Bondi Beach Bang
With Sienna Miller and Natalie Dormer
Written by TPG
CODES: MFF, blowjob, voy, anal
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

It was a glorious Summer evening in Sydney as my mate and I aimlessly wandered around the famed Bondi Beach, with thousands of revelers enjoying the New Years Eve festivities.

Having downed our fair share of alcohol already, we were drunk and in high spirits as we looked for a place to stop and take in the renowned fireworks display, when I noticed a large marquee in the middle of the beach.

As it turned out, the tent was hosting some kind of private film premiere, and was strictly off limits to the public. But Matt immediately took it upon himself to confront one of the burly bouncers and ask if he could sneak us in.

As expected, this set off a heated exchange before we were asked to leave the area. But considering how drunk and determined we were, we melted back into the crowd and made our way to the other side of the tent to see if there was another way in.

Fortunately for us, an opportunity soon presented itself in the form of a large drunken brawl, which distracted most of the security personnel. This allowed us just enough time to sneak in and mingle with the high-brow guests.

Once inside, Mattie and I immediately celebrated our good fortune by heading to the bar and ordering up two beers. Both of us were then shocked to realize that it was an open bar.

The drinks for the rest of the night would be absolutely free!

"—holy shit. I think we've hit the mother-load."

"I don't think the night could get any better than this." I said, before eating my words as I looked across the way and noticed a very attractive blonde smiling in our direction.

As pretty as she was, I found myself doing a double take when I realized that the woman in question was none other than English actress Sienna Miller.

Mattie and I immediately looked at each other and seemed to have the exact same thought.

"okay." he said while adjusting his appearance. "I'm going in."

"—good luck." I told him. "I'll be over here, waiting with the drinks."

To my amusement I watched as he boldly wandered over and introduced himself.

Despite being drunk herself, it was plain to see that Sienna was bored at the party. Especially considering most of the guests appeared to be in their late fifties and sixties.

Noting this, Matt went over to work his magic and soon had her laughing out loud.

I waited all of three minutes before he looked over his shoulder and waved me over. I didn't need to be asked twice, and went over to meet the stunning blonde for the first time.

To my delight, the English actress turned out to be every bit as sexy and charming as I had hoped. The three of us quickly chatted up a storm, with Sienna openly flirting with us both.

In fact I think she genuinely enjoyed the attention we gave her, and I dare say she seemed more than happy to entertain the notion of fucking us both.

"You know, I really like aussie men." she claimed as Matt moved in closer. "—a part of me wishes I could just take you all home with me."

"You could always just take us back to your hotel room instead." Matt chuckled.

"uh-huh. I bet you'd like that."

"You know what they say, sharing is caring." I added, making her laugh.

"Come on guys. Who do you think I am." Sienna grinned. "I think you have the wrong impression of me."

"I don't know about that." Matt teased. "—I think I have a pretty good idea of what you're like. I bet you're a real wildcat behind closed doors."

Sienna smiled.

"Maybe. Maybe not." she added. "But even so. What makes you think you two could handle me."

Both Matt and I looked at each other and laughed. There was now no doubt in our minds, that unless something major happened, Sienna would be joining us back to a hotel room.

Over the next few minutes, Mattie and Sienna seemed to get particularly close, so I backed off and allowed them to get to know each other better.

In fact I took this opportunity to go to the bar and get another round of drinks, but when I returned I noticed that they were already joined by a sexy brunette.

"Boys. I'd like you to meet one of my co-stars from the film—" Sienna explained. "This is Natalie."

"Nice to meet you." I said while taking her hand. "I'm Rob."

I couldn't believe my luck, as she was one of the most captivating creatures I had ever seen. Natalie Dormer was the kind of girl that just oozed sex.

Dressed in a slinky little gold dress and heels, her English accent drove me wild. I assume the same could be said for her, as it seemed she was genuinely fascinated with everything I had to say.

"—I'm sorry." she giggled at one point. "I don't mean to be rude but. It's just that accent. It's so sexy."

"I know right!" Sienna chimed in while canoodling with Mattie.

"Yes well. I could say the same thing about your accents." I replied. "You're both so prim and proper."

The ladies laughed.

"Ha. Yeah right."

