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Thread: Livin' The Dream - Chapter 7 - Many Happy Returns

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    fanfiction Livin' The Dream - Chapter 7 - Many Happy Returns

    Here's another one. I'm looking for some feed back on this one as it's the weakest (IMO) I've written so far. And yes this does jump to chapter 7 but I've got issues with chapters 5 & 6 so unable to post them. Shame as they're quite good, lol.

    Chapter 7….
    Many Happy Returns
    Staring Britney Spears

    As my twenty-eighth birthday approached I found my self sat on the deck of a private yacht somewhere off the coast of the Bahamas. I was sitting on the front deck taking in the sun and waiting for Titus to stop fucking one of his new protégé's. My mind wandered as I sat looking out into the crystal blue waters, for the first time in a long time I had the chance to take stock of what I was doing with my life.

    Two days ago it had been Titus waiting for me whilst Christina and myself kept up our ‘just good friends' routine below deck. She had just come off tour and taken up Titus's offer to unwind on his new, even bigger, boat. Well, that's what the public knew. What had really happened was that I had met her at port on the boat, she had come on board leaving her staff on shore and we'd fucked like rabbits for four days.

    Only when Titus arrived did we start spending time on deck, messing around on Jet Ski's and swimming in the sea. One day we were lounging on the deck letting the sun dry us after a dip in the ocean and I looked across at Christina, she was lying on her front toasting her back. Her hair was back up in two little platinum blonde pigtails and all she had on was the G-string bottoms to a tiny bikini that was as blue as the ocean. A bikini that had been giving my wandering eyes problems all day.

    And that got me thinking. I mean, what the fuck was a lump from Average Town, UK doing on a boat that must have cost more than the lifetime earnings of an entire family, in the middle of the crystal blue Bahamas sea, with one of the most lusted after creatures on the planet? How did I get from hanging around in parks getting drunk and selling drugs to sitting on a multi million-dollar boat? And what about the last eighteen months? I was now the partner in one of the most successful record labels in the world, musical superstars put their new albums on hold just to get a track produced by me.

    I had investments all over the place; so many that I now had three accountants on the go to keep track of it all. I was on magazine covers with other big time producers. I had fucked starlets all over the world and had about four telephone numbers in my private mobile phone that I could call anytime and get a response from someone you would hear on the radio or see at least once on the TV during your daily grind. What the fuck was going on?

    That was when the weight of it all hit me. I never really paid much attention to any of this whilst I was jetting around the world working on tracks and going over contracts. You didn't feel that lucky as you tried to get a couple of hours sleep during a twenty-four hour round trip to New York and back. Or like the other week, it went a bit like: London for work, New York for meetings with Titus and a studio session, onto L.A. for more meetings about our new business venture and then finally back to London for another set of meetings before going home to another studio session.

    Might sound like the stuff of dreams for some but believe me, four days over four cities on two continents with about twelve hours sleep doesn't leave you feeling like the jet setting superstar you think it would. But I was lucky. I worked hard and played harder. I thought about the perks that came along every so often. Perks like Christina. Now they were stuff of dreams.

    But now Christina had gone back home to recover properly from her tour, I had joked she was off to count the stack of money she had just earned herself. This left me and Titus on the boat with a new singer he had just signed to the label, the operation ran with him sourcing the talent and me making the music. Sourcing the talent also sometimes meant 'bedding them in' first. A couple of other girls had come aboard as entertainment for me but after Christina it was kind of like being offered a bacon sandwich after a life being fed steak.

    "Only an Englishman could be sat out here, down about his life", Titus said, "It's the weather over there" he commented, "Makes you all depressed and shit. Just be glad with what you've got", he said after appearing from below decks, "You'll miss it when it's gone"

    Titus was speaking from experience. His father had been a manager and mentor to many big Motown and r'n'b acts in his time so Titus had grown up seeing both the glitz and glamour of when you were on top and the despair of those falling back to earth quicker than they wanted to.

