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Thread: "Nothing Better than A Reunion" feat. Paris Berelc

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    fanfiction "Nothing Better than A Reunion" feat. Paris Berelc

    Nothing Better than A Reunion
    Featuring Paris Berelc
    Written by Tony1Vicious
    Codes: MF, HJ, dirty talk, Inc, Public, BJ
    Mention of Kelli Berglund
    Disclaimer: This is a Fictional story, purely fantasy and have not happened in real life. Contains sexually explicit situations. If you are offended or uncomfortable with these kinds of story, stop reading. Fantasy is allowed and anything can happen in it.
    My first story on this site, ever. Before now, I've been posting stories on another celebrity story site under the username of Tony1Vicious. But here, I'll remain Retrospec, first username I ever chose for this kinda site after all.

    When Derek Samson finally came home after a hard day at work, he wanted nothing more than to pick up his phone and call his girlfriend over. Hoping she'd be in a raunchy enough mood to sleep with him despite him smelling like fish, seawater, and oil.

    Granted, being an oil rig roughneck, it was natural to smell like the worst of the sea, especially after being out at an oil rig for three weeks straight. But thanks to that, he was able to enjoy an entire month without work, courtesy of his boss thanking him for taking on two weeks of work on behalf of his injured co-workers.

    But when he did receive a call on his phone as he took off his yellow jacket and his safety helmet, it was the last person he expected to call him.

    His baby sister.

    He didn't know whether to be excited to hear from his sister or disappointed to hear from his sister. Whatever the case, it was strange of her to be calling him, since they weren't as close as they were back when they were young.

    Despite that, he answered the call. "Hi." He said, not voicing his disappointment or excitement, both of his undecisive feelings.

    "Hi, big brother. How's it hanging?" Maria Berelc greeted her big brother in a very chipper voice that told him something was off.

    With a mischievous look on his face, he bluntly replied. "Oh God, you're in jail and need to be bailed out again."

    "What? No!" She screamed.

    "You need a place to crash from another fight with your husband?" He assumed.

    "No! Joe and I are fine!" She shouted.

    "Then why, dear Ria, are you calling me now?" Derek threw back her old nickname, took out a beer bottle and uncapped it with one hand.

    "I need a favor."

    "And there it is." He laughed, sipping on his beer. "Okay, I'll bite. But if this is about bailing you again, I'll charge you this time!"

    "For fuck's sake, I was in college and needed someone who wasn't Dad or Mom to get me out of the drunk tank! Quit bringing it up!" Maria shouted.

    "Hahaha! Yeah, there's my sister, Ria." He laughs. Despite not having seen each other for years, he always knew how to push her buttons. "But fine, what is it?"

    "Finally, you ass." Maria calmed down. "I kinda need you to keep an eye on my daughter for a bit tomorrow."

    "Your daughter? Paris, right?" He hadn't thought about his nieces in years, even less than their mother, his sister. "But why does your 5-year-old kid need to be watched? Doesn't she have a babysitter for that?"

    "My God, you moron. Your head's as full of oil as your clothes!" Maria shouts. "Paris is 24 now. You forgot about your niece?! You were at her 18th birthday, remember?"

    "Oh yeah, I was. Think I really bonded with Joe and some of his friends." Derek chuckled.

    Maria added snidely. "Until one of his friends made one bad comment about Paris, and you knocked three of them down. Including some of their teeth. They still ask if you're gonna be at the house when they come to hang out with my husband."

    "If you're expecting regret, you're wasting your time, baby sis." Derek commented, checking to see how much was in his bottle. "But damn, haven't seen Paris in 6 years? Can't believe time flies so quickly. But why does she need a watcher, exactly?"

    For some reason, he felt like he had forgotten something important. Something about her 18th party.

    "Remember that spot on the highway where a bunch of kids would get drunk and stuff? Great view of the beach and just people blasting off music and getting stoned?" Maria said carefully and slowly.

    Once again Derek smiled. "Yes, I clearly remember that spot 'cause I had to drag my baby sis out of there, so, oh so many times."

    "Ass!" She shouted. "But Paris and some of her friends are going there, and you know trouble might find its way there. Last thing I want is for my daughter to get into any situation where she'll get hurt."

    "Need me to keep an eye on her and her friends?" Derek mulled it over.

    Noticing the lack of response, Maria said. "Look, please! I know I'm asking a lot, especially with you getting home after three weeks on an oil rig. But I really want to keep my baby safe, and you're the only one I know who can do that for me. Please, big bro." She pleaded.

    Derek's defenses weakened, now his buttons were getting pushed. Much like he knew how to set her off, she knew how to get him to help her with a pleading voice, even over the phone.

    "All right. Fine. I'll check up on your kid and make sure she's okay. When is it?"

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Maria chanted. "Two days from now, real sunny day. During the day."

    "Hold a bit, why exactly is it at daytime? Figured they'd wanna get drunk and high, not exactly something of a daytime activity. Also, you sure your baby girl is gonna want her uncle around to cramp her style?" Derek said, putting down his empty beer bottle and walking over to get another one.

    "It's not for drinking or getting high, it's for Paris' photoshoot."

    That piece of information had the oil rig worker stop.

    "Photoshoot?" He asked himself in his head.


    While he was shocked beyond his mind, even now, Derek intends to keep his word to his baby sister.

    Which is why after 2 days, he's driving in his rusty red pickup truck toward the photoshoot area. As he is doing so, he thinks back on Paris.

    It has been six years since he had last seen Paris, given her career and his own left them both little time to attend family getaways and other celebrations. In the past, it wasn't like that. Before she turned 12 years old, perhaps, he always arrived at the celebrations as did she and the two of them were pretty close back then.

    Last time, back then, his sister's family would joke that their daughter had a crush on him, and secretly wanted to marry him once she got older! That sentence left him a little shocked and dismayed, which is why he would drink a beer or two whenever he visited them, mainly to forget whatever words his sister would throw his way. And boy, she had plenty to throw at him.

    Especially about her own daughter's delusional crush on him…

    Maybe that was why he hadn't been at any celebrations that followed since then, not until his niece's big 18th birthday.

    He did remember that day… It was the first time he saw such a wide smile on his niece's face, which truly brightened his stress-filled days back then. From what he also could recall, she was wearing a dress that seemed to resemble the one she would eventually wear at her 21st birthday party.

    Despite his absence from various family getaways and meetings and celebrations, his baby sister always made sure to send him an incredibly, staggering number of photos from every event. He was filled with joy and was happy when he saw them all, especially the ones with Paris whom he absolutely adores.

    Which is why he is now nearing the spot his sister told him about. He knows this spot very well, causing mayhem and mischief himself here many times… Before his sister learned of this place.

    He already sees the area, driving towards the railing and parking. Getting out of his truck, he sees the place is already ready… He thinks. He sees a single photographer, along with some women he assumes are makeup artists standing by a trailer, probably the one his niece's gonna be occupying. What did catch his eye was the yellow Ferrari.

    "Nice car." He says with a whistle.

    The female photographer and makeup artists snap around in surprise. "Who are you?" She immediately puts her hand in her pocket, about to retrieve her phone.

    "Don't worry, I'm here 'cause my niece is here. You're the photographer, right? Abe Bermudez?"

    "Yeah, that's me." Abe nods her head. "Wait, you said niece."

    "Yeah, it's Paris…"

    "Uncle D!"

    Derek turns around, hearing the ecstatic voice shouting that name and he barely gets time to react when someone runs towards him. He felt arms wrapping around his body, giving him a big hug. He blushes when feeling the lack of clothing on the one hugging him. Not to mention he feels his thigh between someone's legs and feels a pair of fleshy pillows pushing against his chest.

    Looking down, the first thing he sees is a hair full of dark brown hair. Looking down at the exceptional body that's clinging to him like a slug, he sees two perfectly shaped mounds of caramel brown ass cheeks sticking out, a green string bikini bottoms. The flimsy string is completely gone, hiding in the canyon between her ass. Together with the girl hugging him who is rubbing up against his body, the perfectly sized breasts rubbing against his body… His dick immediately hardened, standing up straight in his pants…

    And he was sure it was pushing up against the girl who called him…

    "Wait, Uncle D?!" Derek realizes and remembers only one person alone could call him that with such a familiar tone. "I'm going to hell."

