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Thread: "Top of The List" with Jessica Naz and Olivia Ponton

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    fanfiction "Top of The List" with Jessica Naz and Olivia Ponton

    Top of The List
    with Jessica Naz and Olivia Pnoton
    Written by os1
    CODES: MF, MFF, FF, oral
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.
    A/N: This is all fantasy Hope you all enjoy. Been wanting to write a naz story as she has needed one for awhile, saw a mention on here about this pairing. Hope you all enjoy it

    "BUZZ!! BUZZ!!" I reached over hitting my arm clock as I groggily woke up although unsure if it was the alarm or the clashing of pots and pans as it seemed like my roommate was making breakfast.

    I walked out to the kitchen and took in the lovely view, as Olivia Ponton my roommate danced to music in her head wearing only a t-shirt panties and knee high socks.

    I walked up behind her and gave her pert ass a nice hard spank causing her to yelp and put her hands over her ass rubbing the red mark.

    "ASSHOLE!" Liv yelled as she smacked my arm playfully while going back to cooking

    "Want me to kiss it and make it better" I joked as Liv looked at me a scowled.

    The two of us sat there and talked for a while. We had known each other most of are lives, growing up together in Naples, Florida and going to high school with each other. Liv had always been a good friend but unfortunately only that.

    We had even gone into closely joined careers as Liv was a model/social media influencer while I had gone into personal training, I had been trying to get my own business started and Liv was my first client, she even got some of her model friends to join as clients. I was now starting to move on to even more clients outside of Liv's circle.

    After we had finished breakfast Liv was putting the dishes away when I walked up behind her and gave that ass I loved a nice firm squeeze.

    "So when are you going to finally let me show you true pleasure Liv" I asked as I kissed her ear lobe.

    "uh uh nope you know the deal Trav, you want a piece of me you need to hook me up with someone off my list"

    The stupid list, it was something Liv came up with when we moved in together a few years ago. It was a list of her top celeb wishlist hookups at the time, the list was always changing so it made it hard to remember who was on it.

    "Who is on the list now?" I asked

    Liv started naming off a bunch of names so I recognized at actresses, singers, influencers, even the occasional porn star, there were also some I did not know. Finally Liv said a name that caught my attention

    "Who was that last one?" I asked

    "Jessica Naz? She is a model absolutely stunning and an ass I've been dying to spank and eat" Liv joked

    "What if I could help you hook up with her?" I asked

    "You hook me up with her and you can use my holes for the rest of the time we live together, I will literally become your live in free use fuck doll" Liv said
    "Damn, that's a big prize, she must be special" I said

    "OH yeah she is top of the list and will be for a while, plus from what I have heard the girl is all about the cock, like literally never touched another pussy before. God what I would give to be the first girl to lick that slit." Liv sighed

    "God you got me all fucking horny now, I'm going to have to spend the rest of the morning masturbating now, at least I have the perfect picture to use" Liv said, tuning her phone towards me to show me a picture of Jessica

    "God what I would give to be that car" Liv said as she made her way back to her bedroom

    "You are one horny perv" I shouted after her

    "Damn right and you love me for it" Liv answered and a few seconds later I heard the whir of her vibrator start going.

    I made my way to my room, got changed and headed out. What Liv didn't know and the reason I asked about Jessica was that I was on my way to a training session with her at her place. I knew this was my best shot at getting into Liv's holes.

    As I made my way through the front door at Jessica's place I realized I was early as it seemed she was still in the middle of a photoshoot. I stood in the back ground and just admired the beauty of Jessica Naz.

    The first pose she was doing had Jessica's legs up on a chair while her arms were holding her upper body off the floor, it showed off one of the nicest asses I had ever seen.

    She then moved around resigner her arms and head on the chair her ass now facing the camera man

    The final pose had her ass once again towards the camera as she looked over the shoulder.

