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Thread: "Twisted Sister" with Alyson and Amanda Michalka

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    fanfiction "Twisted Sister" with Alyson and Amanda Michalka

    Twisted Sister
    With Alyson and Amanda Michalka
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, reluc, voy, mast, anal
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    From the very first moment I met Alyson there was a strong and undeniable attraction between us, and despite how forbidden or dangerous it was for us to be together, it was only a matter of time before we finally conceded to our feelings and acted on our shared affection.

    It all began a few weeks earlier when I was instructed by Conrad to accompany his two nieces Alyson and Amanda Michalka to a film premiere in Manhattan.

    That night the three of us went out to dinner and while the chemistry between Aly and I was undeniable, the direct opposite could be said about Amanda and me. In fact I would say we despised one another.

    Nevertheless, Alyson and I had a wonderful time, so much so that we arranged to see each other again and soon enough began to date and ultimately moved into a small apartment in Los Angeles together.

    There we shared a very healthy and regular sex life and for me the impossible finally happened, as I actually imagined myself settling down with someone. It was a few weeks into this budding relationship that we celebrated our three month anniversary, and I had gone to some length to plan a very special night together.

    Mind you this was quite the task considering the risks we had to take, as we had to do everything behind Conrad's back. I think if he ever found out about Alyson and I he would have totally flipped out, considering my track record with women. But truth be told I was a changed man...or so I thought.

    Unfortunately for me it was also around this time that Amanda had had a falling out with her latest boyfriend, and feeling down, Alyson wanted to cheer her up by inviting her along with us.

    How could I refuse?

    The night of the dinner, Amanda arrived early that evening and the two sisters spent a considerable amount of time just fooling around with makeup and jewelry, and slowly got dressed up for the special occasion. I have to admit that despite my feelings towards her, Amanda really did look amazing.

    For once she actually looked quite elegant and mature, and dare I say it sexy. Naturally, Alyson looked absolutely magnificent, and standing side by side the Michalka sisters really made quite the picture.

    With that we then headed out to the restaurant and enjoyed dinner and proceeded to have a few drinks, and as expected Amanda and I began to argue, not before Alyson finally intervened.

    "Can't you guys just pretend to get along?" she pleaded. "Just once for me, please?"

    Realizing how much this meant to her, we put our differences aside and toasted to our new found friendship.

    "Happy?" Amanda smiled while flashing me a side look.

    A few minutes later the girls and I left the restaurant, and drunk, decided to walk the rest of the way to a well known night spot a few streets away.

    Right away it was obvious that Amanda hated being the third wheel as she watched us hold hands and carry on, and she quickly grew frustrated. It was during this time that Alyson had to actually restrain her from picking up her cell phone and calling her wayward boyfriend.

    "AJ, don't you dare call him!" Alyson yelled before she snatched her sister's cell phone from her.

    "Aw, I can't help it Aly. I miss him so much!" Amanda whined.

    "It's OK for you guys." she went on to pout. "You have each other tonight. But I'm all alone… and I need to get laid!"

    "Amanda!" her sister exclaimed, before she apologized for her Amanda's outburst.

    Alyson was clearly taken aback by her younger sister's admission. I guess she was just a lot more intoxicated than we originally assumed. A few minutes later we finally arrived to the club and inside we soon watched as a myriad of men openly hit on Amanda.

    Seeing the way she was dressed, and the way she carried on and flirted with everyone, it was no surprise. It was then as the three of us hit the dance floor that I watched Amanda soon wander off in the direction of the bathroom, only to stop and chat to a group of guys that had been eying her from across the bar.

    There I watched as they started to make a scene and proceeded to do body shots off each other, and seeing Alyson's concerns I grabbed her arm and reassured her.

    "Don't worry about it, babe. She's just trying to get a rise out of you."

    "Just keep an eye out on her," Alyson told me. "Because I know what she's like when she gets like this."

    In the meanwhile Amanda had apparently made a connection with one of the men and joined him on the dance floor, where there they quickly threw modesty and decorum out the window and proceeded to suck face in front of everyone

    It was actually quite disgusting considering that the guy looked to me at least 20 years her senior.

    "Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed." Alyson blushed. "If mom could see her now—she's acting like the biggest whore right now."

    "Do you want me to do something?" I offered.

    Fortunately, Alyson insisted we stay out of it, until a few minutes later when Amanda returned to our table with her new "friend" and announced to us that she would be leaving the club with him.