    He takes the girl by her shoulders, pushing her back and looks at the girl. His fears were confirmed when it was indeed Paris, his niece who had hugged him and the one he was sporting a huge boner for. "Pa-Paris?" He asks, utterly shocked by the girl before him.

    "Wow!" She hit his chest. "You seriously forgot your favorite niece already, Uncle D. You suck."

    With a chuckle, he says. "Well, what makes you think you're my favorite? You still have a sister."

    "Bless doesn't count." Paris pouted.

    Derek chuckles again, he gives the young woman another lookover. Try as he might, no matter how much he berated himself, his dick throbbed as he took in her magnificent well-developed form.

    Her boobs are contained in the bra, looking amazing as is the rest of her.

    "Wow, Paris… You've changed in the last few years." Derek says.

    "I know, I look good." She smirks as she poses in front of her uncle, flexing her hot body, not helping diminish his boner in any way. "But wait, why are you here?"

    "Um…" He hesitated, mostly because of how distracting her body was now.

    "Paris." Abe gets their attention. "Sorry to interrupt this family reunion, but we're burning daylight. Can we get started?" She didn't ask for permission just now.

    "Of course, Abe. Sorry." Paris puts a hand on her uncle's chest. "Stay here, okay? I wanna talk when we're done. But it's gonna be a while, Unc."

    "Why?" Derek asks.

    "I have to put on different bikinis for this shoot." She says with a smirk. "Don't go anywhere." She runs towards the photographer.

    Despite his willpower and his subconscious mind trying to tell him to do better, Derek couldn't stop himself from watching his niece's ass as she ran towards the car. Thankfully, both the photographer and the makeup artists are too busy with Paris to realize the uncle's eyes settled on his niece's flawless ass.

    And when he figured and hoped that the photos would be tame… He was sorely mistaken.

    The photoshoot began and his niece was lying across the hood of the yellow sports car. The photos were taken, flashing over Paris' sensational body even in the daylight. She was already sweating from the desert heat, making her body glisten as she looked at the camera.

    For a second, she turns to direct a sultry look at her uncle.

    Derek blinks, seeing his niece is looking away from him. He had to be mistaken, right? No way, was she looking at him… Right?

    After an hour of different sexy positions in and on the car, Paris walks towards her trailer and changes her clothes. But as she passed her uncle she did say in a whisper.

    "Come on, Uncle D. Gotta be careful with that thing."

    Derek pales when hears that, realizing that his dick was sporting a big boner in his pants that remained invisible to everyone else except for his own niece! What the hell?!


    The next few hours were something that could only be described as something outta hell… and something pulled straight out of a porno, and it put all known porn to shame with each pose at every minute.

    Every bikini she put on, she looked even sexier and sexier.

    In her blue bikini, before taking the actual photos, Paris asks that she use her towel to wipe off the summer heat drenching her body with sweat. She did it slowly, drying off the perspiration of the exposed flesh of her body. The others didn't seem to notice it, nor her alluring gaze when she'd look in her uncle's direction.

    But damn, he watched every detail. Like how people tell you to never look directly at the sun, and somehow you still do it. Well, this was worse.

    Paris even "accidentally" pushes out the sunscreen bottle out of her bikini bottoms and reaches down to pick it up. Bending at the waist, making sure her rear is pointing right at Derek. At that moment, he watches with excruciating detail as the bikini string disappears into that amber canyon of her ass cheeks.

    She straightened her back and gave a wink to her uncle before continuing the photoshoot.

    In her next bikini, a green one, she posed on top of the car hood. One was where she sat on the hood of it, spreading her legs wide across the steel surface like nothing out of the ordinary. Paris keeps a smirk on her face, watching her uncle's eyes gravitate towards the clothed part between her legs.

    In his mind, his little niece was trying to test the tensile strength of her bikini bottoms, not even seemingly fazed by the possibility of them snapping mid-photo and exposing her nether regions to her friends and co-workers.

    Either, she had guts or she just didn't register their presence anymore.

    The next one was probably the one that put his pants' strength to the biggest test ever presented to man. Paris struts out of her trailer, looking so amazing that everyone and everything in existence had to look at her. Her body's in a golden bikini, shining when sunlight hits her. Her chest and bikini shone like crazy. She's wearing a pair of sunglasses and a golden chain choker. She's wearing cowboy boots, heels clicking against the surface with each step.

    And to Derek's confusion, she was unwrapping a lollipop as she walked towards a beach chair.

    "Oh, God, are you rewarding me or punishing me right now?" He speaks to himself, berating himself internally and wondering why he would even say that to himself, when he watches his niece turn on her feet, and places her right leg up on the armchair. He releases the point of the lollipop when she sticks out her tongue and slides the candy on a stick along the tip of her soft muscle.

    And without the others looking again, she manages to make eye contact with her uncle, pushing the lollipop deep into her mouth, using it to push against the insides of her cheek, and making it bulge. There was no question as to what she was doing with that motion.

    Derek watched, without any power to stop himself, as his own darling niece put on a show with each pose in each great bikini that somehow made him harder and harder. And still, somehow no one else had noticed his bulging tent.

    Except for his niece!

    Paris kept looking in his direction whenever her makeup artists and the photographer didn't look at her, and every time she'd lick her lips seductively and glance down at the front of his pants.

    Was she measuring how much torture she could put him through?

    Why was his niece doing so much and putting him through so much pain?

    And how was this invisible to anyone else?


    Thankfully, after excruciating hours of watching her show off her rocking bod in several more bikinis, they took a break when the sunlight was dimming down.

    And when that happened, Derek walked over to his truck and reached in through the open window, snatching his cold-as-hell water bottle. It was so cold somehow, it felt like his fingers were falling off. But he didn't care.

    Uncapping the damn thing, he downs the whole thing in one gulp. "God damn!" He shouts in a whisper beside his truck. Half of his mind wanted to pour it over his dick to calm it down, but he'd rather have a huge tent in his pants rather than pants with a massive wet spot in the front.

    "Unc, you're supposed to keep the beast calm, right?"

    And he immediately regretted not giving his dong a cold shower.

    Derek coughs, facing his niece who walks over to him, yet in another bikini. This time in a checkered bikini. She's wearing it under a completely untied robe, exposing her tantalizing body for her uncle's eyes again. Seeing only her front, despite the day, only made him want to tear that silk robe to shreds just to let his eyes feast on every inch of her delicious body.

    Paris smirks, leaning against the truck and letting the robe expose one of her legs. "Take a photo. Heard they last longer."

    Coughing to himself, Derek says. "Funny." He doesn't want to say more, especially when her eyes are fixated on the protrusion in his pants. "So, done with the photoshoot?"

    Paris glances back at her friends. "Yeah, but we're gonna be hanging back for a while. Just relax. Gonna get some food. They didn't eat, I didn't eat."

    "Guess that's my cue to leave. Don't wanna cramp your style, like you kids say." Derek opens his door. He had to get out of there and tend to his dick in the privacy of his own home, or hope his girlfriend was up for a booty call.

    "No. you're not!" Paris shoots him down, slamming the door shut in his face.

    "Excuse me?" Derek asks his niece, wondering where his petite but curvaceous niece hid that kind of strength.

    "Hey, Paris." Abe walks towards the fit starlet.

    Paris, before her uncle can move, spins around and steps back closer to him. Derek, before he can move, feels his niece's hand on his lower stomach. He freezes in her spot when he feels her stroking his stomach, every once, dipping closer to his pelvis.

    "Hey, Abe, what is it?" Paris says, like nothing's out of the ordinary, even as she is touching her uncle who is stiff as a board behind her.

    "We're gonna get going in a bit. But we kinda hit a snatch." Abe says.

    He knew it was "snag," but his niece's actions only brought the word "snatch" to his ears.

    "What is it?" Paris turns her head in concern, Derek flinches lightly when her fingertips graze the base of her dick through his pants. She smiles, looking over her shoulder at her uncle.

    "We're ready and all to go, but we kinda need someone to watch the car. We got some folks coming to pick up the car and trailer, but they're gonna be late. We're gonna get food, but it's gonna be a while with the construction on the road. Gonna be an hour or two before we'll get back." Abe explains.

    "So…" Paris wonders where she is going with this, busy with her plans for her uncle.

