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Thread: "Just Business" with Michelle Keegan

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    fanfiction "Just Business" with Michelle Keegan

    It's Just Business
    With Michelle Keegan
    Written by Harbinger
    Codes: Cheating, bj, oral, fingering, titty fuck, creampie
    Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional and for entertainment purposes only.

    I took one last pull from my cigarette and ashed it out on the bottom of my boot before heading into "Mark's Seafood and Grill," the new restaurant that hadn't quite opened yet.

    I had an interview with one of the co-owners, Michelle Keegan. All I knew about her was that she was a British bombshell who had moved to L.A. with her husband Mark, and they had decided to open up a restaurant. Did they want it to become a real Hotspot or just a place of their own? I had no idea, and I didn't really give a fuck.

    Once my eyes adjusted to the light change, I saw Michelle sitting by herself at a large round table on the dining floor, a bunch of papers sprawled out in front of her, as well as a glass of water.

    I wanted to stop and drink her in like she was sipping on that water, but I had to act like a mature adult, and kept moving my feet forward.

    "Good day," she said with a big smile. "Are you Charlie, my 2 o'clock?" she asked in her husky, British accent. Everything about her voice was sexy as hell.

    "Yes ma'am," I said as I approached and offered a hand.

    She took my hand, standing like a proper lady, showing off all adorable 5'4" of her, but her legs still seemed to go for miles, showcased in high waisted jeans that fell just short of her bellybutton.

    "That's a tough hand you've got there," she said with a giggle as we both sat down.

    "Years of hard work, Ms. Keegan," I told her as she dug through a manilla folder, successfully finding my application.

    "Just Michelle is fine," she told me as she looked over my file. "College educated. In the industry since you were 16. That's a long time," she said, looking up at me with those sharp, inquisitive eyes. "Why still in restaurants with a four year degree?"

    "As you can see on my resume, I tried a different industry for a year, there about, but it wasn't for me, so I went back home to food," I said with a shrug.

    Michelle was quiet for a moment, chewing on her lip as she carefully scrutinized everything I had written down. "You're applying for a shift management position, and you're 26. That's pretty young, but not unreasonable."

    "I've been in this life for over a decade, though. You felt my hand. I know how to work hard, and I've worked every position from dishwasher to cook to waiter. The paperwork and office stuff is really the biggest hurdle for me," I told her honestly. "I can help run the ship while you're doing famous person stuff, and I'm great at teamwork and accessing crew strength."

    That got a laugh from her, which in turn made me smile. "I like you, Charlie. You have experience, you have confidence, and I like your youth and energy." I can't give you an answer without talking to Mark, but I will certainly be holding onto your number," she said, standing back up and offering me her hand again.

    Yeah Michelle has great tits, but I was able to stay respectful and keep looking at her face because she's just that gorgeous.

    That same evening, I was back at home taking a shower, daydreaming about how I wished that meeting would have gone.

    In my ideal pitch, Michelle would have asked for a sample of my work, and we would get hot and nasty in that brand new, state-of-the-art kitchen I knew she and her hubby had just put in. I had no problem believing she'd be the best tasting thing in the place.

    My fantasy of my face between Michelle Keegan's legs as she sat on the counter was broken by my phone ringing. I poked my head out of the shower curtain and saw the number on my phone was a local number. It could have been a scam, but I wasn't going to miss it in case it was a call from Mark's.

    "Hello?" I answered my phone, the shower still running.

    "Hello," I heard that sexy, husky voice from earlier that day. "Is this Charlie?"

    "Yes it is," I confirmed.

    "Hi, Charlie. It's Michelle Keegan from Mark's. How are… is your shower running?" she asked. "Did you take my call in the shower?" I could hear a bit of humor tugging in her voice.

    "Uh, yeah. I'm in the shower… right now. I wasn't going to risk missing your call," I told her honestly. I wasn't going to tell her that hearing her voice while I was naked in the shower was making me feel some kind of way.

