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Thread: "Honeymoon Bliss 2: The Next Day" with Victoria Justice and Hailee Steinfeld

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    fanfiction "Honeymoon Bliss 2: The Next Day" with Victoria Justice and Hailee Steinfeld

    Honeymoon Bliss 2: The Next Day
    Starring Victoria Justice and Hailee Steinfeld

    Written by Miami Lyfe
    Codes: MF, MFF, Public, Oral, Creampie, Soaking, Snowball, Facial, Anal, Food Play
    Disclaimer: The following is complete and total fiction. It is nothing more than pure fantasy.

    I lay in bed with thoughts of the previous night dancing in my head. The image of Hailee's face screaming out in bliss as she came played on repeat in my mind. I was in a very peaceful and erotic sleep when suddenly I was awoken by the feeling of someone jumping on top of me.

    "Nick, wake up!" I heard Victoria yell. I slowly opened my eyes to see a smiling Victoria Justice looking down on me. "Morning!"

    "What time is it?" I asked, still groggy and tired from the previous day.

    "Just after eleven. You missed breakfast." Victoria stayed straddling my lap over the sheets. She was dressed in just a pair of loose shorts and a tank top.

    "Sorry about that. Hope you didn't mind eating alone," I told her as I closed my eyes and rubbed my hand back and forth along her bare leg.

    "I wasn't alone. I ran into Hailee down there and ate with her." That snapped me out of my morning haze.


    "Yeah, I saw here entering the dining area when I was at the omelet bar, so we sat together. She told me about the hotel's secret nude beach up the road. I told her we'd go with her today." I tried to hide the mini panic attack I was having at this news. I had no clue what Hailee was up to. Did she just enjoy toying with me in front of VJ, or was she out to destroy my relationship? I also did not know how I'd be able to control myself around Haiz at a nude beach since in the last 24 hours, she'd already gotten me to cheat on my new wife twice.

    "Really? I thought we could just relax in the room today. You know, take a bath together in the tub. Maybe do that thing we were walking about with the whipped cream and chocolate sauce," I then moved her off me. "Though first, I think maybe we should do something about this." I lifted off the sheet and exposed my dick to the sunlight, still hard as steel with morning wood.

    "Maybe I should leave you two alone to take care of that," another unknown woman said, "Unless you want some help." Looking to the doorway, Hailee Steinfeld leaned against the doorframe, smiling while looking at Victoria and me on the bed. She was dressed in a bikini top, a sarong, and flip-flops.

    "Oh shit!" I said in surprise and quickly pulled the bed sheet back up to hide my nakedness.

    "Yeah, I probably should have mentioned that I invited her up with me," Victoria laughed at my shock.

    "It's not that big a deal Nick, I was going to see it anyway at the nude beach," Hailee chuckled and gave me a wicked grin. "How about I just meet you guys downstairs in an hour?"

    "Sounds good," Victoria agreed.

    "Okay. Bye, Nick. Or should I say big dick, Nick," Hailee giggled before turning and leaving.

    "I think she likes you," Victoria said before leaning down and beginning kissing the side of my face and neck.

    "Vee, are you sure about this whole nude beach thing? And going with her? Wouldn't it be better if we just stayed here together?"

    "Come on. I really want to go. Hailee made it sound like fun, and it's totally private. The studio sent her and the rest of her cast here before her last world press tour, and a bunch of them went, and no photos of any of them or anything ever came out. I can't even imagine that kind of freedom." Victoria continued to kiss her way down my body. "How about you think it over, and while you do that, I take care of you?"

    She removed the bed and slipped off her shorts. Quickly she was back to straddling my lap. This time there was nothing between our privates. Victoria rubbed her lips up and down along my shaft, which pressed up against my stomach before raising and lowering herself down onto my cock. It felt terrific having VJ ride me again, but as I watched her, my mind was also flashing back to last night and the prospect of watching Hailee run naked through the ocean waves.

