Cordelia Unleashed Part III: Discovery
Story by: Robbins(
Editing by: DCForever (

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon, Fox, and Mutant Enemy own the copyrights to the
characters within the story.We just borrowed them for our own
pleasure and imagination.

Rating: NC-17 (bondage, and sex...of course)

Pairings: (FF, MF): Cordelia/Angel, Cordelia/Fred,and Fred/Gunn

Warning: This continues the imaginative rewrite of the show Angel.

Setting: Angel has let go of his love for Buffy, he turned and has accepted
Cordelia's tortured love. News that once heard of brought Fred to
tears and the knowledge she would never be with Angel again.
Meanwhile, Wesley and Gunn both pronounced their love for Fred,
even going as far as fighting for her love. Cordelia lastly exacted
revenge on Fred, tying her up and started punishing her for lack of
respect. That is where the story picks up.
Fred's body started struggling as she tried to free her arms and legs from the restraints that remained attached to the bed.
Her movements were limited, as her body seemed to have a mind of its own, humping her pelvis into the face of her capturer.

Cordelia Chase's face was buried between her legs, licking feverishly over the girl's pink inner folds, while her slim fingers pried open the lips even further, allowing Cordy to look onward into the heavenly pink abyss.

"You like this don't you?" Cordelia asked of Fred as she flicked her tongue over the sensitive nubbin staring her in the face. Fred couldn't control her body as she repeatedly raised and lowered her body, trying to force more contact between her pussy and Cordy's constantly repeating lips. The young woman was learning what it meant to be helpless and dominated; she had no say in anything done to her.

"Come on, Fred, just admit you like it girl. You know you love having your clit and pussy sucked and licked. I can tell your clitoris likes the attention, so why can't you admit it with your own lips?" Fred tried to respond in a attempt to end the humiliation, but her attempts went unheard due to the ball Cordy had earlier shoved into her mouth to silent her screams and discomfort. The ball was held in place by a leather strap wrapped tightly around the outer surface of the ball and her head, securing the ball in place.

"Fred? Fred? Fine, I'll make it easier on you. All you have to say is, make that stop Mistress. That seems easy enough." Fred fought against her restraints trying desperately to free herself, but all the struggling did no good,as she made no progress in escaping Cordy's captivity. Cordelia found the struggling quite entertaining and enjoyed watching the young woman's perk breasts bouncing around during the struggle. In one aspect it was fun to watch, but in another, Cordelia was growing tired of having her requests ignored by the bound woman.

Cordelia pulled back out of frustration, allowing her teeth to briefly grab hold of the girl's hardened flesh, causing the girl to scream against her gag in agony. The tall and demanding brunette stood up and grabbed for her leather whip laying across a nearby chair.

"Fine. If you don't want to cooperate and obey the rules...meaning obeying me...then you shall be punished for such a crime. Now where can I punish you feel it the worst...I meant most?" She asked, dragging the two-foot leather whip across the woman's peaks and valley, wondering just where to strike first. Fred's eyes grew larger and larger as the leather braided strands slowed and lingered over her already abused cunt. Cordelia slid the leather along the crease between her pussy lips, sending tickling sensations through the other girl's naked, bound body.

"I saw that, Fred. I'm not blind you know. I saw your eyes and I still see them. I bet I even know what you are thinking about right this second and I agree. Such a beautiful cunt shouldn't go unnoticed. I mean how can it? It just looks so tasty and inviting...and look, your clit is just screaming out for more attention." Patting the leather across her labia, "Yes, I think this would be a good spot to start as well. You want me to whip your pussy, don't you? Just look at you...your eyes...your breathing...your breasts. Your body is so giving your desires away whether you want to admit it or not. You know you want to feel my wraith as much as I want to wield it upon you. And you shall be rewarded with that which you wish."

Cordelia raised her right hand, clutching the whip's handle with authority and brought the strap down with a snap across her fully exposed pussy. Fred's body shook violently, forcing her to struggle that much more with her restraints. Again, the hand raised and snapped downward striking its target. Cordelia slowly started counting down, "15...snap...14..." as each strike struck violently against her helpless mound, leaving red welts and bruises in its wake. Fred was unable to resist the repeated torture causing her to pass out from the pain, leaving her body for whatever whelms Cordelia could
think of.

