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Thread: Dua's Gift With Dua Lipa

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    fanfiction Dua's Gift With Dua Lipa

    Dua's Gift
    With Dua Lipa
    By Harbinger
    Tag:M/F, F/F, massage, handjob, oral, fingering, scissoring, creampie, watching
    Disclaimer: This story is fiction and for entertainment only.

    "I'm telling you for the last time, Henry, it's a surprise!" Dua Lipa told me, shaking my head in her hands. "What's wrong with a little adventure every once in a while?"

    "Nothing, I just don't like knowing where you're kidnapping us to with to full tour busses of dancers and road crews. How do I not know about this? I'm the manager and the closest thing to a head of security that you have!" I argued.

    "It's a thank you gift to everyone for the last tour, and that's all I'm going to say," the British pop star said defiantly.

    "Fine, whatever. I didn't have any time to organize a media response to whatever it is you're doing, so may God have mercy on all of our reputations," I huffed, leaning my head back against the seat. "I still don't know why I'm the only one with a fucking blindfold."

    "That's because I wanted to," Dua giggled and scratched my chin like I was some kind of fucking pet.

    "We're here!" Dua announced happily, followed by a moment of silence and then the giddy shrieks of the backup dancers behind me. She didn't remove my blindfold until the bus had stopped in front of an electronic gate that buzzed open, an overhead sign reading "Far Island Resort and Spa."

    "We're doing a resort trip with everyone? In public? The pap is gonna have a field day," I groaned and rubbed my now uncovered temples.

    "No they won't, Henry. I covered all the bases because you need to relax as much as I do," she said and rubbed my tight shoulders. "You've been a ball of stress well before this tour even began."

    "How did you take care of this?" I asked, holding my breath.

    She smiled, feeling proud of herself, "I rented the entire resort as a private event for the weekend, and all working staff has signed contracts to not say a thing to anyone with promise of termination and legal action."

    "Damn, that is thorough," I had to give her. "Security must be pretty decent, I assume."

    "It is, I checked that, too. The security staff already has a list of scheduled workers and who is part of our party. No one else comes in from Friday until we leave Monday morning," Dua reported as our bus emptied, but we were the last off. "So please, fucking relax for the first time in your life, Henry," Dua almost pleaded.

    "Alright, fine," I gave in an took out my phone, which Dua instantly ceased and made a show of fake throwing before tucking it into her bag.

    "I said no work, Henry, and I meant it. I swear to God, we will stay here until I believe you are relaxing. You're addicted to your work and this weekend is largely for us to relax, and I thought everyone else could use a show of appreciation."

    "I think it's a good idea. I just don't like the idea of sitting on my hands for an entire weekend." I really was married to my work.

    "Relax, it's okay. The world will still be here on Monday, I promise," she said as everyone finished getting out of the two busses and automatically came together for instruction, as Dua and I had trained them to do.

    "Listen up, team. That tour was brutal, exhausting, limit pushing even... and I'm so proud of all of you. We crushed every show and every one of you deserves this weekend. I have gone through a lot of pain to keep media eyes blind on this and to rent this out for only us. It is a clothing optional resort. So please absolutely no photos, no social media check-ins or anything to suggest we're here and with who," she said calmly and plainly. "We've been together a long time, and I trust all of you to be respectful of each other and the staff that will be taking care of us this weekend, including a full security detail of the resort, so be on behavior. Now go frolic, have fun, and enjoy your hard earned weekend!" Dua finished with a smile and a clap of her hands.

    "Well shit, Dua. This is going to be a weekend they all remember for a while, I think." I laughed and didn't check my filter before saying, "the stage hands are going to love to see the back-up dancers."

    Dua laughed right back and said, "and the dancers are going to love being seen without having to worry about being touched... unless they want to be."

    I looked at her under my sunglasses. "You're allowing hanky-panky?"

    "Don't act like it's your first day, Henry. It happens all the time. They just don't let you and I see it. This weekend will be quite informational for us if we keep our eyes open."

    "I don't even know what the fuck to do with myself, Dua," I laughed, hollow and dry.