    "I love you," Victoria told me as she leaned over me.

    "I love you too," I told her, and we kissed. I closed my eyes as I felt her tongue slid into my mouth. We made out tenderly. However, with my eyes closed, I was now picturing a wet naked Hailee Steinfeld emerging from the water and jogging in slow motion towards me.

    "God Hay...eeelll, you feel amazing," I said as we broke off our kiss, almost saying Hailee's name by mistake. I spun us over, so Victoria was on her back, and we fucked in a missionary position. We kept humping one another. Tori wrapped her arms and legs around me. Victoria made me keep eye contact with her until she finally came on my cock. Watching her beautiful face contort as she came to set me off. I quickly pulled out just before I came. Splashing her pussy lips with my cum.

    Victoria reminded me that we needed to get ready to meet Hailee down in the lobby. I took a quick shower and threw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Victoria was dressed similarly to Hailee's outfit earlier, with a bikini, a sarong, and sandals. She grabbed her beach bag with our towels and stuff as we headed out.

    "Are you sure about this?" I asked Victoria as we rode down the elevator.

    "Yes, I've never been to a nude beach before. I always had to worry about paparazzi showing up or someone else taking pictures. Why are you not more excited about this? You're about to spend an afternoon on a tropical beach with a naked me and Hailee Steinfeld. I'm pretty sure there are millions of men out there who would kill to be in your place." Yeah, she was right. I needed to relax and somewhat enjoy today. Or at least pretend to, so I didn't make Victoria suspicious of anything.

    "Yeah, I know. I just wanted to make sure you're cool with this." The elevator doors then open and we stepped out. Hailee was in the lobby dressed the same as before, only now she had a big bag similar to Victoria's as well. Hailee already had a car waiting outside to take us to the private cove where the beach is. The ride was only about 5 minutes before we were let off at a dirt lot surrounded by trees. Victoria and I followed Hailee as we walked on a path between the trees that led to a set of stairs that went down to the beach of the secluded cove. Hailee had said that this nude beach was pretty private, and she was right. The place was still on resort property, the opening to the cove was roped off so boats and jet skis could not come in, and unless you were with someone who knew where the beach was, it was doubtful anyone would ever find it. As we walked down the stairs, I could see a couple dozen people at the beach. Many seemed to be couples of various ages. A group of 7 or 10 college-age girls and several guys appeared to be alone and just there to check out the women.

    As we got down to the beach, Hailee and Victoria went to find us a clear spot while I went over to where they were renting out beach chairs and got myself one. I noticed some single men watching Victoria and Hailee lay out their beach towels as I walked back over. After putting my chair down in the sand, I tossed my phone and wallet into a beach bag and took off my shirt.

    "Wow, somebody got kind of kinky last night," Hailee said, referring to the hickeys VJ had made on my neck and collar bone. However, at least two of them had been made by Hailee herself.

    "Yeah, I guess I got a little carried away last night," Victoria said.

    "You don't remember doing it?" Hailee asked while taking off her top and exposing her breasts.

    "No, I was pretty drunk by the end of the night," Victoria replied. She then looked around and took a deep breath before taking off her top as well. The two women then dropped their sarongs and bikini bottoms and stood naked on the beach except for their sunglasses.

    "Alright, Nick, your turn."

    I grabbed the waistband of my shorts and got ready to push them down, but right as I was about to drop them, I watched as Hailee spun around and bent over to get something out of her bag. Of course, she kept her legs perfectly straight as she bent over, giving me a great view of her ass and her pussy peeking out underneath. As I pushed my shorts down, I prayed for God to give me the strength not to break down and fuck Hailee right here on the beach. When she finally stood up, she had a bottle of sunscreen in her hands. I could not help myself from getting rock hard as I watched Victoria and Hailee rub their bodies down with the lotion.

    "Stop staring and put on some sunscreen," Victoria said while throwing the bottle at me.

