Fuck Buddy 2
With Stacy Keibler and Laura Vandervoort
Written by TPG
CODES: MFF, mast, toys, sub, rim
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

Up until that point it had already been an incredible evening.

Laura and I had enjoyed an amazing dinner together as we celebrated our two month anniversary. Watching her from across the table the anticipation of making love to her was overwhelming.

She was without doubt the single sexiest woman in the restaurant, and while everyone stared and marveled at her natural beauty her eyes never left mine.

"So, did you miss me?" she teased.

"You know I did."

"You think we should get the check?" she smiled back at me.

I wholeheartedly agreed.

"Check, please!"

Naturally, things started getting hot on the ride home as Laura always kept a small vibrator in her purse for those times when she just had to get off, and being the deviant little minx that she was she impatiently hiked up her skirt and began to stroke her sex through her silk thong.

Wanting some relief she ultimately peeled her underwear down to her ankles, letting them catch around her six inch heels before she dipped her fingers back between her legs.

"Are you trying to get us both killed or what?" I grinned as I found it hard to concentrate on the road.

"I really missed you, Scott." she purred. "It's been too long. I really need you tonight."

"I can see that." I replied, as I watched her add another digit to the mix.

With that said she then pulled out her trusty pocket rocket from her purse and quickly began sliding it up and down the length of her sopping wet minge.

"God you're a tease." I groaned from behind the wheel. "You're so going to cop it when we get home."

"Yeah?" she smiled seductively. "What are you going to do to me baby?"

As she spoke she spread her knees in the passenger seat and proceeded to explore her pristine mound. I could almost smell her aroused state which only made me want to drive home faster.

"I shaved for you again." she told me, as I glanced over to catch a glimpse of her young, hairless, gleaming snatch.

"Jesus Christ." I let out. "That has got to be the pretties little pussy I've ever seen. I never get sick of seeing your body baby doll."

I watched as Laura proceeded with slow shallow strokes, before she began to plunge the toy deeper and harder against her slit.

Wanting to increase the pleasure, she started rubbing her clit with her other hand causing her long flawless long legs to tremble to the action. Feeling bold the striking blonde placed one of her high heeled shoes up onto the dashboard and smiled.

"God you're beautiful." I declared. "So fucking beautiful. Just wait till we get home."

"I can't wait baby." she cooed, as she proceeded to play with herself more intently and rubbed her clit in earnest.

Watching her I could tell that she was approaching her climax but for both of our sakes she slowed her motion to prolong the moment.

Nevertheless the sound of the vibrator in conjunction with her heavy breathing was driving me crazy, and I actually considered veering the vehicle off the road and just fucking the ever-loving shit out of her right then and there.

"Mm... I'm so wet right now." she teased, as she reached over to treat me to a taste of her moist fingers.

The taste of her sweet nectar almost caused me to lose control of the vehicle, making her giggle.

"You really get a kick out of torturing me like this, don't you?" I replied, referring to our last conversation in which we had enjoyed some phone sex.

Laura had gotten so engrossed with her pleasure that day that the neighbors had in fact called the police, fearing someone was getting strangled and shrieking out loud for help.

But the vision and sound which emanated from between her thighs tonight was unmistakable and intoxicating, as she rubbed the buzzing vibe against her languishing slit. God I wanted her.

As we finally approached the house I pulled into the driveway and was surprised to see the car of my ex-girlfriend parked out front. I was then doubly shocked to find her actually sitting outside on the front stoop enjoying a cigarette.

Stacy and I had broken up several months earlier as she had difficulty keeping her legs closed.

I guess I could tolerate someone wanting a lot of sex, but it got to the point where she was openly flirting and sleeping with various directors and producers around town and we slowly started seeing less and less of each other.

I had assumed we had separated under good terms, but we hadn't really talked to each other in several weeks.

I had mentioned the this history to Laura at the beginning of our relationship, including the details of our sex life as she had always been curious about meeting the onetime wrestler-turned-actress. As expected Laura was immediately and understandably suspicious to find my ex-girlfriend sitting there waiting for me.

"Err, what the hell is she doing here?" Laura hissed.

I instructed her to stay in the car as I got out to speak with Stacy, and as I approached I was surprised to see the way Keibler was dressed.

