples scrape up my chest as she dragged her sweet tits along to squish them against me as I brought her face to mine, still holding her hair. My wet cock was now trapped between us as I kissed Emma hard, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. She began to suck on that, too, until I lifted her head up and smiled at her...
"So, how would you like me to fuck you this morning, beautiful?"
"Vigorously, my love. Vigorously..." She grinned down at me sexily, her mouth and chin wet from her efforts on my cock.

I let go of Emma's hair and said "I was watching your beautiful ass moving as you were sucking my cock. I think I should take you from behind to show my appreciation for its glory..."
Emma rolled her eyes and giggled, but didn't hesitate to roll off of me and immediately get on all fours on the bed next to me.
"I need your cock in my cunt, Jay, fuck me, please?"
"Okay, but only because you said please..." I teased, as I moved to kneel behind her.

The view was incredible. Emma is a dancer, and a gym rat, so her ass is amazing from any angle. To look at her now, on all fours, and to trace the line of her back down from her shoulders in a gentle swoop, past the little dimples on her back just above her cheeks, and then over the firm globes of her ass... Well, I'll just say it is inspiring... I had to show my appreciation.
I moved closer and bent to kiss her ass, literally. And I am privileged to do it. As I kissed and nuzzled one cheek, I ran my hand over the other, feeling the firm flesh warm under my touch. We hadn't really gotten into spanking as a complete act, but I knew that if I were to swat her cheek, I would be met with a moan, and a push of her ass back into my soothing rub to ease the red mark. But not this time.
"Emma, put your chest down and raise your hips..."
Emma dropped her chest to the mattress, turning her head so she had a partial view of me behind her. This lifted and pivoted her hips, accentuating the curves of her sweet ass even more.
"Now spread 'em", I challenged...
Emma giggled as she moved her legs apart to allow me access between them. We both recalled our first shower together as we explored each other's bodies for the first time.

So the new picture was Emma's ass high in the air, legs spread, little feet with toes pointed. Her cheeks were glorious, but what was revealed between and underneath them was heavenly. Emma has the sweetest little pussy. She gets wet quickly when she's aroused, and she was glistening now. Her tasty labia were peeking out, and I knew that if I were to reach a hand under her, her little clit would be peeking out at the top of her pussy, waiting for my attention. Which I was happy to provide.

With one hand on the small of her back, I ran my tongue from her taint as far down towards her pussy as I could reach. Emma moaned low and arched her back, tilting her hips even more for me. I managed to get my tongue between her pussy lips to taste her juices. I kept my tongue busy spreading her juices around the crack of her ass, up and over her little rosebud. I've played with Emma's ass a few times while we fucked, and her reaction is always electric. I've triggered her orgasm with a finger in her rectum, and she has been very vocal about liking how I treat her butt. Just like now...

As I rubbed her cheeks with one hand, I awkwardly reached over to the bedstand with the other to retrieve a little gift I had found during a brief detour on my run yesterday... Emma has been very excited about wanting to get my cock in her ass, which has been rather stimulating for me as well... A woman that seeks out ass play is a treasure. But I have been very hesitant to forge ahead without some training. My dick isn't huge, but I want desperately for Emma to have a good experience, and not just a bunch of pain. And so I got her some training plugs... including the one I was trying to lube up while maintaining my attention on her ass and pussy...

"Emma, I have something for you... I hope you will like it..." I said as I gently eased the tip of the plug between her cheeks and nestled the tip of it against her asshole...
"Oh my god, Jay, is that what I think it is!??"
My fumbles were interrupted as Emma sprang upright on her knees and turned to face me, taking the plug from my hand to examine it closely... I grinned at her eagerness and let her check it out. Pretty basic kit, tapered plug with a round base that is bigger to avoid the off chance of losing the whole thing inside her... About 3 inches long overall, fairly small diameter at the widest point... We want to train her sphincter to accept a larger girth gradually, after all. The shop had plenty of bigger sizes, but I figured this would get her started.
"You bet, sweetheart. Time to check another item off your list of fun things to do with your body..."
"Seems kind of small, innit?" she mused, holding it up and sliding her fingers around in the lube.
"Well I will tell you what. If this doesn't do the trick for you as a starting point, we can go and find you something beefier. But I think you're going to be happy to start slow. You have a fantastic little ass, and I don't want to break it on the first time out..."
"Ha ha" she said, rolling her eyes. "It's not much bigger around than your finger, my love."
"Fair call. And think about how much you enjoy that tiny finger... Not much bigger is still bigger. Let's check it out and see how we do, yeah?"
"Fuck yes. Now I'm thinking of calling in... I want us to do this right now, Jay. And don't think that I've forgotten about you fucking me."