    "And remember, at a certain point, you're no longer applying lotion; you're just playing with yourself," Hailee teased as Victoria started applying sunscreen to her back. I laughed, though when it came time to put lotion on my crotch, I could not help but give my man meat a couple of extra strokes.

    Over the next two hours, the three of us enjoyed ourselves and the beach. The girls sunned themselves on the beach, and I tried to do some reading, though I could not help but check out the two ladies. I found myself sitting in my chair comparing the two women's bodies. Both were brunettes, and despite Tori's Hispanic heritage, her skin tone was not that much darker than Hailee's. VJ was also several inches shorter and had bigger breasts despite being a little more slender than Haiz. Both had dark areolas, but while Victoria's nipples were nubs, Hailee's were more like pencil erasers that stuck out. Both had completely shaved their pussies. Tori's was a total innie, while Hailee had slightly longer inner lips that stuck out a bit. Hailee had a nicer ass and toner legs. As much of a distraction as they were on the beach, they were not better in the water. Victoria and I made some and caressed me, but we also played around with Hailee. Just the usual kind of horseplay with dunking one another under the water and me tossing the girls a bit. This led to some purposeful groping by VJ and some "accidental" touching by Hailee. Haiz and Victoria had a fair share of guys checking them out, and I saw the group of college girls look me over, though no one thought anything of our touching and me and Vee's intimacy. Hailee told us that that kind of stuff was not a big deal. She'd seen far worse at the beach and then pointed to a couple at the far end, which was clearly fucking on a beach chair.

    "That kind of thing happens here all the time. I don't see him here today, but a local guy named Sione is a bartender at the resort's dance club. I swear his cock has to be a foot long and all he does during the day is hang out here hoping to bang with one or more girls on vacation. He'd be all that group over there," Hailee told us while pointing at the group of college girls as we stood in waist-high water. "I remember coming down here for a sunrise yoga session. By the way, Victoria, they do naked yoga here at sunrise every day, and you should total try and do it before you leave."

    "Okay, that sounds great."

    "Anyway, I just remember leaving when it was over one morning and watching him plow two girls on the picnic table over there. When he came, it was like a super soaker went off."

    "You and he ever hook up?" I asked.

    "No. He's got a big dick and all, but he's kind of an asshole. He tried hitting on me once, but literally, all he did was walk up to me, shake his dick in my face and ask if I was interested. When I said no, he just walked on to the next attractive girl," Hailee told us. "I'm thirsty. You guys want anything?" Tori and I both asked for her to get us water. She then sauntered out of the water, giving an extra wiggle to her ass as she walked. I turned to Victoria, and she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I kissed her back and moved us back into deeper waters.

    "You having a good time?" I asked her.

    "Yes," She gave me another kiss and wrapped her legs around me. Her sex was now pressing right up against my erection. I let out a groan as I felt her press harder up against me. All the teasing and spending time around these two naked beauties had had me hard almost the entire time, and it was starting to take its toll on me. "I told Hailee to stop some of her teasings. I can tell it starting to get to you."

    "Thank you, but you know I love you, right?"

    "Of course, I know that. But you're only human. If she keeps accidentally rubbing her ass against you and bending over in front of you, I almost wouldn't blame you if you snap and jam that big dick of yours into her. God knows she's been asking for it." Victoria didn't know half of it. While she may have seen some of the touching Hailee had done under the water, what she had not seen was earlier when she went to the bathroom, Hailee pounced on my dick and deepthroated me for a blissful two minutes. She sucked my cock hungrily but made sure to stop before she had to worry about Victoria seeing us and before I could have a chance to bust my nut.