    "Yeah. Maybe it's just my birthday coming up, everyone feels dodgy about their birthdays as the big three o approaches"

    "I didn't" Titus shot back in his trademark defiant style. He was forty-two and loving his life.

    "Your not everybody though, are you Tee. You don't live the life of a normal person"

    "Well, if your feeling that bad about your life, then I'm just going to have to give you a birthday present that will make you forget how shit birthdays can be", he said as his new protégé appeared with a tray of drinks, "Got her trained already", he whispered, "This girl will go far", he added with a wink.

    A month and a twelve-hour flight later I found myself being shown around a terrace suite at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Titus had conspired with my sister, who was also my personal assistant, and Kut, my business partner and best friend, to get me, along with nine more of my closest friends, out to the original Sin City for the birthday I'd never forget. We flew first class, Frankie met us at McCarran International and transferred us to the hotel where Titus was waiting along with a small army of concierge staff whose only purpose in life, it seemed, was to pander to our every request.

    "My boy!" Titus boomed across the reception, "Welcome to the best week of your life!"

    If people hadn't noticed us arriving, then they did now. I was used to Titus's loud behaviour, but my crew were steadily turning beetroot red. They looked out of it, first jet lagged, now being accosted in public by a mogul who loved an audience.

    "I need the sleep of my life first Tee", I replied feeling my head go woozy.

    I was settled into my digs personally by the head concierge and Tee, the lads were split into two groups and shown to their own rooms. Titus gave me orders to get the group gathered in the hotels Zuri bar later that evening so he could set out our itinerary for the week. It wasn't very complicated; it was a simple five-step plan. Drink, eat, gamble, club and sleep. Titus did stress that the fifth step was optional and weather it was on your own was entirely up to the individual. Other than that the five steps were to be repeated until Friday, when our attendance was required at something Titus was cooking up.

    Titus wouldn't be around everyday but we were issued the services of Frankie, as usual, two other local drivers and Felix Washington. Felix was Titus's west coast fixer. He lived in Miami but was the ‘go to guy' if you ever needed anything out that way. Renting a nice villa in Miami and in need of some trusted female company? Call Felix. Been picked up for a brawl in a bar in LA? Call Felix. Passes for fucking Disney world for your kids? Felix was the man to see. I was glad to see him. He had sorted me out with a memorable trip to LA the last time I was there, even if Eva hadn't contacted me again, so I knew we were in capable hands.

    Come Tuesday night we started our plan with gusto. It felt like we hit everywhere in Nevada, let alone Vegas. The days were lost to sleep, sight seeing and occasional shopping. The afternoons we spent gambling before dinner and then we hit the bars and clubs after. Nearly every night we ended up in one strip club or another. The Crazy Horse Too, the Spearmint Rhino, Little Darlings, we visited them all and left a trail of dollar bills behind us. We visited a gun ranch and fired weapons I've only ever seen in action movies.

    There was a first class trip out to the Grand Canyon, a few of the girls we got 'friendly' with at a strip club the night before joined us on that little jaunt. We lived like kings for a week, spending an obscene amount of money just on partying. One of my friends struck it big at a craps table in the New York New York casino, another lost his wedge at a poker table inside the Mirage (I had to bail him out of that one) and a third went missing for two days whilst he was shacked up in his room with two call girls who picked him up in a nightclub in one of the hotels. During one dinner it was decided that the motto "what goes on tour, stays on tour" would be brought in to play. His fiancé didn't need to be knowing about his antics with two hookers, no matter how attractive they were.

    Finally, on the Friday evening, after spending a much-needed day around the pool recovering, Titus whisked us away for dinner at the Prime steakhouse inside the Bellagio hotel. It all seemed a bit swanky for a steakhouse but Tee was picking the bill up for the evening, even if it was just a main course, so who was I to complain.

    "Right", Titus announced as the waiting staff cleared away our main course plates, "Time for phase two of the celebration", he said proudly clapping his hands together

    "Where we off to now then?" my friend Kut asked.

