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Thread: Livin' The Dream - Chapter 3 - The House Guest

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    fanfiction Livin' The Dream - Chapter 3 - The House Guest

    Chapter Three…
    …The House Guest

    What the hell was Christina doing in England? Better still, how the hell did she get my house number? Very few people got the telephone number for the house; I normally gave out my 'work' number or my assistant's number so she could screen my calls for me. But here I was, once tired, now sat bolt upright in bed wondering what the fuck was going on. If she had been a couple of hours earlier I would have still been in London myself.

    My mind began that mad race, when you only know half of a story your brain decides to concoct something to finish it off. It threw up some crazy and quite worrying ideas, I didn't sleep a wink. I called Titus at god knows what time to see if he knew anything but his assistant told me he was out on his boat and was not expected back today. This meant he was breaking a new woman in, somebody of note. He only ever took his boat out if he wanted to woo someone away from prying eyes. Photographers never followed him out in his boat.

    Finally at about half past four in the morning I got myself a glass of whiskey from my bar downstairs and trooped back up to bed. Maybe a fine Scottish malt would help me sleep.

    The buzz at the front gates to my house, just after lunch on Monday, signalled the arrival of Christina. The directions I had given her the night before seemed to have worked, although she did say she had hired an English driver to bring her up from London.

    I opened the front door to Christina's tiny form stood wrapped in a big cream cardigan and sunglasses. She didn't look too different from that day in the studio when she had explained how things had gone wrong with Jordan. In the background I could see the driver, he looked more like a bouncer, stood by the side of a blacked out Mercedes S Class.

    She managed half a smile, "Hi Mikey", she said, "I guess I've got some explaining to do".

    She told the driver to wait out with the car whilst we went inside to talk. We settled down in the lounge and I fixed us some drinks, I had a feeling this was going to take a while. I came back from the kitchen with coffees to find she had taken the cardigan and movie star shades off, and was sat on the edge of the sofa, her elbows leaning on her knees, looking down at her dainty painted toenails poking out from front of her shoes. I smiled to myself, another day, another stupidly small t-shirt. Did she own any other type of t-shirts?

    "No Manny today?" I asked in regard to her driver and bodyguard, she never went anywhere without him and he was never more than four giant strides away when he was there.

    She looked up at me and managed another half a smile, just enough to politely acknowledge my comment, "Funnily enough, that's where this little trip starts", she said.
    I could tell by her voice this was most definitely not a social visit, "Well, get comfy and tell Dr Giovanni what the problem is" I said motioning for her to sit back on the oversized sofa.

    Half the story I already knew. She and her almost newlywed husband, the record exec Jordan Bratman, had hit a rough patch. This rough patch had to come to a head whilst we had been working together in New York a few months ago, he had moved out of their house and into their holiday home in Miami. The next day Christina and myself had a little extra 'session' in the studio. Things got worse over the following month, the papers picked up on it and the arguments became public. The word divorce loomed on the horizon.

    The fracas playing out in the gossip columns forced her record label to put back the release of her new album, too much negative publicity. Then, when she thought things couldn't get any worse she suffered her "ultimate betrayal". Manny, her minder pretty much since her 'Genie In A Bottle' day's, tried to guarantee his retirement by blackmailing both Jordan and Christina, he wanted a large amount of cash or he would go to the papers with stories about both their indiscretions and the collapse of their marriage. A chill ran down my spine as she told me he knew about us, she said he had even outlined the story, 'even the day after her husband left, Christina found love in the arms of another man in a New York studio'.

    This guy was twisted, minders were supposed to be one of the most trusted members of someone's staff, the only thing she could think of was that he was getting older and had said she would be his last long term job. Quite a way of earning a nest egg for your old age. Christina and Jordan both refused to pay him. What she didn't realise was that Jordan later paid Manny a separate sum of money so that he would air the stories that favoured Jordan and not Christina. The first of the stories had run yesterday morning across the showbiz section of all the major news networks.

    The press had been waiting outside her hotel; they were waiting outside of her parents home. Everywhere she tried to run to, the pap's appeared. She called Titus to get a warning to me, she had been told that their story would find it's way into the inboxes of gossip editors in America and England in the next forty eight hours if a large sum of money didn't appear in Manny's account.

    By now Christina was sobbing uncontrollably on the settee. I went and sat next to her, again the past came into mind as she clung onto me and cried into my shoulder. At the minute she felt like the world was against her, she couldn't go anywhere in the States without being hounded. She said she felt trapped; she had to get away, get outside of America. That was when she called Titus for my telephone number.

    "You have to understand I had nowhere else to go", she sniffed as finally the water works came to an end. I had to think for a minute. I've got an emotional wreck of a superstar sitting on my sofa and a blackmailing former bodyguard wanting to tell the world about mine and Christina's studio antics. This would damage my career as well as hers. But at the same time I felt painfully sorry for her. What man wouldn't? But I had to figure out how this affected me. I had worked very hard to gain my reputation in the States for my work and I would be fucked if I didn't play this right.

    "No, I understand", I started, "You've done the right thing. Get away from everything and hide out for a bit, regroup and get your mind right"

    "That's what I need. I need to sort my head out, I just need to be away from all of it you know", she said dabbing at her eyes.

