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Thread: Living The Dream - Chapter 12 "Lunch is On Me" with Christina Aguilera

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    fanfiction Living The Dream - Chapter 12 "Lunch is On Me" with Christina Aguilera

    Ok, so here it is, after far too long, chapter 12 of the "Living The Dream" story.

    For those not familiar with the story, Living The Dream is about the exploits of Mike Giovanni, an English hip hop/r'n'b producer who is enjoying great success in America under the tutelage of entertainment mogul Titus King. He is literally living his dream.

    Along the way Mike has had run in's with Eva Longoria, English model Keeley Hazell, Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears, Fergie, Nicole Scherzinger and, mainly, Christina Aguilera

    In this concept, Christina split with her husband Jordan and has yet to have her son. Mike and Christina hooked up but hit a major bump in the road in the last chapter. There's also a blackmailing bodyguard in the mix, but you can read about that for yourself, lol.

    So here it is, chapter 12 (13 going up shortly also). I'm well behind so please remember Christina looking like this......

    .......when reading.

    Chapter 12
    Lunch Is On Me
    Christina Aguilera

    I had been sat staring at my laptop screen for nearly half an hour with no progress to what I was supposed to be doing. My foot was tapping the floor and my eyes flicked to the clock in the corner of the screen what felt like every other second.

    Half past eleven.

    She would be on her way now.

    My ankle tapped against the metal stool leg as I sat at the kitchen counter. The house stood eerily silent. There was normally four or five residents here along with "extras" so it hadn't been this quite since the day the agent handed over the keys.

    I had thrown everyone out for the day after Christina called asking if I wanted to ‘catch up', whatever her version of that was. It had been seven months since I had last seen Christina and about four months since she had called and declared 'Mike, I'm pregnant'.

    The memory of that conversation still burnt brightly in my mind. I had been warned that she would be showing signs of her pregnancy and to be prepared for a different looking Chrissy.

    A fair amount had gone on since Christina had caught me and Nicole testing the furniture in my Las Vegas hotel room. And what a roller coaster it had been.


    The announcement of Christina's pregnancy.

    The announcement it wasn't mine.

    Jordan accusing everyone but himself of being the father.
    Manny threatening to release yet more stories he had dug up from somewhere.

    It had been quite a ride.

    A night with Kim Kardashian in the Four Seasons Hotel in L.A. seemed almost normal when compared to everything else that had been going on.

    I tapped my keyboard in time with my ankle on the chair leg. I couldn't remember the last time I had felt this nervous about, well, about anything. It was one of those times where you look forward to something but also dread its arrival in equal measure.

    My mind flicked over the gossip I had been fed about Christina being spotted around with Jordan, was I about to be on the receiving end of a big goodbye, a ‘well done chap, close, but no cigar' as she went back to her husband? Then there was the talk of her keeping one of the male dancers from her last tour as a 'boy toy' on the side.

    In spite of all that I doubted she was travelling out of Manhattan just to give me another blast from her verbal hair-dryer.

    The identity of the father had been heatedly discussed and contended, my money was on the boy toy. She had also called me pretty much every profanity known to man and suggested a lot of diseases I should contract to die from, so I doubted she was coming looking for yet another argument.

    My foot stopped tapping.

    I hoisted the laptop up in one hand and threw it across the kitchen and into the sink.

    The front door buzzer went just after twelve. I was assessing the damage to my laptop when it did. I waited for a second buzz before making my way out to the reception hall to answer the door. Christina stood on the doorstep sporting a look I thought I would never see; Christina Aguilera, soon to be somebody's mum.

    "Hi Mikey", Christina greeted a tad meekly, "How's things?"

    I looked at Christina's belly pressing against the long white maternity shirt she was wearing, "You've been eating some pies", I joked.

    "You're not funny"

    "You used to think otherwise" I shot back

    "Things change", she replied holding her handbag behind her with both hands.

    Her breasts sure had changed. They were sat up proudly in the square neckline of the shirt; they strained even further forward when she held her bag behind her. I had heard the talk of women ‘blooming' when they were pregnant but I doubted many managed to look like Christina did now. It's a cliché to say but she was literally glowing.