The leggy blonde had a button down shirt (which I was sure was mine) and several of the buttons were open revealing her abdomen and a lace push-up bra underneath.

She was also clad in a short tight mini skirt which practically stopped just passed her hips and sat there with her legs slightly spread, enough to reveal her matching lace panties inside.

This was definitely going to be an interesting situation I thought, with my girlfriend in the car and my ex-lover now sitting on my front porch half naked and apparently a little lit? Had she been drinking or was she stoned?

I couldn't really tell. I only knew that just from her posture Stacy was definitely not her usual chipper self, and was certainly inebriated in some way.

"Stacy?" I said as I approached her. "What are you doing here?"

"I needed to see you." she replied while getting up. "Can we talk? I really miss you."

The look on her face showed affection, but we were long since through.

Almost immediately I recalled one of our many conversations in which we had discussed the possibility of hooking up with each other if the moment took us, and agreed to have a free and open "fuck buddy" arrangement.

But this was certainly not the time or place to pursue such activities, not with Laura seated just a few feet away.

"You know it's a little late for that," I told her. "I've moved on since we last spoke, and I assumed you had too."

"I know you have a new girl." Stacy explained. "And I know she's gorgeous."

I suddenly felt embarrassed and blushed a little as she went on.

"I just had to see you." she claimed. "I'm leaving for Miami tomorrow... and I just wanted to say goodbye."

"Okay well, send me a post card." I quipped before looking back at the car to see Laura glaring at us intently.

"Can we talk?" Stacy insisted once again. "Please?"

"Look Stacy, this really isn't a good time." I told her, "Laura and I are on a date. In fact we're celebrating our two month anniversary today."

"Where is she?" Keibler interrupted. "I want to see her. Why is she waiting in the car?"

"I'm not." We suddenly heard Laura reply, as she shut the door and walked up behind me.

To my amusement Laura emerged with a look and attitude about her that would have slapped Stacy across the face if it had hands.

Stacy was certainly shocked at the sight of my new lover, who was spectacular to look at under normal circumstances, but given her current state of undress she was a vision to behold.

"Am I interrupting something?" Vandervoort stated rhetorically. "You know he has a girlfriend right?"

"No, I know." Stacy admitted. "I just wanted to talk to him for a minute."

"At 1am in the morning?"


"You mean you came over for a quick fuck!" Laura snapped, surprising us both.

Both Stacy and I were taken aback by her abrupt comment, and while I flashed Laura a curious look I heard Stacy reply.

"Yeah, maybe I did." she admitted, shocking me again.

"Well, he only fucks me now." Laura said matter-of-factly.

The onetime WWE performer looked visibly disappointed, but not angry as Laura laid down the law and explained the situation.

I was in a kind of daze as I watched my gorgeous lover quibble with my equally attractive ex-girlfriend. It really was a surreal moment. They both looked amazing, and dare I say they could almost pass for sisters.

While my brain tried to process the situation at hand I was surprised to see the two of them openly ogle and check each other out as they continued to bicker and argue back and forth.

I had expected trouble, but now I didn't know what was going to happen as Laura folded her arms across her chest and scoped out the competition, so to speak.

"You know what, I have an idea." Laura finally countered. "If you really want him so bad, why don't you prove it to me... and kiss my butt."

"What?" I stammered, even more shocked than Stacy was.

"Sure," Laura smirked, confident with dutch courage. "If you really mean that much to her, maybe she should have to prove it to us?"

To my surprise Stacy didn't respond and simply stared at the younger blonde, contemplating her proposal.

"And if I'm satisfied with your performance," Vandervoort went on, "Then maybe I'll consider talking to Scott about the possibility of a pity blow job."

"Laura!" I interrupted, trying to quell her anger.

"But don't get your hopes up, honey." she added for effect as I pulled her by the arm and tried to talk some sense into her.

"Babe, stop it." I insisted. "That's enough."

Like Stacy, I was absolutely gob smacked and shocked by Laura's remarks and her rude demeanor.

It was a side to her I had never seen before, yet I had to admit I was strangely turned on, watching her fight over me. I had never imagined her to be so defensive.

What astonished me even more was when Stacy then turned around and walked towards the front door.

"Well, shall we go inside?"

