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Thread: "Britney's Breakdown" with Britney Spears

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    fanfiction "Britney's Breakdown" with Britney Spears

    Britney's Breakdown
    With Britney Spears
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MMF, anal, inter, reluc
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purpose only

    Having partied excessively for almost three straight weeks, Britney Jean Spears was starting to show signs of cracking under the pressure. With all the drugs, alcohol, and late night escapades, it was beginning to affect her body and mind.

    Fed up with her antics, her minders finally cornered her in her LA residence and pleaded for the insanity to stop.

    There they lectured the wayward pop star for several hours until they ultimately convinced her to check herself into rehab immediately and get her life back in order.

    In recent times Britney's seemingly charmed life had spiraled out of control, as she had separated with her husband and was now sleeping around and getting drunk, all the while publicly embroiled in a bitter custody dispute over the children.

    To complicate things further, the singer was also bitterly addicted to meth, and her dependence on the drug had increased substantially in recent months.

    In fact her insatiable cravings had led to a number of very seedy encounters throughout the week, some of which involved blowing two complete strangers in a gas station bathroom for a quick fix.

    Having hit rock bottom, Britney was now scared into action as she was reminded about her children, and the fact that she was in danger of losing custody, so she reluctantly agreed to go to rehab.

    A few hours later, the pop star was escorted to the airport and flown directly to the rehab clinic in Antigua where she was quickly signed in and left in the care of the staff.

    With the organization taking full responsibility for her care, she was shown around the "sanctuary" before she was escorted to her room, where there she slumped on her bed and began to sob uncontrollably. How did her life end up like this?

    Wiping tears from her face, Brit finally emerged from her room a few minutes later and joined the rest of the group in the conference room, where there they sat in a circle and introduced themselves.

    As expected the other participants all stared at her with fascination, making her feel extremely awkward and uncomfortable. Feeling trapped, Britney suddenly and abruptly lashed out at the group, calling them vultures, before running off to her room in a flood of tears.

    It was later that evening that she decided she had had enough, and was going to sneak out of the institute.

    Britney paced in her room before she finally had the nerve to leave, and waiting for the right opportunity, she dashed through the door and ran across the courtyard before finding herself surrounded in the adjacent nature reserve.

    It was only now that she realized just how inadequately she was dressed, as she was barefoot and scantily clad in nothing but a singlet shirt and shorts, but sneaking her way out of the courtyard, she knew it was too late to turn around. It was now or never!

    It was there she frantically dialed her phone only to discover that there was no signal due to the weather.

    Panic suddenly wracked her mind as she found herself lost and exposed to the elements, but spotting a small building off in the distance, she quickly ducked into the public toilets to get out of the rain and hoped to wait it out.

    In the meanwhile, two security personnel moved in the general vicinity of her location when they heard a noise and moved in to investigate.

    "Did you hear that?" Joe remarked to his partner. "Show yourself!"

    "Get out here!" Rob added, his taser drawn. "We know you're there!"

    Britney slowly emerged, her face red from crying and her makeup smeared, half undressed and clutching her phone.

    Wiping her face she immediately began to beg them not to call it in on their radios, and while she pleaded her case, Joe couldn't help but marvel at her lack of dress.

    "Jesus. Aren't you cold out here dressed like that?" he asked her.

    "Where are your clothes, your shoes?" Rob chimed in. "You're going to catch a cold."

    "I don't know," Britney waffled while wiping her face. "I left them back in my room."

    "So you're a patient here?"

    "Um. Yeah. I mean no!" Spears stammered. "Please. I don't want to go back! I want to go home."

    While Britney pleaded her case, the guys couldn't help but glare at her body and admire the way her thick dark nipples strained against the thin wet fabric of her shirt. Her nipples looked incredible.

    "Please. Don't make me go back." the singer begged. "I want to see my kids. I'll do anything."

    Although the guys felt bad and sympathized with her plight, Rob tried to explain that it wasn't up to them and that they were just doing their jobs. He also reminded her that a storm was approaching the island and the safest place to be was inside.

    It was then as Joe lifted the radio up to his face to call it in, that Britney suddenly reached over and placed her hand on the two-way and fluttered her eyes.

    "Please." she implored, her eyes filled with sincerity. "You can help me. Yes. You can help me escape!"