    "They sure do, you coming in?" I asked nodding in the direction of the car that was sat in the driveway, it's engine still running.

    "I was starting to wonder if you were going to invite me in", she said as she walked past me and into the house.

    We went inside to the kitchen so I could fix us some drinks. Christina hovered by my broken laptop on the counter.

    "Laptop problems?" she asked as I passed her a glass of water.

    "Yeah, I dropped it"

    "From where? A skyscraper?" she asked unbelievably.

    "No, it fell off the counter", I replied.

    I laughed out loud as Christina poked through the bits of case and keyboard.

    "What's so funny?" she questioned turning around.
    "Nothing", I said laughing again, "It's just, you look great", I said managing to control my giggling this time.

    Christina stared at me across the kitchen, not too differently from the stare I got across that hotel suite in Vegas.

    "A pregnant woman can look good you know", she huffed finally.

    "No, I know, I'm sorry, I just mean that you always hear these people go on about the ‘glowing, blossoming pregnant woman' and you think they're just spouting wordy bollocks. But I see what they mean now", I tried to explain, "I was a little surprised to hear from you after our last conversation", I said.

    Christina took a sip of her water and stood back against the kitchen counter.

    "We said a lot of things", she started

    "Ah!" I said cutting her off, "You said a lot of things. I did a lot of fucking listening"

    "OK", she conceded, "I said a lot of things. But I think I had a right to"

    "I never challenged that. I royally fucked up so I tried everything I could think of to make amends for it but there's only so many times I'm going to let someone slam the door in my face. I'm not a punch bag for your tantrums and outbursts"

    Christina looked at me across the kitchen with a look somewhere between smouldering and contempt.

    "And that's why I am a little surprised to see you here today", I concluded

    "I've been thinking about life a lot as of late and I really hate to pump that ego of yours up, but you were a part of it", she explained.

    "Were?" I asked trying to check her context

    "Were. Are", she offered with a little smile.

    I looked across at her and tried to ponder the reason for her visit. We hadn't classed ourselves as a couple, yet when she caught me with someone else she went apocalyptic. Then she told me she was pregnant, but it wasn't mine. What had changed for her to want to see me again?

    "It's the bump", Christina continued breaking the silence, "It's got me all confused. You know how I am, how my temper is, I just come out with the first thing that comes into my head", Christina was now looking down at her shoes, "Now with junior here, one minute my mind is over here, the next, it's over there"

    "I was thinking about how you were doing, you know. I don't think a day went by without me thinking about you and the baby", I admitted letting my guard slip for a second.

    "You thought about me and the baby? Was that whilst you were dribbling down Kim Kardashians cleavage?" Christina said.

    I saw her fingers tighten around the water glass.

    "Fuckin' hell Chris! That was like a month after we stopped talking. Did you expect me to just sit around waiting for you to call with my next ear bashing?"

    "You did most of the calling", the index finger shot out from the hand holding the water glass and jabbed in my direction.

    "And look at the fuckin' progress I made", I almost sighed.

    I was remembering how annoying the petty arguing was.

    Christina lent back harder on the counter and shifted her weight slightly.

    "You OK? You want to go sit down?" I asked

    "I'm fine, just a twinge. The bump likes to dish them out every so often", she explained uncomfortably.

    "That bump is going to be one spoilt kid", I said with a smile, "I imagine Jordan is hoping for a son", I still had to spit his name out like a sour pip.

    "He'd need to acknowledge the baby exists first", she replied finishing her water, "As far as he's concerned it's still not his"

    "He's still thinking it's that dancers?"

    Christina threw me a look, did she expect me to not know about him?

    "Not exactly", she said sounding none too sure of her answer


    "He's still convinced it's yours", she said slowly.

    "Really?", my mind began to turn. Was this the reason of the visit? "Mine?" I asked, "I thought we had this talk, you said it couldn't be mine"

    "We did and I did. The dates don't match Mikey", she replied sounding almost sorry that I wasn't the father.

