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Thread: "Getting The New Year Started Right" with Miranda Cosgrove

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    fanfiction "Getting The New Year Started Right" with Miranda Cosgrove

    Getting The New Year Started Right
    Starring Miranda Cosgrove

    Codes: MF
    Written by MiamiLyfe
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fictional and it is nothing but pure fantasy

    It was New Year's Eve, and at a house up in the Hollywood Hills, a small get-together was getting underway. With COVID still raging throughout the US, and especially in LA County, typical big New Year's blowout parties were out of the question, so this year it was just a gathering of a dozen friends. Paul and Johnny took a uber up and looked forward to seeing friends, most of whom they had not seen much, if at all, this year. When they arrived, another car had also just pulled up, and out that car came Victoria Justice and her sister Madison Reed. Johnny and Paul got out of their vehicle and greeted the sisters warmly before heading inside with warm hugs and greetings. Paul could not help noticing how Johnny eye-banged Victoria as soon as she turned towards the front door.

    Walking through the door, the four of them were quickly greeted by Vanessa Hudgens and her new boyfriend, Cole Tucker. As they made their way further into the house, they saw that Stella Hudgens, Peyton List, and a guy friend named Jordan were already there. A few minutes later, Debby Ryan and her husband, Josh Dun, arrived, and then the last person to come was Miranda Cosgrove. Everyone was slightly dressed up for the party and looking good, especially after a year where people had spent most of the year wearing t-shirts and sweatpants with very few places to go to.

    With everyone at the house, people began mingling and catching up on what people had been up to recently and over the year. While no one said it, Miranda, like everyone else, had come to this party hoping to share a midnight kiss and hook up with someone. She had planned to get with one of her guy friends, but unfortunately for her, Victoria seemed to have Johnny marked for herself. She could tell by VJ's body language and the look in her eye that she was feeling him. And the way his eyes kept looking at her, it seemed like he wanted her as well. So rather than try to compete with Tori, so was just going to let her have him, and Miranda would just make the most of her night some other way.

    Unbeknownst to Miranda, while she was relenting that she might not be getting laid today, she was now directly in Paul's sights. Ever since she came walking in, he kept looking her way in her purple dress. The two had been friends for years and had hooked several times, though never had a true friend with benefits relationship. That said, in his eyes' Miranda looked even hotter now than when they first met, or the last time they had sex. He didn't know if she was doing with her hair, or maybe just gotten hotter and grown into her looks more over the last few years. It's possible. After all, Kate Beckinsale is more seductive in her 40s than in her 20s.

    Everyone socialized and had fun as they waited for the clock to approach midnight on the West Coast. As time ticked by, Paul stayed relatively close to Miranda for most of the night. His persistence was rewarded as time began to run out in 2020. Looking around, many of the people had begun to pair off, and with limited options left, he suggested to Miranda that they pair up, and she agreed. With only five guys and seven women at the party, Maddy and Stella were left to loan same-sex pairing. Not long after that, glasses of champaign began to be passed around. People started counting down when it got to the final minute to midnight.

    "Ten! Nine! Eight!" Miranda and Paul yelled with the rest of the people at the party. "Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Happy New Year!!!" Paul then leaned in and kissed Miranda on the lips. She was expecting just a quick, simple kiss and was surprised when his lips lingered, pressed firmly against hers. She was even more surprised when she felt him open his mouth and attempt to slide her some tongue. She hesitated on what she should do, whether or not she should stop him. Maybe it was the couple of drinks in her, or perhaps it was just a goof kiss, but as her mind worked to figure out what her next step should be, her body reacted all on its own, and before she knew it, she found herself kissing him back. They made out there in the middle of the room for a minute or so. When they finally separated and looked around the room while sipping on their champagne, they realized they were the last couple to stop kissing outside of Vanessa and Cole, who were still going at it.

    The next two hours were spent with a lot of drinking and dancing, and just everyone having a good time. But with the passage of time, alcohol and hormones began to do their work, and people began pairing off once again. Paul and Miranda found themselves sitting on the couch together, watching everyone else in the room. Vanessa and Cole had disappeared at some point in the night, but everyone else was still in the central part of the house. Maddy and Stella were dancing together and were trying to get Peyton to join them while Jordan went to the kitchen to refill people's drinks. On the opposite couch, Debby and Josh were closely huddled together and were whispering to one another. Paul could not help but notice how they both kept looking over at Peyton as they spoke. As Paul's eyes were on the married couple, Miranda tried not to stare over at the big chair in the corner of the room where Victoria and Johnny were kissing. However, as she kept glancing over, their kissing was becoming increasingly heavier and more intense. As she looked over again, she could not help thinking that that should have been her tonight.