Laura and I immediately looked at each other before she scoffed smugly and followed her to the door.

I in the meantime rushed back to the car to switch off the lights and turn off the engine before I unlocked the front door and invited them in. Inside, Laura wasted little time berating Stacy in the lounge room.

"Who the hell turns up to their ex-boyfriends house in the middle of the night like that?"

To her credit Stacy didn't argue and simply stood there looking a little disheartened.

I think she half hoped that I would ultimately dismiss Laura and send her to her room, giving us some privacy and time to talk but instead I just stood back and let my girlfriend vent.

"You do realize that we've been dating for two months now, right?" Laura hissed. "He's not yours to play with anymore."

"You know he's not over me, right?" Stacy finally hit back, startling my girlfriend. "You know we were together for a long time?"

"That was the past, you stupid bitch!" Laura suddenly exclaimed. "Why can't you get it through your thick skull that it's over!"

"I know." Stacy sulked. "I know, but..."

"But you just had come over anyway?" Laura added. "You just had to get fucked?"

"Yes." Keibler answered honestly as she looked over at me.

Suddenly, Laura stepped towards me and without warning kissed me hard on the lips, thrusting her tongue into my mouth and hungrily pawed at my body. I mumbled back with surprise only to have her plunge her wet tongue even further into my mouth and take my hands and place them on her body.

"Grab my ass." she insisted.

"Stop it, enough." I replied, suddenly feeling bad for Stacy.

"Trust me, okay?" Laura whispered into my ear, before giving me a sly wink and turning to the leggy six-foot-tall blonde standing in our living room.

"So you say you love him?" Laura stated. "You say you need him?"

"Yes. I do." Stacy confessed.

"Well, I think it's time you prove to us just how serious you really are."

Keibler and I looked at each other curiously.

"Why don't you take off that shirt?" Laura suggested.


"Well, it's obviously not yours anyways. Take it off and give it back to him."

I could see the hurt in Stacy's eyes. She really did care about me, and now here she was getting berated by her replacement. I kind of felt bad.

"Laura, that's enough." I finally said, before she turned and flashed me a scornful glare.

"What? Are you taking her side?"

"No! No, I just..."

We both looked back at Stacy again and I almost gasped with surprise as we watched her slowly proceed to unbutton her shirt and toss it onto the couch, leaving her standing there in just her skirt and push-up bra.

"Well you certainly are eager to please, aren't you?" Laura grinned. "Nice bra by the way. Did you dress up especially for Scott tonight?"

Stacy simply nodded as Laura went on.

"Yeah I bet you did, you little slut. Take it off. Take it all off."

To my surprise, Stacy finally locked eyes with Laura and the ladies seemed to communicate with one another without speaking.

Keibler seemed to contemplate something for a moment before her hands started to move and she proceeded to unzip her short skirt and peeled it down her 42-inch long legs, letting it pool around her sandal like shoes.

I was absolutely floored to see the power my girlfriend apparently wielded over my ex-lover, especially considering Stacy's intimidating presence, and the fact that she was at least five years older than Vandervoort.

Watching them, I was sure the sentiment was not lost on them either.

"...and the bra?" Laura added, to which Stacy complied and flicked it from her shoulders and tossed it to the couch.

In an instant Stacy Keibler now stood in the middle of my lounge room scantily clad in nothing more than her her high heeled shoes and a sexy black lace thong. Her lean, slender, athletic physique was on full display...and was quite a vision.

"Hmm...pretty." Laura remarked, as she openly ogled and admired her statuesque frame.

"What do you think, Scott?" she then snickered. "Do you think this little whore is worth your time anymore?"

I could barely breathe much less respond to her loaded question, as the entire scene seemed so surreal. Especially since Stacy now stood there staring at me wide eyed and exposed, and quietly listening to us openly assess her.

Truth be told I had always suspected that Stacy possessed a submissive side, but now I was certain by the way she simply stood there getting talked down to by my girlfriend.

"So, are you ready to kiss my ass?" Vandervoort smirked.

Stacy simply nodded as Laura proceeded to hike up her dress, and to Keibler's surprised she discovered that she in fact was not wearing any panties; having removed them back in the car.

"You know, you're never going to reach my ass from over there," Laura teased. "Why don't you get on your knees and crawl to me?"

