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    fanfiction Farewell Mischa

    Farewell Mischa
    By GGC

    The following is 100% fiction and is not a reflection on the true
    sexual orientation of the persons mentioned below.

    A cell phone was the first sounded that greeted Mischa Barton when
    she woke. Today was her last day on her hit show "The O.C.". Her
    character was set to die and she was looking forward to the freedom that
    would come once she was done. The last three years had been great but it
    was time for her to move on. She showered quickly and reported to the set
    at 9 as usual. A few crew members waved to her as she entered. After
    entering her trailer she sat for few moments before the hair and make-up
    people would bombard her.

    Glancing at her watch she noticed that she only had about five
    minutes of peace. Her fellow cast members didn't pay her much attention
    when she entered and that left her feeling uneasy. She had thought about
    what this day would be like many times before. Although she hadn't asked
    to leave she felt it made sense for her to leave. The producers had
    indicated that they wanted to go a different way with the show next year
    and she wasn't a part of that change.

    After spending two hours getting dressed and prepped for her final
    scene Mischa left her trailer and headed to the stage. A few hours later
    her time was finished. Mischa thanked a few people and headed on her way.
    Before leaving for the day Mischa was met by her co-star Rachel Bilson.

    "Hey Mischa, got a minute?"

    "Sure, what's up?"

    "Well since today is your last day I figured we could go out for

    "Yeah that would be nice."

    "Cool why don't you meet me in 15 minutes we'll take my car."

    With that the two parted. Mischa collected her belongings got
    changed into the clothes she wore in and headed home. Rachel was waiting
    at her car when Mischa arrived.

    "So I was thinking that we should have one last blow out before you
    head off into the sunset. I called in a few surprises for later. I hope
    you're well rested."

    Rachel couldn't help but smile at what she had planned for later.
    Mischa seemed a bit uneasy but climbed into Rachel's car.

    The first stop of the night led them to a local bar. Rachel and
    Mischa took turns taking shots of tequila until one of them fell over. Not
    surprisingly Rachel folded first. Mischa was a pro when it came to
    drinking. Shortly before midnight Mischa helped Rachel outside of the bar.

    Both were pretty drunk so Mischa tried to speak with Rachel.

    "Ok where to know friend?"

    "There's a surprise waiting for us across the street, room 213."

    With help from the bartender Rachel made it to the room entrance.
    Mischa grabbed her arm and turned the doorknob. What Mischa saw when she
    entered caused her to nearly drop Rachel.

    Inside she found her fellow co-star Autumn Reeser pleasuring
    herself. The buxom blonde was stark naked and very near orgasm. She body
    glistened with sweat and convulsed as she neared orgasm. Mischa stood in
    shock watching the scene. Rachel just laughed at what she saw.

    "Oh crap here I go," Autumn let out a cry as the sensation overcame
    her body.

    "Damn it you guys were supposed to be here an hour ago."

    Autumn grabbed her silk robe and covered herself. By this point
    Mischa had thrown Rachel onto the bed and sat down next to her.

    "So what was supposed to happen tonight Autumn?"

    "Rachel thought we could have a little party before you left for
    good. I guess she figured she would stop drinking before she got wasted."

    "Hey I am not wasted."

    Rachel picked herself up off the bed and sat up.

    "I was just resting, now who wants to have some fun. Autumn did
    you bring the stuff."

    "Absolutely, and I threw in some extra stuff."

    Rachel climbed off the bed and grabbed the bag. Mischa was still
    on the bed and had a greatly confused look on her face. Autumn waited for
    Rachel to decide what she was doing. The not had been planned out and the
    fact that Rachel couldn't handle her alcohol made the plan different.
    Rachel grabbed more tequila and told autumn to lie down on the bed.

    "Lose the robe Autumn."

    Autumn did as she was told. She took of her robe and showed off
    her perfect petite body. Her breasts still glistened from her performance
    earlier. Once on the bed Rachel sat next to her. She smiled and poured
    some of contents onto Autumn's body and proceeded to lick it off. She
    started with her breasts and made her way down her abdomen and even licked
    a little of her legs and feet. When Rachel reached Autumn's feet she let
    out a few low moans and grabbed at Rachel's breasts. Rachel finished
    cleaning Autumn and looked over at Mischa who was still sitting on the bed.
    It truth she didn't know what to think about what she had seen. Her body
    was frozen as Rachel walked over to her and planted one on her. Autumn
    meanwhile had grabbed a rope from the bag and handed it to Rachel.

    "It's time to punish you Mischa."

    "For what Rachel?"

    "Leaving us."