    "Well, erm, I'm glad you took the call because I talked to Mark this evening… and we want to give you a shot," Michelle said.

    I smiled and took a deep breath. "That's great, Michelle. Thank you for the chance. When do I start working with you and Mark?" I asked, trying to get a feel for my new schedule.

    "Mark is out of town, but you can swing by tomorrow and I can give you a tour, and we can talk planned menu?" she asked, and I could tell she was trying not to get too excited.

    "That sounds great, Michelle. When would you like me to come in?"

    "Oh, say 9:00?"

    I ran a hand down my wet face and put on my best fake voice. "Yeah, that works for me. I'll see you in the morning, Michelle." I hate early mornings.

    "Oh, and Charlie… wear some clothes you won't mind getting dirty. I want to try some potential dishes."

    "Yes ma'am," I said, already picturing the beautiful Brit with her hair in a bun, stained pants, and tattered shirt under a flour covered apron. Something about Michelle Keegan being so… domestic, really got me going.

    "Have a good night, Charlie. Oh, and enjoy the rest of the shower, yeah?" she said knowingly, her voice almost a seductive purr. Working close quarters alone with this woman was going to get me in trouble.

    The next morning, I walked the few short blocks to Mark's and already found the door unlocked at 8:53 a.m.

    There were some guys working on remodeling the dining floor, but I didn't see my new boss anywhere.

    "Looking for Ms. Keegan? The supervisor asked and I nodded, looking around at the work they were doing. "She's downstairs, in the kitchen."

    "Thanks," I said as I tip-toed across the pristine hardwood floor. I felt like if I stepped too heavily, I might crack a board.

    I walked through a long hallway with a washer and dryer, and past a dumbwaiter, a few sinks, and a few metal tables pressed against the wall. I assumed this was going to be the waitstaff area.

    Down a set of stairs I went, and I could hear music playing through the heavy black door in front of me. It was a local radio station that played music from the "80s, 90s, and now."

    I knocked on the door to make sure no one was behind it, and pushed past it. "Hello?" I said, because the beginning of the new kitchen was expansive, and I didn't initially see anyone.

    "Charlie, that you?" I heard Michelle call out. The way my name sounded in her accent, coming out of her mouth, made my knees weak.

    "Yeah, it's me, Michelle!" I confirmed. "Where do you want me?" I asked as I took off my jacket and put it over the back of a chair by the dumbwaiter.

    "A little bold of you to ask that, hmm?" Michelle teased, sticking her head out from behind a nook.

    I went over to see her organizing various containers on a storage shelf.

    I tried to push the blush from my face as I stared at the floor, but that only made her laugh.

    "I'm only kidding, Charlie. I didn't mean anything by it. I'm a bit of a joker… unless you ask me to stop."

    "Nah, you're good. It'll just take me a bit of getting used to," I told her. "So what's the plan for the day?" I asked.

    "Well," she began as she rolled up the sleeves on her green knit sweater, "I've got a few menu items I'd like us to work on and try on the boys upstairs."

    "Sounds good to me. What are we working on?" I asked as I followed her to the extensive Island in the center of the kitchen, a set of heat lamps over top and pan storage beneath.

    "We're making a pesto pasta with tomato, grilled chicken, and a ciabatta toast." My eyebrows rose because that sounded fucking delicious to me.

    We got to work making a good amount, enough for 16 people. Michelle got the pesto sauce and noodles going while I handled the chicken, toast, and halving grape tomatoes.

    Once everything was done and we had 14 bowls loaded onto the three shelves of the dumbwaiter, Michelle hit send and turned her brown eyes on me, a movie star smile on her face.

    "What?" I asked with a chuckle.

    "That was the first food ever sent out of this kitchen," Michelle proclaimed proudly.

    "Hell yeah, brother!" I exclaimed, sharing her infectious joy.

    Michelle laughed and looked at me quizzically. "Do you look at your brothers the way you look at me?"