    "But he still thinks I'm the father anyway"

    "I told you how stubborn he can be", Christina said looking down into her now empty glass, she let out a sorry sounding laugh before continuing, "You know it's funny, we were in the middle of ripping chunks out of each other when I told you I was pregnant, yet you were still happy at the mere thought of it being yours. I tell him it's his and he calls his lawyers to see how he stands legally. Can you believe that!"

    "I always said he was a prick", I replied

    "You thought he was a prick for a whole other reason", she said with a little giggle, "You got all big burly man jealous at the thought of another man getting his hands on me", she said furrowing her brow to try and impersonate a cave man.

    "Who wouldn't? It was like I had a constant hard on whilst you were around", I laughed, "I had to avoid you on that boat sometimes just to let my blood pressure drop"

    "The boat?"

    "Yeah, when we had a week on Tee's boat after your tour. The sight of you in some of those bikinis led to some embarrassing near misses"

    Christina fingered her maternity shirt. Her chest wobbled in the square neckline.

    "I don't think I'll be wearing any of those any time soon", she joked, "Greenpeace would be on standby if I did"

    "If anyone can get their figure back after dropping a child, I have every confidence it would be you", I said, "Besides, you look great at the minute. I find it a bit weird that I think that, but you do"

    Christina looked up at me and smiled. A split second before she grimaced.

    "You sure you're OK?" I asked moving from my corner of the kitchen towards her.

    "Yeah, the baby's just kicking. If it's a boy then he's going to have some legs on him", she said with another grimace, "You want to feel?" she asked running her hand lightly over the bump.

    "Err, OK", I replied before moving over to her side and putting my hand on her stomach.

    Christina placed her hand over mine and pressed down a little harder so I could feel the movements under the surface of her skin.

    "Weird", I said

    "You didn't feel Luca moving around with Rachel?" she asked.

    A thousand thoughts and memories came flooding back.

    "No", I answered flatly, "I never had the chance whilst she was pregnant. I wasn't allowed to see her", I said lowly.

    Before I realized what was happening, Christina moved in closer to my side and put her arm around my waist. The pair of us stood in silence for a moment, both our hands resting on the now still bump. I looked down at Christina to see her looking right back up at me.

    "I'm sorry for how things turned out Mike", she said before leaning up to kiss me. A different set of memories washed the thoughts of my own son and failed relationship away.

    Christina kissed me hard, eager. Our tongues twisted and locked as if we had never been apart. She leaned in and pinned me between the counter, the bump and her breasts.

    "Mmmm, I've missed this", she said softly as I kissed my way down towards her heaving tits. I kissed over the top of them as Christina's rabid breathing made them rise and the fall away from my waiting mouth, "Oh god have I missed this!"

    My hands started to roam around, exploring Christina's new shape as I buried my mouth in her heavenly scented cleavage. My hand instinctively moved down her thigh and towards her pussy. She loved to be fingered, especially in risky public places, it would make her so wet. I could feel damp heat coming through her tights as my hand made it's way up the inside of her thighs. I was almost there when Christina snatched my hand away.

    "Mike! I can't, not today", she said breathlessly breaking away from out kiss.

    "Not today?" I stammered, "What's wrong?"

    "I've got a doctors appointment later, I can't turn up with my snatch filled with you", she said with a filthy sounding laugh.

    "God, I love it when you say that!" I said with a kiss behind her ear hoping to talk her out of it.

    "I know you do, but I can't turn up with this little snatch all filled up with your gooey stuff", she teased, "You always fill me right up"

    "I know and that's what I want to do right now. Fill that little box of yours up"

    "But you can't", she shot back

    "So what am I supposed to do with this then?" I asked grinding my hard on up against her thigh.

    "I'm sure you could take care of yourself", she giggled as I continued to kiss around her ears and neckline in a vain attempt to change her mind.