It was at this point that Matt pulled out his camera phone and proceeded to take several snaps of the girls, who were only happy to pose and act out together.

It was also around this time that I noted just how sexy and free Natalie seemed with her body, as her dress now displayed two very prominent bumps, illustrating just how excited she was to be there.

In fact her pokies were so evident that Sienna made a shrewd comment about being careful not to take out someones eye. God knows I thought it'd probably be worth it.

Over the next two hours the four of us drank profusely, and indulged in everything from flashy cocktails to very strong liquor shots, until we ultimately stopped to look up and watch the midnight fireworks display.

Feeling bold, I invited Dormer to stand in front of me while I wrapped my arms around her hips and held her tight. The actress smiled to this and rewarded my gesture with a friendly kiss on the cheek.

Even though she was thanking me for being a gentleman, the thoughts that were running through my mind were anything but.

In the meanwhile we glanced over at the others and noticed that Matt and Sienna were already sucking face, now making out fervently with each other and making quite the scene.

"Wow." Natalie commented. "You're friend moves fast."

"I guess they ran out of things to talk about." I grinned before I leaned towards Natalie's lips and prepared to kiss her.

But just as the actress and I were about to kiss, I felt someone bump into me from behind as they rushed through the crowd and approached Matt.

By the time I realized what was about to happen it was too late, and two security officers grabbed Mattie by his collar and proceeded to escort him out.

It was only now that I recognized one of the officers as being the same bouncer we had squabbled with earlier in the evening.

"Shit!" I exclaimed, as Natalie looked on in confusion.

"What's going on."

In an instant a huge fight broke out in the middle of the marquee and I rushed over to intervene, only to find myself being dragged out as well.

It was a huge scandal, with Sienna making an incredible fuss, yelling at the top of her lungs while throwing various drinks at security personnel, all in an effort to humiliate them.

"You assholes!" she shouted. "Get your hands off him! He's with me, leave him alone!"

While Mattie and I were quickly bundled out of the party, both Sienna and Natalie now continued to argue with security and the organizers of the event.

I was actually surprised by Sienna's temper as she marched through the VIP area and argued with one of the event coordinators. Unfortunately for us there was nothing she could do.

"Fuck you!" she shouted before she stormed out of the party to join us outside.

"Get your fucking hands off me!" she continued to yell, as security attempted to stop her from leaving.

Fortunately for me Natalie was just two steps behind, and we quickly grabbed the girls by the hand and disappeared into the large crowd of party goers.

"What the hell was that about." Dormer asked, as I simply shrugged and pretended not to know.

We hiked the rest of the way up to the main esplanade before we stopped to catch our breath.

"What now." Mattie asked. "I don't think we're going to get in any club at this time of the night."

Sienna seemed to contemplate something before she suddenly spoke.

"I've got an idea." she said. "Follow me."

We did as we were told, and followed the blonde actress across the street to the large 5-star hotel.

"Don't waste your time." I scoffed. "They're probably booked solid. We're not going to get a room."

"Trust me." is all Sienna said as she kissed Matt on the lips for good luck, before approaching the front desk.

"I don't know man." I directed at Mattie. "I don't like her chances. There's no way they'll find her a room."

"Trust me." Natalie added. "You don't know what Sienna is like. If anyone can do it, it'd be her."

We waited for all of five minutes before I finally lost hope and began to hail down a cab. I still had no idea where we would go, but I assumed we would have better luck in the city then we would at the packed beach.

Fortunately for me Sienna emerged a second later and waved us over.

"—no fucking way." I gasped as we watched the staff hand her the key to one of the penthouse suites upstairs.

As it turned out, there had apparently been a last minute cancellation allowing us to be the unexpected benefactors. By the time we arrived to the top floor and entered the lavish apartment, we were all giddy with excitement.

"Holy shit." Matt stammered. "In all the years I've come here to surf, I never knew this place was up here."

To our delight the suite featured a huge balcony area and a rooftop pool and spa, which overlooked the entire beach and esplanade. Catching sight of the pool, we all looked at each other and laughed.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking." Sienna remarked to her friend, before the ladies immediately began to strip down to their birthday suits and jumped into the water.

