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Thread: Road to Pro: What Are Best Friends For with Bella Thorne and Lily Chee

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    fanfiction Road to Pro: What Are Best Friends For with Bella Thorne and Lily Chee

    What Are Best Friends For (with Lily Chee and Bella Thorne)

    When the Rascal Flatts said 'life is a highway' on their cover song, they should have said that 'life is a roller-coaster.' Just when one thinks they're blasting off towards the stars and bought property on easy street is when life brings them back down to earth in a brutal, scorching wreck.

    Cayden had no idea what awaited him in his medium-sized condo he shared with his girlfriend, smoking hot red-headed actress Bella Thorne, and if he had, he would have picked up an extra bottle of liquor. The additional hard liquor would kill off any brain cells remembering the night his life changed.

    As it was, he entered the keycode for his condo's front door, cursing under his breath as his car still resided in the mechanic's garage, and he had to call an Uber to drop him off at his own residence. Talk about embarrassing, but he had been busy with college classes, and finals week had kicked his ass. Not to mention his rising stardom on his college basketball team and his NBA draft stock climbing as a result. Thankfully, the Uber driver hadn't said anything, and Cayden kicked the front door closed behind him.

    Loud music greeted him from further inside the condo, but Cayden ignored this with practiced ease as his tempestuous girlfriend disliked peace and quiet, choosing music or other background noises (sometimes, often, a very graphic and over-the-top porno flick) and set the large cheese pizza and liquor down on the kitchen counter. He cracked his neck, a particularly bothersome kink giving him fits, and went to toss his keys and cellphone on the counter when he heard a long, drawn-out feminine moan from upstairs.

    Cayden grinned, hunger pains diminishing as all the blood in his body rushed to his cock, and a different appetite awakened. He recognized his girlfriend's surprisingly deep breathy moan, having heard it hundreds of times over the two years they dated (it was a tough call, but he enjoyed dragging those erotic moans out of her more than watching the videos she sent him of her masturbating) and jogged up the stairs to their bedroom.

    A pair of tiny white jean shorts almost tripped him up on his journey down the hallway to his bedroom, and Cayden smiled as he saw a green lacy tank top a foot further down the hallway. A black sheer bra half-lay on the tank top, causing Cayden's eyebrow to raise as Bella hardly ever wore a bra, preferring to flaunt her questionably augmented tits (Cayden had learned very early on not to ask if her tits were natural as few things made Bella go bat-shit crazy like whenever the authenticity of her tits was questioned) and just inside the doorway of the partially closed bedroom door was her frilly pink thong.

    Wanting to surprise his girlfriend, Cayden didn't barge into their bedroom right away, preferring to watch his girlfriend's salacious activities for a few moments before enticing her to wrap her pillowy lips around his aching cock. While Bella was indeed lying completely naked on their bed, her eyes screwed shut and teeth biting into her lower lip, her long legs were thrown over some dude's shoulders, and Cayden had the perfect view of another man's cock drilling his girlfriend's pussy.

    Bella lay sideways on the bed, her upper body flat, but her hips were turned so her bald and now engorged pussy faced the door where Cayden stood, mouth open and vision red with anger. The unknown man delivered powerful strokes as his balls slapped against Bella's minge, and Bella's tits bounced about; her nipples budded hard points.

    Knowing how manipulative Bella could be (especially when backed into a corner or put on the defensive), Cayden pulled out his cellphone, snapped a dozen photos, and started recording a video. Bella shrieked whorishly as she came, her hands mauling her tits and twisting her nipples between her fingers.

    The man's hips stuttered, his face turning a splotchy red, and he buried his cock to the hilt into Bella's pussy as he groaned. Cum spilled back over the man's cock as he filled the one-time Only Fans starlet's pussy with his cum, and the unknown man stayed buried to the hilt for several long seconds. Cayden's cock twitched as he knew Bella's pussy contractions were terrific, often extending his orgasm, but the other man pulled out with a sigh and flopped onto his back.