    "Please, this dick is only for you," I told my wife and then used my hand to take aim and thrust into her under the water. Victoria bit her lip to muffle her moan as I pushed my entire length between her folds. The two of us just stayed in the ocean like that, with my dick soaking inside her as we kissed and talked lovingly to one another. I gave a few slow and gentle thrusts, but mostly I let my cock soak in her pussy so as not to draw attention to ourselves. I don't know how long it would have taken for me to cum from doing that, but I was not given a chance to find out as Hailee was interrupted by yelling at us from the water's edge that she got us some food. We begrudgingly decoupled and walked back to our beach towels to join Hailee for a mid-afternoon snack.

    After we ate, the girls went back to sunning themselves, and I hopped back into my chair and tried to get some reading done. I finally started concentrating on my book when I noticed Hailee moving around. She had sat up on her elbows and now had her chest up thrust into the air as she tilted her head all the way back to look at me sitting behind her.

    "So, does that thing ever go down?" Hailee asked, referring to my ever-hard dick.

    "I'm hanging out with a pair of the most beautiful women in the world, both of whom are naked, and I haven't been able to get off. The fact that my penis hasn't exploded is a borderline miracle," I half-joked.

    "Yeah, I'm going to have to take care of him as soon as we get back to the hotel. I'm starting to feel like we're torturing him," Victoria added.

    "Why don't you just take care of him now?" Hailee asked.

    "What?" Both VJ and I asked.

    "I told you before. People have sex out here all the time. So just go on and blow him. The poor guy needs it badly," Hailee encouraged her.

    "Are you sure?" Victoria asked. I was going to say she didn't have to, but it would be really hot to do it, and I was super fucking horny. Victoria rolled onto her stomach and crawled over to me. With her now on her knees in front of me, she looked up at me and asked, "Do you think I should?"

    "I...I can't answer that. You can't expect me to answer whether or not I think you should give me a blow job." Victoria looked around to see if anyone was watching and then started to lean down and go for it.

    "Yes, yes, yes," Hailee said excitedly as she got up on her knees and got moved closer to get a good view as Victoria stuck out her tongue and began licking the head of my cock.

    "Kind of salty," Victoria said before opening her mouth wide and starting going down on my dick. God, her mouth felt amazing. I could not help myself from putting my hand on the back of her head and pushing her head down on my dick. Typically, I was not the kind of guy who would take hold of VJ's hair and move her head up and down my dick, but I was so desperate to get off I could not help it. Victoria just put her hands on my thighs and let me bounce her face up and down my dick.

    "Umm yeah, make her suck that dick." Hailee encouraged me. Looking over to her, Hailee watched us closely but sat back on her knees far enough that I could see her fingering herself as she watched. "Fuck the beautiful face of hers."

    "Oh god, Vee, your mouth feels so fantastic. I can't wait to cum, and then get you back to the hotel and just pound that pussy of yours up against the wall," I told Victoria as I continued to bounce her head up and down my pole.

    "Do it. Cum in her mouth." Hailee moaned while she had a hand working her twat and another playing with her nipple. "Cum in her mouth, and Tori, when he does, don't swallow. Just collect it in your mouth and then show it to me. I want to see your mouth full of his man juice."

    "Oh god," I moaned. I was close to cumming. My eyes darted back and forth between Victoria sucking me off and Hailee playing with herself. "Shit, shit, shit uggghhhh," I grunted as I came, locking eyes with Hailee as I came in Victoria's mouth. Just like she asked, Victoria collected as much of my cum in her mouth as she could, though some ran out of the corner of her mouth. Victoria turned to Hailee and opened her mouth to show her my jizz in her mouth. Then something happened that shocked both me and VJ. As she opened her mouth, Hailee pounced on her. She quickly wrapped her hands around Victoria and pulled her in for a big open mouth kiss. I watched her shove her tongue into Tori's mouth and saw as the two ladies shared a forceful kiss with my cum passing back and forth between their mouths. Some of it ran out of the mouths and down their bodies. Watching this made my dick even harder than it was before the blow job.

