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Thread: The Journal of Marco Polo Ch. 4 with Hailee Steinfeld, Paris Berelc, and Katheryn Winnick

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    fanfiction The Journal of Marco Polo Ch. 4 with Hailee Steinfeld, Paris Berelc, and Katheryn Winnick

    The Journal of Marco Polo Ch 4
    With Hailee Steinfeld, Paris Berelc, and Katheryn Winnick
    By Harbinger
    Tags: Historical, M/FFF, reluctant, stripped, bath, oral, blowjob, fingering, anal
    Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and for entertainment purposes only.

    After Hailee and I had finished the night's events, Izriah brought us back to my chamber. To say that getting ready to sleep was awkward would be an understatement.

    Hailee had been under the impression tonight was going to be a one time exchange for her freedom. She learned instead that she had effectively become my property, and that I intended to frequent her body whenever I wished.

    "Marco," Izriah said, grabbing my arm before I could go in behind Hailee, "be a good man and let her rest for tonight. She's been through a lot."

    "I am aware. I am spent for the day as well, Izzy. Thank you," I told the guard who I felt was becoming a personal friend. "And tell her majesty the queen… that I said thank you."

    Izzy nodded and smiled, and took her leave of Hailee and I.

    "Shall I disrobe for you, my Lord?" Hailee asked in a mocking voice.

    "It would please me, but I won't make you," I said as I crossed my arms, not wishing to fight but not letting her run over me. "I will not ask more of you this night. You have been put through enough, Hailee."

    "I would say," she scoffed. "I only had to endure being stripped and fucked in front of the entire court," she spat. "God only knows what would have happened if it was the perverted Vincetti or that brute you killed." She sighed and let her shoulders hunch. "For that, I will thank you."

    "Hailee, I will be perfectly honest with you; I desire your body to no end and I will continue to fuck you, but other than that, you will know peace with me, and I would see you happy."

    Hailee laughed. "Oh, so I only need to be your personal whore, then?"

    "Yes," I confirmed plainly. "That is correct. I think you will find that I am a very giving lover, and I will learn quickly what you like."

    Hailee sighed again and looked around the lavish accommodations. "This apartment is far better than the servant's quarters," she said, running her fingers along a pillow on the lounging couch. "And I do not want to be used by every mutt in the palace."

    "It is an evil to be considered mine, but it is surely a lesser one than to be at the disposal of everyone," I tried to lamely console her. "But come to bed, Hailee. You have my word I will not touch you the rest of the night."

    Hailee rolled her eyes and I smiled. I was happy to see that even after the display we went through, her spirit was very much in tact. "Do I have any assurance that as soon as I wake I will not be molested?"

    "A fair question. I can't predict my appetites, but I will give you my word that I won't wake you up," is as far as I would go.

    "Well that's a small mercy," she huffed. "I also can't help buy notice there is a bath here."

    "I will go find a servant to bring us water," I said, heading for the door.

    "Marco, I am your servant, remember? I am no longer a lady," Hailee said dejectedly. "It is my own task to fetch water for my bath."

    I looked at Hailee, her bright brown eyes, her full pouty lips. She was so gorgeous in her gold scale top and her sheer red skirt. She was the absolute picture of lust.

    I took pity on Hailee and offered, would you like to stay here and I shall fetch water?"

    "If we get it together, we can do it in one trip, I think," she suggested and I nodded in agreement.

    We left my room together with wooden buckets in each hand and set down the hallway. We really didn't know where we were going, each of us too tired to really care.

    We didn't get far before we were met by two Mongol soldiers.

    "Well what do we have here?" One said as he gawked at Hailee.

    "Looks like a midnight treat, I'd say," the other grinned as he stepped closer.

    "This is my servant and I will not have her touched," I said sternly, putting myself between the warriors and Hailee.

    "The Italian runt wants to stop us?" the first one laughed, putting his hand on his sword.

    "He looks like a woman to me with those curls," the second one laughed.

    "You will stay your weapons and flee. This is Marco Polo, guest of the Khan. You shall not touch him or his servant."

    I turned my head to see Lagertha, the blonde Nord woman clad in chainmail that was Princess Paris's personal guard.

    "I'm sorry, Captain. We did not know," one of the soldiers said. They both bowed, tucked tails and scurried away.

    Paris came around the corner next, a pleased smile on her face. She looked a beautiful picture with her long dark hair down, her navy blue dress from the feast still on. The synching belt around her waist made the dress fit her body splendidly and pronounced her full breasts.