    Cum oozed out of Bella's pussy, and like a porn star, Bella reached down, scooped up a large glob of cum on her fingers, and licked her cum-stained fingers. Cayden stopped recording, knowing he had all the proof he needed, and crept back downstairs.
    His computer bag and backpack were still by the front door, and Cayden went to the laundry room to see if Bella had folded the latest load of laundry. Thankfully she had, and Cayden stuffed as many articles of clothing into his large gym duffle bag as he could before returning to the kitchen.

    He opened the liquor bottle, took a healthy swig, and began packing up all the various valuables in different lockboxes he had on the first floor. His college basketball career had him on the road for extended periods (away games, media events, etc.), often on short notice. Despite the friendly neighborhood his condo was in, one could never be too careful these days, and Cayden had made a habit of locking up his valuables whenever he went away for several days. Granted, he wasn't leaving for long, but once Bella found out she no longer had access to Cayden's trust fund…. he wouldn't be surprised if she tried to pawn off some of the valuables.

    Bella's coquettish giggles preceded her light footsteps down the stairs, and she waltzed into the kitchen naked except for a pair of small, tight white panties. Despite himself, Cayden's cock twitched again as this pair of panties was his favorite due to how the fabric cradled Bella's thick pussy lips and accentuated her ass. The unknown man from earlier followed behind her, hands pawing at her ass, thankfully wearing his boxers.

    "C-Cayden! What…what are you doing here? You weren't supposed to be back until Friday!"

    "Oh, shit…"

    Reflexively Bella covered her breasts with one arm and her panty-clad pussy with her other hand. Cayden raised his eyebrows, and Bella relaxed as she realized her actions were defensive and pointless. Cayden had fucked Bella Thorne dozens of times in this very kitchen until her throat was raw, and her girly juices squirted all over the floor.

    "Yes, media day finished early, and I thought I would come home to surprise my girlfriend. Who I hadn't seen in three weeks. Who's he?"

    "No one special. Cayden, I know what this looks like, and I-"

    "Save it, Bella. I'm leaving for now and expect you and your belongings to be moved out in two days. If you're still here, I'm calling the police, and they'll escort you off the premises for trespassing."

    Cayden pocketed his phone, walked over to the still-unidentified white dude, and knocked him to the ground with a solid punch to the face. Cayden cut an imposing figure, standing at six foot six two hundred fifteen pounds, and the other guy folded like wet tissue paper. Cayden stepped on his chest, fists clenched, jaw working overtime.

    "You can be a little bitch and try and come after me for assault or take it like the man you're supposed to be. I can't blame you for wanting to fuck her; everyone knows Bella Thorne is crazy hot, but just know you could never fuck her as I could."

    Despite the anger welling up inside him, Cayden stepped over the still-unnamed man to Bella, his eyes full of conflicting emotions. He cupped her ass one final time in his left hand, cradled her cheek in his other, and kissed her forehead. He wanted to kiss her lips one last time, but knowing how much Bella loved giving head, he didn't want to risk kissing her if she had blown the other guy.

    "Hope everything works out for you, Bella."

    Bella's eyes were wide, glistening with unshed tears, her lower lip trembling. Her arms wrapped around her middle, ankles crossed, and shoulders slumped. Cayden grabbed the bags he packed up earlier, walking out of his condo without a glance backward and into another Uber.


    "Cayden, go see who's at the front door, would you please, sweetheart?"

    "Yeah, all right, mom."

    Cayden got up from the couch in his parents' house, mindlessly scrolling through Tinder in a half-hearted attempt to pick a pump-and-dump girl to release his pent-up frustrations on. Although a week had passed since he caught his ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne cheating on him, Cayden hadn't gotten back into the single and ready to mingle mindset yet.