Minutes later, Cordelia lingered over Fred's prone body, taking in her work, before sliding a finger over the woman's pussy lips. She smiled and leaned in close to Fred's ear, whispering, "See Fred, I was right all along," she wiped her finger over Fred's lips, leaving her essence to be tasted once awakened. "You are beautiful and deserve to have pleasure in your
life, but sweetie, Angel isn't up for grabs." She dropped her lips to Fred's lips and lingered for a moment, feeling the softness and comfort in the one-sided contact. "When the time is right, you'll know I'm right and have been right all
along. You are more like me than you would ever care to admit."

She stood up, crossed the room, and exited, placing a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the outside doorknob. She walked down to the room Angel had given her for peace and quiet when she didn't care to go home to her apartment and deal with her ghost of a roommate, Dennis. While in the room, she brushed her hair, re-applied the right amount of makeup, and fixed her
clothes back, knowing she couldn't be seen unless she looked decent enough for her own tastes; meaning nothing less than a glamour queen. Once finished, she exited her room and started towards the stairs leading to the lobby. As she started down the stairs, she ran into Charles Gunn as he was headed up to her floor.

"Hey Cordy, have you seen Fred? During our fig...never mind that. I thought that she might have come up here. I sort of lost track of her." He asked the tall brunette, finding it hard not to stare at her chest and bountiful cleavage.

"Men," she thought as she saw his eyes dropping toward her chest.

"Sorry Charles, I haven't seen her. Well, not in a little while I guess. Last I heard, she wanted to let some steam off and get some fresh air. Might try the roof...or perhaps the garden. Those are the two places I think I would retreat if I were looking for solitude. You wouldn't happen to have an idea why she needed time to herself now would you?" She asked without remorse, feeling not a single bit guilty for her misdirecting the young man.

"Sorry, but I'm not sure I'm the right one to say anything. I have to really talk to Fred first. Hey, thanks for the ideas. I'll check them out right away." He nodded his head and stepped up one step, then lingered for a brief moment,stealing another glance or two down between Cordelia's breasts as she knowingly started back down the stairs, much slower than before. Snapping out of his reserve, he shook his head and started back up the stairs.

"No problem. It was my pleasure." She called out as he neared the second story landing, stopping Gunn. He turned back to thank her again, but immediately found his eyes drawn to her breasts as she bent over facing him, grabbing a piece of lint off a carpeted step. He couldn't find the words to respond so he just turned back around and continued on his way,
turning right at the landing, headed towards the roof's separate stairs.

Cordelia cracked a smile as she straightened up and fixed her blouse back in place before starting back towards the lobby. Once on the ground floor, she didn't hesitate as she headed straight for Angel's personal office, ready to finish what she had earlier started. As she opened the office door, she was met with the same scene with which she had earlier left;Angel tied and bound from the hotel's old, hidden ceiling joists, hanging helplessly just inches from the ground.
Up on the roof, a large metal door flew open as Gunn stepped onto the gravel-covered rooftop, immediately calling out for Fred. "Fred? Fred? Are you up here?" He called out as he walked around, searching all over, having never realized before just how much space the hotel took up. It was enormous.

"Guess the garden it is," he thought as he backtracked his steps and headed for the ground floor and the botanical garden just beyond the front entrance. On his way back down the stairs, he flashed by an upward bound Wesley, not saying a word as he stayed on task. Wesley continued up the stairs toward his study room where some nice books and possibly sleep
awaited him, but first he needed to tend to his bleeding forehead from his previous fight with Charles Gunn.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Gunn exited the hotel and searched the garden for Fred's presence, but again, there was no sign of her. He walked out to the outside sidewalk and looked in all directions for any sign of the beautiful physicist.