    Miranda sighed and sat back on the couch cushions while taking a big gulp of her drink. Her sigh caught Pablo's attention, and he turned back to her. "So, do you think your 2021 is going to be much better than 2020?" he asked her.

    "It can't be much worse, can it?"

    "That's what I said about 2019."

    "True. Ugghhh… Too bad there isn't a way to make sure this year turns out better.``

    They both sat in silence for a minute. Paul then decided that if he was going to make his move, now was the time. "Well, I know a way we can at least make sure this year gets off to a good start."

    "Oh yeah, how's that?" she asked. He then put his hand on her leg. "Oh," Miranda said with mild surprise. His hand then rose up her thigh, going under her dress. Miranda watched in seemingly slow motion as his face approached hers. In those split seconds, she decided to go with it. She and Paul had hooked up a few times over the years, and it had always been enjoyable. Plus, Miranda had come to this party in the hope of getting laid tonight, so she leaned forward, and her lips met his. The two of them kissed on the couch, with him caressing her upper thigh.

    "Let's go upstairs," Paul whispered into her ear, and Miranda quickly agreed. The two of them got off the couch and tried to sneak away quietly. Luckily for them, not much had changed, and everyone else was mostly distracted. VJ and Johnny were still making out in the corner, Maddy and Stella, now joined by Jordan, were still dancing and drinking. Taking one more look over, Paul also saw Josh whispering something into Debby's ear while they both looked over at Peyton. He watched Debby get up and head straight for her former co-star as he left the room.

    Once out of the room, Paul and Miranda quickly made their way up the stairs. The door to the first bedroom up the stairs was not entirely closed, so they assumed it was empty and pushed it open. They were both shocked at the sight that greeted them when they pushed open the door. Vanessa Hudgens was on her knees on the bed, with her boyfriend standing on the mattress in front of her. They were both nude, and Cole had his cock pointed straight at Vanessa's face. Nessa's eyes moved to the opening door, but no one had time to react or say anything before Cole let out a grunt, and his cum splashed against The Princess Switch actress's face, delivering the facial she had asked for before they had been interrupted.

    Miranda and Paul just both froze there, unable to move for a bit as they watched their friend's face get painted in her new boyfriend's jizz. It might have only been a few seconds, but it felt like minutes before Paul closed the door, this time making sure it was fully closed.

    "Wow," Miranda said.

    "I know," Paul said in disbelief.

    "That's honestly not the first time I've walked in on Vanessa, but still, that was…."


    "Yeah," she agreed, and they both laughed and moved on to the next bedroom. The next room was unoccupied, so they flipped on the lights and went in. With no lock on the door, Paul kicked off his shoes and put them against the door, so at least if someone tried to open the door, it would hit up against something and give a little warning that the room was occupied. He then dropped his pants and made his way over to the bed, where Miranda was already lying down. Rather than getting on the bed from the side, Paul went to the foot of the bed and climbed up that way. Once on the bed down by her feet, be pulled off her shoes and tossed them off to the side. He then began to kiss her leg as he kept moving up her body, pushing her dress up as he moved up. He was nearly between her legs when he decided instead of going down on her, he pulled away and moved up to her face and began making out with the iCarly star.

    The two of them made out on the bed. At first, it was just light kissing, but things heated up and became more passionate as they kept going. Paul was on top of Miranda with one hand behind her head, and his other moved back down her body. Moving between her legs, he began rubbing her crotch. At first, over the top of her panties, but as those became wetter and wetter, he moved them to the side and ran his fingers over her moist lips. Miranda broke away from Paul's lips so she would let out a moan as he pushed his first finger into her. He started to kiss her neck as she let out another loud moan from him, adding another finger. As he fingered the brunette actress, her arousal continued to grow, and so did his hunger. Especially with the way she moans right next to his ear. He was now so turned on that he stopped fingering her and grabbed hold of her underwear, and yanked them down hard. He could not yank them down, but he did lower them down her thighs. He then rolled the two of them over, so Miranda was now on top of Paul. Miranda sat up a bit and looked down at Paul.

    "It's on my face. I wanna eat that pussy," he told her. Miranda smiled and reached down to remove her panties for the rest of the way. Once they were gone and discarded on the bedroom floor, Miranda sat up and straddled his face. She was glad she had decided to give herself a trim before coming to the party after she had let her bush grow out the previous several weeks when she knew she had no shot of having sex. But she had confidence in how good her trimmed pussy looked, and Paul, from his up-close view with it currently hovering inches above his face, could attest to how good her pussy looked.