I then watched in awe as the statuesque blonde happily obliged, and Stacy slowly dropped to her knees and crawled towards my sexy lover.

"Yeah, that's right." Laura whispered seductively. "Grovel. Grovel like the whore that you are."

Stacy ultimately arrived to kneel directly in front of Laura's booty, her face now mere inches away from her exposed sex.

Despite her bravado, I could see that the entire affair was having an effect on Laura who was finding it all extremely arousing and was now blushing brightly.

"Okay, now." Laura remarked before swallowing hard. "Why don't you kiss my ass?"

"Well why don't you turn around, and I will." Stacy shot back, shocking Laura to her core.

I think up until that very last moment Laura was under the impression that Stacy was just teasing. Unfortunately for her Keibler had called her bluff and now my girlfriend was shocked into silence.

Just then, as Laura glanced over her shoulder to say something Stacy leaned forward to gently press her lips against my girlfriend's thighs, causing Vandervoort to gasp with surprise.

"Like this?" Stacy whispered as she gently brushed her lips along the actresses legs and slowly moved in the direction of her now dripping sex.

For the first time ever, Laura was rendered speechless as she watched the gorgeous blonde vixen seductively smooch her way towards her mound, and a moment later inhaled sharply as Stacy finally made direct contact with her gleaming wet sex.

"Ohh." Laura let out involuntarily, her chest heaving.

"Like that? Or like this?" Keibler teased. "Is this what you want me to do?"

Losing control of the situation, Laura moaned and glanced back at me for guidance only to find me grinning madly.

"You know what they say," I remarked, "You made your bed, now sleep in it."

With that said Stacy continued to lay soft butterfly kisses all along Laura's hairless mound before she finally introduced her tongue to the mix and proceeded to lick and lap her sensitive slit more intently.

"Mm... or like this?" Stacy continued to whisper. "Should I gently bite your clit? Huh? Is that what you like?"

Laura felt a lump in her throat before she finally found the courage to speak and responded appropriately.

"Yes... right there," she almost gasped as she reached down and placed her hand around Stacy's head. "Yeah. I'll tell you when you can stop."

My ex simply grinned up at her new found lover as her head moved up and down, her tongue dancing along Laura's moist cleft. Vandervoort now had both hands running through Stacy's hair, almost urging her on.

"Ugh. Oh. Is this Okay?" Laura suddenly asked me, as though finally recalling that they were not alone.

They certainly didn't need my permission to get it on, but for Laura's sake I answered her.

"If it's okay with you, then its fine with me sweetheart."

My girlfriend lolled her head back in pleasure as I finally walked over to kiss her on the lips. It was an incredibly erotic moment and the kiss we shared was like no other.

"So I take it you approve of my new girlfriend?" I grinned down at my ex who took her mouth away for just a moment to reply.

"Yes, yes I do." she panted. "She tastes so good."

"Ooh. Oh shit." Laura gasped as her entire body began to tremble uncontrollably. "OMG. That tongue. That fucking tongue."

"How about we move over to the sofa, ladies?" I suggested, and they happily obliged.

As we moved to the couch I sat down and expected to watch the ladies continue with their activities but Laura seemed to have a change of heart and instead grabbed Stacy by the arm and directed her to kneel before my spread legs.

"Come here, bitch." she hissed as she directed her face to my lap and insisted she take out my cock and blow me.

A moment later Stacy hungrily devoured my dick and proceeded to bob her head up and down in my lap as Laura casually fondled and encouraged her.

"Mm yeah...suck his cock." Vandervoort smirked as she pulled back Stacy's hair from her face and watched intently.

"Mm. She does suck a mean dick doesn't she?" she added.

Taking me out of her mouth, the ladies then proceeded to take turns servicing my shlong before Laura took the opportunity to slip behind her friend and peeled her black thong panties down her legs.

I now pawed at Stacy's pert breasts as she moaned with a mouth full of cock, and looked behind her to see Laura lovingly massage and caress her hips and buttocks.

Suddenly, Laura's head disappeared behind Stacy's body and I felt her moan and her lips clamp around my shaft.

"Mm...mmpphff!" Keibler mumbled incoherently, as Laura apparently licked at her bare cunt.