Emma handed me back the plug and resumed her position on all fours, but up on her hands so she could see behind her as I placed one hand on the small of her back, and replaced the tip of the plug at her tiny hole... She was fairly buzzing as I gently applied pressure and the tip started to enter her ass slowly.
Emma sighed and started to press back against me slightly. I took my hand from her back and reached under her to gently rub her pussy. To say I had lots of natural lube available would be like saying a bath is wet. She was soaking, and her breathing was a good sign that she was feeling every little bit of the gentle pressure I continued to apply to the toy.
"Doing okay, love?" I asked, checking her face for signs of discomfort.
"Mmmm, feels nice... Keep going..." Em's eyes were closed, and she licked her lips once before dropping her head and chest to the bed again. This opened her buttocks a bit, which helped as I rotated the toy and spread some more juice from her pussy to her ass with my fingers.
Emma was rubbing her pussy again, mostly doing circles around her clit. Her breath was starting to come in little puffs, and she was rotating her hips, but not pushing back any more.
"That feels so good, Jay. Is that all of it? I feel quite full back there..."
"We can take a break there, honey. You've got about 3 quarters of it. So about one and a half of my fingers wide, so far."
"Mmm, feels nice. Let me get used to it for a tic..."
"Absolutely, honey." I stopped pushing, but kept enough pressure that her butt didn't push the plug back out. Holding it in place with one hand, I was able to join her hand on her pussy with my other, dipping a couple fingers in to rub gently against the front wall above her clit. Emma moaned quietly, and grabbed my wrist with her very wet fingers.
She reached back between her legs to feel around the plug where it met her asshole.
"Okay, I'm ready for some more. I think this goddamned thing is going to make me cum, Jay... My pussy is tingling right now..."
When the woman you love says you're doing something right and making her cum, you keep doing that. If you have any sense at all, that is.
I could see Emma's little rosebud sort of grasping as the muscle did its job and tried to close around the obstacle in her ass. So I started up some more pressure to slide it deeper and expand her sphincter some more.
"Rub your clit, Emma, help it along... I want to see this from right here..." I said quietly as the edge of the widest part of the plug started to pass her sphincter.
Emma moaned low and started up a furious rubbing with her hand on her pussy. As the plug finally seated fully in her ass, she gasped at the sensation of her ass closing up around the base. And she went off like a firecracker... Bang!
"Oh fuck, oh, fuck Jay, ohhhh, fuck!!"
Her head thrashed back and forth on the bed as she came hard, her free hand gripping at the sheets. Her legs were shaking, and her ass jiggled as the
orgasm tore through her.
I kept a hand on her ass, rubbing as best I could through her contortions. With my other hand, I ran a finger around the base of the plug where it nestled between her cheeks, causing her to shiver. Her gasps slowed down and her legs stopped twitching as she got her breath back.
"Emma, that was so great, but you know what? That was only the first time we put it in your ass... In order to train your sphincter, we need to repeat that a few times, yeah?"
From where her face was buried in a pillow, I heard "Oh, so we're going to need new sheets then, got it..." making me chuckle.

I moved behind Emma with my cock as hard as stone from that fantastic showing... I wondered how we'd do if I tried to fuck Emma with the plug in, for the first time. I halfway expected that she'd be too full and uncomfortable. As I gripped her hips and leaned in to meet her ass, Emma reached under and grasped my cock impatiently.
"Get this cock inside me, Jay, I want to feel how it is with the plug in... My ass feels very full right now, but I want you to fuck me."
"Your wish is my command, love. How about you put me in, and we'll see how it goes?"
Emma didn't answer me, just pulled the head of my cock directly to her sopping wet core. She's always wet when we fuck, but this was crazy. We actually squelched as I slid home, all the way until she was able to cradle my balls.

"Oh my GOD, Jay, I want to cum again... Fuck me, you bastard..."
I reckon it was less than 10 strokes before Emma was in another world. Her legs were spasming, she was gasping, unable to say anything, and her back was soaked with sweat as she arched it up and down like she was doing a yoga workout.
I could feel the plug through the wall of her pussy, and the sensation was wonderful. I knew I wouldn't be lasting long after the stimulation of watching her cum once, and then riding along with the unconcsious fit she was having now. Em's juices were dripping from my balls and running down both our legs.
I was a little concerned, as Emma is typically quite vocal when she cums. But this was another level entirely.