    Britney nodded her head as if trying to convince them both.

    "You know who I am, right?"

    The men both nodded.

    "You can take me to the gate, and no one would ever know."

    The guys frowned and shook their heads as she continued to ramble on in desperation.

    "Please! We can help each other?" she began to sob. "I can give you money yeah? I can make you famous! Whatever you want!"

    Searching their faces for any kind of understanding, Joe instead reached around his back to grab the cuffs. Noting this Britney panicked and stepped back, recoiling into the toilet block as they attempted to reason with her.

    "We can help each other out, can't we?" she said one final time.

    "Wait a sec Joe. What did you have in mind?" Rob directed at the singer.

    To his shock he then heard Britney blurt out, "Please! I'll suck your cock!"

    Hearing this both men froze.

    Shocked into silence, the sound of the radio echoed in the tiled room as headquarters inquired about their status.

    Glancing at his partner the two security guards looked at each other in disbelief before Rob brought his radio up to his face and replied, "Standby."

    Britney smirked with confidence for the first time before she slowly dropped to her knees.

    "I'll suck your cock and then you can then help me escape, right?"

    "Err. Sure." Joe chuckled sarcastically. "Whatever you say Britney."

    To his friends surprise, Joe didn't waste any time unzipping his pants, and Britney immediately grasped his prick and slipped his member into her warm mouth.

    "Oh shit yeah," he let out as Britney enveloped him.

    "Dude!" his friend gasped in disbelief. "Joe, what the fuck are you doing?!"

    "Relax." he snickered. "No one knows she's out here."

    "I know but..."

    As the guards debated whether or not what they were doing was moral or not, Britney expertly polished Joe's knob for several minutes, holding her mouth open, twirled her tongue around the bell-end before Joe grasped the back of her head and insisted she deep throat him.

    To his delight, Britney was only too happy to oblige and began to take him fully into her mouth, gobbling his length and taking his prick right into the back of her narrow throat.

    "Oh shit!" he exclaimed. "God damn does she know how to suck great cock!"

    "God damn it Joe, you're going to get us fired."

    "Just shut the fuck up and come get your knob polished!" he grinned back. "When was the last time you had a famous singer suck your dick, man?"

    With that said, Joe grabbed hold of the side of her head and proceeded to use her head like a rag doll, fucking the side of her cheek.

    It was during this time that Britney turned to look up at Rob to see what he was doing, and watched as he stroked his menacing erection through his pants.

    "You ever sucked a black cock before?" Joe asked her. "Why don't you give her a preview Rob."

    His friend was only too happy unzip and reveal his lengthy black python, all nine-inches of it. Noting this, Britney stopped for a moment and audibly moaned.

    "Holy shit..." she cooed, before he took a step forward and fed his black snake into her open mouth.

    Britney took a deep breath and moaned as it effortlessly filled her mouth. Almost immediately, she gagged and couched over his tool before Joe asked his friend to ease up.

    "Yo Rob, don't choke the bitch with that thing!" Joe quipped. "We're just getting started here."

    "Nah dude, it isn't me." he replied. "She's doing it herself. Looks like she loves to gag on thick cock."

    Realizing how enthusiastic she was for dick, Joe decided to take it up a notch and he moved to stand behind her and pawed at her singlet, groping her breasts in the process.

    "Hmm. Let me see those puppies baby." he said as she pulled on the thin shoulder strap and exposed her breast.

    Fortunately for him Britney was too preoccupied with servicing the large black cock in her mouth to notice or care, as Joe effortlessly moved her arms to allow her shirt to peel down her body and expose her completely.

    "Oh hell yeah," Joe smirked as he eagerly fondled her boobs with both hands. "Great fucking tits!"

    Meanwhile Rob was now pushing his thick dark meat deeper and further down her throat, so much so that her eyes were now watering and she was gagging repeatedly.

    Coughing again, Britney tried to catch her breath as Joe soldiered on and began to unzip her shorts. While she was still engrossed, Joe wriggled her shorts down to her thighs and chuckled to himself when he discovered that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

    "Damn. You sexy little slut. You're naked under here."

