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Thread: "Superstar Cocksucker" with Katy Perry

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    fanfiction "Superstar Cocksucker" with Katy Perry

    Superstar Cocksucker
    With Katy Perry
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc, blowjob, voy
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    Truth be told I never intended to become a blackmailer...but as luck would have it's just the way things turned out.

    I had arrived home early one day after class and was eager to jump online and jack off for a few hours when I initially heard the noise. Like most days the bus had dropped me off a couple of streets behind the house so I intended to come through the back gate.

    Over the years my folks had spent a ton of time and money transforming the yard into a private sanctuary, a jungle-like garden with big overhanging trees and lots of bushes and shrubs.

    With the flora and foliage and high fencing, I always imagined that someone could practically walk around naked in the courtyard and have total privacy.

    With that said, I opened the gate and moved silently through the garden only to hear something suddenly catch my attention.

    "Oh. Katy." I heard a faint voice whimper in the distance. "Damn that feels good."

    I froze still almost immediately as I recognized the voice belonging to one of my friends from up the street.

    Startled for a moment, I looked around and listened intently as his voice was quickly accompanied with the sound of faint squishing and smacking sounds, followed by a soft giggle.

    "Hmm. You like that, huh?" I then heard my sister whisper back.

    I looked in the direction of the gazebo, which was surrounded by thick brush in the corner of the garden and carefully peered through the bushes. And what I discovered shocked me to the my very core.

    There, Travis was sat on the stone bench leaning back against the tree with his legs spread wide. His shorts and underwear were pooled around his ankles while on her knees before him was my older sister Katy who appeared to be clad in nothing more than her jogging attire.

    Scantily clad in nothing more than loose fitting shorts and a halter top, her full-lipped mouth now slid up and down the length of his stiff black cock.

    I glared at them both for the longest time not really sure what to do or say. In truth I think I was mostly in shock, unable to move as I watched my very own sister suck my best friend's cock.

    Never mind the fact that Katy was almost three years my senior and considered the more responsible one in the family, and yet here she was sucking my friends dick.

    I guess I should have known something was up as Travis had been acting strange of late and avoiding me all week, blowing me off with stupid excuses about stuff he had to do all the while [evidently] sticking it to my older sister when I was away.

    My mind was a wash with mixed emotions as I simply stood there watching her happily gobble down his lengthy rod, moaning softly and making audible slurping sounds with her throat as she rolled her head around from his shaft to his bell-end with her gleaming wet mouth.

    Her fingers ran up and down his bare legs, before cradling his balls and squeezing and stroking his meat stick.

    Katy didn't just suck cock but she apparently made a serious production of it, as I started to wonder just where she had learnt to give such head, in such an erotic fashion.

    She made these sexy little murmurs, like a kid does when eating ice cream, and twisted her head and polished her lips up down the side of his cock-flesh as she stared up at his face to gauge his reaction.

    "Holy shit." I gasped enviously, since I had only seen blow jobs like that in porn films.

    For his part Travis could only moan and sigh softly, holding my sister's dark hair between his fingers as she keenly bobbed her head up and down. Her long mane was tied back into a high ponytail which now bounced behind her head as she eagerly mouth-fucked his thick black shlong.

    "Jesus," I thought to myself. "Imagine if mom or dad saw her right now, Katy feasting on black cock? They'd have a stroke."

    I could tell from her outfit that she had just returned from one of her many jogs and I surmised that they must have bumped into each other in the garden before someone made a pass at the other.

    Meanwhile as I contemplated this, I glared down at my sister's voluptuous body which wiggled erotically while she moaned and sighed around black snake-like penis in her hand.

    "Ugh. God I love your cock." she muttered between sucks, sending a surge of adrenaline up my spine.

    It was pretty obvious to me that she really enjoyed what she was doing, and I couldn't believe how good she looked with a huge cock in her mouth. She really did seem to know what she was doing.

    No wonder her English fiancÚ always had a huge grin on his face, I pondered as Katy slid her mouth off Travis' cock and smiled up at him as she tickled the very tip with her long tongue.

