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Thread: "Reckless" with Lara Bingle

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    fanfiction "Reckless" with Lara Bingle

    With Lara Bingle
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MMF, blowjob, reluc
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    I had been a tough time for 22-year-old Australian model Lara Bingle.

    In recent times she had been embroiled in a nude photo scandal with a married man, and since then had had a very public break up with her fiancÚ Michael Clarke.

    With public opinion quickly turning against her, the pint sized model had moved out of their million dollar beach-apartment and had returned to her folk's home with her tail between her legs.

    Fate had definitely conspired against the onetime Australian sweetheart.

    The vicious slamming of her bedroom door was a great indication of the kind of day Bingle was having. Just a few minutes earlier she had been reclined in her favorite chair on the loft above her families living room, enjoying a drink and watching a movie.

    Having a movie interrupted was hardly anything overtly traumatic for most people, but she had been getting drunk all afternoon and was in the process of viewing a film in which she was the star.

    Lara and her then fiancÚ Michael had been out on the town and had knocked back a few drinks, just enough to loosen some inhibitions, and with video camera in hand they had returned home and decided to have a little fun.

    Fortunately for her the only two people that knew of the videos existence were the stars of the show. The media in general had no clue about the 38min. long sex tape, and Lara knew that with everything else going on in her life, it was the last thing she wanted released.

    All the same, the intoxicated model couldn't help but feel a little depressed and lonely in recent days and decided to reminisce a little, and so she had popped the explicit DVD into the player and let her hand slip between her legs and wander around briefly.

    Meanwhile it only took a few minutes for the loaded brunette to get distracted, and getting caught up in her own pleasure her lips parted slightly and she sighed softly as she let her fingers do some walking.

    With the entire house to herself, Lara was scantily clad in nothing but a silk shirt she had stolen from Michael's closet the day before moving out, and she enjoyed the familiar sensation of it against her stiff dark nipples as they rubbed against the smooth fabric with each and every breath.

    With one hand clenched around the arm of the chair and the other rubbing furiously between her legs, she was close to climaxing when the slam of a door startled her out of her reverie.

    The silence upstairs was soon punctuated with noise only a loud group of immature teenage boys could make as they entered the living room.

    Startled, Bingle bolted upright in her chair, and carefully tip toed across the loft to sneak into her bedroom.

    Had any of the boys looked up at that precise moment they would have see straight up Lara's long shirt and discovered first hand just how naked she in fact was.

    So with a growl of frustration and a slam of her door the striking brunette fell backwards onto her bed, her head filled with frustration.

    Normally she'd lock the door and quickly try to catch up on where she had left off, but with the racket they were making downstairs she was just no longer in the mood.

    "Another day ruined by that idiot and his damn friends." she sighed to herself.

    She had only returned home a few days but was still adjusting to having to not only life with her parents, but her uncouth brother.

    Lying there for a moment the pint sized model stared up at the ceiling as she realized she had nothing planned for the evening, as all of her friends suddenly seemed busy with work and last minute engagements.

    It seemed most of her so called friends had deserted her since her very public meltdown with Clarke. Just then, her thoughts were interrupted once again by the ringing of the phone.

    Lara instinctively reached to answer it, not realizing that downstairs her brother had already answered it.

    She heard him say hello before she could say anything, and feeling cheeky decided to listen in as a small spite to her brother who had ruined what was almost certainly an explosive orgasm moments earlier.

    A familiar voice was muffled as though holding back tears. Lara recognized it as her brother's girlfriend who was begging him to come over and see her because she desperately needed to speak to him.

    Bingle simply rolled her eyes, but when he agreed to go see her, she decided to wait and see if the house was once again safe to wander around and she cracked her door to peer out over the loft.

    She was just in time to hear Josh tell his friends that his girl was acting like a "stupid bitch" a remark which left her mouth agape as her opinion of her brother was drastically lowered, and that he had to go shut her up.

    They grumbled to the news and started to get up, when he stopped them from leaving and told them to wait there for him as he wouldn't be gone long.

    Lara hissed realizing her peace wouldn't be restored by this sudden turn of events, and without thinking she slammed her door in frustration yet again, resigning herself to her room.

    "For fuck sake!" she cussed. "I hate living here! Can't I just get off in peace?"

    Falling to her bed, the moody model soon dozed off to sleep, still scantily dressed and high as a kite.

    "Uh...uh...oh yeah!" she suddenly heard as she awoke from slumber.

    Lara didn't quite register what she was hearing at first, but when those soft grunts were suddenly joined by a cry of "Oh god Lara!"

    She snapped up in a flash and pressed her ear against her door listening to the unmistakably sounds of herself and her ex fiancÚ on the sex tape.

    Flinging open her bedroom door, she marched out onto the loft to find her brother's friends Rob and Pete both glued to the television screen, staring at the video, which she had left in the DVD player.