    Dua frowned and for a brief moment, held my hand. "Well let's go get checked into our rooms quick, and then we'll explore the resort together, yeah?" she offered, a smile now on her face like it was something she genuinely wanted to do.

    "Dua, you shouldn't have to attach yourself to me today because I don't know how to have fun," I said, already feeling like I was cramping her style.

    "Henry, it's the least I can do for what you do for me, okay?" She sounded so fuckong genuine that I just nodded.

    We headed to the main kiosk, side by side, and were assigned our rooms, also happening to be right next to each other.

    "Well isn't that convenient!" Dua smiled as she unlocked her door and I unlocked mine. "I'm gonna change into something resort appropriate, and I suggest you do the same," she said reaching out to me and unbuttoning the first two buttons of my shirt. Before I could really respond, she had slipped away.

    I went into my room and set my bag down. I had no idea where the hell we were going to end up, so I had nothing relatively close to "resort appropriate," and I had the feeling I would be visiting a resort shop for some swim trunks, shorts, or something.

    Since I didn't really have anything to change into, I settled for putting on just a plain t-shirt and calling it a day. It gave me plenty of time to check out my room. It was a modest size, very cozy,and had almost a Hawaiian theme to it. The bed was a plush looking queen size with a modest TV on the opposite wall. A little writing desk with a mirror almost larger than it was in the back corner. There was the usual little nightstand with coffee maker, too.

    The bathroom was luxurious with a white tile floor, large shower and a mirror with vanity lights around it. The towels on the rack looked like the fluffier I had seen.

    Attached to the little hallway/alcove was the usual little closet with ironing board and whatnot, but there was another door on the left that I didn't expect to see. Curiosity easily won out, and I approached the door and slowly turned the handle.

    It wasn't any door I had cracked open, but the door that conjoined my room with Dua Lipa's! There she stood, her back and that thick, juicy ass turned to me wearing only black high waisted panties. She looked fucking delicious.

    She bent over to pull something out of her bag, pointing that world famous ham right at me, and I felt myself twitch in my pants. When she stood back up, she was singing to herself and did a little dance, flicking her hips as she held up a bikini top.

    I imagined myself going through the door, groping her small, bare tits and kissing her madly. I decided to close the door before there was any chance I could be caught staring.

    I opted to just lay on my bed until I heard a knock on the front door. I had a pretty good feeling it was Dua, and I was proven right when I saw her smiling face looking at me when I opened the door. "Ready?" she asked.

    I tried to maintain eye contact. I didn't want to be disrespectful, but she looked so fucking good in a black bikini top and a white, almost sheer cotton wrap that was cut just a bone her knee.

    "Lead the way," I told her as I closed the door.

    "You don't look resort ready at all," she teased, poking my bicep and then my hip, particularly my black slacks. "Let's get you some shorts, big boy."

    I knew this was going to be our first stop, and I didn't really have a problem with it. As I bought two pairs for the weekend, Dua couldn't help but giggle as she looked around the central plaza.

    Our little field trip was going pretty well. The pool was seeing a lot of action, and about half of the team was still clothed. Some were in the pool or nude sunbathing.

    "Looks like fun," Dua said with a teasing smile as I rejoined her. "I felt your shoulders earlier. Do you want a massage?"

    "Oh you don't have to do that. This is for you, too," I said.

    Dua laughed and averted her eyes as she said, "They offer massages here, silly. Do you want to get one with me?"

    "Ooooohhh," I said, feeling like a total fool. "Like a couple's massage, or just go together and get them at the same time?" Fuck I was bad at this.

    Dua giggled even harder and took my hand. "We can get a couple's if you're not going to get swallowed by the ground." She knew I was putting my foot in my mouth so many times. "Nothing wrong with two friends and coworkers getting a nice rub down together."

    It didn't take us long to find the spa. Because we were a private event, they weren't exactly overbooked, and we had no problem getting a couple's massage set up and ready for us in about 10 minutes.

    A masseuse led us back to a large, peach painted room with two tables and two cubicles with curtains, where we would clearly be changing. We got the usual run down of "You can use these rooms to change and get to your comfortable level of undress."

    Dua and I went our separate ways, and when I came back in my black briefs with a towel around my waist, I had to try to stop my jaw from dropping.