"No where," he thought as she headed back indoors just before the sky opened up and rain poured down from the heavens. As he re-entered the hotel, he heard a faint noise coming from the direction of Angel's office, but as time has gone on, he has learned noises from the lonely, soulful one's office has become the norm. "Maybe I'll find her in her room," he
thought, knowing that was where he had been previously headed before running into Cordy. He started back up the stairs,taking two steps at a time, quickening his pace.

A moment later, Gunn stood outside Fred's room, staring down at the 'Do Not Disturb' sign, while hearing a faint noise piercing through the closed, wooden door. He leaned into the door for better hearing, but still was unable to make out anything clearly.

"What is she doing in there?" he thought, knowing that if it was him, he knew what he would be doing. "She can't way. Guess this is what Cordy meant earlier by letting off some steam. You go girl, masturbate until
your hearts content." He whispered to himself. His curiosity was overwhelming. He knew he shouldn't even attempt opening her door, but he couldn't help himself. He reached for the doorknob and turned it, realizing quite quickly the door wasn't locked. Knowing there would be no turning back and willing to accept his fate, he eased the door open into the
room and immediately his eyes flew open, taking in the strange, yet erotic view. Fred felt a presence in the room and her renewed struggles came to an abrupt stop. She had just come back to and was dealing with the pain and aftermath of Cordy's abuse. Her clouded vision slowly cleared, allowing her to see a shocked Gunn staring back at her from the doorway.

She shot a smile at him and begged for his help. "Oh Gunn, am I ever glad to see you. Please help me." She cried out as her head dropped back down on the mattress, not caring if Gunn saw her like she was. Gunn quickly pushed open the door further, then closed it back before closing the distance between him and her bedside. He sat down on the edge of the bed
as he grabbed her left arm restraint, analyzing the handcuffs. "Police registered cuffs," he thought as he stood up and crossed over to her dresser to look for something to unlock the cuffs. He couldn't resist looking into the dresser mirror at Fred's nude, prone body as it lay helplessly on the bed while tied to the bedposts.

After finding what he was looking for, he crossed back over and within fifteen minutes, the bent paperclip unlocked the final pair of cuffs. Fred enthusiastically and thankfully jumped into his arms and kissed him on the lips, allowing him to taste traces of her essence upon her lips. After the oral contact, Gunn slung her limp body down on the bed and hovered
over her delicate body. He paused afterward, unsure of why he had acted so harshly. Fred saw the confusion in his eyes and his frozen body and grabbed his supporting arm and turned him over, allowing her to be on top and take control of the situation; a return to the role with which she cherished.

"Fred...what was all this about?" He asked as he motioned toward the cuffs and bondage gag setting on a bedside table. "Are you like into all this kind of stuff?"

"Charles, there are a few things you should know about me, but this...what you saw was all...never mind. It doesn't matter much anyway. What matters is I'm free thanks to you and I'm more than willing and ready to offer up an award of some sort." She said, smiling sexily down at the dark colored young man's rough face. "What do you say?"

Fred knew she couldn't mention Cordy's name to Charles and hated the fact that her body and erogenous zones were on fire,heated from the abusive punishment wielded by Cordy and her demented, dominative rage. Fred had always been the dominate partner in her few and limited experiences in the past, but Cordy changed everything in the girl's life by not allowing Fred the control she so seeked. She had been taken from her comfort zone and forced to be a submissive and she liked her new role equally as much.Now she sat straddling her friend and colleague's body, trying desperately to rid him of his faded jeans, while he pulled his own shirt over his head as he continued to lay on the bed.

"Fred, are you sure you want this?" He asked, immediately forced to throw his hips in the air as she engulfed and sucked down on his cockhead, sliding her tongue roughly over his slit in penetrating like motion. "Guess you're sure." He said as he reached out for her head, but received a slap to his hand for his advances.

"Just lay there and enjoy yourself." She commanded between nursing his ten-inch cock, forcing it to grow even harder from her oral ministrations.

The last time she had found a man's cock buried in her mouth with this much excitement in the air was in the Pylean caves with Angel. She couldn't help replacing in her head, Gunn's serious face with Angel's face as she went down on the young stud's manhood, deepthroating the entire length as she felt his balls banging against her chin.