    Abe points to the man behind her. "Think your uncle would mind staying behind to watch the car while we fetch food?"

    "Sure." Derek immediately says, only hearing how he had the chance to be alone and away from his succubus of a niece so he can wank one out in the open air.

    But life, or rather, Paris had other plans in mind.

    "Better yet," His niece smirks when she starts grabbing the trunk in her uncle's pants. "I'll stay behind with my uncle. Better to have two sets of eyes on the scene than one. You guys get our orders and come back. Gives my uncle and I time for a proper reunion."

    Definitely not sure Abe wants to know about her idea of a reunion.

    Abe mulls it over before nodding the go-ahead. "Sure. We'll get going then. Text me what you want and we'll get it." The photographer runs off to join the others.

    "Paris, what are you"

    Paris snaps around, giving her uncle's dick a tighter squeeze. "If you leave anytime soon, Unc D, I'm gonna tell my mom that her dear big bro has been sporting the biggest hard-on ever since he came here. Wonder what Mom would think got you so riled up, while I was here and in so many bikinis?"

    The nerve of this girl. Was she really trying to extort him?

    Acting out of both anger and instinct, he reaches into her robe, grabbing her right hip and pulling her closer. She gasps when she gets closer to him but doesn't stop holding his dick and smiles. "Really think you can just blackmail me? What the hell have gotten into you, Paris?" He couldn't believe how soft her flesh felt in his hand.

    And this was just an inch, he couldn't imagine how the rest of her glorious body would feel in his hands.

    "Trust me, Unc…" She gets closer to his ear. "They leave, we're gonna have the best reunion ever. We can have a nice talk, and…" This time he flinches again when she wraps her fingers around the bellend. "Maybe a better release."

    She walks away, licking her fingers in front of her uncle before turning around.

    "Definitely… Going… To… Hell…"

    Was the only thing on Derek's mind.


    Despite everything that happened today, especially with his niece showing off her rocking bod and making Derek regret ever having a dick, he sure did appreciate the sunset from this view. It was one of his favorite things about being here, being able to watch the sun slowly setting from this area was great.

    Granted, most of those times he was either getting drunk off his ass, reaching heights with some weed in his system, making out with a beautiful girl and then sleeping with her in the back of his truck, or just enjoying some alone time after a long week of hard work.

    Heck, even the times he had to drag his baby sister out of this frying pan put a smile on his face.


    Now, he doesn't know whether or not to smile, especially when that voice calls out to him. He turns around, his niece sticking her entire upper body out of the open window of the backseat of the car. She waves him over. "Come on! It's chilly out there."

    Derek chuckles, seeing as she is still in her checkered bikini. He walks over to the car. "Got more clothes on than you, young lady." He gestures to her exposed stomach and the rest of her sinful flesh.

    Faking shock, she points to her tits and her stomach. "What? This? Can't fix this, Unc. No other clothes than this." Paris smirks, looking across the car roof as her uncle is on the opposite side of her. "Means, you could always level the playing field." She points to his clothed chest.

    Laughing to himself, he leans across the roof. "So first, you blackmail me. Then, you just ask, and think I'll strip down to my undies?" This time he plays her game, showing off she wasn't the only one with the Berelc humor. "I'm a grown man, Paris. Not some college frat who gets wooed by a pretty girl. Suggestions ain't gonna cut it with me."

    "Well… I was thinking more than down to the undies." Paris smirks, giving him another hungry look. "And I like a challenge." She puts her chin against the cool metal. "Makes it more fun when I win."

    "Okay, let's drop this." He says, not liking where this is going. Derek enters the car and slumps against the backseat. But despite all of his willpower, he takes a glance at the checkered bikini bottoms clinging to his niece's vagina.

    He had to imagine how her pussy would taste if he dove down on her sweet chocolate pie on the hood of this very vehicle.

    Just in time, he looked away when she got back inside the car. "Wow, I'm impressed, Unc. Figured you'd have snatched my bottoms and dragged me back in, then we could really have some fun."

    "Paris." Derek tries on a sterner voice with his niece. "It's enough. Look, it's been fun… Kinda. But that's it. I'm sorry you saw" He points to his crotch. "You know and that it got, you know." He says unsurely.

    "You mean, I saw your dick get so hard you looked like you could barely walk?" Paris smirks. "I mean, it's impressive, you know. Felt that way too."

    "Enough." He turns to face her again, looking into her eyes and tries to really hold eye contact with her this time and not the bikini-clad boobs that demand attention. "Sorry you saw all of that, it just happened. I won't say anything about you touching my dick and everything, and can you promise me not to say anything to my sister about me getting hard?"

    "Calm on, Unc." Paris slaps his shoulder. "Really think I'd snitch on my favorite uncle?"

    "So glad, I'm still your fav." Derek chuckles.

    "Besides, it's nothing big. I mean, it's not like it's the first time." Paris brushes off his concerns.

    "Okay, but that was- Wait, what?!" He snaps away from the seat and looks into her eyes. "What do you mean, it's not the first time you've seen my dick?"

    "Wow, you really forgot about it." Paris laughs. Derek mulls it over, thinking at maximum speed to try and figure out what she's talking about. The Hubie Halloween girl faces her uncle, seeing that he is still drawing a blank and helps him.

    "Okay. Here's the story. Remember the last time we were together before I got held up by movies, TV Shows, photoshoots and whatever?"

    "I was at your 18th birthday party. Your mom reminded me, punched out a few guys and knocked out their teeth." Derek says.

    Paris smiles, remembering that event better than her own uncle. "Oh yeah, swooned a lot of women that night. And girls too. Real popular fella. But anyhoo. You did get really drunk that day, must have been the drinks that you had before the party, with Kelli."

    That girl was hard to forget, even if he tried. It was through Paris that the two got acquainted. It was mostly at family gatherings where Kelli Berglund was invited to join and she and him would hit it off quickly. But it was those repeated meetings that led to her finding him alone in the garage where he worked on his truck. What he didn't expect to be working on was her 18-year-old pussy when she reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. Best blowjob he's ever had and it wasn't the only time.

    One day he couldn't work because of a broken leg from work and when he opened his door that day, that girl had come to treat him as his personal nurse. Even wearing a nurse uniform from Halloween. He barely made it into his bedroom before she was bent over the couch and she got railed in each of her holes.

    He hadn't seen her much since he picked up more hours at work, but she did keep a special place in his mind.

    "Kelli kept bragging about you boning her." Derek snaps in her direction. "Oh, come on. She's my best friend, we talk about all the guys we bone. And trust me, you definitely left an impression." Paris faces him with a naughty smirk, looking down at his crotch again. "Even said with the way you battered her pussy; she could still feel it inside even when you weren't doing it. High praise from her."

    "Okay, that's enough." Derek tries to cut her short, but it is not possible.

    "But that's not the highlight of my story, you know." Paris gets her uncle's attention again. "Day of my birthday party, you are so drunk and you're so wasted by the time we get home. And you're not the only one, seeing as Kelli poured drinks down both of our throats. Mom forced us both to sit on the couch while trying to sober up. We just talk shit the whole time and my folks go back to sleep."

    "Wait, Paris. I don't think I like where this is going now." Derek tries to stop her, but he can't.

    "And I dig into how Kelli walked around like sex on legs at the party, hoping to get with my favorite uncle." Paris leans closer, almost crawling like a sex-starved cat. "But she didn't cause she got some other guys on her hook, maybe the ones you knocked out. No matter. Cause it gave me the time I needed to ask you to pull out your cock."

    "Wait, what?" Derek gulps.

    "I had never gotten so wet in my life, Unc." This time Paris is even closer to his face, her tits hanging temptingly. "We were so drunk, so it felt kind of bad when I finally got you to say yes to letting me try out that cock. Give it a ride. But I freaking came so many times because of that, Unc. You got me so wet and… I've been…"

    Her look changes completely.

    Derek saw the look and it was one he was familiar with; he felt his face contort when he felt her story and whenever she came out in a new bikini and put on a new show for his benefit.

    Paris finishes her words. "Really patient."

    She smashes her lips into his mouth, catching Derek by surprise. She pushes him back against the seat, and straddles him, making sure he doesn't move away. But Derek manages to find strength, despite her lips demanding attention so much and pushes her face away. "Paris, wait."

