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Thread: "Waking Up in Vegas" with Katy Perry and Emily Blunt

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    fanfiction "Waking Up in Vegas" with Katy Perry and Emily Blunt

    Waking Up in Vegas
    With Katy Perry and Emily Blunt
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, blowjob, oral
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    Against my better judgement, I decided to join Katy Perry for the weekend and help celebrate her 26th birthday.

    Shacked up in Vegas, I should have known I would feel out of place as I soon discovered that I was the only male in the group, and that her supposed "private" birthday bash would ultimately turn into a girl's night out.

    This group included the likes of Eva Longoria, Taylor Swift, and Vanessa Hudgens to name just a few.

    Needless to say as the night wore on and the group grew more intoxicated and boisterous, and I finally and reluctantly announced my leave and decided to head back to our hotel suite where there I would help myself to a stiff drink and bed.

    "Don't wait up for me okay sweetie." Katy announced in front of the girls, who naturally giggled.

    "I wouldn't dream of it." I told her. "Anyways, Happy Birthday sweetheart. I hope you have a memorable night."

    "Are you sure you want to bail." Longoria playfully pouted. "The party is just getting started."

    "Yeah, and we're heading over to that after party at the MGM a few blocks away." Taylor added. "Are you sure you don't want to stay?"

    I shook my head and shared a quick peck on the lips with Katy before I started to leave, but not before she leaned over and whispered sweet nothing into my ear.

    "You better not go to sleep until I get back, understand?" she grinned slyly.

    I knew exactly what that meant.

    It couldn't have been more than three hours later that I heard Katy finally arrive back to the lavish apartment and I smiled sleepily to myself as I waited for her to stumble into the room, slip out of her dress, and climb into bed next to me.

    "Matt? Matt! Are you awake?" Katy slurred.

    Judging from her speech she was clearly inebriated. I mumbled a sleepy acknowledgment as she sat next to me on the bed.

    Suddenly I was wide awake as I sensed another person standing by the door, and as the bedside lamp was flicked on my eyes adjusted to see a familiar face smiling back at me, both girls with decidedly wicked grins.

    "So hun. Emily was telling me how she had heard all about you." Katy explained. "And was very interested in meeting you face to face."

    I stared at her in utter bewilderment as Katy proceeded to introduce me to her new BFF Emily Blunt?

    "Hey." she grinned from the door. "Nice to meet you."

    Looking at her I could see that her eyes were slightly bloodshot. She too was obviously as drunk as Katy was.

    "I had a feeling you wouldn't mind the added company." Katy smiled as she proceeded to take off her high heeled stiletto shoes.

    Any embarrassment I had about being naked in front of the ladies was soon forgotten as Perry playfully jumped on the mattress and smothered me.

    "So are you up for a little fun, or what?" she playfully whined.

    "Or shall we let you get back to sleep?" she added a little loudly for Emily's benefit, "And go play in the other room?"

    "What did you two have in mind?" I asked.

    Suddenly, the "I Kissed a Girl" singer got up off the bed and in the process snatched the bed sheets away from my body, leaving me lying there utterly and totally naked.

    "Oh my." Emily giggled in her sexy English accent, as her eyes were immediately transfixed to my exposed cock.

    All of a sudden the busty songstress then pushed me onto my back and without a single word of warning leaned down and hungrily engulfed my cock with her mouth.

    All the while, the English actress simply stood there staring at us with a huge grin on her face as her new friend eagerly sucked my cock. It was awkward to say the least, yet strangely arousing.

    With all etiquette and good manners thrown straight out of the window, I looked back at Emily and suggested she get more comfortable.

    "So do those stockings go all the way up?" I inquired, as I felt Katy's wet tongue swirl around the tip of my bulbous head.

    "Uh-huh." Blunt nodded with a sly grin, before her hands moved to her hips.

    "Well then, why don't you take that skirt off and show me."

    To my delight Emily blushed slightly but happily obliged.

    Meanwhile I reached over and happily fondled Katy's breasts through her dress and helped release her glorious mounds from their restraints. There was just something so sexy about seeing her large breasts swing freely like that, her nipples already erect.

    By the time I glanced back at Emily, I looked over to see her slip out of her outfit and stand there clad in nothing more than her underwear, stockings and heels. I paused for a moment to admire the scene before me. God she looked incredible.