    Desperate to banish thoughts of his fiery redheaded ex, Cayden opened the front door of his parent's house with too much force, nearly smacking himself in the face with the edge of the door.
    His mouth dropped open in surprise as his best friend Lily Chee stood on the front stoop, pretty as could be in a thin pink cotton slip-dress and a deep purple long-sleeve shirt, tucking a strand of her long brown hair behind her ear as a slight breeze kicked up. Her soulful brown eyes lit up as she looked up and saw Cayden gawking down at her (Cayden towered over her five-foot-five cheerful frame).


    Honeysuckle and strawberries scented perfume overwhelmed Cayden as Lily jumped into his arms, her toned frame clinging to his broad shoulders and her pert breasts mashed into his solid chest. Having grown up as childhood best friends with the famous influencer Cayden had watched her grow out of a chubby child, melding into a cute teenager, and now the first physical signs of maturing adulthood graced her features. Her soft skin, firm breasts, and warm breaths against his neck caused his cock to stir, and Cayden needed to put some distance between them. Was he so pent up and horny that he got turned on by his best friend?

    "Hey, Lil's. My mom invite you over again?"

    As he spoke, Cayden picked Lily up, carefully tucking her dress under her thighs so he didn't get further distracted by her smooth, soft skin, and walked back into the house. Lily didn't object, settling comfortably in his arms, this maneuver well-practiced over their friendship (Lily didn't have to crane her neck to look up at Cayden, and he didn't have to stoop to look down at her) and patted his chest with her well-manicured fingers.

    "Your mom loves me, Cayden. You know this, I know this, and I come and go as I please. Besides, I saw your status change on Tinder and other trending hashtags on social media; I had to come talk to you."

    "So, you know that Bella and I broke up, and my mother asked you to check in on me."

    "Don't pout and mope, Cayden. That's what best friends are for. Now, Vamos! To the kitchen!"

    Lily giggled, dramatically pointing towards the kitchen, and Cayden rolled his eyes but did as his friend asked. They walked into the kitchen as Cayden's mother set out a fruit platter and a pitcher of iced tea on the kitchen counter.

    "Mrs. Johnson! So good to see you."

    Lily unwound one of her toned arms towards his mother for a quick embrace, and Cayden's mother's eyes twinkled at him before she hugged the eighteen-year-old in his arms. Cayden ignored the knowing twinkle with practiced ease, loosening his hold on Lily to put her down, but the arm slung around his neck tightened, and her hips shifted. Her pert little ass rubbed against his bulge, his arousal simmering, leaving him at half-mast, and Cayden just bit back a curse.

    "Lily, good to see you too. How many times do I have to tell you to call me Andrea?"

    Lily giggled and waved her hand.

    "One more time, I guess. Are you going to join Cayden and me out by the pool?"

    "Oh no, dear, I'm sorry, I can't. I'm feeling a little tired, so I'm going to lie down and take a nap."

    Cayden stepped towards his mother, eyes scanning her over, and he grabbed her wrist where the monitoring device converted into a stylish watch accessory was. Andrea Johnson sighed, patting his cheek with her free hand, and smiled at him.

    "Don't worry about me, Cayden. I'm fine. I promise."

    "Your doctor's appointment is coming up. Next week. I'll mention it to the doctor there."

    "Always so worried about me. I'm fine. You and Lily go enjoy some snacks by the pool, and Maria brought your suitcase into the foyer Lily."

    "Thanks, Mrs. Johnson. Have a good nap."

    Cayden's mother left the kitchen, and Lily squirmed, eyes wide as she gazed hungrily at the fruit platter. As Cayden loosened his hold, he could've sworn his best friend rubbed herself more than necessary as she stood on her feet. Because of her squirming, Cayden's hands slid underneath her dress, up the back of her silky-smooth legs, and brushed against her panty-clad ass.