    "Yeah, what can there possibly left to do in this town", another asked

    Titus began to laugh as loudly as I'd ever heard him do, an octave higher and the Prime steakhouse would need new glassware, "Don't think you've done it all, this place will always throw up something new"

    We finished up at Prime and were led outside to four waiting SUV's. We were now in Titus's hands now and all we knew was that we were off to party the night away somewhere. I had barely got comfy in my seat when we pulled up to an entrance at the rear of Cesar's Palace. Felix was waiting outside with a security team and two other official looking people. Felix got my door as the truck I was travelling in came to a stop at the entrance

    "Good evening Mr Giovanni and happy birthday", one of the official suits started, "Welcome to the Pure experience"

    I looked across at Tee who just shrugged in reply, "I told you we were off to party, man. I think there might be some people inside that can help," he said cryptically.
    So this was the end of the birthday I would never forget. I didn't know how he had done it but Titus had managed to pull off one hell of a week topped with this, my own birthday party and the Pure nightclub. The club co-ordinators said we had the whole VIP and terrace to play around in. Felix had the guest list, my drinks were on Tee all night and if I wanted anything else all I had to do was ask one of our co-ordinators. With beaming smiles on our faces, the co-ordinators led us inside and up towards the music.

    Titus was in rapture at how well the party was going. Everything had gone to plan. The favours he had called in paid off, Francesca had arranged everything at the English end beautifully, so beautifully that I hadn't known anything till the very possible last minute. And now the VIP lounge at was filled with all the right people to make a birthday party go off with a bang. The guest list of well wishers was a mixture of business associates and friends I had made during my time in America. Titus was very pleased with his efforts; the party was going great. He was just discussing that point with a well-known singer, when Felix came bustling through the crowd.

    "Tee, there's a problem on the door", he said as he came to a halt at Titus's shoulder.

    "Problem? Your in charge of the guest list, if there's a problem, sort it out", Titus replied rather shortly, turning back to the singer.

    "We've got two people not on list demanding I let them in", he explained.

    Titus snorted a laugh, Felix was seasoned at dealing with people, why was he letting this non-entity of a problem trouble him, "Just deal with it Felix, I'm trying to enjoy myself here"

    "But you don't understand who it is Tee. They're being a bit vocal"

    I was blissfully unaware of all this on the next floor up, sitting out on the terrace with four of my ten mates who had made the trip, a rapper you'd know, two girls that claimed to be models but were more likely call girls, one girl that was definitely a call girl, two strippers from the local Spearmint Rhino and a smattering of the rapper's entourage. I had completed my photo call obligations and had just about got around the two levels my party covered to greet everyone, so I was now kicking back and drinking myself into a state on champagne.

    One of my friends started to recall a story about a misunderstanding between him and the Madame of a brothel in Bangkok. It was a funny story, it must be, it led to him being put in a room with a he/she that would have given King Kong a run for his money in the hair department, but I had heard it at least two hundred times before and I was staring down the neck of an empty bottle of Crystal.

    "Anymore for anymore?" I asked as I stood with a wobble.

    I got a chorus no's but the wannabe models giggled for more Crystal. I wasn't footing my drinks bill tonight so what the fuck I thought, maybe I could get myself a little birthday present and get them both back to my room later. I ambled over to the bar exchanging greetings and accepting birthday congratulations along the way. Pity I didn't know whom half the people were.

    "So you're Mike Giovanni", a female voice stated behind me as I stood at the bar.

    "Guilty as charged", I said starting to turn around.

    "I have to say I expected more", the female voice said as I finished my turn. I went to retort but the words stuck in my throat. It was Britney Spears. A different Britney Spears to the one I remember from all those videos, but Britney none the less. She looked a little thicker set but on the plus side her tits seemed huge in the little scooped necked dress she was wearing.

    The dress didn't have much shape but it fell around her thighs that were strung up in black fishnets. Her tits were sitting proudly in the plunging scoop, seemingly only held in by the flimsy material. That much flesh on show provided quite a show. I switched my attention from her dress and frowned as if struggling to understand what she meant.