All I could do was stand there dumbfounded. I couldn't believe it was happening. In an instant I looked over at Mattie who was already naked and rushing towards the pool.

I quickly followed suit, and joined the others in the rooftop pool for a midnight swim. While the girls yelped and carried on, Matt swam over to me in the water and suddenly seemed concerned.

"—the fuck is wrong with you now." I asked. "We're in a pool with two beautiful women and you're depressed."

"Dude. Do you have any spare rubbers on you."

In truth, the idea hadn't even occurred to me.

"Shit. Nope."

"—because you realize we ain't getting any pussy tonight unless we've got condoms."

He had a point.

Realizing this, Matt mentioned something about Sienna broaching the subject earlier in the lobby downstairs.

"I think there might be a machine there." he said while climbing out of the pool.

"If not. There's a convenient store down the street." I told him, trying to be helpful. "Just hurry back."

Matt then put on his clothes and volunteered to head downstairs to get some "supplies," leaving me alone and naked in the pool with the drunk starlets.

It was a moment later that Natalie swam over to kiss me on the cheek. The mere fact that she was totally naked in my presents made my cock hard.

"I hope you're not planning on going anywhere."

"You couldn't drag me out of this pool."

"Good." she replied before placing her arms around my neck.

I could feel her nipples digging into my chest as Sienna soon joined us and the three of us enjoyed the uninterrupted view of the ocean and night sky.

I dare say it was one of the most romantic moments I had ever experienced.

"I hope your friend doesn't take too long." Sienna said. "—'cause I'm randy as fuck right now."

While the ladies giggled, I had to admit I was a little taken aback by her frankness, no doubt due to the large amount of alcohol we had consumed.

"Ugh. Don't you just love her tits!" Sienna quipped, as she softly groped her friends breasts.


"I just love the way your nipples are so small and perky."

"Err. Shut up!" Natalie blushed. "Look who's talking. I'd kill for the body you have."

With her arm still around my neck, Natalie continued to blush as her co-star casually caressed her body and played with her wet hair, brushing her dark locks to one side before running her fingers up and down the nape of her neck.

Even I could see that this sift touch was having an effect on her.

"Mm. That's nice."

"You're so damn pretty." Sienna whispered.

It was then Natalie took the opportunity to briefly kiss me on the lips while Sienna continued to stroke her shoulders from the side.

"You guys look so good together." she grinned.

"Mm. I think I got myself a keeper here." Dormer smiled. "His lips are so soft."

"Really. Let me try." the blonde insisted.

Kidding around, Natalie immediately threw her arms around me and mashed her hard nipples into my chest in protest.

"Hey. He's mine! Get your own man."

With that said Sienna playfully pouted before stating the obvious.

"Well we seem to be a man short at the moment." she said. "Come on. Show me. Kiss me. I dare you."

I looked back at Natalie for permission who simply grinned. She was definitely open to watching us kiss.

"Hey. Don't look at me." Natalie shrugged. "—she's the boss."

I happily obliged as the blonde starlet leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine.

Right away I couldn't help but notice the vast differences between the two ladies. While Natalie seemed to be soft and sensual, Sienna used considerably more tongue and kissed me hard and impatiently.

I now held both women in my arms, and reveled in the sensation of their erect nipples pressed against my chest, as I urged them into kissing each other.

We spent the best part of several minutes just make out, before Sienna finally leaned down to take one of her friends nipples into her mouth.

I quickly followed suit and attacked her other nipple, causing Dormer to throw her head back and moan out loud.

"God that feels good." she gasped while running her fingers through our hair.

When I heard Natalie inhale sharply, I suddenly realized that Sienna was fingering her in the water.

"You're so hot right now, I could eat you up." Miller told her co-star.

"I wish you would." was Nat's reply before the British actresses locked their lips together and almost ravaged one another.

Feeling bold, I then reached down into the water and placed both my hands on both their asses, and inched my fingers lower until I was fingering them both.

They both responded by moaning into each others mouths, before breaking their lip-lock and biting the others shoulder as I now probed them with two fingers.

Both were already considerably wet, with Dormer proving to be particularly tight.

At this point my cock was so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Fortunately for me, Sienna had the good mind to reach down and grip my erection with her hand and proceeded to jack me off as I now fingered them both.