    Again, I felt my face flush and I quickly looked at the epoxy covered sand floor.

    "Charlie, dear, if you're going to work with me, you'd better keep up," she lightly chastised me as she pushed a lock of hair behind her ear. "You said you worked in kitchens for years, I know you can tease back." She was begging for it.

    "I'm sure the rest of the cooks are going to be talking behind your back about you enough as it is, Michelle. You and your husband should have at least one male employee you can trust."

    Michelle nodded as she grabbed her bowl of chicken and pasta from the counter. "Very noble of you, Charlie. I appreciate it, and I'm sure Mark will, too. What about you, though? Is there a girl?"

    "Nah," I said, shaking my head as I grabbed my own bowl. "I keep to myself for the most part, really," I explained as I slid my back down the white wall, coming to a squat on my haunches and the wall helping to keep me up.

    Michelle matched my position right next to me and asked, "So no woman? Not even an after dinner rush stress release fuck? That's a shame," she said, sounding serious.

    "Are you offering?" I asked around a mouthful of green roodles.

    Michelle smiled cheekily and elbowed my arm. "That's a good boy," she said with a giggle. "I knew you were in there somewhere."

    Two weeks passed in the blink of an eye. I spent a lot of those two weeks with Michelle; we went over applications and hired a few employees and worked together on getting them trained in. We also finalized our grand opening menu, and started talking about catering menus.

    I was wrapped up in a show, already in bed, when my phone started ringing.

    The screen of my phone showed it was Michelle, and I shouldn't have been surprised given it was a quarter after midnight.


    "Charlie, you're still up?" Michelle asked, sounding rather anxious.

    "Yeah. Just watching TV. What's up?"

    "I may have fucked up…."

    "What's wrong?" I asked, sitting up fully.

    "A dear mate of mine said the venue for her wedding reception had to cancel and refund her because they suffered an electrical fire."

    "Did you…." I cut her off.

    "I… told her we could do the wedding," Michelle confirmed, and I heard her voice drop.

    "When is the wedding?" I asked, running a hand over my face.

    "Sunday," she told me, and I could hear her biting back a sob.

    "Michelle, you beautiful moron," I mumbled, and I heard a strangled giggle.

    "I'm sorry, Charlie. She's a good friend and I wasn't thinking clearly. Mark finally found work and I wanted to match him, too."

    "We need to get this under control immediately. Meet me at the restaurant. Let's hammer out what we're offering, and then we can start prepping tomorrow."

    "Charlie, it's after midnight. You're scheduled back in under nine hours," she tried to argue.

    "That's nothing, I'll be fine," I said. "I'll see you in 10," I told her and that was that.

    True to my word, I was there in seven instead of 10, but the doors were already unlocked.

    The lights were off, so I assumed she was in the kitchen. I headed down there and only one light was on, in the back by the prep area.

    "You alright, Keegs?" I asked my boss, who I had gotten pretty familiar with, working in tight quarters with her for two weeks.

    "Yeah, it's just… fuck all, why did I say we'd do it?" Michelle asked, hiding her beautiful tanned face in her hands.

    I took my jacket off and rolled my neck. "It's Thursday morning, technically. We can still pull this out. Let's focus, bang out a quick and easy, but badass party."

    Michelle spread her fingers apart and looked at me, but kept her face hidden. "What do you have in mind?"

    "We have that smoker, we do American barbecue. Your British friends will go nuts. We do pulled pork sandwiches on brioche buns with pickled red onion, potato salad, coleslaw, honey bourbon beans. We can do a brisket or two, some salads, I know you can come up with desserts. High yield, low labor. It'll be great."

    Michelle took in a deep breath and slowly lowered her hands. "What would I do without you, Charlie?" she asked with a nervous laugh.

    "Probably have a panic attack," I chuckled as I scribbled some things down on a piece of scrap paper. "I think you could use some of that stress relief sex you mentioned on my first day."