    "Well I got enough space here for you to crash, the house is very private, I don't get any hassle here", I explained. It was true, my house and grounds were well fortified and secure. I had spent a pretty penny on keeping people away from my home.

    "I was going to find a hotel and just hide", she said sheepishly, I didn't believe that for a second.

    "Don't be stupid, if you don't mind being on your own for the next couple of days, I gotta get in the studio tomorrow and Wednesday. But you can crash here as long as you like"

    This got the first proper smile from Christina, "Thank you. I know it's all a bit out of the blue for me turning up here but Titus told me I could trust you"

    "Well then maa'am, may I offer you the tour of the facilities and show you to your cell, err, I mean your room", I offered trying to mimic an old English butler.

    "Why thank you kind sir", she giggled taking my hand and getting up off the sofa.

    I showed her around the house pointing out how to use certain things as we went, the pool, Jacuzzi and steam room, how the AV equipment worked in the cinema room. I was quite surprised when we went into the kitchen and she started cooing in delight at the fittings. She said she loved to cook and would cook me something special to say thank you. I had never pictured Christina Aguilera as a housewife cook.

    I got her suit case and hand luggage from the car and informed the driver that his services were no longer required, her assistant had arranged for the driver so it would be up to her to arrange payment to his office. I also slipped him two hundred pounds and dropped the names of a few people in London that I knew that would be terribly upset if the news on my new visitor got out. He shook his head vigorously at the sound of the names. He wasn't going to be calling any tabloids with this.

    Satisfied Christina's privacy was taken care of, I took the cases up to the largest of the three spare bedrooms I had, "I hope you don't mind the main guest room, I used to have a separate granny flat for guests but I put a load of gym equipment in there", I said as I put the bags on the double bed.

    "Mmmm, this will do fine", Christina grinned as she look out of the window at the flowing countryside at the rear of my house.

    "Sweet view", I posed

    "Yeah, there's something really English about a view like this. I don't even get a view like this at the house in Miami", she replied.

    "I've got some paper work to finish off so I'll be upstairs in my office if you need anything"; I said moving towards the door.

    "Thanks Mikey", came the reply as Christina stated to undo her case and baggage.

    I went upstairs to my office and tried to work. My assistant had dropped off a load of papers earlier in the day for me to look through. I got stuck into the pile hoping to clear my mind of this afternoon's revelations. The work must have been more absorbing that I thought, the next time I looked up from my desk I could see the sun setting through the loft window.

    I realised that I had been sat up in my office for three hours; there had been no sound or sight of Christina. I crept downstairs to the first floor to see where she was. The landing was silent, no noise from downstairs either. I moved along the landing towards Christina's room, still no sound. When I got to her room door was half open and I could see her curled up on the bed, sound asleep. She still had her jeans and t-shirt on but the shoes were gone. She looked so cute curled up and asleep.

    The room was filled with the smell of her sweet perfume already but there were no other signs of that being her room. All the clothes were away and there was no sign of the bags she arrived with. It was heading towards eight o'clock, I thought about waking her to see if she wanted something to eat but I couldn't bring myself to wake someone who looked so peaceful. My stomach growled and reminded me that I needed to eat sometime soon too.

    The following morning I was due in the studio by ten. Christina was still missing in action, presumed asleep. I was just writing her a message to let her know what my plan was and how to get hold of me when she walked into the kitchen.

    "Morning", she greeted wearily

    "Whoa, it wakes", I said, "You must have been tired"

    "Exhausted, I feel better now though"

    "Good. I gotta head to the studio now, but I have left all the keys and instructions on how to use stuff in the lounge. The gates will lock automatically behind me, no one is due to come here anyway", I said picking my keys up off the counter, "The house is yours" I announced turning to leave. This was the first time I had seen her this morning. She had tiny white booty shorts on and a matching white vest top, she even had a white stretch band holding her platinum locks back out of her face. She looked mouth wateringly good as she stood there, leaning against the kitchen cupboards. I felt my dick twitch in my baggy cargos.

    "What time will you be back?" she asked rubbing her right foot on top of her left.

    "Err", came my reply, my mind had gone blank, "It shouldn't too late, the guy I'm working with is doing a show tonight at Leicester university so they've got to drive over there at some point. Should be no later than seven. Do you want me to pick up a take away on the way home"

    Christina thought for a moment, "Yeah", she said finally, "Bring some of those famous British fish and chips back"; she said with a smile, her mood was vastly improved from yesterday.

    "Fish and chips it is then", I said walking out into the hall and picking up my laptop bag, "Have a good day".

    In truth Christina had a very relaxing day. She was going to do a few laps in the pool but realised she hadn't packed a swimsuit. Instead she found a towel and got into the steam room. After that she showered and put her booty short outfit back on. She sat and watched some T.V. whilst she ate a sandwich lunch but found British television couldn't offer anything to keep her attention. All the soaps were far too realistic compared to the escapism of American shows, no glamour, all grey sky's and murders. She found the band of Australian soap operas even funnier.