    "What a surprise!" Paris beamed. "Marco, what are you and your new servant doing out in the palace at this time of night?"

    "We wanted a bath. Had to get water," I explained, holding up my buckets.

    "What a lovely idea, especially after this evening's… rigors," she smiled coyly. "Lagertha and I have yet to bathe as well. We would be honored if you would have us join you."

    This smelled like trouble, but outright refusing the princess would be dangerous, especially after she had extended her protection to Hailee and I.

    "Your majesty, I would be humbled for you and Lagertha to join us for a soak.

    Hailee's jaw dropped beside me, but she understood as much as I that we weren't in a position to say no.

    "Wonderful! We're pleased to accept," Paris smiled brightly. "Let us help with your buckets, Marco."

    "My Lady, you are a princess, and should be a water carrier," I argued.

    "I am a princess, but at this moment, I would like to be considered your friend," she parried and took one of Hailee's buckets, which Hailee seemed fine with.

    Lagertha led the way with me beside her as Hailee and Paris followed.

    "So Hailee, how find you Marco Polo?" Paris asked, her voice just above a whisper.

    Hailee took a moment to gather her thoughts before answering. "Well… I'm glad he's not Zhun Lo or Vincetti. If I have to be in service to someone, I am pleased it's Marco."

    A measured and probably honest answer, I thought.

    "And what are your thoughts on how this evening went?" Paris asked, not even trying to hide how she thought it went. A bit of silence passed. "Oh darling, you're adorable when you blush, but please tell me your thoughts," she pressed.

    "It was… embarrassing. I had never been bared before more than one person, let alone… intimate in front of so many. As for how it physically felt, I had never been in more pleasure for that long," Hailee admitted.

    "I am glad to hear that. It will be easier the next time, now that you have been through it once," Paris told her.

    "Next time?" Hailee asked in disbelief.

    "Well yes," Paris giggled. "After the show you two put on, how could you expect to not be asked to do it again? Also, if Marco decides he needs hs cock ridden during feast, it is your duty as servant to do so."

    Hailee was speechless as we came to the palace's water source. We filled the buckets, and Paris conscripted other nearby slaves to aid us with community buckets around the well.

    With so many hands, we were able to fill my tub. Hailee and I were beyond wrong on how many buckets were needed. With a tut of her tongue and a flick of her wrist, Paris sent the slaves away.

    Once alone Paris needed no instruction to strip out of her dress, and unsurprisingly to me, she had nothing underneath.

    "You're gorgeous, your majesty," Hailee murmured, taking in her thick round ass and firm, sleek back.

    "Thank you," Paris said with a tinkle in her voice as she turned around, showing us a fantastic pair of tits and a perfectly smooth pubic mound, tribal tattoos on running from hips to just under her arms.

    I tried not to stare at the royal beauty, but I failed, and she just smiled brighter. Next to her, Lagertha undid the warrior braids and with some effort, removed her armor. Under all the padding and chain, Lagertha wore a fitted tunic with a plunging neck showing delicious cleavage, and well fitting suede trousers encasing a delectable ass.

    The three of us watched her as she shamelessly undressed before our eyes. "You two, quit stating and remove your clothes before I remove them for you," Lagertha threatened as she pulled off her ankle boots.

    "Marco, help me with my straps?" Hailee asked. Everyone in this room had seen her naked and fucked already, Paris was naked, and Lagertha was well on her way.

    "See yourself undressed, Marco. I will assist Hailee," Paris instructed me, walking behind us to undo Hailee's buckles for her.

    Hailee sighed aloud as Paris's soft lips tickled the side of her neck as her deft fingers worked on the delicate clasps. I saw Hailee's eyes grow, indicating the sigh wasn't on purpose.

    "It's okay darling, you're allowed to like it," Paris teased the much taller girl, blowing on her neck from her tiptoes.

    Hailee tilted her head to the side and gave in as Paris undid the last strapping, letting the intricate chest piece fall to the floor.

    "I admired your beauty this evening, but only had a little chance yo enjoy this body," Paris cooed, her hands reaching around Hailee to expertly massage her firm breasts. "But come now, sweet girl, into the bath," Paris ordered, running her fingers over Hailee's brown nipples.

    "Yes, you're highness," Hailee whispered in subservience, and climbed into the tub, sitting next to waiting Lagertha.

    We all could fit in the tub, but we were quite intimately spaced, an easy arm's reach away.