    The whole shoot seemed to focus on her ass and honestly I couldn't blame them. I was seeing why this woman was at the top of Liv's list, she was getting up there for me as well.

    As the shoot wrapped up Jessica walked up to me

    "Hi you must be travis, I'm Jessica it is nice to meet you" She said reaching out and shaking my hand "Sorry for all this we were running a bit behind, give me like 15 minutes to change and we can get started, the gym is right over there if you want to take a look around" She said as she pointed out the home gym.

    I headed over the the gym to check out the equipment while Jessica went to get ready. It was a good size home gym with some dumbbells, benches, resistance bands, more than enough for me to work with.

    A few minutes later Jessica came into the gym wearing a tight sports bra and some tight gym shorts, which once again showed off her fabulous ass.

    "Alright Jessica you ready to get started? I figure we will start with some stretching as a warmup, move to some weight training and then end with some cardio as a cool down" I said as we got into our session

    Jessica had been working out hard and working up quite a sweat for the last almost hour

    "Alright Jessica one more set and then onto cardio" I said

    Jessica got on her knees on the bench, with the resistance band wrapped around her legs, she started to kick back her legs, really working her glutes. As she kept going my eyes were focused on her muscular ass flexing on each rep.

    I was so lost into starring at her ass that I didn't realize she had stopped and I was caught until I heard her.

    "AHEM!" Jessica said

    "Oh shit, I'm so sorry Jessica that was so unprofessional of me" I apologized

    "It is alright, I'm used to guys starring at me, besides it means my hard work is paying off" She said as she turned around and gave her ass a nice smack as she laughed.

    "Alright so on to cardio to cool down, I was thinking a quick run on the treadmill" I said

    "Ugh I hate cardio, especially the treadmill" Jessica said "Maybe there is something else we can do for my cardio" Jessica said as she came up to me and ran her hand along my crotch.

    My cock instantly started to get hard in my shorts.

    "mmm seems like someone is interested in some alternate cardio" Jessica said as she licked her lips

    "You sure you want to do this?" I asked Jessica

    She just nodded and dropped to her knees pulling my shorts with her as my cock popped out in front of her.

    "MMM cute, fit and a nice cock as well, I'll be booking more sessions in the future" Jessica said as she closed her lips around my cock and started bobbing her head up and down

    "FUCK yes god your mouth feels good Jessica" I moaned as the model increased her speed going faster and further on each bob of her head.

    "Hope you like it sloppy because I love it, make my eyes water Travis, fuck my face like you have wanted to since you got here." Jessica said as she pulled off of me for a second.

    I grabbed the back of Jessica's head and started thrusting back and forth into her mouth as she let me have full control over her.

    "GLUCK…GLUCK…GLUCK" the sounds of me bottoming out in her throat echoed throughout the home gym for the next five minutes as I abused her mouth.

    I pulled out and let Jessica catch her breath as spittle came flying out as she coughed and smiled at me.

    I picked up Jessica and lead her over to the bench we were just using, I stripped her and then put her in the same position she just was. I knelt behind her and put my face right into her soaking pussy.

    "oh god yes Travis, eat me cunt, eat my pussy yes yes" Jessica moaned as I licked her folds and sucked at her clit. I sat there and ate her clam, but my eyes kept looking up and eventually I could help myself.

    "OH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK YOUR TONGUE IS IN MY ASS!!!!" Jessica yelled as I tongue fucked her beautiful ass. I ate her ass as if it was the last meal I would ever have.

    "SHIT SHIT SHIT CUM CUM CUMMMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG" Jessica yelled out as she came from me eating her juicy peach of an ass.

    "ho..holy…holy shit no one has ever eaten my ass let alone made me cum from ass play" Jessica said

    "Now get over here an orgasm that good deserves to be rewarded so stick you cock inside me Travis" She begged

    I stood up getting behind Jessica as I teased her and slide my cock along her moist lips.

