Britney & The Old Man by rreeves

celeb: Britney Spears

M/F, nc, oral

this story is 100% a work of fiction. it never happened and is purely fake. this is an adult story of a sexual nature and if you not of age to read this, please dont.

Britney sat outside on her front steps and watched her new neighbor move in. the moving men were hot and were getting her alittle turned on. she watched as they finished and left and she was thinking of going inside and calling someone. she then saw who her neighbor actually was. he was an older man, he looked to be in his late 60s. he saw her and waved and she smiled and waved back. she watched as he struggled with a few boxes and she went over and asked if he needed a hand. he gladly accepted her help and together they carried the boxes into his house. he said, "i'm Jeffrey, thanks for the help". Britney replied, "no problem at all. i'm Britney." Jeffrey offered her a drink and she accepted and they sat and talked for a bit. Jeffrey then came to re-fill Britney's cup and tripped and spilled water all over Britney's shirt. "i'm so sorry Britney. i slipped and i dont know what happened, let me help you clean that up" he came over with a towel and started drying Britney's shirt. as he did this he ran the towel over her breasts and gave them alittle his surprise Britney didnt pull away or leave. so he did it again, this time really feeling her up. she moaned alittle and he kept going. he dropped the towel and started rubbing her tits with his hands. he leaned in and kissed her. Britney kissed him back and took off her wet shirt. Jeffrey started sucking on her breasts as he played with them. he then reached down and started to rub her pussy. Britney was getting really turned on and started to rub the old man's cock. she dropped down to her knees and pulled his cock out of his pants. she started to lick it all over. Jeffrey couldnt believe it, this beautiful young girl was about to suck his cock. Britney took his head into her mouth and started to suck him off. swirling her tongue around his shaft as she took it all down her throat. Britney had blown bigger cocks before, but she liked Jeffrey's cock. she had never been with a old man before, and wouldnt have even thought about it, but he got her so turned on when he played with her tits that she needed his cock in her mouth. Jeffrey put his hand on her head as she continued to blow him faster and faster. "mmmmmmmmghhmmmmmm" she kept sucking and sucking, licking his balls, jerking him as she did this. "you want me inside your pussy now, dont you" "yes Jeffrey, i want you baby" " i want to ride you" so Jeffrey lay down and Britney got naked and got on top of him and slid his old dick into her tight pussy. "ohhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhh," she started to ride him real good. bouncing up and down on his cock, her tits bouncing. Jeffrey grabbed them and squeazed them as she rode him. she kept riding him for a while, until Jeffrey rolled her over onto her back and started to pound her pussy hard. "ohhhhhhh, Jeffrey, keep fuckin me baby, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "your pussy is so good, i'm going to enjoy living here, fucking you whenever i want, you want me everyday dont you" "yes, ooohhhhhhhhhhh goddd yesss, baby" he kept fucked her in it, Britney moaning and screaming, he kept pumping faster, he was so close to cumming. Britney wanted him to cum in her, she was loving his dick. "cum inside me baby, i'm yours, ohhhhhhhhhh" so he did. he came and came, right inside her. they finished up and they got dressed. and Britney knew she would fuck him again. she was happy to have a new neighbor. they said goodbye and Britney left and went to her house. she went inside and took a nice hot shower and was set to relax when the doorbell rang. she opened the door and there was a young kid, maybe 13 standing there with a video camera. he said "well, well, well, Britney Spears likes old guys" she looked at the camera and saw herself sucking Jeffrey's cock. the kid said, "i taped you fucking my grandfather. if you dont want the tape to be all over the internet and magazines then you should invite me inside and do exactly what i say, slut"

... continued in Britney & The Blackmail Kid