    Cayden stopped short, half his brain enjoying accidentally fondling Lily and the other half screaming at him that this was his childhood best friend. Lily didn't say anything, but Cayden thought he heard her gasp and whimper slightly before she shoved three pieces of cantaloupe in her mouth.

    "If your followers only knew how much of a foodie you were and how bad your eating habits are. Goodness, Lils, don't choke; the food isn't going anywhere."

    Lily turned around; cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk and eyes smiling with happiness even though they were comically squeezed shut. Cayden laughed, pushing the feelings and sensory overload of his best friend coming onto him out of his mind, and grabbed the fruit platter and iced tea pitcher.

    "Noooooope. They'll never know, and you won't betray my secrets."

    Lily skipped out of the kitchen, dress swaying around her legs, and she pulled the long-sleeve shirt over her head. Cayden stopped short, eyes greedily tracking the expanse of skin bared to him and watched her back and shoulder muscles move. The thin cotton slip dress mercifully didn't cling to her frame like a second skin, but a perverse thought entered Cayden's mind as he suspected the dress could be torn off easily because the thin straps would tear over Lily's shoulders. He also noticed the lack of bra straps, so either his best friend wasn't wearing one or had opted for a strapless undergarment. Goodness, Cayden needed to get laid if his eighteen-year-old best friend suddenly looked fuckable.

    "Come on; I'm hungry! Bring the fruit over and sit next to me. We can eat, tan and talk."

    "I'm not talking about my ex with you, Lily."

    "So you say. How come?"

    The pretty Asian model stretched out like a cat in the noontime sun in one of the pool lounge chairs and held up a hand. Cayden snorted, filled up a glass of iced tea, and gave it to her before sitting down in a lounge chair next to her.

    "When have we ever talked about our exes with each other?"

    "We talked about Robby."

    At the mention of Lily's first serious ex-boyfriend, Cayden snapped his teeth and chewed on a piece of watermelon with more force than needed. Robby had taken to Lily like ants to sugar, and Lily equally as smitten. They dated for two years, both sixteen at the time, and Lily had loved teasing him about their sexual liaisons when their relationship evolved. The two had broken up when Robby found another woman on the side after he had taken Lily's virginity when they were seventeen and a half, and her ex turned into a grade-A douchebag.

    Their subsequent breakup had been explosive, Cayden lingering in the background as Lily tearfully called Robby out on all his bullshit and controlling ways. When Lily resisted Robby's snake oils salesman charms, he turned bitter, and to this day, Cayden suspected the asshole would've attempted to physically intimidate Lily if Cayden hadn't been there.

    Following that dramatic night and breakup, Cayden, his mother, and Lily's friends were with Lily every minute for the next two months. To her credit, the famous influencer had taken three days to herself, stayed offline, and then bounced back to her usual happy-go-lucky self on social media.

    "Yeah, let's not mention that douchebag."

    "Bella Thorne wasn't any better, Cayden. She's the female equivalent of Robbie."

    "Stop mentioning his name."

    "What drew you to her anyway? I mean, she has a killer body, suspect as parts of it are, and it's no secret that she has an insatiable sex drive."

    "Aaack! Goodness, Lily!"

    Cayden spewed his iced tea on the pool deck next to his chair, narrowly avoiding spitting it into his lap at Lily's nonchalant tone. Lily Chee exuded an innocent, happy-go-lucky air and carefully maintained that image for her prominent influencer career. Even as modeling agencies fought over her like a dog with a juicy steak, offering her increasingly mature gigs, Lily always made sure to upload a wholesome post after.

    "What? I know all about your horndog and perverted escapades, Cayden. Unfortunately, dating and sleeping with Bella Thorne gave you some bad habits, and now that I'm eighteen, I'm not excluded from adult venues or parties. Your conquests like to talk."

    "And you just sat there and listened? Why didn't you leave?"

    Lily wrapped her lips around the straw in her iced tea, eyes wide, and she sucked down a large gulp of her drink. She winked at Cayden as he gawked at her and waved him off as she put her glass down.