Charles Gunn was enjoying the awarding moment, but still couldn't bring himself to fully enjoy it; still wondering what all this was about. "Why had Fred been stripped naked, bound, and beaten? Had it been a game she was playing with someone else...maybe a mutual erotic moment...or worse, a rape that she would prefer not to speak of?" He thought, while feeling
lost for satisfying answers.

When Fred thought her man was ready, she lifted off his body just long enough to guide his cockhead to her wet pussy lips with her hands. She carefully eased her body downward, distributing her weight across his mid section.

"Of yeah. Mmmm. Nice fit," commented Gunn as her tightness enveloped his member.

With a slowed momentum, she pushed her legs against the mattress, forcing her to raise up his shaft and then released the tension in her legs, causing her to drop down hard against his abdomen. His shaft rocketed against her inner walls,vibrating her nerves, sending her senses over the top. "Oh fuck, Gunn. Oh fuck. Fuck Me. Now. Fuck me."

Loving Fred's dirty talk and sexual vigor, Gunn frantically grabbed her hips and tightened his grip on her flesh to gain control of her movements. Once her motions were steadied, he started his own thrusting action, meeting her halfway in flesh-on-flesh heated contact. "Damn Fred. You're a wild one." Gunn emphasized as Fred's fingernails dug into his exposed chest, bringing blood to the surface.

"Fuck me, Charles! Fuck me! Harder! Harder, god dammit!" She screamed out, getting just what she wanted in return.

Fred's screams were loud enough to penetrate the thin hotel walls, alerting Wesley in a room five doors down from Fred's room. He stood up, walked over, and exited his stuffy room, and followed the noise down the hall, to find himself standing outside of Fred's room. The noise was loud and left nothing to the imagination. Wesley turned the doorknob, surprised to find it open, barely slipped the door open enough to peek into the room.

"Oh god, Charles. I can feel it. I'm going to come. Oh god. Oh oh oh...ahhh." Her small fragile body tensed up for a moment before falling limp down onto Gunn's awaiting arms, his cock remaining trapped inside the woman's body."No Fred! Please say you did," whispered Wesley, not sure if he should cry or get angry and beat the door down. He chose to hold his ground and continued peering into active room.

"Oh Angel...that was so heavenly," a disillusioned Fred said as she lifted her head to kiss her dark warrior. Upon seeing Gunn's confused stare, she knew something was wrong. Outside in the hall, Wesley was as stunned as the naked hunk inside the room, each waiting for an explanation.

"What's wrong, Gunn?" She asked, oblivious to her earlier slipup.

Deciding to get straight to the heart of the situation, "What does Angel have to do with this? You just called me Angel." Fred immediately closed her eyes and scrunched up her face, knowing she had made a cardinal error in choosing her words.

"I'm sorry, Charles," she said, rolling off his chest onto her back on the mattress. "I didn't mean...I swear I didn't...damn, it's complicated."
She turned to her left to watch Gunn's reaction, but his eyes were glued to the ceiling.

"Do you love him?" He asked as his eyes closed.

"Come on Charles...why must we..."

"Yes or No. Do you love him?" He asked again, this time turning to face her.

"I told you's too complicated. I can't saw for sure if I love him or not. With's different."

"Does he know?" Charles asked.

"I'm not sure. No, I don't think he does...well, maybe a little. I don't know. I don't know anything. Since Pylea, everything has been different. I'm not the same person I was." Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she
snuggled up close against Gunn's body. He wrapped his arms around her to console her.

"Fred, you have nothing to worry about. My feelings for you are clear.
I'll wait if time is what you feel you need." He said before kissing her forehead. "I love you and I have no doubts about it either."

"You're too good of a man." Fred said as she leaned up and kissed his lips. "You were wonderful. You are wonderful. Thanks...thanks for understanding." She laid her head against his chest.