    "Damn it!" she thought to herself in her drunken haze. "Why did I leave it in the DVD player? How could I have been so reckless?"

    Meanwhile, the boys were so engrossed with the explicit footage that they hadn't even noticed her standing there until a startled shriek of "What the fuck are you doing?" was heard.

    Rob, sitting in her favorite chair fumbled with the remote, panicking and trying to stop the video but it was too late. Pete however didn't seem to care and simply snatched the remote from his friend.

    To Bingle's surprise she then watched as he simply cranked up the volume and dropped back onto the love seat.

    "What do you think you're doing?" Lara snapped, standing in front of the TV. "That's private!"

    "Yeah right, get out of the way will ya!" he scoffed.

    Incensed, Lara turned and attempted to eject the disc only to have Pete suddenly yank her back by the arm and pull her back to the love seat with him.

    This suddenly and unexpected action caused the drunk harlot to collapse back and inadvertently spread her legs across Pete's lap.

    Unfortunately for her, landing this way caused the long shirt to rise up considerably, leaving her entire exposed and bare-ass'ed to her brother's friends.

    "What the fuck? Check this bitch out!" Pete hissed to his friend. "She's not even wearing any underwear!"

    "Fuck you! Let me go!" she struggled. "Turn it off! I mean it!"

    "What's the story love?" he snickered as he held her against him. "Were you getting ready to make another video?"

    While the model blushed and attempted to cover herself up, the boys simply snickered and sat openly ogling the bare starlet.

    "Jesus Christ!" Rob exclaimed. "She's totally fucking naked under that shirt!"

    "You bastards!" Lara blared. "Wait till my brother gets home!"

    Struggling to get up, the busty model suddenly collapsed back giggling uncontrollably.

    Pete, having been at the house quite often knew she was dangerously ticklish, having seen her pass out once during a party when someone had tickled her for a mere 30 seconds.

    With that in mind he bore his fingers into her sides, causing her to squirm and writher violently above him.

    "Eii! No!" she gasped in a combination of terror and delight. "Stop! Oh god!"

    Running the tips of his fingers along the sides of her tummy, Pete then hooked his legs over hers to keep her from wriggling free as he continued to torture her.

    There he callously tickled up the length of her soft thighs and along her luscious hip, causing her to almost convulse.

    Breathlessly, Lara tried to tell him to let her go, but she couldn't find enough air between giggles to form any coherent words. Trying to writhe free just spurred him on, as he now continued to fondle and caress her flawless skin.

    In her struggles to break free, Bingle thrashed about violently and her legs flailed wildly, inadvertently flashing the boys more and more of her nakedness. Pete finally brushed his hand further up between the inside of her thighs before he too gasped out loud.

    "You like that, huh?" he snickered while man handling her. "You little slut! Check her out Rob, look how ticklish she is."

    Rob meanwhile was still taken aback as he was treated to an extraordinary show. While the model flailed around hysterically, he suddenly found himself privy to the vision of her sex, moreover, her hairless, glistening mound.

    "Jesus Christ." he whispered to himself as he realized first hand that Lara Bingle was completely hairless.

    "Check it out Rob!" Pete teased. "She's soaking wet, and I've barely even touched her."

    Bingle blushed but always having been a more submissive person in her personal life, enjoyed being pinned down and tickled.

    It never ceased to amaze and excite her, not to mention the extra sensation of the shirt caressing everything it covered with her thrashing about.

    Suddenly, her fits of giggles were abruptly cut short by gasps of shock and arousal as Pete boldly moved from caressing her bare thighs with his hands to running them between her parted legs and stroking her gleaming slit with his fingers.

    "Ugh. You bastar...oh! Stop it." she objected momentarily. "Oh."

    For a moment her mind debated whether to slap him or run or just let things happen. In truth it was a one sided battle. Lara was single, horny as hell, and half naked and exposed already.

    In her mind she had nothing to lose. Nothing this conflict, Pete knew he had her where he wanted and while pinning her even harder against his body, he grabbed her firmly by the chin and initiated a kiss.

    Naturally, Lara initially resisted this action but ultimately surrendered and could only moan into his mouth as he forced himself on her and explored her now dripping sex with his fingers.

    Although she knew that the more sensible thing to do was to break free from his grasp and make a break for it, instead she felt her body react on its own accord, and without thinking she thrust her hips against his probing digits and rubbed her moist cunt against him.

    Noting this, Pete smirked to himself as her realized there was going to be no more fight from her. He took the hand clutching his wrist, and placed it over the now noticeably large bulge in his pants.

    "Here." he suggested. "You want to grab something, grab this."

    Her eyes snapped open with an appreciative gasp of shock, and let her body fall to the floor before the love seat. Her head was spinning and her chest heaving.