    Dua came out of her changing station with her raven black hair down over her slender shoulders and a towel wrapped around her fit body.

    I watched as she climbed onto her table and skillfully pulled the towel down her torso, revealing bare, tanned skin, no sign of a bra or bikini top. Her tantalizing side boob told me I was correct.

    Dua turned her head to face me, and the saucy minx smiled, and winked at me before licking her lips slowly, her tongue perfectly going around her full lips, so damn slowly.

    I climbed up on the table and covered my lower half with the towel before she could see how quickly I was getting hard.

    I turned towards Dua with my eyes closed and waited the few short minutes before our masseuses, two rather attractive young women came in. "Looks like we're good and cozy," one said happily as they both squirted oil into their hands and started warming it up.

    "Anywhere I should focus on today?" my peppy blonde asked as she stood at my side.

    "His shoulders are very tense," Dua answered before I said anything. "He works hard for me, and he's really stressed.

    "Well I'll start there," she said and went to work.

    "You can start at my neck and work down to my hips, and spend some extra love there." Dua's a dancer, so it made sense. "My legs, too, definitely."

    So me and Dua settled in and enjoyed a pair of damn good massages for about 20 minutes, with a few little moans of content from Dua, each one making my cock twitch a little bit.

    I opened my eyes to see Dua looking at me with half-lidded eyes and a lazy, happy smile on her face. The masseuse had made it down the expanse of her back and was kneading her educated thumbs into Dua's lower back, just at the swell of her ass.

    Dua moaned louder as the spot she requested was finely targeted. She kept her eye contact with me as she subtly pulled her own towel further down, exposing her slightly paler upper ass and just the beginning of her lovely cheek divide.

    I couldn't help but look and drink it in. When I shot my eyes back up to see her face, she had a full smile. She pulled her towel all the way off and said, "If you could work my glutes along with my hips and thighs, you'd be an angel."

    I groaned, and I think it was from Dua's words and teasing as much as it was from what my masseuse was doing to my body.

    "Full body massage," Dua's girl said with a smile, "No problem." I swallowed and my mouth was getting moist as I watched a beautiful brunette with fine skin rub down Dua Lipa's hips and bountiful ass.

    "Oh that's good," Dua purred, her eyes closed and that lazy smile back on her pretty lips. "Fuuuuuck," she moaned, and I was hard as a damn rock.

    "Are you enjoying the massages, sir?" my blonde asked, teasingly asking about both of them.

    I couldn't lie, though. "Very much. You're both very talented," I said easily as I looked back at my little blonde.

    "Would you like to roll over?" she offered me.

    "Sure," I said easily. As I tried to secure my towel to turn over, Dua pulled on it and it fell to the floor next to hers as I rotated.

    "Oops! I am so sorry," Dua said, covering her mouth as she briefly leaned up on a forearm, exposing her upper breasts, but her nipples still pressed to the table.

    "Holy shit," my masseuse said with a smile as she looked right at my swollen cock.

    "You girls signed the non-disclosure, right?" Dua asked, propping herself on her elbows again and pointing at both girls, her arm again stopping me from getting a glimpse of those nipples.

    "Yes we did," Dua's masseuse confirmed as she groped Dua's succulent cheeks.

    "Me too," my gorgeous blonde said as she re-oiled her hands and began to work my upper thighs, really close to my groin.

    "So if you wanted to," Dua began, looking right at my girl, "you could give him a full body massage too, yeah?"

    "I think I could, given proper compensation..." she says as her warm, oiled hands grazed over my fully erect cock. "I definitely could for the proper tip," she said with a coy smile.

    "Oh, we can definitely... uggh..." Dua moaned unexpectedly, a completely different one than I had heard so far. It was short and higher pitched, maybe a little lusty?

    She covered her mouth and closed her eyes, another little moan squeaking out. My eyes left the skillful handjob I was receiving to see Dua's face, somewhere between ecstacy and fighting something? My eyes ran over her perfect body to see that her sexy brunette masseuse was working between her legs!

    "Oh my God," Dua drawled. "She's... she's massaging my pussy lips and it feels soooo damn good!"

