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Thread: "Miley vs. The Sybian" with Miley Cyrus

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    fanfiction "Miley vs. The Sybian" with Miley Cyrus

    Miley vs. The Sybian
    With Miley Cyrus
    Written by TPG
    Codes: solo, mast, toy, voy
    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    Teen Queen Miley Cyrus awoke with a yawn, rubbed her eyes and sat up in bed. She normally reveled in the opportunity to stay snuggled up under the sheets, but today she found herself alone.

    Her boyfriend Liam had already left for the day and in his place was left a cold vacant space. She gently patted the soft mattress beside her and pouted to herself. Raising her arms above her head, she stretched some of the kinks from her lithe body causing her thin white camisole to rise up along her slender legs.

    In an instantly she felt the chill of the cold morning air waft across her exposed flesh. It immediately raised goose bumps along her skin and hardened the nipples which stood firm on her small pert breasts.

    It was only now through her haze like state that a welcome scent tickled her nose. Turning her head she found a fresh plate of fruit and an iced coffee on her bedside table. Liam had always been such a considerate lover and she loved him for it.

    With the fog of sleep quickly fading away, she yawned once again before she realized what day it was; today was her highly anticipated 18th birthday. Kicking the blankets away, she grabbed the plate and read the small note which accompanied the food.

    "Babe," she read out loud, "Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I had to work but hopefully I can make it up to you tonight? Enjoy your breakfast and if you get bored, go to that website I looked at earlier. Check out item #319, and let me know what you think? Love Liam."

    Liam was an old fashioned romantic and notes like this were not uncommon. In fact it was one of the reasons she had been so attracted to him in the first place. The teen starlet let herself swoon for a moment before refolding the note and turning to the food.

    The fruit was fresh and tender and exceptionally succulent. Biting into a mango, she felt its syrupy nectar drip down her chin and she quickly licked the sticky residue off her fingers.

    Miley couldn't remember Liam preparing the plate of fruit, yet this small gesture somehow thrilled her to no end. In her mind she was delighted to see that he still managed to surprise her like this. She actually found herself excited by the secrets they both had in store for one another later that evening.

    Quickly and messily she stuffed herself with several pieces of delicious fruit, before she guzzled down the coffee. The note had been sweet but the hint at the end now intrigued her.

    "Finally eighteen and barely legal, huh?" she giggled to herself, as she speculated what all the various gossip sites and magazine around the globe would say.

    Climbing out of bed, the birthday girl stepped into the ensuite bathroom and prepared for her morning ritual; which usually consisted of an hour's worth of preparation, but being a special occasion she settled on just washing her face and brushing her teeth.

    Miley considered applying some makeup before leaving the bedroom, but then thought better of it as she realized she had nothing planned for the rest of the day and was only going to lounge around the house.

    Leaving the ensuite she entered the walk-in wardrobe and rummage around. Hidden behind several boxes of shoes were the gifts she had purchased for Liam for their upcoming anniversary.

    Finding his presents, she took the expensive watch and cologne and made her way through the house. The temperature outside was already warming up into a hot LA day but the tiles still felt cold against her bare feet.

    Wandering into the study she flicked the computer on and sat down, and opened the history tab to check which websites Liam had been frequenting. Facebook, Twitter, Celebfanforum were all there. Perusing the list, Miley immediately noticed one site which seemed to stand out from the rest, and she gasped audibly when she realized what it was.

    "Wait, that's an online sex store isn't it?" she remarked as her fingers automatically brushing through her long hair.

    Almost immediately a myriad of thoughts crossed through her mind as the website slowly loaded. Was it a new toy, a new outfit? Had Liam even visited the website at all? Why hadn't they invested in a faster modem?

    On second thought, Miley would not have been surprised if Liam had purchased something from a sex store. They had after all always enjoyed a very healthy sex life, even if the array of toys she already possessed only illustrated just how kinky and adventurous she really was.

    Despite only dating a few short months, Liam and Miley were as close as any two people could be. They were open and honest with each other and had openly discussed many things that they wanted to try.