    Feeling her shorts slide over her ass, it was only now Britney realized how naked she was and she began to squirm and protest. But before she could look over her shoulder and say anything to Joe, Rob grabbed her roughly by her hair and pushed his cock back into her warm spit filled mouth, gagging her again.

    "Don't worry baby," Joe snickered. "I just want to take a look at that beautiful round ass of yours."

    Totally exposed, the singer attempted to look back while still blowing Rob but was unable to do so. Joe took this opportunity to reach down between her thick legs and slid his hand against her sex.

    "Ha. Why am I not surprise," he quipped. "She's fucking wet right now!"

    Holding her in place by her long hair, Rob momentarily pulled her mouth off his saliva coated cock and while she sighed with relief, he jammed her face against his sack, insisting that she lick and suck on his balls.

    Britney simply responded by doing as she was told but suddenly jumped with fright as she felt Joe slap her bare ass firmly from behind.


    "Hell yeah," Joe smirked. "Still one of the hottest asses on the planet!"

    Rob looked at his friend and wasn't sure if he was being sarcastic or not. Nevertheless they both laughed as Joe ran his hands across her thick round rump, then back up to grope her large breasts.

    Britney couldn't help but find the entire incident incredibly exciting. In fact it had been one of her long held fantasies of hers to have two guys take advantage of her, but now her dream seemed to be coming to fruition.

    The songstress moaned with a mouthful of cock as Joe played with her nipples. Noting this he grinned evilly to himself as he dipped his hand lower and fingered her hairless mound with the other.

    "Nnrgghh," she let out. "Yeah."

    To his delight she appeared to be even wetter than before as he generously smeared her wetness all over her bald snatch. Bending her over slightly, Joe then rubbed the end of his fat cock between her ass cheeks and shuffled forward.

    Britney yelped at the action and attempted to say something but Rob quickly pushes her face back into his ball sack again. Wasting little time he then leaned forward to impale her, quickly burying at least three quarters of his thick length deep inside the pop princess.

    "Fuck-yeah," he growled with delight. "You're pussies so fucking wet!"

    Joe began to steadily fuck her from behind causing her to grunt and groan excessively. Gripping her firmly by her thick soft hips, he proceeded to really fuck her hard and fast, causing the tiled room to fill with the sound of grunts and moans.

    "Here, shut the fuck up and swallow my black dick bitch!" Rob bellowed.

    Britney could only moan out loud as she was now fucked hard by the two security guards, in the middle of the public toilets. But as incredible as this was, things were about to go to another level altogether.

    Suddenly to Britney's surprise Joe stopped fucking her from behind and pulled out of her pussy to rub his juice coated cock against her backdoor. This immediately caused her eyes to grow wide and she perked up, ready to protest but was put back in her place.

    "Wait. No. Please!" she exclaimed. "I can't...I've never done that before!"

    "Shut the fuck up!" Joe hissed at her, before giving her thick butt a sharp smack.

    "UGH! God." she moaned as she felt Joe's cock slowly inch its way inside her asshole, completely enveloping her tight bunghole.

    "Yeah, do it!" Rob encouraged him. "Fuck this little slut in the ass Joe."

    As Britney looked up to flash Rob a dirty look, she grimaced a second later as she felt Joe enter her shit-pipe. Both men now roared as they utterly spit-roasted the pop-princess and used her like their own personal fuck-slut!

    In fact the entire incident was so surreal to Joe that it only took him a few deep thrusts before he began to shake violently and erupted deep inside her bowels, filling her back door with sticky semen!

    Watching his friend erupt deep inside her gaping sphincter, Rob picked up his pace and suddenly groaned as he began to blow hot thick ropes of goo all over her stunned face, bathing her mug in copious amounts of cum.

    The boys spent the next few minutes catching their breath and laughing hysterically as Britney rushed off to the sink to clean up. While she washed her face she heard the guys openly discuss what to do with her.

    "Dude, I can't believe we just fucked Britney fucking Spears!" Joe laughed while tucking in his shirt, "In the ass no less!"

    Angered, Britney looked at them through the mirror and quipped, "You know, I'm not just a celebrity...I'm a person too!"

    The two security guards just looked at each other for a moment before they burst out laughing.

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    *Crack* And there it goes folks, straight out the ballpark
    Good story TPG, enjoyed it alot man

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