    "Stop teasing me you fucker and put it in" She said as she looked over her shoulder at me.

    I slipped my cock past her folds and kept it there just enjoying the warmth and tightness of her cunt. Before long Jessica grew impatient and started bouncing back towards me on her own as I watched her masterpiece of an ass fuck itself on my cock.

    "FUCK YES fuck that cock Jessica, fuck it you dirty slut" I said as I started to match her thrusts. I pounded the beautiful model over and over until she couldn't take it anymore and begged for her release

    "Yeah you want to cum Jessica, then do it slut, cum on your personal trainer's cock you filthy whore" I shouted at her. The name calling only seeming to make her wetter

    "Yes yes I'm a whore, a slut, I'll do anything if you make me CUMMMMMMMMMM" Jessica yelled as I felt her grip tighten around my cock trying to milk the cum out of my cock.

    I was barely able to pull out with an audible pop before flipping Jessica over and unloading the largest cum shot I've ever had all over her face. Her tanned face now streaked with white as she scooped a few drops off her nose and into her mouth.

    "mmmm not bad" She said as she tasted me.

    We laid there in bed for a few minutes just trying to recover and catch our breath. I turned to look at Jessica, her face still streaked with my cum.

    "Did you mean it when you said you'd do anything if I made you cum?" I asked

    "Maybe? depends what you want" Jessica said.

    "Well My roommate is a huge fan of yours and I know she is dying to meet you, would you be willing to pop over to our place today and meet her?" I asked

    "I think I could do that just let me freshen up and we can head over" Jessica said as she went to the shower and I watched her naked ass walk away until she came to a stop.

    "You cumming?" She asked as she gave her ass a bit of a shake and headed to the bathroom. I quickly jumped up and followed her.

    After another round of sex and Jessica finishing me off in her mouth we had showered and freshened up and we on our way to my place. I texted Liv that I was on my way home and asked if she needed anything.

    I got back a teasing picture of her showing off her well sculpted ass and asking for a green juice.

    Jessica and I stopped along the way to get some drinks for us all and then made our way back to Liv's and my place.

    "Liv, I home" I shouted as Jessica and I entered our home.

    "Great did you get the green jui…" Liv said as she came running out in a crop top and panties but stopped mid sentence

    "Ho..Ho..Holy shit you're Jessica Naz" Liv said as she was finally able to get her top crushes name out of her mouth.

    "Hi, Travis share told me you were a big fan after our training session so I told him I'd love to meet you, he didn't tell me that his roommate was Olivia Ponton though" Jessica said as she gave me a look that told me she was a fan of Liv as well.

    Liv was also giving me a look but one that was more of a lust filled grin than anything.

    As the girls headed over to the couch I said I was going to go change our of my gym clothes and would be back in a few minutes.
    They say that devil works fast but in my opinion Olive Ponton works faster. I had been gone maybe 10 minutes and I return to see Jessica on the couch, nude legs splayed wide open as my blonde haired nude roommate was between her legs.

    "Oh fuck shit, you are good Liv, oh fuck this is the 2nd best I've felt today" Jessica moaned

    "2nd best?" Liv asked as she stopped and looked up at the model.

    "What can I say your roommate has a fabulous tongue as well" Jessica said as this seemed to piss Liv off as she dove right back into Nan's cunt.

    "FUCK FUCK FUCK YES YOU BLONDE SLUT SUCK MY CLIT" Jessica yelled as she threw her head back and closed her eyes in pleasure.

    With both woman occupied my presence was still unnoticed, seeing Liv on all fours nude, something I had been dreaming about for years was too much, I stripped of my clothes and walked up behind the blonde influencer.

    The moment I had wanted for years was finally here as I slipped my cock Past Olivia's wet folds and into her warm tight cunt.

    "MMMPPPMHHHH" I heard as Olivia moaned into Jessica's pussy before pulling her head back to look at me.