Amusingly enough, it was Natalie Dormer who suddenly convulsed and began to thrash about in the water as she came. Noting this, both Sienna and I attacked her with our lips, kissing her neck and sucking her breasts.

"Ugh. Fuck. That was brilliant." Natalie gasped. "—fucking brilliant!"

I tongue-kissed both ladies before Sienna broke away from our little group and slowly climbed out of the pool, naked as the day she was born.

This unexpected act of exhibitionism turned me on so much that my hands seemed to have a mind of their own, and I immediately slipped two digits back into Natalie's tight cunt, startling her.

The actress yelped to the action before turning to kiss me hard on the lips.

"Well aren't you cheeky." she teased. "—coming back for more."

"I guess I can't stay away."

"Mm. Slow down." she purred. "If you keep that up you're going to make me come again."

"That's the idea isn't it."

Dormer responded by reaching down to grasp my cock, as the two of us proceeded to mutually masturbate each other in the water.

"By the way. I should probably tell you." Natalie whispered. "It's been a really long time for me."

"In that case. I won't rush." I said as I slowly speared my fingers in and out.

But just as Natalie and I shared this moment, we heard Sienna chime in.

"Hey guys." she announced from the patio. "—looks like there's free champagne in here. Anyone want a drink!"

"What do you think." Natalie suggested a minute later. "Should we go join her inside."

"—only if it means watching you two get it on again." I answered honestly.

"That really turned you on huh."

"Like you wouldn't believe." I said while kissing her. "Honestly. Watching the two of you together is one of the hottest things I think I've ever seen."

Dormer grinned as she leaned into my ear.

"So I guess watching her go down on me would really turn you on then."

With that said, Dormer and I climbed out of the pool and made our way into the suite only to hear the shower running.

With Sienna rinsing the salt water from her body, Natalie and I grabbed a bottle of Champagne before we wandered into the master bedroom where she pushed me aggressively onto the bed.

I barely had time to swallow my mouthful of wine before Natalie was on her knees sucking my dick.

I now sat on the edge of the large king-sized bed, getting my cock sucked by Natalie Dormer while I stared at the bathroom door and listened to Sienna Miller shower.

"Keep listening." Dormer winked before bobbing her head over my cock.

"In a minute, I'm going to leave you here on the bed while I go join her in that shower." she teased. "Then I'm going to eat her pussy, make her come, then bring her out here and watch you fuck her."

"Fuck-Yeah." I muttered, as my cock visibly throbbed in her mouth. "Are you going to eat her ass too."

What Natalie did next totally blew my mind.

"Yeah. Like this." she said, before burying her face down between my legs where she began to lick my ass.

My eyes just about rolled into the back of my head as I felt her hot tongue push into my ass.

"You like that."

"Fuck-Yeah." I moaned back. "—she's going to love that."

But before Natalie and I could make good on our twisted plans, Sienna emerged from the shower and now stood and watched from the door as her co-star returned her mouth to my cock and serviced me.

"—enjoying the show." Natalie teased a minute later.

"You're friends not back yet." Miller directed at me.

I didn't know what to say. While a part of me felt bad for Matt, another part was in too much of a good mood to let it ruin the moment. I also have to admit that another evil part of my brain just wanted Sienna for myself.

I simply sat there staring at her flawless nude body while her co-star continued to suck my dick. Fortunately for me, Natalie spat my cock out long enough to say something to her frustrated friend.

"Sienna. Why don't you come over here and give me a hand with this."

I could see the hesitation in her eyes, as she still wondered if Matt would make it back in time.

"Hmm." Sienna mused. "I should probably wait."

"Suit yourself."

"—although, he does have a lovely cock."

I literally gulped as the leggy blonde slowly walked towards me on the bed, and casually joined her friend on the floor in front me.

A moment later her lips were wrapped around my nuts, before she dragged her tongue up along the side of my shaft, and and took me into her hot mouth.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

"You know we were just talking about you." Natalie whispered into her ear. "I was just telling him how I was going to join you in the shower, and stick my tongue inside you."

Both Sienna and I moaned at the mere notion.

Natalie continued. "—how I was going to eat your pussy and make you come in my mouth."

Sienna stopped what she was doing to look at her friend in the eyes and see the burning desire she had.