    "Come here." I told her, and the actress obeyed.

    Without hesitating, Emily placed one knee on the bed and leant over to kiss me on the lips.

    For a moment I had to pinch myself as I had to wonder if this was all just another one of my drug induced sex dreams, but tasting Emily's champagne flavored tongue, I knew it wasn't a dream but something much, much better.

    Just then, Katy briefly withdrew her mouth from around my cock and leaned up to kiss me with a renewed passion and intensity which illustrated just how hot and aroused she really was about the entire state of affairs.

    Turning to Emily, I then watched as their tongues urgently probed each other's mouths, apparently for the very first time that evening and causing both of them to whimper softy.

    Emily eagerly returned Katy's kiss, grabbing her forcibly from behind the head and pulling her in for a lustful lip lock. The two beauties made a wonderful couple and complimented each other perfectly.

    A moment later Katy returned her attention back to my swollen prick, sucking its head enthusiastically.

    The songstress gave me quite the blow job as she greedily sucked and slobbered all over my package, her mouth making a lewd slurping sound as she performed.

    Lifting her head off me for a moment, she then pushed my legs wide apart and descended on my balls, first licking them with a practiced tongue before gently sucking one after the other into her hot dirty mouth.

    "Oh Jesus." I moaned.

    "Mmpphhh! I love sucking your balls!" Katy purred, making Emily giggle.

    With my cock momentarily free from any oral attention I suddenly felt another hand snake down my body and grip me like a vice. I opened my eyes to see Emily slowly and expertly stroke me with her hand, a sly grin on her face.

    "Is this what you like?" she said seductively, her sexy English accent driving me crazy.

    "Fuck yeah." I replied, "Keep doing that, don't stop."

    Emily was now panting heavily as we continued to make out with an urgent passion, all the while as she stroked me.

    Her fingers felt likr magic and she seemed to know exactly how to please a man with her hand. Katy returned her mouth to my cock, but held Emily's hand in place so that I had the sensation of one girl stroking me while the other licked the pre-cum that was spilling out.

    Unable to concentrate on Emily's lips, I ultimately withdrew from her and moaned aloud.

    "Oh fuck Katy!" I exclaimed, "God you suck great cock!"

    This remark only caused her to double her efforts as now Emily bent over to see what all the fuss was about. Watching her bend over and join Katy by my cock caused me to almost gasp with anticipation.

    "What have we here?" Emily teased before she shared another tongue-filled kiss with the singer.

    I then watched as Katy gripped the base of my tool and insisted Emily service me.

    "Show me how you suck cock." Katy stated matter-of-factly. "I want to see you suck his dick!"

    Without missing a beat, the "Devil Wears Prada" star parted her lips and accepted me into her hot mouth, just as Katy leaned forward and proceeded to run the tip of her tongue up and down the length of my sword and finally slurping on my ball sack yet again.

    It was without doubt one of the most incredible sensations I had ever felt. As their tongues worked and mingled over me they moved closer and started to kiss each other again, trapping my cock in between their furious tongues.

    It seemed they really enjoyed making out with each other, and I was certainly not complaining.

    It was during this event that Emily was now positioned in a way so that her legs were up near my head and from my vantage point I could see her knickers under her elaborate stockings and garter belt.

    Freeing my arm from beneath her, I slid my hand up her soft smooth thighs and proceeded to massage her cunt through the soft material of her panties.

    "Mm..." she moaned and she instinctively arched her back and parted her stance, encouraging me to explore her further.

    I quickly slipped my fingers beneath the silky-smooth material of her satin panties to find her sopping, wet.

    With effortless ease I carefully jammed two of my fingers straight into her hot plenge, feeling her warm wet walls enclose tightly around my digits.

    Blunt inhaled sharply to the action, and I glanced down to watch as the ladies greedily feasted on my cock and balls, all the while I worked feverishly at Emily's dripping cunny.

    "Holy crap, you're so tight." I groaned inwardly as I then attempted to add an additional finger but found it nearly impossible.

    "Oh." Emily whimpered, "That feels so fucking good! Don't stop!"

    Hearing this from the normally demure and soft spoken Blunt, caused my balls to tighten and I felt myself approaching my zenith.

    "Ugh! Fuck yes! Don't stop!" I growled as I felt Katy brush her rough tongue across my taint.