    Hailee eventually let go of Victoria's face, and she backed off a bit. VJ looked utterly stunned by what just happened and had no reaction as Hailee then sucked off some of the cum that had dribbled down Tori's chest. It was so hot to watch. Had I not been so shocked, I would have pushed one of them over and started fucking one of them. It didn't matter which one.

    After that whole display, we all agreed it was time to get back to the hotel. We got dressed quickly. Victoria called for a car as we walked back to the parking lot. I was planning on getting in the backseat with Victoria and Hailee for the ride back to the hotel until a Toyota Yaris pulled up to drive us back to the hotel, and I was forced to sit in the front passenger seat. Despite being a short ride, it felt like forever. I was dead serious about wanting to fuck Victoria up against the wall as soon as we got back to the hotel. Behind me, I could hear Victoria and Hailee whispering back and forth and a sudden gasp from Victoria.

    When we got back to the hotel, I took Victoria's hand and speed-walked through the lobby to get to the elevator. I did not even realize Hailee was still with us until we were on the elevator. When the elevator got to our floor, I pulled Victoria off, and we both yelled goodbye to Hailee. The two of us practically sprinted to our room.

    "Where is your key?" Victoria asked as we approached the door.

    "It's in my wallet. I threw it into your bag earlier," I told her. Victoria dug through her bag as we stood in front of the door.

    "I don't see it, but I found my key," She said as she pulled it out of her bag and stuck the keycard into the door. She opened the door, and I pushed her in. Letting the door close behind us, I grabbed her bag and tossed it into the room.

    "Remember what I said on the beach about fucking you against the wall?"

    "Yeah," Victoria replied, wrapping her arms around my neck, knowing what was about to happen. I pushed my shorts to the ground and then picked up Victoria. She wrapped her legs around me, and I pulled her bathing suit to the side. We kissed hungrily with open mouths as I pushed her against the wall and jammed my cock into her twat. I pounded her hard against the wall. Neither of us were saying anything other than moans and grunts as we fucked hard against the wall. At one point, my leg buckled a bit, but that did not stop us. Victoria dug her fingers into my back as I regained my balance, and I swung her over so that we were no longer banging up against the wall but instead were up against the hotel door. I could only imagine what the banging and moaning against the door must sound like to people walking in the hallway.

    "God, babe, your pussy is so fucking wet. You must have really, really have gotten off on giving the blowjob on the beach."

    "Yeah. It was so hot. I couldn't believe I actually did that. It was so sexy. And then the kiss with Hailee afterward and her fingering me in the car. It was incredible."

    "She fingered you in the car?"

    "Yeah. We were talking about the beach. She asked if I got turned on by what happened, and before I could answer, she pushed two fingers into me."

    "Holy fuck, that's so hot. I can't get that image out of my mind. I'm going to cum soon."

    "Do it, babe. Cum for me. I want to feel you burst inside me." I kept pounding her pussy until my dick burst inside her. Even though I had just cum less than an hour ago, my cock still erupted with force and volume as though I hadn't touched myself in a month. Victoria came as I continued to cum in her.

    After we were done fucking, we retreated to the shower to rinse the sand, saltwater, sweat, and semen off of each other in Vee's case. Once we were clean, Victoria went to take a nap, and I ordered something special to be brought up to the room later tonight before joining her in bed.

    I slept for a good two hours, and when I woke, I was happy that Victoria was still asleep so I could set up. I quietly went and pulled out a hidden bag with candles in it. I set them up around the living room and opened the door when room service showed up. They wheeled in a small chocolate fountain with a bunch of strawberries, a couple of cans of whipped cream, and four bottles of champagne.

    When the room was all set up, I went back to the bedroom and woke Victoria up. She smiled happily as I told her I had a surprise for her. She went to put some clothes on, but I told her she would not need any.

    "Oh my God, babe, this looks amazing," she said as she saw what I did with the living room. She kissed me before running over to the chocolate fountain. She dipped a strawberry into the fountain and ate it. "Oh wow, that's really good," she said, "Ummm, this is all really sweet and all, but I am starving, and I don't think chocolate-covered strawberries are going to be enough."