    "Over my dead body." She starts attacking his face, peppering him with kisses hungrily.

    "Come on, Paris. We're family, we're both in relationships." Derek remembers. He pushes her away, but not off of his body. Because she rocks and grinds her pussy against his clothed cock and he can't help but relish in the feeling of her soft flesh when he has his hands on her shoulder and her mid-riff.

    "Yeah, exactly," Paris says, almost absentmindedly. "Family doesn't count as cheating." She kisses his lips again. "And Unc, don't act like you don't want this just as much as me." She reaches between them, grabs his clothed cock, and strokes it. "You're even bigger than I remember. So much bigger… Think I can swallow it all down, Unc? It's so much bigger than before, Unc. Maybe I can't fit my fingers around it this time. Want to try it out again? Take it all the way down my little throat, show me I'm so much better than before. Bend over and let you fuck me really good. You can see if I'm better than Kelli. We've never fucked the same guy before."

    With each pause, she kisses his face, lips, cheeks and neck, as though she wants to leave her mark all over his face.

    "Come on, Unc." Paris looks back into his eyes. "I promise, not a word to my mom or anyone else. Just…. Want this reunion to be special. It's the two of us for a few hours… And you want this, too, Uncle D." She says with another squeeze of his cock.

    Paris wants him to agree to this, to participate in this act completely of his own volition. And she knew what she was doing to him right now is making him lose his willpower as she pumps his cock through his clothes and kissed him all over his face.

    Any other guy on this Earth would kill to be in this situation. A hot 23-year-old girl in a checkered bikini throwing themselves at them, hungry to relive a past experience and even overcome it with an even greater roll in the hay.

    She was still his niece, his baby sister's daughter. She was off-limits in every way imaginable.

    But the worst thing of all… He wants her just as much as she wants him, especially because unlike her, he does not have a memory of them being together to remember by.

    It was pointless to convince himself otherwise. To pretend this isn't inevitable.

    He wants her.

    "Fuck it." Derek growls, pushing her hands off his body before grabbing her by the back of her neck. Paris smiles, looks into his eyes with another hungry look. "Here's my answer, baby girl."

    He pulls her face into his, smashing her lips into his and immediately his tongue shoots inside her wet mouth cavern. She smiles into the kiss, closes her eyes and interlocks her tongue with her uncle's in a dual. Her uncle wraps his arm around her waist, pulling her closer into his embrace but his lips never leave hers.

    As she twists her tongue inside of their joined kiss to try and win the tongue-dual, Paris finds herself baffled by her uncle's behavior. Normally, any boy, or girl depending on the day, when she found someone to sleep with, they'd immediately want her naked so they could fondle her goods, whether it be her tits and/or her ass. Not that she could blame them, knowing many were excited by her body and her curves.

    But her uncle ain't going for her ass or her tits? Despite the bikini accentuating their already irresistible allure.

    No. Having been awakened to this revelation now, Derek wasn't just gonna settle for her ass and tits. He wanted all of his niece. Removing his hands from their places on her body, he snatches her hands and pulls them down her side and making her pull back in surprise. He gives her a smirk, leaning forward and kisses her neck. Letting go of her hands, he pulls the girl closer by her ass while he kisses along her neck, marking every inch of her exposed skin.

    "Uncle D. You're so cruel." Paris moans, grinding against his concealed package. She feels his fingers digging into her pillowy ass flesh. Running her hands through his hair, she says. "Uncle D. Fuck me. Now, please!"

    He trails a path along the side of her neck by peppering it with small short kisses before looking back up into her eyes. "Hell no." He shocks her with those two words. "You wanted this, Paris. But it's gonna be on my terms, means you're gonna hate me for taking so long but it's gonna be so worth it. And just for the record," He leans closer to her ear. "bikini stays on."

    Paris shivers at her commands, surprised that such demands are coming from her own uncle. She may have bit off more than she thought when she tried to get him to sleep with her again. But she sure wasn't complaining.

    Derek sinks his fingers into her ass, moaning into her ear. "So how long have you thought about fucking your uncle again, baby?"

    Paris barely heard him, focusing on trying to rile him up by roughly grinding her clothed pussy against his crotch and keeping his head where it is now. But he finally got her attention with a slap to her left cheek. "Ow, what? Oh. Since my 18th, Unc. Fuck, you just had to take more and more jobs offshore."

    With a slap on her right cheek, making her yelp, Derek tells her. "Well, not all of us can shake our tits and ass in front of a camera and get paid for it, little girl." Despite his words, he is proud of her career and how far she has come.

    Pulling his head back, she looks into her uncle's eyes and smashes her lips into his again. The suddenness of her kiss allowed her the upper hand and she took all the power she needed to control the tongue dual. But she lost when Derek reddens her soft ass with a series of slaps, switching from one bountiful cheek to another.

    She moans and comes out of the makeout session with another lustful smirk. She licks her lips. "Impress me, Unc, and I'll shake my tits and ass for you whenever you want."

    Even now, the girl is doubting his skills and his knowledge to challenge him. To see how far he could go with her.

    She was asking for it!

    "Try and keep up!" He pushes the door open, pushing his niece off his lap and steps out of the vehicle. Paris is shocked, which only amplifies when her uncle takes her by her leg and drags her to the edge of the seat. "Get out of there." He tells her.

    Paris smiles and comes out of the car, wondering if he wants to continue their make-out outside in the dimming sky. But he surprises her when he drags her to the front of the car, gently pushing her down till she's sitting on top of the hood.

    Her smile gets bigger when he parts her legs, further testing the strength of her bikini bottoms. "What are you gonna do, Uncle?" She fakes innocence. But if this entire event told him anything, she was definitely not that.

    Crouching down in front of her, between her legs he smiles. He strokes her left foot, rubbing the sole and making her let out sounds that are a mix between a moan and a giggle. But the giggles disappear when his fingers start going up her soft leg. He couldn't resist giving her thigh a kiss, a lick and a small bite.

    "Unc." The temptress of a niece moans one hand on her uncle's head and tries to get him to dive into her peach while her other clutches her big left tit through her bikini top. "Please."

    Being done with her left leg, he gives her right leg the same treatment and enjoys hearing her moan and beg for him. But his attention is diverted when he smells a familiar delicious juice. Looking at the concealed gift in front of his eyes, he sees her pussy leaking through the checkered bottoms. Unable to resist teasing her more, he leans forward and licks the front of her soaked bottoms.

    Paris moans even louder than before. It wasn't direct contact, but the wetness of her bikini bottoms increased as her uncle licked the front of them again and again.

    But he was unable to resist her taste, wanting to slurp up all of her nectar from the source and taste the very source of the honeypot himself. Loving the way she looks in her bikini, he pushes her bottoms to the side to expose her glistening lips. They looked absolutely delicious in front of him, illuminated by only the light from a slowly rising moon.

    Removing the hand from her uncle's head full of messy hair, Paris spreads open her pussy lips and shows the treasure trove to him. Her fingers dance over her slit, rubbing it in front of his face. Her own actions of self-pleasure make her shiver and lean her back, thrusting her concealed boobs sky-high.

    She expected him to immediately dive in and eat away at her honeypot like a wild animal, which is his plan. But he wants to get his hands dirty. He brings his hands up to her leaking clam, and the moment his fingers even touch her folds she releases a scream of pleasure. She lets go of her pussy lips and leans further against the hood, her tits shaking on her tits invitingly.

    Her pleasure skyrockets when he adds a second and third finger into her folds, her juices flooding out from her moist hole and soaking the yellow metal under her ass. Derek was making her pant and moan out loud, her eyes rolling back into her head when her pleasure increases when he begins fiddling with the stiff clit sticking out of her.

    She thrusts her hips against the fingers playing around with the insides of her vagina as she takes her hands and puts them both on her chest. Remembering her uncle's words, she keeps the bikini on and pinches her spike-like nipples. Paris rolls the nubs between her thumb and index fingers, moaning at each and every pleasure-surging action being down on her body.

    If Derek didn't know any better, he could have sworn this is the first time the young seductress have been fingerbanged. Maybe she was used to being the giver rather than the receiver whenever she was with some stupid actor boy or something.

    Spreading her legs further to accommodate her uncle, Derek asks her while he's busy with her honeypot. "How are you feeling, baby? Gonna cum?" He asks.

