Well I finally got something finished. It's a stand alone fic but based on the absurd world of super producer Mike Giovanni, so it might make more sense if you've read any of the "Livin' The Dream" series.

Thanks again to TPG for bouncing ideas off and that little poke that got me to finish this. If you like what I've done so far then I promise it won't be 2 years before I post my next story

Trick Or Treatin'
A Michael Giovanni Tale

Cheryl Tweedy

"Don't let Dracula pull in man", Rocky advised, "He can fuckin' wait like everyone else"

Dracula, the Mummy and something hairy stared back at us from the cherry red Dodge Challenger that was trying to queue jump onto the driveway. The car sat at a noisy idle, an over the top rumble coming from the V whatever under the bonnet every time they inched forward.

"Don't worry, he's not going anywhere", Frankie replied edging our Phantom forward a few inches.

The classic horror collection muttered to each other and did the same. They seemed to want to get on to Tee's drive pretty quickly.

"What is that in the back?" Joey asked from the passenger seat, "Wolfman?"

"Chewie?" I offered

"Why would Chewbacca be in the back of Dracula's car?" Rocky asked completely missing the comedy of the situation

"Must be an attempt at the Wolfman", Joey confirmed.

The Dodge moved forward again.

"Well they look fuckin' shit", Rocky spat bringing his electric window down, "Oi!", he shouted half hanging out of the window, "You want to chill the fuck out? You'll get in"

The line of cars running up the drive started to move, Frankie pushed us forward and fully in front of the Challenger. Dracula, the Mummy and Wolfman looked on.

"Eventually!" Rocky laughed giving them his middle fingers as a parting gift.

We were in Beverly Hills, trying to get into a Halloween party being thrown at Tee's LA home. The queue of traffic had stretched down the drive and in both directions up and down the street. I was in a trio with Rocky and Joey as the white Run DMC whilst Frankie had got himself sorted with a Notre Dame university football uniform to represent his old college. He'd even got his old number put on the back.

A valet took the Phantom off our hands and we moved past four Star Wars Stormtroopers and one of Tee's staff dressed as an Imperial officer.
"We're not the droids you're looking for", Joey grinned like the true Star Wars geek as the Imperial officer, a rather cute but short black girl, checked our invites. We were walking into the house an into a movie geeks most random dream. You couldn't help but play spot the movie.

There were 300 wannabe's flashing their six packs, a couple of stupidly realistic marines ("Which war film are you from?" I asked, "Pick one" was the short reply we received), Frankie spotted a convincing Frankenstein that he knew from the close protection circuit and we all had to stop and stare at a flawlessly bodied Cleopatra as she wandered past us in the hallway. It was just a pity she was accompanied by her own muscle bound bodyguard. The lads stopped to discuss the passing Egyptian ruler but I was on the hunt for a pussy cat and a black Neil Armstrong.

I spotted Cheryl as soon as I entered the lounge area. You had to call it an area because of the square footage it covered, it couldn't ever be just a lounge. She was stood talking to her new Best Fucking Friend Will.I.Am by the dinning room doors at the back of the room. Will had ended up with the prize of producing most of her first solo album, I think I'd got luckier with the prize I'd collected a couple of times already. Hopefully I'd be going home with the prize again tonight.

The boys peeled off to find the bar as I began to make my way across the busy room. There were a ton of famous faces in attendance. Rihanna was dressed as some bizarre sexy tiger and was already surrounded by guys, she playfully flicked me with her tail and stuck her tongue out cheekily as I passed. The little minx. Hugh Hefners ex 'Girl Next Door", Kendra Wilkinson, was laughing like a demented donkey over by the big bay window. The laugh was annoying but she looked good as a scantily clad golfer. Her new beau didn't seemed to be enjoying himself as he scowled and growled at any men moving in too close to his wifey. My old fixer Felix Washington was in attendance too.

"You want them Lakers floor seats yet?" he asked as I walked by, "Right next to mad Jack Nicholson"
"At your prices, only if I'm here when the Bulls come to town man", I joked

Cheryl spotted me and smiled as I stopped to speak to Felix. She made a sexy black and white cat, which was a very bizarre thought to have. Her costume wasn't as radical as some in attendance, I'd heard someone say that Ice T's other half was here fully leathered up like a fetish centrefold, but it was still very effective.