A motion outside the door caught her attention causing her to peer at the door where she saw a shadow fading away. "Oh god, please don't let that have been Angel...or worse...Wesley," she thought as she rested, feeling the combination of her and Gunn's heartbeats racing, realizing it wasn't just Angel and Gunn she had feelings for. Wesley was in the pictures as much as anyone, adding to the difficulty and confusion of the situation. She knew if she wasn't careful, she could easily ruin friendships and great life that she had come to love.
Back downstairs, in Angel's office, turned torture dungeon, Cordy had been playing around with her man toy, boss, and friend as he remained bound to the office's ceiling. Angel was breathing heavy from the constant abuse
he had taken from the brunette in the last twenty minutes.

She stands in a chair and grabs his hair to get his attention.
"I bet your precious Buffy would never dream of doing such things to you, such a pity. She had her chances and blew it.'re mine and know one thing...I will do whatever it takes to keep it that way." Angel only stared her in the eyes, choosing to stay silent. "I wonder what the expression would be on her face if she walked through that door this instant and saw you like this,with little old me controlling her past lover's fate? How do you think she would like me calling you my bitch? You know that...that is exactly what you are to me right now.You're my bitch, Angel, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it."

She ran the leather braided whip over his muscle defined ass cheeks before pulling back and striking down upon his flesh. She just couldn't get enough of the sound that a whip made when it made contact against flesh. It sent shivers throughout her body. After a few more strikes, her hand began to wear out so she quit; realizing her session with Fred earlier had taken its
toll on her.

Cordy brought the handle of the whip up to her mouth for slight saliva lubrication,before dropping it back down and with no warning or patience or care, pushed it against his ass and forced it up into his anus.
She was surprised...for once she had done something to make her heavenly angel flinch in disgust. She pulled the handle back and forced it even harder back in causing him to flinch yet again.She knew she had found a weakness in his overall tough as nails armor.

The whip's handle remained buried eight inches up his ass as she leaned up and whispered in his ear, "You are my bitch." She half laughed as kissing his chest muscle and then left the room, leaving Angel in a much uncomfortable position. Once the door was closed again, Angel's eyes stared intensely at the door as he yanked down his restrained arms,causing the chain wrapped around the rafters to split the old wood in two.With little effort, the chains were ripped from his arms and hands, freeing him of all the restraints.

"Sometimes you go too far; me...someone else's bitch?Try the other way around," he thought the chains one by one hit the office floor. Lastly, he reached back and yanked the whip out of his ass and threw it to the side.
But as he knew, he felt great, wonderful even.Cordelia had a way to get other things off his mind and that part of their partnership he loved her for.
Outside the Angel's office, Cordelia stood over a determined Wesley as he snatched and ripped pages back and forth looking over one of his demonology books. She tried to talk to him, but he wouldn't have any of what she had to say. He blocked her out. She was about to give up when spotted Fred and Gunn coming down the stairs,looking at each with intensity, holding hands and laughing. Wesley saw the two as well and snapped the lead pencil he was holding into.Cordelia noticed the reaction and stole glances from the two back to Wesley, then back to Gunn and Fred.It didn't talk long for the gorgeous one to figure out who was with who and the warm expressions on their faces to her what they had just finished doing.

"So he rescued you did he? Good for him...for the both of you.
At least now with Gunn's companionship, Fred shouldn't be much a problem when it comes to wanting Angel." She thought as she leaned against the bar like counter separating Wesley's desk from the rest of the lobby.
Everything was working out perfectly. She had Angel and no one was left to stand in her way of keeping him.

As she stood gloating to herself, he couldn't help but keep an eye on Wesley's roaming eyes. Those were the same eyes that used to roam all over her body, stealing every secretive glance he could at any exposed part
of her body back when she was in high school and he was Faith's naive watcher. Ah how times had changed. Now that intensity and those eyes, they longed for another.

"What is the feeling? I shouldn't be feeling like this.
I'm jealous; jealous of Fred for stealing all the glory, my glory? Wesley and Gunn just ignore me...with her around. I'm ten times the looker and way better at sex and have lots more cleavage,plus I dress sluttier and yet...they still only notice and want the nerdy, geeky, cute, physicist?"