    "Soon, but not yet. Don't wanna cum like this, Unc." Paris whines and she looks at him with a sexy dazed look. He listens to her next request. "Eat me! Come on, go down there and eat me, Unc! Finish me with your mouth, Uncle!"

    It's like she's lost all concern about getting caught, despite the two of them being on top of a car like this. At this rate, the girl was gonna go off like a fire hydrant and her juices would go everywhere.

    "Was getting a little thirsty." He quips to himself as he takes out her fingers, leaving her hole vacant and empty for usage. Wrapping his arms around her thighs, he pulls the athletic actress closer to the edge and puts himself at eye level with the delicious cunt. The emptiness she felt without his fingers he quickly replaces it with a greater feeling of satisfaction when he places his mouth over her wet hole.

    She lets out an incredibly loud moan from the contact alone. Her uncle didn't hold back, instantly thrusting his tongue inside of her. He showed no form of pause, lapping up all the delicious juices from her pussy and eating her taco as fast as he could like a ravenous wolf. His niece didn't want the feeling to end so her legs shot up and she wraps them around his head, pinning his mouth against her young sopping vagina.

    Never stopping working over her cunt, through small glances up from between her legs, Derek sees her squeeze her large breasts as she writhes in pleasure and grinds her pussy against his mouth. He had such a great show in front of him and the juices he was gulping down were endless. Heaven does exist, apparently.

    Deciding to have more fun with his sexy niece's lower half, he pulls his tongue out of her hole and licks a path down to her taint and starts painting it with his saliva. It's while he's down there, he takes a glance further down and notices an invitingly puckered rosebud winking at him, almost daring him to take action.

    He wasn't gonna let that go. He has a thumb playing with her clit like a joystick while he sets his sights on the delicious hole between her gorgeous mounds of ass-flesh. With his middle finger, he aims and quickly pushes it into her tight hole.

    The moment his digit paved its way into her tightest hole, Paris put her hands on her uncle's head with wide eyes and kept him there, so he was completely restrained. She pants quickly, reaching the finish line. "Shit! Unc, I'm gonna- Fuck!" She screams, but her voice as she's about to get over the edge is sweeter than a siren's even as her tight wet walls tighten around his tongue and his finger.

    He roared out his own words when he removed his mouth from her leaky faucet. "Come on, you little slut! Let your favorite uncle see how you cum!" He says, sawing his finger in and out of her asshole like a piston and his mouth replaces his thumb over her clit.

    Combined with his actions, his words set her off like a volcano. "AAAAHHHH!" Paris cries out into the open area without a care in the world, surprising her uncle when she suddenly squirts into his mouth. Her juices cover his entire face and rain over the rest of his body and the hood.

    He doesn't let a single drop of her juices go amiss, drinking every ounce of her sweet honey. Even as she went limp and spreadeagled on the hood, he slowly tortured her with small licks across her shaved mound. But he finally stopped, mostly because of his tongue being completely overworked and stood back up. He licked his lips clean of her nectar and crossed his arms. "So, a squirter, huh?"

    That sight, combined with her photoshoot throughout the day and her bikini-clad sinful body laying in front of him so invitingly had his meat pole painfully stretching against the front of his pants, making the biggest bulge in history.

    And even now, she was in a daze, mindlessly rubbing her sensitive clit and bringing up some of her juices to lick them off her fingertips and squeeze her boobs. She hasn't even heard his remark, staying in the post-orgasm trance.

    Dear God, if this is a punishment for his transgressions, then the life of a sinner isn't so bad.

    She perches herself up on her arms and looks at her uncle, still wearing that sexy hungry look of wanton lust. "Second time you've made me squirt, Unc. Though you didn't fuck me this time."

    "Wait, you squirted on my dick?" He was surprised to hear that, especially as it was his tongue alone that made him cum.

    "And you didn't eat me out either." Paris pouts.

    "Is she expecting me to make up for all those tonight…" He asks himself. He flinches when feeling something tap his cockhead through his pants. Looking down, he sees Paris' toe playfully tap his cock like it was her favorite toy.

    "We're not done yet, Unc. You gotta impress me." Paris cockily smirks.

    Derek grits his teeth at the girl. He was really gotta let her have it now. This time, he's gotta take care of his boner. And he got the perfect idea when he saw where she was sitting and took another glance at her delicious lips.

    "Come here." He surprises Paris as he manhandles her body, spinning her around on the hood of the Ferrari F355 Berlinetta. Paris gasps when she finds herself with her ass and legs facing the windshield and her head hanging off the front.

    She looks up with wide eyes when she sees her uncle pull down his pants and underwear in one go. Her face is graced with a smile when she sees the object of her lustful dreams standing at full-mast over her head. It was mere inches from her mouth and she was already salivating at the sight of it, the very meat sword that had taken residence in her dreams for so long after her 18th birthday party.

    She raises both of her hands, sliding them along his stiff veiny pole with the care and experience that could make a pornstar look like an amateur. Looking ahead, she saw a pair of huge balls dangling under her uncle's face. They looked to be the size of orbs.

    "Missed it?" Derek asks, feeling immediately weird after saying that. But he had to moan out the words as her soft fingers got reacquainted with his huge package.

    "More than missed, Unc." Paris moans, looking past the huge cock she's handling. "Fuck, how are you bigger than last time, Unc? You've been packing a monster this whole time."

    "And you've been begging for this same monster…." He felt like saying it but kept it to himself, finding it hilarious.

    Paris keeps admiring the purple head, appearing to be in pain and bleeding with pre-cum from the tip. She was loving was she was seeing, watching without blinking a single time. Pulling the thick cock down to be on the same level as her mouth, she opens it wide.

    "Such a good slut…" He calls his niece before thrusting his dick forward, driving it into her mouth. He thought her pussy and hands were amazing, but he had completely forgotten how great her mouth is. When her lips finally wrapped around his big shaft, she took his breath away immediately.

    Now that he was on the receiving end of her many talents, his eyes rolls back immediately as her tongue begins to play around with his cockhead. In little to no time at all, she began to inhale more of her family member's cock flesh between her mocha-colored lips.

    With another moan from his mouth, he starts thrusting into her gaping wet hole. His niece hums in pleasure as her uncle starts taking action, her bodily noises sending vibrations throughout his dick and the rest of his being.

    It felt like an electric shock when her noises went through him and he moaned in pleasure as well. He fears what might happen if succumbs to her sinful noises and wasn't gonna become some pathetic frat boy who just cums from a blowjob and some noises.

    He chose to distract himself and he found the perfect distraction in the form of two bouncing flesh piles hiding behind a bikini top. His hands heard the commands from his mind and immediately went to work, taking hold of her boobs like handlebars. He couldn't believe how soft her tit-flesh felt between his fingers and in his palms, barely registering the flimsy fabric of her top now.

    At every whim, he sinks his fingers into her chest and thrusts his cock deeper into her mouth. Much like her ass when he held her cheeks in his hands, he couldn't bring himself to remove his digits from her chest and he was amazed by their size and the weight of the massive orbs. At every squeeze, he sped up with his thrusts, feeding her more and more of his massive meat stick.

    She moans as his efforts increase tenfold. Despite the awkward position, she does her best to move her head to meet her uncle's thrusts with several moans to shoot vibrations through him. Paris' hands go down to her uncle's balls, fondling the big sacks and trying to speed up his upcoming orgasm.

    When he feels her hands at work, he gives a slight chuckle. "Guess Uncle D is too much for his so-called experienced niece, huh?"

    Paris pulls his large cock out of her mouth and looks at him upside down while stroking his shaft and fondling his balls. "No way, I just wanna taste you right away. Need a taste before you fuck me, Unc. Unless you're a one-pump chump?"

    With a slightly insulted tick on his forehead, Derek grits his teeth and twists her nipples like dials. She gasps in slight pain but moans in even greater arousal when pleasure quickly replaces the pain and she wants more. "Baby, I'm never not gonna be hard around you and I'll always be ready to unload." He promises her.

    Paris shows a challenging smirk and opens her mouth wide open.

    This girl was really driving him nuts with lust and slight feelings of anger at being challenged so repeatedly like any of his words wasn't gonna convince her in any way. He was aroused by this, but the fact that this was all coming from his darling niece just made it that much more sinful and arousing and it almost made his cock burst all over her face.