She had black and white cat ears sticking out from her volumed out hair and a fancy cat face mask on the end of a stick like she was at a Mardis Grais party. Her neck was highlighted by the thin red leather and diamante studded collar sitting snugly around it. It even had a silver bell attached to the front. They all went very well together but it was the outfit that gave the appearance it's edge.

A black halter neck top hung loosely above spray on tight black leggings. The leggings shimmered in the light giving them a wet look. Little silver zips twinkled at me from the tops of her thighs. She turned slightly to respond to something that Will said. The leggings were very tight, it looked like you could bounce a coin off her pert little butt. I wanted to be bouncing something other than coins off her arse tonight. Her bare shoulders and arms were a lovely sun baked bronze. The stiletto ankle boots completed the look and I couldn't help but smile back at her. She looked around a little nervously before reaching behind her a producing a fake black cat tail with a white tip, she hit a catwoman pose and twirled the tail suggestively at me.

"Mee-OW!", I laughed as I joined them

"You like?" Cheryl replied holding the mask up to her face

"Very Eyes Wide Shut", I said.

I greeted Will and ask if I could borrow Cheryl for a few minutes. He said no problem and slid off to speak to someone else. We both watched as he waddled off in a full blown 1960's space suit. I put one hand lightly on the small of Cheryl's back as we moved into the dinning room. She flinched slightly.

"What's up?" I asked

"Your plan was very ingenious", she started, "But possibly not ingenious enough"


"You forgot who else lives out here in LA"

"Quite a few people live here", I joked, "It's a big old place"

Cheryl was in quite a serious mood.

"Simon lives here"


"Yes, Simon fucking Cowell. He heard I was coming over to LA after we finished shooting the other day and he offered us a place on his jet. Said he was coming home for a few days", Cheryl explained in a hushed tone.

"And? You were due to come out here on work anyway and being at this party isn't that strange thanks to Will being here"

"Yes, like I said very cunning and ingenious on your part, but you forgot what a fucking megalomaniac control freak he is", she hissed, "He heard about the party and got himself an invite. Said he wanted to meet Titus, a fellow fucking megalomaniac I might add"

"Tee is no where near as bad as Simon", I defended.

"Only because your part of the club Mike", Cheryl sighed, "He's even got me and my assistant staying at his house"


"Well I couldn't turn it down could I. You know what he's like. I even ended up coming with him"
I looked around the room, this did put the shitter on my plans, "So where is he?"

"Off talking world domination with Tee. In his office I think", Cheryl sighed, she was uneasy and stressed about the spot we found ourselves in.
I smiled broadly as we came to a stop at the piano in the corner of the dinning room.

"Have I told you how awesome you look yet?" I asked trying to ease her mood.

A smile curled one corner of Cheryl's mouth, "You hadn't actually"

"Well you do"

"Did you not see Rihanna in the next room?" Cheryl asked

"Rihanna who? Must have passed her by", I smiled

Cheryl laughed freely and smiled. That was the Cheryl I knew.

She turned to face the piano and put her mask and drink down on it's shiny black top. She was so close to me that she could talk clearly in a hushed tone.

"Do you like the leggings? They fit my arse ok?" she flirted.

I looked around the room, no one was paying any attention to us. I made it obvious to Cheryl that I was checking her arse out.

"Very well", I reported back, "They are pretty fuckin' tight"

"You know they're so tight I had to to do away with my knickers", she said trying to keep a straight face.

"Are you trying to get me going?" I asked making light of her comment

"Well that's what I've been thinking about for most of the day", she smiled, "I didn't plan on Simon coming with me tonight though. I thought you could whisk me away and I could show you how tight they actually are"

"I could still do that", I replied

"Simon would get suspicious. He loves having things over people, why do you think he got as far as he's got. With him it's all about knowing the who's, where's and when's", Cheryl commented.

"I'm almost thinking the same thing at the minute"


"I'm thinking where, when and how", I half laughed.

"You want me?"

"Hell yeah. I want me a bit of sexy feline", I said

Cheryl shifted slightly so she could check out who was around us. There weren't that many people in the dinning room and they were all too wrapped up in themselves to worry about a man and a woman talking at the piano.

