"Match Made in Heaven"
With Maria Sharapova and Camilla Belle
Written by TPG
(FF, insertion)

DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

IT WAS just after midday as 22-year-old Maria Sharapova sat nervously waiting in the locker room for her first tennis match in almost two years. In recent times the leggy Russian had been sidelined through a series of injuries, and now looked forward to returning back to the business of defending her title. Unfortunately for her, Sharapova was set to walk out and qualify against the former champion Serena Williams. The two had only ever played a handful of times, but on each occasion Serena had defeated her comfortably.

This fact was not lost on Maria, who in her haste to prepare for the game had arrived to the arena a few hours early. In retrospect she realized it was probably a mistake as she now just sweated profusely and paced up and down in the locker room. Nevertheless, the slender Russian knew she was at the top of her game and had never played as well as she had in previous weeks. As she sat contemplating the match, her thoughts were interrupted by the announcement for her to go out on court.

Her long anticipated comeback was about to begin. Regrettably, just an hour and twenty two minutes later Maria was back in the locker room, her head held low in shame. From the moment she had stepped out onto center court she had been totally overwhelmed and completely out classed by the more experienced and more determined Williams sister. Maria's Grand Slam comeback was over even before it had really begun.

"Tough break." Serena sympathized before leaving the locker room to give Maria some much needed privacy.

Devastated, Sharapova now sat there in the locker room for the longest time simply sobbing and feeling sorry for herself when suddenly she was startled to hear the sound of the locker room door, and immediately recognized the figure standing before her to be her BFF, actress Camilla Belle.

"What are you doing here?" she pouted in broken English, as she attempted to put away her rackets into her bag.

"I just wanted to make sure you're okay after your game." Camilla said, walking over to commiserate with her friend.

Her high heeled shoes clicked loudly on the tiled floor as she approached her, and it was only now that Maria noticed the large bottle of Champagne she carried.

"Cheer up Masha, you did great." she said while trying to comfort her.

"Yeah sure," Maria scoffed. "Did you hear the crowd when I made those unforced errors? I'm so embarrassed."

Realizing just how disenchanted she was, Camilla opened up her arms and offered her friend an affectionate hug. The actress quickly discovered that Maria was totally saturated in sweat, but it was exactly what her friend needed and Maria happily reciprocated.

"I missed you so much." Maria said into her ear.

"I missed you too." Camilla smiled while caressing her friend's back and shoulders.

"When I watched you hit those double faults, I just wanted to run down on center court and hug you."

"I wished you did." Maria chuckled momentarily.

As the ladies embraced, Maria could feel Camilla's breast press firmly against her own. The actress was gently stroking her neck, and Maria cooed to her touch. She really did feel more relaxed and comforted as a result.

"I'm so glad you're here," she said, smiling into Camilla's blown eyes. "I really appreciate it."

Camilla placed a finger to Maria's cheek and brushed away a single tear.

"I told you I would." she smiled sweetly. "Besides look on the bright side, at least now we can spend some time together."

Maria giggled and rolled her eyes.

"What?" Camilla smiled.

"God Milli, is that all you think about?"

"Well, why not?" Camilla replied. "How long has it been since we last enjoyed a vacation together?"

"I know, I know." Maria replied. "Remember our last getaway to Asia?"

A wicked smile crossed Camilla's face as she recalled some of their steamy encounters.

"Of course I do. I think about it all the time."

"That was just craziness," Maria added.

"I know, right?" Camilla blushed. "I can't believe we never got caught by the paparazzi."

"I guess we were just lucky."

"Yeah, and horny as hell too." Camilla giggled as she gently poked her friend in the ribs.

"Well, do you blame me? I wanted you so much." Maria blushed as the ladies interlocked their fingers together. "Anyways, can we talk about something else?"

"Why? Are you getting uncomfortable?"

"No," Sharapova quipped defensively, "Just, someone might hear us."

"What's wrong, Maria?" Camilla purred. "What happened to that dangerous girl I once knew? You know the one who liked to take chances and have fun?"

"Yes, but not here." Maria remarked. "Not in the locker room."

Maria let go of her lovers hand as she knew exactly what Camilla was alluding to. Camilla wanted to fool around. Hell, she always wanted to fool around no matter where they were or who it inconvenienced. Camilla was just constantly horny for her, which although was endearing to Maria initially, was also maddening.