    But she would probably want that and love it completely with cum dripping down her face after a massive facial by her own uncle. And seeing how she was trying to capture his dick with nothing but her mouth in the awkward position she is in, there was no doubt in his mind that this young actress is desperate for his cock to erupt inside of her mouth.

    He's not one to disappoint family and he thrusts straight into her gaping orifice. But this time, she really took his breath away when she appeared to have full control of her throat muscles and let her uncle's cock pass through the opening to her throat and enter the wet tunnel. He moans out loud when he feels her cute little nose pressing against his ball sack and he sees her throat bulge with his cock inside.

    Derek was left in awe, watching an amazing scene before his eyes as his huge meat pole completely vanished inside of her mouth and traveled all the way down her gullet. He manages to hold off on blowing his load, allowing him the chance to repeatedly thrust his dick into her mouth and have her deepthroat his member.

    Pulling his dick out till only his cockhead is nestled in her mouth, he thrusts once deeper into her mouth and he has finally reached his finish line. But before the load finally shot out, without thinking, he grabs his sexy niece's huge tits and squeezes them with the same might he has to use when tightening pipes on the oil rig.

    Both uncle and niece's eyes roll back into their heads, both of them reaching an orgasm.

    "AHGH!" He screams.

    Paris' eyes widen when his cock erupts inside of her mouth. With a few shots inside of her throat, she pulls the cock back enough for the bellend to remain in her mouth to accept the remaining shots of long rope of white cream from his dick. Derek grunts as the contents of his balls empty inside her hungry mouth, swallowing every drop without missing a single one.

    Despite the flood overwhelming her mouth's capacity, Paris took down everything like a champ.

    But when he was finally empty, Derek pulls out his empty cock and Paris has a wide smile on her face as though it was Christmas Eve and she got the present she always wanted.

    Derek was surprised he could still stand after that terrific blowjob from his beloved niece. "God, that… Phew." He whistles, not sure words could describe how he's feeling right now.

    Sitting back up, spinning around on her ass so she's facing her uncle again, Paris smirks. "Wow, you taste better than I remember, Unc. Girls must be crawling over each other to get a hold of that thing." She points to the member between his legs which is getting harder again.

    "You're telling me, boys aren't beating each other to snot to drag you into bed, huh?" Derek chuckles, but he could see that happening.

    "Just boys or girls too?" She asks with a wink.

    There was a flash of a scene where she and Kelli are sharing a bed and it's not because of a sleepover.

    "You were thinking of me and Kelli, weren't you, Unc?" Paris sees through him with another smirk. "Ask me if we've fucked, and I'll answer." She wonders if her uncle will take the bait.

    "Sure, but if I ask, you're not seeing this cock again." He challenges her right back.

    "Then I guess you won't be seeing me naked anymore." Paris shoots back.

    Mulling the options, he scoffs and loses his tough fašade. "Fine, have you and Kelli fucked or what?"

    "Not many…" She pretends to count on her fingers. His dick hardens when she starts to include her second hand. "Okay, maybe not not many times. Guess you got some competition, Unc. Want me to call Kelli over now, maybe she can watch." Now she pretends to mull it over. "Nah, knowing her, she'd bring her strap-on and probably rail my mouth while you stuff my pussy."

    That image had his dick standing at full-mast, leaking pre-cum at the thought of his niece being spit-roasted by her uncle and her best friend. Would the young athletic actress be willing to get down on her knees and treat him and her best friend to a sloppy blowjob? Kelli wouldn't watch, not her style. She would participate and fucking facefuck his niece in front of him. Granted, he would've spread her ass and fucked her ass while she was busy with Paris.

    However a soft patting on his bare dick got him out of his lust-filled trance. Derek looks up and sees his niece stroking his pole with her toes playfully, experimenting with it to see if she can get it harder than it is now. "Better not be thinking of my BFF now, Unc."

    "And if I was thinking of her?" Derek smirks.

    Paris smiles, getting off the hood and walks along the side of the Ferrari, shaking her hips with each step to entice her uncle. Like she had to do anything of the sort to get his attention. Though his eyes had remained locked on those cheeks since the first time he saw her in a bikini.

    He follows her and watches as she opens the backseat door. Reaching behind her back, she unties her bikini top and reveals her stuff dark-pink bubs. Seeing her stiff nipples on her large breasts that stood tall and proud on her chest made him drool. She wasn't done. She then reaches down to pull off her bottoms, offering a few of her glistening and dripping wet. She was still dealing with the aftermath of her last squirt eruption, the evidence running down the insides of her sexy stems and just begging to be slurped up.

    Throwing the bikini set in his direction, Derek instinctively catches it and takes a whiff of it. "Keep them for now." Paris tells him, knowing he'll be using them to rub one out every night from now on. "But you're getting something better now."

    Looking up from her bikini set, he sees the naked starlet get into the backseat to lie down. Paris arches her back, thrusting out her gorgeous tits. "Wanted to do this in the front, but more than enough room back here to get wild." She purrs, no doubt feeling the chilling air come over her sinful body.

    Derek stands before the open door, looking down on his niece's body and listens to her purring like a kitten. Taking this step would change everything between them. Their dynamics would no longer be just uncle-niece relations, their relationship would be taboo.

    He doubts he could even look his baby sister in the eyes after taking this step with her daughter, especially after he was asked specifically to watch over her.

    But now…. Standing in front of her and seeing the wanton look of lust on her face, her big boobs bare and asking for attention, and her pussy shining with wetness from her previous orgasms and looking ready to unleash another squirting flood.

    But her next words drove him over the edge. "Uncle, let's make this reunion special." She says while spreading her wet folds open with two fingers.

    In less than a minute, he leaps into the car and crawls over his niece's body before he's face-to-face with her. She jumps up, catching his lips with hers and instigates a passionate kiss with her uncle. Her limps wrap around him and pull him down to crash onto her body, his hands bracing by holding onto her soft boobs.

    Without any flimsy fabric between his hands and her body, he was able to do whatever he wanted to the big flesh globes, kneading them like dough and continuously receiving lust-filled moans from the athletic model.

    And now without any fabric preventing physical contact, Derek's dick was able to make direct contact with her sobbing mound. Their hands went over, exploring as much flesh as possible. Paris moans when her uncle attacks her bare neck, kissing and licking the perspiration off her flesh. With every tap on her pussy by the hard pole and the acts Derek does on her neck, her pussy gets wetter and wetter. Especially as it was grinding along her velvety soft lips.

    Squeezing her boobs with all of his might, he relishes the feeling of the soft flesh bulging out between his fingers. A thumb on both of the nipples, playing with them like a child using a PS controller and fumbling with the joysticks.

    Paris got off on that, thrusting her pussy up along the side of her uncle's dick. It got to the point where she couldn't help but moan out loud in her uncle's mouth while she reaches down between their bodies and grab hold of his thick cock. Stroking it, initially to make sure it's at full mast, her eyes widen when she feels it harden further.

    It was like she was holding a brick rather than a penis.

    He returns the favor, playing with her nether parts as well when one of his hands leaves her chest and travels down to her juicy slit. He parts the lips with his fingers and probes and prods the insides of her warm cavern with his middle finger.

    "Oh my God! Uncle, Please! Give me your cock! Fuck, I'm so wet for you. Please, just fuck me! Please!" Paris begs and pleads for her uncle, unable to hold out anymore. She was freaking desperate for it now.

    He didn't need any more than that from his horny niece. Derek had already settled in between her legs and aimed at her tight slit. "Ready?" He asks her one last time, as she has to give the go-ahead before they cross the final line together. But she gave an immediate nod and the man in her embrace accepted it as he drove his big member into her wet hole.

    Paris cries out in pleasure, her hole absolutely soaking from excitement as her uncle's meat finally gets reacquainted with the folds of her pussy. It goes past the folds of her outer lips and deep into her soaking hot cunt.

    "Oh fuck!" This time Derek cries out in surprise and a strange sense of familiarity as his dick submerges inside her nether regions. While his upstairs brain couldn't recall a single thing from fucking Paris the first time around, his dick sure had perfect memory in comparison as it remembers the feeling of the initial penetration. "Think I finally remember your 18th, baby." He tells her, feeling as though the memories of that evening returned to him in a flood.