"I want you too. Right now. These trousers are so fucking tight, they're rubbing all over my little pussy"

"I love it when you swear. It sounds so wrong", I laughed quietly.

"I was thinking about it earlier"


"I was in the shower at Simons, I was all soapy and wet, fuck, it was such a turn on"

She wasn't the only one. My motor had started running and I was coming up to temp.

I lent in to whisper in her ear, "I can imagine. All soapy and wet. I could slide all the way up in you. The sound of the water would hide you moaning"

Cheryl's cheeks reddened a little.

"I wanted you to come and fuck me in that shower. That'd teach the prick", Cheryl whispered back with a smile.

"Could I get a pornstar finish?" I asked hopefully.

Cheryl giggled and looked at me for a second, "I'd let you shoot all over my face"

I returned with a smile and began to think. I'd only been here a couple of time before and I was trying to figure out a safe place we could go. Then I suddenly remembered, Tee had a den over on the other side of the house, next door to his cinema room. It was a private little space he kept for himself. No one went in there normally so there wouldn't be anyone in there today, unless he was showing off his awards and plaques to Cowell. I took Cheryl lightly by the hand.

"Come on", I said beging to lead her away.

"Where we going?" Cheryl giggled

"Back in time", I said as we exited, "To earlier this afternoon"

We made our way through the vast home, trying to avoid as many people as possible. The few we did pass we ignored and made it look like we were just wandering through the house. Not rushing off for an early evening quickie.

I found our way to the den and it's thick dark wooden door. I gripped the handle, prayed silently and turned the knob.

The den was empty. The pictures and gold and platinum discs were all on the walls as I remembered. The furniture had changed but there was still a black leather sofa, two matching chairs, a desk and Tee's trademarked oversized executive chair. I pulled Cheryl into the room and shut the door.

Cheryl launched herself at me and began to kiss me passionately. I responded by cupping her tits in my hands and bumping her back onto the door.

"Ooof, fuck!" she whispered as I squeezed her tits hard and searched for her nipples.

Her hands were around my neck and eagerly pulling me down to her waiting mouth. I felt around for the handle and latch for the lock. We didn't need to be disturbed.

"Let's get on the sofa", I managed to breath as Cheryl began to moan in between our kisses.

"Fucking take me now", she said as she literally dragged me over to the leather sofa.

We began to kiss again as we stood in the center of the room. My fingers roaming around her waist trying to figure out how to get into the tight leggings.

"How do you get into these bloody things?" I asked

Cheryl chuckled, "Magic", she teased, "Get yourself ready and sit down", she said rubbing the palm of her hand roughly over my now almost fully hard cock. The only thing holding it back was my straight fit Levis.

My Adidas Superstars were slipped off and down came my jeans and boxers. I stood for a quick minute so Cheryl could see how ready I was for her. She was busy weaving her magic on the ultra tight bottoms and taking her stiletto boots off.

I sat down and watched like a hungry dog as the fake tail came off and Cheryl began to pull and roll the leggings down her slim legs. She hadn't been lying about loosing her knickers either. She stood before me in just her halter top and cat ears. I licked my lips. Cheryl laughed. "And the award for the luckiest bastard alive goes to.."

Cheryl came and straddled me on the sofa. The soft fur of her immaculately trimmed runway rubbing over my dick for a brief moment.

I grabbed her arse cheeks roughly and pulled her towards me so we could kiss again.

"Comfier than a shower", Cheryl posed.

"Not as wet", I offered in returned.

She dropped a hand between us. It reappeared a second later with her middle digit extended. I saw it glisten in wetness before she rubbed it gently on the end of my nose.

"Wet enough", she said slipping the finger into her mouth and beging to suck on it.

I lifted Cheryl nearly clean out of my lap and dropped her onto my waiting dick.

"Fuck!" she exclaimed at the force, "Oooh yesss", she sighed as she moved her pussy around my rod that was now deep inside her, "Good fucking boy", she confirmed.

She composed herself a little and got comfy in her straddling position as she used the stiffness of my dick to find her spot.

"Oh Christ", she suddenly moaned.

She'd found it.

She began to stroke her pussy along my dick, contact never being lost with her most pleasurable inner place. She reached up to a point where it was just the head of my cock was inside her before plunging back down my full length.