"You were huh." she replied before kissing her hard on the lips.

The two starlets then went right back to working me over with their mouths, only this time with a vengeance.

Sienna now encased her lips around my bell-end, while Natalie buried her face into my nuts and licked my balls.

But as incredible as this was, nothing could have prepared me for what happened next, as Sienna suddenly appeared fed up with all the foreplay and now seemed determined to have sex.

Without warning, she got up from the floor and pushed me back onto the bed, before quickly straddling my hips and carefully impaling herself.

I simply lay there dumbfounded as the British starlet had her way with me.

"Ugh. Yeah." she grunted as she lowered herself down to take me all the way inside.

I reached up to futilely grab at her hips, as Sienna proceeded to ride me wildly on the bed. For her part, Natalie simply lay back against the wall and now openly played with herself as she watched us fuck.

The fact that I could see her casually sitting there rubbing her clit, turned me on like nothing else. Fortunately for me it didn't take long for Sienna to get her rocks off, and she announced her first of many orgasm to the world.

"YES! FUCK! YES!" she cried, as her fists found my chest and she slammed her ass down on me.

I actually felt her thighs lock down around me, while her entire body trembled uncontrollably as she came.

"Fuck. I needed that." the actress gasped as she ultimately rolled off my hips.

A moment later, as I lay there trying to catch my breath I felt Natalie suddenly attempt to straddle my legs, but thinking quickly, I grabbed her by the wrist and flipped her onto her back.

The drunk actress giggled to the playful action before laying back and spreading her legs on the bed, treating Sienna and I to an unimpeded view of her slick pussy.

Dormer then dragged a single index finger along her lips as I moved to position myself between her slender legs. Without wasting another minute, I held her smooth legs apart with both hands and dove in with a passion.

I quickly alternated between pressing inward as far as my tongue would go, and treating her pussy to long licks from the bottom to the top of her sex.

As expected, Dormer was vocal at first but that soon subsided. It actually took me a moment to figure out why when I looked up from my work and realized that Sienna's perfect ass was now straddling her face.

For the second time that night, I almost blew my was just from the visual of them together. Instead, I decided to focus my attention on the hooded area at the top of Nat's slit in front of me.

I sucked loudly at her pussy and then switched to a fast tongue attack. I could tell this was having the desired effect as she had now slowed in her ministrations to Sienna and was panting loudly.

Natalie's breathing increased in depth as her stomach was now heaving with each draw. Sienna was glancing over her shoulder and had a hand splayed on Natalie's sternum.

"Come, Nat." she encouraged. "—let it go. Let it go baby."

Just hearing these words from Sienna caused pre-cum to ooze out the tip of my cock.

It was at this point that Natalie pulled her legs up and was holding the backs of her knees, as I fed two fingers into her cunt and chewed on her clit with renewed enthusiasm.

I went after her with a mission and noticed that her legs were shaking. Her stomach had started quivering and she finally let go with a sound that wasn't quite a moan but more of a shriek.

The "Tudors" then released her legs and wrapped them tightly around my head, almost cutting off any circulation. Her abdomen, legs, and arms were all in motion as she pushed her sweet pussy into my mouth.

"" she gasped before crying. "Fuck. FUCK!" and "Fucking hell—yes."

I keenly slurped down her tangy essences, and savored every morsel drop.

When her spasms subsided, Natalie released and immediately started in on Sienna again, this time sucking and lapping at her pussy with great zeal.

Judging from Sienna's reaction, she was in seventh heaven.

"oh god. Natalie." Miller sobbed. "—where did you to...oh fuck."

Sienna felt the orgasm start from a small ripple in her spine and smash into her with overwhelming force. Natalie cooed from the side of her mouth as she made her co-star come.

"That's right, sweetie. That's right...that's right."

It almost took several minutes for Sienna to calm down again. Her hair was tousled and she gave a small twitch with each tender kiss that Natalie placed on her now hyper-sensitive inner thighs.

Having watched this incredible show, I pulled Dormer up to kiss me on the lips. I could actually taste Sienna's pussy on her mouth as our kiss deepened as she reached down for my cock.

"—how does she taste." Natalie boasted, as I stopped for a moment to help myself to a swig of champagne.