    There was a long pause, and I looked over at her to make sure I didn't overstep a line. She was looking right at me, intensely, those sharp brown eyes. "Are you offering?" she asked, repeating my own words, but the look she gave me, her voice… she seemed sincere.

    "Michelle…" I stumbled for words, and I didn't find a lot. All I thought of to say was, "But Mark…."

    Michelle shook her head, her chestnut hair shaking around her face. "He and I have done this before; when we have to go long distance, we find replacements, and then we get together again when we can. If you don't want to be my temporary, I understand," she said quietly, her soft hand on my larger and rougher one.

    I closed my hand around her lithe fingers and gave a gentle squeeze. "Will we be able to work together after this?"

    "I hope so," she whispered, and brought my hand to her mouth. She tenderly kissed my knuckles, and looked at me with vulnerable, soft eyes.

    I swallowed roughly and tried to clear my throat. "We should… ah, we should get back to work," I chuckled, laughing at the way I was tripping over myself. I was nervous, unsure of why I would be trying to side step her. I was a sane, straight man, wasn't I?

    "You've been working really hard for me, Charlie. We've both been. I think we could stand a little stress relief, don't you?" Michelle asked, standing up straight and moving her chair out of the way. "Come here, Charlie," she whispered. "Take off your trousers and hop up on the table. Be a good lad, will you?"

    "Wh… what?" I asked with a chuckle, standing up as asked but not going to her side of the prep table.

    "I want to help you relax, but I won't force you," she said, slowly approaching like she was afraid of scaring me off. "Would you like me to touch you, Charlie? Would you mind if I pleasured you, released a bit of stress for you?"

    "Wasn't I just commenting that you needed it?" I asked with a chuckle, tossing everything to the wind and undoing my jeans for Michelle.

    "Are you saying that you'd like to have some kind of turn at me, then?" she asked, a perfectly formed brown eyebrow raised.

    "I may or may not have imagined a scenario in the shower the night you called me for the job," I admitted, pushing my jeans down, my cock at full erection from our discussion, from our proximity.

    "Care to tell me about it?" Michelle asked in a whisper, now standing right in front of me. "Don't… leave out… any… details," she said slowly as she ran her fingertips over the large bulge in my underwear.

    "Well, we were in the kitchen all alone, kind of like this," I began.

    "Oh yeah?" she teased, her breath hot against my ear as she fully pressed her palm against my length. "And just what were we doing?"

    "We started out like this," I continued, my hands on her hips, fingers playing at the hem of her skirt. "We had just finished a rough day," I told her as my hands wandered to the back and found her zipper.

    "Were we looking to release some stress?" Michelle asked knowingly, her hand raising above my waistband and her fingers spearing beneath it to graze the hot, tight skin.

    "Yeah," I confirmed, unzipping the back of her skirt and pushing it down her toned legs. "I had you up on this table, your legs on my shoulders."

    "What were they doing there, I wonder?" Michelle teased, her soft and skilled hand fully around my length, gently stroking me as her other hand pulled my underwear down to give her more room to work me.

    "I had two fingers inside you, slowly working in and out, curling inside of you while I licked your clit," I said breathily as I fondled her marvelous ass in both of my hands, my eyes closed as I took in her tangerine scent.

    "That sounds lovely, Charlie," Michelle cooed, and I melted, my knees buckled as she put a little more wrist into what she was doing. "But what am I to do with all this prick I've got my hand on?"

    "I told you my plans. What would you do to me in this kitchen, with no one around, a willing cock and employee at your disposal?"

    Michelle clicked her tongue and then chewed her plump lip as if in deep thought. She let go of my cock, though her eyes never left it. Her hands went behind her head like she was tired and had finished a good run. It only took me half a second to see she was pulling her long brown and silky hair into a bun.