    "What the fuck Travis" Olivia said as I sat there with my cock still inside her not moving

    "What do you think you are doing" She said again

    "I'm taking what I was promised" I said as I grabbed Liv by the roots of her hair and pulled her head to look at me.

    "Remember what you said this morning Liv, I get you with the girl at the top of your list I can use your holes whenever I want. Well here you are eating the top of the lists cunt so your holes are mine now slut" I said to Liv who seemed to whimper a bit at being dominated.

    I started thrusting into Liv enjoying the feeling that until this was only a fantasy of mine, I shoved Liv's head down into Jessica's cunt telling her to get back to work.

    "Come on Liv this is what you wanted right, you wanted to eat her cunt, make her cum. I believe your exact words were to be the first girl to lick that slit, so do it Liv make Jessica cum on your tongue."

    "She is delicious by the way" I added reminding Liv that while she may be the first girl she wasn't the first person today to taste that supermodel's slit.

    "FUCK you two are hot together" Jessica moaned as Liv kept eating her and Jessica grabbed her head and forced her deeper into her pussy.

    "You hear that Liv, even Jessica here thinks we belong together, I love how wet you've gotten for me Liv, I know you are enjoying this don't lie to yourself. I'm going to use your holes so much that I'm going to reshape them, they will allow become the perfect size for my cock, you will be my perfect cocksleeve" I said as I felt Liv shudder at the thought of being used as a cock sleeve.

    "You like that don't you Liv, you like the thought of being my personal fuck toy, my 3 hole play thing. Maybe The next time your parents come to visit I'll show them the true slut they raised. I'll fuck you on the kitchen table while we all eat dinner, make your Mom and Dad watch as their little girl cums with my cock up her ass" I said

    "MMMMPPPPHHHMMMMPHHHM" I heard as Liv shook violently and screamed into Naz's pussy.

    "Holy shit did you just cum from imagining getting anally fucked in front of your parents, you little slut" I teased as i smacked Liv's supple ass.

    "Jessica, I think it is time for you to taste your first cunt, girls switch places" I said

    Jessica was eager and got on the floor in front of me right away, Liv still shaking from her orgasm was slow to climb up onto the couch.

    As I slide my cock into Jessica's snatch I watched as she bounced and twerked that ass on me.

    "FUCK, I'm not sure what god I pleased to have the worlds two best asses bouncing on me tonight but thank you" I said as I matched the speed of her bounces with my thrusts.

    Once Liv had settled onto the couch Naz wasted no time and jumped in with the enthusiasm of a teenage virgin boy, ready to taste her first cunt. She did the things she licked, licking and sucking in certain spots and with Liv's guidance soon had the blonde on edge.

    I kept up my thrusting pushing Jessica's tongue deeper and deeper into Liv, spanking that ass just to watch it ripple on my cock. Eventually it all got to be too much for me and I couldn't take it anymore.

    "FUCK Jessica get ready, I'm gonna cum, I'm going to flood that pussy" I shouted as I let jet after jet shoot from my cock head, filling Naz's womb with my hot white seed.

    My cumin set off a chain reaction as the feeling of my cum shooting inside her set Naz off into a powerful body shaking orgasm causing her tongue to go deeper and vibrate inside Liv which set Liv off as she came all over the face of her top crush.

    I pulled out of Jessica and sat back on my heels as I watched Jessica pull an exhausted Liv down to the floor as she startled her face. Nah they looked over to me and beckoned me over to the couch.

    I know sat on the couch watching as Olivia Ponton, once my ultimate fantasy, now my free use fuck toy ate my cream pie out of her celebrity crush Jessica Naz. all the while Jessica was currently sucking on my cock cleaning it as she tasted the combined juices of all three of us.

    This was a moment that was sure to stay forever at the top of my list.

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    That was fun os1, you can't go wrong with a Naz/Ponton pairing!

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    I'm biased but any story involving 2 of my faves is the best story ever.

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