    As the home page finally appeared in front of her, the teen idol felt her heart skip a beat. There she quickly found the websites search bar in the top right hand corner where she typed in the item number and pressed enter. The screen changed as her curiosity peaked and she found herself leaning forward.

    "Item #319; The Sybian Machine?" she read out loud. "WTF is a Sybian Machine?"

    Intrigued, she read on.

    "Built to provide a lifetime of pleasure, The Sybian Machine gives the ultimate in sexual stimulation."

    "It does?" Miley quipped, as she continued to read the description.

    "The combination of the different stimuli can produce much more intense orgasms than the user might otherwise experience via other more traditional method."

    Fascinated, the birthday girl clicked on a thumbnail image and was taken aback as the picture was enlarged and now illustrated a large black saddle like device that apparently contained an electric motor.

    Next to the saddle were an assortment of phallic attachments. The actress-turned-singer slowly slumped back in her chair, her mind reeling and wondered just what on earth would possess her lover to buy such a device? Her eyes closed as the mere notion of climbing atop such a gadget strangely excited her, and sent a shiver up her spine.

    Her current selection of sex toys couldn't compare with this contraption. She had never seen anything like it before. If the descriptions and testimonials were anything to go by, absolutely nothing could compare to it. And now Liam had purchased one for her birthday?

    Her Aussie boyfriend had done his homework well as Miley's interest soon peaked and she couldn't drag herself away from the image on the screen.

    She suddenly found herself fantasizing about steamy nights and lazy afternoons, special occasions filled with private joy rides on her very own personal Sybian Machine.

    The possibilities were endless, but mustering all the strength that she had, she turned the computer off and left the study. Sitting on the dark suede lounge the singer-songwriter placed her boyfriend's presents on the coffee table for wrapping.

    It was still early and she had the entire day to herself, and with nothing planned she soon sat there immobile.

    "Hmm, what to do?" she wondered out loud. "What should I do today?"

    Suddenly, she was startled out of her reverie as her sister called to wish her a happy birthday, which was quickly proceeded with a handful of messages from family and friends.

    Chatting briefly, Miley then returned to the job of wrapping her boyfriend's presents, but soon found herself thinking back to the Sybian Machine and what lay ahead. Would she even be capable of riding it? she wondered.

    Glancing at the time she realized it was almost lunch, and attempting to busy her mind she switched on the TV but it only took five minutes of Dr. Phil's southern drawl to propel her into action.

    "Hmm, I bet he already bought it!" she snickered to herself, knowing full well what Liam was like.

    "But where would he hide it?" she pondered.

    Miley now seemed obsessed with this question until she finally marched into one of the spare rooms and looked under the bed but found nothing.

    "Damn it!" she hissed, before she went through the wardrobe and rummaged around only to come up short.

    For a moment she considered giving up, but her body had other ideas. To her surprise her nipples suddenly seemed sharp and overly sensitive against the soft fabric of her camisole, and her teenage pussy tingled through her sheer white panties with each step she took.

    No other toy had intrigued her in the way the Sybian did, and she now realized that she would die in frustration long before her boyfriend would arrive home later that evening. Miley searched the entire house for the item, looked through the kitchen, their bedroom, and even the garage but still to no avail.

    Resigned to her fate, she was just about to concede defeat when she looked out the window and noticed the small guest house in the backyard. Still scantily dressed in her sleep attire, the midday sun was warm upon her skin as she tentatively tiptoed outside and across the green grass to unlock the door.

    The short-lived journey around the pool had caused beads of sweat to form upon her brow, and it was only now that she realized just how inappropriately dressed she was.

    "Shit! I hope those paparazzi don't have any helicopter flying around today?" she remarked while looking around.

    Stepping out of the sun and into the vacant dwelling was like stepping straight into a Swedish sauna, as she immediately felt the hot damp air strike her squarely in the face.

    "UMPPFF!" she gasped. "Damn it's hot in here!"