    "This cooler water is nice, really," the blonde warrior noted, her eyes closed and an easy calmness about her usually stern face. "It was so damn hot today." It was nice to see the stoic woman loosening up. She just had to get her naked.

    "The heat is intense, and so much drier than Italy," Hailee commented, running her fingertips through the water.

    "Do you miss Italy?" Paris asked, but I wasn't sure who she was talking to.

    "I do, but I was also enjoying my adventures before my capture,” Hailee said with no malice to her. It was not a pointed statement, just a factual one. “My luck turned very quickly, and I believe it will be some time before I adjust.”

    “Understandably so,” Paris said, rubbing Hailee’s leg with her small foot. “Hopefully my friendship and hospitality won’t hurt your stay. From what I understand, however, my father likes you two and has no plans on releasing you from his court.”

    I nodded, not necessarily having issue with that. “Honestly, your majesty, my treatment here is far better than it was as a merchant. My apartment is lavish, his Lord the Khan has given me a place of honor at the High Table, I am surrounded by beautiful women,” I said waving vaguely to my bath compatriots, “and I have the woman of my dreams at my command.”

    Hailee scowled at me from across the tub, but I cared not. “That is one of the things I will be adjusting to,” Hailee said demurely as she let down her long dark hair from the braid she had worn.

    “My you have beautiful hair. Truly, you should let it flow freely when not at court,” Paris gushed, leaning forward and running her fingers through it. “Everything about you is stunning, my girl, and I understand why Marco literally killed for you.”

    "I usually do not favor dueling, but I made an exception for that," Hailee actually laughed. "Tonight was certainly an experience," Hailee said quietly. “Izriah told me to feel emboldened by it and not embarrassed… as time passes, I will admit it felt good. But my body being taken at any time without my approval….” Hailee trailed off.

    “You have to understand, your highness, that these are far from common practices at home,” I explained.

    “Ah, I see. She just has to be broken in, then,” Paris said, reaching out and cupping Hailee’s chin. “I can still taste you, but I wish to freshen it,” the princess purred. “Get on the edge of the tub, Hailee. Go on,” Paris encouraged.

    “You are the princess, and I cannot deny you without consequence, Hailee said as she rose herself out of the water. Perhaps she was trying to reconcile this with herself.

    As Hailee sat on the edge of the tub, Paris spread my new servant’s legs and kissed the inside of her thighs.

    “You begrudge this now, Hailee, but you have entered a world of safety, leisure, and pleasure,” Paris said as she kissed her way from Hailee’s knees to her pubic mound. “Here in the Khanate, the only law is that of my family’s desires, and my desire is that you and Daring Marco Polo enjoy everything we have to offer.

    I was treated to the view of her majesty, the princess licking my servant’s pussy with detailed, intricate tongue work as she reached behind her. I wasn’t entirely sure what she held her hand out for, but I took a dare.

    I stood up in the tub and put my partly erect cock in Paris’s hand. Paris hummed approvingly into Hailee’s cunt as she started to jerk me off.

    “Lagertha,” Paris said removing her head from between Hailee’s legs, “You must come taste this girl while I see to Marco.”

    “Gladly,” Lagertha smirked and grabbed Hailee’s ankle, tugging the poor girl over to her. “I do plan on biting,” Lagertha said as she pulled Hailee’s smooth legs over her shoulders and gave her a proper licking, making Hailee’s mouth open as she gasped. It appeared Lagertha could eat out a lady as well as she could suck off a man.

    “Hailee is in great hands, Marco, and so are you,” Paris said as she drizzled spit onto my cock and started stroking me with fervor. “I’ve waited all day to get my hands on you,” Paris growled before running her tongue over my entire length, hardening me quickly.

    “You’re a nasty one,” I laughed as she sucked on each of my balls in turn, and I could hear Hailee’s moans getting louder and closer together as Lagertha enjoyed her.

    “You have no idea,” Paris giggled as she ran her hand between my legs, feeling my sensitive skin there and licked the center of my scrotum. “If there’s anything left in these balls of yours from fucking Hailee, I’m going to get it,” she smiled before sucking the sensitive head of my cock into her mouth.

    I sighed as I felt her skilled leps press to my shaft, her nimble tongue curling around my spongey tip, moaning as if it was the best thing she had ever had.

    “Oh my God, Lagertha, your fingers,” Hailee moaned and I looked over, watching as she gave into lust and palmed her own beautiful breasts. “That feels so good!” I smiled at Hailee, her inhibitions being washed away by Lagertha’s spit and the setting around her.