    "As my employee, I'd like to assert how valued you are, and I'd like to thank you for all the hard work you've done for me," Michelle told me, unbuttoning her blouse. "Now please sit yourself on the table so I can give you a proper thank you," she ordered rather sternly. With that accent, and her taking charge, it made my dick twitch.

    I stepped completely out of my discarded pants and underwear and put a towel down before hopping up onto the table, trying to prepare for whatever majesty I was about to receive.

    "Take your shirt off please, Charlie. I want to see you," Michelle requested.

    "I'm not built like your husband, Keegs," I chuckled. "I don't have an insane workout program or a top personal trainer. I don't have a movie star body."

    "I know you don't, Charlie, but I still find you fucking sexy," she said with a smile as she lowered herself and kissed my knees. "Your body is from living hard, on a budget, and working hard. That deserves respect, too," she continued between peppering kisses up my thighs, parting them further as she went.

    I had never felt so exposed, so under a microscope as I did then, but I also never felt more appreciated for my natural body type.

    I gave in to her request and shed my t-shirt, leaving myself completely naked to her.

    "Now there's a handsome lad," Michelle smiled as she stood up and then leaned in, kissing me and then my chest. I shuddered a little as she kissed and flicked her tongue over my nipples, her attention and the slightly cooler temp of the turned off kitchen making them erect.

    Michelle stood up fully again to remove her blouse, leaving her in matching black lace panties and bra, making my mouth water.

    "Holy shit," I muttered as I drank in her chiseled bikini model body. "Am I dreaming right now?"

    "Does this feel like a dream, Charlie?" she asked as she slipped back between my legs and bent down to place a kiss on the tip of my dick.

    "Yeah, it does, actually. I don't want to wake up if it is a dream," I said as she kissed up and down the length of me, her eyes closed as she explored my cock.

    I leaned back and rested on my forearms, but I wasn't going to take my eyes off Michelle Keegan peppering my peasant prick with kisses.

    "I guess we can call this an advance on your paycheck," Michelle giggled as she licked the underside of me, following the vein straight to my piss slit.

    "God I've been patient for so long," I said as Michelle finally wrapped her lips around my bell end. "Working so close with you these two weeks, seeing you but not touching you."

    Michelle hummed with half of my cock in her mouth before slowly sliding me back out. "You're right, Charlie, and I've teased you this whole time," she said sadly, shaking her head. "You deserve something a little special."

    Michelle stayed where she was, her breath still hot on my dick as she reached behind her and unclaimed her bra, and peeled it down her shoulders and arms, freeing her glorious tits. Her boots were still a beautiful bronze, but slightly less tanned than the rest of her. And God those brown nipples were enough to drive a man crazy.

    "Fuck you're gorgeous," I said with an almost chuckle. I still couldn't believe I was actually here with Michelle Keegan, about to feel her.

    She smiled at my genuine compliment before drooling a fair amount of spit onto my cock and working it over me with her hand, to then lean over and replace it with her firm, big tits.

    "You like the feel of my chest around your cock, Charlie? You didn't expect this when you came in tonight, did you?"

    "No ma'am," I said, shaking my head. "There's no way I'm going to complain."

    "I should hope not," Michelle said with a wink as she pushed herself up and down, working me from base to tip with her natural gifts, occasionally letting a little more spit to come down to make sure I was well lubed. "I do want to feel you in me, Charlie. I think our time for teasing is almost up," she said, and I nodded and swallowed hard.

    "I want to play out my shower daydream first. I want to make sure you cum first, because once I'm in you, I won't have long," I told her truthfully as she continued to rack jack me.

    "You're a gentleman, too? Okay," Michelle yielded with a smile, backing up so I could hop off of the prep table. We traded places and I picked her up to help her sit on the towel, saving her from the cold stainless steel.

    I pressed my hand between her breasts and pushed her back slowly. Once she was on her elbows, I made direct eye contact as I peeled her lace panties down, revealing her sweet cookie.

    I took a look down there and let out a low whistle. "Goddammit, Keegs. Not a single hair.