    "What? No way!" Alyson exclaimed.

    As expected this news did not go over well with us and we attempted to talk some sense into her but to no avail. The girls quickly made a scene as they stepped outside to argue loudly.

    "Hey I don't tell you what to do!" Amanda screamed. "You never listen to me! If you did, you know how I feel about him!"

    She was apparently alluding to me and my relationship with Alyson.

    "Hey, that's different!"

    "How is it? No its not! It's the exact same thing!" Amanda affirmed.

    The girls continued to argue back and forth until I finally convinced Alyson to back off and allow her sister do whatever she wanted and she reluctantly agreed.

    So with that said, Amanda proceeded to leave with her new friend, while Alyson and I left the club in the opposite direction and headed back to our apartment to continue the celebration there.

    There we were both pretty buzzed but regardless Alyson disappeared into the bathroom to prepare. She apparently had a surprise for me and a few minutes later she stepped out of the bathroom clad in a very sexy little negligee from Victoria's Secret.

    To say she looked amazing would be the understatement of the year. She looked absolutely angelic. I then laughed at her as she stumbled slightly in her drunken haze and could barely walk much less perform.

    Fooling around, I then reminded her about the promise she had made me, about giving me her backdoor for our three month anniversary. Alyson simply smiled slyly and pointed to a small bottle of K-Y Jelly which sat on her bedside dresser, before she kissed her way down my body and proceeded to blow me.

    "That's my girl," I snickered as she then crawled up to straddle me, and she rode me steadily for the next ten minutes.

    To our amusement we were both so exhausted that we could hardly perform, and worn out, she ultimately collapsed beside me on the bed.

    "I can't baby," she groaned. "I'm just too tired tonight."

    I kissed her on the forehead and told her to go to sleep, and it didn't take long before we both drifted off to slumber.

    It was then around 4am that I was awoken by a distant noise, and getting up to investigate I found Amanda slouched against the front door. Extremely drunk, she sobbed uncontrollably and asked for her sister before Alyson quickly invited her in and comforted her on the couch.

    As it so happened it seemed Amanda had apparently had a horrendous night and had to fight her way out of some guy's car. I wasn't surprised when she explained that is was not the same guy who she had left the club with earlier that night, but some other dude she had met later.

    Rolling my eyes, I returned to bed and tried my best not to say "I told you so" as the girls sat on the couch chatting. There Alyson consoled her younger sister as she poured out her heart, before she then insisted she spend the night and sleep out on the sofa.

    Back in the bedroom, Alyson soon returned to bed and we quickly fell back to sleep. The next morning I awoke in a cheeky mood, and feeling a little cheated from the night before, I started to explore my girlfriend's sleeping form.

    Kissing my way down her naked body, I licked my way over her hips and inside her thighs before I started to eat her out.

    Getting caught up in the moment, I soon began to play with her pristine twat with my fingers and let my tongue dip lower, and before I knew what I was doing I proceeded to eagerly rim her puckered backdoor, riling her awake from her dreams.

    "...and what do you think you're doing down there?" she whispered sweetly.

    "Happy Anniversary baby," I smiled back at her.

    With that I then flicked my tongue across her backdoor once again which caused her to moan and part her legs on the bed.

    I quickly took this action as consent and spread her legs further wide with both my hands and flicked the sheets off her amazing body as I eagerly ate her tight little snatch and gorgeous round ass.

    Alyson thrashed about underneath me, and to my surprise she suddenly began to shake and tremble as she finally climaxed over my tongue. Incredibly aroused, I then pinned her knees back against her body and moved to impale her keenly.

    Then I placed her ankles over my shoulders and started to fuck her steadily as she moaned noisily. Picking up the pace, I started to pound into her mercilessly and she shrieked with delight.

    "Oh God. Yes. Oh God. Right there!" she moaned. "Fuck me baby!"

    Just then in the middle of our steamy sex session we heard another noise as Amanda had apparently awoken, and hearing us fuck, threw something hard against the wall in frustration to tell us to pipe down.

    Startled, we both stopped dead in our tracks, and then burst out laughing as we recalled that we were not alone. I guess in all and commotion it had slipped our minds that she was sleeping on the couch in the other room.

    With that we then proceeded to fuck slowly and quietly and we began to made love, but caught up in the moment again I soon picked up the pace and started to assault her pussy mercilessly, making Alyson moan out loud once more.

