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Thread: "A Very Berelc Xmas II" with Paris Berelc

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    fanfiction "A Very Berelc Xmas II" with Paris Berelc

    A Very Berelc Xmas II
    With Paris Berelc
    CODES: MF, oral, reluc, dirty talk, anal, creampie
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purpose only

    It was about 2am when I got up from the couch to take a leak, and while the rest of the house was sound asleep, I stumbled back to my make-shift bed only to find Paris sitting there in the dark playing the xbox.

    Interesting, I thought. She knows I'm set up out here. Let's see where this goes.

    "Can't sleep?" I said, while coming around the sofa to check her out.

    To my surprise Paris was scantily clad in nothing more than her sleepwear - consisting of a tight fitting tank top and panties, causing her to display a whole lot of leg and show off her muscular midsection. Judging from the look on her face I could tell she wasn't in a good mood, having apparently had a fight with the boyfriend upstairs.

    "Am I in your way," she asked rhetorically without taking her eyes off the TV.

    "Not at all, I enjoy the company." I replied. "In fact I was just about to sneak upstairs and check up on you guys."


    "Jesus, WTF is your problem tonight?" I hissed, while taking a seat beside her. "You seem a lot more bitchy than usual."

    "Fuck you." she quipped back. "Men are assholes."

    Yep, no doubt about it. Paris had clearly had a fight with her boyfriend, who had apparently passed out in bed, leaving her unsatisfied. As she sat there playing the video game I noticed that her top appeared to be slightly see-thru, allowing me to see two very excited dark pokies.

    "What's wrong princess, didn't get any dick this weekend?" I teased.

    Berelc flashed me a dirty look, suggesting I was right on the money.

    "You know what's fucked up," she admitted. "Giving you that disgusting blowjob earlier was probably the highlight of my week."

    "Yep, that was fun." I grinned evilly, recalling the encounter. "We almost got caught too."

    "You're such an asshole," she said. "You really don't deserve my sister, but I'll admit... you've got a really nice cock."

    Feeling bold, I reached over to fondle one of her breasts, only to have her slap my hand away.

    "Hey!" she protested.

    "Are those real?" I snickered.

    "WTF is wrong with you! Geez, can you not be a creep for more than five minutes!"

    "Around you, not likely." I grinned. "What can I say, you bring it out of me Paris."

    With nothing to lose, I grabbed her breast again, squeezing and kneading it and making her roll her eyes. She had to have known at this point that I wasn't going to give up that easily. I was determined to touch and play with her incredible body.

    Fed up with my antics, she finally stop playing the xbox to look at me directly.

    "Seriously, all I have to do is scream." she quipped.

    "Go ahead," I dared. "You'd only be punishing yourself. What would your boyfriend think if he knew you were down here with me, dressed like this."

    "Dress like what,"

    "Half naked and shit, looking for cock."

    Paris shook her head, knowing I was right.

    "You're unbelievable."

    "Yeah, unbelievably hard." I countered, making her give a little chuckle.

    I reached out with my other hand to grab at her smooth legs. I couldn't believe how good they felt. They felt as soft as butter.

    "Let me ask you something," I quizzed, while caressing her soft smooth legs. "When was the last time that idiot gave you an orgasm?"

    Berelc shrugged and returned her attention back to the video game, while I gently pushed her back, directing her to lay on the sofa and get more comfortable so that I could kneel down between those soft, strong legs of hers.

    "Err, what the hell are you doing," she giggled while still playing video games. Stop distracting my game."

    When I pressed my lips against the inside of her thighs, Paris let out an audible gasp. I then kissed my way up towards her panties and brushed my face against her underwear. Suffice to say I could smell her cunt through the thin fabric.

    When she didn't object, I took this as permission and slowly pealed her panties to the side to reveal her luscious meaty pussy, giving it a nice long lick, slobbering all over her already wet mound. I dipped my tongue into her slit and French-kissed her sex like I had kissed her sister hours earlier.

    Paris could only moan quietly and spread her legs father apart in response, as I latched onto her pea-sized clit, running your tongue in a counter-clockwise motion. I could tell from the taste of her cunt that she had recently showered, which blended well with the taste of her creamy core.

    When I briefly focused my attention on her thick wilted lips and sucked them into my mouth, Berelc finally dropped the xbox controller and lay back gripping her nipples, tugging them lightly through her shirt. I continued to chew and pull on her labia, allowing it to snap back against her body to drive her crazy. She cocked her legs wide as a hand, seemingly of its own volition, snaked its way down behind my head.