    "You like that," she asked rhetorically. "Huh?"

    Travis simply nodded enthusiastically as my sister proceeded to jack him off with her hand, her fist making wet smacking sounds as she licked the tip.

    "Oh. Oh Fuck." he muttered breathlessly. "That's it. That feels so good, Katy."

    My busty sister stroked him faster and faster, lapping at the shiny, wet head with her tongue as she did so.

    "Yeah? Are you gonna cum for me baby?" she urged. "Mm. I wanna make you cum"


    "Fuck yeah," she hissed. "I wanna see you shoot that load for me."

    He gave her a rapturous glare, as I leaned back behind some bushes and was astounded by her dirty talk.

    "Who knew Katy was so... vocal?" I thought to myself.

    "Can I do it in your mouth this time?" Travis almost pleaded, as my heart skipped a beat and my sister hungrily enveloped the bell-end of his penis with her lips again.

    "Oh God. Yes." I heard myself gasp. "Come on, sis. Do it."

    "Of course you can." she insisted. "You know I love swallowing that wad."

    Travis groaned at my sister's crude words as I reached down to adjust my growing erection. I watched as he pulled her mouth back toward his cock and prepared to shoot his junk all over her mouth and tongue.

    "Oh Fuck, Katy." he sighed. "Suck my cock, baby. Suck it and make me cum."

    "Mmmphhhff!" Katy responded, stuffing his prick back in her warm mouth and sucking it fiercely, pumping the long shaft with her hand.

    She pumped up and down hard and fast, making Travis groan and whimper blissfully. At this point my own cock was throbbing in my pants as I marveled at my sister's incredible cock sucking skills.

    None of the girls I had ever dated sucked cock as eagerly or devoutly as she did, and I suddenly found myself feeling envious and wishing it was my cock getting the added attention.

    In fact I was so turned on by the sexy spectacle that I started to squeeze my erection through my pants, but then thought better of it as wicked idea crossed my mind.

    I suddenly recalled my digital camera (which was in my backpack) and while trying not to take my eyes off my sister's sexy, sucking mouth, I quietly slipped off my rucksack and took out the camera.

    Thinking quickly, I switched it on and activated the video feature and began recording. I zoomed in close, my heart pounding in my chest as I focused on Katy bobbing her head keenly over my best friend's dick.

    Even from my vantage point I could hear the squishy, wet sounds her slobbering mouth. I still couldn't believe what I was witnessing, when Travis finally tensed up and let out an almighty cry.

    Despite this I focused on my sister's face, watching her vigorously pump her fist up and down the throbbing shaft.

    "Oh. Shit. Ugh." he grunted. "Katy. Katy. Here it comes."

    For her part my sister slurped her wet mouth from Travis' cock and stared up at him as she hissed through her teeth, jacking his cock furiously with her hand while she spoke dirty to him.

    "C'mon! Shoot your fucking load all over me." she demanded heatedly. "Give it to me. Gimme that hot fucking cum!"

    "OHH-FUCK! I'M CUMMINNNNG!!" Travis cried aloud, thrusting his hips forward and making his cock brush against her lips.

    Katy moaned expectantly as he came and creamed her ruby red lips.

    "Oh. Yeah." she panted while opening her mouth as thick spurts of semen spurted out and splashing across her extended tongue.

    My harlot sister moaned contently as she received her messy reward, and squeezed his spent cock appreciatively.

    "Holy shit that's hot." I muttered inwardly as I watched the seedy action through the viewer finder on my camera.

    Despite his orgasm, Katy kept stroking and tugging on his package and milked every last morsel drop from his trouser snake. A portion of the thick fluid overflowed from her tongue and dribbled down her chin, smearing her neck and cleavage.

    She licked at the oozing head and grinning up at my friend, titled her head back and let Travis get a good look at the mess he had made.

    "Happy?" she quipped.

    "Shit yeah." he groaned, still shuddering from his orgasm.

    Katy snickered as she slid her lips around his spent cock once again, this time making him wince and groan as she sucked him clean.