    "Fuck girls!" I hissed. "The two of you are gonna make me nut if you keep that up!"

    To my amusement the ladies simply responded by redoubling their efforts, apparently intent of making me blow.

    Taking it in turns they gobbled my swollen member greedily as I felt the orgasm build inside me. In the meanwhile, Emily was bucking her hips wildly against my fingers and spurring me on as I ardently finger-fucked her from behind.

    She now moaned in a way that I knew meant she too was about ready to come. Suddenly I knew I was at the point of no return and tensed my body as the most incredible orgasm ripped through my body.

    As my cock exploded, the girls licked and sucked at each and every spout, milking me of every morsel drop, squeezing my balls in an attempt to get every droplet of come.

    Although my fingers had momentarily stopped thrusting in and out, Emily continued to grind her hips and ride them eagerly. Suddenly, she too tensed up as her own orgasm coursed through her body.

    "OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OOH YESSS!" she shrieked, as I felt her cunt contract around my fingers, deep inside her.

    Spent, I looked down to see Katy get up and take off the rest of her clothes.

    "My turn." she affirmed as she quickly stripped naked and climbed up on top of me.

    Taking her lead, Emily roused herself from her own reverie and also began to strip out of her underwear. Before long I had two naked, gorgeous brunettes lying on either side of me, both obviously ready for a long night of debauchery.

    Feeling that I owed Katy something (as it was her birthday after all) I moved to let her lay down and maneuvered myself between her spread legs. I absolutely loved the taste of her pussy and needed no extra encouragement.

    "Come on, spread those fucking legs for me birthday girl!" I demanded.

    I pushed her legs apart and leant in to take in the heady aroma of her cunt.

    Just like Emily she was clearly aroused and sopping wet. Katy always managed to keep herself nice and fresh and cleanly shaved for me and the feel of her soft bald pussy never failed to excite.

    I gently kissed her hips and stomach before quickly moving lower until I could feel her engorged clit under my tongue.

    "Oh god!" she let out as her legs visibly trembled.

    Clutching her thighs, I flicked at her swollen clitoris before I leaned closer and proceeded to suck it into my mouth, my teeth gently grazing her hardness.

    "Oh." she quivered, before she thrashed her head from side to side.

    Looking up I then watched as Emily kissed Katy with a passion equal to that she'd shown me earlier, before moving down her neck and sucking at her large breasts, her tongue flicking and dancing across the raised bumps of her excited nipples.

    "Oh sweet Jesus!" Katy purred. "Right there, yes!"

    Perry was now moaning and squirming uncontrollably on the bed, her hips swiveling around as her hand pressed against the top of my head urging me to move down and finally tongue-fuck her.

    Moving lower I tasted her soft wet lips, savoring the exquisite taste of her piss-flaps.

    "Yes! Oh god yes!" the singer moaned.

    My tongue flicked out, first licking along the wet slit of her cunt before I pulled her lips apart with my fingertips and eagerly forced my tongue as deep inside her as I possibly could.

    I now proceeded to hungrily tongue-fuck her slippery hole, causing her to whale out loud as Emily hungrily sucked and slurped loudly at her swollen breasts.

    "Oh yeah! Eat her cunt, Matt!" We heard Emily urge, "Make her come all over your tongue and mouth!"

    Somehow hearing this tone from Emily spurred us all on.

    Katy was now lost in her own world and was writhing around on the bed as her orgasm loomed near. Suddenly I felt Emily's head next to mine and I was taken aback.

    "Wait! I want to taste her too!" Blunt pleaded, a look of pure wanton eroticism in her eyes.

    "Gimme!" she insisted. "Let me taste this bitch!"

    I moved to one side and watched in utter amazement as the Golden Globe winner hungrily feasted on Katy Perry's sex.

    It was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen, and judging by Katy's reaction I was almost positive that she too was astounded.

    Suddenly, all of the rumors I had heard about her filled my head: the rumors surrounding Emily Blunt and her steamy love affair with Anne Hathaway, and the image caused my cock to throb with excitement.

    As the actress lapped at Katy enthusiastically, I could see her hand working at her own clit between her legs. The woman was on fire. Moving around the bed I quickly arranged to position myself directly behind her and leant over to taste Emily's pussy first hand.

    "Oh yeah!" moaned Katy as her orgasm finally approached. "You're gonna make me come! NNGGHHHHH!!"