    "I didn't know you would have expected anything", I said.

    "Oh, don't play that with me Mr Corleone", she snorted, "Sisters talk. And in the case of mine, she doesn't shut up. But how she went on?" Britney paused to flick her hair back over her shoulder, "I was expecting something else"

    I smiled back in a neutral reply. I wasn't prepared to get into it with Britney over Jamie tonight. Not in a place this public anyway, "Can I get you a drink. I'm on Tee's tab tonight but I don't think he'll mind you having one"

    Britney looked around as if looking for someone, then back at me, more deep brown eyes looking at me I thought.

    "Ok, vodka will do fine", she replied, I motioned to the barman to fill the order.

    "Mines a vodka too!" a voice said loudly from behind us. Paris Hilton came tottering out of the building and across the terrace like some drunken giraffe; she was closely followed by two other girls and three guys. Money didn't appear to buy you style these days, the two girls looked like jumble sale refuges. The three blokes were all man models with long coke habits by the look of them, all six packs and flared nostrils.

    It seems it must have been slip dress night as Paris was dressed almost identically to Britney, her dress was bright green and made of velvet or something similar and her fish net's were more loosely woven. So loose it almost looked like she had string wrapped her long legs, "I guess happy birthday is in order", she slurred to me, "You're the birthday boy right?" she asked trying to focus.

    "Yeah, thanks", I replied trying not to snigger. Her nose was bright red and her eyes were squinting half shut, I was on the lean from the drink but she looked a proper fucking mess if I was to be honest, "I found Matt inside, we'll be over there", she said pointing to the covered seating next to where I was sitting.

    "OK", Britney started, "I'll be over in a minute"

    "Well, it was nice to meet you but I've got to get these bottles back to my friends over there too", I said gently waving the three large Crystal bottles.

    "Crystal?" Britney asked with an eyebrow raised, "I thought you hip hop guys were boycotting that stuff now?"

    I looked down at the bottles I had in my hands, "What can I say? It's free", I said apologetically, "Say hi to your sister the next time you see her"

    "Not planning on seeing her again then?" Britney said as I started to walk off.

    "No time soon" I replied as I carried on walking.

    "What the fuck was that all about?" my friend Sparky asked as I sat back down, "Did Tee invite them?"

    "No idea what she was on about and I doubt Tee would invite them" I replied pointing to Paris cackling like a hyena with one of her accompanying ‘him-bos'. I passed a whole bottle of champagne to one of the fake models. The other went to the call girl, who proceeded to place a long straw down the bottleneck.

    "Class", one of my mates commented to the girl with a lopsided smile, she giggled in reply. Britney was still stood on the spot where I had left her. She watched me walk back to my seat before joining Paris at the table she had commandeered two sets of seating away from us.

    The night went on. The crowd at my table changed as people moved around the club. Paris sat holding court with her ‘him-bo's' and other assorted hangers on, whilst Britney sat quietly at the side. She would look over every so often before I caught her eye and then she would try and jump back into the conversation that Paris was having, making it look like she was the life of the party. She quite clearly wasn't. Everyone around them was connected with Paris somehow. Very few seemed to be there for the former princess of pop.

    "There's definitely something up with her", Sparky said quietly in my ear again, not only was Sparky the eldest of our little band he was also the thinker, that just meant he was always sure something was going on when most of the time there wasn't, "She's been staring over here all night. What you got going on?"

    "Nothing man", I said after a sip of brandy, "Nothing going on with her"

    Sparky laughed, he knew me too well and was certain there was something already going on between us, "C'mon man. She's out on the razz with super whore, young free and single. How you expect me to believe that?"

    "Man, ain't nothing going on. You think I could keep something like that quite?" I offered, "Besides, look at it, ain't exactly Baby One More Time any more is it"
    Sparky sat back with his oversized whiskey, "You're right. More like Baby One Time Too Many" he smirked

    I was down in the blood red VIP lounge trying to dance when I next bumped into Britney. Everyone knows I can't dance, but it was my birthday and I was talked into it. I was managing to do a little two step to some Lil' Jon tunes when Britney made her way through the crowd and started dancing next to me. I watched her sway her hips around for a moment or two.