I was doing what I could to keep up an in and out rythym, but it was a losing battle. I got to the point where I knew I was ready to cum, and told Emma that I was there... She could only grunt in reply.
We squelched again as I pulled out of her pussy. Emma collapsed to the bed, causing the plug to shift, and a huge moan to burst from her lips.
Her hands flew back to her ass as her hips bucked and she came yet again. Which contributed to my shooting jets of jizz against her ass, over her hands and arms, and up her back.

Emma slowly curled up into a ball, breathing deeply. I could see her watching me as I laid down next to her as I caught my own breath, trying to get close enough to cradle her and keep her warm...
"Jay, I think you are trying to kill me." she said, with a sleepy smile. Her hair was a disaster, exploded around her head, as it does when we fuck.
"That was fucking incredible, Emma. I figured you would enjoy the sensations, but I nearly called for EMTs there..." I chuckled as she smiled through her flushed cheeks, brushing some hair from her eyes to let her focus on my face more directly.
"I think that was the longest continuous orgasm I have ever had. The first one with just the plug was so sharp, and VERY defined... And then when you had your cock in me, and I could feel the rubbing in my pussy AND in my ass, holy shit, that was something else entirely. It was like I couldn't stop as long as you were fucking me..."
"Well now, I'm pretty sure that was just all me, and had nothing to do with the plug..." I laughed. Emma smiled and patted my cheek affectionatley, rolling her eyes.
"Naturally, my love, you ALWAYS make me cum like that", she grinned as we laughed together.
"Anyway, you also discovered that the plug moves around as you change your posture and position", I offered.
"Yes, I did discover that. It rubs against the back wall of my pussy almost constantly. I don't know how I'm going to deal with that." Emma rolled tentatively onto her back, and then bent her legs up reflexively with a gasp. "It feel so strange, but it's not painful at all. Just strange."
"Well then, the lack of pain is always a good thing." I said. "We can let you get your breath back and try some different poses, and then we will finish up by taking it out..."
"Oh, sure, give me a taste and then take it away..." Emma grumped, sticking out her bottom lip. Which I quickly leaned in to kiss. We laid together for a few more minutes until we started to chill, enjoying the lingering sensations of our bodies pressed together and our breathing which fell quickly into sync.

"Alright, crazy woman, want to try standing up and walking around a bit?"
"I guess I might as well, since I doubt you'll be carrying me around, yeah?"
I offered her my hands and a big smile in reply.
The look on her face as she scooted to the edge of the bed and sat on her ass was priceless... The plug was clearly moving as she did, and watching her get used to it was fun.
"Oh, wow. That is... different" She said.
"Not painful though, right?" I asked, lightly concerned by her look...
"No, no. Not painful. Just weird, I guess". Emma took my hands and we pulled her to her feet. She stood still for a minute, then folded herself into my chest, hugging me tightly as we pressed our bodies together again. I love this feeling, having her against me as tightly as we can get...
"Thank you, Jay. I love you. I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else. You understand what I want, and you humour me when I go a little off the path. I'm a lucky woman."
"I love you too, Watson. You know that. I will be here for all of your adventures, as long as you'll let me have them with you."
I used my hands to brush her hair back from her face so that I could lean down and kiss her deeply. Which she returned just as eagerly.

After a few experimental steps to see how the plug would react, and a trip to the closet where Emma could bend over and see her newest toy in the full length mirror, peeking out from her plump little cheeks, we got back on the bed, avoiding most of the swampy bits. Emma laid on her side, but held a hand mirror so she could see what was happening. After all, at some point, she would be doing the plug work herself based on how she felt that day, and what kind of stimulations she was up for...

I used a bit more lube to make sure we weren't chafing her butt too much, and got a grip on the base of the plug. Emma gasped a bit as I started to apply pressure to pull it out. "Your ass is used to having it there, now. Remember that what goes in has to come out again, and that muscle has to get used to things moving in both directions... When it is my dick in there, we can't just have your butt closing shut and not being elastic enough for us to move, right? We'd be stuck like a couple pups, and that would just be too hard to explain to the studio execs..."
This just made Emma laugh, which naturally made her ass clench up. So we took a minute, with me rubbing her butt while presenting steady outward pressure on the plug. Slowly her sphincter started to open, although this direction was a bit more uncomfortable as the widest part of the plug would be passing her ring first...
"Let me try it, would you?" Emma said as she used her free hand to reach down and grip the base of the plug. I sat back and watched as she steadily withdrew the toy, grunting only once as the widest part of the plug cleared her sphincter.
I was happy to let her do it, as I knew she'd be game to do it herself in the future.