    She couldn't ignore me now.

    I looked up from between her legs to see her squeezing her eyes shut while grinding her hips against my face. It seemed she was more wound up than I expected, as she creamed into my mouth while I lapped at her sweet juices. What surprised me though, was when she reached down and plunged two fingers into herself, removed them, and slipped them in her mouth to taste herself.

    She'd never looked sexier.

    "Mmmm," she said with a smile. "I taste good."

    Just seeing her like this made me rock hard. I leaned up to kiss her hard on the lips, not knowing how she'd respond, as she now continued to play with herself beneath me.

    "Please..." she purred, while diddling herself.

    Our tongues wrestled as we sucked and sampled each other's tastes. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, Paris and I shared an animalistic attraction to each other. Neither of us wanted to stop kissing once we started. We just couldn't get enough of each other.

    When we finally stopped to catch our breath, I shuffled forward without hesitation to press the head of my engorged cock at the threshold of her pussy.

    "ohmigod, wait...!" she gasped, nearly hysterical. "We can't. What if someone wakes up!"

    I wasn't thinking that far ahead, as we both watched me guide the head of prick against her glistening mound and used that to smear her juices all over. The action drove us both insane.

    "ooh fuck," she hissed, her legs falling wide open. "Please, this isn't a good idea."

    While her mind said one thing, be body did another.

    "If you don't want it, just say it and I'll stop!" I challenged.

    We both knew this was bullshit, but it was said nonetheless, and just as expected she didn't object. In fact she just reached up to pull me into another deep kiss, shoving her long tongue down my throat. A moment later, her eyes went wide as my manhood gradually split her in two, and nestled deep inside her tight little asian box.

    The moment I buried my wick, I leaned forward to kiss her again, distracting her from any objections she might have. Paris gasped and kissed me longingly, her eyes wide as I filled her completely and began to pull back and pump her with long, slow deliberate strokes.

    My gods she was wet, tight, hot, and soaked.

    I don't know what was hotter, the fact that we were screwing right there on the couch in the middle of the night, or the incredible lewd sound her pussy made as I churned her slowly. In fact the one time Disney star was so fucking wet she almost seemed a little ashamed and self conscience about it, turning her head and blushing brightly.

    "You hear that, how fucking wet you are right now!" I growled, as I picked up the pace.

    As I continued to stroke in and out of her cunt, I noticed her turn her head to the side and realised she was watching herself in a nearby mirror. It seemed watching herself get drilled by her sister's boyfriend really turned her on.

    "Grr, you like that you little slut." I teased in her ear. "Watching me fill this tight little pussy!"

    "Unngh. Please, just hurry." she said between pants, wrapping her legs around my hips. "Just fuck me."

    "I bet I fuck better than that loser boyfriend you got upstairs," I chuckled, thrusting a little harder.

    "Y-Y-Yes, oh godd!" she moaned, putting her hands around my neck and pulling me into her as I pumped.

    Her body was so hot and wet I actually had to stop to pace myself. This apparently amused her, knowing how much she turned me on. I took this opportunity to pull her top over her head, leaving her naked on the couch, and grabbed hold of my rod and proceeded to tap and grind it against her sex, which really seemed to turn her on.

    That was of course until I pressed the bulbous tip against her backdoor, wiping the smile straight off her face.

    "What are you doing...!!" she barely whispered, as I slowly pushed in and pierced her waiting asshole.

    "ohmigodd..." she tensed up, her thick dark nipples pricking rock hard, as I slowly slid inch after inch inside her rump.

    Once all seven inches were buried to the hilt I slowly pulled back then in again, making her bite her bottom lip.

    The look on her face was priceless as she almost seemed disappointed every time I'd pulled out, but was then panicked and hysterical when I'd enter her ass again. I now leaned back so I could enjoy my handy work, watching my hard cock glide in and out of her tight backdoor.

    Judging from the way her body responded, I could to tell this wasn't the first time she has experimented with anal. In fact in a strange way, this only turned me on more, confirming just what kind of a slut Paris really was. I now held her legs up by her ankles as I gradually trained her ass, while she played with her titties and watched herself in the mirror.

    "You have no idea how good you look with a hard cock in your ass, baby." I told her.

    Paris purred and began masturbating and was firing off one orgasm after another in rapid succession. Fifteen minutes in, and I was suddenly on the precise myself so I spanked her butt after pulling out, then plunged back in without much effort.