    People realised who she was allowing her to clear a little space around us. I played it cool and continued my little shuffle. She didn't seem to mind people gawping her as she moved, she wasn't as trim as her early days but she still had something about her. I was just wondering if people fell for the celebrity rather than the person when she leaned in close.

    "I was wondering weather this thing of yours was your dancing", she said with her tits rubbing on my arm, "But I'm thinking that can't be it either" I laughed loudly, "Will you just leave that alone. Move on to something else", I advised, "Toilet stop", I lied, "Back in a minute". Hopefully she would give up and be back to hanging out with Paris and her pack by the time I got back.

    No such luck. Just before I entered the men's room I looked over my shoulder to see her following a couple of steps behind.

    "What the hell do you want with me", I laughed in disbelief as I stopped at the door. Britney took a couple more steps, which brought her in front of me. She looked around the empty foyer that ran just off the VIP lounge and served the toilets. She had this strange look on her face, the ‘bunny boiler' alarm in my head started going off like a fucking klaxon, she looked like she was going to stab me. Instead she lunged at me and plunged her tongue into my shock gaped mouth. She leapt with enough force to knock me back into the wall, I was so shocked that it took a good sixty seconds for my brain to decide that I wasn't being stabbed and that it could knock the bunny boiler klaxon off.

    "Mmmmm, she breathed into my mouth as she stopped to get her breath, "C'mon", she said taking me by the hand and going to push the men's toiler door.

    "What the fuck? What you going in there for?" I stammered. Congratulations Mike Giovanni, you have won this month's award for dumbest gimp on the planet, my mind announced.

    "I've gotta know what made that little brat so happy, you must fuck like a stud to leave her bouncing around for weeks on end", Britney almost growled, "I want to know what she knows"

    Part of me wanted to say thanks for the compliment, part of me wanted to cringe, "But I already told you…" I tailed off as Britney rolled her eyes and pushed hard on the restroom's door; I let myself get dragged through. Once inside Britney did a quick check in the three booths and around the small tiled room. Once she was happy we were alone she kissed me passionately before shoving me back into a stall.

    The door banged shut behind her and she fumbled with the latch as we began to kiss again. She was already panting, the noise of us making out bounced off the tiled walls. I attacked her body with fervour now. My brain had got hold of the situation and it was clearly saying 'fuck it, play ball'. I ran my hands from her things upwards as I began to devour her now heaving tits. I cupped each breast in a hand.

    "Shit" I exclaimed as they poured through my open spread fingers. I stopped for a moment and played with the nipples through the fabric of the dress.

    "Ohhhhh", Britney moaned as I happily played away. I stared into her eyes as her face contorted in a fit of ecstasy, "Oh lordddd!" she breathed so low I almost didn't catch it. Her hands had started to wander around the front of my jeans. She unzipped them and her hand disappeared inside as I began to gobble away on the tops of her tits. It was my turn to moan now as she played around in my jeans.

    "Woahhh!" I said as she began to stroke my cock through my boxer shorts. My hands began to slither back down her body, like heat seeking missiles on their way to her pussy. She pulled her hand out of my jeans and cocked her leg up, resting her foot on the toilet bowl. My left hand found its target was soon rubbing over her pussy through her panties.

    "Mmmm, Mike!" she purred. I could feel warm wetness seeping through the mesh like material, coating my fingers. The stall door began to creak under the weight and movement of our bodies. Slushing noises ricocheted off the tiles; Britney's gasps were magnified so it sounded like there was more than just her and me in the toilet. My right hand went back up to play with the milky white skin of her breasts as the fingers on my left pushed the panty material to one side so I could enter her with my middle finger.

