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Thread: Livin' The Dream - Chapter 8 - On The Hot Line

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    fanfiction Livin' The Dream - Chapter 8 - On The Hot Line

    I've been pretty slack with my series as of late thanks to stupid amounts of overtime at work and maybe a few too many nights out, lol, I was also thinking of fading the Christina angle out.....then I saw that Candyman video and suddenly I was compelled to give her another chapter. Hopefully the next few chapters won't be so tardy.


    Chapter 8
    On The Hot Line
    Starring Christina Aguilera


    "Honest", I replied

    "No Way Mikey. Bullshit"

    "Chris, would I lie to you?"

    "Now I know it is bullshit", Christina replied

    "Why is it so hard to believe?"

    "I cannot even begin to imagine that you would spend a week in Vegas for your birthday and not fuck something", Christina reasoned, "A stripper, a show girl. Someone!"

    "But…" I started to reply.

    "I saw the pictures Mike, Pure is veeery photogenic" Christina said firmly

    I paused for a second to re-group. Me and Christina had become quite close over the last few months. For once the fucking had turned into friendship without either party seeming to want to get too ‘involved' with the other. We would talk at least once a week for an hour or more and we were always honest with each other, but I wondered how honest I should have been on this occasion.

    "Well….there was one…maybe…but it was shit" I conceded.

    "There we go, good boy, didn't hurt did it", Christina cooed as if she was addressing a dog, "It was shit?" she asked after a second.

    "Yeah, shit" I replied, "I was kinda wishing it was someone else I was stuck in that cubicle with"

    "Cubicle! Where were you?" Christina exclaimed.

    "The party was busy and crowded and the toilets were empty and I found myself in there", I stammered, "So we…you know."

    "Urgh! No more Mike! No more!" Christina protested

    "Well you did ask and it was shit anyway so it was on me in the end", I countered

    "Silly boy. Did you make your mind up about my invitation?"

    Invitation, I thought suddenly, what invitation? I scratched at my temple and tried to think, "Invitation?" I asked slowly.

    "Miiiiike", Christina exasperated, "The Grammy's. I asked you if you wanted to come with me as my ‘plus one'"


    "I thought we could go to the ceremony, wow the cockroaches and then go and do a little catching up. The label would love the promotion"

    "Hmmm", I mused, "I've been thinking about that" I lied.

    "Well?" Christina pressed.

    "I've been asked to attend a producers conference in Phoenix that weekend"

    "The ‘One Stop Shop' thing?"

    I paused for a confused second, "Yeah, how you know about that?"

    "Because Premier is going to the same fucking place", she steamed, voice quivering ever so slightly, "So you can't make it?"

    "I'm sorry Chris, it's an honour to be asked to attend this thing"

    "And accompanying me to the Grammy's isn't?" Christina hissed

    "I'm already booked for the trip. I'm sorry Chrissy"

    "First Prem and now you!" Christina fell silent for a second, "OK. But when you're fucking some Phoenix skank in a toilet stall, do me a favour and think of somebody fucking else!".

    The line clicked dead.

    "Fuck!" I shouted as I slammed my own handset down.

    The next day I was penned into my office by a wall of paper and files. My assistant, Sammy, and business manager, Nell, were leading me through a maze of contracts and reports on some of our projects outside of music. It's well known that I hate the paperwork side of doing business, so I was overjoyed when my mobile began to chirp away on my desk. I smiled when I saw Christina's 'Fun Girl' nickname appear on the screen. It was time to have some fun of my own.

    "Hello?" I asked shortly

    The line buzzed for a second, "Hi Mikey", Christina replied rather meekly. Sammy and Nell tried to make it look like they weren't playing the guessing game.

    "Hi, can you just give me a second", I said looking at my business manager, "Can we take a break? I'll give you a shout when I'm done". Nell huffed and rolled her eyes; she feared we would never get the paperwork done.

    "Sorry about that", I said as I watched the two leave my office, "What can I do for you today? Maybe you would like to shout at me about England beating Ecuador in the last world cup?" I asked randomly.

    There was another long pause, "Mikey, I'm sorry" Christina said softly, "It's just…I let things get to me sometimes and I fly off the handle"

    "Quite the temper", I noted trying not to snigger. I wanted to wind her up before I gave into whatever she was going to suggest.