    Nevertheless, the dampness growing between her legs had nothing to do with the stifling heat in the small guest house, as Miley was now extremely horny and eager to find her present.

    To her delight, she quickly spied a large box covered with a sheet in the corner of the room. With baited breath she stepped forward and pulled it back, her legs nearly giving way as she discovered the large red bow and wrapping paper around it.

    "Yes! I found it!" she declared.

    Her breathing quickened as she studied the large box with trembling hands. Nothing this reaction quickly confirmed her suspicions that any thoughts of waiting for Liam to get home first were absurd.

    She was just too excited and anxious to try it. In a matter of moments the room was covered in shredded paper. The box had been opened, and Miley had unpacked the contents on the floor while she sat back with the novel sized instruction manual. She felt like a kid in a candy store or maybe a virgin on her wedding night, which she surely was not.

    All Miley knew was that she had never been so excited about a gift before and could not wait to sample it. Without reading the entire manual, she briefly skimmed through several before she finally tossed it aside.

    Pushing the couches back, she moved the coffee table out of the way and made a clear space on the floor. There she placed the Sybian saddle in the center of the room and reverently removed the Styrofoam and plastic bags surrounding it.

    Running her small hand over the soft leather, she let herself imagine what it was going to be like with her thighs clamped tightly around it. The mere notion exited her, and she squeezed her thighs together. Miley eagerly plugged the power cord into the wall socket and turned it on, then sat listening to the gentle hum of the machine for a moment.

    "Oh wow." she thought, "This looks really powerful."

    Perusing the accessories, she laid out all of the attachments in front of her. There she noted that they all seemed to be made of a soft pale rubbery substance and came in all manner of shapes and sizes.

    To her they all looked incredibly appealing, especially the ridged clitoral massager which was molded to the front of each dildo. The gentle hum of the machine made Miley feel hotter than ever as she tried to decide which to try first. One was actually a double headed dildo that looked like it was designed to fill both her holes at once.

    It was possibly a bit advanced for her first time. Another had no dildo at all and looked like it offered mainly clitoral stimulation. Not good enough thought Miley, as she was extremely hot and bothered, and now yearned to be fucked, and fucked well.

    As she picked up the thick six inch dong, she noted how it resembled Liam in so many ways and she knew it was exactly what she wanted. Standing up on trembling legs, Miley went to the sink to clean the shiny, jelly-like phallus, and only now realized just how thick and round it in fact was. While the dong matched her lover in length, it was certainly much thicker at the base.

    Her breathing was fast and she needed to keep calm as she leisurely handled the fake cock in her hands, and bathed it in the soapy water. Cyrus had to laugh out loud as she felt her stomach fill with knots.

    She hadn't even touched herself yet and she thought she was going to explode with anticipation. Standing there in the lounge room with the now clean and dry faux penis, Miley was ready.

    Without further ado, the pop tart slowly peeled her sheer panties down her legs, unsurprised to find that they were in fact damp to the touch. Kicking them away, she gently ran a single digit along her moistening lips and trembled to her own touch.

    "Ooh." she cooed. "God I'm so wet right now. This is so awesome!"

    There was a cover of fine stubble hair just above her pubic mound that reminded her that she had missed her waxing appointment earlier that week. Her pussy was wet but without thinking, she instinctively smeared a generous amount of saliva all over the dildo, before she briefly wrapped her lips around the head. Miley whimpered softly to the sensation of having the slick, thick, smooth cock slide in between her full luscious lips.

    There she twirled and twisted it inside her mouth, making sure to generously coat it in spit. With that achieved, she reluctantly withdrew it from her mouth and carefully attaching it to the saddle. There it proudly stood, gleaming in dribble and awaited her. Kneeling before the Sybian, Miley lifted the sexy lace camisole over her head and gently moved forward.

    Now naked as the day she was born, the fresh faced 18-year-old clutched the soft dildo with her hand, dragging the thick head back and forth between her tender vaginal lips, mixing her nectar with its lubricant (her spit).