Cordelia shook her head, trying to clear it from all the jealous confusion she was feeling. Angel was great. She had won. He was her bitch, but she now realized it wasn't just him that she had wanted all this time. She wanted followers and worshippers that only looked up to her and would do anything she asked or risk doing anything to please her every wish and demand.
She wanted to be a loved and seductive Goddess and at the moment, she was playing second fiddle to the only other female in their tight group, Winifred Burkle.
Minutes later, Angel walked from his office smiling and mumbling to himself, "Things are so much better now," when at the same moment, an unwelcome intruder entered through the hotel's entrance, leaving the two large double doors open behind her. Everyone in the lobby turned to stare at the figure standing in the doorway, dripping water from her hair and clothes onto the hotel's ceramic tiled floor surrounding the entrance way. No one knew what to say as they each longingly stared at the woman's enlarged belly, each finding them self in a semi-state of shock.

"Honey, I'm home." The strange woman announced as she took in the decor and occupants in the hotel. The gang heard her speak and immediately turned toward Angel, giving him odd looks. He was as caught off guard as the rest, but wasn't persistent on showing his uneasiness as the others had been. "What did I do?" He left the question lingering unanswered as he walked up a few steps and over to the woman, reaching behind her to close the doors she had left open.

"Bills are high enough around here as is." He said as the doors came to.

"Long time no see, Lover." The bosom blonde haired Darla said, as she looked across the lobby at all the strange stares while unknowingly rubbing her hand over her swollen belly.

"Darla" Angel said as he walked back down the steps and headed for the mini-bar over by the far left wall.

Minutes earlier, Cordelia was heading upstairs when she heard the commotion caused by the doors. She turned back toward the lobby as Darla made her presence known, stopping the short, dark haired, firm breasted woman
from taking another step. As the doors closed, she stepped back down the stairs to the lobby floor, speechless as the rest of the gang.

While gulping down a tasteless scotch and staring away from the figure he asked, "How did this happen?"

Darla turned and stared directly at Angel as if her vision of him was in a tunnel."You know very well how it happened...and when...daddy dearest." Darla said while stepping down to the lobby floor.

Across the room, still holding onto the stairwell's guardrail, a steaming hot brunette clutched her fists, raising hervoice in anger. "You fucked her!"

Surprisingly, Angel wasn't caught off guard by Cordelia's outburst, the same couldn't be said for the others. "Isn't it obvious?" He answered while finishing off his first drink, pouring himself another one.

"You bastard! You lied to me," screamed an enraged Cordelia Chase as she walked over to him and slapped the glass of scotch from his hand, sending the glass flying into the nearby wall, shattering it on impact. Angel didn't flinch.

"We have history. You've been around all this long had to know."

"Many times, sweetie." Darla added.

"You're not helping, Darla." He said after Cordy slapped his face as hard as she could, again he didn't flinch a muscle as he walked past her. Darla noticed this new side of Angel and she liked it. "He's become indifferent to pain. Interesting," thought Darla. Cordy was impressed as well.

"You cock sucking bastard!" Slowing his steps, "No, only you would know anything about that." He responded without looking back at the furiously acting woman.

Darla suddenly felt a weakness come over her body and stumbled her way over to the large, round, red couch centered in the middle of the lobby. "His seed sure has become demanding," she inaudibly mumbled to herself as she sat down and began rubbing her hand over her slightly exposed, swelled belly and her itching covered crotch. Angel watched her movements, but didn't budge from his position only a few feet away.

She looked his way and shook her head. "Don't you have any manners?
How's about a round of some blood for a woman in need?" She asked in a demanding tone. Angel smirked, "Nothings changed" as he walked back into his office and retrieved a bottle of blood from his personal mini-refrigerator. He brought it back out and handed the chilled bottle to his former lover.
She took the dark, red colored glass bottle and began drinking down the slow flowing contents, making faces as it descended down her weakened throat.

"What kind of sauce is this? Rats? Cow?"

"Pigs actually. It's all I consume any more." Cordy chuckled to herself knowing he consumed a lot more than just blood as of late.

"Geez, couldn't you at least steal some proper human blood from say I don't know...a blood bank every once in a while?" She asked as she generously gulped down the contents, the remaining blood sliding against the inside glass of the bottle.