    They went the other way, past glamour and cheating housewives and into almost comical storylines. She sighed heavily looking up at the mantle above the fire, there were two big pictures in chrome frames sitting side by side. Both had "The Family" engraved on a little plaque on the bottom edge of the frame. She got up from her lounging position on the sofa and gave them closer inspection. One was obviously of his family, it looked like it had been taken at a party, there had to be twenty people gathered on a dance floor. She noticed that Michael looked a lot like most of the men in the picture, all big strapping men but with varying waist sizes.

    The other photo was taken here at the house, out the back by the look of it, on the patio steps. There had to be forty people squeezed into the frame of this picture. Everyone in this picture looked to be around the same age, even Michael looked a good couple of years younger in this one. She noted that there were very few females in the picture and not many smiles either; a couple of people had bandanas across their faces like cowboy stick up me. She smiled to herself, would this be the misspent youth Michael had hinted at back in a studio conversation in New York.

    She suddenly remembered the cinema room next door, watching a DVD could be a good way to pass some time. She wandered through the end of the games room and bar and turned right into the cinema. She felt her bear feet come into contact with a lovely thick carpet; she stopped and scrunched her toes into which felt good. She lightly bounced over to the far wall where a whole library of DVD's sat on shelves, impeccably catalogued into genre. She ran her finger along the spines of the cases as she looked at the titles.

    She rolled her eyes at some of them. All the usual suspects were here, Scarface, Goodfella's and all the Star Wars films; this was most definitely a man's collection. She pouted her lip's, she couldn't decide on a title. Then she noticed that running along the bottom of the shelves were a couple of draws, maybe there were some more titles in those, Michael had told her he had trouble finding space for all his DVD's. She squatted down and pulled the top draw open. There weren't any films as such in there, just a collection of homemade discs of car shows and homemade street racing videos, she frowned at theses and moved on to the second draw. When she opened the bottom draw she froze.

    There, lying with just their spines showing was a collection of maybe fifty pornographic DVD's. She pulled a couple out to read the titles. The collection included a lot of Jenna Jameson titles and a whole selection of "Jack's Teen America" volumes. She looked at the pictures on the back of one title; it had Jesse Jane and Teagan Presley on the cover. As she looked at the pictures and read the synopsis, why did they even bother she thought, she felt a twitch between her legs. It had been a long time since she had watched any porn. Jordan didn't like it that much and if he did then it was only when she wasn't around.

    Christina had enjoyed watching porn films with one of her old boyfriends, watching him jerk off used to really get her hot. She used to talk dirty to him when they fucked, just like a porn star and he loved it. She felt her cheeks flush and pussy begin to burn as she thought about him. Her breathless screaming whilst someone groaned in pleasure on the TV next to them. As the thoughts ran through her mind she felt her nipple ring start to pull taunt against her vest. She looked around her as if checking for someone watching her. Stupid really as she had been assured no one could get within twenty meters of the house without setting an alarm off.

    Her pussy was starting to feel like it was glowing, it was getting moist. But she couldn't here, could she? She was a guest in someone else's house; she couldn't masturbate in here now. Could she? Just the thought of doing it in one of those big luxury leather lazy boy chairs, in someone else's house, being that naughty, got her pussy dripping. With her breathing already shallow she slowly stood and moved over to the stack of DVD players and stereo equipment.

    A couple of minutes of switching switches and turning knobs and the room had darkened, the big screen on the far wall flicked into life and the anti piracy warning appeared. She took a seat in the second row of seats and put her feet up on the lazy boy in front of her. She had cooled off a bit since her initial discovery, as highly sexed as she was, even she couldn't get hot off playing with technological gadgets. Unlike some men she knew.

    The titles played through, Teagan Presley appeared in tiny blue booty shorts shaking her ass in slow mo at the side of a low rider, the tingling sensation was returning to Christina's pussy as she took in the sight of the soft curves of Teagan's ass. Then there was a bit of a comedy interlude before Jesse Jane and a man appeared on screen in a bedroom. A couple of minutes of corny dialogue and then they jumped on each other. Christina was taken aback by the ferocity of the scene, this wasn't pleasure fucking, this was sport fucking, the scene was a bit hard for her liking but she still found one hand tracing down over her breasts and down into her panty-less shorts. She shivered as she brushed over her clit, the little button already enflamed and willing to be played with.

    Her right hand reached up and cupped her left breast, she lightly ran her finger around her nipple first, she the ever so lightly pinched it. Her short nails set off little pricks of electricity as she ran them over both her nipples, both her tits. As the scene continued and the sounds of sex swirled around her in glorious surround sound, she pulled her hand that had been busy caressing her puss out of her shorts and pulled her tank top over her head. It was already damp with sweat and she could feel little droplets running down her back and collecting in the seat of the chair.

    She started to tire of the zoo like antics of the two on screen and flicked through another couple of scenes. She settled back into her seat as Teagan and a man sat on a sofa came onto the screen. Again she began teasing her clit and pussy lips, not daring to enter her fingers just yet. Her shorts were soaked in sweat, they had to come off. She stood and rolled the damp garment down her tanned thighs, the shorts dropping to the floor next to the vest.

