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Thread: "Late Night Snack" with Jennie Kim and Maddie Shipman

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    fanfiction "Late Night Snack" with Jennie Kim and Maddie Shipman

    Late Night Snack
    With Jennie Kim and Maddie Shipman
    A TPG Short (Inspired by a dream)
    CODES: MFF, blowjob, fingering, anal, 69, creampie
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: This pairing is pretty random, but figured I'd post the dream I had regardless, for the Jennie/Shipman fans out there. Hope you like it. It was pretty intense.

    I'm not sure what surprised me more, the late hour or her lack of clothes. But it was just after midnight as I stood shirtless in the kitchen drinking some OJ when Maddie appeared in nothing but her panties and a tank top, presumably her sleepwear, which featured her entire midriff and two very distinct pokies.

    "You know, I can hear you two from my bedroom." she smiled.

    "What are you doing out here Maddie?" I hissed. "Go back to bed."

    "What's the point?" she shrugged. "It's not like I can get any sleep with the two of you fucking in the next room."

    "I have no idea what you're talking about." I lied, trying to keep up the charade.

    "oh really?" she smirked, before reaching over to grab the tent in my shorts. "And what's this?"

    I had known girls like her my entire life, smug little brats who got off on teasing and provoking men twice their age. That being said, I didn't respond to her antics even as Maddie casually stood there squeezing and massaging my cock through my pants.

    "If you guys weren't having sex, why are you still hard right now?" she teased.

    "Err, you know you should probably stop doing that." I pointed out. "We shouldn't be out here like this, with you dressed that way. It isn't decent. You're mom would kill me if she woke up right now."

    Maddie responded by taking my free hand and shoving it into her panties, keen to demonstrate just how excitable she was.

    It had already been an eventful few hours for me, having been tasked with escorting Jennie Kim around Los Angeles, and having spent the afternoon reading various death threats towards her. So I had made a few calls and arranged for us to stay at a friend's place, to keep a low profile and stay off the grid.

    Amusingly enough no one raised an eyebrow when I suggested that Jennie and I would share a bedroom together, no one expect for Maddie Shipman who seemed to recognise the Blackpink singer almost immediately and spent the night flirting and fawned all over her.

    However, here she was right now stood purring erotically as my fingers wriggled around inside her tight little underwear.

    "See how wet I am right now, listening to you two fuck!"

    "Well for the record, we weren't having sex." I explained. "You were probably just hearing Jennie moan."

    "Hmm, what were you doing to her?" Madisyn giggled, her cunt sounding increasingly wet.

    "Use your imagination." I said, running my fingertips up and down her ultra soft, meaty lips.

    Feeling bold, I took my slick digits and slipped them lower to tease at her tiny little backdoor. To my surprise the sexy little nymph didn't even blink to this lewd action, and simply smirked back at me as she squeezed my cock harder and felt it throb in her hand.

    "If you're trying to shock me, don't bother." she quipped. "I'm not as innocent as you think."


    "In fact I bet that little slut can't please you like I can." Mads claimed.

    "I don't know about that,"

    "That's a pretty big cock you're packing here," she quipped casually.

    All the while as we stood there conversing, I continued to tease and probe her rosebud - feeling the snug heat of her backdoor on the tip of my finger. However nothing I did seemed to phase her, even when I gently pushed inside.

    "Hey, I might be short but I make up for it." she boasted. "I've been told I have a talented mouth."

    I didn't doubt it. Between that and those magnificent tits and nipples that stared back at me, it was hard to stay focused.

    "I could have used that mouth a few minutes ago on Jennie." I chuckled.

    "Mm.. don't tease me. She's so pretty. I'd love to go down on her if she let me."

    "Careful what you wish for Maddie, you might just get it."

    "Wait, did she say something about me!!" she asked enthusiastically.

    Seeing that my ass play had no effect on her, I then smeared her wetness up towards her clit and circled it with my finger. This appeared to have the desired effect, making her almost go weak in the knees.

    In that moment I was half tempted to just throw her up on the kitchen counter and fuck her within in inch of her young life. God knows she was craving a good hard fuck.

    "oh god, that would be so hot!" she whispered as I played with her body. "Can I stay in your room tonight?"

    "Don't. Don't tempt me. You're going to get us both is so much trouble."

    "Please! I promise I'll make it worth your while. I'm so horny right now."

    As Maddie spoke, she pulled my cock out of my pants and now stroked me out in the open.

    "You fucking tease," I growled. "Do you always get what you want?"

    With that, she lifted up onto her tippy toes to kiss me on the lips then suddenly dropped to her knees a second later, to give the head of my cock an equally sloppy kiss. I moaned audibly as she fed me into her hot wet mouth, right there in the family kitchen.

    It was only when the fridge door beeped a warning that it startled us both and brought me back to reality. I immediately pulled Maddie up from her knees only to be kissed on the lips again for my troubles.

    At this point her nipples were so hard I could feel them poking through her top like pebbles, pressing against my skin. I groped and fondled her ample breasts as we kissed more intensely, with me almost ripping off her clothes!

    "Don't stop now," Maddie cooed as she stroked my cock.

    I could hardly believe it, but when I plunged my hand back into her panties she appeared to be even wetter than before.