    Emily's head flicked up and down as she fervently tongued her friend to completion.

    "Come you bitch! COME!" demanded Emily as her mouth latched around her entire slit and her hands squeezed Katy's breasts.

    Blunt seemed lost in the moment and obsessed with making Perry climax.

    "OH FUUUUCK!" screamed Katy as the electric orgasm shot through her body, making her stiffen and arch her back sharply.

    The actress grasped her legs with both hands and pulled her tight against her wanton mouth, feeding off the juices that poured out of Katy, her head shaking feverishly from side to side as she took the clit and sucked it deep into her mouth.

    "Kiss me!" Emily suddenly demanded, and I willingly grabbed her roughly by the neck and swapped spit with her.

    By now I was desperate for a fuck and moved between Katy's still spread, wobbly legs.

    Emily took my cock in her hand and guided me into her waiting friend, and once inside I pushed up on my arms and felt my cock nestle deep into the singer, the walls of her sopping wet cunt gripping me tightly.

    "Ah. Yes. Fuck me!" demanded Katy as I initially pumped nice and slow but quickly increased the rhythm, until my balls slapped audibly against her ass.

    Lying next to her, Emily splayed her legs wide apart, propping herself up while she watched me fuck her friend, her fingers pressed hard against her own clit as she masturbated furiously.

    "You like that?" I smirked down at her, "You like watching me fuck her? Yeah?"

    Blunt could only moan in glee.

    Having just climaxed moments earlier, I fucked Katy hard and fast knowing I wouldn't come so quickly again. Emily watched my cock, gleaming with the juice from Katy's cunt, pounding into her repeatedly, rubbing her clit in fast, tight circles.

    "Does that turn you on? Huh?" I hissed through gritted teeth, "Watching Katy get FUCKED!"

    "Mm yeah." Emily almost salivated, "That looks so fucking hot!"

    Just then, the English actress slipped two fingers deep into her wanton cunt and bought them out, and dripping with her essence, we watched as Katy suddenly snatched at them urgently and greedily stuffed them into her mouth, savoring her juices and sucking her fingers clean.

    "Holy shit! Holy shit!" I moaned repeatedly, genuinely shocked and aroused immensely by her wanton actions.

    I could feel Perry start to tense as the orgasm built up inside her again, and I redoubled my efforts, my balls slapping hard against her buttocks with each stroke. I wanted to come with her and the sight of Katy's grimacing face was sure to help.

    "Oh shit! I'm going to come again!" I shouted as my entire body tensed and I held myself still, deep inside her cunt as I pumped my seed.

    "OH YES! SHHIT!" Katy cried, and we both came simultaneously.

    The three of us lay back in relative silence for several minutes, just allowing our minds and bodies to recover from what we had experienced together.

    To our amusement we then watched as a suddenly shy Katy Perry snatched a pillow, and concealing her butt, got up and retrieved a bottle of wine from the kitchen.

    "Oh come on!" Emily giggled, "You know we've seen you naked already?"

    "I don't care!" Katy pouted, making us laugh.

    The three of us sat on the bed chatting and getting to know one another better and it was there that I was shocked to learn that the ladies in fact had only meet each other in the lobby downstairs an hour earlier.

    It seemed someone had apparently dropped my name which got the girls chatting and sharing a drink, before Katy finally offered to introduce me personally to Emily.

    "I've wanted to meet you for a very long time." Emily admitted as she helped herself to a glass of wine.

    "I'm sorry, but how do you know me again?" I inquired.

    "Well, we apparently have mutual friends?" Emily hinted. "Does Kate Beckinsale ring a bell?"

    It suddenly became clear to me.

    "In fact, Kate wanted me to give you a message." Emily added, as I suddenly felt nervous and braced myself.

    This apparently amused Emily.

    "Relax." she laughed, "It's nothing bad. She just wanted to ask you if you'd consider coming to her party next month?"

    "Sure, when?"

    "It's on the 15th, in London."

    "Can I come too?" Katy interrupted.

    "Sure, the more the merrier." Emily smiled. "I'm sure Kate wouldn't mind."

    Wow, now this could get interesting.

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    It turns me on too, watching Katy Perry get fucked! Great story you write very well.

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    Another demonstration of great writing. Well done TPG.

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