    Her clit was already engorged and the gentle touch of the velvety-soft phallus made her thighs tremble and clamp around the goatskin saddle. The songstress had never felt so aroused in her entire young life, and it took all her will power to hold the dildo steady as she slowly slid against its full, slick length.

    "Oh." she sighed softly, as the onetime "Hannah Montana" star let her butt finally come to rest on the plush seat and permitted the thick jelly-like dildo to gently and slowly squirm inside her teenage cunt.

    Miley sat still for a moment as the permitted the fake cock to now push against her cervix. Sighing contently, she reveled in the sensation of having her young pussy filled. It didn't feel unlike Liam but she missed the intimacy of a lovers gaze.

    Nevertheless, she wiggled her hips a little and explored the sensations between her legs, wondering if it would be as good as it was rumored to be. So far it had felt nice but nothing to write home about. Still, it was early days and now with a renewed sense of confidence she was ready to test it out fully. Picking up the boxy remote control she studied it for a moment.

    It was not that complicated, with just two power switches and two dials which regulated the vibration and rotational speed. Miley left the rotation off and turned the vibration up to a minimum. Holding her breath she flicked the power switch on and waited anxiously for the demonstration to begin.

    Almost immediately the Sybian droned to life, and a moment later her mouth formed a perfect "O" as the saddle began a buzz between her legs and send a tingle throughout her body, via her thighs and stomach and most of all, her pussy.

    The Disney star leant forward and cradled the saddle beneath her as she felt the rumbling machine mash harder against her clit. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before and she reached down to pull her lips apart so that the vibrating dildo rubbed firmly against her clit directly.

    "Nnnghh... fuckkk!" she stammered in disbelief, as a thousand tongues could not replicate the sensations she was receiving.

    She felt her cunt muscles constricting around the motionless cock within her, and without realizing it began to gently grind her hips back and forth. Each time she did this it felt like she took more of the cock inside her, and it caused her to press her clit even harder against the vibrating saddle.

    At the low vibration Miley felt she could have road the high for hours on end, but her body was begging for release so she turned the dial up higher. With her eyes clamped shut, the sex starved teen floated in that rocking motion as wave after wave of pure bliss coursed into her pussy and throughout her body.

    To her surprise, the pleasure was increasing and her body was responding appropriately.

    "Holy... OMG!" she gasped.

    Her eyes fluttered and her nipples tingled, begging to be touched as she released her grip from around the saddle and took a nipple in each hand and continued to ride the machine, flicking her hips back and forth.

    "Oh... fuck!" she cussed out loud. "Holy shit!"

    Miley moaned in her husky tone, as she twisted her nipples sharply and felt something building deep within her. Much to her delight she now realized that she was actually going to cum, and cum hard.

    Her body quivered as she moved towards that edge, and against her better judgment, she turned the vibrations up even more as her body approached its climax. Suddenly, the machine roared to life and the extra sensation was too much for her tortured clit.

    She suddenly grimaced and shrieked out loud as her orgasm exploded through her stomach and she fell forward, dropping the remote control in the process.

    "OH! OH! UGH GOD!" she cried out loud, as her pussy squeezed tightly around the intruding cock.

    To her shame, she could hear her juices gushing from around the vibrating saddle. Slowly Miley pieced herself back together and turned the vibration off, as the sweet musky scent of her overheated sex filled the room.

    Gasping for breath, Miley fought to bring her breathing under control. She still couldn't move a muscle as her body reveled in the aftermath of that stupendous orgasm. The orgasm had been unlike anything she had ever experienced before, unmatched by any other sex toy, or lover for that matter.

    The Sybian, she thought did indeed make her vibrators look like children's toys. Her throbbing clit was now screaming for relief but her thirst for more had yet to be quenched. Miley was amazed at how wet her thighs had become when she came.

    Her body had responded to the machines will and she wondered just how many other secrets the device would uncover. Using her thumb and forefinger, she closed her eyes and turned the rotational dial up.