    She sat and put her legs up on the chair in front of her again, only this time resting the soles of her feet at almost the opposing ends of the back so that her legs were spread nice and wide. She almost came there and then as she realised how vulnerable she was right at that moment, what if Michael was to come back? To find her watching porn in his cinema, with her legs spread wide, her hairless pussy on show to the world. Oh god! She couldn't take it anymore. On the screen Teagan was sucking the guy's dick like her life depended on it. Oh fuck she was hot!

    What would Michael do if he came back? She imagined he would call her a naughty little girl and get that cock of his out; maybe demand she make it disappear in her mouth like Teagan was doing now. No, Christina thought as she inserted two fingers into her now dripping cunt, he would throw her over the back of that chair and pump away till he was done. Oh how she wished he would, that's what she needed now.

    Her ass started to squish around in the seat as her juices started to mix with the sweat that had collected from her back and thighs. She thought about Michael standing in the doorway watching her, his cock already like a rod of steel in his trousers.

    "Oh fuck!" she said aloud at the first twinge of an almighty orgasm, "Fuuuuuckkkk Mikey", she shouted as she though about being ploughed by his cock, like the naughty little girl she was.

    She rubbed furiously on her clit and sloshed her fingers in and out as her orgasm came crashing over her like an angry wave. Her legs went limp and her body felt like a dead weight. She watched the end of the scene still playing on the screen before turning the DVD off by one of the multitude of remote controls. She felt her ass getting damp as she sat in the puddle of sweat and cum, she looked around the room for a minute as her breathing returned to normal. She felt happy, content at last.

    "I got some cleaning to do", she said out loud realising that she was in fact five miles from the nearest person.

    I got home about half past six, bag of fish and chips in one hand, laptop bag in the other and a mobile phone wedged between my shoulder and ear. I had only made it into the hall when Christina came bounding in to greet me like a playful puppy. I was disappointed to see the booty shorts had been replaced by jogging bottoms and the white vest had give way to a baby blue vest with 'Princess' written on the front in sequins.

    She took the bag of hot food out of my hand and went through the hall door that led into the kitchen. I put my bag down and went into the kitchen to drop my keys and pocket furniture off in its usual place. Christina had set plates and cutlery up on the breakfast bar in the middle of the room. Half of it was cupboard's underneath but you could sit at the other half and eat. There were glasses out but no sign of any drink. She pulled a stool out for me as I finished my phone call, I gladly sat down with a bump, I was knackered.

    "So how do you eat this then?" she asked un-wrapping The Kingfishers finest battered cod and chips.

    I went over to where she was preparing the food and put a piece of fish and some chips onto a plate, "Cover with 'ketchup', salt and vinegar and away you go" I said, she giggled at me, "Really we should eat them out of newspaper", this got me a quizzical look.

    "I got glasses out but I didn't know what you drank, I don't take you for a wine man", she said putting the full plates onto the counter.

    "Nah, champagne to party with but I don't really do wine, a beer will do fine for me. There is some behind the bar if you want one", I said, Christina disappeared off through the door at the far end of the kitchen that led through to the pool lounge as I called it. I had my pool table, a couple of plasma screens and a fully stocked bar that over looked the pool and ran for about a third of the length of the room in there. A couple of minutes later she returned with a bottle of red wine and two bottles of Budweiser.

    "Your looking a lot happier today", I said as we began to eat, "You look, refreshed, if that's the right word"

    "I feel it, I had a sauna today and that sleep last night really helped. First night I've felt settled in a while", she replied inspecting a piece of batter, "How was your studio session, get much done?"

    "Yeah, I've worked with this emcee before, he knows what he's doing and don't piss about in the studio. We should be able to finish up tomorrow"

    "You are a quick worker", she commented with a little grin.

    "If I spend too long on a song and I end up ruining it by tinkering with it too much. That's why I like working with people who know what they want" I said trying not to make it too obvious I was talking about her.

    We continued to chat whilst we ate, the whole situation being quite strange for me. Normally when I was working I would come home with a bunch of my mates, get a take away and then play on the Playstation or watch TV. Some nights we would hit the town or on some we would go out racing against the local kids in our cars. Having someone waiting for me with the dinner plates out and asking how my day had been wasn't my style at all. I felt like my dad.

    After dinner Christina said she was going to attempt to watch some more English soap opera's whilst I took a shower. I told her I was about dead and ask if she minded if I sat and watched the match that was due to start at eight. She said not at all, although she thought I was on about American Football until I said it was a Chelsea versus Newcastle, a 'soccer' match.

    We settled down to watch the match with me spread out on the sofa and Christina curled up in my armchair. She fixed us drinks and asked if I needed anything, I could get used to this kind of living. As she walked past and busied herself getting the drinks I couldn't help but watch her arse wiggling around in those tight sweat pants, I had to re adjust my position at one point to hide the semi I had growing in my own jogging bottoms.

    Christina sat watching the match, trying to figure out what was going on; every so often she would feel Michaels eyes on her. They burned into her skin as they peeled away her T-shirt and bottoms, after her earlier adventure she hadn't bothered to put any panties on again. She snatched a glance at Michaels crotch, was that a growing lump in the front of his bottoms? She could feel her crotch start to get warm again, the heat kept in by the dampening fleece lining of her bottoms. Michael seemed enthralled in the match, someone had scored but she didn't know who or who for.