    "I was the same way earlier. There is most of a pizza under the skirt of the fountain table."

    "Awesome." I watched her ass as she bent over in front of me and pulled out the pizza. The two of us ate pizza and drank champagne naked on the couch in a candlelit room. Once the pizza was gone, we moved on to dessert. We started dipping strawberries in chocolate and spraying whipped cream into each other mouths. We were also now on our second bottle of champagne. Of course, the alcohol also led to us dripping some whipped cream and chocolate sauce onto one another, which led to us licking those drips off one another. 20 minutes later, we finished off the second bottle. I had Victoria laying on her back with chocolate sauce dripped all over her tits and nipples and whipped cream sprayed all over her pussy. She was moaning. I went down on all fours to lick her clean.

    I had her breast licked clean and now had legs up in the air as I cleaned her body of whipped cream. We were both focused on one another to the point that neither of us heard when our hotel room door opened and closed.

    "Oh wow, this looks romantic." I didn't have to turn around to know who was standing behind me.

    "Hailee, you're here," Victoria said as I stopped eating her out and dropped her butt back to the floor. Turning my head, I saw Hailee standing in the doorway in a romper that had a zipper going down from the collar to the crotch. "Wait, why are you here?"

    "Your man left his phone and wallet in my bag, so I just wanted to bring it back." She held them both up and tossed them to me as she walked over to the fountain.

    "Is that all?"

    "Umm-hmm." She said as she ate a strawberry.

    "Oh please," Victoria said with her speech slightly slurred from the champagne. She stood up and walked over to Hailee. "Just admit that you want to have sex with my husband, or me, or me and my husband, or whatever." Victoria dipped her fingers into the chocolate and then took them and pressed them into Hailee's mouth. "Just admit you came down here looking to have sex," Hailee responded by nodding and sucking Tori's fingers clean. Once she had sucked all the chocolate off of them, she pulled the Victorious start's fingers from her mouth and pulled in Victoria for a kiss. Unlike the beach, this time, it was much softer.

    I watched as the two women made out. Hailee grabbed a can of whipped cream, sprayed both of Tori's nipples, then bent down and licked the cream off. Once Victoria's chest was clean, Hailee repeated the act. Victoria reached for the zipper to Hailee's romper and slowly pulled it down. Once the zipper was down far enough, Hailee shrugged the top off the romper, and it hung at her waist. Victoria then dipped a strawberry in chocolate and began painting Hailee's chest with it. I watched as my wife began licking chocolate off the tits of the woman I had cheated on her with the night before. Once she had licked her clean, Victoria turned to me and waved me over. As I made my way over to her Victoria, she kissed me.

    "Fuck her good," she whispered into my ear.

    "Are you sure?" I asked.

    "I know you love me. This is just sex. She's been teasing you and asking for it all day. Now give it to her."

    I turned my attention to Hailee. Unlike yesterday or earlier today, where she had been giving me dirty sexy looks, Hailee now stood topless in my hotel room with an innocent look on her face. I knew this was just for show. I took one step forward, and she lunged towards me. We made out passionately, and I shoved her romper down to the floor, leaving all three of us nude.

    "Fuck me hard. I want you to pound the fuck out of me in front of your wife," Hailee said before jumping up and wrapping her legs around me. I spun her around and sat her down on the cart with the chocolate fountain. Hailee let out a loud moan as I pushed my dick into her. Tori moved behind me and pressed her tits into my back as I began pumping Hailee's pussy with my dick.

    "How does it feel? Do you like how my husband fucks you?"

