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Thread: Livin' The Dream - Chapter 6 - The Party Continues

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    fanfiction Livin' The Dream - Chapter 6 - The Party Continues

    Chapter Six
    …The Party Continues
    Starring Jamie Lynn Spears

    I turned the television off in the living area and moved into the bedroom. Jay Lynn had gone in ahead of me and was already under the crisp white sheets. I moved slowly through the half lit room and slid into the bed alongside of her. As soon as I was in she moved into my side and made me put my arm around her. Our bodies stuck together, still clammy from the sweat worked up a few minutes earlier. We lay in silence for a while with me just playing with her hair.

    "This is nice", she said randomly, "It feels good to just be like this with someone you know", she said

    "Yeah", I replied

    "To be able to just snuggle up to someone and just hold them, it's a special thing" she continued.

    I was starting to wonder where the conversation was going when a hand snaked down my body and started to caress my shaved balls, my dick started to wake up again, she moved onto her side and began to kiss my chest, "Did you say something about making a meal of me earlier?" she asked in between kisses.

    "Well, if you think we have enough time now", I said kissing her on the top of her head. She was grinding her pussy up and down my thigh, sticky juices coating my already clammy skin.

    "We have all the time in the world", she sighed breathlessly. I rolled her onto her back and started to kiss her again. No rush this time. I took my time around her neck and couldn't help but linger over her little peach titties. I took in each one in turn and gave the due attention they craved; her nipples became my playthings as I sucked on them lightly. She giggled as I tickled my way down her body; by the time I was at her navel I was hard again and raring to go. I threw the sheet off that was covering us and pulled her roughly down to the edge of the bed so I could get better access to that dreamy pussy.

    "Oooh!" she squeaked, "Being rough now you've already had what you want"

    I didn't answer her; I just began to shower her inner thighs with kisses, running my tongue up and down her thighs, I even started kissing the back of her knees.

    "Mmm", she breathed as she ground her arse back into the mattress. Odd, I thought, I would have to remember behind the knee for future.

    I worked my way back down her legs towards her musky scented mound. It wasn't as strong as Christina but it was having the same effect on me.

    "Now tell me if I'm doing something wrong ", I said before I turned my attention to the already lube'd up slit. Her body tensed up as I slowly ran my two index fingers up and down either side of her slit, lightly rubbing her puffy outer lips. She wasn't used to being this exposed to someone yet I thought, I continued gently rubbing till she relaxed and her muscles eased up. I peeled open her waxed bold clam revealing her still slightly red, engorged insides. Her clit was poking out at me, either still aroused from earlier or aroused ready for another round. I blew lightly on her open pussy.

    "Oooooh lordy", she cooed, "Don't you mind licking down there? I'm still wet from the kitchen"

    "All goes down the same way", I smirked.

    "Nasty boy", she giggled in a way that was far too seductive, "I like that"

    I began to lick my way around the outside of her lips, her body relaxing almost the second I started. I probed around and I could hear her breathing becoming more laboured.

    "Mmm, mm, mmmm" she moaned. I started my routine on her clit. I started off slowly in a clockwise direction then changed to anti clockwise without warning. I did this for a
    few minutes then started to change my speed up.

    "Oh fuck Mikey", she purred as I started to speed up flicking over her button, her crotch had started to hump towards my face.

    I slowed my pace right down to the point of stopping, "Grrr, Mikey!" she growled, "Don't stop!"

    I did as I was told and started again only this time inserting my left index finger into her sopping pussy, "Mmmmm! Oh lord Mickey!" she groaned.

    I started to hump my finger in and out of her like a corkscrew. Her thighs started to hug my head, "Mmmm mmm mmmm!" she huffed, her body starting to tense up. I stopped again for a second just to tease her. This was the time to finish her off. I could see her back arching again, hands grabbing on her tits. I hammered my index finger out of her.

    "You going to cum for me Jay? Cum all over my face baby", I said before clamping my mouth over her steaming hot pussy for what would be the grand finale, "I'm going to, mmmmm, I'm going to, just for you. Fuck!" her thighs clamped around my head as her pussy once more clamped down on my finger and sucked it in. "Mmm, mmmm, mmmm, oh god!" she screamed, her hips bucking around wildly. Somebody must have heard us by now I thought. Then, silence, the moans and whimpers subsided and her legs became limp around my head.

    I crawled back up onto the bed and spooned in behind Jay Lynn. I could feel her body quivering still as she rolled onto her side clinging onto a pillow. The bed sheet was all crumpled from where she had been grabbing at it, there was warm juice running out of her and pooling between us.

    "That feel good?" I whispered into her ear with a kiss to the back of her neck.

    "Mmmm, very good", she purred stretching her body out like a contented cat. Her arse dipped back suddenly pushing my hard on up in between us, "What's this?" she playfully asked, reaching around to run her fingers along my shaft.

    "I'm ready to play again", I said, hands roaming over her silk soft skin, taking little bites on her neck and shoulders.

    Jay Lynn lifted her left leg and draped it back over my thigh, "Your ready again. Tell me what you want to do to me", she asked trying to buy some time. She needed to get her senses back before she could let me pummel her again, "Tell me what my nasty boy wants to do to this innocent little girl"

    I couldn't help but let out a little snort of laughter, "I'm going to slide this cock into your little snatch from back here and pump until all you can do is moan my name", I explained in between licks on the back of neck.