    The need for her pussy to be touched started to burn inside her; it was like a thirst that needed to be quenched. She sat curled up, shifting slightly, squeezing her thighs together. She thought about earlier and about the DVD's. There were a lot of them, she wondered how many times Michael, her saviour, had jerked off to them, which was his favourite scene, who was his favourite star. The fire was burning fiercer now. She looked over at Michael, his eyes were closed and she could hear light snoring just under the sound of the television. By the time the match ended it was getting on for half past ten, Christina needed to go and fuck her self savagely. Thoughts swirled in her head and her pussy was already damp.

    I woke suddenly at the sound of a darts match starting on the sports channel we had been watching. I rubbed my eyes and looked across at Christina. She was gone. I checked the clock, ten past eleven. She must have already headed up to bed. The little nap I had taken during the football hadn't done much to cure my tiredness; maybe an early night was the best thing for me to. I headed off to bed after checking the house was secure and that the grounds security systems were switched on. I don't know why buy as I got to the top of the stairs I felt the need to go and say goodnight to Christina and thank her; the company had been a nice change from my mates or an empty house. I made my way around the landing to her room at the back of the house.

    The door was shut but in the darkness of the landing I could see cracks of light escaping from around the edge of the door. I moved to knock and enter but just before my knuckles tapped the door, I heard a groan. I stopped dead in my tracks and moved my head closer to the door. Another little gasp. A little pant. Oh my god! Was she doing what my mind was guessing she was doing? I stuck my head as close to the door as possible. I could her the bed compressing and little grunts going in time to the squeaks.

    Inside her room, Christina lay on the bed, on top of the covers. She was totally naked and was busy thrusting the large handle of a hairbrush up into her waiting cunt. She was trying to be quite but that was just turning her on even more. She was building up to her second orgasm since she had retired for bed. The first had happened as soon as she had walked in and closed the bedroom door. She had begun to finger herself furiously right there, leaning against the door and had cum standing up. But it hadn't been enough. A minute later she had stripped, found her hair brush and began to fuck herself with it, she felt like she was going to explode if she didn't get a proper cock to play with soon. So now, here she was, laid out on the bed, two fingers rubbing on her clit whilst the other hand shoved the handle deep inside her like a piston. She was trying to keep quite but she knew that this orgasm would be strong.

    My cock was starting to throb against the front of my jogging bottoms as my imagination provided a picture to the soundtrack that was getting louder from behind the door. The bed squeaks were getting louder, the breathing faster and shallower. And that was when I heard it. Like a freight train coming down it's tracks towards me.

    Christina felt the electricity of the orgasm approaching. Oh god she thought, I can't keep this quite.

    "Mmmm", she purred, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck yeah, yeah, fuck me, like that daddy! I'm going to cum daddy! Cum daddy!! Ohhhhh…godddd!" she exclaimed, not quite a shout but not as quite as normal speech.

    I wanted to run back to my room and wank as quickly as I could but I felt glued to the spot. I could hear Christina still mewing behind the door, still breathing hard, still coming back down. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. I was so horny. I made myself walk back to my own room, calmly, made myself not give into temptation, made myself not fling the door open and take her there and then on the bed. I still had to be careful with the situation and she had given me no signals of note saying she wanted me to make a move. Once inside my own room, I thought about Christina lying there naked whilst I masturbated, three time in all, I fell to sleep as happy that night as I had in a long time.

    The next morning Christina was up before me, she fixed me some toast and orange juice, which I had to eat whilst still getting ready. She told me not to worry about dinner tonight and she would cook as a thank you for me taking her in. I told her in reply that I was going to sort one of my most trusted friends to be on call for her in case she needed anything or wanted to go anywhere undercover, as it were. He was head of security for my nightclub and bars and had been working nightclub doors since he was eighteen, but he was also my personal minder when the need arose. Christina also informed me that she would be calling her assistant if that was ok, so she could form some sort of game plan for what was happening. I said it was fine and that I would be back around the same time as yesterday. With that I was back out of the door and back to the studio.

    Christina knew she was going to have to work fast to get everything sorted in time for tonight, she was determined to make it as special as possible. She had decided last night, whilst she lay on her bed, still covered in sweat and still coming down from her orgasm, that tonight was the night she made her move on her host.
    First thing was to call Titus. She knew that he and Michael partied hard together, so if anyone knew of any little fantasies or fetishes he had, then Titus would. It was just a question of how to get them out of him without raising suspicion. It didn't prove to be that difficult.

    "Damm, your doing all this for him! He's one lucky bastard to have you playing housewife"

    "I do what I can", she had replied

    "Yeah, I bet you do, just don't go putting no little school uniform on", Titus laughed down the phone, his laugh was like a sonic boom of noise.

    "Why would that be Tee?" she asked with one eyebrow raised.

    "Because the crazy fucker will ask you to marry him", came the answer before another deafening bout of laughter.

    Ahh, she thought, a uniform man, should have guessed really. Her mind started to go through everything she had packed, trying to pick out an outfit that would pass, or could be turned into a school uniform. Her mind started drawing blanks.