    The voluptuous brunette simply sat there expressionless as he hastily whipping off his belt, unzipping his fly and presented her with his mouth watering 8inch cock.

    Lara licked her lips with anticipation and moved forward to take him into her mouth, but he roughly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face back enough to keep her off of him.

    "Beg for it." he insisted. "Show me how much you want it."

    Lara grinned and gave a groan before she reached for him again not quite desperate enough to debase herself like that yet.

    Nevertheless, he slapped her away again and told her what he wanted.

    "Beg for it. Or you can go back to your room and fuck yourself tonight."

    Her eyes widened in shock, but only for a moment before she accepted her role during this impromptu encounter. Lowering her eyes, she used her meek voice, practiced quite a few times before actually begging him.

    "Please Pete." she purred. " Let me suck your cock."

    "What? I didn't hear you?" he teased.

    "I need your cock! Give me your cock!"

    As she said those words, a groan was heard from behind them. Rob, whom they had both forgotten about was sitting there and freeing himself from his confining clothing. Feeling confident, Pete shoved her back.

    "Go help him. He hasn't been laid in over three months and you're going to fix that for him."

    Lara happily obliged, and as she turned and attempted to get up and go to him, she suddenly felt Pete's foot on her back, instructing her to stay on her knees.

    "Crawl to him." he insisted. "Crawl to him you little slut. You don't deserve to stand. A beast in heat should be on its knees."

    "And take that shirt off." Rob added. "I want to see those tits."

    "Yeah." Pete chuckled. "Let's see those world famous titties bitch."

    With that, Lara slipped the shirt over her head leaving her completely naked and exposed to their eyes. They both gasped with admiration at the sight of her incredibly fit, tanned, curvaceous body.

    "Holy shit." Rob groaned. "That's just about the sexiest body I've ever seen."

    Lara briefly cupped her natural breasts with both hands and offered Rob a wry grin as thank you for his compliment, before she followed Pete's instructions and dropped back onto all fours, and crawled between Rob's legs.

    There she casually reached up for his now freed manhood and she leaned forward.

    Rob's head fell back with a groan as he felt the warm embrace of her soft lips, and then snapped back up again to stare down at her when her tongue speared out and went to work around his bell-end.

    "Fucking hell." He moaned. "She knows exactly how to suck dick."

    "What did you expect?" Pete snickered. "She's famous, that's what they do."

    With a fresh cock in her mouth, Lara finally seemed happy and she nonchalantly worked her way down his shaft, licking every inch, then pulling back so just the head remained in her hot mouth.

    Overwhelmed by the entire encounter and incredible sensation, Rob suddenly and abruptly bucked his hips and came into her mouth, filling it with semen.

    Lara instinctively moaned with surprise and disappointment but nonetheless greedily swallowed every drop, reacting in time to keep any from running through the seal her lips created around his cock, not that it was a copious amount to begin with.

    Licking her lips, she finally sat back on her haunches with a frustrated sigh and licked her fingers. Suddenly, Pete was behind her laughing.

    "Come here you little slut. You need a real man to satisfy you. Not minute man over there."

    "Hey. Fuck you bro." His friend replied. "She's fucking beautiful. Look at her."

    Rob blushed with embarrassment but it was clear to all three of them now that Pete had control of the situation and Rob decided to be quiet.

    Reaching down to grab her by the hair again, Pete spun her around and without warning shoved a good 6inches of his thick meat straight down her throat.

    Lara was completely unprepared and immediately gagged and pulled back.

    "UUNNHHGGG!" she grunted.

    "Oh come on." Pete complained. "I'm not that much bigger than that dude on that tape and you took all of him down your throat."

    Snatching her hair he added. "Stop acting like you're not a skilled little whore and drain this cock!"

    Pete released her and threw himself back down onto the love seat with his legs spread wide in invitation.

    Her eyes never left his throbbing prick as she crawled back to him, keeping her ass up and back sharply arched, knowing she was giving Rob a view that would have him hard again in moments.

    "Jesus Christ. Look at that arse!" she heard Rob hiss behind her, making her grin.

    Lara reached out and wrapped her small hand around the base of Pete's shlong and let out a small whimper when she realized she couldn't close her hand around him.

    Bending forward, she started working her tongue along the length of his tool, planting small kisses from stem to tip.

    "That's better bitch." he snickered. "On your knees where you belong."

    Pete then reclined back in the seat, and grabbing the remote, pressed played and kept watching the tape as the girl on the video now sucked his cock.

    It was slightly disconcerting for Lara to hear the sounds of herself on the tape overlapping with the sounds coming from Pete, and the groans welling up from her stuffed throat, but to her surprise it only served to heighten her excitement.

    She went to work on him with every little trick she'd ever picked up.