    "Don't be such a prude, Cayden. You had needs, still, have them if that bulge I felt earlier is anything to go by, and now all we need to do is get a girl underneath you."

    "Why are you so interested in my sex life all of a sudden, Lils?"

    "Does your dad know about you and Bella breaking up and moving back into your childhood house?"

    Cayden's eyebrows raised as Lily deflected his question smoothly, a faint red dusting on her cheeks and fiddling with her fingers. He decided not to push for now, but his suspicions were raised.

    "Dad hasn't left his apartment in New York City for a week now, and mom and I don't expect to see him surface for another week at least. I only needed two days as per my agreement with Bella, but when I tried to leave on day three, my mom insisted I stay for a little while longer. I'm staying in the guest house because I've been hitting the gym and weight room more lately."

    "I've noticed."

    Lily's comment was probably meant to be muttered under her breath, but Cayden caught it, eyebrows raising again, and Lily's face flushed red. She scrambled out of her chair, arms and legs flailing about and speaking too fast in jumbled sentences to be understood.

    "Lily, relax. It's okay. You had an audio thought."

    "I didn't mean it like that like that! You obviously work out. I mean, I haven't been staring all weird like. You have to work out because you want to declare for the NBA draft and-"

    "Lily, breathe."

    Cayden stood up, inching closer to Lily, hands held out like he was trying to calm a wild animal, but Lily squeaked and stepped backward. During her amusing rambling and frantic movements, the budding teenage model had moved closer to the pool, and on her last step backward, she got too close to the pool's edge. Lily's eyes widened as she realized her misstep. Still, she had the foresight to throw her phone at Cayden (he caught it easily, the motion automatic thanks to his basketball training), and her face screwed up in disbelief as gravity pulled her into the water.

    She fell with a splash, surfacing a moment later, sputtering and pushing her hair back out of her face. Cayden laughed, tossing her phone back and forth in his hands, ignoring Lily's death glare before she pulled herself out of the pool.
    As soon as Lily stood upright, hands too busy wringing the water out of her hair to notice Cayden ogling her. The fabric of her dress clung to Lily like a second skin, outlining her developing abs and her bra and panties. The dress fabric was light and thin enough that the contrast of her navy-blue panties and white bra showed through (Cayden's earlier thoughts proving correct at the bra's strapless nature).

    "Take a picture; it'll last longer. Goodness Cayden, it's nothing you haven't seen before."

    Before Cayden could retort at Lily's breezy comment, the phrasing of her words caught up to Lily, and she groaned as she ducked her head in embarrassment.

    "Please don't answer that. I don't want to know if you've seen me naked or in my underwear growing up. That's gross."

    "I'm not going to say anything. Come on, let's get you a towel to dry off."

    "Oh! Hello Miro! Such a good doggie."

    It took all of Cayden's control not to groan in nervous disbelief when Lily turned around and bent over at the waist to pet his mother's Shiba Inu that trotted on over. The famous influencer's ass was on full display, navy-blue panties (thankfully, she didn't wear a thong, opting for boy shorts instead) framing her firm ass and a single, thin band of white stretching across her back. Cayden's cock twitched, rising to full mast at the juicy display before him.

    "Or you can wait here while I get your suitcase."

    "Would you please? Bring it to the guest house."

    "Guest house?"

    Lily turned around, still bent over, her dress falling away from her chest to display her modest cleavage. Her eyes dropped to Cayden's erection, and her lips twitched, but she didn't say anything.

    "Yeah, I'll stay in the guest house with you. That won't be a problem, will it?"

    "Uh, no, it's not a problem. Surprised is all because I wasn't aware you were staying over."

    "Cayden Johnson, you caught your ex-girlfriend of two years cheating on you and reactivated your Tinder profile after swearing the platform was a useless, toxic cesspool of desperation. What kind of best friend would I be if I talked to you for a few hours and then just up and left with an empty platitude to feel better?"