    The second task on the list was to decide on a menu for tonight, nothing too fancy, there was a good chance they wouldn't even make it to dinner.

    The last thing was to call her record label and assistant and start to sort through her numerous marriage problems. She knew it would be difficult but after three days she had started to feel stronger about how she wanted to handle this whole mess.

    She zipped through the day arranging things, only stopping to watch another porn DVD and finger herself again. She had set her mind not to but as she started trying on different clothes, she found herself getting horny again; she checked the clock, only two o'clock. Michael wouldn't be back for hours. She would, hopefully for the last time, have to take care of herself.

    The uniform wasn't happening; unsurprisingly it wasn't an eventuality she had packed for. She stood studying the closet that contained her clothes; there was nothing suitable inside. This fantasy would have to wait for the time being. That was when she spotted it hanging in the closet. That would do just fine as a replacement.

    I walked through the front door a little after six, brief case in one hand, laptop bag in the other. Another day done; another hot track done, hopefully it would make the final album mix. The hallway was eerily silent. The thought of Christina being upstairs finger fucking herself again flashed through my mind.

    "Christina?" I called out

    "In here" came the muffled reply; it sounded like she was out in the bar.
    I dropped my bags in the hall and made my way into the lounge.

    "Where are you", I asked loudly as I picked up a pile of letters off a side table, seems she had ventured all way down to the bottom of the drive to pick up the post up today.

    "Right here", came the reply.

    I looked up to see Christina standing in the doorway that led through to the bar area. My jaw hit the floor. Christina stood in the double doors, backlit by the sun coming through the poolroom, wearing what could only be described as a classic 'little black number'. The dress fell a couple of inches down her thigh. Two straps crossed at the front just above nipple height and snaked from right to left, and vice versa, connecting to a diamond collar that ran around her tapered neck. The gap between the straps providing the perfect window to show off the soft curve of her breasts squeezed together.

    I almost licked my lips eyeing the delicate tender meat of her chest, swelling as she breathed. She wore high-heeled black shoes again with the diamond trim and what I hoped were stockings covering her legs. For the first time of her visit Christina was fully done up with make up and her hair was done in that 1940's ringlet style she was fond of wearing now that the 'Dirrty' look had ended. She looked out of this world. I had to smile at the thought of her dressing like this just to eat dinner with me.

    "You look stunning", I said, "The best dressed dinner guest I've ever had I think"

    "I thought you might like a drink before dinner", she said, her voice sounded like pure honey. She didn't wait for and answer and turned quickly to walk back into the bar. As she did the dress billowed out slightly, I followed the line that ran up the back of her stockings and caught sight of stocking top. My hart skipped a couple of beats and dick woke up. I followed her into the bar like a loyal dog; she was leaning against the pool table with two glasses of champagne. She offered me one, I gladly took it: my mouth had gone desert dry.

    "I remembered what you said about champagne", she said looking up at me. Man those eyes really got me. They looked even bluer now they were framed by dark eyeliner, "Champagnes for play time"; she put her glass down on the side of the pool table and scooted her ass up onto the side. She sat swinging her legs lightly, teasing me.

    "You know I don't allow people to put glasses on the pool table", I said swallowing my champagne in one go, "That goes for arses too"

    "Oh, you best come over here and tell me off then", she pouted. That had to be the worlds biggest green light I thought with a smile.

    I walked over to her at the pool table and stood in between her legs. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me down to kiss me, they were hard, torrid kisses. Our tongues went wild exploring each other's mouths. The tension of the last few days was released as we kissed like a pair of wild teenagers, kisses intense with the force of pent up passion. I slipped a hand from her knee all the way up her thighs.

    I held onto each thigh tenderly at the stocking top as we continued to kiss. The taste from her mouth made me think of that old saying, 'sugar and spice and all things nice'. She pulled her legs up around me and started to dig her heels in to my backside. I was quickly up and hard, I could feel it catching on the side of the pool table as I leant further in to kiss her, it was irritating, it was taking my attention away from far better things.

    "I wanna fuck you. Right now. You look so hot", I growled as I came up for air.

    "Here? On the pool table? I thought nothing was allowed on the table, what if we spilt something", she giggled as I nibbled around her ears.

    "We're not going to be spilling anything just yet. I got an idea", I said. I dropped to my knees and shifted the dress up around her waist. Staring back at me was the front of a black satin thong with a tiny red bow on the front. There was no garter belt; the stockings had some sort of thigh grip that didn't require them to be held up by a belt. I put my hands behind her and got hold of the back of the panties, "Scoot back a bit further", I ordered, Christina obeyed, she put a leg over each of my shoulders and lifted her cheeks off the wooden frame long enough for me to pull the thong down and off.

    The smell coming from her was incredible, it was so musky and strong, it was strange, the only way I could describe it was pure sex, she was literally oozing pure sex. It was like a drug, it was sending me crazy. I rubbed my nose over her pussy lips, I had never known a woman's smell to turn me on this much before, "I was right", I said triumphantly nibbling at the lips

    "Right? Right about what?" she asked breathlessly

    "You do smell as good as you look," I said kissing all around her little clam.