Finally the plug came free, and we watched with clinical attention as Emma's little asshole closed up reflexively. I got her a warm cloth, and we cleaned away the excess lube, pussy juice, and semen that had all participated in our little experiment.

From there it was cleanup time. I stripped the bed while Emma showered, and she remade it after I failed to convince her to stay in the shower with me for a few minutes...
Something about work and stuff. Ah the life of a hollywood star...

By the time Sarah came through the door, you'd never have known that Emma had just burned a gajillion calories by cumming, and that we had crossed yet another new threshold with her sweet ass...

Sarah looked freshly scrubbed as well, with that california blonde image down pat. She had her hair done in some sort of elaborate twisty thing on the crown of her head, a nice blouse and slacks that fit perfectly. The three tons of binders and folders made her look a little unwieldy, but that was all solved by dumping them in a big pile on the sofa and moving to greet us both with a smile and a kiss.

"Hiya mate, you alright?" Emma said with a big smile as she swept her girl friday into a hug and kissed her sweetly on the mouth. Sarah kissed her right back, blushing slightly as they broke it up and she moved towards me shyly.
"Good morning," she said as she reached up to put her arms around my neck, pulling me down for a kiss.
"Hey, blondie", I offered, as I put my arms around her and lifted her up to kiss her, making her squeak... Her perfume was light and attractive, as were her lips.
"Oh, you smell entirely edible..." I said as I put her back down on her little feet. Her five foot nothing frame spun away from me with a giggle.
"Well, we'll see how your appetite is later, maybe" she teased.
"Wow! Who are you and what have you done with Sarah?!?!" I laughed, as Emma goggled at her...
"I think you might have to live up to that later, you..." Emma laughed as Sarah went about as red as her lipstick...
"We have a lot to talk about on the way to the first meeting this morning..."

I just smiled knowingly, and winked at Sarah as she looked back and forth between us.
"Oh? What did I miss?"
"I suspect you are going to hear more about it than you want to very soon..." I offered, as Emma came to me for a kiss and hug before they headed for the door, arm in arm.
"Oh, Em, hold up, I have something for your kit for later..." I said, remembering what I had planned to give her earlier.
"No opening this until you two have a quiet moment together to check it out. Best not to do it in the boardroom or on a reading, you know..."
Emma grinned at me as she took the little wrapped box from me. "So sweet, my romeo." she said, kissing me again and turning to go.
"We have to get moving... We have that network thing tonight, so it's gonna be another long one. You be alright?"
"I will be suitably bereft without you, but I will manage. Maybe I'll get the boys together for some poker or something..." We all chuckled, knowing that Emma's entourage and staffers are far too professional to do that. But yeah, I'd manage.
"See you two later. Sarah, look after my girl, right?"
"You know it! See you!" was offered over a shoulder as they got in the elevator out of sight.

So if there's a downside to dating Emma Watson, it's the whole public relationships thing. She's famous. I'm most definitely not. She gets a lot of attention, about 90% of it unwanted and very critical. All part of the hollywood game. Part of how we met involved the unwanted attention from the press about her last boyfriend. A rich shmuck who didn't know what he had, that had cheated on her. That's how she ended up in Cuba, and some sneaky paps were the main reason she ended up in my room that night... So yeah, I guess I should be grateful.
But... We had talked about it a bit, and she was understandably very reluctant to introduce me as her bf, even after the completely reasonable amount of time since the last tool. And knowing how serious we had become over the short months we'd been together. She was concerned about what the press would say and do, how it would affect me and my own family, and how much it would detract from her work, which was spooling up again. And rightfully so.
Emma was so awesome with my family, too. With school out, my daughter was staying with her mother for the summer, which fit in with my going back and forth to LA to see Em. We hadn't managed to get her to Canada yet with her schedule, but that would come. She had chatted with my girl on the phone and computer, and they got on like a house on fire. My kid was mature enough to understand that she couldn't broadcast who her dad was dating, and in exchange (because teens are bribeable?), there was swag and personal attention that always found its way home. I learned that they called back and forth without my prompting, even. Pretty cool.
So I'm good, I have no desire to be in any spotlights, and I will not intentionally do anything to risk her reputation or work as a star. We'd get there, but there was no rush. In our discussions, I made it clear that I was there to support her in every way, and that I would shop for a good suit for the day when we finally stepped out together without keeping it so low key. She wasn't crazy about the teal blue idea, or the frilly shirt under broad lapels and bowtie, but I figured we could sort that out later. She did suggest that when she was doing the photo lineups and public events that she could send me a signal of some sort to say hi amidst all the pomp and flashbulbs. I insisted that the press would probably want to know who she was flipping off on camera, But she only shook her head, rolled her eyes, and kissed me deeply before curling into her little spoon position for the night...