    "Ugh. Stop." Travis whined. "Stop! We should clean up. You're folks might be home at any minute."

    My sister simply leaned back on her heels, slipping her mouth off his organ while keeping her lips shut tight. I could tell she was holding his semen in her mouth and waited an extra moment to swallow hard and consume his load.

    "Aaah. All gone." she sighed in satisfaction, before smacking her wet lips together in an exaggerated way.

    Like me, Travis could only laugh and pant at the same time.

    "God damn it, Katy." he told her while getting up. "You're one crazy bitch, you know that?"

    With that said I quickly switched off the camera and rushed into the house before the two of them could see me.

    Inside I immediately ran to my bedroom and wasted little time downloading the six minutes of explicit footage to my computer, and played back the x-rated material over and over again.

    I was still shocked that she had allowed him to cum in her mouth, much less swallow his load. God she was such a whore... and yet I somehow found this strangely exciting. I really liked this dirty side to her.

    It was only an hour or so later that it finally dawned on me the opportunity I had been given. Truth be told I had only recorded the incriminating incident for my own personal enjoyment, but now my devious mind began to scheme.

    "Hmm. I wonder what she'd be willing to do to keep this footage private," I wondered. "Or off the internet for that matter."

    I now had incriminating evidence that Katy had in fact screwed around behind her fiance's back, and knowing that she would not want anything to get in the way of her highly publicized nuptials, the possibilities were suddenly endless.

    I began to think about all the things I could get from her.

    Maybe I could get her to do my laundry, let me borrow her new car? Or maybe I could make her take me to all those glitzy red carpet events in Hollywood and introduce me to some of her hot friends?

    It was while contemplating this that I suddenly began to chuckle manically at the very last idea that sprang to mind. It was sick and perverted but...Jesus, how it turned me on.

    I grinned slyly to myself as I watched the video for the umpteenth time and actually contemplated what a blow job from her would feel like. She was after all America's sweetheart now, and one of the most downloaded women on the internet.

    "Hmm. I wonder." I snickered. "Would she go as far as to blow her own brother to keep her career and the very public wedding on track?"

    Alarmingly enough I suspected that she would.

    Later that night I was still up in my room when I heard her march into her bedroom, grab a few things and help herself to a shower. Our folks wouldn't be home for another few hours and my heart thumbed loudly in my chest as I realized my plan was about to be realized.

    I waited for several minutes after the shower stopped, before I got up from my computer and poked my head out into the hallway.

    "Katy," I called out towards her closed bedroom door.

    "What." she responded from inside, sounding a little perturbed.

    "You wanna see something really cool?" I claimed.

    There was a long pause.

    "Not right now, David. I'm doing my nails."

    "I think you'd really want to see this, though." I added, grinning to myself.

    My cock was already hard, bulging obscenely in my shorts while my body trembled with adrenaline.

    "It's about Russell." I finally added, trying to entice her.

    There was another pause, before her door suddenly jerked open.

    "Bullshit." she scoffed. "You better not be lying, little brother."

    For a moment I was taken aback by her appearance as she opened the door in little more than a tight half-top and hot pants.

    Her long dark hair was still wet from the shower and now slicked back, while her fingers wear adorned with freshly applied acrylic. Looking down I could see that I had apparently interrupted her while she was in the process of polishing her toes. Katy leaned out and looking at me warily.

    "No, I'm serious." I insisted. "I think he's in trouble or something? Come take a look for yourself."

    "What do you mean?" she replied, as I urged her to come into my room.

    I smiled as I looked at her lips, noting the glossy pink lip balm she had applied after her shower and the image of her gulping down my friends cock immediately flashed in my mind, causing my cock to twitch inside my pants.

    "Come on. Trust me. It's really cool, I promise." I urged, as I opened my bedroom door wide open.

    I heard Katy sigh as I sat down in front of my computer, and now trembled with anticipation.

    A moment later my famous sister padded into my room barefoot, and right in front of me casually adjusted her hot pants which were apparently riding up the crack of her ass and giving her a wedgie.