    "Do wanna see if I taste as good too?" she teased, gyrating her hips towards my face as I licked my way around the outside.

    "Is the Pope Catholic", I said sarcastically. I gave the outside of her lips a few more licks and nibbles before I careful peeled them back with two fingers in search of her clit. The little bubble came into view; I blew on it lightly.

    "Ooooh god", I heard her whisper.

    I began to eat away at her pussy, gently at first; I wanted to take my time on this; I wanted to make sure she was built up for a head spinning orgasm. My mind flicked back to an old girlfriend who had taught me how to eat her pussy. What to do and what not to do. If I had only studied my school subjects like I had studied those lessons.
    Christina was gyrating her crotch against my face making it difficult for me to keep a slow steady rhythm.

    "Do I taste good baby? Oh, it feels good!" she moaned as I continued to probe around with my tongue

    I slowly inserted the index finger on my right hand, making tiny circular motions as I went. Christina's wet hole sucked my finger up and I felt it contracting as I went further in. I flicked my tongue over her clit as quickly as I could. Her body began to shiver underneath me; I could feel my face getting wetter and wetter with her juices as I picked up the pace with my finger. Christina's breathing became really laboured and she was soon huffing her way to ecstasy. Just before she went over the edge I inserted a second finger and slowed my pace right down.

    "How's that feel? You going to come for me?" I asked looking up at her.

    Christina went to answer before her face contorted and she bit down hard on her bottom lip, "Oh fuuuucccckkkk!" she gasped grabbing hold of the back of my head to mash my face back towards her clit. I licked her pussy clean as she ran her fingers over my short shaved hair.

    "Someone was hungry", she said lightly, leaning forward and kissing me on the top of the head.

    I gingerly stood up and tried to re-arrange my hard on so it wasn't straining against my jeans. It wasn't much use. Christina got off the side of the pool table and wandered panty-less towards the cinema room. She left her dress crumpled around her waist and I just stood and watched her bare arse shimmer away from me.

    "Come on", she said, getting me to follow her. She went into the cinema room and over to where all the equipment was, I could see the DVD player and home cinema amp were switched on, "Loose the jeans and make yourself comfortable" she instructed. She had all this planned out well I thought as I unbuckled my jeans and kicked off my trainers. My hard on was poking through the front of my boxers as I sat down in my favourite chair. Christina sashayed back towards me with the DVD remote control in her hand. She sat down and straddled my left thigh facing me.

    "I hope you won't be mad but I found some of your secret stash", she said in an innocent little voice, "I was looking for a film but I found this instead", she pointed the remote at the DVD player and the screen behind her lit up. It was playing the Teagan Presley and Jessie Jane girl/girl scene from their 'Contract Stars' film.

    "No, I'm not mad. Maybe a bit embarrassed but not mad", I said

    "Embarrassed?" she asked slowly grinding her pussy up and down my thigh

    "I've never had my porn stash discovered before" I chuckled, "Even when I was a kid"

    "Bet you were good at hide and seek as well then", Christina chuckled. She saw me eyeing the film; then I saw her eyeing my cock. Without saying a word she took my cock gently in her hand and started to run her fingers up and down the length of the shaft, "Do you like watching two girls fucking?" she almost whispered as she started to play with my dicks already leaking helmet.

    "Oh yeah" I managed to say, "Porn is good"

    Christina giggled, she just about managed to close her fist around my shaft and started to very slowly wank me off, "Do you like it when they talk dirty? Do you like it when they scream 'fuck my little cunt'?"

    My head just flopped back in the chair in response; I closed my eyes; if she picked the pace up with her hand any more I wouldn't be lasting much longer. That was when it snapped in my head. I didn't want her to crack me off; I wanted to fuck this girl as if my life depended on it.

    My head snapped forward, "Yeah, I love it when they talk dirty like that" I said lightly, taking Christina's hand off my throbbing dick. By now I could feel her sliding up and down my thigh in her own wetness.

    "You want to fuck me over this chair baby? You want to crack my tight little pussy with that rod of yours", she growled, she was good at this talking dirty thing, "You do don't you, I know you do"

    "Stand up" I said. She did so instantly. I placed my hands lightly on her hips and turned her so she was facing the screen, "When your ready lower yourself down" I said holding my dick ready.

    Christina stood with her back to me watching the film for a moment, I could see her hands running wildly over her tits, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples. Little gasps escaped her throat as she watched the two girls on screen fuck each other. Her hands went up around her neck as she undid the fastening. Once that was loose she teasingly unzipped another fastening at the side.

    She looked back at me with a wicked grin; with a final tug of the zip the dress fell to the floor leaving her naked bar the stockings and heels. Her hands roamed around her body again before coming to rest on her pert little arse cheeks. Slowly she bent forward running a hand down the back of each leg. My head was spinning now. She parted her ass cheeks so I could see her juice slick pussy from the back; her little rosebud arsehole came into view also. Man, what it would be to get to fuck that I thought.

    "You ready" she asked looking back at me from her bent position.