    "Fuck the past and fuck me, Unc." She lustfully says.

    Burying his pole deep inside of her, Derek lets his hands wander up along her waist and up towards her bouncing tits, grabbing them once more and squeezing the life of them. Keeping a tight hold on her pillow mocha-colored flesh bags, he begins driving his dick into her, alternating between long and quick drills.

    Paris was losing it as he really started going all-out, fucking her body with all of his might. The force of his thrusts shook the Ferrari and with the door open behind him, every one of her screams of pleasure was being released into the open air. Others might think she was being murdered by how loud her screams are.

    Taking his hands off of her tits, he places them on her hips and looks down on the athletic actress screaming in pleasure. He gets to watch his niece do everything she's capable of to take in more of his dick as he continues to plow her sobbing pink box, ranging from twisting, turning and gyrating her hips. She was determined to get every inch of his dock.

    "Harder!" She moans. One of her hands rubbed her clit sticking its head out. Derek stopped every now and then mid-thrusts as her cold fingers would touch his shaft, but he never stopped fucking her, continuing to slam into her with all of his members.

    "Oh fuck!" Paris howls, her inner wetness squirting and releasing a powerful stream of her juices as another orgasm courses through her. She almost laughed when some of her juices reached her uncle's chest. She faces him with another glazed look, panting and breathing heavily from her orgasm. "Are you kidding me, Unc. That was epic! Fuck, no wonder Kelli keeps bragging about what a fuck you are in bed."

    "Really wish she didn't keep talking about our "interactions" with you." Derek says. "More importantly, you okay?"

    "More than okay, trust me." Paris says. "In fact…" She shows off how eager and ready she is for more when she uses her foot to push her uncle away, his dick sliding out of her with a wet popping sound. Derek watches in amazement as she turns around on the seats, places herself on her hands and feet and puts her head against the seats. Her big caramel buns hoisted up, demanding all attention to her nether regions.

    "Nothing better than a reunion, right, Unc?" Paris purrs as she reaches back and pulls her ass cheeks apart, exposing her muff and her puckered asshole.

    At that moment, he couldn't have agreed more with his beautiful niece. He returns inside the car, holding himself up on a knee while his other leg is on the car floor as his hands grab hold of her delicious derriere. Caressing the buns, he gives them a few spanks just to remind himself of the feeling of her buns.

    Paris herself groans, too aroused and frustrated for foreplay.

    "Uncle, come on now! Please!" She looks over her shoulder with a face innocent look.

    Without another word, he directs his member back inside of her pussy and effortlessly reenters her juicy snatch. "Oh finally!" She moans louder than a damn ambulance horn, pressing her head against the car seats.

    With Derek's dick back inside of her, it did not take long for him to resume his previous speed from their last position. Every action had the benefit of him slamming into her cheeks, causing ripples to flow through her buns with each thrust.

    He loved every inch of his sexy niece's body, his hands going over to something they had previously found themselves fond of. Sliding under her sweaty body, he grabs hold of Paris' large, swinging tits. He shows off his multitasking skills as he gropes her tits, tweaks her nipples and never stops trusting into her.

    Deciding on really blowing her mind to pieces, Derek removes one hand from her sweaty flesh bags and slides it down to her stomach, finding her snatch and focusing on her sensitive clit. Upon meeting it with his fingers, Paris moans again and continues to do so as her uncle rubs and fidgets her small button. He presses down on it, hard, playing with the clitoris while his dick shoots in and out of her cunt.

    He leans down, kissing the nape of her neck, traveling up to the side of her jawline. And as he peppers it with butterfly kisses, Paris moans. "Unc, make me cum! Please. If you do, I'll swing by your place whenever I'm free. We can fuck as much as we want. My pussy is all yours."

    "Does that mean I've finally impressed you? Mean you're gonna shake these tits and this ass for me?" Derek asks with a slight chuckle. Curious whether or not her brain had turned to mush from the orgasms.

    "Yeah, more than impress me, Unc. Please, just make me cum. I swear, I'll shake my ass and tits for you as much as you want. Wear whatever you want, too!" She confesses, slamming her ass back hard to meet her uncle's thrusting hips.

    Their actions together allow his dick to go even deeper into her cunt, rubbing the farthest insides of her velvet cavern. Derek continues going at full force on her battered and sucking cunt, making sure to meet Paris' ass grinds. His teeth grind when feeling her inner walls locking down on his cock like a vice, trying to force out his baby batter.

    Every one of her uncle's actions drove her mad with lust and pleasure, especially as the meat sword continued to slide in and out of her. Paris tries, as she manages to find the strength to use her arms, to join her uncle's actions in twisting her big boobs and in playing with her sobbing pussy.

    Paris' eyes shut immediately, an over-surging erotic, pre-orgasmic sensation overwhelming her entire body, but she opened her eyes again, moaning loudly when the combined actions of her and her uncle brought her to another orgasmic release!

    "OH FUCK!"

    She squeals and Paris reaches her release, bursting like a bomb and squirting her delicious juices all over the car seats.

    Derek, while still surprised by her squirting again and again, focused on fighting back his own orgasm. He put his hands on her hips again, continuing to slam into her pink box as she rode through her climax. It didn't take long for his own orgasm to come to be, his dick swelling up inside of his niece's wet twat, which showed no sign of not stopping squeezing his meat sword.

    He continues to plow into her fleshy tunnel, fucking the caramel-skinned beauty within an inch of her young life.

    Paris did as much as she could to help him, thrusting her ass back to meet his drilling cock. And despite her best efforts, she found it damn impossible to not scream and squeal in pleasure, enough to maybe blast the windows off the sports car. But that is not a concern of hers as she is busy plunging her nether regions back onto the thick sword her uncle has sheathed inside of her.

    To her utter surprise, her juices once again erupt, soaking her and her uncle's legs and hips.

    Seeing her orgasm once more, made Derek bring out even more strength and he directed it all to his thrusting as he drives his cock harder into her squirting box. "What a dirty slut!"

    "Yes! Yes!" She chants.

    Grabbing her long hair, pulling it into a ponytail for him to hold, he brings his niece's head closer to his own and tells her. "I'm gonna cum soon, Paris." The feeling of his cum swelling up inside of his balls was inevitable, closing in on his finish line.

    "Don't take it out!" Paris screams to his surprise. "Keep it inside! Shoot it all inside of me, Unc! Flood my fucking cunt with your cum!" Now lust and desire were controlling her and she was fine with it, especially as she manages to remove her hand from her clit and grabs Derek's fat balls.

    To his own surprise, her words brought him over the edge. "Paris!" He roars, unable to hold back anymore.

    With one final thrust on his part, Derek gives a loud moan as he finally and blissfully deposits a geyser of hot cum inside Paris' heaven-earned pussy. Both moaned in pleasure, her velvet walls milking the spasming and quaking shaft, draining it of every last drop of cum like it owed her money.

    "Dear God." Derek lets out, lying on top of his niece's body. He never removes his cock and keeps it inside of her and the two of them sigh and pant in unison.

    "Fuck, Unc." Paris turns her head, looking up at his face. "You're a real monster in the sack."

    "Family trait, apparently." He nods to her.

    "You know, my friends won't be back for a while…" Paris smirks.

    "And…" Derek feels his dick harden, ideas swarming his mind.

    "And I still got lots of other bikinis in my trailer." Paris smirks wider. "Want another show, Unc? Up close and personal?"

    Like she needed a yes.

    (A week later….)

    With a groan coming out of him, Derek makes his way down the stairs of his house and goes to the annoying front door which is currently being hammered from the other side by someone trying to get into his home.

    A week had gone by since he and Paris crossed a huge line in their lives, a line that was crossed dozens of times on that single night before her friends returned with food and drinks. Goddamn, he was glad that they had moved their reunion into the trailer, the actress was really able to express herself in several different bikinis and work every asset on her body to the maximum.

    Even he had lost count of how many times he came in her mouth or pussy. One thing he did remember clear as day was the fact that his dick hurt like the dickens when they were done. Felt like it would fall right off his crotch.

    If he didn't know any better, he was sure that his niece had become a succubus, determined to drain him.

    He hadn't heard from her in a week now, assuming she had become too busy with her career to swing by.