"Here," she said as she handed Maria a plastic flute and they toasted to her success and helped themselves to a glass of champagne.

"Mm, that's nice." Maria said, when suddenly Camilla leant over and boldly kissed her friend firmly on the lips.


"What? I haven't seen you in weeks!"

Before Maria could utter another word, Camilla quickly silenced any further objections with another kiss, this one more passionate than the first. This time Maria simply shut her eyes and whimpered softly to the action, as the "10,000BC" star aggressively slipped her hand underneath her shirt and squeezed and fondled her cantaloupe sized breasts. Maria could only moan with pleasure as her glamorous friend practically molested her in the locker room.

"Did you really miss me?" Camilla teased between kisses. "Prove it."

Sharapova simply responded by thrusting her wet tongue back into her friend's mouth, causing them both to whimper softly and hungrily devour each other with more intensity. The actress tweaked the athletes pebble like nipples between her thumb and forefinger, riling another series of moans.

"Ooh, Millie." Maria whimpered softly as her friend lovingly manipulated her rock hard nubs.

With little encouragement, the onetime world champion soon opened her stands and permitted her friends hand to snake down the length of her body and drop between her slender thighs. Maria soon gave a gasp of joy as she felt Camilla's fingertips dip underneath her pleated skirt, inside her Lycra tights and ultimately make direct contact with her hot, sweaty pubic mound. A moment later Maria watched in astonishment as the striking actress slowly urged her panties down her smooth legs, leaving her completely bare and exposed underneath her skimpy tennis attire.

"Camilla," Maria protested with a whimper. "Not here."

Belle quickly quieted any objections with another deep tongue filled kiss, and urged her sweat soaked underwear down her long lean legs. Without wasting any time, she then placed her hand between her friends parted limbs and lovingly caressed her gleaming slit with two fingers.

"Oh." they both purred as they quickly realized just how wet and aroused Maria in fact was at that precise moment in time.

Without wasting another moment, Camilla finally buried two of her long digits deep into her friend's cunt, and proceeded to probe and finger her right there in the locker room.


Sharapova instinctively began to grind her hips and rub her sex against her friend's hand, before she suddenly gasped out loud as she felt Camilla impatiently add another digit to the mix and now began to finger-bang the six foot tall tennis star with three fingers, knuckle deep.

"NGH! UGH! Oh!" Maria grunted noisily, as she was penetrated with three whole fingers and felt Camilla's lips and tongue dance across her tender neck.

Just then, Camilla suddenly stopped what she was doing and turned her attention to Maria's tennis bag.

The racket handle was only about an inch thick in diameter, but for Maria who'd only ever had Camilla's fingers inside her, seemed much bigger. Regardless, her clit was so desperately stimulated at that exact moment in time that she knew she could not deny her friends sordid suggestion. With that, Maria lay back on the bench and spread her legs wide to reveal her swollen wet cunt. With a sly grin on her face, Camilla knelt down between Maria's parted legs and slowly began to feed the racket handle into her partners waiting pussy.

Although the first few moments made Maria gasp and squirm with pain, it didn't hurt nearly as much as she had feared and soon she was practically begging for more.

"Ugh. Fuck. Yes." Maria moaned. "More. Give me more."

Camilla happily obliged, and soon Maria lay spread eagle and exposed on the bench with her favorite tennis racket being thrust in and out of her over stretched cunt, her head thrown back and her hands cupping and squeezing her breasts as she moaned out in ecstasy.


The Russians moans now echoed throughout the locker room as Camilla now jammed almost the entire length of the racket handle deep into her friends sopping cunt, ramming it in and out of her rapidly and fucking her intensely. Suddenly Maria could take it no longer and she felt her glistening cunt abruptly tighten around the hard handle, squeezing it firmly and sending a shiver up her spine as she came.

Giving out one final scream, Sharapova collapsed back against the bench, her legs spread wide and her back arched sharply, as Camilla slowly withdrew the juice covered racket from her pussy and suddenly leant over to hungrily devour her cunt juice with her tongue. Sucking and savoring her essence, she reached up to kiss her friend passionately on the lips, sharing the tangy girl juice with her.

"Come on," Camilla urged, "Let's continue this back at the hotel."