    I looked back down to see Paris fondling my balls and taking an obscene amount of my cock into her lovely throat, her intense eyes boring holes into mine. This she-devil wanted all of me, and no force on earth was going to deny her my appendage.

    With a loud, wet pop, Paris took me out of her mouth and wiped her lips on her forearm. "I need your cock in side of me, right now," the little Spanish Mongol ordered, and I wasn't going to tell her no.

    I expected her to want to go to bed, but she just simply turned that God gifted ass to me, bent over to present it, and grabbed the end of the tub.

    For a reason I'm not sure I understood myself, I turned to look at Hailee, feeling like I needed her blessing or approval before I stuck my cock in a second woman, only mere hours after I had been in Hailee.

    Hailee was biting her nails, watching Paris and I as Lagertha fingerbanged her with two fingers, Hailee red faced and slick with a mix of sweat and bath water. Hailee nodded at me and reached down to pull up the blonde woman by under the arms.

    I watched Hailee latch her mouth onto Lagertha's, the two kissing intensely.

    "Marco, give me that fucking dick before I take it," Paris growled. Without keeping the princess another moment, I took my place behind her, grabbed my cock and her hip, and viciously pushed forward, burying myself in her wet heat.

    "Oh my God, yes!" Paris cried out. "A man who knows how to fuck," she laughed, looking over her shoulder at me as I pounded into her, raking my nails over her wide hips.

    I made Paris hold onto the tub shelf with white knuckles as I pulled back into me, almost pushed her off, just to pull her back in with loud slaps of our flesh.

    As I mercilessly fucked the needy princess, Hailee and Lagertha were a mess of tangled limbs as they kissed, legs intertwined and hands roaming anywhere they could reach, both women moaning into the other's mouths or against skin.

    "God I love this," Paris moaned as I felt her slick, muscled inner walls clenching and releasing my cock. "You fucking moral Christians and your conservative way of life, praising your God but not really living," the princess reprimanded me. "This is life, this is being alive and enjoying gifts.

    "Look around you, Marco; you're in a luxurious bath with three breathtaking women, lost in lust and the sheer ecstasy that is life. You can judge my people and our ways, but you won't find a love of life like this in Italy."

    "I cannot even argue, your majesty," I gave in. "Life can be short and brutal, and I say fuck it, I am happy to fuck all of you," I said, lost in the moment as was Hailee, I fellow Italian.

    As I finished my response, I heard Hailee cry out and ask Lagertha, "What do you think you're doing to me?" in a near panic.

    Paris threw her head back and laughed as I slowed my strokes. "You have never had a finger in your ass?" Paris asked incredulously.

    "N-no!" Hailee argued, her hands on Lagertha’s shoulders, her muscles tensed as the blonde Nord slowly moved her arm, causing gentle ripples in the water.

    "Oh my darling, having a finger in your ass and two in your honeypot is a sweet treat, don't you think?" Paris pressed as I started to rhythmically fuck her again, that beautiful arc still in her lower back, keeping my cock in her tight heat.

    "How does it feel?" I asked as I watched Hailee bite Lagertha’s shoulder.

    "It… urghn, feels odd… but good?" Hailee reported, still unsure.

    "Close your eyes and relax, Italian," Lagertha said, still not using Hailee’s name. For the warrioress, my sweet Hailee was just another fuck.

    Hailee sighed and slouched, nestling her head into the crook of Lagertha’s neck, and let the strong woman hold her and explore both of her intimate holes.

    "Daring Marco, are you only Daring on the field, or are you intimately Daring as well?" Paris asked, a mischievous look on her face. "How about we exit the tub, go to your bed… and you can fuck my royal ass?"

    I stopped my movements and held her hips, lost in the idea of it. I had never analy penatrated anyone, let alone a princess.

    "Come on, Marco. Be daring, have another story to tell. How many people get to ass fuck a princess?" she pressed.

    "Very well," I gave in, and cracked a small smile as the princess let out a giddy laugh.

    "Once you have my ass, you'll be begging for Hailee's once you can get stiff again," Paris teased as she slid herself off of my dick. "You two, do whatever comes naturally," Paris said almost dismissively to Hailee and Lagertha.

    "Italian, have you ever tasted a woman before?" Lagertha asked coyly, a smile on her lips for the first time. I knew Hailee was in the hands of a skilled teacher, so I left her to the devices of Lagertha and followed Paris's perfectly round behind as she swayed towards my bed, a towel in hand.