    His mouth salivated as Miranda lowered herself down on his awaiting face. Once she was down, Paul wrapped his arms around each of her thighs to lock her in place as his mouth began his assault on the Crowded actress' snatch. He ate her out with the hunger of a starving man. Miranda grabbed onto the headboard in front of her. She began to moan louder. She was so turned on from making out and getting fingered before that it did not take long for her build-up to orgasm. A minute later, she came while his lips were sucking on her clit.

    "Oh wow, I needed that," Miranda said after her orgasm subsided. She tried to dismount his face, but Paul kept his arms firmly wrapped around her thighs.

    "Nuh-uh. I'm not done yet."


    "Oh yeah, I want to keep going. Just do me a favor and lose the dress. I want to be able to see you." Miranda agreed, and she began taking off her dress as he began kissing and licking the outside of her hips. Once the dress was off, Paul could now have a clear view of her tone stomach, her bra-encased breasts, and the bottom half of her face. Miranda looked down and could see his eyes looking up at her from between her legs. She then moaned as she felt his tongue split her pussy lips. Being able to see the pleasure on her face only emboldens Paul more. Miranda ran her hands up her body as Paul made her feel good. She squeezed her breasts through her bra before reaching behind her back and unhooking it. Paul was happy to now look up and see her hard pink nipples sticking out in the open. He kept going, eating her out as Miranda rocked her body against his face until she came a second time.

    After that second orgasm, Paul released her thighs and let Miranda climb off of him. With Miranda naked in the bed and Paul still in his shirt, boxers, and socks, it was his turn to be stripped nude. He reached down and took off his socks, and then he started removing his shirt. Miranda decided to help him out, and she reached out for his underwear.

    As she lowered his boxer briefs, Miranda had to admit, while she had hoped to hook up with Johnny at the start of the night (she thought he was cuter, had a bit of a nicer body, and they got along so well) but of the two guys, Paul had the nicer dick. Thicker, a tad bit longer, he always kept the hair trimmed down to almost nothing. When his cock sprang free, it slapped up against his abdomen. Looking at it as she pushed the clothing down his legs, she also thought that, in general, he just had a nice-looking dick.

    With him stripped naked, she kissed her way up his body until she was lying on top of him with her lips locked with his. They lay naked on the bed, making out. Paul wrapped one hand around her back and reached down between his legs with the other. Taking hold of his dick, he aimed it so that his dick rubbed up against her lovely slit. He then began to rock his hips, rubbing his dick along her pussy, using her juices to lube up his dick. When he felt like his dick had a nice coating, he changed his angle a bit and thrust up again. This time though, instead of just rubbing against her, his cock pushed into her. Splitting her lips and stretching out her pussy with his thickness. Miranda let out a big pleasure-filled moaned right into his mouth as she felt him entering her.

    Things started with Paul rocking his hips up into Miranda at a slower, methodical pace while she laid on top of him, and they continued to make out. But after a few minutes, Miranda began to take control, and she rocked her body onto his, setting the tempo for their sex. At first, she was still lying on top of him, but Miranda moved more and more upright as she sped up. In the end, she was sitting upright, brushing her hair back as she bounced on her friend's dick.

    As she worked herself up and down his pole, Paul stayed lying down watching her. He did move his hand down and strum her clit with his thumb. As he watched her, his eyes bounced up and down from her beautiful face and her pink nipples. They were nice and hard and stuck out from her breasts nicely. Knowing how sensitive they were, he reached up with his other hand and cupped her breast, his thumb toying with her hard nipple. He toyed with her nipple for a bit until finally sitting up and taking her other nipple between his lips. Miranda was in absolute bliss now as she rode Paul. His dick felt so good, but now with him playing with her breasts, it was putting her ecstasy over the top. She tilted her head back and moaned loudly. Unintentionally this also caused her to arch her back and press her breasts even more towards Paul.

    As Miranda's bouncing began to slow down, Paul decided to take the lead, so he rolled her over. Instead of having the former Nickelodeon actress on her back, he had her mostly on her side, and he got up on his knees. He lifted one of her legs onto his shoulder and began fucking her in the side wind-her position. With her on her side, she gripped onto the bed's sheets with the hand resting on the bed. And with her legs stretched wide apart, he was able to bury his entire manhood into Miranda with each thrust.