    "Nnnghhh shit. Right there! Don't stop!" she gasped while staring up into my eyes, her mouth agape.

    With that, I suddenly pulled out and flipped her over onto her tummy before I pulled her back by her hips and proceed to take her doggy-style.

    "Come here!" I growled. "I want to fuck you hard from behind!"

    Judging by her enthusiasm I could tell it was her most favorite position. Meanwhile back in the lounge room, Amanda proceeded to hit the wall again and yelled for us to shut up, but Alyson and I were so riled up we just didn't care.

    Just then, we swapped positions once more, and to my delight Alyson took charge as she pushed me onto my back, and with a look of pure lust in her eyes, straddled me keenly and began to ride me loudly.

    Flicking her hips aggressively, the bed squeaked noisily as I reached up and pulled her down to me and we made out passionately as I started to thrust up into her and pounded her hard.

    "Oh Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cried breathlessly before I finally lost control and filled her womb with semen.

    I was half disappointed with myself as I had hoped to fulfill my wish and take her sweet ass, but in the end I couldn't complain as it was great sex nonetheless. We lay there in sexual bliss and made out some more before we heard Amanda complain once again, striking the wall and making us both laugh.

    "Thank God!" we heard her exclaim from the other room.

    With that I got up to go to the bathroom, and as I slipped on my boxers and stepped out into the hallway, I was immediately taken aback by the strong musky scent in the air. It was almost if not more powerful than the smell of sex in our bedroom.

    It was then as I briefly glanced into the living room to check on Amanda that I caught sight of her lying there on the couch with her eyes clenched tight and her hands moving fervently between her parted legs, underneath the blanket.

    I immediately did a double take as I realized I had just caught her masturbating.

    Shocked, I inadvertently made a noise which apparently startled her out of her reverie, and making eye contact, I immediately dashed for the bathroom before she had time to find her voice and lash out at me. Inside, I locked the door and immediately started to laugh.

    "OMFG! How embarrassing," I thought to myself, "How embarrassing and hot!"

    Who would have thought Amanda was so wound up?

    Now that I had busted her "red handed" so to speak, I almost felt sorry for her. It was only now that I realized the true side effect of the revelation as I looked down to notice my throbbing erection.

    For a moment I considered jerking it off but then decided to hold off and save my newly developed excitement for Alyson back in the bedroom. I then grinned to myself as I decided to give Amanda a little show of her own, and clue her in on what it was that she was missing.

    So with that in mind I boldly stepped out of the bathroom with my raging boner pressed obscenely against my boxers and was delighted to find that she was still lying on the sofa and watching the muted television.

    Seeing me in the hall again, her eyes immediately fell to my tenting pants and I grinned proudly as she simply rolled her eyes at me and huffed.

    "You're such a pig."

    "Why thank you young lady." I replied.

    Just then, Alyson appeared from the bedroom and giggled at the sight of my hard-on, and clad in just a robe, I chased her around the living room before we finally fell on the sofa beside Amanda, who of course found it all incredibly annoying.

    "Guys, stop it! Get the hell off me! Grow up will you!"

    With that Amanda proceeded to move and make room for us on the sofa and it was then I was treated to a wonderful sight. Lifting the sheets, I discovered that Amanda was in fact almost naked underneath, as her long smooth legs were completely exposed. It seemed she had gone to bed the night before in just a long waist length shirt and panties.

    This only cemented my suspicions that she had been touching herself while her sister and I were engaged in sex a few minutes earlier.

    Sitting around we chatted for a while and then decided to call for a pizza delivery. Alyson then announced that she wanted to take a quick shower before it arrived, and to Amanda's chagrin, asked if I wanted to join her.

    "Oh hell no!" Amanda interrupted. "If you two start fucking again, I'm leaving. I mean it!"

    With that said I told Alyson to go on without me and she gave me a long deep kiss in front of her sister. Playing it up, she then threw herself onto me and we made out fervently for a moment which thoroughly pissed off Amanda.

    "God help me." Amanda whined.

    Meanwhile I openly groped Alyson's breasts with one hand and slid my hand under her robe to squeeze her pert butt with the other as Amanda finally threw a pillow at us.

    "Jesus! Get a room!"

    "We did!" Alyson laughed. "It's not our fault you can hear everything out here."