    "It's always getting me in the shit. Forgive me?" she asked in a soft child like voice.

    "I might do", I teased trying to keep my voice as flat as possible.

    "Miiiikeey! Please! I'm sorry. I promise not to be naughty again", she pleaded in a pouty voice. I could just picture her face as she stood on the other end of the line, stamping her feet for me to give in to her.

    "OK!" I laughed, "You're forgiven but dinner is on you next time for hurting my feelings"

    "I think my repartee could stretch a bit further than dinner", she teased, "But then again it was only a little outburst, maybe dinner is all you'll get"

    "Really? I must say I was incredibly hurt by what you said", I said suddenly sounding very English.

    "I might be able to find something a bit above dinner then", she said with a little giggle.

    "Will it include the white short shorts?" I asked thinking back to the little white booty shorts and vest set I had first seen her in back at my house. It had quickly become one my favourite outfits for our little ‘get togethers'.

    "You and those shorts", she teased, "I thought you liked the stockings more"

    "Shorts, stockings, it's all-good", I joked.

    "So are you coming out for the All Star game on the eighteenth?" she asked diverting the conversation.

    "Sure am. I gotta come back to London after the conference thing and then I'll be back out on the Friday"

    "OK. I get into Vegas on Saturday" she said. I went to reply but Nell stuck her head around my office door, she scowled when she saw me still on the phone.

    "I gotta go. Nell is starting to loose patience with me and this paperwork. Give me a bell when you get chance and we can chat about Vegas some more"

    "OK, bye Mikey", were the last words Christina said before I ended the call.

    I was at home when I received the second call of the day from Christina. This time when she called I was spread out on my sofa watching television in some tatty old shorts and a t-shirt. It was around midnight and I was considering the option of bed when the phone rang. Sleep disappeared from my mind when I heard Christina's voice

    "Hi Mikey" she greeted.

    "Hey, I didn't expect to hear from you again today. What time is it there?"

    "It's just gone seven"

    "New York?"

    "Yeah, stuck in another hotel. Where are you? Let me guess, bar or studio?"

    "Neither. That paperwork just about killed me, so I'm chillin' at home"

    "Are you on your own?" Christina enquired.

    "Just me and the dogs, but they're locked up for the night", I replied, "You call to talk about Vegas"

    "Kind of. I was just thinking about you so I thought I would give you a call", she sighed.

    "I hope I had your attention for a good reason", I commented sticking the TV on mute.

    "I'm staying in tonight, going to watch a movie in the suite. I just got out of the shower and I was thinking of what to put on to just sit around in. Guess what I found?"

    "The amount of luggage you travel with? Could be anything", I joked

    "In the bottom of my bag, I found an ever so tiny pair of white shorts and the littlest white vest I think I own", her voice dripped with honey as she told me.

    "The famous white shorts", I managed to say. My mind started to paint a picture.

    "Yeah, I think I'm going to have to sack my house keeper though Mikey. You should see how small they are now. She must have washed them wrong; they're all shrunk and tight. They are cutting right into my ass cheeks, Mikey", she breathed down the phone. I could feel my dick starting to move inside my shorts.

    "You got 'em on now?" I asked as my mouth went dry.

    "Oh yeah Mikey", she purred sounding really aroused. Suddenly there was a slapping sound in the background at her end.

    "What was that?" I asked, weary I might be being wound up.

    "I had to spank my ass Mikey, they cut in so tight I had to wake my ass up", she said with another loud slap, "I've got to confess as well Mikey, I've been naughty again"

    My free hand was now inside my shorts and caressing my balls, "What's my naughty girl been up to now?" I asked closing my eyes.

    "I was looking for a movie channel to watch and I found a naughty channel. There's two girls making out on it. And…ohhh…god!"

    "What are you doing?" I asked.

    "I'm lying on the couch in my suite, just me, all alone. And I'm lying on my front, I've got to jack my ass up to stop my pussy burning, it tingles real bad. These girls are going for it Mikey, oh fuck are they going for it"

    "Is your pussy wet?"