    "Ohhhh, mmmm, loooord!" she gasped as my middle digit slid home. I felt the leg resting on the bowl tense as I started to slowly fuck my finger in and out of her, "Oh lord that's good! Don't stop that, just like that", she moaned, I began to speed up my motion, "Oh god, no, oh, yeeeah, no, no!" she exclaimed grabbing at my left arm.
    "What's the matter?" I asked, what the fuck was this girl up to now?

    "I don't want to cum like that, I want to cum with this", she said grabbing my cock through my jeans, "Sit down", she ordered. I did as I was told and put the lid down on the toilet; next my jeans and boxers would have to come down. Britney stood patiently watching all this, her eyes going wide when my cock sprang into the artificial lighting.

    "Please", I said as I sat down on the freezing metal lid, "Take a seat"

    Britney leant forward and ran her hand up and down my shaft, "So this is the cause of all the excitement", she said as she did. She kissed me again before standing back and slowly lifting her dress up. A black mesh thong slowly came into view just after the top of her fishnet stockings; her pussy glistened underneath. She wasted no time in pulling it down her legs and stepping out of it.

    "Now just sit back and enjoy birthday boy", she began to lower herself down over me,

    "Oh Christ!" she moaned as I slid into her, the seating position allowed me to slide into her all the way, I felt myself bottoming out in the back of her pussy, "Oh lord!" she exclaimed. Her insides enveloped my cock in a velvety smooth grasp. She started to bob slowly up and down my dick, her pussy muscles milking my cock, her own hands cupping her large tits. Her face contorted in ecstasy as she steadily rose and fell on my lap.

    "Fuck!" I panted as I caressed her thighs.

    "Eat my tits!" she gasped suddenly, shoving her chest into my face. I grabbed her by the hips as she started to come down on my cock harder, I did as I was told and began to eat away at her tits, covering them with little bites and kisses, "That's it, eat them!" she said more sternly as she began to bounce away. She bounced so hard that both her tits came free from her dress and began to bounce around like they had a life of their own.

    "Dammmm Britney!" I moaned as she slammed down onto my dick, time and time and time again.

    "Fuck yeah, fuck me like that, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeee!" Britney growled. He pussy began clutching at my cock harder and harder, "Cum with me Mike! Fuck me like the brat! Make me cum like that little brat!" she said, her voice going horse with lust. Finally she threw her head back and I felt her pussy squeeze begin to squeeze down on my dick. I held off for what felt like the longest couple of seconds of my life before I erupted in her sopping pussy. Her pussy ate it up quicker than I was shooting it out.

    "Oh oh oh oh, fuckkkk!" she exclaimed as she rode her orgasm out like a champion jockey. A strange grunt escaped my throat in reply.

    "Oh fuck Mike", she mewed as she collapsed on top of me forcing me to lean back on the toilet cistern, "I have thought about that for soooo long"

    My head fell back and hit the tiled wall with a loud bump, I could feel our mixed juices running out of her and down around my balls, "I hope I didn't disappoint then", I said tapping her thigh for her to get up. Britney, still breathing hard, reached for some toilet paper before sliding my cock out of her and stood up. For all the times I had seen her in the past and had lurid thoughts about her, it felt strange to be now here with her in the stall. To see her with her dress up around her waist and cum running down the insides of her still shaking legs, her tits still hanging out, the party going on outside, it all felt odd. It didn't feel like I had just fucked a superstar. For once I wasn't sure what to do next.

    We cleaned ourselves up in silence, the only sound coming when Britney realised she would have to bin the fishnets that had been pulled out of shape and were now covered in god knows what.

    "I'm going to get back to the party", Britney said finally breaking the silence

    I was just splashing water on my face, "Ok. I'll see you about", I stammered

    "Ok", she said with that trademark all American smile. Suddenly she looked like the Britney of old.

    "Hope that answers your question", I said as she peered out into the toilets foyer.

    Britney looked back and smiled again, "I think I got my answer" she said as walked out of the door.

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    Hahaha man, I fucking LOVED IT!!!! Nothing like a bit of hot steamy bathroom sex with Britters!!!

    Thanks Sikk Puppy, can't wait to see what else Michael gets up to...

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