    "Now Marco, to properly fuck a woman's ass, you must make sure she is relaxed and properly lubricated," she instructed, holding a fine glass vase of rubbing oils. "This shall do nicely," she said with an easy smile.

    She laid the towel down on the bed, as neither of us were near dry. She then laid on her back, her large, wondrous tits sitting gracefully on her frame with brown nipples proudly standing. I watched as the Mongolian dream poured the oil from her neck, down between her breasts, over her belly, and let it run down her pubic mound.

    Paris but the bottle back on the table by my bed, and then looked at me with the most sinful, seductive eyes as she rubbed the expensive oil all over her nubile body, making her glisten in the lamp light.

    I watched completely erect as she massaged her breasts, tweaked her nipples and moaned as she ran her hands down her tight belly and began to finger herself in front of me, and with a pinky finger, began to circle her tight brown hole before easily sliding it in.

    "Dear lord," I murmured, making her smile as she pleasured herself, small moans escaping her plump limps, her chest rising as her lower back came off the bed in need, but her eyes never left mine.

    "Come touch me, Marco," Paris said invitingly, beckoning me with a finger. "Come experience the gift of my body," she teased, and I was a mere man, u able to deny this present before me.

    I let my hands roam all over the slick plains of her body, from neck to her plump, firm breasts, down her muscled abdomen and over her thighs, down her hard calves, and then back up, my hands gliding over the inside of her thighs.

    I made the trek over her body twice more with my hands before bringing my mouth to hers as my hand replaced the princess's own between her legs.

    Paris wantonly humped my hand and held it in place as I dug my digits inside of her, smiling against her lips as I heard Lagertha moan outside of my room.

    I followed what I learned from Paris’s instructions and circled the small orifice with a finger, feeling the tiniest bit of anticipation fluttering below my gentle touch.

    I kissed her deeper now, sending my tongue into her mouth as she moaned, my finger going inside and feeling the tightest tunnel I had ever been given the chance to touch.

    Paris moaned her approval into my mouth as she sucked on my tongue, one hand scratching my back and one cupping my jaw as I fucked both of her holes with my fingers until she spasmed on my hand, holding tighter to me, nails drawing down my back as she reached climax.

    She pushed my face away and said, "I'm ready, Marco. Take my ass and do not stop until it drips your seed," she growled needingly, and I was all too eager to spit in my free hand, lather my cock and then douse it with the body oil before grabbing Paris's legs pushing them up so she almost rolled over and I sank my straining cock into her asshole, watching her silently gasp, her hands gripping her own knees as I filled her.

    "Ohhhh-ho-ho-ho-oooh," she moaned like a proper whore as I pushed in until my thighs fully came flush against her asscheeks. "Oh fuuuuck!" she wailed as I drew back, and sank in again. "Oh my God does that feel soooo good," she moaned as I almost exited her, slid back in, and did it again.

    Paris's beautiful eyes rolled back in her head as her chest started heaving, and I let her increasing breathing set the pace of my thrusts as I went in and out, in and out of her dungeon door.

    "Mar… Marco oh my God!" she continued to wail, her upper back coming off of the bed as if she was pushing against me, trying to get my rod even deeper into her dark depths.

    She fell back again, gasping for air as I pumped into her, her tight hole clamping, trying to milk me as she fell over the edge again, and it was enough to burst my dam, and I filled her ass with sperm as she requested.

    She fluttered her anus around me, making sure she got every drop, and I fucked her still, making sure it was a tall order for it all to spill out of her.

    Once I did fully withdraw myself, Paris said, "Now go, back to the bath to wash up. You do not want to smell like sex tomorrow."

    I did as ordered, and when I got back to the tub, I saw an expired, panting Hailee laid out on the couch her face and sex both wet with shimmering arousal from herself and Lagertha.

    Lagertha was back in the tub, a proud smile on her face.

    "The pup will sleep well tonight," she said knowingly. Without being asked, she washed me from head to toe, had me stand, and then took my flaccid cock in her mouth and sucked it good, them went down to polish my balls and my perineum, and then took me into her mouth, and played with my softness with her tongue, my cock exhausted from the most sensually demanding day of my life.

    "You are certainly clean now," she said with a parting kiss to my dick slit. "When Hailee awakens, tell her I most enjoyed her."

    "You two are welcome here any time you can slip away," I said. "There is much you can teach Hailee and I about your culture," I told the princess with a wolfish smile as she laid on her side, a hand under her head, so comfortable in her splendid nakedness.

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