    "Yes! It feels incredible. I love his dick. We should have just done this on the beach," Hailee moaned. Haiz leaned back and tried to bring my mouth down to her nipples, but as she leaned back, she knocked over the fountain causing the chocolate to spread and puddle over the floor. We all stopped and looked at the mess we made on the wood floors. It gave us all pause, but there was nothing we could do about it now, and we were all so drunk on lust it didn't matter. I reached down and picked up another bottle of champagne. I shook it a bit, and after the cork went flying, the liquid shot up and sprayed over Hailee's body. Just like last night, I willing began lapping up the champagne off of the brunette's body in front of me. This time, however, I was fucking Hailee Steinfeld, and I was sucking the liquid off her breast and occasionally giving her nips a bit of a bite. Victoria continued to press her tits into my back as she alternated between kissing my neck, nibbling on my earlobes, and whispering words of encouragement as I fucked our new friend. The whole situation was the thing that dreams are made of.

    I was getting close to cumming, but I didn't want to give my load to Hailee. Or at least I didn't want to provide her with this load. Picking Hailee off the table, I dropped her down on the floor in the middle of the spilled chocolate sauce. Once the former True Grit actress was laid down in the chocolate, I dipped my hand into the spilled sauce and then smeared the chocolate onto her crotch. I then took a can of whipped cream, put the tip into Hailee's twat, and gave her a spray. Hailee gave an "oh" as she felt the spritz of cool foam sprayed into her.

    "Victoria, why don't you eat out your friend."

    "She does look tasty," Victoria replied. Tori got down on her knees and elbows in front of me, and as she began eating the cream out of Hailee's wet taco, I moved into place behind Victoria. I gave her ass a hard slap before taking hold of her hips, and I plunged into her and began fucking her hard. The three of us stayed like this for a while. Hailee on her back getting eaten out by Victoria, who was on her knees and elbows getting fucked doggy style by me, all the while we were all in the middle of a large puddle of spilled chocolate sauce. As we fucked, eventually, there was a chain reaction orgasms. Victoria was first as she came on my dick and moaned loudly into Hailee's love tunnel, which caused her to cum, and the combination of feeling Victoria cum and watching Hailee's "O" face pushed me over the edge. I erupted inside my wife once again. After we all finished cumming, I rolled Victoria onto her back and picked the can of whipped cream back up.

    "Hailee, don't you think you should repay Victoria?" Hailee didn't say anything. She simply smiled broadly and rolled onto her knees. As Hailee began eating her ass, I sprayed Vee's tits with some whipped cream and started eating it off of her. The two of us doubled-teamed Victoria's body. I would kiss and play with VJ's tits while Hailee ate her pussy. Hailee went a little further a few times, lifting her butt and licking her chocolate-covered ass. At one point even sticking her finger into her ass while she sucked on her clit. We did not stop our attack on her body until we gave Tori a powerful orgasm that made her body shake. The time off from fucking had given my dick a break, and now I was back to full mass and ready to give Hailee a pounding.

    Getting behind her, I pushed Hailee's back down so that her ass sucked up more. Her ass was covered in chocolate sauce from lying in it earlier. I could not help myself from giving her ass a few licks before taking hold of her hips and pushing my dick into her. Hailee happily pushed her ass back towards me, ensuring I was entirely into her. Hailee and I just pounded each other. The entire hotel room filled with the sound of our grunts, moans, and skin slapping both from me jackhammering her pussy and from me slapping her ass which I knew from last night she loved.

    While this was going on, Victoria merely sat back and watched as I fucked her friend. At one point, she came over to me and kissed me. I reached out and took some whipped cream and sprayed it on Hailee's ass. Then just like I did with her pussy earlier, I pushed the tip of the can into her ass and gave it a spray.

    "Lick her ass," I told Victoria. She looked at me hesitantly at first, then kissed me before turning her attention to Hailee. Victoria began eating Hailee's ass while I continued to hammer her pussy. Hailee loudly yelled out as she came hard on my dick. After she came, and the whipped cream was all gone, I told Victoria to back off. Taking what was left in a bottle of champagne, I dumped it over Hailee's ass, making sure it was nice and wet before I took my dick out of her pussy and slammed it into her ass. Hailee quickly had another orgasm as I fucked her ass.