    The dildo inside her began moving in a slow circular motion, running gentle movements deep within her. At first she didn't feel anything, as her insides were still numb from the initial orgasm, but then quivers started shooting up and down her spine and she suddenly braced herself again.

    "Oh fuck! Jesus! Oh wow!" she huffed as she felt the tip twirl inside her in a steady anticlockwise motion.

    Almost immediately, Miley's thighs locked firmly about the saddle, letting the machine work its magic deep inside her. It was without doubt the deepest and most intimate massage she had ever received.

    "Holy... shit." She gasped, as she was sure the Sybian was now massaging her G-spot.

    Her pussy had never before felt the exquisite torment it was experiencing at that precise moment.

    The dildo was precisely stroking and caressing places within her vagina that had never been touched before. It revolved relentlessly, massaging the sensitive flesh of her inner walls in a slow, methodical torture.

    Clutching her breasts with both hands, Miley arched her back sharply and bucked her wet pussy against the invader.

    "Yes..." she groaned breathlessly, "Fuck yes!"

    With that said she then began to rock her hips back and forth faster.

    It was like she was riding Liam, fucking the machine like she would her lover. The sensation of riding a cock that could bend and rotate and touch every nerve ending within her tight young cunt was amazing.

    She could feel her thighs and belly muscles tightening and releasing, straining to keep up with the pace of the machine as she reached over and flicked the speed up a notch higher.

    "C'mon!" she grunted through gritted teeth, "Make me come! Make me come again, you fucker!"

    Her breathing became a whimper, as the whimpers became moans. Her moans soon turned to screams each time the large dildo completed a full rotation and struck her most hidden, most sensitive G-spot.

    "FUUUCK!" she cried aloud, as the machine's ruthless buzzing echoed off the lounge room walls to combine with her recurring moans.

    Miley's body was on fire, as intense pleasure was building deep within her core and she dropped the remote control and grasped at her breasts yet again. Her need was great.

    Her eyes were clamped shut now, and she was oblivious to everything but her body as she proceeded to impatiently hump against the beautiful machine in great earnest, slapping her buttocks against the leather and letting it probe and explore her, and fuck every inch of her teen poon.

    "Yes! Yes! Fuck me!" she almost sobbed, "GOD YES! FUUUCK MEEE!"

    Crying out loud, Miley saw stars shoot across her eyelids as her heart seemed to stop for a moment and the dam finally broke. This earth shattering sensation was quickly replaced by the most intense orgasm she had ever had. From the tips of her fingers to her tiny little toes, Miley's body convulsed violently and she jerked back and forth. It was a complete, full body orgasm. The type she had only read about.

    Her knees gave way before she fell to the side letting the dildo effortlessly slip from between her legs with a pop. Exhausted, the teen-queen lay in a pool of her own juices, her rapture sparking back to life as the initial pleasure retreated.

    Her breathing finally slowed and her heart beat more regularly.

    She was relieved to find that she had returned alive from such an incredible ordeal. Opening her eyes she was suddenly startled to see a shadowy figure on the wall, and glanced over her shoulder to find Liam standing in the doorway with a sly grin on his face.

    Just how long had he been standing there she wasn't quite sure. In fact she didn't even know what time of day it was but beyond him the day looked grey. Had she lost the afternoon pleasuring herself with the machine? Oddly enough she found she didn't care. Nothing had ever felt so good.

    "So I guess you found my special present, huh?" Liam grinned, "You little snoop. I should have know."

    "I'm so sorry." Miley panted with a sweet grin, "I was just too excited and couldn't wait."

    Just then, the sexy songbird tried to get up but her abused body was too exhausted. All she could manage was to turn the still buzzing machine off.

    "Don't worry babe," Liam smiled, "That sexy little show more than made up for it. Happy Birthday sweetheart."

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    I fully agree with Donos. Another amazing story, most notable was the descriptions, made a solo story very hot.

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    I would love to see her riding on the machine.

    Great story.

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