    "Brie, you naughty girl," my blonde jokingly chides her coworker.

    "Says you, the one with a cock in her hand!" the one named Brie teased back. "Ms. Lipa wanted a full body, so don't forget to have her turn over, too."

    "You're totally right, Rachel," Brie said and removed her hand from between Dua's legs. "Time to flip," she said cheerfully.

    Dua did as told, and made a show of doing it slowly for me, almost like she was pausing for invisible cameramen.

    "Fuck," Brie said as she admired her client. Dua didn't catch it, but I saw Brie lick her fingers that she had been stroking Dua's pussy lips with.

    Dua was on her back, looking up at the ceiling, both hands on her upper thighs, inching between her legs. She was so clearly aroused, also given away by her caramel colored nipples that were already engorged, standing up even. They were nubby and tall, like pencil erasers cut in half, and I wanted to suck them and tease them with my fingers and tongue so fucking bad.

    I felt Rachel's warm hand cup my balls and fondle them gently as her other hand rode up and down my shaft easily, making me draw in my own sharp breath.

    Dua's eyes were drawn to my long shaft, to see what had caught my breath like that. "Damn," she murmured, and did dare to touch herself as Brie had started the massage again on Dua's face and neck.

    "He feels amazing, too," Rachel told Dua with a wink. "So hard, hot and veiny. I can feel his pulse," she said as she leaned down and kissed the crown of my dick.

    "Fuck," I led out as I felt her lips caress my most sensitive tip. Dua's massage didn't stay back in the professional lane very long as Brie made her way to Dua's pert tits, happily massaging the small fun bags and humming as her palms glided over Dua's big nipples.

    "Mmmm that's nice," Dua moaned as her leg bent at the knee a little, her foot rubbing back and forth on the massage table, her hand slowly working between her legs.

    I tore my eyes away from Dua and looked down at Rachel, seeing the sexy double braided blonde with her mouth open, right over my cock, her hot breath teasing my engorged head. I put my hands on her head and nodded my consent, and she slowly sank down, taking half my length into her mouth on first go.

    "Damn, she's good," Dua chuckled as she watched Rachel blow me, a hand on my belly and the other carefully rubbing my taint.

    "Yeah, she is," I confirmed as Rachel started to slowly bob her head. Her soft wet lips wrapped around my cock, so pleasurable sliding up and down my skin. "Fuck," I laughed as I watched and then looked over to Dua again, neither of us allowed to keep our eyes off each other as these gorgeous girls pleasured both of us.

    Brie finally let Dua's boobs breathe and made her way down Dua's sculpted and firm belly, paying more attention to her hips again, her fingers getting daringly close to the juncture of those famous hips, brushing Dua's hands at times.

    "Move your hand, Dua. Let me," Brie practically ordered, pushing her hand away as Dua soaked up the lust dripping from Brie's tongue.

    "Okay," Dua gave in, one hand going to her sensitive chest again, but her other hand... found mine and held on as Rachel continued to blow me sensually and slowly, not hint of her rushing anywhere.

    I squeezed Dua's hand back as she gasped, Brie's warm fingers gently pressing Dua's dark pussy lips together and slowly sliding up and down.

    "You're so wet, Dua," Brie whispered, but made sure the four of us could hear her. "Such a pretty, dewy pussy I have here," she commented.

    "That feels so good," Dua groaned, paling her breasts and tweaking her nipples, her hand still in mine. "How's your massage, Henry?" she asked me knowingly.

    "Pretty fucking good," I sighed as Rachel slid her mouth of my length and wiped her mouth with a back of her hand, a giggle escaping.

    While Dua was watching Rachel jack off my saliva and oil drenched dick, she wasn't watching Brie position herself. I saw Brie simultaneously slide finger effortlessly into Dua and press her tongue to Dua's clit, the dual action making Dua almost slide right off the table. Brie's other hand had a good enough grip on Dua's hip to stop my client from shooting off and onto the floor.

    Dua moaned deeply and bit her free hand as she was fingered and licled by another woman.

    I couldn't help but to chuckle as I watched Dua's sexy as hell body wreath in bliss. I layer my head down and watched as Rachel stood at the foot of my table.