Having finally caught his voice, "Darla, it's unruly...non-rophesized...vampires can't get pregnant," Wesley said as he stood in place gazing at both Darla and her stomach, yet enabling himself to take in the rest of the woman's goddess like

"Well tell that to tall, dark, and handsome over here. The bastard planted his seed in me and bang;I wake up a few days later pregnant. How do you think I feel?" Angel started walking around in a circle, brooding. "Why did you come here, Darla? And did you actually think you would walk out of here and not be dusted?"

"Do you see what I'm carrying? You did this. It's yours as well as mine.
This isn't anything I did by myself so why should the responsibility be solely upon me?"

"Fine, what do you want from me? An apology perhaps." He asked as his walking came to a stop.

"I want you to make a choice. Either way I'm losing this gut.
Do you know of any woman, much less a vampire who looks like this and can get within a twenty feet of a guy or his neck?" Angel was lost for words.

"So let me get this straight." Finally someone else was saying something.
"You want my man here to father a miracle child that should never had been conceived of in the first place...and on top of that...not dust your ass? Wow, this is a new one on me." Gunn said. "Fine with me if you dust her undead breathless self as she stands."

"Again, it's his choice stud.I gave him a night of hard, pleasure-filled least he can do is give me the rest of his undead, soulful life." She responded as she cocked her eyes up toward the hard bodied, young black man.
Cordelia heard all she could take and ran into Angel's office, her world was crumbling before her very eyes and ears.

Angel silently thought for a while before finally breaking his silence. He immediately confronted the party's late arrival."Fred, can you make room for my room. She could be staying for a brief period." The young brunette turned her sights to Darla as her name was spoken.
She too was at a loss for words, but knew an order when she heard one.
She immediately turned around and headed back up the stairs.

"She's cute," thought Darla as she closely watched the sexy scientist's ass ascend from her view.

"And Wesley, find me some answers. I want to know if this is even possible or on some level did something in the universe shift or change at some point to change the rules of this game or laws or something. I need to know what has happened and if possible...why the Powers That Be are screwing with me again."

"And you?" Wesley asked, concerned for his friend and leader.

"I've got to first talk to Cordelia." Angel said as he walked off in the same direction as Cordy. He walked into his office and closed the door.
Cordy's hand was awaiting his arrival, slapping him across the face once more.
Immediately following, she was in his arms with her legs wrapped around his waist kissing his lips hard while dry humping his midsection. Just as quickly as it began, it ended. And again she slapped his face.

"You fucked that bitch!" She said, gaining no response from Angel's lips. "And you lied directly to my face."

"Cordy, never in a million years did I expect this," he said.

"Well you slept with the wench and didn't lose your soul so I guess she didn't...still doesn't mean anything to you. So it's easy then. You didn't throw her out of your bed then and you regret it now. So redeem yourself, you have a second chance. Dust her or even worse...throw her ass back out on the street and let the drunkards on the street have a go with the tramp
vamp." Cordy's anger was still shining as bright as ever. The power of jealousy was strong in this one.

"I can't do that!" His response shocked the bountiful one.

"And why not?" She persisted.

"Am I not a champion? Have I not defended this city since the day I stepped foot in it? Helped people.Fought the good fight. And now, after all I've done for others...there is a possibility my own child needs my help...and you think I'm just going to throw it to the wolves and do nothing?"

"I don't care what you think or what you've done. The time is now. I don't like the bitch and she has to go. And this isn't your friend's your Mistress you slave! Make her disappear" Angel ruthlessly grabbed her arm.
"I guess you didn't hear me the first time. I'm not throwing Darla and my child out of my home." He told her. "She stays. Deal with it or find yourself another residence."

"That bitch!"

"You know Cordy, I've had enough of you. Right now...the only bitch in my my you."

He thought, "God must really hate me," as he threw open the office door and walked out, leaving Cordelia to pout and fuss
amongst herself.
Later that evening, Angel spotted Wesley slumped down behind a counter, continuing to cipher through piles upon piles of Mythic and Demonology books. Angel handed him a much-needed cup of coffee.

"Find anything, Wes?" He asked as he stepped behind the counter alongside Wesley.