    "I'm hot Mikey, sooo hot, my pussy is all squelchy and juicy. I'm here in these shorts and I feel so naughty all alone" she gasped, "Is your cock hard for me Mikey? I bet
    you're hard"

    I was indeed as hard as I had ever been. The tone of her voice down the line and the image I had in my head were keeping it like steel, "I'm hard Chrissy. My dick wants to be in you on that couch"

    "Mmmmm, goddddd Mikey, I want you to fuck me!" she moaned

    "Tell me what you're doing whilst I pump my cock for you Chrissy"

    "OK. Oh god! My fingers are inside my shorts now; the girls are playing with a big pink plastic cock. Oh….oh…I'm so wet Mikey", she moaned, "I've got to jack my ass up higher to get to my little hot box, you like my little hot box don't you baby?"

    I pulled my Nike shorts down to release my dick, I gripped it with my right hand, I could feel my pulse pumping in it as hard as any bass line I'd ever created, "You've got the hottest box baby", I withered, "I love it when you hike that ass up too baby and I can get at that little hot box"

    "Ohhhh…thank you Mikey", she mewed.

    There was a brief few seconds of ruffling noises before the line cleared and a breathless Christina returned, I could hear groans and the sounds of fucking in the background, "The shorts had to come off Mikey. Your naughty little girl is naked now in this big, empty suite", she said seductive slow, "I'm sitting here with my legs wiiiiiiide open watching these two dirty little sluts fucking…oh…mmmm….god! If someone was to come in….ohhh!"

    "You fucking yourself with your fingers Chrissy? You pumping that hot box for me", I asked as I stroked my cock.

    "Ye-oh-ah…my clit is on fire Mikey. I've got my hairbrush, the one I brought to your house. The one I….oh fuck Mikey…I need it…let me have it Mikey!" she groaned, "Let
    me fuck myself with it Mikey! Tell me I can put it in"

    "Fuck yourself baby, fuck your pussy with that handle", I grunted remembering how attached she had become to that brush. She had fucked herself with it solo at my house and then I had done it for her later in the week.

    "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Christina exclaimed sharply, "its in Mikey…it's fucking in me….so big…and…ahhh…hard…fuck!"

    "Cum for me Chrissy. I'm so hard I wish I was there baby", I replied pumping harder on my dick.

    "Cum with me Mikey! Cum with me! Fuuuck!" she panted, "Fuck fuck fuck! It's so hard Miiikey!"

    "That's it cum for me Chrissy, naughty naughty Chrissy!"

    "Ooooohh! Naughty, I'm so naughty, oh goddd naughty!" Christina sighed.

    Suddenly the line fizzed, a loud bump followed. Christina sounded a little further away now. She had got carried away and dropped the phone but I could still her moaning and groaning above the moaning and groaning coming from the TV.

    "So naughty, fucking naughty, naughty, naught'…oh..ohhh….ohhhh fuck!".

    I listened on, pumping my cock as hard as I could, as Christina got closer and closer to the edge.

    "Fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…fuuuuucck Mikey!" Christina screamed, "Ohhh shit Mike!"

    The image played high def clear in my head; Christina on a couch in a bit empty suite. Her legs spread as wide as she could, soles of her feet resting on a coffee table as she drilled her pussy with the brush handle. She'd be biting her bottom lip; body tensing and squirming everywhere as she started to cum. The image in my mind proved too strong to hold off any longer.

    I grunted loudly as I came, hot sticky cum spewed with every stroke from my dick covering my hand, t-shirt and shorts. I opened my eyes and lay breathing hard; I could hear Christina breathing just as hard somewhere on the other end of the line. The orgasm symphony played on over the television set in Christina's suite. We both lay in silence for a minute or two before I heard Christina scrambling around for the phone.

    "You there?" she asked breathlessly

    "I'm here. I can't move"

    "Sorry, I dropped the phone under the sofa" she giggled

    "I thought you had. Need two hands did we?"

    "Something like that"

    "Now there's an image that could stoke round two out of me", I chuckled

    "I thought you might have fallen asleep actually", Christina laughed

    "That only happened the once", I defended, "And I was drunk"


    "You need a new hairbrush yet? That thing must be worn out by now", I mused

    "It's seen better days"

    "Been in better places" I shot back crudely


    "Sorry", I apologised, "So. Vegas. All Star weekend. Me. You. And a hotel suite. What's the plan?" I enquired statically as my mind began to wander over her body once more.

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    Gaaawd daaamn!!!!!! Fucking excellent!!!! hehe, I swear I'll never look at hair brushes the same way again!!!

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