    "I don't know", I pondered out loud, "You come in here swinging these bad boys about, seduce me with your baby lump and talk about filling your tight little snatch up, then leave me hanging"

    Christina looked at me, "You're a real pisser sometimes you know"

    "What's a bloke to do?" I asked with a sly smile.

    Christina slowly started to to stroke my cock through my linen shorts making it stiffen even more.

    "So you want to stuff this in me? This fat cock in my tight little hole?" she asked.
    I closed my eyes, "Yeah, I wanna fuck that little hole of yours baby"

    Christina kissed me softly on the neck as she continued to tease and stroke my cock in my shorts,

    "And you want to fuck me till I moan your name, then send me off to the doctor with cum running down my legs? My little snatch all gooey and full?"

    My zip was open and my cock was out in the air.

    "Yeah baby"

    "But you can't, can you Mikey", Christina said pumping my cock in her fist as she gingerly sank down to her knees, "You want to cum in my mouth Mikey? You want to shoot your load in your dirty little girls mouth? It's just as hot as my gooey gooey pussy", Christina's voice had dropped to a low purr.

    "Oh god! Put it in baby, please, let me shoot in your mouth", I begged.

    Christina obliged and sank her mouth around my cock, her hands massaged my balls as she pulled me in to the back of her throat.

    "Just like that, just like old times", I whispered as her lips slid up and down my shaft. I looked down to see Christina's head bobbing back and forth along my dick, both her hands were now cupping and pulling on her ripe tits.

    "You like that?" she asked as she noticed me smiling down at her, "Ah", she began as she realized what I was smiling at, "You want to cum all over these Mikey? They've been getting some attention just lately, they've grown sooo big", she teased as she pumped my cock harder and harder.

    I was fast loosing control, I had Christina Aguilera in my kitchen asking me to cum all over her maternally enhanced tits. My head fizzed as I felt my climax approach.

    "Yeah, you want to cum all over these", she continued moving them closer to me, "You always loved to shoot your gooey load all over me. Cum for me Mike, cover my tit's baby", Christina cooed as she pumped my cock for all it was worth.

    "Fuck!" I exclaimed as I shot my first bolt across one breast. Christina kept wanking my dick as I shot stream after stream onto her waiting skin.

    "Oh fuck!" I exclaimed as I emptied my balls all over her smooth skin.

    "That's it baby, cover them", she whispered as the last few blobs escaped the tip of my rod.

    Christina clamped her mouth around the head of my dick and began licking it clean for me. Her experienced tongue kept my rod hard but I knew I was spent and in need of recovery. By the time the slurping clean had finished I was lent back on the counter with virtually no feeling left in my legs.

    "Jesus, I forgot how good you were at that", I said as Christina stood and straightened herself out. Cum was still smeared across her chest, a stray shot had caught her on the chin, a stringy strand of my juice now jangled around like a loose thread as she smoothed down her clothing.

    "Clean up on isle twelve", I laughed as I watched the rogue strand dance around.

    "What are you up to this evening?" I asked loudly from the lounge, Christina was in the ground floor bathroom cleaning up.

    "I've got a meeting with my publicist after my doctors appointment but nothing later on", she shouted back across the hallway.

    "Fancy having dinner with me?" I asked hopefully

    "Dinner?" Christina asked joining me in the lounge, "Where?"

    "I hadn't planned that far ahead, I'm winging it", I replied, "You could choose?"

    Christina paused for a second as she picked her handbag up, "How about my place?"

    I felt myself begin to grin like an outpatient, "OK"

    "Dinner!" she said with a firm wave of her finger, "Don't get any other ideas", she said looking out of the window for her awaiting car, "And bring Chinese food"

    "What should I bring?"

    Christina paused in her hustle to get out to the waiting car, "Erm, all of it, that should do", she said with a final kiss on my cheek

    "About nine then?" I said

    "Yeah, fine, just don't forget the food!" Christina replied as she hustled down the hallway and out the front door.

    I looked around the once again silent house. So much for being nervous about how the meeting was going to turn out.

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    Another awesome addition to this classic series! I still can't look at xtina the same since reading these chapters!


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