    With ease Rachel grabbed Mischa and with help from Autumn managed
    to tie her hands together. Autumn also grabbed a gag from the bag and
    covered Mischa's mouth.

    "Don't worry you'll enjoy this. I promise."

    After Mischa was bound and gagged Rachel stood and took off her
    tank top and mini skirt. Under she wore a sheer black bra and no panties.
    This sight seemed to catch Autumn by surprise, she hadn't known Rachel to
    go commando before.

    "You want the first turn Rachel?"

    "Sure, help me undress her."

    The two ladies removed the Mischa's clothing which consisted of a
    top which tied around her neck and a khaki skirt. As expected she wore
    nothing underneath. After her clothes were removed Mischa was turned over
    with her ass placed in the air. Rachel quickly placed her herself behind
    her and grabbed a small whip. Mischa had no idea what was coming, but felt
    uneasy. Autumn toyed with her tender nipples as Rachel took a few swipes
    at Mischa's butt. At first her pacing was slow but gradually accelerated
    to the point where with each hit Mischa would cry out. This sight pleased
    the other two ladies and this process went on until Rachel's arm grew
    tired. When it was over Mischa collapsed from fatigue.

    "Alright Autumn are ready for the next phase."

    Autumn smiled grabbed a doubled dildo and sat down in front of
    Mischa. Rachel helped her insert the dildo into Autumn and Mischa and let
    Autumn do the rest. Autumn took her time thrusting into Mischa. Rachel
    turned her attention to Autumn's nipples. With the slightest flick of her
    tongue Rachel drove the other girl nuts. Mischa squirmed trying to free
    her hands. Her ass was extremely sore so her current position was not very
    comfortable. Autumn seemed pleased with herself as she wore down Mischa.
    The treatment Rachel had been giving Autumn's nipples in addition to what
    she was doing to Mischa pushed her to her second orgasm. Rachel turned and
    noticed Mischa cumming as well. Once Mischa calmed down Rachel walked over
    to her.

    "Ok Mischa I will let you go if you promise to play nice."

    Mischa nodded and was released. Her arms were tender for a few
    moments after she was released. Autumn pounced on Rachel while Mischa
    recovered. Rachel offered no resistant as Autumn placed a strap-on into
    her cunt. Autumn pushed into Rachel with all her might her pert breasts
    bouncing with every thrust. Rachel moaned louder as she continued to be
    pounded from behind. It didn't take longer for Rachel to reach her own
    orgasm. Autumn continued her motions even after Rachel had orgasm, until
    she came yet again.

    Autumn had just finished with Rachel when she felt Mischa grab her.
    The tall brunette removed the dildo and knelt down in front of Autumn and
    proceeded to finger her. At the same time she ran her hands over Autumns
    breasts. In order to keep her balance Autumn leaned against the back of a
    chair. In an effort to increase the amount of pleasure Autumn felt Mischa
    used her tongue to lick her pubic region. Each touch sent a jolt through
    Autumn and she did her best to fight off another orgasm. The fact that
    Autumn fought her efforts made Mischa work harder. Eventually Autumn
    didn't have the strength to fight. Autumn collapsed on the floor and
    Mischa stood for a moment admiring her work. Rachel now recovered from her
    orgasm grabbed Mischa and the two ended up in a sixty-nine position. Three
    years ago this scene would have shocked them. There had been moments on
    set when the two had been at least partially if not completely naked in
    front of each other but not like this. In truth neither one had felt an
    urge to be with a girl until now.

    Now the two friends were all over each other while another watched
    and once again pleasured herself. After Rachel and Mischa and satisfied
    each other several times they grabbed the rest of the tequila poured it on
    themselves and rubbed their bodies together. Autumn was consumed by her
    own efforts and didn't Mischa and Rachel crawl over to her. Mischa
    positioned her face between Autumn's legs and Rachel forced the girl onto
    her back them placed her pussy in the girl face. Autumn didn't
    instructions for what followed. Rachel was surprised by how well she
    preformed the art of muff diving. Rachel tossed her head from side to side
    and also played with her puffy nipples. Mischa was performing a fine job
    as well. Autumn did her best to concentrate on Rachel but had increased
    difficulty. She grabbed Mischa's hair trying to slow her down up it only
    encouraged her. With her free hand Mischa caressed her own crotch.
    Amazingly all free reached orgasm almost simultaneously.

    At this point they all reached there limit. They collapsed on top
    of each other entangled at various points. None of them bothered to get up
    from the floor until the next day. Since there was no work to be done the
    three ladies slept late and showered together. Check out was supposed to
    be at noon but Rachel paid the money for another night. Even though Mischa
    was leaving there would certainly come a time when they would be reunited.

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    Wow! Loved it, what an image!!!

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