    Giving her the once over I could see that her hot pants had formed a noticeable camel-toe and barely covered her hips. I gulped hard for a moment as I wondered if she was in fact wearing any panties underneath, or was totally naked like I presumed.

    As I pondered this, I felt her come up from behind me and playfully place her elbows onto my shoulders to lean on me.

    "Okay, what? What!" she scoffed. "What is so important that I just have to see?"

    "You're gonna love this." I nervously replied, as I clicked the mouse with trembling hands and enabled the Quicktime video.

    Instantly, a window opened and the image of Katy on her knees sucking on Travis' cock filled the 22inch screen. To my surprise Katy didn't say anything, not even a sound as I tilted my head and looked up at her, grinning smugly.

    At first I think she simply assumed it was a porn clip from some tube site, but as the realization of what she was actually watching finally hit her eyes grew wide and her mouth gaped open, but no words came out.

    "Pretty good, huh?" I stated, breaking the ice.

    "What...? What the hell is this?" she finally stammered, before she placed her hand over her mouth. "Oh. God. Where did you get this?"

    I simply chuckled as I watched the footage I had already memorized by heart.

    "Damn, sis." I finally remarked. "You give a real mean blow job, you know that?"

    Katy was absolutely beside herself, as I went on.

    "I especially like how you let him shoot in your mouth at the end. Do you always do that?"

    My sister let out a strangled shriek as she stepped back from my chair and just glared at the screen in stunned bewilderment, watching herself take the impressive black cock into her throat before the camera focused on her round butt.

    It was then I cruelly fast-forwarded to the climax, and pressed play again.

    "Wait for it. This is my favorite part," I boasted, as the video showed Katy directing Travis' cum-spurting penis towards her open mouth.

    "You've...seen this before?" she muttered in disbelief.

    I simply chuckled.

    "Sure," I confessed. "Many, many times before."

    "Jesus!" Katy gasped. "Switch it off. Please. David? Turn it off now."

    My older sister now stared at me wide eyed, her blue/grey eyes almost burning a hole in my retinas.

    "Hottest blow job I've ever seen, sis." I added, as Katy gasped for a second time in as many minutes.

    "Huh? What?" she exclaimed in shock, as I went on.

    "Damn Katy, you should do porn or something. Of course, Russell probably wouldn't like that too much, but he doesn't have to know everything am I right?"

    My sister shuddered to the comment and visibly gritted her teeth, as shock quickly turned to angry acceptance and in turn she now glared down at me.

    "Do you have something to do with this?"

    I dare not answer her, but the expression on my face must have given it away because she knew it was true.

    "Ohmigod. David? But why would you...?" she started to say before she apparently answered her own question in her head.

    "Ah, okay." she finally said. "What do you want?"

    I rolled my eyes to the ceiling, pretending to think.

    "Hmm. Let me think. Maybe I'll make you clean my room?" I grinned. "Or wash all my clothes?"

    To my amusement Katy gasped with an open mouth.

    "Oh! Or maybe you could introduce me to some of your hot-ass celebrity friends?"

    "Ha! Not a chance." Katy snapped back as she folded her arms over her chest.

    She then cocked her head as she stared at me expectantly.

    "You asshole. I can't believe you would stood to something so low." she seethed. "You were spying on me again weren't you? You little pervert."

    I chuckled to myself before I finally stopped the video mid-money shot and swiveled around in my chair to face her directly.

    I had to admit I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of control I had over her, especially as she was a few years older than me and it must have showed because she was absolutely furious.

    "Now before you get all Britney-psycho on me," I added. "You should know that already made copies."

    "Excuse me?" she hissed.

    "And I think I know of a few celebrity sites online that would be interested in viewing the video."

    Once again Katy's mouth fell agape with indignation.

    "I was thinking about titling it, 'Katy Perry, Superstar Cocksucker!' What do you think?"

    My sister now fumed and breathed out through her nose, huffing, her cheeks glowing with shame and rage. She knew I had her, and I had her good.

    "What. Do. You. Want?" she forced out.