    Just watching her lay there with that gaping open hole waiting to be filled was more than I could take, while her dirty talk threatened to send me over the edge.

    "oh god, my pussy is so wet right now," Paris told me while she diddled herself. "Keep fucking my ass baby. Don't stop."

    I wasn't expecting this type of commentary, and decided to take things to the next level and pulled out of her ass (with a pop) and plunged back into her warm wet pussy, then alternated between the two holes.

    "unnngh fuck!" she hissed loudly, as I used her holes for my amusement. "Fuck me! Use me like your play thing... fuck all my holes!"

    I didn't need to be asked twice, but I didn't last more than two minutes before I was forced to pull out unexpectedly and suddenly exploded all over her bare mound and belly, tapping my angry cock against her body, before I re-entered her hot pussy again.

    This extra burst of energy seemed to surprise her somewhat, as I ejaculated all over her body, but then continued to fuck her good and hard over the next several minutes, once again switching between her ass and pussy while she continually played with nipples.

    We were both sweating profusely at this point when she spoke again.

    "I bet I can make you cum again,..." she teased as I filled her ass. "Come on, baby. Show me. Show me how much I turn you on!"


    "Maybe I should call my sister down here and have her watch you destroy me."

    "Fuck yeah," I growled.

    God she knew just what to say.

    "If she was here right now, I'd have her clean you off." Paris teased.

    "Fuck that," I replied. "I'd bend her over and have her eat your pussy while I fuck her!"

    This really seemed to turn Paris on.

    "You like that don't you," I grinned. "Have her use her mouth on you, while I fuck her."

    Paris moaned and flashed me an evil, if not somewhat erotic look.

    "What makes you think she hasn't licked me before?" Paris baited, "What makes you think I haven't tasted her pussy too?"


    I pulled out of her gaping hole, then buried myself into her pussy and began to jack-hammer her into the couch, ramming her with every thrust. My balls now slapped audibly against her butt, as our fucking intensified and grew more franticóboth of us eager to make the other cum again.

    "Next time you fuck her, I wanna watch." Paris insisted. "Do you hear me, yeah? I want you to tell me so I can watch you fuck her!"

    The mere notion alone almost set me off prematurely.

    "uh-huh, I'll tell you." I hissed. "Now beg for it! Tell me to cum inside you!"

    "oh-godd," she cooed, "Don't you dare...ughhh!!"

    "Tell me!"

    "Fuck, do it!" she gasped, looking me dead in the eyes. "Cum inside me! Cum inside my dirty fucking pussy baby! I want you to fuck Bless and then shoot that hot load inside me!!"

    I grabbed onto her sweaty hips and fucked her with everything I had, slamming her into the couch like a rag doll as she panted loudly.

    Berelc's entire body shuddered to the pummelling, her hands grasping at my arms while her legs squeezed me like a vice. She threw her head back and gave a gutteral groan as the flood gates openned and she creamed all over my rod. Sensing this, I couldn't hold back any longer and suddenly blasted my hot seed deep inside her womb, emptying the contents of my sack into her dirty little cunt while wincing in rapture.

    "ooh, fuck-fuck-fuck!" she squealed beneath me as I filled her with semen again and again.

    Having blown my wad for the second time, I pulled out and collapsed beside her on the couch leaving her in an utter mess. Covered (and filled) for that matter with semen, Paris got up and ran off to the bathroom to clean up as I lay there grinning with pride.

    "Hey, while you're up." I quipped with a chuckle. "Can you get me a drink?"

    "Fuck you! I'm not your slave... get it yourself!" she snapped before disappearing into the bathroom. "...I can't believe I let you cum inside me."

    I chuckle at the comment, and wanted to remind her that she had literally begged me for that load a few minutes earlier, but I figured that was probably a sore point and would only trigger her in her current state of mind. Instead I just reached over for a pack of cigarettes and lit up a smoke.

    "By the way, you can't smoke that in here." she said, popping her head out from around the door.

    "Sure, sure. You're doing great princess." I quipped sarcastically, as I kicked up my feet to relax and looked forward to more weekend family fun.


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    Really hot story.
    MY TOP 5
    1. Hailee Steinfeld
    Bailee Madison
    Maia Mitchell
    Olivia Holt
    Victoria Justice

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    Oh my God, I'm so glad there was a follow-up to the first part.

    As always TPG, that was hot AF.

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    I hope there's more coming

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