    "I wish I was recording this," Victoria said as she masturbated while watching me fuck the "Love Myself" singer's ass.

    "Me too," Hailee grunted, "I wish I had a video of tonight for when I am alone on the road." Hailee had me stop temporarily, but it was just so that I could roll onto my back, and she could ride my dick reverse cowgirl. I watched as my man meat slid in and out of her backdoor as she bounced on my rod. I could feel her fingers occasionally brush against my balls as she rubbed her clit as we fucked. It took another two minutes before I finally came. I was blowing my load all up into her ass.

    After I came, I thought I was done, but apparently, the women were not done with me. I was pushed onto my back as Victoria used her hand to smear some of the excess chocolate sauce that was still on the floor onto my dick, and Hailee took a whipped cream can and sprayed my crotch until the can was empty. The two women then went to town on me. They used their tongues to clean the chocolate and cream off my cock and ball while they were also doing their best to stir my cock back to life. At first, the two of them seemed to be fighting and pushing for the position, but after two minutes, they found a rhythm and seemed to be working in connection with one another. Once the sauce & cream were gone, the two women worked in perfect harmony, with each running their lips up and down the side of my cock simultaneously. Had I not known better, I would have thought that this was not the first time Victoria and Hailee had been in a threesome together. They had my dick more than back up to full strength.

    Victoria then bumped Hailee out of the way and got in position. Swinging her leg over my lap, she sank on my cock and began riding me. As Tori bounced on my dick, Hailee pulled Victoria's face towards her, and the two women kissed. Victoria rode me hard for a good two minutes before Hailee pushed her off of me and took her place. Hailee worked her hips even harder and faster than VJ dead. Instead of staying at her side, as Hailee did before, Victoria moved back and straddled my face. She dropped her pussy down on my face and gave me no other option but to eat her out. After another couple of minutes, the brunette actresses switched positions again. This went on back and forth several more times. One woman would ride my cock while the other would ride my tongue. Occasionally the two women would make out, or grope each other, or suck on each other's tits.

    "Oh god, I can't hold back much longer," I said as Hailee got off of my face. Victoria had already cum twice and Hailee once from our current position. Knowing I would be spent after this next orgasm, I tried to hold it off as long as I could but couldn't anymore.

    "On her face," Victoria said as she rolled off me, "I want you to give her a facial." Victoria pulled me up to my knees, and Hailee laid down in front of me. My cock hung over the top of Haiz's forehead, and Victoria took hold of me with one of her hands. She began to stroke me, and Hailee smiled brightly as she looked up at the handjob happening above her face. It took less than a minute for me to start cumming. Hailee giggled as my cum rained down on her pretty face.

    When it was over, we were all exhausted. We were also filthy. Covered and chocolate sauce, dried whipped cream, sweat, and other bodily fluids from one another. We didn't even bother to fool around in the shower as the three of us rinsed our bodies clean before going to bed. That night I slept peacefully with Hailee and Victoria cuddling on either side of me. The next morning I awoke as I felt movement on the bed. I opened my eyes, but it was still dark outside.

    "What's happening?" I asked.

    "We're going to go do that morning yoga, Hailee mentioned, but you can go back to sleep," Victoria answered.

    "Okay." Victoria kissed me before climbing back off the bed.

    "Yeah, you better get some more sleep. You're going to need all your energy for later," I heard Hailee say before the girls left, and I tried to go back to sleep. Reflecting on the past couple of days, I found myself wondering if this was some long coma dream or maybe I had died, and this was heaven. This was all too amazing to be real life. Either way, it didn't matter, and I would make the most of my current situation for however long it lasted.

    MY TOP 5
    1. Hailee Steinfeld
    2. Bailee Madison
    3. Olivia Holt
    4. Victoria Justice
    5. Emma Watson

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    This was everything I wanted and more.

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