    She had my attention briefly as she completely stripped and climbed back on top of me. Rachel was sexy as shit, but she wasn't Dua getting pleasured by a hot, bountifully busted brunette.

    Rachel's tits were firm and pear shaped with cute pink nipples, and she had a tight fit body. She smiled at me and said, "It's okay, you can watch Dua while I ride you."

    I growled at her before slowly turning back to Dua, who was braced on her elbows, looking down the rigid plane of her body to Brie, two fingers buried in Dua's hot pussy, her tongue circling that sexy clit of Dua's.

    Dua threw her head back as she came already, a throaty cry pulled from her lips, her eyes shut tightly.

    Brie just moaned happily, licking up Dua's hot liquid arousal that ran out of her, I to Brie's waiting mouth.

    "Ho-ly, fuck!" Dua trembled, biting her finger as Brie continued to finger fuck her slowly, her tongue never stopping.

    Rachel sank her tight cunt down onto my shaft, and I instinctively held onto her hips and helped her ride me as I stayed focused on the image of Dua cumming into another woman's mouth.

    "I've never, I've never had an orgasm from another girl," Dua admitted, her face flushed.

    "Damn, that's hot," Rachel purred as she ground our pubises together. "Make her cum again, Brie," Rachel urged her coworker as she started to flick her hips, letting me really feel the inner walls of her pussy now.

    "Oh, I plan to," Brie said mischievously as she raised her head, her lips and chin wet and shiny, slick with Dua.

    Dua and I both watched, curious, as Brie climbed onto the foot of the table, feet towards Dua, and slipped her leg between Dua's.

    "Brie, what are you doing?" Dua asked, but we all knew what Brie was doing. "I'm straight!"

    "Not today, honey. Think of this as just part of your massage, and we signed non-disclosures anyway," Brie winked as she slid fully into place, her crotch connecting with Dua's. She rolled her hips, rubbing her pussy against Dua's and both girls moaned.

    Brie only rolled three times before Dua started too, either in willful participation or from instinct. Dua sucked on her fingers as she started grinding in earnest with Brie, Brie taking Dua's upward facing foot and sucking on her little toes.

    "Hily shit," I scoffed as Rachel watched with me, her hips never stopping as she rode me like a pro, her airtight cunt feeling so fucking good around my cock. I just wished I was inside Dua, having Rachel being a living flehlight while I watched Dua scissor was a close fucking second!

    Dua was fully grunting like a tennis player as she gave as good as she got, both girls on the table across from me starting to sweat as they exerted themselves in the quest for a shared orgasm.

    I felt my own approaching, and I grabbed Rachel's shoulders to drive her down onto my cock as she bounced, moaning deep herself as her pussy clenched and quivered around me.

    I grunted loudly and growled as my balls finally gave and I came hard and fast into Rachel's needy seed catcher and she cried out, the spasming over me telling me that she came with me, and we laughed as Brie fucked Dua hard and fast, chants of "yes, girl" tumbling from her sinful mouth as Dua's head fell to the table and she cried out, cumming for the second time, her hands gripping both sides of the table.

    "Fuck, fuck fuck I'm cumming!" she shouted, not caring who heard. Dua bought the place for the weekend, anyway.

    Brie kept grinding against Dua's spasming form until she came about 30 seconds after, laughing almost maniacally, releasing Dua's foot. "Still think you're straight?" she teased. "Nothing wrong with dipping in both waters."

    "I don't know anymore " Dua groaned, her hands over her face, her golden, oiled and sweaty body on gorgeous display to all of us.

    "How do you two feel now?" Rachel asked as she slowly raised herself off of my length and gasped as our joined fluids ran out of her and pooled around the base of my cock, running down my balls and the inside of my thighs.

    "Pretty damn relaxed, I have to admit," I chuckled.

    "See? I told you you needed this weekend," Dua laughed, rolling onto her side and taking my hand again. "And today, let alone this weekend, is far from over."

    CYG February: Olivia Holt

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    God damn... that was HAWT!

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    Now that's how I'd love to unwind with Dua. That was awesome Harbinger!!

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