    Cayden didn't respond, more accurately, couldn't answer, as Lily's heartfelt words resonated within him, and he nodded. He walked back into the main house, picked up Lily's suitcase, and headed back towards the guest house. He let himself inside, leading to his bedroom after leaving Lily's suitcase in the living room, and pushed open his bedroom door.

    For the second time in two weeks, Cayden walked into his acting bedroom to a surprise as Lily Chee stood almost naked by his bed, dancing to an unknown song playing through her AirPods and hips swiveling. Her dress lay discarded on the back of his desk chair, her wet panties sticking to her body close enough to sport serious camel toe, and she reached behind herself to unsnap the clasp on her minuscule strapless bra.

    Cayden knew he should leave; he was perversely spying on his best friend without her knowing, but as she shrugged out of her bra, tossing the garment onto his bed, and bared her naked breasts to him unknowingly, Cayden swallowed heavily and stayed put.
    Due to her slight stature and slender frame, Lily Chee could never naturally boast big breasts, but she was blessed with budding teardrop tits capped with cute nude-pink button nipples. Cayden's mouth dropped open, his cock hardening, and he shifted as his cock pressed painfully against his briefs. His hard-on throbbed harder as she turned around, bent over, and slid her panties down her slender legs. She looked over her shoulder, directly into his eyes, and winked at him.

    "I'll be out in a few minutes, okay, Cayden?"

    Heart pulsing madly in his ears, Cayden stuttered a nonsensical response, backed out of the bedroom doorway, and stumbled into the small kitchen. He reached down to tuck his pulsing cock down the leg of his cargo shorts and poured himself a glass of water. As he drained the glass, he looked up to see Lily standing there in short, tight white spandex shorts and a gray lounge singlet. His traitorous eyes noticed the nude bra straps, and he could see the outline of the bra cups through her tight top.

    "That looks painful. It would help if you took care of it sooner rather than later because that's three stiffies you've had since I've arrived."

    Lily's eyes playfully looked down at the prominent bulge in his shorts and grinned wickedly.

    "Stop, Lils. Please."

    Lily's eyebrow rose in disbelief, and she shrugged.

    "Stop what? I haven't done anything except point out the obvious. You ogled me when I climbed out of the pool wet, you were checking me out hardcore a few minutes ago when I stood topless in the bedroom, and you have had three stiffies since I showed up on your doorstep."

    "Goodness gracious, I can't. I can't do this. I have to get ready for basketball practice."

    Lily sauntered around the kitchen island, crowding into Cayden's personal space, delicate fingers resting on his tensed abs over his tank top. She looked up at him through her lashes, eyes dark with lustful desire, and Cayden almost forgot how to breathe.

    "What time does your practice start? Is it a serious session?"

    "N-no. Um, no, it's not that serious—a scrimmage masquerading as a pickup game for the team to see where everyone's at. Skills wise and physically. Conditioning…oh goodness."

    Leisurely, like she was discussing nothing of importance (truthfully, Lily probably didn't care about Cayden's practice), Lily unbuckled Cayden's belt, unbuttoned his shorts, and stroked two fingers on the sensitive skin just above his pelvis.

    "Good thing you're already in such good shape then. You can get a release before practice without suffering for it."

    "R-release? Oh, Lils, oh, we, we can't."

    Lily boldly reached inside Cayden's briefs and cupped his cock and balls in her hands. Her warm, soft hands caressing and stroking his shaft while tugging on his swollen balls felt like utter bliss, and Cayden's head rolled back into the kitchen cabinets behind him. Lily giggled and, torturously slow, stroked his shaft up and down a few times.

    "Yes, a release. Something to take the edge off and get you thinking straight again. I've seen the way you've undressed me with your eyes, Cayden, and I can feel how much you want to fuck me. Oh, you do, don't you?"