    "You going to fill me up with that hot sticky stuff again?" she asked scooting her ass about so my hard on slipped from between us, down to between her arse cheeks. An overwhelming urge to part her buttocks and aim for her starfish washed over me. But I relented, just moving my cock down so it sat on the inner thigh of her right leg. We continued to feel around each other whilst we spooned, her purring getting more intense as I played with her perfect little peaches. Soon she was ready to be fucked again.

    "Oh Mikey, fuck me again, one more time" she mewed as she played with my nut sack. Again I had to stifle a laugh. Was that an intended pun?

    "OK, if that's what you want"

    "Fuck yeah", she whispered.

    "Get up on your knees" I said, "You want it nasty then nasty it is"

    "Oooh, doggy", she beamed cheerfully.

    She got up on her knees and swung her arse around so that she was facing the large wooden hardboard of the bed.

    "You might want to hold on to that," I said meaning the headboard.

    She got down holding onto the headboard with one hand and steadying herself on the bed with the other. She waved her arse at me seductively, urging me on. I moved in behind her and began to massage her cheeks, puling them apart and tracing my finger down her crack. I felt her flinch as it breezed past her butt hole.

    "Here we go", I said as I positioned myself at her opening.

    "Fuck!" she exclaimed as I bucked forward, spearing her in one go, "Oh lord I'm full. Fuck me with that cock Mikey!" she panted. I pulled back till I was almost out of her before bucking forward with force again, "Fuck!" she gasped. I pulled back and began to slide in and out of her. Her velvet tunnel began to contract and react to my thrusts, "Mmmm, fuck me with that fat cock Mikey!"

    I grabbed here roughly by her hips and began to slap into her at champion speed. I could feel my balls tightening with each stroke. Jay Lynn was moaning her head off by now, both hands hanging onto the headboard. By balls continued to tighten and tingle, this wouldn't be a long encounter this time.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, fuck Mikey! Fuck me hard!" she yelped

    "Fuck Jay!" I stammered as I felt the rush through my balls as my cock exploded in her pussy.

    "Mmmmm, ohhh!" Jay Lynn screamed, as we both got lost in the moment. I finished with my last few strokes before collapsing down to her side on the cum and sweat soaked bed sheet.

    "Oh lord", Jay Lynn sighed as she lay down next to me, "It's never been like that before!"

    "You're a talented girl, you've fucking knackered me" I said stretching my back out. Jay Lynn laughed in reply, "Do you think I should go back to the house?" she asked sitting up.

    "I suppose", I said rolling onto my front and fluffing a pillow up beneath my head, "I don't want you to but I think it's safer for the pair of us if you do"

    "You want me to stay?" she asked sounding unsure.

    "Yeah, of course"


    "Oh? What's wrong with that?" I asked

    "Nothing, guys have never wanted to hang around after I've fucked them, they usually make excuses and dip out"

    "You're fucking the wrong guys then", I said meaning no offence, "You're a great girl Jay, don't get caught up with all these twats that want to fuck you just because of your sister. I've seen a fair few people get wrecked by living in someone else's shadow, I wouldn't want to see it happen to you"

    "Aww, you mean that? That's sweet"

    "I got no need to lie to you hun" I finished.

    Jay Lynn lay back down next to me and kissed me on the back of my shoulder, "Thanks Mikey" she said softly.

    By the time I awoke the next morning Jay Lynn was gone. It didn't surprise me, the whole situation needed to be kept quite or it risked doing the both of us a lot of damage.

    I stripped the bed and put them in a washing basket so Titus's housekeeper could just pick them up and take them to be laundered. She didn't really need to be seeing the state they were in on the bed. I had just showered and was sorting my things to pack when there was a knock at the boathouse's door. I opened it with a sense of trepidation to see Tia standing there.

    "Morning" I greeted letting her in

    "Afternoon actually, it's nearly four o'clock"

    "Didn't realise it was that late"

    "Late night was it?"

    I looked over to her as I continued to pack, did she know? Was she fishing for gossip? Her face wasn't giving much away, "Something like that yeah"

    "I slept like a log" she continued, "Nothing much can wake me when I'm gone, my mum says I'm like dad for that. You could sneak out past me and then back in again and I would never know"

    "Really" I said, the little shit was definitely fishing for info now.

    "You and Jay seemed to get on ok"

    "Yeah, nice girl"

    "Yeah, Jay is a great friend"

    "Did you want anything in particular Tia? It's just I'm trying to pack" I said trying not to sound annoyed.

    "Yeah, dad wants to see you in his study"

    "Any idea what about?"

    "I don't know but he isn't happy" Tia said moving towards the door. I suddenly remembered out lunch appointment.

    "Ok, tell him I'll be up in a minute" I replied going into the bathroom to get my wash kit.

    "I've left something on the counter for you", Tia called from the door way on her way out.

    I popped my head out of the bathroom to speak but Tia was gone. There was a small envelope on the counter. I walked over and ripped it open, a folded piece of pink notepaper fell out. Nervous, I unfolded it and began to read.

    "Mikey, you can't begin to know what it felt like to hear the things you said last night. I wanted to thank you but couldn't bring myself to wake you this morning. I know things between us would always be tricky but if you're ever over here again and bored my numbers and e-mail are below. Thanks again. X"

    I smiled as I finished reading the note and slipped it into the Louis Vuitton wash bag I had in my hand.

    Now all I had to do was to go and tackle Titus. Hopefully he was just spoiling because I missed lunch. I wasn't holding out much hope of him being that petty though.

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    What an image --- J-Lynn on all fours!! WOW!!!!

    Thanks Sikk Puppy

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