I shook my head and returned to the present... It was crazy how many fun memories we had made already in our short few months together...

Flash forward to the evening... I had managed a run, and even got some food down my neck without trashing the place. Emma had sent a couple texts through the day to let me know what she was up to, meeting execs, a surprise bump into a couple acting colleagues - not that she'd drop names, but she spoke quickly with Florence Pugh, who is on a streak these days, and she was ambushed by her "Emma sister" Emma Stone, who basically tackled her from a suddenly opened door as she walked past. A bunch of laughs and a pledge to have lunch very soon, and on with business. I couldn't imagine it, really...

I don't even know what time it was when my phone dinged again. There was something loud and explosion-y on the tube, and I had a couple beer downrange. I knew Em was going to be late, as the studio PR things generally went long.

I noticed that the text was from Sarah. Not unusual lately, given how our big arrangement had progressed. So I clicked it open and nearly had a heart attack. It was a video file, and it immediately got my attention.

"Hi Jay, Emma unwrapped your gift before our big dinner do, and let's just say she was very impressed with what she found!" The video was of Sarah's lovely face moving through the hallway of what appeared to be a small apartment. I know the studio has a bunch of rooms for the stars to hang out in, get ready for shooting, etc.

Sarah made it to the main room, and there was my girl, all done up for the show. Long grey skirt with a thigh high slit, through which one leg was sexily propped. White blouse with deep cleavage, very subtle jewelry, and her hair done up neatly in twin braids pulled back from her temples into a short ponytail.
"Hi lover" Emma said into the screen, with a bright grin. "Sarah and I..." and the shot was interrupted as Emma pulled Sarah in for a deep kiss, which the little blonde barely managed to keep in the frame as she was woman-handled by her boss.
"Sarah and I unwrapped your gift, you fucker." Sarah giggled off screen as she focused on Emma's face, which was curiously flushed. I didn't think it was the makeup...
"We didn't have a whole lot of time, but I have that beautiful jeweled plug in my ass right now, and my pussy is fucking dripping like mad."
"I have already cum twice just from putting it in, and Sarah is about ready to explode. If we had time, I would have her on her back right now eating her out."
Sarah gasped off screen, "Emma, we can't, not now!" The phone wiggled and then stabilised.
"I know, love. We are going to wait until we get home and then Jay is going to pay for all of THIS."

With that, Emma turned around quickly, bending over the couch, or chair, or whatever it was... She flipped the slit open on her long skirt, revealing her beautiful naked ass. She was looking back over her shoulder lustily as she cleared the skirt to give a full moon view.
"This fucking thing..." she started, as she slid one hand down between her ass cheeks to expose my gift... "This thing feels SO fucking amazing in my ass, Jay. You don't even know. I can't keep my pussy from running like a tap."
To prove her point, she spread her long dancer's legs to show the glistening wetness on her tasty pussy lips and down her thighs.
Sarah moved the phone closer, as Emma used her fingers to wipe away some of her delicious juices from her legs.
"You are going to lick all of this up tonight when we get home, Jay. And then we are going to fuck you until you can't move."
"Oh my god, Emma, you're making me shake" Sarah added from behinds the phone.
"You hear that, doofus? We are going to make Sarah cum for us, then you are going to fuck me with this beauty in my ass, and then Sarah is going to blow you, and then... Fuck, I don't even know. Just don't expect to sleep tonight!!"
Sarah's nervous giggling off screen made the whole thing hotter, if that was possible...

"And now, it's time for us to go out there. Sarah's nipples are cutting through her shirt..." Emma stood up and moved closer to Sarah, throwing the video off target. She was clearly feeling up Sarah's little tits. To her credit, Sarah tried hard to stretch her arm out and aim the phone to capture it.
Emma said "here, love, give me that" and took the phone, which quickly focused in on Sarah, in her same businesslike but very attractive outfit from this morning. She was right, of course. Sarah's little nips were screaming for attention, as Sarah squirmed and tried to cover up, blushing furiously.
"Oh, come on, Sarah, give us a little flash, would you?" Emma reached out to try and grab Sarah's blouse. Sarah danced and squirmed, shrieking and giggling.
The chase went on for a bit, and there was some low mumbling that I couldn't make out.

The video cut then, and to say I was disappointed and horny as fuck would be an understatement...
I couldn't help but grin, as I knew that my night was going to be very interesting indeed...