    It was then Alyson got up and stepped towards the bathroom and while fooling around started to strut and put on a show for me. There she seductively peeled her robe off her shoulders and let it finally fall to the floor, and was now left to stand in just her panties.

    Now topless and clutching her breasts with both hands, she leaned against the door and started to grind against it, and thrusting out her butt, reenacted some kind of sexy stripper dance.

    As expected this action infuriated Amanda who immediately complained and threw another pillow at her mischievous sister, telling her to stop being so disgusting.

    "Aly! Stop acting like a whore!"

    "Hey, it takes one to know one!" Alyson snapped back before poking out her tongue to her, and blowing me a kiss.

    With that she finally disappeared around the corner and locked herself in the bathroom. A moment later we heard the shower start and at that exact moment I took the opportunity to grab a pillow and throw it at Amanda.

    Fighting back, we then proceeded to throw things at each other before I finally went over and grabbed her by the leg to stop her from getting away. Shrieking loudly, Amanda and I couldn't stop laughing as I then tried to grab her but she slipped away.

    There she kicked away and struck me across the mouth before I pulled her down to the ground and we started to wrestle around on the carpeted floor with all the pillows and blankets around us.

    For reasons I can't explain the entire situation seemed to really arouse me, especially considering as we were both half naked. Just then, Amanda surprised me with her strength and without warning overpowered and pinned me to the floor.

    In an instant Amanda straddled me on the ground and held me down by the arms, all the while my raging member pressed firmly against her tight bare tummy.

    It was an incredibly sensation and I was sure it wasn't lost on her as she then slide down a little more and moved her hips, and inadvertently rubbed her panty clad crotch against me. We both moaned involuntarily.

    Pressing her body harder against me, Amanda then stared down just inches away from my face while our bodies slowly squirmed against each other. Without realizing it we soon began to grind our bodies in unison together.

    "Are you enjoying yourself?" I teased.

    Amanda flashed me a dirty look and attempted to pull away but I quickly grip her ass with one hand and push her pelvis hard against me again, causing her to gasp.

    "Don't..." she whimpered softly.

    With that we then grappled some more before I finally overpowered her and abruptly flipped her over onto her back, causing her legs to spread instantaneously.

    Pressing my hard-on against her crotch, her legs flailed about wildly but nonetheless stayed parted around me, granting me full access to her sex. Inhaling sharply, Amanda stared up at me with a look of sheer lust and vulnerability as I held her pinned to the floor by her neck.

    No words were needed as I then felt my cock pulsate against her underwear, and from the look in her eyes I was sure she felt it too.

    Pausing for a moment to catch our breath, she finally began to resist and squirm underneath me again, but this only caused her to inadvertently grind her sex against me some more. It was an exhilarating sensation.

    I had to smirk to myself as it was abundantly clear that she was more than impressed by the size of my dick.

    I finally placed my arms underneath her floundering legs, to stop her from kicking, and with her hips swiveling up off the floor I pushed my erection even harder against her sex which caused her eyes to grow wide.

    It was only now that I noticed her nipples protruding hard from beneath the skimpy night shirt she wore and all pretense was lost, something suddenly came over me.

    Without hesitating I then did something that absolutely took her breath away, and I boldly reached down and peeled the front of her panties to the side, totally exposing her sex to me.

    In an instant, before she could complain, I then released my penis from my boxers and without any forewarning or fanfare I jammed my cock into her glistening cunt.

    Amanda yelped with surprise and gasped sharply to this action, while to my surprise and delight I discovered that she did not seem anywhere near as tight as her older sister, but was no less delicious and undoubtedly wetter... much, much wetter.

    Staring up at me with her mouth agape, Amanda was clearly shocked by the sudden turn of events, and instinctively reached up to kiss me hard on the lips.

    We kissed each other hungrily in almost a frenzied state and our tongues twirled wildly in each other's mouths, as I proceeded to pound into her hard and fast on the carpeted floor. My balls slapped loudly against her backdoor and she whimpered continually, before thrashing her head from side to side.

    "Ungh! Ugh! Ungh!"

    Amanda and I proceeded to frantically fuck in the middle of the living room floor when suddenly without warning I felt her reach down between us with her hand, and gently motion me to withdraw, only to direct my cock down at her butt! I was so shocked by this lewd suggestion that I seemed to lose the power of speech, and instead I searched her eyes and realized just how wound up she was.