    It felt perfect for both of them, but Miranda likes eye contact while having sex, and she was tired of having to keep turning her neck to look at Paul. So she had him pause for a moment so she could turn over onto her back. Now looking back up at Paul, with one of her legs still upon his shoulders as he pushed his dick back up inside of her. It took a minute, but they were soon back into rhythm. Paul and Miranda were both moaning and looking directly into one another eyes as they went at it. He then leaned forward. Instead of putting his arm down on the bed for balance, he reached out for her open hand on the bed and interlaced his fingers with her. Also, as he leaned forward, Miranda's leg slipped off his shoulder, and the actress instead wrapped it around his waist. Paul arched himself, so he also made sure his crotch was also rubbing up against her clit with each thrust.

    The two of them went at it for several more minutes. They were both feeling great. They were both feeling their impending climaxes. It was just a matter of who was going to pop first. Miranda was moaning louder and louder with each thrust, and he was trying to think of something else to hold back what was bubbling up in his balls. But it was not easy to think of something else when looking down at a fantastic sight like a naked Miranda Cosgrove.

    It ended up being Miranda was the first one to climax. She could feel it coming and reached up and pulled Paul's face to her's. She kissed him hard. She pulled him down hard, even tightening her leg around him, so he went from his body hovering above her to now lying on top of her. It was a moment later when she came and had her biggest orgasm of the night thus far. As he felt her pussy contract for a split moment, Paul worried he might suddenly shoot his load, but he was able to hold on.

    As she was going through the throes of her orgasm, Paul kept pumping his cock and started to kiss her neck's crook. So while he kept going, he knew he was going cum pretty soon. Once Miranda's orgasm subsided, and she started kissing him back again, Paul just had to pull away.

    "Shit, Miranda, I'm not going to be able to hold out much longer," he warned her.

    "That's fine, just not inside me," she responded between heavy breaths.

    "Wanna do what we saw Vanessa doing early," Paul asked as he slowed his thrusting.

    "That's really weird, but yes," she said with a bit of a laugh. The two of them scrambled out of the missionary position. Paul stood upon the mattress, and Miranda got up onto her knees. She took hold of his dick and gave it several strokes. Miranda looked up at Paul and made sure she kept eye contact with him as she opened her mouth and slid his cock in. Miranda was very cocky about her dick-sucking skills, and with good reason.

    "Holy shit, Miranda. I forgot how good you are at this," he said as she went to work on his dick. She stroked his shaft with her soft lips wrapped around the end of his cock, and her tongue flicking around in the tip. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm gonna cum," he said. His cock was not even in her mouth for a full minute, and he was ready to burst. Miranda kept toying with his cock in her mouth until she felt his tip swell like it was about to burst. At that moment, she pulled her mouth away and his cock down, just in time for him to start blasting his load over her chest.

    "God damn. I remembered how good your mouth was, but fuck. There is knowing and then there's KNOWING." Paul said after he stopped cumming and dropped back down onto the bed.

    "Thanks," Miranda said, accepting his praise. Using some of the bedsheets, Miranda began cleaning her chest of Pual's load. "Should we go back downstairs and see if anyone is still down there?"

    "No way. We came up here to get 2021 off to a good start. One round of sex isn't good enough. We gotta keep going a few more times, at least until sun up."

    "That sounds good," Miranda said with a smile, Then with a smirk and a raised eyebrow she said "but are you sure you're up for that?" her eyes drifted down to his half-hard dick.

    "I'm usually ready to go in like five minutes or so. Though with the way you use your mouth, I'd probably be back to full force in less than a minute."

    Miranda rolled her eyes and looked back at Paul. "Flattery will get you everywhere," Miranda said with a smile, and then pushing her hair back she lowered her head to breathe life back into his member. Miranda didn't want to waste time and wanted to get back to banging in the New Year.

    MY TOP 5
    1. Hailee Steinfeld
    2. Bailee Madison
    3. Olivia Holt
    4. Victoria Justice
    5. Emma Watson

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    throbb Miranda Bangs in the New Year, Indeed

    Simply amazing and very engaging literary fiction, as always, MiamiLyfe. And thank you deeply for re-introducing Ms. Cosgrove back into my playlist of pleasurable figures in my ever satisfied imagination- due mainly to your unprecedented run of erotic literature that targets every quality of good writing. Really hope we see more of Miranda around here and this story will certainly bode well for a revival perhaps soon. And I worried there at the end that we might not get a chance to utilize Miranda best assist- her soft lips- but never losing faith in you my awesome author you brought Paul and this reader to full climax with BJ capper. I really hope we can get some more Miranda stories on the board. Cheers MiamiLyfe and Happy New Year!!

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