"There's no record of anything like this ever occurring or prophesized to occur. Give me more time. I'm sure if there is anything to explain this, in due time I shall find it." Wesley said as he removed his glasses from his face to relieve his tired eyes.

At that moment, Lorne walked through the hotel's front doors.
"Oh yeah, I called Lorne to see if he might could shine some light on our little problem." Wesley said. Lorne walked over and sat beside the lovely looking woman vampire, who had yet to move since sitting down earlier in the
day. Angel walked over and stood by his former lover.

"Sing something, Darla. Lorne needs to be able to read you." Darla looked up at Angel, confused at his request.

Lorne cleared things up a bit. "It's what I do." Darla thought for a moment, still confused, but began singing anyway.Immediately everyone in close proximity of the lobby could hear her voice and came running.
Lorne was taken back by the woman's vocal range. He was mightily impressed, finding it very difficult for him to interrupt her beautiful, melodic number. Even Cordy was woman enough to give Darla her props.

Angel witnessed a smile come across Lorne's green, horn-headed face. "What is it?" Angel asked.

"The's unbelievable...remarkable even." Reading now into the child's mind, "It has a soul." He said, completely beside him.

"A soul?" Darla shouted out, disillusioned by everything.

"It's human" Lorne finished telling everyone, including Cordelia who immediately retreated back into Angel's office, once again slamming the door behind her.

"Human you said? You mean to tell me I'm going to have a human child?" Darla asked, still bewildered by the shocking news.

"A boy." Lorne added.

"I'm going to be a father to an Angel, Jr.?" Added Angel.

"Oh hold up there pilgrim" Darla spoke out. "First, are you saying you are willing to take responsibility? If that's the case...then why don't you carry our child for a while?" Everyone in the room chuckled, unable to stop themselves from breaking out in laughter. "If I didn't know any better, I would think you wanted this to happen." Her last words fell on deaf ears.

Angel turned toward Charles, "Gunn, help me get Darla and my unborn, human son upstairs, will ya?" Each brute supported the woman vampire under her arms as they helped her first stand and then helped her up the stairs to
Angel's room. Cordy looked through the office door shades. "That bitch! One way or another I will rid myself of you both."
Minutes later, Gunn exited Angel's spacious room, leaving Angel to tend to Darla's needs. Angel carried her into his bedroom and laid her down on the turned-down bed and covered her body with the covers.

"Isn't this something," she said "After all these years and everything we've been through, we are a family again." A light laughter escaped her lips.

"You need your rest. I'll check on you later." Angel said as he stepped away from the bed and headed for the door.

"You aren't going to be able to get rid of me again, my love." She told him as he walked out the room, closing the door and locking it from the outside.

Gunn and Fred were standing at the end of the hall talking when Angel exited the room and approached them."Fred, unless I am around, please, stay away from Darla. Better yet, stay away from my room in general.She will eventually start to crave human blood and I don't want any of my close friends served up on silver platters. Warn Cordelia and Wesley for me as well if you wouldn't mind. You too Gunn."

"Loud and clear, boss" Gunn said before lightly squeezing Fred's arm and starting down the stairs. Angel caught the new couple's vibe and Fred was aware he knew something. "Charles will protect me."

"You know I'm still here for your protection as well? Just because you know...doesn't mean we can't..."

"I know Angel and I appreciate it. Don't give up on us just yet...cause I sure haven't. He will do for now though." Angel leaned in and kissed the woman's forehead. "Good," he said before starting up the next flight of stairs, unsure of what he had just gotten himself into.
Meanwhile, Cordelia Chase remained downstairs locked in Angel's office, fuming over what had recently transpired in her life...and her relationship and dominance over Angel, her soul mate, her ultimate, untimely submissive, while staring up at the shredded ceiling rafter. Like the rafter still hanging above her, everything in her life was starting to fall apart.

Up on the hotel's high-elevated roof, Angel sat, staring across a city illuminated only by the bright burning streetlights."One battle at a time, Angel...only one at a time." He softly whispered to himself and whoever else was out there to listen to his faint words.

To Be Continued...