    Who knew that sweet, innocent-looking Lily Chee had such a filthy mouth and could talk dirty? Her hand swiped over the bell-head of his cock, swiping at the precum dribbling out, and Cayden groaned.

    "You're, ah, my best friend, oh fuck, Lily."

    Lily giggled and stroked more firmly and slightly faster.

    "Thanks, Cayden, you're my best friend too. Don't sweat the details. Best friends help each other, don't they?"

    All rational thought flew out of Cayden's head as Lily stroked him earnestly, upping the skill and ante of her impromptu hand job. Cayden surrendered to the passionate moment, but Lily stopped a moment later. With a long groan (Cayden honestly thought Lily aimed to give him blue balls at this point), Cayden struggled to open his eyes and watched Lily walk back to the kitchen island. She held up a bottle of lube she must have gotten from his nightstand and shook it.

    "If I do this for you, we're doing it my way. Drop your shorts and lean against the island with your hands on top of the island."

    Brain still foggy with lust and thinking more with his little head, Cayden didn't object, stepping out of his shorts and briefs and pulling his tank top over his head before assuming the position Lily asked for at the kitchen island.

    "That eager, huh? Don't worry; I'll milk you dry, and you'll be clearheaded for the first time in weeks."

    Without a word, Lily slathered Cayden's cock with a copious amount of lube and resumed stroking him. Both hands stroked up and down his shaft, Lily cooing with every upward stroke.

    "Such a nice, big hard cock. I knew you would have a nice cock. So big, so hard. I want to see you pop. I want you to cum so hard you shoot ropes all over the island top."

    Lily's grip tightened, her strokes sped up, one hand working his shaft like she was milking him, the other rubbing all over the head of his cock. This went on for three more minutes, and Cayden's hips twitched.

    "Oh? Are you going to come for me, baby? Hmm? Go on. Cum. Cum for me, Cayden."

    The hand rubbing his cock head dropped down to tug on his heavy, swollen balls, and Lily's other hand became a blur stroking his shaft. Cayden's felt like his balls drew up all the way to his chest in preparation for spewing his cum, and black spots blurred his vision as he came with a roar.

    "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Lily!"

    Lily Chee could tease Cayden every day if she delivered pleasure as Cayden experienced at the moment, all his pent-up frustrations flowing out of him through his cock, and Lily kept stroking and tugging his cock and balls. Lily giggled.

    "I can feel your balls pulsing, and your cock is twitching in my hand. Let it all out, baby. I've got you. I'll take care of you."

    Now Cayden had jacked off several times over the three weeks he was away from Bella Thorne for his basketball schedule, but Lily's amazing hand job was the first orgasm he experienced in over a month that he hadn't given himself. He shuddered, chest heaving, and his legs felt like jello. When he opened his eyes a few moments later, several thick, long ropes of cum covered the kitchen island, and when he turned to look at Lily, she met his gaze while licking her cum-stained fingers.

    "Delicious. Even your cum tastes amazing. Please don't say anything; you'll ruin the moment and experience for me. Just nod in thanks and go to practice. I'll be here when you get back."

    Stunned at the willful little minx called his best friend, Cayden nodded and staggered out of the kitchen. Lily's giggles followed him, and he dressed for basketball practice on autopilot. When he walked back into the kitchen, Lily had cleaned up the kitchen island and was scrolling through her phone.

    "Go. I said don't say anything. Go to practice."

    Lily waved him away without looking up, and Cayden left the guest house. He stumbled to his car, dropped down into the driver's seat, and started the car with a roar of the engine. His phone chimed as he shifted into gear, and a short video message loaded.
    Lily lay topless on his bed, the angle of the video showing her with one hand buried down the front of her white panties, her nipples wet and hard.

    "Hurry back, Cayden. I'm not sure how long I can hold off fucking myself with my vibe, and I'm sure your cock will feel so much better."

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    Quite a return and quite the story. Total knock out.

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