    She desperately wanted, needed to get fucked the worse possible way. Without saying single word, I then pushed the end of my purple bell head against her tight puckered anus, and to my surprise it effortlessly popped past her tight ring muscle with relative ease.

    I suspected this wasn't the first time she had experienced anal. With that, we kissed each other hungrily once again as I then proceeded to rock my hips back and forth and I fucked her tight butthole, right there on the floor, directly above the very bathroom door my girlfriend, her sister, showered.

    Caught up in the moment, I picked up the pace and proceeded to wail into her, driving my meat stick deep inside before pulling back almost the entire way, only to thrust even deep inside with each thrust.

    Amanda could only grunt and bit her bottom lip as her body and hips instinctively swiveled to meet mine while I repeatedly drilled her backdoor. It was then in the middle of our lewd and impromptu act that we both jumped with fright as we heard the front door. It seemed the pizza delivery guy had arrived a few minutes earlier than expected.

    Startled, my natural instinct was to jump to my feet, straighten myself up, and answer the door, but against my better judgment I took charge and grabbed her firmly by the hips and pistoned in and out of her backdoor at rapid pace, sending a shiver up her spine and a loud grunt to emanate from deep inside her throat.

    "UUNGHH!" she let out before I finally blew my seed deep inside her bowels, and I rolled over and tried to catch my breath as I watched my wad trickle out of her twitching anus.

    Meanwhile Amanda was clearly mortified by the event and after catching her breath, she got up to run to the bedroom. While all this commotion went on, it was then we heard Alyson yell from inside the bathroom.

    "Is someone going to answer the door?"

    With my head still spinning, I got to my feet and put my cock away as I answered the door.

    "Hey, is this were the Michalka sisters live?” the delivery boy asked excitedly.

    "Sure is."

    "What are they like?" he inquired.

    "They're just your average Hollywood sisters, I guess." I said while trying not to laugh—scratching my balls after having my fill with both sisters.

    "Hey, you think I could get an autograph?"

    "They're busy." I said as I abruptly slammed the door in his face.

    Back in the living room Alyson appeared clad in just a towel as I grabbed a few plate's to eat. At this point I was still so riled up with adrenaline that I was visibly shaking.

    "Where's AJ?" Alyson asked, but before I could answer we both heard the bathroom door shut again.

    It seemed Amanda wanted to take a shower now, and only I knew why, having just filled and sprayed her cunt with semen. Meanwhile Alyson and I took a seat on the sofa to eat and it seemed with her sister in the shower she wanted to take the opportunity to fool around some more.

    Reaching over she grabbed my cock through my boxers and I instinctively flinch and pulled away, realizing my penis was still coated in her sister's fresh pussy juice. It was then Alyson whispered in my ear.

    "Do you know what I was doing in the shower just now? I was playing with myself."

    "Oh God," I thought to myself, "If she only knew."

    With that Alyson spread her legs to reveal that she in fact was totally naked underneath the towel, and tossing it aside, she then moved to kneel between my legs on the floor and prepared to blow me again. What was I supposed to do?

    "Wait, what about Amanda?" I said.

    "Screw her." Alyson smirked as she gripped my tool firmly with her hand and stroked my semi hard-on.

    "Hell, maybe we should let her watch—she might learn something."

    I immediately went bright red as I was suddenly filled with guilt for just having fucked her sister on the floor just a few moments earlier.

    "Mm, someone's already excited." Alyson purred, and I had to stifle a laugh.

    I then watched in awe as Alyson leaned over and opened her mouth and took me into her warm mouth, unknowingly tasting and savoring her sisters own essence.

    The turn of events turned me on so much that it didn't take long for me to pop in her mouth, and I then watched with glee as she swallowed my pulpous load and grinned proudly up at me.

    "So, should we eat?" she then suggested excitedly.

    "Definitely, before it gets cold."

    "Just make sure to save a piece for my sister." she added.

    "Not a problem," I snickered, "I'll remember to give her another piece later."

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    I might be late on this post, but I couldn't resist giving thanks and praise to this story and letting the writer know that at least one person truly enjoyed this story and is highly anticipating and hoping for more.

    There can never be enough stories involving Aly and/or AJ Michalka. This one is a very welcome addition to the other 3-part story on this site and long overdue, but very well worth the wait.

    Once again Thanks and very well written, much like the other stories I've seen from you and among this great site.

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    WOW! How did I miss this one? AMAZING story and I agree anything with these two beauties in it is welcome any time.

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