    Teasing him with her tongue to draw out the feeling and make it even better for him when she finally coaxed him into rewarding her with what she was trying so hard to get.

    Her tongue was everywhere, she sucked hard, she teased, she used her hands to caress and tug him. She had never had a man last this long in her mouth.

    Almost fifteen minutes of her best work, work that had in the past had men filling her mouth in mere disappointing seconds and yet Pete hadn't even made that much noise, or moved in the slightest.

    Bingle finally slumped back, a frown of frustration crossing her now quite sore mouth. Pete finally paused the movie and looked down at her.

    "Oh were you still down there? What's the matter. Couldn't handle a real man?"

    "How the fuck are you just sitting there like that." she slurred. "No man has that kind of control! Even a bad blowjob should've done more than this and I know that wasn't bad!"

    While Pete laughed Lara then added. "Your cock might be hard but it's obviously dead!"

    This comment caused Rob to laugh, and enraged, Pete knocked her back and stood up over her, a look on his face that actually scared her into silence.

    "Don't ever talk to me like that again whore. There's a reason you're on your knees and I'm standing."

    But seeing the genuine fear on her face his voice took on a previously unheard note of kindness and he explained it had always taken him awhile to get going and reach the point of no return, and that she had actually been doing quite well.

    Lara immediately flushed again, this time with pride and pleasure and reverted back to her submissive self.

    "Do you want me to continue?"

    Pete nodded.

    "Get down on all fours again and I'll give you what you worked so hard for."

    With that, Pete gripped her head between his hands and guided her face to his thick cock once more. He started thrusting inch by inch into her throat, keeping her from choking but not letting her forget that he was still running the show.

    "Rob, get behind her and loosen her up for me."

    Rob, who had been sitting there stroking his cock back to life, almost seemed dazed and confused.

    "Hey. I said get the hell up and fuck this little cunt. She'll never take all of me unless she's been well fucked beforehand."

    Rob finally jumped into action and got up and positioned himself directly behind her.

    He still looked like he wasn't exactly sure where he was readying to fuck her but he gripped his cock and inched his way into a pussy that was at this point dripping wet.

    As Rob finally entered her, Lara's eyes clenched shut and she moaned in contentment. It had been sometime since she'd been fucked properly and even though she was far from a virgin, this cock felt like the best she'd ever had.

    Cocks now skewered her from each end and ultimately fell into a slow rhythm, both thrusting in and out of her at the same time, making each slide deeper with each thrust.

    Knowing Rob wouldn't last long, Pete picked up the pace while Lara propped herself up on one hand and reached back to rub her throbbing clit.

    The sounds in the room degraded to the wet slapping of flesh, and the whimpers of the girl impaled, until finally, on thrusting cocks, the panting of the men built to an explosive crescendo.

    As expected, Rob came first, shuddering, his grip on her hips tightening almost painfully as he held himself still inside her.

    The sensation of his jerking cock, and the combined juices of them both lubricating her frantic rubbing of her clit caused her to squeal into her own orgasm, twitching and screaming as she came.

    "NNNGHHHHHH—FUUUUUCK!!" she cried out.

    The feel of her contracting throat, the vibration of the screaming and the sight of watching her spasm and twitch finally sent Pete over the edge, and he pulled out until just the head was encased in her mouth, and came.

    Lara had never had a man come so much or so hard in her entire life, and she actually gagged as the first squirt shot straight down her throat.

    The following sprays of his hot thick load spraying the roof of her mouth, hard enough that she almost thought she could hear it.

    Gagging on the first shot kept her from keeping up with him and she couldn't swallow all of it even if she tried. Pete simply growled like a man possessed and watched as it dripped back down his cock and down her chin.

    Bingle immediately brought her hand up to keep from losing any of it onto the carpeted floor, and like a starving refugee hungrily swallowed and gulped what she still had and went to work making sure what she missed stayed in her mouth.

    Without either of them supporting her anymore, she slumped to the floor panting in exhaustion, her long withheld orgasm getting the best of her.

    She could've happily dozed off and slept away the entire day after their workout, but when Pete gave her a firm swat on the ass she looked up only to realize they were both still hard.

    "Hey. Who says we're done yet?"

    "Huh?" she dazedly replied.

    "Put some clothes on." he told her. "Your brother will be home soon, but my apartment is just around the block. We can have more fun back there."

    Lara shuddered as she realized today was going to be more fun than she anticipated.

    "We'll wait for you downstairs okay?"

    Lara Bingle groggily crawled back to her room freshly fucked and filled with semen, and glancing at herself in the mirror began to wonder what the night had in store for her.

    "From Australian sweetheart to cum guzzling harlot." she quipped. "I like it."

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    What a lovely story about sweet sweet Lara.

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    Another AWESOME story from the master.....

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