    "Please stay with me," she purred. "Don't you want to watch me go down on her?"

    By "her" I assume she meant Jennie, and now that she had brought it up I couldn't get it out of my head. We now stood there breathing heavily as we both mutual masturbated each other, staring into each others eyes while waiting to see who could make the other cum first.

    "God damn it, you're tight." I muttered under my breath. "And I thought that little oriental cunt was tiny."

    "Tight, and wet." she added hotly in my ear. "I bet that turns you on too, the idea of me eating her out and making her cum in my mouth. Please let me do it. I'll do anything you want. You can play with my ass if you want. Just let me taste her!"

    I finally snapped and grabbed Maddie by the wrist and marched her down the hall and into the bedroom where Jennie Kim lay. There, I pulled the sheets away from her naked body and grabbed the back of Maddie's head and pushed her down between Kim's legs.

    The Korean starlet barely managed to say anything much less open her eyes to ask who or why she was suddenly getting orally pleasured, only for me to step forward and stuff my cock into her open mouth!

    Jennie's eyes went wide before they glazed over in rapture, her hand falling to the back of Maddie's head as Shipman licked and probed her cunt enthusiastically, sucking and swirling her tongue deep inside and around her mound.

    The mere image alone made my cock twitch inside Jennie's mouth, which I'm sure wasn't lost on her.

    However I was briefly disappointed when Shipman suddenly got up from between Jennie's legs to kiss her hard on the lips and shared her juice covered chin. I actually considered objecting to the oral interruption, before the ladies stopped making out to focus their combined attention on me again.

    My eyes then fluttered as they smiled and shared my cock between their lips.

    I could feel Maddie take my bell-end back into her mouth to suck me, while Jennie slipped beneath my sac to lick and lather my balls in copious amounts of spit. This combined assault filled my senses and was almost unbearable to take, but I pressed on watching the girls worship my manhood.

    I then had the ladies swap positions on the bed, with Jennie climbing out from under Shipman who was then placed on her back. Jennie quickly kisses her way down her naked body to rest between Maddie's spread thighs, and without any hesitation dove right in!

    Up until this point I had no idea how Jennie felt about eating pussy, or whether or not she'd ever had a threesome before, but any concerns I might have had were quickly dispelled as I watched the dancing rapper hungrily devour the smaller girl on the mattress.

    In fact if it wasn't for the fat cock that was promptly stuff into Maddie's mouth, she would have moaned so loud I'm sure she would have woken up the rest of her house.

    It was only when I looked across the bed to see Jennie's sweet little bare ass swaying in the breeze, while she performed cunnilingus, that I took my cock out of Maddie's mouth and moved in behind Jennie to impale her. I then grabbed hold of her slender hips with both hands and proceeded to pummel her into next week while she groaned and grunted her satisfaction into Shipman's snatch!

    "ffffuck, ohmigodd..." she huffed. "ohmigodddd!!"

    This went on for some time until Kim gradually wriggled her way up Shipman's body to lick at her sharp nipples, then shared a heated kiss on the lips, all while I continued to fuck Jennie from behind.

    The three of us quickly became entangled in legs as I pulled out of Jennie's hot tight puss and buried myself balls-deep into Maddie waiting hole.

    From there I pounded her for a few extra minutes before pulling out and slipping back into Jennie, and began to alternate between the two pint-sized starlets and their dripping sugar walls.

    I couldn't believe how tight they both were, and in the heat of the moment couldn't tell you who was superior. They were just both so fucking tight and wet, it felt extraordinary to go from one fuck-hole to the other at a moments whim.

    In fact this went on for several minutes before Maddie had the bright idea of rolling Jennie onto her back (again) before twisting around to place the ladies in a delicious sixty-nine, with Shipman laying on top.

    I now fucked Jennie hard with deep long strokes while Shipman licked at her clit, waiting for me to pull out every so often so she could devour my sword whole. This arrangement really seemed to drive them both wild, particularly as I grew bolder with each passing minute and decided to ultimately press the head of my cock against Jennie's tiny starfish.

    To my surprise the Korean starlet didn't object or resist in any way, even as I pushed forward and filled her backdoor with meat, filling her completely, only to pull out and slam my dirty cock right into the back of Maddie's waiting throat.

    Shipman was only too happy to clean me off, and would gag and cough and spew her saliva all over my rod, giving it all the lube it needed to repeat this lewd act several more times over. It was at this time that I soon noticed from the whimpering sobs Maddie made that Jennie was giving her just as much satisfaction from the other side of the bed, licking and now tongue-fucking her ass with her tongue.

    "ughh fuck.. don't stop." the game shaker star would mewl, her body trembling wildly as she came. "Keep licking my ass Jennie!"

    Just hearing this tone - and the fact that Jennie was dirty and open enough to eat ass - was about all I could take, and before I could stop myself I suddenly exploded deep inside the bowls of Jennie's chamber, treating her a filthy creampie before pulling out just in time to ejaculate all over Shipman's open mouth and chin.

    ..then I woke up and had pancakes.

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    Always happy to see more Jennie stories especially hot ones like that!

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    Thanks karterlionen, much appreciated. This was a lot of fun to write. They've both only gotten hotter since I posted it.

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