    "Almost passed it", I said, I was ready to explode just from the view. Christina stood again and moved back towards me. She put a hand on either arm of the chair for balance as she lowered herself down. I held my dick still, waiting for that heady feeling of my dick being enveloped by her velvet insides.

    "Ooooh", she sighed as she came to rest in my lap, my whole cock now buried in her. She sat still for a moment between my legs as she watched the film intently. After a couple of minutes I felt her start to gyrate her hips down on my cock, she was shifting her arse about in a circular motion. Christ it felt good.

    "That feels fucking good", I whispered in her ear as she leant back into my chest. This gave me the opportunity to explore her body with my hands. I cupped a breast in each hand and gave them a light squeeze, her skin felt heavenly, I ran my index finger around her areola before pinching her none pierced nipple.

    "Hooo", she gasped.

    Still attending to her breast with one hand, my other hand slithered down her body, over that lovely toned stomach and towards her currently stuffed pussy. The grinding over my lap had become a lot harder now and there was a little bounce to her movement as she started to hump my cock. As I brushed over the top of her puss with my fingers, she opened her legs a little wider to allow me access to her clit once more. I tickled around with my fingers; that got a few more hot sounding gasps, until I found the little bubble. I lightly started to rub it, so light I barely made contact.

    "Ohh, that's it Mikey! Play with my button baby", she groaned. Now she was really starting to hump my cock, "Fuck my little cunt Mikey, I'm so naughty, I've been so naughty!" she cried leaning forward to get a better motion going. I removed my hands from her tit and clit and put them on her hips, I had to start concentrating; I didn't want this to end yet.

    "You've been naughty again?" I asked pulling her down by the hips, my cock was really thumping into her now, sloshing noises were playing above the level of fucking going on screen.

    "I've been so naughty, I need spanking daddy" she sighed almost incoherently. Her eyes were closed and her hands were pulling wildly on her nipples again.

    "You know what happens to naughty girls", I said pulling her up off my lap. She knew what was coming. She knowingly bent over the chair in front of me, her ass jacked right up in those heels. I got out of my chair and stood behind her.

    I slapped her left buttock playfully, not too hard, just enough to leave a little red mark, "Ooooh, yeah!" she gasped, with that I flicked her right buttock with my hand. I quickly removed my boxers and chucked them somewhere behind me. I looked down at Christina's arse humping the air, her arms outstretched and braced ready for the attention her pussy was about to get.

    "Come on daddy, I need fucking!" she growled in that lustful voice again. Not wanting to keep her waiting I ran a hand up her spine until it came to rest on the back of her neck. I placed the head of my cock at her pulsing slit and bucked forward with one thrust, "Oooooh!" she exclaimed.

    "Feel good baby?" I asked

    "Fuck yeah, fuck me good, fuck me good daddy!" she screamed

    "I'm going to fuck you good baby", I said as I started to pump away, "You're my naughty little girl"

    "So naughty", she agreed.

    I put my hands roughly on her arse and began to bang away, "Oh, oh, oh, oh," she panted in time to my thrusts. My balls started to tingle causing me to gasp loudly, "Are you close daddy, are you going to cum in your naughty little girls snatch?" she gasped

    That was it. In what could only be described as a noise you'd make after moving a grand piano up a flight of stairs on your own, I came in Christina's pussy. I came so much that it came spurting back out of her with my dying strokes, cum trickled down her inner thighs and down her tanned pins. I thought Keeley had made me cum hard in the shower on Sunday but after this release my head tingled.

    I blew out the air in my lungs in a forced sigh and pulled my softening cock out of Christina. She was sprawled over the back of the black leather chair in front of us. I could hear her trying to get her breath under control. I flopped back down in the chair a stared at the cum mixing with the sweat on Christina's thighs. What a strange week this was turning out to be.

    The week continued on in much the same vain. Like a couple of teenagers we made love all over the house. Well, I say 'love'; sometimes it was more like sport fucking. Those are a whole host of other stories though.

    In the back of mind I knew the set up we had going was going to have to end. I had neglected my business interests all week, no to mention my friends. Christina had spent most of the time when we weren't fucking on the phone to various people in the States; I knew something was being cooked up.

    Christina didn't say anything until the Saturday night as well lay in bed after another vigorous workout.

    "I've got to go back to New York on Monday. The label wants to see me", she dropped as she lay tracing a finger through my chest hair, "I wasn't sure how to tell you"
    I was spread out on my back, I didn't bother to open my eyes, "I thought something was up, you've been on the phone a lot in the last couple of days"

    "I've got to go and meet my assistant in London tomorrow before I fly back", she said, she rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed, I opened my eyes to look at her naked back. Maybe for the last time, "I want you to know I've enjoyed this week, every minute of it" she said.

    "Me too", I said, "Are we going to be able to stay in touch?" I asked

    "Of course, I couldn't shut my English gentleman out", she said looking back at me, "My saviour in my hour of need", she started to move back towards me on the bed.

    "Saviour", I snorted, "That's a bit strong. If I'm your saviour then you'll always be my naughty little girl", I said reaching out for her naked body.

    "Always", she said leaning in to kiss me.

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    Daaamn, what an incredible series!!! I hope you continue with it - it is reeeeally good!!!

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