    Derek was reminded by the knocking on his front door when it became even more erratic. "I'm coming! Hold your damn horses!" He shouts, wondering what words he has to fire off at the annoying visitor. "What the hell's the dea-" He stops when opens the door, shocked by the person, her attire and the fact that his dick stood up at full-mast immediately at the sight.

    To his surprise, Paris was in front of him right now, standing on his doorstep wearing a schoolgirl uniform. The kind that private schools make their students wear. She was wearing a checkered skirt, white knee-high socks, a white shirt that was struggling with her big bust. Furthermore, she's wearing a short blue uniform cape, on her collar she's wearing a beige ribbon and a blue beret on top of her head.

    If he didn't know any better, she just made a beeline from her pornstar private school.

    But while he was taking in her sexy uniform, Derek failed to notice her scowl as she walked into his house without permission. "Unc, you're a bastard."

    Her words make him turn to her. "Think your Grandma and Grandpa would argue with that, but for the sake of this convo, why am I a bastard?" He closes the door.

    Standing in the middle of the living room, she crosses her arms over her breasts. "You're a bastard. You haven't called me a single time since last week. Don't tell me you've forgotten me?"

    "Never." Derek laughs as he sees her acting hurt and pouting. "But you gotta remember, I don't have your number or anything, baby." Paris' look tells her she realizes the same. "Plus, your mom might be suspicious if I called and asked for you every single day."

    "Oh… That's on you." She shoots back with a proud look.

    Derek steps closer to her, brushing hair out of the way from her face. "Kinda your fault too, baby. You were very distracting back there."

    "Well, glad you noticed." Paris smirks. "Speaking of, still got those bikini bottoms I had you keep?" Derek nods and she shocks him when she lifts her skirt, revealing her bare shaved mound glistening and her juices dripping out of her wet hole.

    "Walking around with no underwear… In such clothes…." Derek puts a hand on her stomach, fiddling with one of the buttons. "What exactly were you thinking?"

    "I was thinking that my uncle would take a seat on his ugly-ass couch and pull off his pants so I can have some fun." Paris licked her lips, giving her uncle an idea of what fun she was looking for. "Wanna make my wish come true, Unc?"

    Derek walks around her, not able to resist her at all. He takes a seat on the couch. "For the record, my couch is not ugly. It's vintage."

    "Aha." She lets out unconvinced and takes a seat beside her uncle, sitting on her knees. As he pulls off his pants, she pushes her hair behind and makes sure her beret is still in place. She practically starts drooling when his dick comes out to play. "Hey, handsome."

    Her love for the swollen form of her obsession is obvious. The purple head leaks pre-cum and she quickly swipes her tongue over the tip, catching the drop before it leaks down the shaft. She wraps her hand around the meaty member, making her uncle recall the feeling of her soft hands on his body again.

    And without waiting any further, she slips the lengthy sword into her mouth. Derek moans as she pleasures him with her mouth and her hands. She hums in pleasure, sending out vibrations through his sensitive organ and making him quiver.

    As more and more of his cock-flesh disappears between her bee-stung lips, he meets most of her suctions with thrusts of his hips. Paris smiles, removing one hand from his shaft and fondling his balls.

    As he feels her hands taking more of an active role, he looks over her uniform-clad body and sees her ass up high, demanding attention. Reaching over, he places his fingers over the skirt-covered bun, stroking and fondling the left ass-cheek.

    But he had to stop when his phone started ringing beside him on the couch seat. He picks it up and the caller id makes him pull Paris off his dick. She throws him an angry look, hating how her fun was interrupted. "It's your Mom!"

    "Oh, figured she might call sooner or later." Paris shrugs. "Answer her, don't tell her I'm here and put it on speaker. I wanna hear my mom. I'm gonna be busy." To his utter surprise, she casually resumes sucking him off.

    He wanted nothing more than to pretend he didn't hear his sister's call just to enjoy his time with her daughter, but he knew his sister's persistence better than anyone else in this world. Even more so than her husband.

    Accepting the call and putting it on speaker, after a moan, he puts the phone to his ear. "Okay, who died?"

    Paris gives her uncle a sideways look at the greeting while her own mother on the other end of the call says. "Seriously, bro, what kind of way is that to greet your little sister?!"

    "You've called me twice this month, the very same month I'm supposed to use as a time-off from work. First thing was to keep an eye on your kid…" Same kid was smiling around his cock while slurping it. "Figured, it was reasonable to assume that second call would be a notice of death."

    "You're an idiot." His sister says. "But nothing like that, it's Paris."

    The two make eye contact. "What about her? Taking after her mother? Sneaking drinks into the house or what?"

    "Shut up and listen." His sister tells him. Paris smiles even more as she slips the cock out of her mouth and stands up. She straightens her clothes and walks around the couch, showing a smirk to her uncle. "My baby's got another photoshoot for one of her latest movies."

    "Another one?" He gives a fake tired and annoyed sigh as he stands up, following his niece with his eyes. "Want me to come and make sure she is still standing?" Derek leans against the back of the couch, watching as she sexily walks to his fridge.

    "No, no. I was wondering if she could spend the night at your place after her shoot." Marie surprises him with the question.

    But what surprises him into silence is when Paris opens the bridge and bents down at the waist, her skirt flipped over her ass and exposing her ass in all of its glory for him to see. In her schoolgirl uniform, it was even more irresistible. She was clearly looking for something in there, but she kept wiggling her ass to get an action from her uncle.

    "Hello?" His sister gets his attention again through the phone.

    "What? Sorry, was…." He walks up to his niece from behind and places his dick between her lower cheeks. "Looking for a beer, had to drop my phone." He places his phone on the nearby kitchen counter, giving his hands the freedom to grab hold of Paris' hips.

    "But why do you want her to spend the night here?"

    "Well, Paris went away early today for her shoot and it's not far from where you live actually. She said it might be pretty late for her shoot to end and all. Then I remembered your girlfriend doesn't swing by until next week, right?" Marie asks.

    "And you figured because it's just myself in this oh-so-small house, and I'd be lonely as hell and available for another favor?" Derek casually responds while rocking his dick back and forth between her soft chocolate-colored buns. Paris, having found two beers holds them tight in one hand, her other one holding her up by bracing against the wall. She bites her lower lip, preventing any moans from escaping.

    "Kinda." Marie sheepishly says. "So is it okay? She loved talking with you last time, reconnecting with her favorite uncle and all. One more day is all I'm asking. Please, big bro?"

    Paris stands up and keeps her body pressed against her uncle's body, placing the beer bottles on the counter. With her hands free, she reaches behind her and grab onto her uncle's messy hair while she continues rocking her ass up and down his sword. Biting onto her neck, Derek moans into her flesh and tells his sister.

    "Ugh, fine. I'll order some pizza and whatnot, so she doesn't go hungry when she gets back." Derek says. "But if she thinks of bringing any boys in here, don't be surprised when I come out with a body bag."

    Paris laughs, grinding her ass harder against his cock.

    "What exactly do you think of my daughter? She's not some slut who goes around the neighborhood, fucking every man in sight." Derek and Paris look at the phone with surprise.

    "Fun thing to say about your daughter, sis. Gonna try and bleach my brain now." Derek may say that, but the idea of her fucking every guy in his neighborhood does get him harder. Furthermore, he gets an image of her scissoring every woman on his block next.

    Would definitely prove that his niece is a succubus.

    "Have fun with that. Bye, call me when my baby reaches you." Marie says before hanging up.

    "So mom fears I'm some slut now." Paris scoffs. "What do you think, Unc? Am I a slut?" She shakes her ass against his cock.

    "Gonna answer that tomorrow, baby." He moans and shares a kiss with his horny niece over her shoulder.

    But his makeout session with his niece came to a halt when someone else started banging on his front door. Paris pulls out of the kiss and smiles. "Oh, Kelli finally made it." She walks over to the door.

    "Wait, Kelli." Derek asks her as she reaches the door.

    "Like I said, Unc." Paris winks.

    "Nothing better than a reunion."

    THE END…

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    I know I'm probably biased, but man that was sooo hot!!
    So glad you decided to finally post a story Retro,
    That was definitely worth the wait!!

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    Ho. Lee. Chit. That was fucking incredible. Hope to see more of your stuff posted here

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    Thanks guys. I might post some of my other stuff from the other site as well since this one was well-received.

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