I reached behind Cheryl's neckand undid the halter top. It fell away silently as she continued to grind along my dick. Her perfect little pair jiggled salaciously as she began to pick up her pace.

"They're so perfect", I sighed as I took one gently in each hand. Her pussy was sliding over me in a mixture of juices, it felt incredible. I found myself concentrating on handling her tits to stave off shooting too soon.

"Bite 'em", Cheryl instructed as she began to grind down hard into my lap, "Bite my nipples", she moaned

I obliged and began to suck and bite on her hard little pink nipples. I looked up as I sucked on them, alternating between each one, Cheryl's head was dropped back and lolling from one side to the other. She was now grinding me back and forth, trying to keep her desired contact with both my mouth and my dick. I suddenly felt the heady twinge of my own orgasm approaching.

"Keep doing that!" I panted, dropping her soft tits from my mouth and hands. I put my hands authoritatively on her hips to show her I wanted her to go faster.

"Like that? Harder?" Cheryl gasped as she picked up her pace

"That's it. Keep fucking me like that", I managed to reply.

Cheryl lent down to kiss me as she continued to ride away. This gave me a chance to run a hand into her hair and fondle her strands around my fingers. Cheryl suddenly pulled her head back, causing it to pull tight in my hands.

"Unngh!" she moaned, "That's it!"


"I want you to fuck me now. Fuck me now and pull my hair", she said looking deep into my eyes.

A fanfare went off in my head.

"You want me to crack that little pussy from behind?" I asked already knowing the answer

Cheryl moaned slightly.

I tugged at the handful of hair I still had.

"You want me to do what?" I asked again

"Fuck me, hard! And pull my hair!" she gasped.

I stood Cheryl up and faced her towards the back of the sofa. I let her know exactly what I wanted by bending her over gently at the waist. Cheryl let her body be led by my hands and she was soon braced against the back of the sofa with her arms half bent and her arse jutting out towards my dick. I ran my hand softly up her spine, I lightly gripped the back of her neck before running my hand into her hair and grabbing a small amount of it. The hairspray covering made it feel crisp and tacky.

"Oh god yeah, stick it in", Cheryl gasped as I tugged on her hair.

I began to rub my already lubed cock on Cheryl's soppy pussy lips. She hurried me along by arching her back more and more to open up access to her tunnel.

I finally slid into her, a satisfied gasp escaping from both of us.

"Is that the way?" I asked gripping her hair and pushing forward

Cheryl dropped her head forward between her arms, I heard her groan, "Fuck!"

I began to pump away, it felt fantastic. Cheryl was up on the balls of her feet and pushing her arse back as she moaned and gasped. I pulled her hair back harder so I could see her face clearly.

"Oh god, go on Mike, fuckin' go on", she almost whispered

I slapped her hind sharply.

"Owww!" she almost yelped, "Fuck me!"

I slapped her again and let go of her hair. Both my hands now gripped her hips to help with my frenetic pace.

"Fuck fuck fuck!" Cheryl panted.

Her body was going limp and she quickly altered her stance to rest her knees on the sofa. This helped me with my angle of attack and I was soon slamming into the top of her lathered up tunnel.

"Yes, yes yes!" I said, I gripped her hips and arse tighter and tighter as I felt myself about to cum.

"Go on! Go on! Go on!" Cheryl mumbled.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck!" I said as I felt myself reach the apex. One more thrust and I was tumbling down the other side.

"Ooooh God, yessss!" came the hiss from Cheryl, "Fuck yessss baby!" she said through tightly gritted teeth.

I could feel my seed pumping into Cheryl and in turn her pussy drinking it up. The wet sounds of physical sex mixed with our panting, groaning and sighing.

"Christ on a bike", I said slipping out of Cheryl. I was buzzed.

Cheryl was still on her knees on the leather sofa. She was biting the leather back rest cushion. I took a step back and admired the naked view before me.

Cheryl's red, wet slick pussy was on full display, her arse hanging in the air with her body slumped up against the back of the sofa. My load was slowly running and dripping out of Cheryl and onto Tee's black leather sofa. That made me smile. It was a pity it wasn't Simon Cowell's sofa she was dripping on.