Sienna's eyes eventually fluttered open and she took in the image of me standing away from the bed, my throbbing member wavering in the breeze while my eyes were locked on Natalie.

I could tell from the expression on her face that she wanted me to look at her with the same hunger and, quite frankly, wanted to go another round. With that said, the blonde star gently lifted from her position and crabbed sideways on the bed.

Sienna then rolled over and pushed up into the same position as Natalie, with the outside of her left hip and thigh pressed up against Natalie's right side. She tangled her arm around her co-star and turned to get an open-mouthed kiss.

I gulped hard as I absorbed the view being presented to me. Natalie's tight little ass was directly in front of my face, as Sienna followed suit and the two ladies lay side by side.

"Damn. That's one hell of a view."

The actresses giggled as they both wiggled their flawless butts back at me, almost mocking me.

"Who's got the better ass."

"—decisions, decisions." I grinned while landing an open palm on Natalie's butt.

It was hard enough to make her squeal and leave a red mark. I then smacked Sienna's ass for good measure, but let my hand linger there and run over the smooth skin.

"I really can't decide which I like best." I told them. "Let's see—"

I laid a hand along the outside cheek of each girl and placed my thumb on the taught skin just at the base of their pussies. Then with deliberate pacing, I pulled downward with the flat of my thumb and let them slip into each girl at the same time.

Keeping the downward pressure going, I let my thumbs pull through their lips until they were in open air again. Then I repeated the motion. Nether girl was giggling anymore.

After about a minute of stroking them both I gave each a suggestive tap on their legs and suggested they scoot closer to the edge so I could "compare" better.

I backed up a step as the girls lowered their feet to the carpet and presented themselves to me. With the two of them at my disposal, I knew I needed to start with Sienna.

I placed my hands close-in on each ass cheek and separated them. The head of my cock gently split her velvet-soft lips and I immediately slid home. Sienna gave a gasp as I pulled out slowly only to slam back in again, and pounded into her with force.

Patience was no longer an option for me as I thrust with a sense of urgency. After only ten or twelve pumps I pulled out and shifted to Natalie.

"—and now you."

"About fucking time." she hissed back, as I rammed to the hilt into Natalie's pussy and pumped with the same effort.

Again I pulled out after a dozen or so repetitions and moved back to Sienna. Each time, every nerve in my body wanted me to stay and finish, but I pulled and switched. Pulled and switched.

Sweat now glistened on my forearms and I felt a trickle run down my back, but I didn't let up. I began to count each entry to myself in an attempt to stave off the inevitable.

Having drilled both ladies at least a half dozen times, I finally pulled out of Natalie and knew it was time.

I moved back to Sienna and asked her to get up on the bed and lay on her back. She happily complied as I pulled her forward so her ass hung just slightly beyond the edge of the mattress.

"—are you going to come soon." she urged.

I simply nodded as I reached down and guided my cock in.

I pushed her legs towards her head and started with a slow pace, but within a few strokes moved at a more frantic pace. She could feel my balls smacking against her asshole with each stroke, which only made her moan more.

I knew I'd crossed the threshold and there was no stopping the release. My balls tightened and I started my orgasm well before I came.

I did everything in my power to resist, but refused to slow down and kept pumping into her furiously. Sienna's moans mixed with my forceful breathing, made me finally relent.

Each pulse started in my perineum and contracted toward the end of my cock. I kept thrusting through each torrential blast until I collapsed onto Sienna, her womb filled with jism.

Natalie ran her hand up and down my slick spine, from my ass to my neck as I filled her friends pussy with spunk.

"Fuck-Yeah, sweetie. You earned that."

"Hell-Yeah, he did." Sienna agreed. "—I can't remember the last time anyone came so hard."

In truth I didn't want to pull out of Sienna, but fortunately for me I withdrew and collapsed beside the ladies, just in time to hear Mattie return to the apartment.

The three of us were still in post-orgasm bliss when he entered the bedroom and seemed eager to get underway.

"Good. You're all in bed ready to go." he grinned while taking his shirt off. "—did I miss anything."

The ladies and I looked at each other and burst out laughing, all three of us totally exhausted.

"—you have no idea." Natalie giggled.