    I snickered and casually settled my hand in my lap. My cock was hard and clearly protruding from under my shorts. It was pretty obvious to my sister what I wanted, and I simply grinned as I spoke.

    "Well. To put it bluntly." I said slowly. "I want the same treatment Travis got."

    Katy stared at me dumbfounded, her brilliant eyes growing to the size of saucers before a look of disgust and revulsion washed over her face.

    "What!" she exclaimed.

    I kept smiling.

    "You heard me."

    "Whoa! Whoa." my sister whined, giving me a shocked look.

    "Are you insane? No way." she affirmed. "No fucking way, David."

    I rambled on.

    "You know, I really wonder what Russell would do if he ever found out that you blew another dude?"

    Katy paused to place her hand over her head to stop herself from lashing out and slapping me I assume.

    "Man. I bet he'd be super pissed. Especially after buying you that huge rock on your finger."

    "Look David. I'll do your laundry, and I'll clean your pig-sty room. But there is no fucking way in hell I'm going to suck your cock."

    I just stared at my sister smugly and crossed my arms.

    "I want a blow job sis," I stated bluntly. "Plain and simple. Take it or leave it. I don't care."

    "Why are you doing this to me?" she quipped.

    "You know why." I replied, referring to the fact that she had always treated me like shit.

    My sister huffed, looking away before she looked down at her engagement ring and twirled the gold band with her thumb.

    "No, no! I just can't do it." she convinced herself. "That's just sick, David. That's fucking sick."

    I simply grinned at her reaction, "Yeah. But you actually thought about it just now, didn't you?"

    As I laughed at my own comment, Katy huffed and threw her arms in the air before she turned and attempted to leave my bedroom.

    "No? Okay fine, whatever." I quipped. "I'll just email the video directly to YouTube now, and—"

    "No, wait!" she suddenly replied, lurching forward.

    But as she stepped forward to snatch the mouse from my fingers I intercepted her hands.

    I may have been a few years younger than her but I was several pounds heavier and a hell of a lot stronger thanks to my weight-training classes. I swiftly snatched her wrists and stared at her face.

    "Hey now," I chuckled. "Not so fast."

    "David! Don't." she meekly resisted.

    "It's your choice, sis." I replied. "It's your mouth, or your marriage and career."

    Katy glared at me hatefully, her face flushed red.

    I hadn't seen my sister this mad in years, if ever. She looked down at my lap for a moment, clearly noticing the huge bulge in my shorts. Slowly, she lifted her eyes.

    "You're disgusting you know that?" she stated. "I'm ashamed to be your sister. You twisted, evil, pervert little man."

    I simply laughed at her comment as I now realized I could clearly see that she was not wearing a bra underneath her shirt, and that her nipples had noticeably hardened in recent minutes.

    "Yeah, okay." I finally replied. "That may be true, but what's it going to be? It's your call."

    Katy backed off and stared at the floor, her lips trembling and her ample chest rising and falling. She was getting nervous and frightened now, her anger fading.

    She finally seemed to comprehend the enormity of the situation and realized she actually stood a good chance of screwing up everything she had worked for...and to save it all, all she had to do was suck a little dick? Conflicted, her eyes began to well up with tears.

    "I can't believe you're doing this to me." she whimpered. "Why? Why David?"

    "Hey, I'm not the one who cheated on their fiancÚ okay?" I replied.

    "Besides," I added. "We both know I've always been attracted to you, right? I mean look at you, you're Katy-fucking-Perry for god sake. You're gorgeous sis. You always have been. And I'm just like every other red blooded guy out there."

    Katy shuddered as she covered her mouth and looked away from me.

    "Oh God." she lamented. "Why is this happening to me?"

    She made little choking sounds as she began to sob, and turned towards the door.

    "By the way," I announced. "I figure you got about two hours to make up your mind, before mom and dad come home. So choose wisely, sis."

    Katy paused for a moment before speaking her mind.

    "You bastard."

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    Great story. TPG does it once again, but I wouldn't expect anything less at this point. Looking forward to Chapter 2, which fortunately is already posted!

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