Her nipples were taut, the most erect and excited I had ever seen them and I was enjoying the feel of them brushing against the palm of my hand.

"Mm... you're so wet." Laura purred as her mouth and chin now glistened with Stacy's pussy juice.

"Lick his balls." my girlfriend demanded, and my ex as only too happy to comply.

Laura quickly rewarded her actions by gliding two of her long fingers inside Stacy's dripping wet sex, causing her to groan out loud.

"Stick your tongue in his ass." Laura blared a moment later, to which Stacy immediately complied.

"Oh fuck yeah," I let out.

"Mm... see?" My lover purred from behind the blonde. "He likes that. I know what he likes."

"Hmm get right in there. Lick his butthole." Laura encouraged. "Rim that asshole."

As Laura spoke, she deftly plunged two of her fingers deep into my ex-lovers cunt and proceeded to finger her as she drooled a long strand of spit across Keibler's puckered butthole.

"Oh! Oh god!" Stacy thrashed about to this combined action, as I grabbed her by the back of the head and pressed her lips against my ass.

"Mm... you've got a pretty little butthole." Laura purred, before she dove right back in and proceeded to eat Stacy's anus.

The three of us now made a lewd daisy chain as my girlfriends mouth was fixed against my ex-girlfriends butt, and her mouth was pressed against my backdoor at the same time. The entire I glared at Laura who flashed me smoldering look of lust.

"You like that, huh?" Laura moaned before she withdrew her fingers from the blondes pussy and sucked them into her mouth.

"Oh fuck. Shit. OMG. Don't stop." Keibler responded, before she opened her mouth and eagerly swallowed the entire length of my sword.

In fact she swallowed so hard that the head of my prick actually rubbed against the back of her throat, causing her to briefly gag and choke on it as she deep throated me.

*COUCH* ...uuugh!" *COUGH*

"Slow down baby." I tried to calm her, but she was way too far gone.

Laura now increased the speed and ferocity of her licking and probing. Each thrust of her tongue caused Stacy's pert breasts to jiggle enticingly in my hand while her eyes would flutter and she would gasp for breath.

"Yes. Yes. Lick my butt." Stacy panted breathlessly. "Lick it. Stick your tongue inside, please. Yes."

Her voice trembled and hitched as she pleaded for Laura to rim her backdoor which she did.

"Yeah? You like that?" Vandervoort hissed. "You like getting fucked with my fingers?"

"Yes. Ugh. Yes."

It was only now that I noticed that Stacy had been intentionally pushing her butt back against Laura, urging her deeper and faster. She wanted to be fucked, and fucked hard, and Laura was not going to deny her.

"Oh God." Stacy cried aloud as Laura now finger-banged her splendid cunt with three digits.

"Come for me you fucking slut!" Laura blared, before I finally jumped into action and pulled Stacy up from the floor.

Keibler reluctantly moved to straddle me on the sofa and a moment later she sat down over my cock and I heard myself gasp out loud as I now found myself buried deep inside the leggy harlot.

Stacy wasted little time bouncing over my cock enthusiastically, and it only took a few thrusts before she let out a tremendous grunt and I realized I could feel Laura's chin rubbing against my balls as she keenly dove face forward and buried her tongue inside Keibler's sweet ass again.

We fucked in this splendid position for a few extra moments, all three of us moaning and gasping out loud before I finally pulled Stacy off my lay and instructed her to bend over on the sofa.

There Laura quickly followed my lead and immediately sat on the edge of the couch and spread her legs wide, inviting Stacy to lean forward and feast on her pussy as I took her sweet ass from behind.

"OH! FUCK!!" Keibler screamed at the top of her lungs as a toe curling orgasm finally ripped through entire body.

Her body jerked violently as she chewed on Laura's clit, and this wanton display quickly pushed me over the edge and I desperately needed to cum.

"Quickly! Open up!" I abruptly ordered, as the ladies rushed to kneel directly in front of me and awaited their reward.

A moment later I exploded all over both blonde beauties and watched as they hungrily licked and lapped at each other's faces, their lips covered in cum as their tongues mingling and wrestling against one another.

"Next time you decide to drop by." Laura finally directed at Stacy. "Call before you come over."

"Absolutely." Stacy replied out of breath. "Whatever you say."