    "No sir," she said with a smile. "I've been perfectly shaved all week, wondering when we were going to get around to this."

    "This is the most perfect pussy I have ever seen," I said in a deep whisper, leaning in to smell her scent, a pair of fingers rubbing each side of her puffy outer lips.

    "Please Charlie, just finger and eat me so I can cum in your mouth, and then you can finish me off with that fat cock of yours." Hearing those dirty words from her refined mouth was so fucking hot, making it impossible to tell her no.

    I gave in and slid a finger into the tightest pussy I had ever felt. Every part of Michelle Keegan's body was muscular and toned, even her hot wet pussy.

    I moved my head that last inch and licked her from where my finger was inserted up to her clit. She shook and her vagina muscles quivered, nearly squeezing my finger out. That alone was enough to make my cock twitch.

    I danced my tongue over her swelling clit as my finger danced within her, and Michelle made the series yet adorable moans as she massaged her perfect tits in her hands.

    "Oh my God, Charlie. I love that tongue. And those fingers, my God!" she moaned and dropped her head back as I worked my finger in circles, getting her tight slit ready for a second finger.

    "God I want to fuck you, Michelle. I want to be so deep in you," I told her as my wrist motions got faster and faster.

    "Yes, please, God yes!" she moaned as her back arced, her ass lifting off the towel.

    I slid my finger out of her and put my mouth over the entirety of her pussy, snaking my tongue into the opening my finger had eased.

    "Yes! Fuck yes! Tongue fuck me, Charlie! God!" Michelle whined as I tongue punched her British clam, rolling my tongue inside and out of her as she rolled her athletic hips to hump my mouth.

    I thrashed my head back and forth, slurped that rich pussy as much as I could and drank every drop of juice and girl cum Michelle produced as she screamed, cumming hard all over my face.

    "You're cock, I need it now!" Michelle demanded as she let go of her tits, left white and red from her kneading them and pulling on her taut nipples.

    I raised my head from her running gash and pulled her off the table. Her legs were wobbly but I caught her, spun her around, and pinned her down to the dampened towel.

    "Fucking split me, Charlie. No more playing. Give me all of your cock, boy!" she commanded. I didn't even mind the little age play she snuck in there, given I'm 26 and she's 35. Her pussy sure as hell felt 18.

    I did as my boss told me and drove my hard cock straight into her warmed up heat and sank all the way in, making her shoot off the table in a strangled scream.

    I pushed her back down with one hand on her head, the other on the top of her supple ass as I rammed I to her mercilessly.

    The empty kitchen filled with my grunts, her cries and the sound of sweaty meat slapping together.

    As I promised, it didn't take long for me to lose control, my build up coming so fucking fast.

    "Michelle, you have 10 seconds!" I warned her.

    "Cum anywhere, I don't even care!" she called back.

    I took that as a sign to full send, so I kept driving and I let out my own cry as my balls busted and I shot everything I had into the wettest, tightest cunt I had ever been in.

    Michelle fought back, her spamming pussy squeezing me and fluttering around my length, milking me dry and filling her up. If I wasn't still holding her down, she would have rocketed right back into me and knocked me over, but I did still have her pinned, letting her know in ust this moment that I owned her.

    After the little spurts stopped, and my hips stilled, I slowly slid out of her and loved the way she gasped at the new emptiness as I watched my cum slither down the inside of her thighs.

    She stayed there for a moment, just breathing and shaking, gasping, until she slowly lifted herself up, leaving a sweaty body print on the table where the towel didn't fully reach.

    "Jesus Christ. Nobody fucks like a kitchen rat eh?" she laughed, running a hand through her sweat through her out of control hair. "Let's talk about another stress release after the wedding, yeah?"

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    This was fucking sensational!!
    I really really loved the lead up to the action too, and all the insider talk.
    Man I'll be rereading this for years to come will any self respecting Keegs fan.

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    Just got around to reading this. Pretty Epic Harbinger.

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